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Full text of "Who's who in the Far East, 1906-7, June"

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ADDENDA (Biographie*), ... At Conclusion of Biographies, 

ADVERTISEMENTS (indw to) xxxii. 



PREFACE, xxix. 



Eastern Advertising Co. xxi 

F. P. Danenberg xvii 

A. S. Watson & Co. ... xiv 


G. P. Lammert xiv 


International xxxiii 

Taiwan xxx 

Yokohama Specie xxx 


San Miguel xix 


Dragon Cycle Depot ... xvi 

George Wright and Co. 1 


.Standard Dictionary ... xlviii 
Works Relating to the 
Island of Formosa . . . xiv 


W. Brewer and Co. ... xxi 
Bible Book and Tract 
Depot xiii 


Alhambra x 

Kruse and Co xi 

Jja Minerva xv 

Walter E. Olsen and Co. xi 


Hooper and Co Hi 


Mitsui Bussan Kaisha... iii 


Cadbury's liv 


Diocesan Schools xxiii 

Kowloon Grammar School xxii 
Scholastic Association... xlvii 
St. Joseph's xxv 


A. Chazalon and Co. ... ix 
A. H. Tomsett and Co. xix 


Kuhn and Komar ... xliii 
Samurai Shokai , xix 


Chukson Fung 
Dr. T. Yamasaki ... 


A. S. Watson and Co xiv 


Arnhold Karberg and Co. v 
Carmichael and Clarke vi 
MacDonald and Co. ... vii 
Tasker Sons and Co. ... li 
Wilks and Jack xliii 


Harris-Keeney Co. ... xx 


Man Loong xv 

Paris Toilet Co xxxiv 


Gallia, Cannes xii 

King Edward, Hongkong ix 
Langham, London ... xii 
Mena House, Cairo ... xiii 

New* Connaught, 

Hongkong xxvi 

Palace, Shanghai xx 

Praya East, Hong- 
kong xviii 

Regent, Leamington, ... 
Spa xii 


Commercial Union Co xxii 

Meiji Fire iii 

Norwich Union Co. ... xxi 
Queen Insurance C. ... xii 


G. Falconer and Co. ... xviii 


Shone Pheumatic 

Ejector xlix 


Arnhold Karberg 

and Co v 

Dang Chee Son and Co. xix 

Bush Bros i 

Mitsui Bussan Kaisha ... iii 



MERCHANTS : Continued. 

Ritchie and Co xiii 

E. D. Sassuon and Co.... xii 

A. H. Tomsett and Co. viii 


Hiptoola and Co xix 


Rosbach xlvi 



China Mail cover 

Overland China Mail ... xviii 

Daily Graphic Ivi 

Sphere Ivii 

Gentlewoman Iviii 

Outlook Ivix 

Lady's Pictorial Ix 


N. Lazarus xvi 


Cerebos liii 


C. E. Warren and Co.... x 


Carmichael and Clarke vi 

Wilks and Jack . xliii 


Am hold Karberg and Co. v 

China arid Manila Co. ... vi 

Hamburg Amerika Linie iv 

P. and O. Company ... cover 

Mutual Stores xvi 


D. Noma viii 


Oriental Telephone and 
Electric Co xxiv 

China and Japan Tele- 
phone and Electric Co. xxiv 

B. W. Cadwallader ... xiv 
TOBACCO : (see Cigars) 

Royal Tobacco Co. . . .xxxiv 

Calvert's lv 


G. Falconer and Co. ... xviii 

Caldbeck Macgregor ... 
and Co xv 

Cliazalon and Co. . ix 

International Banking Corporation. 

Fiscal Agents for the United States in China, the Philippine 
Islands, and the Republic of Panama. 



Gold $10,000,000 
Gold $ 3,250,000 
Gold $ 3,250,000 

Head Office NEW YORK. 

National Provincial Bank of England, Ld. Union of London A; Smith's Bank, . 

British Linen Company Bank. 
Branches and Agents all over the World. 

The Corporation transacts every description of Banking and 
Exchange Business receives money on Current Account, and accepts 
Fixed Deposits at the following* rates : 

For 12 months - - - 4>\ per cent, per aim im. 
For 6 months - - - 4 per cent. 

For 3 months - - - 3 per cent. 

H. PINCKNEY, Manager. 

No. 9, Queen's Koad Central. 




Hair Dressing Saloons for Ladies & Gents. 

Hair Dressing, Singeing Shampooing, etc., 
Service Antiseptique* 



Frisir Salone fur Damen and Herrn. Europaeische Bedienung, 

Man Spricht Deutsch. 

Salon de Coiffure pour Dames et Messieurs. Service 
par des European. On Parle Francais. 




---- * ~ - - 


Importers of Genuine and Selected 
Turkish Tobaccos. 

Dealers in Havanna and Manila Cigars 



A, A. <J. ...Assistaut-Adjutant- 

A. B Bachelor of Arts; able- 
bodied seaman 

A. B.C.F.M. American Board of 
Commissioners of For- 
eign Missions. 

Abp. Archbishop 

A.I'. A. ...Associate cf the Inst- | 
itute of Ci altered 

A. -nl. ......Academy 

A. D. C. ...Aide-de-camp 

Adj Adjutant 

Adrn Admiral 

Ag ; Actg.. Acting 

A.G Attorney-General: Ad- 

A. I. G. ...Adjutant-lnspector- 

A. K. C.... AssociateKing's College, 

Ala Alabama (U.S.) 

A. M Ante Meridiem (before 

midday; Anno Miindi 
(in the year or the 
world); Master of 
Arts ; Alpes Mari- 

A .M . I .( '.E. A ssociate Member of 
Institute of Civil En- 

A.M.I E.E. Associate Member of 
Institute of Electri- 
cal Engineers 

Anat Anatomy; Anatomical 

A. P. I). ...Army Pay Department 
A.Q.M.G... Assistant Quartermas- 

A. R. A. ...Associate of the Boyal 

A.R.A M... Associate of the Foya{ 

Academy of Music 
Archt ....... Architect 

A.R.C.O.. . .Associate Royal College 

of Organists 
A .F .C . S. ... Associate Royal College 

of Science 
A. K. E. ...Associate of Royal 

Society of Painter 

A.R.I.B.A Associate of the Royal 

Institute of British 

Ark .......... Arkansas (U.S.) 

A.R.S A. ...Associate of Royal Scot- 

tish Academy 
A. S. C. ...Annv Service Corps 

A sst.or Assist. Assistant 
Ass.Com- > Asnstant-Cornmissary- 
iniss.Gen S General 
Assoc.Sc... Associate in Science 
Astr ....... Astronomy 

Av .......... Avenue 

A. V. D. ...Army Veterinary De- 

b ............. born ; brother 

B. A ....... Bachelor of Arts 

Ball ....... Balliol 

Bap ....... Baptist 

Barr ....... Barrister 

Bart, or Bt. Pavonet 

B. C ....... British Columbia 

B. Chir. ...Bachelor of Surgery 

B. C. L ...Bachelor of Civil 
B. C. S. ...Bengal Civil Service 

B . D ....... Bachelor c f Divinity 

Bd .......... Board 

B. E ....... Bachelor of Engineering 

Beds ..... Bedfordshire 


Berks Berkshire 

B. Litt. ...Bachelor of Letters or 

of Laws 

B. M. A. ...British Medical As- 

Bom. C.S.... Bombay Civil Service 
Bo 11. S.C.... Bombay Staff Corps 

Bot Botany ; Botanical 

Bp Bishop 

Brev. Brevet 

Brig Brigade : Brigadier 

B. S Bachelor of Surgery 

B. S. C. ...Bengal Staff Corps 
B. Sc Bachelor of Science 

B. Th. . ...Bachelor of Theology 
Bucks Buckinghamshire 

c Cents; centimes ; child 

Cal California (U.S.) 

Cambs. . . ...Cambridgeshire 

Cantab. ...Of Cambridge Univer- 
Capt Captain 

C. B Companion of the Bath 

C. C County Councillor; 

Cricket Club ; Cycling 
Club ; County Court 
C. C. C. ...Corpus Christi College 
C. C. S. ...Ceylon Civil Service 

C. E Civil Engineer 

Cont Central 

C.E.T.S. ...Church of England 
Temperance Society 

C. F Chaplain to the Forces 

Cf Confer (compare) 

Ch Chief; Church 

Chanc Chancellor ; Chancery 

Chap Chaplain 

Ch. Coll. ...Christ's College 

Chm Chairman 

C.I Imperial Order of 

( rown of India 

C. I. E. ...Companion of the 
Order of the Indian 

C. I. V. ...City Imperial Volun- 
Civ. Sevv... Civil Service 

C. J Chief Justice 

C. M Church Missionary 

C. M Master in Surgery 

C. M Certificated Master 

C. M. G. ...Companion of St. Mi- 
chael and St. George 
C. M. S. ...Church Missionary 

C. O Commanding Officer 

C. O Colonial Office 

Co County ; Company 

Col Colony ; Colonel 

Coll College ; Collegiate 

Colo Colorado (U.S.) 

Comdg Commanding 

Conidt Commandant 

Com.-in-Cf. Commander-in-duef 
Comm. ...Commander; Commis- 
sioner ; Commerce 

fomr Commissioner 

Com.-Gen. Commissary-General 

Conf Conference 

Conn Connecticut (U.S.) 

Corr.Mem. Corresponding Member 

or Fell... or Fellow 
C. O. S. ...Charity Organisation 


Cr Crown 

cr created 

Cres Crescent 

C. S Civil Service 

C. 8. I Companion of the Order 

of the Star of India 

C. U Cambridge University 

C.U.A.C. ...Cambridge University 

Athletic Club 
C.U.B.C. . . .Cambridge University 

Boating Club 
C.U.C.C. ...Cambridge University 

Cricket Club 
C.U.F.C. ...Cambridge University 

Football Club 

C. V. O. ...Commander of the 

Eoyal Victor ian Order 

C wt Hundredweight 

D Duke; 500 (Roman 

d died ; daughter 

D. A. A.G.. . . Deputy - Assistant - Ad- 


D. A. G. ...Deputy- Adjutant -Gen- 

D.A.Q.M.G. Deputy- Assistant-Qu- 

D. C District of Columbia 

D. C. L. ...Doctor of Civil Law 

D. D Doctor of Divinity 

D. D. S. ...Doctor of Dental Sur- 

deg Degree 

Del Delaware (U.S.) 

Dep Deputy 


Depart. ...Department 
D. G Dragoon Guards 
Dioc. ...Diocese : Diocesan 
Diplo Diplomatic 
Dittoordo.(It ), the same 
D. L Dfnutv- Lieutenant 

F. G. S. ...Fellow of the Geologi- 
cal Society 
F. I. A. ...Fellow of the Institute 
of Actuaries 
F. 1. C. ...Fellow of the Institute 
of Chemistry 
F. I. Inst. Fellow of the Imperial 
F. J. I. ...Fellow of Institute of 
Fla Florida (US.) 
F. L. S. ...Fellow of the Linnseau 
F. O Foreign Office; Field 
F. P. S. ...Fellow of Philosophical 
Society of Great 
Fr French 



D. L. I. 
D. Litt. 
D. Lit. 
Dol. or $ 
Dow. . . . 
D. P. H. 


...Durham Light Infantry 
. . . Doctor of Literature 
. . . Dowager 
.. Diploma in Public 
. . . Doctor Debtor 

D. Sc ... 
D. S. O. 

<I. 8. p... 

) Doctor of University of 
) Paris 
...Doctor of Science 
...Companion of the Dis- 
tinguished Service 
...died without issue 

F.R. A.M... Follow of the Royal 
Academy of Music 
F.R. AS.... Fellow of the Royal 
Astronomical Society 
F.R.C.I. .. Fellow of the Royal 
Colonial Institute 
F.R.C.0. ...Fellow of the Royal 
College of Organists 
F.R.C.P. ...Fellow of the Royal 
College of Physicians 
F.R.C.S. ...Fellow of the Royal 
College of Surgeons 
F.R.C.Y.S. Fellow of the Koyal 
College of Veterinary 
F.R.G,S. ...Fellow of the Royal 
Geographical Society 
F. R. Hist. S. Fellow of the Royal 
Historical Society 
F. R.Hort. S. Fellow of the Royal 
F.E.I.B.A. Fellow of the Royal 
Institute of British 
A rchitects 
F.R.M.S... .Fellow of the Royal 
M icroscopicalSoeiety 
F.R.Met.S. Fellow of the Royal Me- 
teorological Society 
F.R.P.S. ...Fellow of the Royal 
Photographic Society 
F. R. S. ...Fellow of the Royal 
F.R.S.C. ...Fellow of the Royal 
Society of Canada 
FR.S.E. ...Fellow of the Royal 
Society of Edinburgh 

D. Theol 
D. V. ... 

. . . Doctor of Theology 
. ..(L. Deo volente}, < rod 



Ebor. ... 
B.C. ... 

Eccl. ... 
E. C. U. 
Edin. ... 

...(Eboracensis) of York 
. . . East Central ( postal 
.. English Church Union 

Educ ... 
Edw. ... 


Eng. ... 

F. A. ... 
F. A. I. 


...England ; English ; en- 
...Football Association 
...Fellow of Auctioneers' 
.. Fellow Brit Ornitholo- 

F. C. A. 

F. C. P. 
F. C. S. 

F. F. A. 

gists' Union 
...Fellow of the Institute 
of Chartered Ac- 
...Fellow College of Pre- 
...Fellow of the Chemical 
...Fellow of the Educa- 
tional Institute of 
...Follow of the Faculty 
of Actuaries 


FR.S.L. ...Fellow of the Eoyal | . H. M 

Society of Litera'ure H. M. I. , 

F. S. A. ...Fellow of the Society j H. M. S. . 

of Antiquaries Hon 

F.S.A.S. ...Fellow of the Society Hosp. ... 

of Antiquaries of H. E. H. 


F.S.I. ...Fellow of Surveyors' ; H. R. H. . 

Institution, also of 

Sanitary Institu' e Hunts .... 

F. S. S. ...Fellow of the Royal In 

Statistical Society I. C. O. , 

F.S.Sc A... Fellow of the -ociety I. C. S.... 

of Science and Art of Id 

London 111 

F. Z. S. ...Fellow of the Zoologi- Imp 

cal Soriety I. M. C. . 

Ga Georgia (U.S.) 

G. C. B. ...Knight Grand Cross of I. M. S. . 

the Bath Ind 

G. C. H. ...Knight Grand Cross of Insp 

H ano ver I nst 

G.C.I E. ...Knight Grand Com- I. S. C.... 

mandef of the Indian i I. S. O.... 

Empire i Jas 

G.C.M.G . Knight Grand Cross of | Job.. Jno.. 

St. Michael and St. j J. P 

George ! Jun 

G C.S.I. ..Knight Grand Com- j Jun. Opt. 

mander of the Star Kans 

of India K. B 

O.C.V.O.... Knight Grand Cross of 

E yal Victoria Order ! K. C 

Gib Gibraltar K. C. B. . 

Glos Gloucestershi re 

Gov Governor K. C. C. . 

Govt Government 

G. P. O. ...General Post Office 

Gram.bch. Grammar School \ K. C. H. . 

g.s Gumdson 

H. A. C....HonourableArtilleryCo. | K.C.I.E . 

Hants Hampshire 

Harv Harvard K. C. L. . 

H. B. M....His Britannic Majesty K.C.M.G. 

H. E His Excellency 

Beirapp Heir apparent 

Heir pres. Heir presumptive K. C.S.I. . 

Herts Hrrtfoidshm- 

H- H Bis (or Her) Highness K.C.V.O. 

H. 1. H. ...His (<.r H.-i } Imperial 


H. I. M. ...His (or Her) Imperial K. G 


H. L. I. ...Highland light In- K. II 

fantrv K.-I.-H. . 

..His (or Her) Majesty 

..His Majesty's Inspector 

..His Majesty's Ship 



..His (or Per) Eoyal 

..His (or Her) Sereins- 


. . II u n t i n g 1 1 o n is hi r o 
..Iowa (US.) 
..Imperial Chinese Order 
..Indian Civil Service 
..Idaho (U. 1 ^.) 
..Illinois (U.S) 

. . Imperial Maritime Cus- 

..Indian Medical Service 
..Indiana (U.S.) 
..Instant ; Institute 
..Indian taff Corps 
..Imperial Service Order 

..Justice of the Peace 

..Junior Optime 
..Kansas (U.S) 
..Knight of the Bath ;. 

Knight Bachelor 
..King's Counsel 
..Knight Commander of 

the Bath 
..Commander of Order of 

Crown, Belgian and 

Congo Free State 
..Knight Commander of 

..Knight Commander of 

the Indian Empire 
..King's College, London 
..Knight Commander of 

St. Michael and St. 

..Knight Commander of 

the Star of India 
. Knight Commander of 

thu Eoyal Victorian 

..Knight of the Order of 

the Garter 
..Knight of H.-iiK'ver 
.. K;xiser-i-Hiii<l 


K.O.S.B.... King's Own Scottish 

K. P Knight of the Order of 

St. Patrick 

K. K. K. ...Kind's Royal Eifles 
K. T Knight of the Order of 

the Thistle 
Jvt. orKnt. Knight 

Ky Kentucky (U. . 1 

Pounds (Sterling ) 

L. A Literate in A rts 

La Louisiana, (U.S.) 

L. A. C. ...London Athletic Club 
L.-Corp. or Lance-Corp. Lance- 

Lancs Lancashire [Corporal 

Jat latitude 

L. C. C. ...London County Council 

L. Ch. . Licentiate in Surgery 

L. C. J. ...Lord Chief Justice 

L. Div Licentiate in Divinity 

L. D. S. ...Licentiate of Dental 


L.F.P.S. . . .Licentiate of the Facul- 
ty of Physicians and 

L. H. D. ...(Literarum Humanio- 

rum Doctor) Doctor of 


L. I Light Infantry 

Lie. Med... Licentiate in Medicine 

Lieut Lieutenant 

Line, or Lines. Lincolnshire 

Lit Litei at ure ; Literary 

Lit. Hum. Classics 

Litt. D. ...Doctor of Letters 

L. J Lord Justice 

L. L. A. ...Lady Literate in Arts 

LL B Bachelor of Laws 

LL. D Doctor of Laws 

LL. M. ...Master of Laws 

L. M Licentiate in Midwifery 

long longitude 

L.K.C.P. ...Licentiate of the Eoyal 

College of Physicians 
L.E.C.P.E.LicentiateEoyai College 

of Physicians, Edin- 
L.E.C.S. ...Licentiate of the Boyal 

College of Surgeons 
L.E.C.S.E. Licentiate of the Eoyal 

College of Surgeons, 

L.E.C.V.S. Licentiate of the Eoyal 

College of Veterinary 


L. S. A Licentiate of theSociety 

of Apothecaries 

Lt ...Light (e.g. Light In- 

Lt.-Col. . . . Lieutenant-Colonel 
T-t.-Gen. ...Lieutenant-General 

L. Th Licentiate in Theology 

M Marquess : Member , 


m married, 

M. A Master of A rts 

Maj.-Gen. Major-General 

Man Manitoba (Canada) 

Mass Massachusetts (U.S.) 

Math Mathema 1 ics ; AJ at htv- 


M. B Bachelor of Medicine 

M.B.O.U . . . M ember British Ornith- 
ologists' Union 
M. C. C. ...MaryleboneCricketClub 

M. Ch Master in Surg ry 

M.C.M.E.S. Member of Civil&Meeh. 
Engineers' Society 

M. D Doctor of Medicine 

Md Maryland (U.S.) 

Me Maine (U.S.) 

Mech M clianics 

Med Medical 

Meth Methodist 

M. H. B.... Member House of .!:- 

Mich Michigan (U.S.) 

M. I Mounted Infantry 

M I.E.E ...Member of Institute of 
Electrical Engineers 

M J I Member of Institute of 


M.I.M.E... Member of Institute of 
Min : ng arid Mechani- 
cal Engineers 

M.I. Mech E. Member Institution 
of MechanicalEngineer-s 

Minn ..Minnesota (U.S.) 

M. Inst C. E. Member of Institu- 
tion of Civil Engineers 
M Inst.M. E. Member of Institu- 
tion of Milliner Engineers 
Miss Mississippi (U.S.) ; Mis- 
sion ; Missionary 

M. J. S. ...Member of the Japan 

M. L Licentiate in Medicine 

M. L. C. ...Member of Legislative 


M.L.S.B ,. 

M. M. S... 


Member London School 


Member of Council, Ill- 
s' itution of Mining 

Mo Missouri (U.S.) 

Mods Moderations (Oxford) 

Moil Montana (U.S.) 

Most Rev. Most Keverend (of an 

M. P Member of Parl iainent 

M. R Master of the Rolls 

M.R.A.S....M ember of Royal 

Asiatic Society 

M.R.C P.... Member of the Royal 

College of Physicians 

M.R.C.P E. Member of the Royal 

College of Physicians, 


M.R.C.S.... Member Royal College 

of Surgeons 

M.R.C S.E Member of the Royal 
College of Surgeons, 
M.R.I.A.... Member of the Royal 

Irish Academy 

M.R.U.S.I Member of the Royal 
United Service In- 
M. S. A. ...Member of the Society 

of Arts. 
M. S. C. ... Vadias Staff Corps 

M. Sc Master of Science 

M Soc. ...Missionary Society 
M S. H. ...Master of Stag-hounds 
M. S. I. ...Member of Sanitary 


M.S.&L.R, Manchester, Sheffield, 
and Lincoln Railway 
Mus. B. ... Bachelor of Music 
Mus. D. ...Doctor of Vusic 
Mils. M ... Master of Music 
M. V. O ...Member of the Royal 

Victorian Order 

No'rth Britain: New 

N C North Carolina ( U.S.) 

X. Dak. ...North Dakota (U.S.) 

Neb Nebraska (U.S.) 

net, nett...(It.) Netto (free from 
all deductions) 

Nev Nevada (U.S.) 

New M. ...New Mexico (U.S.) 

N. fl New Hampshire (U.S.) 


X. B. 

N. I 

N. J 

N. L. P. .. 



N. F 

N. R. A. .. 

N. S... 

N. S. W. . 

N. T. . 

N. U. T. .. 

N. W 

N. W. P... 

N. W. T.. 

N. Y 

N. Y. C, 

N. Z 





O. L. .. 

O M 


o. s 

Ore. ... 

O. U 


O.U. F.C 

Oxon . . . 


P. C. ... 


.Native Infantry 

.New Jeiv-ey (U.S.) 

.National Liberal Fede- 

. Nottingham shire 

.Notary Public 

.National Rifle Associa- 

.Nova Scotia 
National Society for 
Prevention of Cruelty 
to Children 

.New South Wales 

.New Testament ; Nor- 
thern Territory of 
South Australia 

.National Union of Tea- 

.North- west 

. . North- Western Prov - 

. North- Western Terri t - 

. . New York City or State 

..New York City 

..New Zealand 

..Ohio (U.S.) 



..only child 

..Officer of the Order of 

..Order of Merit 


..only son 

..Oregon (U.S.) 

..Oxford University 

..Oxford University 
Athletic Club 

,..Oxford University 
Boating Club 

..Oxford University 
Cricket Club 

.Oxford University 
Football Club 

,.. Oxfordshire; Of Oxford 

...Pennsylvania (U.S.) 

..Parliamentary Agent 

. . Privy Councillor; Police 
Constable ; Perpetual 

..Principal Colonial 
Medical Officer 

..Doctor of Philosophy 





R. H. S. 

...Eovftl Humane Society 


Phy sical 

R I. 

Eoyal Irish 


.Place; Plural 


...Royal Institute of 


. Plenipotentiary 

British Architects 

P. M. G... 

. Postmaster-General 

P. T. M. 

...Royal Indian Marine 

P. M. O. .. 

.Principal Medical 

E. M. .. 

...Royal Marines 


E, M. A 

....Royal Marine Artillery 

P. &0. .. 

.Peninsular & Oriental 

E. M. A 

. . . Royal M i li t ary Aca- 

Steamship Co. 

demy, Woolwich 


.Province of Quebec 

R. M. C. 

. . .Royal Military College, 

P. K. A. .. 

.President of the Eoyal 



Prebendary [ Aca demy 


...Royal Marine Light 






E. M. S. 

...Royal Microscopical 



Society ; Eoyal Mail 






E. N. .. 

...Eoyal Navy 


.Proximo (next) 

E. N. E. 

...Eoval Naval Reserve 

P.W.D. .. 

.Public Works Depart- 

Boy. .. 


ment (roads, build- 

E. S. A. 

...Royal Scottish A ca- 

ings, Gov. railways, 

de my 

telegraphs, t tc.) 

R. S. E. 

...Royal Society of 


.Queen ; Queensland 



.Queen's Counsel 

R. S. L. 

...Koyal i^ociety of 

Q.M.G. .. 

.Quarte: master- General 





A, Royal Society for Pre- 



vention of Cruelty to 

R. A 

. B o y a 1 A eadeinieian , 


Eoyal Artillery 

R. S. W. 

...Royal Scottish Water 


Eoyal Army Medical 

Colour Society 


Et, Hon 

...Eight Honourable 

R. Art. .. 

.Eoyal Artillery 

Rt. Rev. 

...Eight Beverend (of a 

R. A. S. .. 

.Eoyal Astronomical or 



Asiatic Society 

B, T. S. 

. . . Religious Tract Society; 

B. B 

Rifle Brigade 

Boyal Toxopholitr 

B, B. A. .. 

.K oval Society of British 

S< ciety 


B. U. I. 

. . . Boy a 1 Uni versity of 

R. C 

.Roman Catholic 



.Eoyal College of Veter- 

E. Y. S. 

...Eoyal Yacht Squadron 

inary Surgeons 


.succeeded ; S o u t li ; 

R. D 

.Rural Dean 





sou shillings 

E. E 

.Eoyal Engineer* 

S. A. .. 

. . . South Australia ; South- 

R. Eng. .. 

Eoyal Engin< ers 


Rear- A dm 

.Eear- Admiral 

Salop ... 




Sarurn .. 


Beg. Prof. 

Begins Professor 

S. C. ... 

...South Carolina (U.S. 1 * 



g. c 

...Student at the Staff 


Resigned; Reserve 




Sch ... 


E. F. A. .. 

.Eoyal Field Artillery 

S. C. L. 

...Student in Civil Law 

E. G.A. .. 



... Sculptor 

E. H. A... 

.Eoyal Hibernian Aca- 

S. Dak. 

...South Dakota (U.S.) 

demy; Royal Horse 

S. I). F. 

...Social Democratic 





Sec Secretary 

Sel w. .... . Selwy n Coll. Cambridge 

S. E. K. ..:. South-Eastern Railway 

S. U Sol'citor-Getieral 

S. M. E. ...School of Aii 


Soc Society 

Sovs Sovereigns 

.8. p sine pr ole ( w 

.S.P.C.K. ...Society for Promoting 

Christian Knowledge 
S. P. G. ...Society for the Prop- 
agation of the Gospel 

S. S Steamship 

S. S. M. ...Society of the Sac-red 

M ission 

St Street; Saint 

St.Alb.Hall St. Alban Hall 

8. T. D. ...SacrseTheologise Doctor 

St.Edm.Hall St. Edmund Hall 

Stip .Stipend; Stipendiary 

S. T. L. ...Sacra? Theologies Lector 

( R eader or a Professor 

of Sacred Theology) 
S. T. M. ...Sacraj Theologia? 

S. T. P. ...Sacra? Theologian Pro 

fessor (Professor of 

Divinity, old form 

of D.D.) 

Supt Superintendent 

Surg Surgeon 

Sur v Surviving 

Tasm Ta-- mania 

T. C. D. ...Trinity College, Dublin 
T. B. II. ...Their Royal Highnesses 

Tenn Tennessee (U.S.) 

Tex Texas (U.S.) 

T. K. C. ...Thames Rowing Club; 

Tithes -Rent Charge 

Triii Trinity 

T. Y. C. ...Thames Yacht Club 

Two- Year-Old Course 
u uncle 

u. c 

ridge U. K 

itarv Univ 
U. S 
U. S. A. . 

thout Va 
oting V. D 

.University College 
United Kingdom of 
Great Britain and 
..United States 
.United States <>f 
.Virginia (U.S.) 
..Victoria Cross 
.Volunteer Officers* 

ledge i 
Prop- Yen 
Very Hev 

..Venerable (of an Arch- 
....Very Reverend (of a, 
. . Veterinary 

Viet ... 

L. Vice- Admiral 

Doctor Vise. 

. . Viscount 

11 V. L 
wry V. M. H.. 

fessor Vol 
logy) V. P 

) g i 86 Vt 

W A 

. .Vice-Lieutenant 
..Victoria Medal Horti- 
. . Volume ; Volunteers 
. . Vice-President 
..Vermont (U.S.) 
West Australia 

Pro- Wadh 
or of Wash 

..Washington State 
. .West Indies 
..Wisconsin (U.S.) 

W. L. F.. 
ublin "\Yiii . 

..Women's Liberal 
. William 

lessoa ; W. O 
W. Va. . 
Club; Xmas 
arge Y.M.C.A.. 

Club ; Yorks 
ourse i Y.W.C.A. 

..War Office 
..West Virginia (U.S.) 
..Wyoming (U.S.) 
..Young Men's Christian 
..Young Women'H 
Christian Association 





Agents for the Construction and Sale of Ships. 

Agents for the General Electric Co. of London. 

Thornycroft, Kerosene and Petrol Motors. 
W 4 H Johns'Manville's Canadian Asbestos. 
Large stock of Electrical and Asbestos Goods on hand. 

Machinery & Electrical Show Rooms: Robinson Road, Kowloon. 
Oflbe: 5, Queen's Road Central, Hongkong. 

K. & K. K. & K. 


SQUARE, S\. Ot F. Next to the 



Under the Hongkong Hotel, Queen's Road. 


Have always in stock a large Assortment of 

Silver, Bronze, Satsuma, Cloisonne, Silver'Cloisonne, 
Colours, Panels, Ivory^Carving, Tea and Coffee Sets, 

Cabinets, Screens, &c,, &c. 
K. & K. K. & K. 

YOKOH AM A ill Articles are marked In Plain Figures KOBE 

Opposite to the Next to the 

.}u\n HOTEL. Inspection Invited ORIENTAL HOTKL 




New South Wales is Unrivalled as a Tourist Resort r 
Magnificent Climate, Abundant Opportunities offer for Fishing r 
Shooting, Mountain Climbing, and all Holiday Pastimes. 

New South Wales Products are Standards of Excellence and 
Quality. In Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Butter, Coal, Copper, Fruit r 
Wheat, Oats, Barley, Fodder, Flour, Lead,- Leather, Meats, Beef r 
Mutton, Lamb, Rabbits, Hares, and Preserved Meats, Milk, Oils r 
Ores, Skins, Tallow, Timber, Tin, Wine, Wool, Jams and Preser- 
ved Fruits, Boots and Shoes, Furs, Rabbit, Wallaby, and Opossum 
Skins, Hair, Horns, and Bones, Tanning Bark. Saddlery and 
Harness, Hams and Bacon, Glassware, Biscuits, and other articles. 
Over ^41,000,000 (410,000,000) Produced Annually. 

Variety of Soil and Climate Favours the Production of either 
Tropical or Old World Agricultural Products in the Highest 

New South Wales Trade equals over ^60,000,000 
(#600,000,000) Annually per Head of the Population, being 
nearly Double that of any other Country. 

New South Wales is a Land of Reward for Capital and 
Industry, over 18,000,000 acres of Rich Agricultural Land being 
still Available. 

New South Wales is in Direct Touch with all Eastern Markets, 
For further Information Required, please Apply to 


Commercial Representative 
Government of the State of N.S.W. 




ABE, Taizo (TOKYO), President Meiji 
Life Insurance Co. ; Meiji Fire In- 
surance Co. ; b. August, 1849. Was 
practically the pioneer of insurance 
in Japan. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

ACTON, Roger David (KIXTA), F.M.S. 
Civil Service ; b. March 1, 1874. 
Cadet at Selangor, 1893; acting- 
assistant District Officer, Kuala 
Kubu, 1898 ; acting District Officer, 
Jelebu, 1900 ; Collector of Land 
Revenue, Krian, 1900 ; acting Magis- 
trate and Registrar, Larut, 1901 ; 
acting assistant District Officer, 
Gopeng ; appointed acting Registrar 
of Courts, Kinta, 1904. Address: 
Kinta, Perak, Federated Malay 

ACTON, William Waltsr 

A.M.I.C.E. ; F.M.S. Civil Service; 
6. Nov. 10, 1862. Entered Civil Ser- 
vice as draughtsman and surveyor 
1S86 ; was assistant engineer a 
Kinta, 1890; acting District En- 
gineer, Kuala Kangsar, 1891 ; acting 
Irrigation Engineer, Krian, 1899; 
appointed Executive Engineer, 2nd 
grade, Perak, 1903. Address : Perak, 
Federated Malay States. 

ADACHI, Tsunayuki (TOKYO), ex- 
Inspector-General Metrop. Police 
Board ; b. Nov. 1859 at Satsuma. 
Has held high police positions in 
several prefectures ; appointed 
Director Police Bureau, HomeOffice 
1901 ; appointed Inspector-General, 
1903 f resign^! Oaf. 1935. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 



ADAM, CliarlssM. (HANOI), Inspactor 
General of Indo-China ; Director 
of the Financial Administration. 
Decorations: Chev. da la Lsgion 
d'Honneur. Address : Hanoi, Ton- 
kin, Indo-China. 

ADAMS, Arthur Robert (PKNANG), 
Advoaate and Solicitor ; b. Dec. 13, 
1851. Elite. : Sherborne. Admitted 
as solicitor, Bag., April 1834 ; ad- 
mitted Straits Bar, July, 1837; has 
since practised at Colonial and 
F.M.S. Bars; counsel for Govt. in 
Tanjong Pagar Arbitration 1905; 
Commandant Penang Voluntears ; 
2nd in Co.Ttnaand, Straits Settle- 
ments and F.M.S. Coronation Con- 
tingent, 19J2. Decoration : King's 
Coronation Medal. Ricreations : 
All open air sports ; natural history; 
astronomy. Clubs: Penang; Royal 
Col. Inst. Address : " Goodwood," 
Penang, Straits Settlements. 

ADVOCAAT, Gysbert Diederik 

(SHANGHAI), Consul-Ganeral for the 
Netharlands at Shanghai ; b. Ams- 
terdam, Aug. 12, 18 35. Entered the 
.Netherlands Consular Service in 
1885; appointed Vice-Consul at Con- 
stantinople 1339 ; acting Consul, 
Smyrna 1831; detached to the For- 
eign Office, the Hague 1893 ; Consul, 
Calcutta 1836; Consul-Genl., British 
India 1839; Consul-Geul., Shanghai 
for the Yangtsze Valley 1901. 
Decorations: Knight of 4th class; 
(Officier) of the Netherlands Order 
of Orange Nassau ; the Luxemburg 
Order of the Oaken Crown, and the 
Turkish Order of Medjidie. Address: 
Netherlands Consulate - Gen eral, 
Shanghai, China. * c * ! " 

AGER, Albert Powtrill (SINGAPORE), 
Journalist; b. Nov. 27, 1376. Elite.: 
Bedford Modern Sch, Articled to 
journalism in England and served 
on several Eng. provincial and Lon- 
don journals : arrived in Straits 
Settlements in 1893 for the " Straits 
Times," then in charge of the late 
Arnot Raid ; for six years Manager 
of " Straits Times." Clubs: Several 
lo^al. Adlress: Singapore, Straits 

AIKEtf, R3V. Edwin Edserton (PAO- 
TINGFU), Missionary; b. March 1, 
1S53; in. O^t. 6, 1832, MiuJ Lock- 
wood (died Ojt, 23, 1833) ; Sept. 23, 
19J2, Rose Ethel Merrill. Edite.: 
Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass., 
U.S.A., Class 1877 ; Yale Coll., Class 
1834. Member of N. China Miss, of 
American Board (Cong.) since 1885 ; 
located in Peking 1885-91 ; Tientsin 
1892-99 ; Paotingfu since 19,)2 ; house 
in Tientsin destroyed by Boxer 
shells 19JO ; attended Bi-centenuial 
of Yale Univ. O^t. 19JO. Publica- 
tions: Articles in various maga- 
zines. Address: American Board 
Mission, South Suburb, Paotingfu, 
Chihli, China. 

AINSLIE, Dr. David Huntar (HONG- 
KONG), M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. (Abdn.), 
D.T.M., (Camb.); b. April 11, 1875. 
Educ. : Edinburgh Institution ; Old 
Den Pub. Sch., Aberdaen Univ.; 
Medical Officer for Anchor S. N. 
Co., Glasgow 1893; M.O. Lagos 
Govt. Railway, West Africa 1893- 
1901: Gold Coast Govt. Riilway 
19J1-1914; joined the firm of Drs. 
Stedman, Reiinie and Harston, 
Hongkong 1935. Club : Hongkong. 

WHO'S WHO IN THE FAR EAST fJuxi;) 190C-7. 

Address: Hongkong Hotel, Hong- 

AITKEN, Lieut.-Col. Arthur Edward 
(HONGKONG), Offiaer Comm. 119th 
f nfty. ; b. May 25, 1861. Lieut. Wor- 
restershire Regt. July 1, 1881 ; Capt. 
India S.C. Jan. 14, 1831 ; Major I ml. 
Army, Jan. 13, 1900; Lieut.-Col. 
June 1, 1934 : D.A.A.G., India, Xov. 
1895 to June 18, 1930; took part in 
Soudan Expadition 1885, Suakin, 
actions at Hasheen and Tofrek, 
various attacks on convoys, advance 
on Tamai, affair at Thakool. 
Decorations : Medal with 2 clasps ; 
bronze star. Club : Hongkong, 
A ddress : Military Headquarters, 

AKAMATSU, Noriyoshi Baron 
(TOKYO), Vice- Admiral ; b. Nov., 
1841 at Shizuoka. Studied naval 
theory anfl art in Holland in the 
sixties ; appointed Bear- Admiral 
1874 ; has held appointment of Com- 
mander-in-chief of Sasebo Naval 
station ; created baron and pro- 
moted to Vice-Admiralship upon 
retirement in 1887. Club : Nobles, 
Tokyo. Address :iTokyo, Japan. 

Diplomatic Service ; b. May 4, 1857. 
Has occupied various posts under 
the Foreign Office; created Viscount 
1834. Rfcreations : Patron of the 
arts and wrestling. Address : 
Tatebayashi, Kozuke, Japan. 

ALDWORTH, John Richard Oliver 
(Ki ALA LUMPUR), F.M.S. Civil Ser- 
vice ; b. Sept. 18, 1868 ; s. of late Col. 
Robert Aldworth ; m. 1905, Doro- 
thea Anne Harvey, d. of late Richard 
Drew. Ed uc. : Cheltenham Coll. 

Entered Selangor Civil Service 1899; 
passed in Malay 1889 ; first assistant 
collector and magistrata, Klang, 
Dec. 18S9; acting District Officer, 
Kuala Selangor, Aug. 1890 ; acting 
Treasurer of Pahang, July to Nov. 
1892 ; District Officer, Klang, 1893 ; 
District Officer, Ulu Langat, Dec. 
1895; examiner in Malay, Negri 
Sembilan, 1896 ; Collector of Land 
Revenue, Seremban, and Registrar 
of titles, Negri Sembilan, June 1930; 
Sec. to High Commissioner F.M.S. 
1901-3; District Officer, Kuala 
Kangsar, 1903. Address : Knala, 
Lumpur, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

ALEXANDER, Charles Shuldham 
(BATU GAJAH), B.A., Cantab.; 
F.M.S. Civil Service; b. June 16, 
1877. Entered service as cadet 1900 ; 
served in Kuala Lumpur and Teluk 
Anson in 1902 and 1904, being ap- 
pointed acting District Treasurer, 
Batu Gajah, in 1904. Address: 
Batu Gajah, Perak, Federated 
Malay States. 

ALGUE, Jose (MANILA), S.J., Ph.D., 
M.R.M.S. Lond. ; Director of Wea- 
ther Bureau, Philippine Islands ; &. 
Dec. 28, 1856. Educ. : France 1872- 
77 ; in Spain 1877-85 ; in U.S.A. 1891- 
93. Prof, of Mathematics and 
Physics for 7 years in Zaragoza, 
Spain; sent by Spanish Gov. to 
Scientific Congress at Chicago dur- 
ing World's Fair 1893; Asst. in 
Georgetown Coll. Observatory, 
Washington, D.C. 1891-93; sent by 
Philippine Insular Gov. to World's 
Fair, St Louis, in charge of scientific 
exhibit in Philippine Exposition 
Grounds 1934; sent by Insular Gov. 



to International Meteorological 
Congress of Innsbruck 1905 ; Direc- 
tor of Manila Observatory since 
1897. Publications: "The Cyclones 
of the Far East," "The Clouds in 
the Philippines," etc. Address : 
Observatory, Manila, Philippine 

ALLEN, Edgar Pierce (TIENTSIN), At- 
torney and Councillor at Law ; b. 
Shanghai, Feb. 19, 1866; e.s. of Rev. 
Young J. Allen, D.D., L.I.D., 
Shanghai ; in. Bertha, y.d. of Peter 
G. Sanerwein of Baltimore, Mary- 
land, 1895. Educ. : Emory College, 
Georgia (first honour), 1885, post 
graduate' student, Johns Hopkins 
University 1885-89 ; fellow in Semi- 
tics, 1886-88. Admitted to Florida 
Bar 1892, to Federal (U.S.A.) Bar 
1893, to New York Bar 1898; removed 
to China 1900 ; commenced practise, 
Tientsin, 1901; General Counsel Im- 
perial Railways of North China 
since 1902; lecturer on International 
Law, etc., Peiyang! University since 
1903. Clubs: Shanghai; Race and 
Golf. Address : Council Road, and 
Office, 57 Victoria Road, Tientsin, 

ALLEN, Morris Anthony Vermont 
(BATU GAJAH), F.M.S. Chil Service ; 
b. June 15, 1875. Entered Civil 
Service, Perak, 1897 ; acting assist- 
ant Collector of Land Revenue, 
Kinta, 1897 ; Insp. of Mines 
1901 ; Asst. Warden of Mines, Batu 
Gajah, 1906. Address : Batu Gajah, 
Perak, Federated Malay States. 

chant ; b. 1860; ). 1886, Ada, d. of 
late G. R. Thompson, Director, 

Rylands and Sons Ltd., Manchester. 
Educ. : Privately. With John Peel 
and Co., Manchester, Egyptian and 
East Indian merchants and ship- 
pers, 1874-1886 ; with John Shaw and 
Sons Ltd., Brookroyd Mills, Hali- 
fax, manufacturers and shippers. 
1886-1900; in 1900 joined Messrs. 
Sale and Co.. Ltd., Yokohama, 
and two years later opened for 
them in Shanghai. Clubs : Shang- 
hai : Shanghai Race. Address : 4 
Yuen Ming Yuen Road, Shanghai, 

ALLEN, William Stanley (HONGKONG), 
Manager, Sperry Flour Company; b, 
1877 ; arrived in Hongkong 1899, 
prior to which time connected with 
San Francisco office of the com- 
pany. Club: Hongkong. Address-; 
Pedder Street, Hongkong. 

ALUN, Charles Henry (KUALA LUM- 
PUR), Director of Posts and Tele- 
graphs ; b. Feb. 19, 1873. Secretary's 
Off. G.P.O., London, 1894; Director 
of Posts and Telegraphs F.M.S- 
Service since 1904. Address: Kuala 
Lumpur, Selangor, Federated Malay- 

KONG), Solicitor. Club: Lusitano. 
Address: 54, Queen's Road Central, 

AMANO, Dr. Tarneyuki (TOKYO), Pro- 
fessor, Waseda University, Tokyo ; 
b. Dec, 1859, in Hizen. Educ. : 
Tokyo University; graduated 1882 ; 
member of House of Representa- 
tives for short period. Publications : 
" Piinciples of Economics," and 
other works on economics and his- 



tory. Address: Waseda University, 
Tokyo, Japan. 

AMERY, Eev. Albert John (SING A- 
PORE), B.D. : Clergyman; b. Nov. 20, 
1869 ; m. Sept. 16, 1905, R. M. Allen, 
a Med. Missionary. Educ. : Harley 
Coll., London ; Drew Tlieol. Semin- 
ary, N.J., U.S.A. Pupil teacher 
schools in Newton Abbot ; Asst. 
Master Dartmouth and London ; 
studied for Missionary career at 
Harley Coll., London anl Cliff 
Coll., Derbyshire; arrived in Singa- 
pore as Asst. Master in Anglo- 
Chinese School 1894; ordained by 
Bishop Thobourn as Deacon 1897 ; 
lder 1899 ; Principal Anglo-Chinese 
SSch. Ipoh, Perak, 1897 ; Principal 
Angl >Chinese Sch, Penang 1893-99 . 
took divinity course at Drew Theol. 
Seminary, graduating with decree 
of B.D. 1893-1933 ; since 1904 Minis- 
ter in charge Methodist Episco- 
palian Church, Singapore. Address : 
Wesley House, Singapore, Straits 

AMERY, Geoffrey Julian (SELAXGOR), 
M.A.; Federated Malay States Civil 
Service ; b. April 21, 1875. Educ. : 
Harrow ; St. John's Coll., Oxford. 
Addre-88: Selangor, Federated Malay 

Native of Mongolia. Raised to 
Prince of First Order Dec. 1891 ; 
great grandson of Prince Seng- 

Assistant Governor ; native of 
Manchuria. Appointed Asst. Re- 
sident Tibet, Nov. 1930; Military 

Asst, Governor of Tarbagatai, 
Nov. 1904. 

Coast Staff I. M. Customs ; b. 
March 20, 1839; m. 1831. Educ.: 
Public Schools, Denmark. Has 
been 44 years in Chinese I.M.C. 
service on coast staff; during: 
Taiping Rebellion was present at 
taking of Ningpo, Hangchow, and 
other places; took indirect part 
in French reprisals against China, 
Chino-Japanese War, Boxer trou- 
bles and Russo-Japanese War. 
Decoration: Double Dragon, China. 
Club: Race, Shanghai. Address: 
13, Lingtze Loo Road, Shanghai, 

Merchant; b. Nov. 17, 1855; m. 
Sophia, d. of Admiral T. Le Hunte 
Ward, C.B. Educ. : Glasgow Ac. 
ademy and Hawthorn Hall, Che- 
shire. Member Shanghai Municipal 
Council 1892-3-4, 1897-8-9, 1904-5 ; and 
Chairman in 1899-1904-5; Chairman 
China Association 1898-9 and on 
London comtee. 1901-2. Clubs: 
Caledonian, Ranelagh ; Thatched 
House, Lond. ; Country and Shang- 
hai. Address: "En-oil," 167 Bub- 
bling Well Road, Shanghai, China. 

K.C.M.G., M.A.; Governor Straits 
Settlements; High Commissioner, 
Federated Malay States; British 
North Borneo and Governor 
Labuan and Brunei ; b. 1858. Educ. : 
Aberdeen Univ., M.A. 1877, 1st class 
honours in mathematics; gold 
medal as most distinguished gra- 
duate of year ; 2nd class elk., C.O., 


WHO'S WHO ix THE FAR EAST (JuxE) 190C-7. 

June 30, 1879; Bacon scholar, Gray's 
Inn, 1887; Inns of Court student- 
ship, 1888; joint comsnr. with the 
late Sir J. F. Dickson, Nov. and 
Dec., 1891, to inquire into certain 
matters connected with the regis- 
try of the Sup. Court of Gibraltar ; 
Priv. Sec. to Sir R. Meade, Aug. 
17, 1892 ; attached to the staff of 
the Br. Agent for the Behring Sea 
Arbitration in London and Paris, 
1892-93 ; 1st class elk., Mar. 11, 1896 . 
prin. elk., June 3, 1897; Sec. to the 
conference between Mr. Chamber- 
Iain and the Colonial Premiers, 
June and July, 1897; visited Gibral- 
tar to inquire into rates of pay in 
the Civ. Serv., May, 1899; apptd. 
C.O. representative on staff of 
H.K.H. the Duke of Cornwall and 
York, during his visit to the 
Colonies, 1901 ; Sec. to Colonial 
Conference, 1902; received thanks 
of Canadian Govt. and Confedera- 
tion Med. for services in connection 
with Alaska Boundary and other 
matters, 1903; Govr., Straits Settle- 
ments, since Feb. 1, 1904. PitUica. 
Horn: Joint Editor and subse- 
quently Editor Col. Office List 1883 to 
1898. Address: Government House, 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

Merchant ; b. March. 1852 at Rothe- 
say, Isle of Bute; m. 1901, W. E' 
Dunbar Pope. Edve. : Raffles 
Institution, Singapore. Ai lived at 
Singapore Dec., 1859 ; in Govt. Civil 
JServiceat Singapore until 1871 when 
commenced mercantile career ; has 
been xo engaged at Singapore ever 
since ; now co-proprietor and head 
of Guthrie and Co., Ltd., of Sing- 

apore, Peuang, London and 
Fremantle, W.A. ; Siamese Consul- 
General for Singrpore; J.P. ; 
Member of Legislative Council of 
Straits Settlements 1S86-88 and 
again since 19C5. Club : Bath, 
Dover St., London, W. Address- 
" Ardmoie, " Singapore, Straits 

ANDIRSON, Br. Jchn Aittur (TAI- 
CHOW), M.D., Medical Missionaiy; 
b. May 11, 18C2 ; m. Oct. 1895, Alex- 
ancrina Ross, M.D. Educ. : Rhynie, 
Aberdeenshire, Scotland; New York 
University, U.S.A. Connected with 
the Consumptive Sanatoiia of Scot- 
land ; was Surgeon in charge C.I.M. 
Hospitals at Chungking, Chinkiang, 
and Taichow ; travelled in the 
wilds of West !( hira on Tibetan 
border ; followed the course of 
River of Golden Sand from iron 
bridge near Li-kiang-fuin Noithern 
Yunnan to where it is joined by 
White Water River and becomes 
Yangtze; explored teriitory in- 
habited by vaiious ti ibes the Ming- 
kia, 1 Lo-so and Li-so and skhted 
the teiritory of savage Mang-tse 
and Lo-lo ; travelled in Kwei-cho 
and saw fcmething of Miao tribe 
resident in that province ; went to 
Shanghai during Boxer troubles of 
1900; was ordained Missionary in 
charge Taichow-fu, prov. of Cheli- 
kiang, in 1898, by Rev. J. Hudson. 
F.R.C.S., M.R.C.S., etc. I'ublicn- 
ticn* : "Can't You':" and "Divine 
Healing." Addrex*: China Inland 
Mission, Taichow, via Ningpo, 

ANDERSON, Robert Ogilvie Nekton 
B.A., A.l.H. ; F.M.S. 



Civil Service; b. Dec. 26, 1861. 
Personal assistant to State Eng- 
ineer, Perak, 1895 ; Irrigation 
Engineer, Krian, 1899; Executive 
Engineer, 1st grade, 1903 ; acting 
State Engineer, Tafping, 1904. 
Address: Taiping, Perak, Federated 
Malay States. 

countant North China Insurance 
Co. ; Masonic : Dist. Grand Master 
Northern China, E.C. Address : 10 
The Bund, Shanghai, China. 

ANDREW, John Ingram (HONGKONG), 
Engineer, Manager G. Femvick 
and Co., Ltd ; b. Oct., 1866 ; H. 1894, 
Sophia, daughter of late Capt. 
Berg. Educ. : Noimal Training 
College ; Robert Gordon's Coll., 
Aberdeen. Douglas s.s. Co., 1890-2 : 
Taikoo Sugar Refg. Co., 1893-6; 
joined G. Fetwiek ar.d Co., Dec 
1896 ; appointed Manager, 19C6. 
Masonic : W. M., Lodge St. John. 
618 S.C. 1895; D.S.G.W. of D. G. 
Lodge of Scottish Freemasonry in 
South China 1906. Club : Bowling. 
Address : G. Femvick and Co., Ltd., 

ANETOOM, Dr. Thaddeus Cachick(PE- 
NANG), L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. and L.M. 
(Eclin), Med. Practitioner, Phys- 
ician ar.d Surgeon; b. 1861 at Cal- 
cutta. Studied medicine in Med. 
Coll. Hosp., Calcutta 1879-82 ; went 
to Edinburgh and qualified 1885 ; 
has been in Per.ang sir.ce 1886 ; 
Municipal Comm., Penang Muni- 
cipality 1888-89-90 ; Deputy Pres. 
of Municipality for 9 months, for 
which received thanks of Govt.; 
appointed Med. Supt. Chinese In- 

fectious Diseases llotp. 19C4 ; is 
a pure bred Armenian and thorough- 
ly loyal British subject. Club : 
Penang. Address: 9A Xortham 
Road, Penang, Straits Settlements. 

AN1HONISZ, James Oliver (SINGA- 
PORE), B.A., Acting Treasurer 
Straits Settlements ; b. Jan. 15, 
1864. Educ.: St. John's College, Cam- 
bridge. Appointed Cadet Straits 
Settlements Civil Service Oct. 1883 ; 
assistant Indian immigration agent 
Singrpore, Mry, 186 ; rd Mag- 
istrate, Singapore, 1888 ; 2nd Mag- 
istrate, July, 1892; Principal Muni- 
cipal Ccirmis-sioner Jar., 1901: 
1st Magistrate, Aug., 19C2, but con- 
tinued to act r.s President of the 
Municipal Commission. Acting 
Treasurer since Sept. 19C4. Address : 
Singrpore, Straits Settlements. 

AORI, Visccunt (TOKYO), Jrpanese 
Ambassador at Washirgton ; Privy 
Ccrncillpr ; b. Jan., 1844, in pro- 
vince of Chosiu. Was Secretary to 
Japanese Legation at Berlin in 1873, 
gnd was subsequently, on two occa- 
sions, Minister at that capital ; 
was Minister for Foreign Affaiis 
in Tokyo in 1889-91, and in 1898- 
1900 ; was appointed Ambassador 
in Washington in March, 1SC6. 
Address: Tokyo, Japan; Japanese 
Legation, Washington, U.S.A. 

AO T'lEN-YIN, GeneialCTiNGCHOin ), 
Native of Hvpei. Appointed 
Brigade-General Tirgchoufu (Fuh- 
kien province) in w inter of 19C4. 

ARAKI, Kwanpo (TOKYO), Artist; b. 
Tokyo, June 1831. Is Professor of 
Government Fine Arts Institute ; 
Member of Fine, Arts Committee 



attached to Imperial Household. 
Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

ARDEN, Stinley (PERAK), F.M.S. Civil 
Service ; b. Sept. 24, 1874. Appointed 
Superintendent Experimental Plan- 
tation 1930. Address: Perak, Federa- 
ted Malay States. 

ARICHI, Baron Vica-Admiral Shina- 
nosuka (TOKYO), President of Ja- 
pan Maritime Society ; b. at Choshu, 
March, 1843. Lieut-Commander 1872; 
Commander of Yokosuka Admiralty 
and Kure ; Chief of Naval Staff of 
Standing Fleet ; Member of House 
of Peers since 1897. Address : Tokyo, 

ARIGA, Nagao ( TOKYO ), Professor of 
AVaseda University ; b. at Settsu, 
Oct., 1860. Educ. : Tokyo Imperial 
University. Private Secretary to 
President of Privy Council 1887 
Councillor of Agriculture and Com- 
merce Department ; Adviser to 
Army upon international law dur- 
ing Chino- Japanese War 1894-1895 ; 
similar position during Busso- Japa- 
nese War. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

ARIMA, Tadaichi (HONGKONG), Man- 
ager Osaka Shosen Kaisha, Hong- 
kong Office: b. May 13, 1870; m. 
1893. Educ. : Union College, Tokyo. 
Address: 18, Macdonell Road, 

ARISAKA, Major-General (TOKYO), 
Inventor of Aiisaka Field gun ; b. 
at Choshu, Feb. 1852. Appointed 
Colonel 1895 ; iMajor-General 1901 ; 
completed well known quickfiring 
mountain gun Nov. 1901. Address : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

Admiral; b. Jan. 13, 1862; m. 
Princess Yasuko, Dec. 11, 1880' 
Educ. : Naval College, Greenwich. 
Midshipman for two years on 
H.M.S. " Iron Duke " ; served in 
Channel Squadron ; commanded 
Japanese cruiser " Matsushima " 
throughout Chino- Japanese Avar ; 
represented Japan at Diamond 
Jubilee of late Queen Victoria 
represented Japan at wedding o 
Crown Prince of Germany, and 
visited England, 1905; Admiral - 
Supt. of Yokosiika, and member of 
Supreme Council of War. Address 
Tokyo, Japan. 

Banker, Manager Chartered Bank 
of India, Australia and China; b' 
1861. Club: Thatched House, St. 
James' St., London. Address : 
Cairn Hill, Singapore, Straits 

ARMSTRONG, William Reginald 
(PENANG),L.L.D., D.C.L. ; Advocate 
and Solicitor of Supreme Court, 
Straits Settlements and Federated 
Malay States ; b. 1874 at New Roes, 
Co. Wexford, Ireland. Edttc. : 
Trinity Coll., Dublin ; graduated 
there as Sen. Moderator in Logic 
and Ethics 1896; LL.D., Dublin 
Univ. 1899; D.C.L., Durham Univ. 
1902; called to Bar, King's Inns, 
Dublin, Hilary term 19CO ; admitted 
to Bar of Straits Settlements and of 
Federated Malay States 1904. Ad- 
dress : Penang, Straits Settlements. 

countant. Resided in Colony over 



35 years ; for many years Sec. of 
Hongkong, Canton, and Macao 
Steamboat Co., Ltd. ; resigned 
1933. Club: Hongkong. Address: 

ARTHUR, James Startin Wills 
(PENANG), B.A. Oxon ; Straits Set- 
tlements Civil Service : b. March 
9, 1881. Educ. : Oxford. Entered 
Straits Settlements Civil Service 
Oct. 1934; attache! to Resident 
Councillor's Office, Penang, Dec. 
1904. Address: Cadets Bungalow, 
Penang, Straits Settlements. 

ASABUKI, Yeiji (TOKYO), Director of 
Mitsui Co.; b. in Oita-ken, Feb. 
1849. -Is manager of spinning dept. 
of Mitsui Company. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

ASADA, Yasunori (TOKYO), Member 
House of Peers; b. Kyoto, Nov. 1848. 
1st Class Councillor to Japanese 
Legation, Washington, U.S.A. 1874 ; 
Councillor of Foreign Affairs Dept. 
1879; Director of Commercial 
Affairs Bureau 1886 ; Governor of 
Kanagawa Prefecture 1899; Vice- 
Minister for Foreign Affairs 1900 ; 
alter Vice-Minister of Communica- 
tions. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

ASANO, SoicMro (TOKYO), President 
of Toyo Steamship Co. ; b. March 
1848. Is interested in cement 
and petroleum business. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

ATKINSON, Dr. John Mitford (HONG- 
KONG), M.B., Land., 1881; M.B.C.S. 
Eng; L.S.A., Lond., 1878; D.P.H., 
Cantab. 1894 ; Principal Civil M.O. 
and President Sanitary Board ; 
b. Dec. 3, 1853. Prizeman at London 

Med. Coll., 1893-1897 ; Res. Med. Off. 
St. Mary Abbott's Infirmary, Ken- 
sington, 1878-1885 ; Med. Off. No. 3 
Dist. St. Mary Abbott's, Kensing- 
ton, 1885-1887; Supt. Govt. Civil 
Hosp. and M.O. to Small-pox Hosp. 
and Govt. Lunatic Asylums, Hong- 
kong, in 1887 ; in 1895 was appointed 
Acting Col. Surgeon ; in 1897 to 
present position ; received thanks 
of Sec. of State for services 
during plague 1898. Since 1933 
has been an official member of 
Legislative and Executive Council. 
Club: Hongkong. Address: Sani- 
tary Board, Hongkong. 

ATOMI, Takino (TOKYO), Painter and 
educationalist ; b. at Osaka, April, 
1840. Is one of Japan's distinguish- 
ed lady painters and education- 
alists ; founder and proprietor of 
Atomi Girls' School. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

AWDRY, Rt. Rev. William (TOKYO), 
M.A., D.D., Bishop of Ch. of Eng. 
in South Tokyo ; b. Jan. 24, 1842, ?. 
,of Sir John W r ither Awdry, Kt,, late 
'Chief Justice of Supreme Court, 
Bombay ; Oxford University !Com- 
mi.ssioner ; m. Frances Emily, d. of 
Right Rev. G. Moberly, i Bishop of 
Salisbury. Educ. : Winchester ; 
Balliol, Oxford ; Fellow of Queen'* 
Coll. Oxford. Won Ellerton Theol. 
Essay Prize, Oxford ; rowed in Ox- 
ford Univ. Boat 1863-64 ; Ordained 
Deacon and Priest by Bishop 
Wilberf orce (Oxford) 1866-67; Second 
Master of Winchester Coll. 1868-72 ; 
Head Master of St. John's 
Coll., Hurstpierpoint 1873-79 ; 
Prebendary in Chichester Cath., 


1877-1901 ; Canon Residentiary 
1880-88 ; Principal of Chichester 
Theol. College 1880-86; Vicar of 
Amport 1886-96 ; Rural Dean of 
Amlover 1891-95; First Bishop of 
Southampton (Suffragan to the 
Bishop of Winchester) 1895-93; 
First Bishop of Osaka, Japan 
1896-97 ; Bishop of South Tokyo, 
since 1898. Publications: Articles 
in religious periodicals. Club : 
Church House, Westminster. Ad- 
dress : 8 Sakae-cho, Shiba, Tokyo, 

AXLING, Rev. William (MmnoK.v 
B.A., B.D., Clergyman; b. Aug. 
1873; m. May, 1901, Lucinda Bur- 
rows. Educ : Nebraska Univ.; 
Rochester (U.S.A.) Theo. Seminary. 
Address: 86 Soto Kaga Xo-koji, 
Morioka, Japan. 

AZEGAMI, Abbot Baisen (TOKVO), 
Religious teacher; b. July 18-2 
Chief abbot of Sojiji Temple, head 
quarters of Soto sect. Add ret* 
Tokyo, Jajiiin. 



BADDELEY, Frank Morrish (SINGA- 
PORE), B.A., Cantab. ; Acting 
Assistant Protector of Chinese ; b., 
Nov. 30, 1874. Entered Selangor 
Civil Service 1897; acting assistant 
District Officer, Serembah, 1901 ; 
assistant District Officer, Kuala 
Kubu, 1901; acting assistant District 
Officer, Serembah, 1902 ; Revenue 
Auditor, Pahang, 1904 ; appointed 
acting District Officer, Jelebu, and 
assistant Protector of Chinese at 
Singapore 1905. Address : Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 

BADELEY, Francis Joseph (HONG- 
KONG), B.A. ; Captain Superinten- 
dent of Police; b. March 27, 1868. 
Educ. : Clergy Orphan School, Can- 
terbury, and Jesus College, Cam- 
bridge ; senior opt. math, tripos, 
1889 ; acting Deputy Superintendent 
of Police, June to Dec., 1893 ; acting 
Assistant Postmaster-General, May 
to July, 1894 : acting Assistant 
Registrar-General, July, 1894 ; J,P., 
1894 ; Deputy Superintendent of 
Police and assistant Superintendent 
Fire Brigade, July, 1895 ; Captain of 
Police and Superintendent of Fire 
Brigade, and Superintendent Vic- 
toria Gaol, Apl., 1902; Member of 
Legislative Council, 1902, ; speaks 
Hindustani and Cantonese. Club: 

Hongkong. Address: Magistracy, 

BAILEY, Arthur W. (SING.VPOKK), Pro- 
tector of Chinese. Educ. : Duhvich 
Coll. and St. Cath. Coll., Cainb. 
(Scholar) ; 2nd sen. opt. math, tri- 
pos ; B.A. 1894. Cadet Straits Settle- 
ments, Nov., 1898; passed tin. exam. 
in Chinese, June, 1899 ; was acting 
assistant Protector of Chinese at 
Penang and Singapore ; 4th Magis- 
trate Singapore, May, 1901 ; 3rd 
Magistrate, Penang, Jan., 1902; Dis- 
ti-ict Officer, Christmas Island, 1st 
June, 1904; assistant Chinese Pro- 
tector, 1905. Add fas* : Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

BAILEY, Demetrius J. S., (KICKING), 
B.A., Camb., Resident. Served in 
Methuen's Horse ; Cadet Sarawak 
Service, Mar., 1888; assistant Re- 
sident, May, 1891 ; Resident, 2nd 
class, 2nd division, Jan., 1894 ; 
assistant Resident, May, 1891 ; 
Resident 2nd class, Jan., 1894 ; 
stationed at Kuching. Addr<>** 
Sarawak, Borneo. 

Engineer and Shipbuilder ; b. 1861. 
Clnb : Institution of Engineers and 
Shipbuilders. Address: 20 Con- 
naught Road, Hongkong. 




BAILLE, Charles Fredieric (HANOI), 
Insp. Civil Service Indo-China, As- 
sistant Resident Superior of Ton- 
kin ; b. Dec. 18, 1848. Entered Civil 
Service Indo-China April 29, 1886, 
rs 3rd class Insp.; 2nd class Feb. 
1888 ; 1st class Dec. 1889 ; Insp. July 
1901. Address: Hanoi, Tonkin, 

BAIN, George Murray (HONGKONG), 
Journalist; Proprietor of the "China 
Mail " and " Wah Tze Yat Po " ; b. 
Aug. 24, 1842,atMontrose, Scotland. 
Educ. : Montrose Borough School. 
Came to Hongkong on Feb. 9, 1864 ; 
joined " China Mail " as sub-editor 
and reporter ; became editor later, 
and proprietor in 1872 ; during 1887 
and 1882 took active part in fighting 
the vicious policy of the then 
Governor, Sir John Pope Hennessy; 
has consistently upheld British in- 
terests and maintained an impartial 
attitude towards other nationals ; 
one of oldest journalists in Far 
East; takes interest in all public 
movements and supports all sports. 
Clubs : Hongkong ; Jockey and Cric- 
ket, etc. Address: Birnam Brae, 
Conduit Road, Hongkong. 

BAKENDALE, Arthur Salisbury 
(KUALA LUMPUR), M.T.E.E. ; Fede- 
rated Malay States Civil Service ; 
b. Jan. 11, 1866; m. Violet, o.d. 
Colonel Tillotson of Beckbury Hall, 
Shropshire. Educ. : Leamington 
Coll., Sch. of Elec. Eng., London. 
Sent as Spec. Civil Commissioner 
in 1900 and 1902 to the Cocos-Kee- 
ling Islands ; called as witness 
before Cables Communication Com- 
mission 1901 and originally sug- 

gested the two principal recom- 
mendations of Committee, i.e. 
connection of Ceylon with Cocos- 
Keeling Is. by cable, and between 
Burma and Penang by land line; 
at present Supt. of Posts and 
Telegraphs Selangor, Negri Sembi- 
lan and Pahang. Publications: 
" The Ball," etc. Clubs : Windham, 
London ; Sports, London, etc. Ad- 
dress: Kuala Lumpur, Federated 
Malay States. 

BAKER, Edgar Morris (KUALA 
LUMPUR), F.M.S. Civil Service; It. 
Sept. 27, 1869. Entered Perak Civil 
Service, Jan., 1890 ; chief clerk 
Treasury, Larut, 1890 ; Financial 
Assistant, Krian, 1892; accountant 
Audit Office, Perak, 1893 ; acting 
assistant Auditor, 1894 ; 2nd assist- 
ant secretary to Government 1895 ; 
assistant auditor, 1896 ; District 
Treasurer, Lower Perak, 1897 ; 
acting State auditor, Selangor, 
1902 ; appointed District Treasurer, 
Kuala, Lumpur and acting Revenue 
Auditor, Selangor, Jan. 1903. Ad- 
dress : Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, 
Federated Malay States. 

BAKER, Thomas Summers (SINGA- 
PORE), Manager of Hongkong and 
Shanghai Banking Corporation ; 6. 
March 19, 1858; HI. (1st) 1879 Mary 
Agnes, d. of Alfred Tuck of In- 
gatestone Hall, Essex, died 1S85, 
(2nd) Alice d. of Richard Speight ex- 
Chairman Victorian Railway Com- 
mission. Educ.: Private Schools. 
Is member of Soc. of Arts, London, 
and Japan Soc. Decorations: 4th 
class Order Rising Sun ; 3rd class 



Order Sacred Treasure. Clubs: 
Thatched House, Lond. ; Yokohama 
United; and Singapore. Address: 
Hongkong and Shanghai Banking 
Corporation, Singapore, Straits 

BALL, James Dyer (HONGKONG), 
M.R.A.S., M.N. Ch. Br. R.A.S. ; 
Civil Service ; b. Dec. 4, 1847. Re- 
sident 43 years in China, of which 
30 have been spent in Govt. service 
in Hongkong, mostly in Supreme 
Court; has held office of Sheriff 
and Registrar General, as well as 
other positions ; is J.P., and com- 
missioner appointed to take oaths, 
etc. ; member of Hongkong Civil 
Service Board of Examiners. Pub- 
lications : Author of a number of 
works dealing with the languages, 
customs, manners, and religions of 
the Chinese, such as "Things 
Chinese," " The Pith of the Class- 
ics," " The Religious Aspect in 
China," " Cantonese Made Easy ' 
series, " Hakka Made Easy," " How 
to Write Chinese," etc. Address : 
" Fernside," Mount Kellett, Peak. 

BANISTER, Ven. Archdeacon W. 
(HONGKONG), Archdeacon of Hong- 
kong ; b. May 31, 1855; m. Mary 
Alice, d. of T. Grime, Preston, 
London. Educ. : Privately and 
Church Missionary College, Isling- 
ton. Publications : Commentary 
on 1st Corinthians, and Catechism 
for the young, in Chinese. Address ; 
Church Missionary House, Hong- 

BARCLAY, Rev. Thomas (FORMOSA), 
M.A., Glasgow, Presbyterian Mis- 
sionary ; b. Nov. 21, 1849 ; m. Nov. 

8, 1892. Educ. : Glasgow University, 
Glasgow Free Church College, and 
at Leipsic. Commenced work in 
Formosa 1875. Decoration : 5th 
class Order Rising Sun. Address: 
Tainan, Formosa. 

PORE), A.D.C. to Officer Commndg.. 
Troops, Straits Settlements ; b. Jan.. 
13, 1880. Second Lieut. Coldstream 
Guards Feb. 1, 1899; Lieut. Cold- 
steam Guards May 2, 1900 ; qualified 
as interpreter in French ; served in 
South Africa 1899 to 1902 ; action* 
from Belmont. Seconded for Service 
as A.D.C. to H.E. General Inigo 
Jones, Officer Commanding troops, 
Straits Settlements. Decorations: 
King's and Queen's medals, South 
Africa. Address: Mount Elizabeth,. 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

BARKER, Dr. Alfred J. Glanville, 
(SARAWAK), M.R.C.S., England,. 
1884; Principal Medical Officer. 
Educ. : Univ. Coll. and Hosp. ; 
certif. Medico-Psychol. Assoc., 1st 
M.B., Lond. ; late Resident 
Clinical Assistant East London 
Hospital for Children ; House- 
Surgeon, Tiverton Infirmary, Cent- 
ral London Ophthalmic Hospital; 
Resident Clinical Assistant, Beth- 
lehem Royal Hospital ; temporary 
Assistant Medical Officer, Surrey 
County Asylum, Tooting; Acting 
Colonial Surgeon and Resident, 
Penang, Straits Settlements 1895 ; 
J.P. and Coroner, Penang, 1896 
Principal Medical Officer and 
Superintendent Indian Immigra- 
tion, Sarawak, May, 1897. Address : 
Sarawak, Borneo. 



chant ; rn. 1902, d. of H. Abrams. 
Arrived in Singapore 1886 as agent 
for Manchester firm ; general mer- 
chant ever since ; has been 
Municipal Commissioner for Singa- 
pore ; takes great interest in local 
bodies, especially those connected 
with church affairs. Address : 
Strathnide, Tanglin Hill, Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

.BARLOW, Frances Collins (HONG- 
KONG), Solicitor; I, Aug. 25, 1876. 
Educ. : Royal Shrewsbury School. 
Solicitor Supreme Court of Judic- 
ature, England, and Supreme Court, 
Hongkong. Address : " Parkside," 
Kowloon, Hongkong. 

Resident. Cadet, Sarawak Civil 
Service, May, 1878 ; Resident (2nd 
class), Srd division, Nov., 1886 ; 
Resident, Muka, Oct., 1893; acting 
Resident, Baram, July; 1892; acting 
Resident, Bintulu, Aug., 1893; Re- 
sident, Lower Rejang, Oct., 1894. 
Address: Lower Rsjang, Sarawak, 

3ARNARD, H2nry Cuthbert (PERAK), 
A.M.I.C.E. ; F.M.S. Civil Service ; 
b. April 10, 1865. Entered Public 
Works Department, Perak, 1887, 
as assistant Engineer ; assistant 
Engineer, Larut, 1889 ; assistant 
Engineer construction, Taipiug and 
Kamunting Railway Extension, 
1889 ; acting Resident Engineer 
.and Traffic Manager, and Resident 
Engineer in charge of Ulu Sapetang 
Railway Extension; District Rail- 
way Engineer and Traffic Manager, 
.Larut, 1892 ; District Railway Engi- 

neer North Federated Malay States, 
1903 ; was appointed Divisional 
Engineer for Selaugor and North 
Sembilan and Acting Divisional 
Engineer for Perak and Prov. 
Wellesley 1903. Address : Perak, 
Federated Malay States. 

BARNES-LAWRENCE, Captain, (ass : 

B.A. ; Sec. for Chinese Affairs, 
Straits Settlements and Federated 
Malay States ; b. 1865 ; Educ. : 
Pembroke College, Cambridge. Ap- 
pointed to Straits Settlements 
Civil Service as Cadet by Sec. 
of State, 1888 ; sent to Swatow 
to study Chinese ; held various ap- 
pointments in Courts and Chinese 
Protectorates of Straits and F.M.S., 
and in Mines Dept. of latter; ap- 
pointed to present office, 1904. 
Clubs : United University ; Sports. 
Address: Singapore, Straits Settle- 

BARNETT, Rev. Ernest Judd (HONG- 
KONG), M.A., Trin. Coll., Melbourne 
(Scholar and prizeman) ; Missionary 
of Church Missionary Society ; b. 
Sept. 18, 1859; Headmaster Caul- 
field Grammar School, 1888-96 ; 
organising secretary Church Mis- 
sionary Association, Victoria, 
1896-1902; warden of St. Stephen's 
College, 1903 to present. Address: 
St. Stephen's College, Hongkong. 

BARRACK, Dr. James William 
(SINGAPORE), M.B., Ch.B., Edin. ; 
House Surgeon, General Hosp. ; b. 
Oct. 30, 1874. Appointed House 
Surgeon, General Hospital, Sing- 




up.n-e July 1903. Address : General 
Hospital, Sepoy Lines, Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

chant; Sub-Mxnager, Doclwell and 
Co. R said ant in Colony over nine 

years. Club : Hongkong. Address : 
Queen's Buildings, Hongkong. 

BARRETT, Capt. Edward Ivo Med- 
hirst (PfiaviO, Aljutant, Malay 
State Guides ; b. June 12, 1879. 2nd 
Lieut. Lancashire Fusiliers 1899 ; 
Lieut. 1900 ; service in South Africa 
1893-19J2 ; Assistant Adjt. Lanca- 
shire Fusiliers 1932 ; Capt. 1903 t 
Wing Officer, Federated Malay 
States Guides, June, 1903 ; 
Acting Adjutant, 1934. Decoration: 
South African Medal. Address : 
Perak, Federated Malay States. 

BARRETTO, FradericD Damee, (HONG- 
KONG), Merchant; 6. Feb. 5, 1874. 
Managing partner, Barretto and 
Co. ; appointed vice-Consul for 
Mexico, Oct. 14, 1932; elected life 
member, Society for the Encourage- 
ment of Arts, Manufactures, and 
Commerce, March, 1904. Address: 
No. 1 Castle Road ; and 22 and 24 
Bank Buildings, Hongkong. 

BARTLETT, Samual ColcDrd (SAPPO- 
RO), Missionary ; b. Sept, 21, 1835 ; 
m. Fanny Slater Gordon, July 11, 
1894, at Andover, Mass., U.S.A. 
Editc. : Dartmouth Coll. (A.B. 1887, 
A.M. 1891); graduated at Andover 
Theological Seminary 1894. Public- 
ations : Occasional newspaper and 
magazine articles. Address: Kita 
8jo, Higashi 2 chome, Sapporo, 

BARTON, Sidney (TIENTSIN), 2nd Class 
Assistant H.B.M. Consular Service. 
Appointed Student Interpreter in 
China, Sept. 24, 1895 ; employed on 
Special Service at Wei-hai-wei, 
from Dec., 1899, till Oct., 1901, acted 
there as Assistant Commissioner 
interpreter to British Contingent, 
China Field Force, during opera- 
tions at Tientsin, June and July, 
1900 ; mentioned in despatches ; 
Assistant Political Officer during 
advance on Peking, August, 1900; 
appointed Vice-Consul, Tientsin, 
Nov. 14, 1901 ; Accountant to 
Legation at Peking, 1901 and 1902. 
Decoration : China Medal. Ad- 
dress: Tientsin, China. 

BASHFORD, Dr. James Whitford 
(SHANGHAI), D.D., LL.D., Minister ; 
b. May 27, 1849, at Fayette, Wiscon- 
sin, U.S.A. ; m. 1878, Jane M., d. of 
Hon. W. W. Field. Editc. : Gra- 
duated, Wisconsin Univ. 1873 ; A.M. 
1876; Theol. Sell., Boston Univ. 
S.T.B., 1876 ; Sch. of Oratory 1878 ; 
Sch. of All Sciences (Ph.D.) Boston 
University 1881. Tutor in Greek, 
Wisconsin Univ., 1874; Pastor, Meth. 
Kpisc. Churches, Boston ; Auburn- 
dale, Mass ; Portland, Me ; Buffalo , 
N.Y., 1875-89 ; Pres. of Ohio Wesley- 
an Univ., Delaware, Ohio, U.S.A., 
1889-1904 ; elected Bishop Methodist 
Episopal Church 1904. Publications : 
" Science of All Religion" ; Wesley- 
an Goethe," etc. Address : 
Shanghai, China. 

BATTENBERG, William Alexander 
NewtDn (SINGAPORE), Barrister at 
Law ; b. Aug. 28, 1871. Editc. : St. 
George's Grammar Sch., Hydera- 




bad; King's Coll., London. Called 
to Bar, Jan. 1893 ; enrolled in 
India, Madras Presidency and now 
practising in Straits Settlements. 
Address : 32 Baffles Square, Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 

BAYLE, Vice-Admiral C. J. (SAIGON), 
Cominander-in-Chief of the French 
Navy in the East. Decorations : Com- 
mander de la Legion d'Honneur ; 
Officier de 1'Instruction Publique. 
Address : Saigon, Indo-China. 

BAYNE, W. G. (SHANGHAI), Secretary 
of North China Insurance Co., Ltd. 
Club: Shanghai. Address: 10, The 
Bund, Shanghai, China. 

BEAN, Alfred William (SINGAPORE), 
Merchant; b. Oct. 14, 18 M. Resi- 
dent in Singapore since 1833; is a 
Member of Royal Photographic 
Society 1 ; Member of Society of Arts. 
Club: Blenheim, St. James' Square, 
London, S.W. A ddress: Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

BEARDSLEY, James Wallace (MAM- 
LA), Director of Public Works ; 
b. Sept. 11, 1861; ?. Sept. 7, 1893, 
Ellen J. Pearne, d. of Rev. Thos. 
H. Pearne, D.D. Educ. : Cornell 
Univ., Ithaca, N.Y. Engaged pro- 
fessionally on construction of works 
of Sanitary District, Chicago, for 
about 7 years ; engaged on inves- 
tigations and surveys of deep 
waterways from Great Lakes to 
Atlantic, for about 2 years ; engaged 
on harbour works on Great Lakes 
under Corps of Engineers, U.S.A., 
atout 2 years; appointed Consult- 
ing Engineer to Philippine Commis- 
sion, 1902; Director of Public 

Works, Philippine Islands, since 
Nov. 1905; Member of American 
Society Civil Engineers, Western 
Society of Engineers, Detroit Eng- 
ineers' Society, etc. Publications: 
Occasional technical papers. Clubs: ; 
University, Columbia ; Manila. A d-: 
dress : Manila, Philippine Islands. 

BEATTY, David (PENANG), Strait* 
Settlements Civil Service; b. Jan. 
20, 1876. Educ. : Trinity Coll., Dub- 
lin ; Jun. and Sen. Exhibitioner ; 
1st Honoursman in Classics, Logic 
and Natural Science; Prizeman in 
History. Appointed cadet in Civil 
Service by Sec. of State, Nov. 17* 
1898; passed cadet, July 26, 1901; 
Acting 3rd Magistrate, Singapore, 
Nov. 9, 1901 ; Acting District Officer, 
Christmas Island, July 1, 1903; 
seconded for special duty in 
Pahang, Aug. 25 to Sept. 6, 1904; 
Acting 2nd Magistrate, Singapore, 
May 1, 1904; 2nd Assistant 
Protector of Chinese, Singapore, 
June 16, 1904 ; on return from leave, 
Dec. 29, 1905, appointed Acting 
Sheriff, Deputy Registrar, and 
Assistant Official Assignee, Penang. 
Address: Supreme Court, Penang, 
Straits Settlements. 

BEAU, Paul (HANOI), Governor-General 
of Indo-China; Presdt. Conseil 
Superieur de 1'Indo-Chine, and 
Conseil de Defense de I'lndo-Chine. 
Decoration: Officer de la Legion 
d' Honneur. Address: Hanoi, Ton- 
kin, Indo-China. 

BEAVIS, Charles Edward Hartnell 

(HONGKONG), Solicitor; b. Dec. 29, 
1872. Educ.: Christ's Hospital. 



London, and Oxford University. 
Clvb: Hongkong. Address: 9, 
Queen's Road Central, Hongkong. 

BECK, J. M. (SHANGHAI), Acting 
Superintendent, Eastern Extension 
Telegraph Co. Clubs: Hongkong; 
Shanghai. Address: Shanghai, 

BECKETT, Walter Ralph Durie 
(BANGKOK), F.R.G.S. ; H.B.M. Con- 
sul ; b. Aug. 24, 1864 at Agra, North 
Western Provinces, India, s. of 
Colonel \V. H. Beckett. Educ.: 
Tonbridge School. Appointed Stu- 
dent Interpreter in Siam, Feb. 16, 
1886 ; 1st Assistant, Dec. 18, 1891 ; 
Vice-Consul, Bangkok, Feb. 8, 1893 ; 
Acting Consul, Bangkok, 1894, 1895 
and 189G ; was in charge of Legation 
in July, 1896; Acting Consul at 
Chiengmai, 1896 and 1897 ; promoted 
Consul for Consular District of 
Chiengmai, including Lakon, 
Lampoonchi, Muang-Nan, Mining- 
Thon, Phre, Raheng, Sawankalote, 
Sokotai, Tern, Utaradit, and Picha, 
1897; transfeired to Bangkok, Aug. 
13, 19C3; given local rank of 1st 
Secretary in Diplomatic Service 
Aug. 13, 19C4; acted as Charge 
D'Affaires at Bangkok in 1904. 
Recreations: Cricket, polo, tennis, 
golf, etc. Clubs : Oiiental ; Sports ; 
Chiengmai Gymkhana and Royal 
Bangkok Sports. Address : H.B.M. 
Legation, Bangkok, Siam. 

M.A., Oxon., F.M.S. Civil Service ; 
I). June 3, 1863. Barrister at Law, 
Middle Temple; entered F.M.S. 
Civil Service, 1889 ; acting Treasurer, 
Pahang, 1891 ; Collector and Magis- 

trate, Pekan, and Registrar of 
Mines, Pahang, 1893 ; Magistrate, 
Kuala Lumpur, 1896; acting Collec- 
tor of Land Revenue and Registrar 
of Titles, Kuala Lumpur, 18C6 ; Col- 
lector of Land Revenue, Kinta, 
1899 ; occupied other positions until 
1903, when was appointed acting 
Legal Adviser, F.M.S. and District 
Officer, Kuala Lipis. Address : 
Kuala Lipis, Pahang, Federated 
Malay States. 

BELFIELD, Henry Ccnway (SKLAN- 
GOR), British Resident ; b. Nov. 29, 
1855. Educ.: Rugby School; Oriel 
College, Oxford. Appointed to Se- 
langor Civil Service, 1884; Chief 
Magistrate and Commissioner of 
Lands, Selangor, 1888; Senior Magis- 
trate, Perak, 1891 ; Commissioner 
of Lands, Federated Malay States, 
1896 ; Chief Examiner in Malay for 
the Federated Malay States, 1896; 
Biitish Resident, Negii f-tmbilan, 
1901; Biitish Resident, Selangor, 
1902; Special Mission to Boineo to 
effect settlement between H. H. 
the Rajah of Sarawak and Chiefs 
of Lawas Territory, 1905. Publica- 
tion: Handbook of the Federated 
Malay States. Clubs : Junior Carl- 
ton ; Ranelagh; Automobile of 
Great Biitain crd Ireland. Ad- 
dress: The Residency, Kuala Lum- 
pur, Selangor, Federated Malay 

BELL, Dr. John (HONGKONG), M.R.C.S., 
Eng. ; L.R.C.P., D.P.H., Loud. 
Superintendent Government Civil 
Hospital ; b. Nov. 10, 1859. Acting 
Superintendent, Government Civil 
Hospital, 1896; acting Principal 



Civil Medical Officer ami President 
of Sanitary Board, 1900. Ap- 
pointed to present position, 1903. 
Club: Hongkong. Address: Civil 
Hospital, Hongkong. 

BELL, W. G. (SINGAPORE), M.A., Glas- 
gow ; Acting Post Master General. 
Cadet, Straits Settlements, Oct., 
1897; passed final examination in 
Chinese, May, 1900; Supt. Money 
Order Branch and Government 
Sav. Banks, Singapore, July, 1901 ; 
2nd Assistant Prot. of Chinese, 
Penan g, May, 1902 ; acting assistant 
Post Master General, Penang, May, 
1902 ; acting Post Master General, 
Straits Settlements, Oct. 1903. Clubs: 
Singapore. Address: Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

BENBOW, Major John Edward 
(SINGAPORE), Army Paymaster ; 
b. Aug. 16, 1858. 2nd Lieut., 1st 
(King's) Dragoon Guards, Jan., 1881 ; 
Lieut., July, 1881 ; Capt,, Jan., 1888; 
Major, June, 1894; employed with 
Army Pay Dept. ; since May, 1894 
Army Paymaster, Straits Settle- 
ments. War Service: Operations 
in Sierra Leone, 1898-99. Address: 
Pearl's Hill, Singapore, Straits 

BENHAM-BROWN, Rev. Henry John 
(PEKING), Clergyman ; 6. May 14, 
1864; MI. Nov. 27, 1899. Educ : St. 
Paul's Miss. Coll., Lincolnshire. 
Ordained Priest, 1889; arrived in 
China, April, 1887 ; S.P.G. Mission- 
ary atTai-An-Fu, Shantung, 1887-93 ; 
Chaplain to Eng. residents at 
Chef oo 1893-96 ; Tai-An-Fu 1897-1900 ; 
escaped during Boxer outbreak 
and took refuge in Corea; appoint- 

ed chaplain at Wei-Hai-Wei, 1901 ; 
tansf erred to Tientsin, 1903 ; in Eng . 
on furlough, 1904; appointed Priest 
in charge of S.P.G. work at Peking, 
1905. Publications: Several small 
treatises in Chinese. Address: 
Church of England Mission, Pe- 
king, North China. 

BENNETT, Edward Leigh (PEKAN), 
F.M.S. Civil Service ; b. Feb. 25, 
1874. Appointed to Public Works 
Department, Perak, 19'32 ; Assistant 
Engineer, Pahang, 1904. Address : 
Pekan, Pahang, Federated Malay 

BENNETT, Ernest Fredk. (ICHANG), 
H.B.M. Consul. Appointed Student 
Interpreter in China, April 7, 1834 ; 
acting Consul at Chinkiang, 1892; 
at Swatow, 1892 and 1893; at 
Kiungchow, 1894 and 1895 ; at Wuhu, 
1SC6 ; promoted 1st Class Assistant, 
Sept. 27, 1897 ; acting Consul at 
Ningpo, 1899 and 1900; promoted 
Consul at Ssumao, Feb. 24, 1900; 
transferred to Ichang, April 5, 1892. 
Address: H.B.M. Consulate, Ichang, 

BEKT, Herbert (CANTON), Partner in 
Firm of T. E. Griffith, Raw Silk 
Merchants, b. Jan. 13, 1863, 2nd s. 
of Baldwin H. Bent, J.P., of Good- 
worth House, Andover, Hants. ; m. 
May 24, 1900, May, 2nd d. of late 
C. D. Moss, of Yokohama. Educ. : 
Marlborough College. Clubs : Can- 
ton ; Hongkong; Yokohama United; 
Grosvenor (Lond.) Address: Sha- 
mien, Canton, China. 

Manager Banque de 1'Indo-Chine ,; 




b. July SO, 1862. Educ. : in Paris. 
^Clubs: Hongkong and Jockey. 
Address: 8 Kennedy Road, Hong- 

BERKELEY, Sir Henry Spencer 
(HONGKONG), Kt. ; Attorney Gener- 
al; b. Sept. 6, 1851; m. Katherine, 
,d. of S. S. Cassiu, Antigua, West 
Indies. Called to the Bar, Inner 
"remple, 1873; Attorney General, 
Leeward Islands, 1877 ; Solicitor 
General, 1878; Acting Colonial 
Secretary, 1883 ; Attorney General, 
Fiji, 1885-89 ; Chief Justice, 1889-1902; 
also acted as Administrator; 
arrived Hongkong, June, 1902; 
Attorney General, 1902 to date; 
acted as Chief Justice on two 
occasions ; Chairman of the Hong- 
kong Volunteer Reserve Associa- 
tion. Clubs: Junior Carlton, Lon- 
don; Hongkong. Address: Peak, 

trict Officer, b. June 25, 1864. Mid- 
shipman, R.N.R., 1881; to Perak, 
1884; police, 1886; Superintendent 
of Penghulus, 1889; acting Collec- 
tor and Magistrate, Upper Perak, 
1891; assistant Magistrate, Gopeng, 
1894; acting District Magistrate, 
Kuala Kangsar, 1896; District 
Magistrate, Upper Perak, 1889; 
District Officer, Klang, 1893; Dis- 
trict Officer, Upper Perak, 19C6. 
Address : Taiping, Perak, Federated 
Malay States. 

BERNARD, Basil Henry Francis 

(PERAK), F.M.S. Civil Service; b. 
Jan. 13, 1874. Appointed to Civil 
Service, 1896; held vaiious positions 
in Selangor and Perak until ap- 

pointed Acting Deputy Conservator, 
Perak, 1903. Address: Perak, Fe- 
derated Malay States. 

General Manager of Great Northern 
Telegraph Co.; b. Nov. 2, 1850 at 
Copenhagen ; m. Feb. 23, 1876. 
Educ. : University of Copenhagen ; 
Matriculated as " Candidatus Phi- 
losophiae " ; after studying English 
Language and Literature at Univ. 
of Copenhagen for 5 years entered 
service of Great Northern Telegraph 
Co., 1875 ; Telegraph Operator and 
Electrician, Newcastle and Aber- 
deen, 1875-76 ; Assistant, London 
Office, 1876-83 ; Superintendent 
Hongkong, 1882-85 ; Acting General 
Manager, Shanghai, 1885-86; Sec- 
retary, Copenhagen, 1887-97 ; acting- 
General Manager, Shanghai, 1897-98; 
Secretary, Copenhagen, 1898-1900; 
General Manager, Shanghai, since 
1900. Publications: Translations 
of English Literature into Danish 
(Dickens, Bulwer Lytton, etc.). 
Decorations : Knight of Dannebrog ; 
Officer of Rising Sun ; Tvnight of 
St. Anna.. Clubs : Shanghai ; Race, 
Shanghai. Address: Shanghai, 

BERRINGTON, Arthur Tewdyr 
Davies (TAIPIXG), B.A. ; Judicial 
Commissioner; b. Sept. 7, 1854, 
e. s. of Arthur Davies Berrington, 
J.P., D.L., of Panty-Goitre, Aber- 
gavenny ; m. 1900, Beatrice, d. of 
Rev. J. Rathborne, Rector of West 
Tytherley, Hants. Educ: Clifton 
College and Christ Church, Oxford ; 
B.A., 1878; called Inner Temple, 
1879; Oxford Circuit; J.P. and D.L. 



for Monmouthshire ; Private Sec- 
retary to Sir H. Bulwer, in Cyprus, 
Oct., 1888, and to Sir Frederick 
Dicksou in the Straits Settlements, 
May, 1890 ; Chief Magistrate, 
Selangor, 1891 ; Senior Magistrate, 
Perak, July 1896 ; Commissioner for 
Lands and Mines, F.M.S.,1901; Legal 
Adviser, Federated Malay States, 
Nov., 1902; Senior Judicial Com- 
missioner, F.M.S., 1905-6. Recrea- 
tions: Golf, Shooting, Auto- 
mobilism. Clubs : Union ; Auto- 
mobile, London. Address: Taiping, 
Perak, Federated Malay States. 

BERRY, Prof. Arthur Daniel (TOKYO), 
A.B., B.D. ; Missionary ; b. Aug. 7, 
1872, at Mexico, N.Y., U.S.A. 
Educ. : Syracuse University ; Drew 
Theological Seminary. Pastor, 
Methodist Episcopalian Church, 
Maplewood, New Jersey, U.S.A., 
1899-1902; arrived in Japan, 1902; 
was stationed at Fukuoka, 1902; 
Moji, 1903-5 ; Tokyo, 1905 ; Professor 
in Theological School, Aoyama 
Gakuin, 1906. Address: Tokyo, 

macist; 6. Aug. 17, 1879. Educ.: 
Vienna. Since 1901 has been in 
business in Shanghai ; established 
own business, 1903 ; on Nov. 12, 1905, 
witnessed riots in Vladivostock. 
Recreations : Swimming and Cycling 
(120 prize medals won on Continent). 
Clubs: Hon. member bicycle club 
Flotte Fahrer, Vienna; German 
Club Concordia, Shanghai. Ad- 
dress: 7, Honam Road, and 13A, 
Avenue Road, Shanghai, China. 

BICKNI LL, William Alfred (PENAM;), 
Straits Settlements Civil Service ; 
b. Aug. 29, 1859. Appointed Chief 
Clerk in Colonial Secretary's Office 
1885 ; Auditor and Official Assignee, 
Penang, since 1888. A ddreas : Audit 
Office, Penang, Straits Settlements. 

BILLINGS, George Michael (SHANG- 
HAI), B.A. ; Vice-Principal Shanghai 
Public School ; b. Feb. 15, 1878 ; MI. 
July 5, 19C5, Nellie Rosa, d. of 
Capt. J. A. Scott, Nova Scotia. 
Educ. : Wyggeston and Queen 
Elizabeth's Grammar School, 
Leicester, 1886-96; Jesus College, 
Oxford. Entered Oxford ifniversity 
1896 as Shute Science Scholar ; in 
1899 was awarded Principal's. 
Exhibition at Jesus College ; 3rd 
class final honours, School of 
Natural Science (Chem. Phys.) 1900; 
assistant Master at Raffle's In- 
stitution, Singapore, 1901 ; Vice- 
Principal, Shanghai Public School,. 
1903. Club : Shanghai. Addresa : 
Public School, Shanghai, China. 

Cantab ; Master, Queen's College,. 
fc.il875. Arrived in Colony, Sept. 20 r 
1903. Club: Hongkong. Address.: 
Queen's College, Hongkong. 

BIRCH, Ernest Wcodford, (PERAK), 
C.M.G., 1900; British Resident \b. 
April 29, 1857, e. s. of J. W. W. 
Birch, Colonial Secretary of the- 
Straits Settlements and British 
Resident of Perak, who was assas- 
sinated by the Malays in November,. 
1875; in. 1882, Margaret, d. of 
Laurence Niveii. Educ. : Elstree- 
School ; Harrow. Served in Colonial 



Office, 1876-78 ; cadet in the Service 
of the Straits Settlements, 1878; 
served in various capacities in 
Singapore and Malacca till 1892; 
has previously acted as British 
Resident of Perak and Selangor ; 
British Resident of the Negri 
Sembilan, 1897-1900 ; employed on a 
special mission in H.M.S. " Espoir " 
to the Cocos, Keeling Islands, 
1885 ; Governor and Commander-in- 
Chief, Labuan, B. North Borneo, 
1900-4 ; present post, Feb. 10, 1904. 
Recreations : Most field sports. 
Clubs: Sports; Windham ; M.C.C., 
London. Address: Taiping, Perak, 
Federated Malay States. 

BIRCH, James Kortright (PEXANG), 
Resident Councillor. Cadet, Straits 
Settlements Civil Service, 1872; 
passed final examination in Malay, 
Dec., 1873; Collector of Land 
Revenue, Penang and Province 
Wellesley, and Settlements Officer, 
Trans Krian, Sept., 1877; Collector 
of Land Revenue, Singapore, June, 
1880 ; acting Police Magistrate and 
Commissioner of Court of Requests, 
Province Wellesley, May, 1882 ; 
Senior District Officer, Province 
Wellesley, 1888; first Magistrate 
and Commissioner, Court of Re- 
quests and Superintendent of 
Prisons, Penang, June, 1890 ; acting 
'Treasurer, Straits Settlements, 
Feb., 1894; first Magistrate, Singa- 
pore, April, 1895, but continued to 
sict as Treasurer ; Treasurer, April, 
1897; acting Resident Councillor, 
Penang, May, 1897 to August, 1898 ; 
and from April, 1901; Resident 
*,'ouncillor, Malacca, 1898 ; was ap- 

pointed acting Resident Councillor, 
Penang, Oct., 1903, and appoint- 
ment was confirmed July, 1904. Ad- 
dress : Penang, Straits Settlements. 

BIRD, R. E. 0. (HONGKONG), M.A., 
Oxon ; Senior Assistant Master, 
Queen's College; b, 1869. Head 
Master, Armenian College, Cal- 
cutta ; Assistant Master, King's 
College, Bangkok; arrived Hong- 
kong, 1902, as assistant master; 
promoted April, 1906. Chtbs : Hong- 
kong ; Oxford Union. Address : 
Queen's College, Hongkong. 

BISHOP, James E. (JELEBU), F.M.S. 
Civil Service ; b. Dec. 18, 1875. 
Entered Service as cadet, Pahang, 
Oct., 1898 ; acting assistant District 
Officer, Pekan, Aug. 18, 1900 ; acting 
assistant District Officer, Lipis, 
Sept., 1901 ; assistant District 
Officer, Lipis, Mar., 1902; acting 
assistant District Officer, Raub, 
Jan., 1903 ; acting District Officer, 
Raub, June, 1904; acting District 
Officer, Jelebu, 1904. Address : 
Jelebu, Negri Sembilan, Federated 
Malay States. 

BLACK, John Stewart (BANGKOK), 
F.R.G.S. ; Judicial Adviser to 
Siamese Government ; b. 1865, 2nd. 
s. of William Black, of Rothsay, 
N.B. ; m. 1898, Edith Mary Gwendo- 
line, d. of Rev. Augustus Moore, 
M.A., St. John Baptist Vicarage, 
Spalding. Educ. : Linlithgow 
Burgh School, N.B. ; St. Andrew's 
University. Barrister-at-law, Mid- 
dle Temple. Entered H. M. Con- 
sulate Service in Siam as student 
interpreter, 1888 ; assistant, 1893 ; 




first assistant, 1896 ; Vice-Consul, 
Bangkok, 1897 ; has been acting 
Consul and Judge of Consular 
Court, Bangkok ; resigned Consular 
Service, 1902 ; has been Judicial 
Adviser to Siamese Government 
since 1902 to date. Publications : 
Papers in proceedings of B.G.S., 
and official reports on Siam, et<?. 
Club : Junior Constitutional, Lon- 
don; British, Bangkok. Address : 
Ministry of Justice, Bangkok, 

SAR), A.M.I.C.E. ; F.M.S. Civil 
Service ; b. May 27, 1870. Entered 
Public Works Department, Perak, 
as Assistant Engineer, 1901 ; ap- 
pointed acting Executive Engineer 
at Kuala Kangsar, 1903, and subse- 
quently Assistant Engineer. Ad- 
dress : Kuala Kangsar, Perak, 
Federated Malay States. 

FU), M.A., Cantab. ; Presbyterian 
Minister; b. Oct. 7, 1875; in. Tina 
McCulloch Alexander, M.B., Ch.B. 
(Edin.) Educ. : Dulvvich College, 
Gonville, and Caius College, Cam- 
bridge, and Westminster (Theo- 
logical) College, Cambridge ; was 
classical Scholar, Gonville and 
Caius College, 1894-8; 1st class 
honours classical tripos pt. 1, 
1896 ; 2nd class honours, classical 
tripos pt. 2, 1898; B.A., 1898; M.A., 
1901. Ordained 1901. Club: Cam- 
bridge University Union. Address : 
English Presbyterian Mission, 
Chaochowfu, Swatow, China. 

BLAND, Robert Norman (MALACCA), 
B.A. ; Resident Councillor ; b. Oct. 

8, 1859. Educ. : St. Paul's School ; 
Cheltenham College; Trinity Col- 
lege, Dublin. Cadet, Straits Settle- 
ments, Oct., 1882 ; passed in Malay r 
May, 1884; Collectorand Magistrate, 
Sri Menanti, June, 1886; District 
Officer, Southern District, Province 
of Wellesley, 1888; Collector of 
Land Revenue, Penang, 1889 ; ditto, 
Singapore, 1890 ; Officer in charge, 
Sunjei Ujong, Dec., 1894 ; ditto, 
Negri Sembilan, Jan. to April, 1895 ; 
acting Official Assignee of Deeds, 
Singapore, June, 1896 ; Inspector of 
Prisons, Straits Settlements, Mar., 
1897 ; senior District Officer, Pro- 
vince Wellesley, April, 1897 ; act- 
ing Resident Councillor, Malacca, 
April to Sept., 1900-1903 ; Captain in 
Singapore Volunteer corps, 1902. 
Clubs : Sports ; Colonial Institute. 
Address : Malacca, Straits Settle- 
ments ; Whiteabbey, Co. Antrim, 

BLAND, John Otway Percy (SHANG- 
HAI), Representative of British and 
Chinese Corporation in China, and 
Times Correspondent; b. 1862, m. 
1889. Educ : Schools abroad and 
Trinity College, Dublin. Served 
in Chinese Imperial Maritime Cus- 
toms, 1883-1896 ; Secretary of Muni- 
cipal Council, Shanghai, 1896-1906 ; 
Publications : " Lays of Far 
Cathay, " " Lays and Relays, "" 
" Verse and Worse," etc. Decora- 
tions : Chinese Civil Rank (5th. 
class). Club*: Thatched House, 
Lond. Add rent: Shanghai, China. 

BLOCK HUYS, Prof. Edward Joseph: 
(TOKYO), Licencie en sciences 
commercials, Professor in the 


Tokyo Higher Commercial College ; 
I. Dec. 1862 in Belgium ; m. Minnie, 
(L of late Captain Ahvorth Gordon 
Bruce, B.I.S. Educ. : Royal 
Atheneum and Higher Commercial 
Institute, Antweip, Belgium. 
Publications : "Lectures on Com- 
mercial Geography," 1900, and 
various magazine articles. Decora- 
tions ': Sacred Treasure, 4th class; 
Rising Sun, 5th class. Club : 
Tokyo. Address: 15 Omote San- 
chome, Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan. 

BLUKT, Edward Thomas Joseph 
(SHANGHAI), F.F.A., A.I. A., F.S.S. ; 
Actuary, and Secretary Standard 
Life Assurance Co. ; b. June 28, 
1868; }., April, 1899, Fanny 
Macdonell Stott, y.d. of Captain 
Gibson Stott, late of 92nd. Goidon 
Highlanders. Educ. : Stonyhurst. 
Actuary authorised by H.M. Trea- 
sury to certify Annuity Tables ; 
Secretary of the Far Eastein 
Branch, f"t;i:dard Life Assurance 
Co., since 1900. Address: 2, French 
Bund, Shanghai, China. 

PLUKT, Major Charles Jasper 

(SINGAPORE), Chief Ordnance Of- 
ficer, Aimy Ordnance Department" 
6. April 26, 1866, at King William's 
Town, South Africa; e.s. of Colonel 
F. C. Blunt, late Aimy Service 
Coips, of Ryde, I.W., and g.s. of 
S;unuel Jasper Blunt, of the 
Colonial Office : widower. Educ. : 
Dr. ThompKorus School, Jersey; 
Royal Military Academy, Wool- 
Mich. Entered Royal Artillery 
1885; served in India 1885-95; 
captain 1896 ; Major 1904 ; Ordnance 
Officer, 3rd class 1904; transferred 

to Army Ordnance Department 
1905;- officer in charge of Danger 
Buildings Royal Arsenal Woolwich, 
1898-1901 ; served throughout Chitral 
campaign, 1895; with relief force 
under Sir Robert Low; Chief 
Ordnance Officer, Guernsey, 1901-4. 
Publications: "Chitral, Mohmand, 
and Tirah Campaigns" for "Times 
Encyclopaedia Britannica." Recrea- 
tions : Outdoor games; photo- 
graphy. Decorations : Chitral 
medal with clasp. Clubs: Sport, 
London. Address: Pearl's Hill, 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 


Superintendent of Police. Address : 
Central Police Station, Shanghai, 

BOLLES, Jchn Walker (HONGKONG), 
Attorney and Manager in South 
China, Iiido-China, Annam, etc., 
for the Standard Oil Co. ; b. 1855 in 
Brunswick County, Wilmington, 
North Carolina, U.S.A. Anived 
in Hongkong, 1895. Club: Hoi g- 
kong. Address: Robinson Road, 

Harbour Master. Retired Royal 
Navy ; Deputy Master Attendant^ 
Marine Depaitment, Singapore, 
May, 1896 ; acting Master Attend- 
ant, Straits Settlements, Dec. to 
July, 1897; Feb. to Dec., 1901, and 
from Aug., 1902 ; Master Attendant, 
Stiaits Settlements, Dec., 1902. 
Address : Singe pore, Straits Settle- 

BONAR, Henry Alfred Constant 
(KOBE), H.B.M. Consul; b. June, 



1831; 2nd s. of Henry Bonar, of 
Paris. Educ.: Private tutor. Ap- 
pointed Student Interpreter in 
Japan, March 30, 1883; acting 
Consul at Nagasaki, 1832 and 1883 ; 
at Hiogo, 1885 ; 1st class Assistant, 
1885 ; assistant Japanese Secretary, 
Tokyo, Sept. 20, 1839 ; acting Consul 
at Hakodate, frjm June, 1838, to 
Sept., 1839; reverted to rank of 
1st Assistant, April, 1891; acting 
Consul at Hioga, 1891 and 1892; 
called to Bar at Middle Temple , 
June 6, 1891 ; acting Registrar to 
Court for Japan, from O^t., 1895, 
to M.xrch, 1896; promoted Consul 
at Hakodate and Niigata, Feb. 4, 
1896; transferred to Tainan (For- 
mosa), August 21, 1895; to Tamsui, 
Dec. 28, 1893; to Yokohama, as 
Consul for Consular District of 
Kanagawa and City of Tokyo, and 
also appointed assistant Judge of 
H. M. Court for Japan, August 4, 
1898 ; acting Judge, Yokohama, Feb. 
to May, 1900; employed on special 
service in connection with prepara- 
tion of the case and counter case 
of British, French, and German 
Governments in Japan Perpetual 
Leases Arbitration before Hague 
Tribunal from Oct., 1902, until Jan., 
1904; prepared case of the three 
Foreign Governments at Tokyo, 
and proceeded to Europe and 
attended meeting of British, 
French, and German representa- 
tives for revision of case, held in 
Paris in Aug. andfSept., 1903, being 
further employed in connection 
with preparation of the counter 
case until Jan. 15, 1894 ; transferred 
to Kobe, May 21, 1903. Publica- 

tions : Articles in Asiatic Societies 
Publications. Club: St. James'. 
Address: H.B.M. Consulate, Kobe, 

BONDFIELD, Rev. George Hanry 
(SHANGHAI), Agent British and 
Foreign Bible Society ; b. June 24, 
1855; m. Nov. 13, 1885. Ednc. : 
Spring Hill College, Birmingham ; 
Mansfield College, Oxon. Was Lon- 
don Mission Society's Missionary 
at Amoy, 1883-87 ; at Hongkong (also 
pastor of Union Church), 1887-94 ; 
appointed agent for China of 
British and Foreign Bible Society, 
1895. Address : British and Foreign 
Bible Society Offices, Shanghai, 

BONE, Kev. C. (HONGKONG), Wesleyan 
Minister; b. Feb. 1, 1853. After 
preparation for the Ministry, 
was sent to China, South, by 
the Conference in 1880 ; reached 
Hongkong, Dec. 14 ; gave 16 years 
to Mission work, in the Canton 
Province mostly in vernacular 
preaching ; spent seven years in 
Hongkong as Chaplain to Wesley- 
ans in the Army, ad Chaplain to 
Wesleyans and Presbyterians in 
the Navy ; was responsible for the 
building and furnishing of the 
. Sailors and Soldiers' Home at 
Arsenal Street, opened in Feb., 
1901. Publications : Has written a 
Commentary on Revelations in 
Chinese in 2 volumes. Address: 2 
Morrison Hill, Hongkong. 

BONNAR, John Wnyta Cooper (HONG- 
KONG), Merchant ; assistant Messrs. 
Gibb, Livingston and Co. ; b. 1871 ; 
m. 1905. Club : Hongkong. Address: 



BONNETIAN, Emile Louis Victor 
(SAIGON), Chief of Secretarial 
Burer.u ; Resident ; Administrator 
2nd class ; b. May 29, 1860. Joined 
Ind>China Civil Service, May 21, 
1886 ; Administrator, 4th class, Jan. 
1, 1891 ; Administrator, 3rd class, 
Jan. 1, 1895; Administrator, 2nd 
class, Jan. 1, 1904. Address : Saigon, 

BOOTH, Robert Henry-Gore (SHANG- 
HAI), Broker ; b. Dec. 16, 1838 ; 2nd 
heir to Baronetcy, Gore-Booth, 
Ireland, cr. 1760. Edue. : Private 
tutor, and at various schools. 
Saw active service as Cavalry 
Volunteer during Taiping Rebellion, 
1862. Clubs : Shanghai ; Race ; 
C ountry. Address : Shanghai Club, 
Shanghai, China. 

BOOTH, William Claude (CHEFOO), 
Principal of Temple Hill English 
School ; b. Jan. 4, 1878 ; in. Nov. 30, 
1935. Educ. : Northwestern Univer- 
sity, Evanston, Illinois, U.S.A. Ad- 
dress: Chefoo, North China. 

BOS, Antoine (CAN-THO), Resident; 
Administrator, 1st class ; &. June 
26, 1855. Joined Indo-China Civil 
Service, Oct. 17, 1883 ; Administra- 
tor, 4th class, Feb. 2, 1889 ; Admin- 
istrator, 3rd class, Oct. 8, 1891 ; 
Administrator, 2nd class, Sept. 1, 
1898 ; Administrator, 1st class, July 
19, 1903. Address: Can-tho, Pro- 
vince of Can-tho, Cochin-China. 

BOUCHE, Frederic (HANOI), Avocat 
G6nral Administration de la 
Justice ; b. July 24, 1857. Arrived 
Indo-China, Oct. 17, 1880; Avocat 
Ge'ne'ral, Juillet 16, 1903. Decora- 

tion: Officier d'Acade"mie. Address: 
Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo-China. 

BOUGUIE, General Raoul L. (HANOI), 
Commandant 1st Division Infan- 
terie. Decoration : Chevalier de la 
Le'gion d'Honneur. Address : Army 
Headquarters, Hanoi, Tonkin, 

BOULTON, James Fettas (HONG- 
KONG), A.M. I.C. E. ; Executive En- 
gineer, Public Works Department; 
b. Feb. 17, 1859. Appointed, April, 
1839 ; practically in charge of Praya 
Reclamation Works from Jan. 1, 
1898, until completion ; acting 
Assistant Director of Public Works 
from 1902 to 1905. Club : Hongkong. 
A ddress : Public Works Department, 


BOURNE, Frederick Samuel Augus- 
tus (SHANGHAI), Assistant Judge 
of H.B.M. Supreme Court for China 
and Corea, and H.M. Consul, 
Shanghai; b. Oct. 3,1854, s. of late 
Rev. S. W. Bourne, B.A., Queens' 
College, Cambridge, Rector of Win- 
farthing, Norfolk, and Mary Caro- 
line, d. of late Henry Cassin, M.D.; 
m. 1889, Isabel Alice, y. d. of the 
Rev. John Chalmers, LL.D. Educ.: 
St. Edmund's School, Canterbury. 
Clerk, War Office, 1873; China 
Consular Service, 1876 ; employed 
on special service, 1885-86, explor- 
ing country bordering on Tonkin ; 
received the thanks of the President 
of the United States for services 
rendered at Chung-king in 1886; 
Bar, Lincoln's Inn, 1800; H.M. 



Yice-eor.sul, Canton, 1893 ; Consul 
in charge of the Blackburn Com- 
mercial Mission, 1896-97,. subse- 
quently appointed Assistant Judge 
H. B. M. Supreme Court for China 
and Corea, and Judge of High 
Court at Wei-hai-wei, which posi- 
tion .still holds. Address: Shang- 
hai, China; Southborough, Tun- 
bridge Wells, England. 

BOWEN, Charles David (ULU SELAN- 
GOR), F.M.S. Civil Service ; b. Oct. 6, 
1862. Joined Civil Service, 1886; 
Junior Officer, Perak, Oct., 1886 ; as- 
sistant District Magistrate, Batang 
Padang, Jan. 1888 ; acting Collector 
of Land Revenue and Magistrate, 
Selama, Mar., 1889; assistant Dis- 
trict Magistrate, Selama, Feb., 1890; 
acting assistant Magistrate, Go- 
peng, July, 1891 ; District Officer, 
Port Dickson, Mar., 1896; District 
Officer, Klang, and Indian Immigra- 
tion Agent, Nov., 1899 ; acting Dis- 
trict Officer, Ulu Selangor, Jan., 
1900 ; District Officer, Ulu Selangor, 
Jan., 1903; Collector of Land Re- 
venue, Kuala Lumpur, and Registrar 
of Titles, Selangor, and acting Dis- 
trict Officer, Ulu Selangor, July 
1903 ; District Officer, ditto, 1904. 
Address: Ulu Selangor, Selangor, 
Federated Malay States. 

F.M.S. Civil. Service ; fc. Dec. 13, 
1870. Appointed Assistant Engi- 
neer, Public Works Department, 
Perak, 1901 ; Assistant Engineer, Up- 
per Perak. Address : Upper Perak, 
Federated Malay States. 

BOWER, Captain William Mcntagu 
Lance (PENANG), Superintendent 

of Police ; b. June 28, 1878. Captain 
4th Battalion Liverpool Regiment, 
1902 ; assumed duties as Assistant 
Supeiintendent of Police in Pe- 
nang, 1903; J.P.; visiting justice. 
Address: Penang, Straits Settle- 

BOWRA, Cecil A. V. (AMOY), Com- 
missioner of Customs ; b. 1869 ; 
m. 1896. Educ. : St. Paul's School, 
London; Bariister-at-Law. Joined 
Chinese Impeiial Maritime Cus- 
toms Service in Oct., 1886 ; appoint- 
ed acting Commissioner at New- 
chwang, June, 1899 ; promoted to 
Commissioner atNewchwang, Mar. 
17, 1903, subsequently proceeding to 
Amoy in same capacity. Decora- 
tions : Double Dragon, 3rd divi.-ion, 
1st class ; China Medal, 19CO. Club : 
Royal Societies (London). Address : 
Amoy, China. 

BOWLEY, Francis Eulmer Lycn. 
(HONGKONG), Solicitor and Notary 
Public ; b. Bristol, England, Jan. '24, 
1868. Educ. : Bristol Grammar 
School. Admitted as solicitor, Lon- 
don, 1890 ; Hongkong, 1893 ; appoint- 
ed Crown Solicitor, 1900 ; Secretary, 
Librarian and Curator City Hall, 
1900-5 ; resigned 19C6. Club : Hong- 
kong. Address: Supreme Court, 

for Jardine, Matheson and Co. : b. 
1864 at Hongkong and Registered 
British subject ; s. of late A. W. P. 
Kup, Consul for Netherlands, and 
Jane Mary, e. d. of Major-General 
Morton; in. 1896. Educ. : Whitgift 
College, Croydon, and at Paiis. 
Attached to Lord Chailes Beres- 



ford's Special Mission to China 
1898 ; participated in siege and 
defence of Tientsin when was Com- 
mandant of local volunteer force; 
afterwards attached to General Sir 
Alfred Gaselee's Staff as Guide and 
Interpreter for the relief of Peking, 
1900 ; attached 9th Lancers 1896, and 
7th Hussars 1901, at Aldershot ; 
obtained Mounted Infantry certifi- 
cate, Aldershot, 1902. Decoration : 
China Medal 1900, with clasp Relief 
of Peking (mentioned in desr 
patches). Address : Pekirg, Noith 

BO\D, W. Porter (SHANGHAI), Vice 
and Deputy Consul General for 
U.S.A. Clubs : Race, Golf, Gun, 
etc., Shanghai. Address; Ameri- 
can Consulate General, Shanghai, 

BOYER, Mcurice Marius (SAIGON), 
President du Tiibunal de Ire In- 
stance; b. Fev. 17, 1853. Entree 
1'Administration de la Justice, Sept. 
21, 1888 ; President, Janv. 15, 1904. 
Address: Saigon, Cochin-China. 

BRADDEL, Robert Wallace Glen Lee 
(SINGAPORE), Barrister-at Law ; b. 
March 6, 1859; ?. Nov. 21, 1883 
Mary Lawrence, 4th d. of Rev. T. 
Smith of Brailes, Warwickshire. 
Eihic.: Brighton College ; Worces- 
ter College, Oxford. Has practised 
at Straits' Bar since Dec., 1882. 
Address: " Woodleigh," Sirangoon 
Road, Singapore, Straits Settle- 

BRADDON, Dr. William Leonard 
(SEREMBAN), M.B., B.S., Lond., 
F.R.C.S., Eng. ; State Surgeon ; 
b. May 29, 1862; i. Oct. 13, 1897, 

Marion, 3rd (7. of late H. C. Philpott. 
Educ. : Reading School ; Owen's 
College ; Guy's Hospital ; Gold 
Medallist and Scholar, London 
University; Gold Medallist, Guy's- 
Hospital. In Burmah 1888; joined 
Selangor service, Dec., 1888 ; State 
Surgeon, Negri Sembilan, since 1891 .. 
Publications: "The Haomody- 
namics of Cerebral Haemorrhage,' 
in "Lancet" 1885; "The Mycoid 
Body in Remittent Fevers," in 
" Indian Medical Gazette," 1903 ; 
" The Cause and Prevention of 
Beri-beri," 1906. Club: The Golfers. 
Address: Serein ban, Negii Sem- 
bilan, Federated Malay States. 

BRADY, Herbert Francis (Foocnow) 
H.B.M. Consul. Appointed Stu- 
dent Interpreter in China, March, 
1876 ; acting Consul at Kiukiang, 
1880 to 1881 ; acting Vice-Consul at 
Whampoa, 1886 and 1887 ; discharged 
duties of Accountant to Legation 
1887, 1888, 1889 and 1891; promo- 
ted 1st Assistant, Oct. 1, 1891 ; 
assistant Chinese Secretary, 1892 ; 
acting Consul at Ichaug, 1894 to 
1895 ; acting Consul at Kiukiang,. 
1895 to 1896 ; at Chinkiang, Aug. to 
Nov., 1896 ; at Wuhu from Dec., 1896- 
to Jan. 1897 ; acting Vice-Consul at 
Shanghai, 1897 ; promoted Consul 
at Samshui, Sept. 27, 1897 ; trans- 
ferred to Chungking, Nov. 21, 1900 ; 
to Chefoo, July 1, 1901; acting 
Consul-General at Hankow, 1901 ; 
Consulate, Foochow, 19C6. Address : 
H.B.M. Consulate, Foochow, 

BREDON, Sir Robert Edward (PEK- 
ING), K.C.M.G. ; M.A., M.B., M.Ch. ; 
Deputy Inspector General, Chinese 




Customs ; b. Feb. 4, 1846: m. Sept. 3, 
1879. Educ.: Private School ; Royal 
School, Dungannon, Ireland ; Tri- 
nity College, Dublin ; Graduated 
University of Dublin. Competed for 
Medical appointment in H.M's Ser- 
vice and obtained 1st. place ; ap- 
pointed Assistant Surgeon, 97th. 
Regiment (now Royal West Kent 
Regiment) 1867 ; retired 1873, being 
then in West Indies ; joined Chinese 
Imperial Maritime Customs as 
Chief Secretary, Inspectorate Gen- 
eral, 1873: Commissioner, Chefoo, 
1875 ; Mingpo, 1875 ; Canton, 1876, 
Peking (Chief Secretary), 1877 ; in 
chargelnepectorateGeneral, 1877-78; 
P eking (Chief Secretary), 1878; Com- 
missioner, Hankow, 188C; Shanghai, 
1890 ; Peking (Chief Secretary), 1893; 
Commissoner, Hankow, 18C6 ; Com- 
missioner, Canton, 1896 ; retired 
and rejoined, 1897 ; Deputy Inspector 
General, Peking, 1897 ; Shanghai 
1900 ; Peking, 1904; was present with 
family in British Legation, Peking, 
duiing siege and bombardment, 
1900 ; attached, 1902-04 to Chinese 
Commisson for revision of British 
and other Commercial Treaties. 
Decorations: Officer of Legion of 
Ho nour (France); Commander order 
of Olaf (Xoiway) ; 2nd class Sacred 
Treasure (Japan) ; K.C.M.G. (Great 
Britain) : 2nd Division 2nd class 
Double Dragon (China) , 2nd class 
Crown of Prussia, with star ; 
China Medal with Defence of Lega- 
tions clasp. Publications : Various 
papers in Customs publications on 
Chinese railway and financial ques- 
tions, including some in Chinese. 
Clubs: Shanghai Country; Shang- 

hai; Race, Shanghai ; Peking ; 
Junior United Service, London. 
Address: Inspectorate General of 
Customs, Peking, China. 

BRESLAND, Charles William (BA- 
TANG PATANG), B.A. ; F.M.S. Civil 
Service; b. April 10,1878. Educ.: 
Dublin University. Appointed ca- 
det, 1901 ; has acted as District 
Officer at Kinta and Tapah ; 
District Officer at Batang Patang. 
Address: Batang Padang, Perak, 
Federated Malay States. 

BREWIN, Hon. Arthur Winbolt 
(HONGKONG), Registrar General 
and Member, Legislative Council ; 
b. June 12, 1967. Educ. : Winchester. 
Arrived in Colony, 1888 ; appointed 
Justice of the Peace, 1894 ; acting 
assistant Registrar-General, 1895; 
acting Inspector of Schools, April, 
1887 ; appointment confirmed Aug. 
1897 ; acting Registrar-General, 1898 
to 1899 ; [appointment confirmed, 
1901. Club: Hongkong. Address: 
Registrar General's Department, 

BREWITT-TAYLOR, Charles Henry 

BREWSTER, Edward John (KINTA), 
District Officer ; b. Jan. 24, 1861. 
Educ. : Brewood Grammar School ; 
Cheltenham. Joined Federated 
Malay States Civil Service as 
assistant District Officer, Matang, 
Perak, 1878 ; acting District Officer, 
Krian, 1883-1884 ; ditto, Larut, 
1885 ; ditto, Kiuta, 1888 ; District 
Officer, Krian, 1889; Magistrate, 
Krian, 1889 ; State Commissioner of 
Lands ami Registrar of Mines, Jan., 



1892 ; acting State Auditor, April, 
1893; District Magistrate, Lower 
Perak, Aug., 1843. Club : Sports, 
London. Address: Kinta, Perak, 
Federated Malay States. 

BRINKLEY, Captain F. (TOKYO), 
Proprietor and Editor of "Japan 
Mail," Yokohama; b. 1841. At- 
tached to Legation Guards, Tokyo, 
J867; resigned from Royal Artillery, 
1871, and appointed principal 
instructor, Marine Artillery College, 
Tokyo ; Prefessor Mathematics at 
Imperial Engineering College, 
Tokyo ; acquired "Japan Mail," 
1881 ; is Foreign Advisor to Nippon 
Yusen Kaisha; Tokyo correspon' 
dent of " Times,' Lond. Decoration: 
3rd class of the Order of the Sacred 
Treasure. Address : 3, Hiro-go 
Azabu, Tokyo, Japan. 

BROADRICK, Edward George (SINGA- 
PORE), President Municipal Com- 
mission; ft. July 29, 1864. Educ. : 
Sherborne School. Clerk, H. M. 
Office of Works, 1884 ; arrived in 
Straits Settlements, 1887 ; acting 
District Officer, South Province 
Wellesley, 1889 ; acting 2nd Magi- 
strate, Penang, 1895; District Officer, 
Dindings, 1897 ; officer in charge of 
Treasury, Malacca, 1897 ; Municipal 
Commission, Malacca, 1898 ; Collec- 
tor, Land Revenue, Malacca, 1901 
Acting Inspector Prisons, Straits 
Settlements, 1902 ; President Muni- 
cipal Commission, Singapore, since 
1904 ; Major Commanding Singa- 
pore Volunteer Corps; President 
Singapore Cricket Club. Address : 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

BROCKMAN, Edward Lewis (SINGA- 
PORE), Assistant Colonial Secre- 

tary ; b. June 29, 1865. Cadet, Straits 
Settlements, 1886 ; passed in Malay, 
1888 ; 3rd Magistrate, Penang, June 
1890 ; acting 2nd assistant Colonial 
Secretary, Feb. to Oct., 1892 ; 
District Officer, Bukit Mertajam r 
Mar., 1892; acting Collector of Land 
Revenue, Penang, July, 1895 ; 2nd 
assistant Colonial Secretary, June 
1896 ; also acting Collector of Land 
Revenue, Singapore, June, 1896 ; 
acting assistant Colonial Secretary 
and Clerk of Council, Aug., 1897 * 
Collector of Land Revenue, Malac- 
ca, 1898 ; acting 1st Magistrate 
Singapore, Feb. 1899 ; Commission- 
er, Court of Requests, Singapore, 
Aug., 1902 ; assistant Colonial 
Secretary and Clerk of Councils, 
Sept. 1903 ; acted as Deputy Gover- 
nor in April, 1906. Address : Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 

BROKAW, Rev. Harvey (KIKE), B.A., 
Clergyman and Missionary ; b, 
April 20, 1869, at Middlebush, New- 
Jersey, U.S.A.; s. of Peter S. Brokaw 
aml Adaline Brokaw ; . 1893 r 
Olivia Brokaw. Educ. : Park Col- 
lege, Parkville, Mo., U.S.A. ; Wes- 
tern Theological Seminary. Ar- 
rived as Missionary in Japan, Sept. r 
1896 ; Missionary at Kanazawa, 
1896-99 ; Hiroshima, 1899-1905 ; Kure, 
1905 to date. Publications : Editor 
" The Gospel Message," 1892-94. 
Address: 77, Sanjo Dori, 3 Chome r 
Kure, Japan. 

BRONI, S. (HANOI), Secretary General 
of Indo-China. Decorations : Of- 
ficier of Legion d'Honneur. Ad- 
dress : Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo-China. 

BROOKE, H. H. Sir Charles Johnson, 
(SARAWAK), G.C.M.G.; 2nd Rajah of 



Sarawak; b. 1829; m. Margaret, rf. 
of Clayton de Windt, of Blunsden 
Hall, Wilts. Joined H. M. Navy 
1840 ; resigned Commission 1851 ; 
served in Sarawak under his uncle, 
late Rajah Sir James Brooke until 
1868, when he succeeded him as 2nd 
Rajah. Recreations : Hunting ; Rea- 
ding. Address: The Palace, Sara- 
wak ; Roxbourne House, Malmes- 
bury, Wilts ; Villa Raffo, Bogliasco, 
near Genoa, Italy. 

BROOKE, Dr. Gilbert E. (SINGAPORE), 
M.A., L.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., Edin- 
burgh), L.E.P.S., Glasgow ; Health 
Officer. Ednc. : Pern. College, Cam- 
bridge ; London Hospital; B.A., 
1891; M.A., 1901; Fellow of Royal 
Institute of Public Health ; Fellow 
Medical Society, London ; Fellow 
Royal Geographical Society. Late 
Surgeon Allen Line and Furness 
s.s. Co. ; Government Medical Of- 
ficer and Medical Officer of Health, 
Oockburn Harbour, Turks and 
Caicos Islands ; acting Government 
Medical Officer and Medical Officer 
of Health Turk's Island, Aug., 1899 ; 
J.P. for the Colony, June, 1899; 
acting assistant Commissioner, 
Cockburn Harbour, Dec., 1899-May, 
1900 ; District Commissioner, Caicos 
Islands, June, 1901 ; Health Officer, 
Singapore, Jan. 31, 1902. Address: 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

BROU, Noce Pierre (HANOI), Inspec- 
teur General des Postes et des 
Telegraphes; b. Juin 24, 1841. 
Entree 1'administration, Juin 1, 
1864 ; Inspecteur, Dec. 1, 1903. 
Decoration : Officier de la Legion 
d'Honneur. Address: Hanoi, Ton- 
kin, Indo-Cliinx. 

BROWN, Alfred Vanhouse (PKXANG), 
F.M.S. Civil Service ; b. Oct. 29, 
1873. Educ. : Merchant Taylors' 
School ; Queen's College, Oxford. 
Obtained Eastern Cadetship at 
open competition in 1896, and 
appointed to Perak; Indian Im- 
migration Agent, Perak, Jan. 1, 
19CO ; Principal Assistant Super- 
intendent of Immigrants, Federated 
Malay States, Jan. 1, 1905. Club : 
Sports, London. Address : Penang, 
Straits Settlements. 

BROWN, David Alexander Murray 
(PENANG), Accountant ; b. Dec. 12, 
1871 ; m. Feb. 25, 1901. Educ. : Har- 
. row, Trinity Hall, Cambridge. 
General Manager "Pinang Gazette" 
Press. Recreations: Horse-racing. 
Clubs : M.C.C. ; Queen's. Address : 
Marble Hall, Penang, Straits Set- 

General Agent for China, Japan, 
India, etc., Canadian Pacific Rail- 
way Co. ; b. March 20, 1855, at Owen 
Sound, Canada. Entered railway 
service with Great Western Railway 
of Canada, May, 1875, as freight and 
ticket clerk and telegraph opera- 
tor; with Northern and North 
Western Railway of Canada as 
agent at Alliston, Barrie and 
Orillia, relieving agent, travelling 
auditor, cashier and spec, travelling 
agent, 1879-1883; since 1883 with 
Canadian Pacific Railway Co. ; 
freight agent, Winnipeg, Manitoba, 
for three years ; appointed District 
Freight and Passenger agent for 
Pacific Division, Sept., 1886; pro- 
moted Assistant General Freight 
and Passenger agent, Western 


jind Pacific Divisions, in charge of 
Railway and Pacific Steamship 
traffic, May, 1889; transferred to 
Hongkong to take charge of Co.'s 
Pacific Steamships and traffic of 
China, Japan, India, Australia, and 
intermediate territory, June 1, 1893. 
Club: Hongkong. Address: Hong- 

BROWN, Dr. James Edward Myles 
(GOPEN), M.B., Ch.B., Edinburgh ; 
District Surgeon ; b. Aug. 9, 1874. 
Served in South Africa with R.A.M. 
Coi'ps, 1900 ; appointed District 
Officer, Gopeng, 1904. Address : 
Gopeng, Perak, Federated Malay 

BROWN, John McLeavy, C.M.G., 
LL.D., ex-Head of Customs and 
Controller of Finance, Corea. 
Appointed Student Interpreter in 
China, 1861 ; assistant Chinese 
Secretary, 1864 ; in charge of Lega- 
tion, 18b7 ; Secretary to Chinese 
Mission to Europe, 1868 ; Acting 
Chinese Secretary at Peking, 
1871-1872 ; resigned, 1872 ; appointed 
Commissioner in Chinese Customs, 
later appointed Commissioner 
General of Customs, Corea ; resign- 
ed 1905 ; and went on tour abroad, 
April, 1906. Decoration: Order of 
the Sabred Treasure (Japan). 

BROWN, Rev. Frederick (TIENTSIN), 
F.R.G.S., Missionary; b. Jan. 25, 
1860 ; m. April 27, 1886. Educ. : 
Cliff College, Derbyshire ; Harley 
Collega, London. Arrived in China 
as a missionary in 1882, and was 
stationad at Chefoo for two years, 
then for three years in Peking; 
moved to Tientsin taking charge of 

the Intermediate School for Chinese 
Boys for the Methodist Episcopal 
Mission; in 1894 gave evidence to 
Royal Commission on opium ; in 
1900, during Boxer uprising, escaped 
from Peking on June 4, the last to 
get out; was at Peitaiho when all 
were rescued by H. M. Gunboat 
" Humber " ; returned to Tientsin 
when city was taken by the Allies 
after severe fighting ; was commis- 
sioned by General Sir Alfred 
Gaselee to search absconding Vice- 
roy's (Yu-Lu) documents for evi- 
dence on Boxer outrage ; evi- 
dence found was conclusive that 
Viceroy was head of Boxer Society 
for district ; on the march to relief 
of Peking was taken on General 
Gaselee's Staff as Intelligence Of- 
ficer and Guide; through local 
knowledge British Force was first 
to reach Peking and relieve the 
Legations ; for his services received 
Medal and "Relief of Peking" 
Clasp, and special letters of thanks 
from Major Parsons, Commanding 
at Peitaiho, and General Gaselee, 
Commanding the China Expedi- 
tionary Force ; is at present Presi- 
dent Tientsin Temperance Society ; 
Vice-President China Opium Lea- 
gue ; Principal Intermediate School 
for Chinese boys ; Chaplain to 
British Garrison. Publications: 
From Tientsin to Peking with the 
Allies. Address: Methodist Epis- 
copal Mission, Tientsin. 

BROWN, Rev. Henry John Benham 

F.C.S., J.P. ; Government Analyst; 




6. Jan. 10, 1866. Prior to arrival in 
Hongkong was a demonstrator in 
the laboratories of the Pharmaceu- 
tical Society ; medallist in Chem- 
istry ; appointed to Hongkong, 1893 ; 
selected, 1894, to undertake special 
work in connection with the sup- 
pression of plague, for which re- 
ceived letter of thanks and medal 
from the community of Hongkong ; 
for similar sen-ices in 1899-1901 re- 
ceived letters of thanks from Hong- 
kong Sanitary Board ; in 1898 ap- 
pointed secretary to the Hongkong 
Liquor Commission ; president of 
the Hongkong Football Club ; exa- 
mined referee, London Football 
Association. Publications : Several 
scientific papers. Club : Hongkong. 
Address : Government Civil Hos- 
pital, Hongkong. 

BRUTTON, George Kingston Hall 
(HONGKONG), Solicitor ; b. 1866 ; 
2nd s. of Joseph Brutton, of Yeovil, 
Somersetshire, and Parkholme, 
Eastbourne ; iti. Maiie Louise, e. d. 
of Thomas Hart, F.S.A., Polbrean, 
The Lizard, Cornwall ; one child, 
Margaretta (Meta) Hall. Educ. : 
Sherburne School ; 1st XI. and 1st 
XV. Admitted to Bar, 1891. Clubs : 
Hongkong, Shanghai Country. 
Address: The Castle, Hongkong; 
Parkholme, Eastbourne, England. 

BRYANT, Alfred Thomas (SINGA- 
PORE), Straits Settlements Civil 
Service ; b. 1861. Appointed cadet, 
Oct. 2, 1883; District Officer, 
Merlinan, May 13, 1887; District 
Officer, Dindings, June 1, 1890; act- 
ing 1st Magistrate, Penang, Aug. 23, 
1895; confirmed, Aug. 24, 1898. 
Club: Sports. Address: Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

BRYSON, Mrs. Thomas (TIENTSIN), 
Missionary; b. Dec., 1851 ; tn. July, 
1875, to Rev. Thomas Biyson, of 
L.M.S., Wuchang, Central China. 
Arrived in China, 1875, and went 
to Wuchang; removed to Tientsin, 
1885. Publications: Serial story in 
Children's Treasury, 1875 ; " Child 
Life in Chinese Homes," 185 : 
" Life of John Kenneth Mackenzie" 
1889; "Roberts of Tient&in," 18C. r > ; 
" The Story of James Gilman," 
1893; " Cross and Crown, stories of 
the Chinese Martyrs" ; "The Land 
of the Pigtail," 1905. Address: 
London Mission, Tientsin, North 

BUCHANAN, Charles Sumner (SINGA- 
PORE), B.A.; Missionary ; b. July 28 r 
1869; m. Oct. 0, 1897, Emily Early. 
Educ.: Ohio iWesleyan University, 
Delaware, U.S.A. Teacher in Anglo- 
Chinese School, Singapore, 1896- 
1902; Piincipal of Arglo-Chinese 
School, 190S-C4; Missionary to the 
Malays since 1905. Address : 
Methodist Episcopal Mission, 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

BUNBURY, Rev. George Alexander 
(HONGKONG), M.A., Clergyman ; b. 
June 10, 1870. Educ. : Bath ; Oriel 
College, Oxford ; 2nd class 
mods., 1890; 2nd class Lit. Hum., 
1893. Ordained 1895 ; Curate of Hob- 
Trinity, Oxford, 1895-98 ; C.M.S. 
Missionary from 1898 ; Sub. Warden 
of St. Paul's College, Hongkong 
since 1901. Address: 2, College 
Gardens, Hongkong. 

BURDON, Rt. Rev. John Shaw 
(SHANGHAI), D.D. ; Ordained, 1852 ; 
Missionary in China 1853-74 ; 
chaplain to Legation, Peking, 



1865-72 ; Bishop of Victoiia, 1874-95 ; 
widower. Publications: Translated 
JCew lestament and Common 
Prayer Book into Chinese. Address: 
English Church Mission, Shanghai. 

BURGESS, Harry A stall (PORT DICK- 
SON), F.M.S. Civil Service; b. July 
13, 1871. Joined service 1894, in 
Demarcation office, Kinta; acting 
assistant District Magistrate, Tan- 
Jong Malim, 1895; acting assistant 
Collector of Land Revenue, 
Matang, 1896; acting Collector of 
Land Revenue, Kuala Kangsar, 
1897 ; acting assistant District 
Magistrate, Tpoh, 1899 ; acting 
Secretary to Resident, acting 
Registrar of Courts, Laiut, June, 
1900; acting Distiict Magistrate, 
Upper Perak, Jan., 1902; Distiict 
Officer, Temerlok, Pahang, 1903 ; 
acting District Officer, Port Dick- 
son, 1904. Address: Port Dickson, 
Perak, Federated Malay States. 

BURGESS, Percival James {SINGA- 
PORE), M.A., F.M.S., Government 
Analyst and Science Lecturer ; b. 
July 5, 1873. Etfuc. : Cambridge. 
Has held present position since 
1900 ; Manager Malacca Rubber 
Plantation. Address: Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

BURN-MURDOCK, AlfredMaule 


Service ; b. July 7, 1S68. In 
Forest Department, Burma ; Chief 
ForesJ Officer, F.M.S., 1901 ; Con- 
servator of Forests, 1903. A ddress : 
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Federat- 
ed Malay States. 

Pt u), F.M.S. Civil Service; b. Oct. 

13, 1873. Private Secretary to 
Chief Justice, Ceylon, 1883; joined 
F.M.S. Civil Service, 1888 ; assistant 
Magistrate at Kinta, and acting as- 
sistant Collector of Land Revenue, 
Larut, 1890; acting assistant Sec- 
retary to Government, 1890; 2nd 
assistant Secretary to Government 
and Clerk of Councils, 1891 ; acting 
Magistrate, Larut, 1893; Collector 
of Land Revenue, and assistant 
District Magistrate, Lower Perak, 
1894; Collector of Land Revenue, 
Lower Perak, 1895; acting District 
Treasurer, Lower Perak, 1896 ; 
acting Distiict Magistrate, Ma- 
tang, 1898; Distiict Officer, Ulu 
Langat, 1903; Collector of Land 
Revenue and Registrar of Titles, 
Kuala Lumpur, 1904; Secretary 
to Resident, Selangor, Dec., 1904. 
Addrew: Kuala Lumpur, Selangor. 
Federated Malay States. 

BUSH, Harry A. (XEWCHWANO\ Mer- 
chant ; b. Shanghai, Apiil 5, 1865 ; 
m. Maud Frances McGlew, of 
Brooklyn, 1895. Educ. : Bognor 
College, Forest School, Chelten- 
ham, England. Was educated for 
Army ; resigned Army in Apiil, 1881, 
to join firm established by father 
at Newch wang in 1860 ; entered 
firm as shipping clerk, and taken 
into partnership in 1883 ; now 
senior partner ; holder of consider- 
able mining concessions in Man- 
churia ; is strenuous upholder of 
British interests, and has done 
much to assist Britishers in 
Manchuria and North China ; was 
of great assistance to Japanese in 
recent war, and has been decorated 
,by Japanese Emperor; was awarded 



gold medals by Field Marshal 
Oyama and Birou Kodamx for 
services to Japanese at New- 
chwang ; witnessed engagements in 
vicinity of Newchwang. Club : 
Newchwaug. Address: Newchwang, 
M.uichuria, China. 

Civil Service ; &. O^t. 23, 1S77 ; Sub- 
Assistant Engineer Riilway Con- 
struction Djpirtmant, Perak, 1833 ; 
acting Commissioner of Police at 
T.iiping an:l Salangar; acting as- 

sistant Commissioner of Police, 
Negri Sembilan ; acting Super- 
intendent of Prisons, Seremban, 
1904. Address: Seremban, Negri 
Sembilan, Federate.! Malay States. 

BYRNE, Harold Edward (KUALA 
LUMPUR) F.M.S. Civil Sevice ; b. Oct. 
14, 1878. Assistant Surveyor Trigo- 
nometrical Survey, Perak, 1931 ; 
assistant to Director, P.W.D.,Kuala 
Lumpur, 1908. Address : Kuala 
Lumpur, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

CHANG) Resident ; Administrator, 
2nd class ; b. June 2, 1866. Joined 
Indo-China Civil Service, Jan. 1, 
1893; Administrator, 4th class, 
.Sept. 1, 1898; Administrator, 3rd 
class, Feb. 7, 1901 ; Administrator, 
2nd class, Jan. 1, 1904. Decoration: 
Officier de 1'Instruction Publique. 
Address: Kompong-Chang, province 
of Kompong-Chang, Cambodge, 

CAIffADAN, 0. (SHANGHAI), Lawyer; 
b. March 19, 1877. Educ. : France. 
Club: Fran cats, Shanghai. Ad- 
irex* : S, Museum Road, Shanghai, 

Accountant; b. Sept. 2, 1880, at 
Hongkong. Educ. : Mannamead, 
Plymouth. Returned to Hongkong 
in 1878 ; joined Government Ser- 
vice as assistant master in Govern- 
ment Central School (now 
Queen's College) ; joined Hongkong 
and Whampoa Dock Company as 
accountant in 1884. Interested in 
all sport and amateur theatricals. 
Clubs : Royal Hongkong Yacht, 
Jockey, Football, and Cricket, 
Victoria Recreation, Corinthian 
Yacht, and Amateur Dramatic. 
Address: Hongkong. 

CALTHROP, Horace Gaorge (HONG- 
KONG), Barrister-at-law ; b. June 
7, 1853, 2ad s. of tb.3 late R3v. 
Gordon Calthrop. EJ,uc. : Felstead 
School, and Gonville and Cains 
College, Cambridge ; B.A. (Law 
Tripos), 1838. Student of the Inner 
Temple, Aug., 1888 ; Common Law 
Scholarship, Feb., 1890 ; called to 
the Bar, June 10, 1891 ; admitted to 
practise as barrister and solicitor 
in the Gold Coast Colony, March, 
1901; admitted to the Hongkong 
Bar, Oct., 1904. Club : Hongkong. 
Address : 18, Bank Buildings, 
Queen's Road Central, Hongkong. 

CAMERON, Alexander (KOBE), Mer- 
chant. Educ. : Grammar School, 
Grantown-on-Spey, Scotland; 
served apprenticeship in office of 
late Donald Grant, solicitor, 
Grantown-on-Spey ; came to Japan, 
Jan., 1839; established firm of A. 
Cameron and Co., Nov., 1893 ; open- 
ed a branch at Yokohama, 1904 ; 
acquired the export business of A. 
Di Atti and Co., 1905; now sole 
proprietor of firms : A. Cameron 
and Co., and A. Di Atti and Co. ; 
President, Kobe St. Andrew's 
Society, 1905-6. Club : Kobe. Ad- 
dress : Kobe, and " The Firs," 
Shioya, Japan. 



CAMPAGNOL, Andre Edmond 
(HANOI), Conseiller, Cour d'Appel ; 
b. March 21, 1859. Entree 1' Admin- 
istration de la Justice, Juillet 21, 
1887 ; Conseiller Sept. 21, 1904. Ad- 
dress : Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo-China. 

PERAK), F.M.S. Civil Service; 
&. April 6, 1877. Passed law examin- 
ation, 1902 ; cadet at Perak, 1902 ; 
acting assistant District Magistrate 
and Treasurer, Batang Padang, 
Sept., 1903 ; acting Indian Immigra- 
tion Agent, June, 1904; 2nd assis- 
tant, District Officer, Kiian, 1904-5 ; 
assistant District Officer, Upper 
Perak, 1906. Address: Upper 
Perak, Federated Malay States. 

CAMPBELL, Archibald Angus 
(SEREMBAN), F.M.S. Civil Service ; 
b. Sept. 2, 1873. Attached to 
Ordnance Survey, England, 1889; 
District Surveyor, Seremban, 1899 ; 
Surveyor, 1st grade, 1902. Address : 
Seremban, Negri Sembilan, Fede- 
rated Malay States. 

CAMPBELL, Charles William, C.M.G.; 
H.B.M. Consul ; b. Oct. 21, 1861 ; m. 
1903, Violet Gertrude, y. d. of Mrs. 
Coutts, of Wellhouse, Banstead. 
Appointed Student Interpreter in 
China, April 7, 1884; Consul at 
Chemulpo, Corea, 1888 ; Accountant 
at Peking, 1894 to 1896 ; promoted 
1st class Assistant, Sept. 27, 1897 ; 
Assistant in Chinese Secretary's 
Office, Peking, 1896 to 1899; pro- 
moted Vice-Consul at Shanghai, 
May 13, 1899 ; Mission to Shantung 
in connection with murder of mis- 
sionary, Jan. to April, 1900; pro- 

moted Consul, Wuchow, Feb. 24, 
1900; acting Consul and Assistant 
Judge, Shanghai, 19CO ; Interpreter 
on expedition for relief of Le- 
gations, Peking, June, 1900 ; acting 
Consul-General, Tientsin, 1900 to- 
1901 ; acting Chinese Secretary, 
Peking, from 1901 to 1902 ; was act- 
ing Consul-General at Canton, 1903- 
1904. Address: H.B.M. Legation, 
Peking, China. 

CAMPBELL, Douglas Graham 

(SEREMBAN), F.M.S. Civil Service. 
Joined Straits Settlements Civil 
Service, 1883 ; was Secretary to- 
Resident, 1888 ; District Officer, 
Kuala Langat, 1890-; Ula Selangor, 
1893 ; District Officer, Klang, 1897 ; 
and assistant Indian Immigration 
Agent, 1898; Distiict Officer, Ula 
Selangor, 1899; Secretary to Re- 
sident, 1901 ; Resident of Negri 
Sembilan, 1904 ; has acted as Re- 
sident on several occasions, and 
also as Secretary to Government. 
Address: Seremban, Negii Sem- 
bilan, Federated Malay States. 

F.R.G.S. ; Senior member, English 
Presbyterian Mission, Formosa :. 
b. April 17, 1841 ; in. Janet Hervey, 
d. of John Alston, of Aldbury 
(W. Aus.) and g. d. of J. Alston. 
Hon. Treasurer of Glasgow Royal 
Asylum for the Blind. Educ. : 
Glasgow University and Free- 
Church College, Glasgow : arrived in 
Formosa, Dec. 10, 1871 ; Life Fellow 
R.G.S. ; Member of Royal Asiatic 
and Japan Societies, rublicationn : 
St. Matthew's Gospel in Sinkang- 
Formosan, Dutch and! Knglish. 



edited from the 1661 version of 
R. Graving, 1888 ; Reading-book and 
:St. Matthew's Gospel in simplified 
Roman letters for blind readers 
of the Amoy vernacular, 1888; an 
Account of Missionary Success in 
Formosa, from London edition of 
165J, with copious notes of recent 
work in the Island, 1888 ; Reading- 
book, and a Translation of the 
Sacred Edict, adapted for Blind 
Chinese readers in Formosa, from 
the dot-system of M. Braille, 1889 ; 
the Articles of Christian Instruc- 
tion in Favorlang-Formosan, Dutch 
and English, with Psalmanazar's 
Dialogue between a Japanese and 
it Formosan, and Happart's Favor- 
lang Vocabulary, 1893; Formosa 
under the Dutch, described from 
Contemporary Records, with 
Explanatory Notes and a Biblio- 
graphy of the Island, 1903. Ad- 
dress: Tainan, Formosa. 
Minister and Missionary ; b. April 
15, 1853 ; m. Feb. 5, 188J. Chairman 
of English Methodist Mission 
In China; whilst on furlough in 
1901 was elected President by 
annual Conference of Methodist 
New Connexion Church; returned 
to China in 19J3 ; missionary of 28 
years' standing; attended Parlia- 
ment of Religions in China in 1893 
TV special invitation of Dr. Burrows, 
and addressed the Parliament on 
' The Relation of Religious Unity 
to the Work of Missions"; was 
Chairman of Federation Con- 
ference held in Peking in 1905; is 
Prinicipal of a College for training 
native preachers. Publications : 

Volume of Missionary Sermons; 
" On Service with the King " i 
" Chinese Fiction. " Address : 
English Methodist Mission, Tient- 
sin, China. 

CAPEN, Rev. Randall Thomas 
(SwATOW), Missionary, American 
Baptist Methodist Union ; b, July; 
26, 1872, in Mass., U.S.A. Educ. : 
Harvard class of 1895 ; Glasgow 
Free Church College ; Newton 
Centre Theological Institute, U.S.A. 
Pastor of 1st Baptist Church, 
Belfast, Maine, U.S.A., 1898-1900, 
Pastor of 1st Baptist Church, 
Mrfdison, Wisconsin, U.S.A., 1901-04; 
became Missionary in 1904. Ad- 
dress : Swatow, China. 

CAPUS, Dr. Bertin (HANOI), Charg<5 
de Cours, Ecole de Medecine de 
I'lndo-Chine ; Matlacin Priucipa. 
de 2e classe des troupes coloniales. 
Appointed Feb. 4, 1902. Decoration : 
Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur. 
Address : Hanoi, Tonkin, Inclo- 

CARDEW, Cyril Duncan (SEREM BAN), 
F.M.S. Civil Service, 6. Sept. 8, 
1867. Inspector, 1st Perak Sikhs, 
1888 ; assistant Treasurer, Kinta, 
July, 1893 ; Financial assistant, 
Batang Padang, June, 1894; De- 
marcation Officer, Kinta, Dec., 
1895 ; acting assistant Treasurer, 
Larut, April, 1895 ; acting Financial 
assistant, Krian, Nov., 1893 ; acting 
District Treasurer, Lower Perak 
May, 1897 ; Financial assistant 
Krian, July, 1897; acting District 
Treasurer, Kinta, April, 1833; acting 
assistant District Magistrate, Tan- 
jong Malim, May, 1901; District 



Treasurer, Batang Padang, Jan., 
1902 ; District Treasurer, Kuala 
Lipis, Feb., 1902; District Treasurer, 
Baub, Jan., 1904 ; acting Treasurer, 
Seremban, 1904. Address: Serem- 
ban, Negri Sembilan, Federated 
Malay States. 

CARIN, Rev. J. W. (UXGKUXG), A.M., 
D.D. ; Minister and Missionary ; b. 
April 6, 1850, Louisville, Kentucky, 
U.S.A.; m. Alice Brinkley, of 
Augusta, Georgia, U.S.A. Ethic. : 
Bethel College and Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminaiy, 
Kentucky. Address : Ungkung, via 
, China. 

CARLISLE, Tcm Ffennell (BANGKOK), 
H.B.M. Consular Service. Appoin- 
ted Student Interpreter in Siam, 
March 17. 1893 ; acting Consul, 
Bangkok, 19C1 ; promoted 1st as- 
sistant, Oct. 1, 19C2. Address: 
Bangkok, Siam. 

M.I.X.A., M.I.M.A. Consulting En- 
gineer. Senior partner, fiim Carmi- 
chael ami Clark. Address : Queen's 
Building, Hongkong. 

CARNEGIE, Hon. Lancelot 

Douglas (PEKING), M.V.O. ; Secre- 
tary of Legation in H. B. M. 
Diplomatic Service ; b. Dec. 26, 
1861, 2nd s. of 6th Earl of Southesk ; 
m. 1890 Marion, <?. of H. F. Barclay, 
of Monkhams, Essex. Educ. : 
Eton; Christ church, Oxford. En- 
tered H. M. Diplomatic Service, 
1887 ; has teen attached to H. M. 
Embassies at Madrid, St. Peters- 
burg and Berlin. Decoration : 
M.V.O., 1901. Clubs: St. James'; 

Bacheloi s. Addrets :' Eiit:'> h Lega- 
tion, Peking,;_China. 

A.M. ; Presbyterian Clergyman ; 
Agent and Missionary, American 
Bible Society; b. 1840 ; m, Sadie E. 
Sartine, of New Jersey, U.S.A. 
Educ. : Princeton University 
Theological Seminary, Princeton, 
New Jersey, U.S.A. Was ordained 
to gospel ministry in 18C8; l"roftuv 
of Mathematics, Perrnington Couf. 
Seminary, N. J. ; arrived in Bang- 
kok as Missionary, Pieshyteriau 
Board, 1869; Superintendent of 
Boys' School, Bangkok ; Pastor, 
Lebanon Presbyterian t Lurch, San 
Francisco, Cal., about seAen years ; 
returned to Bangkok as Agent and 
Missionray of American Bible 
Society, 180, and still holds that 
position; one of translators and 
levi^eis of Bible in Siamese 
language; member of Council of 
Siam Society. Publications : Tian*- 
latioi.s into Siim^e. Address; 
Bangkok, feiz.m. 

CARTER, AitLur Cecil (BANGKOK), 
M.A., Oxon. ; Head Master of 
Kii:g's College, Bangkok. Educ. : 
Paris University; Trinity College, 
Oxford ; Tubingen University. Tutor- 
to H.R.H. the late Crown Piince 
of Siam, l9C-i,4 ; Head M.-..-ter of 
King's College, Bingkok, >ir.ce 
1896; Secretary General of Koyal 
Siamese Commission for St. Louis 
Exhibition, 1CC3. Decoratii : 
Older of Merit, Si? m. Publication : 
The Kingdom of (rutr.;.n..s). 
Club : Biitifch, Bangkok. Add*'** 
King's College, Bargkok. Si; m. 



CARTER, Langham- (see : LANGHAM- 

CARTER, William Leonard (HONG- 
KONG), A.M.I.E.E. ; Electrical En- 
gineer ; agent and manage!- for the 
China and Japan Telephone and 
Electric Co. ; b. Shanghai, 1877, 
e.s. of W. H. Carter, Merchant; 
m. 1906. Educ. : St. Paul's School 
and Cent, Tech. College ; 2nd Lieut. 
E. Lancashire Regt. (retired list). 
Decoration : S.A. war medal. Club: 
Hongkong. Address: 2, Duddell 
Street, Hongkong. 

CART WRIGHT, Basil Osborn 
(BANGKOK), B.A. ; Assistant Master 
Suaii Kularp English School ; b. 
Jan. 31, 1877. Educ. : St. Peter's 
College, Radley ; King's College, 
Cambiidge ; B.A. 1899, 1st class 
natural science tripos ; exhibi- 
tioner of King's College, Cam- 
bridge. Publications: "An Elemen- 
tary Handbook of the Siamese 
Language " ; "A Geography of 
Asia" (in Siamese). Club: Bang- 
kok. Address: Pak Klong Talut, 
Bangkok, Siam. 

CARVIL, Thorras G. (PEKING), 1st 
class Assistant H.B.M. Consular 
Service. Appointed Student Inter- 
preter in China, Sept, 4, 1894 ; 
acting Vice-Consul at Shanghai, 
1899 ; acting Consul at Wenchow, 
1899 ; promoted 1st class Assistant, 
April, 5. 1902 ; Vice-Consul at 
Tientsin, 1902 and . 1903 ; acting 
Consul at Nanking 1903. Address : 
H.B.M. Legation, Peking, China. 

CARY, Prof. Otis (KYOTO), D.D. ; 
Minister and Missionary; b. April 
20, 1851, at Foxboro, Mass., U.S.A., 

s. of Hon. Otis Sary; m. 1877, Ellen 
M. Emerson. Edvc. : Foxboro 
High School; Amherst College; 
Ardover Theological, te'emiraiy. 
Ai rived in Japan as missionary of 
American Board, 1878; since 1892 
connected with Doshisha Schools 
in Kyoto; row Professor of 
Homiletics and Practical Sociology 
in Doshisha Theological Seminary. 
Publications: "The Man Who 
Feared God for Naught"; "Japan 
and Its Regeneration"; "Virtute 
Excei ptal," and numerous transla- 
tions into Japanese. Address: 
Karasumaru-dori, Kyoto, Japan. 

CASE, James Francis (MANILA), Chief 
Engineer, Department of Sewer 
and Wateiwoiks Construction ; 
b. Sept, 22, 1868. Educ. : Wisconsin 
University. Captain, Bvt. Major, 
U.S.V. ; acting Divisional Engineer 
Officer, staff of Major-General 
Henry W. Lawton, U.S.A. ; member 
American Society Civil Engineers ; 
member Western Society of En- 
gineers. Club: Army and Navy. 
Address : City Hall, Manila, Philip- 
pine Islands. 

CASSELS, Rt. Rev. William Wtartoa 
(PAONING) B.A. ; Bishop of West 
China; Educ.: St. John's College, 
Cambridge (B.A. 1882). Ordained 
1881 ; consecrated Bishop, 1895. 
Address : Paoning, Chungking, 
Western China. 

CAULFEILD, Hen. Francis St. George 

Director of Public Woiks, Fede- 
rated Malay States; b. Feb. 20, 
1852. Assistant Engineer, Brecon 
and Merthyr Railway, 1874 ; as- 


WHO'S WHO is THE FAR EAST (JusE) 190G-7. 

sistant Engineer, Magdalena River 
Railways, 1874-75; Resident En- 
gineer, Connabe's Quay, 1875; as- 
sistant Engineer, Reading Drain- 
age, 1876-77 ; assistant Engineer, 
Reading Waterworks, 1878 ; Man- 
aging Engineer, No. 8 Westminster 
Chambers, 1879 ; Superintendent 
of Public Works, Surveyor and 
Registrar of Mines, Perak, 1879; 
.State Engineer, Perak, 1883; Di- 
rector of Public Works, 1931 ; con- 
structed first waterworks in Malay 
Peninsula in 1883 ; first railway in 
1886; explore:! upper portion of 
Perak River and parts of Siamese 
Malay States of Rihman Sai, and 
Leggai in 1833 ; commenced Krian 
irrigation in 1899; explored and 
fixed route for Kuala Pilah-Ben- 
tong road, 1932, and for Kuala 
Lumpur-Bentong road, 1933 ; com- 
pleted surveys for improvement of 
Kuantan Harbour, 1933. Clubs : 
Royal Societies ; Sports ; St. 
George Yacht ; Automobile of 
Great Britain and Ireland. 
Address: Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, 
Federated Malay States. 

B.A. ; Straits Settlements Civil 
Service; b. 1879. Educ. : Bedford 
and Hertford College, Oxford. 
Appointed cadet in' Straits Settle- 
ments Civil Service in Nov., 1901 ; 
acting 3rd Magistrate, Penang, 
1932; acting 4th Magistrate, Singa- 
pore, May, 1903; acting 3rd 
Magistrate, Singapore, Oct., 1903; 
acting District Officer, Nibong 
Tibal, Jan., 1904; acting Super- 
intendent of Education, Penang, 

April, 1905. Address : Penang, 
Straits Settlements. 

CHABRIER, Eugene Charles 
(TRAVINH), Resident; Administra- 
tor, 2nd class; b. Mar. 9, 1856. 
Joined Indo-China Civil Service, 
Feb. 28, 1886; Administrator, 4th 
class, Jan. 1, 1894; Administrator, 
3rd class, Jan. 1, 1899 ; Administra- 
tor, 2nd class, July 19, 1903. Ad- 
dress : Travinh, province of 
Travinh, Cochin-China. 

CHAFFRAY, Jean Edouard 
Bourcier-Saint- (Qi I-NHON), Re- 
sident; Administrator, 2nd class; 
b. June 24, 1870. Educ.: Paris; 
Oxford University, England. Joined 
Indo-China Civil Service, Feb. 1, 
1895 ; Administrator, 4th class, Jan. 
6, 1898; Administrator, 3rd class, 
May 18, 1899 ; Administrator, 2nd 
class, July 19, 1933. Address: Qui- 
Nhon, Annam, Indo China. 

CHALMERS, Arthur Moris on (TAM- 
SUl), H.B.M. Consul. Appointed 
Student Interpreter in Japan, July 
20, 1832; acting Consul at Yokohama 
and assistant acting Judge, 1889; 
acting Consul at Nagasaki, 1892, 
1893, and 1894; acting Consul at 
Hakodate, 1895 and 1896; promot- 
ed 1st Assistant, Aug. 8, 1896 ; act- 
ing Vice-Consul at Hiogo, June to 
Nov., 1896; acting Registrar in 
Court at Yokohama, 1897 to 1898 ; 
acting Consul at Hakodate, 1899 to 
1900 ; promoted Vice-Consul for 
Consular District of Hiogo and 
Osaka, April 1, 1901 ; acting Consul, 
Yokohama, 1900 to 1901; acting 
Consul, Kobe, 1902; promoted 
Consul for Consular District of 



Shimonoseki, May 21, 1903 ; trans- 
ferred to Tamstii, Dec. 20, 19J4. 
Address : H.B.M. Consulate, Tam- 
sui, Formosa. 

CHVM3AUD, Emil3 Alexis (SAIGON), 
Conseiller, Cour d'Appel ; b. Sept. 
5, 1855. Entree 1' Administration de 
1% Justice, Nov. 8, 1831. Decora- 
tion: Officer d'Academie. Ad- 
dress: S.iijjn, Inio-China. 

CH \MBERLAIS, Basil Hill (TOKYO), 
Emeritus Professor of Imperial 
University; b. Oct. 18, 1850, 
at South-sea: Educ. : French 
Lycee, and English private tutor. 
Has been connected with Japan 
Educational Department for over 
twenty years. Publications: "The 
Classical Poetry of the Japanese," 
1883; "Translation of the Kojiki," 
1833; A Romanised Japanese Rea- 
der, 18S6 ; The Language, Mythology, 
and Geographical Nomenclature of 
Japan, viewed in the light of Aino 
Studies, 1887 ; Luchuan Grammar, 
1895 ; " Handbook of Colloquial 
Japanese," 3rd edition, 1898; 
Practical Introduction to the Stt^y 
of Japanese Writing, 1899 ; " Things 
Japanese," 5th edition, 1905 ; Mur- 
ray's Japan, 3rd and subsequent 
editions (in collaboration with 
AV. B. Mason), 1891-1933; many 
papers in Transactions of Asiatic 
Society of Japan, and other learned 
societies; and several works in 
Japanese. Address : Imperial 
University, Tokyo, Japan. 

Manager for Messageries Maritimes 
no. Baen in Colony over 21 years. 
Club : Hongkong. Address : Queen's 
Building 4, H 


CHANCELLOR, Captain Alexanier 
Richard (SINGAPORE), Superinten- 
dent, Tanjong Pagar Dock Board 
Police ; ft. June 3, 1869. Captain, 4th 
Battalion H.L.I. ; 2nd in Com- 
mand, Bu-badoes Police, Dec. 4, 
1895 ; acting Inspector General, 
B:u-badoes Police, May-Nov., 1897, 
Nov. 1898 to Feb. 1893, and July- 
Sept, 1931; Acting Governor" of 
Prison, Birbadoes, June-Dec. 1931; 
Adjutant Barbadoes Volunteers, 
Jan.-June 1932 ; assistant Superin- 
tendent Police, Straits Settlements, 
Sept. 22, 1932 ; acting Chief Police 
Officer, Malacca, Sept. 16, 1933, to 
Oct. 33, 1935 ; seconded as Superin- 
tendent Tanjong Pagar Dock Board 
Police, Nov. 1, 1935. Address: 
Everton House, Neil Bo ad, Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 


Chinese official service ; 6. at Singa- 
pore. Managing Director of Yueh- 
Han Railway ; Director of Imperial 
Stud Court ; appointed commis- 
sioner for inspecting commerce in 
foreign countries, Oct., 1934. 

Secretary, Board of Punishments; 
metropolitan graduate of 1877. 
Appointed Ch'uan-pei Tao, Sze- 
chwan, Feb., 1892; Feng-Ying-Liu- 
Ssu Tao., Anching-fu, Anhui, Aug., 


(CHANGSHA), native of Chihli ; 
metropolitan graduate of 1863. Ap-' 
pointed Judicial Commissioner, 
Kwangtung, Mar., 1865; Financial 
Commissioner ; Kiangsu, May, 1868; 


assistant supervisor of Instruction 
1880 ; Governor of Shansi, Jan., 1882; 
Governor-General of Two Kwang 
Aug., 1884; Governor-General of 
Hu Kuang, Aug., 1889 ; officiated as 
Governor-General of Liang Kiang, 
1894 and 1895 ; consulting member 
of Government Council, Apiil, 1901 ; 
junior Guardian of the Heir Ap- 
parent, Dec., 1901; High Commis- 
sioner for Commerce, July, 1902; 
officiated as Governor-General of 
Liang Kiang, Dec., 1902 ; called to 
Peking, June, 1903 ; resumed office 
as Governor-General, Hu-Kuang, 
Dec., 1903; Viceroy of Liang Hu 
(Hunan and Hupeh) 1905-6 ; Head of 
Canton-Hankow Railway, and one 
of the most influential men in China. 
Address : Changsha, Hunan pro- 
vince, China. 

CH'ANG-CH'UN, Lieut. -General (PE- 
KING), native of Mongolia. Ap- 
pointed Deputy Lieut.-General, 
Hsi-an, Mar., 1885; ditto, Ch'eng-tu 
(Szechwan), Jan., 1901 ; Tartar 
General, Hsi-an-fu, Shensi, 1902; 
ordered to Peking, Feb., 1906. 

CH'ANG-EN, Tartar General (HANG- 
CHOW), native of Manchuria. Ap- 
pointed Lieut.-General, Hangchow, 
March, 1891 ; Tartar General, Hang- 
chow, June, 1899. 

CH'ANG-HENG (Kuxosu), Chinese 
Official Service; native of Man- 
churia. Appointed Ch'ang-Chen 
Tao, Kiangsu, (Taotai at Chin- 
kiang), June, 1897. 

Presdt. Board of War ; native of 
Fukien; metropolitan graduate of 

1883. Appointed Literary Chancel- 
lor of Hunan, Sept., 1888; compiler 
at the Han-lin ; sub-Director of the 
Court of Sacrificial Worship, Aug., 
1899; sub-director Grand Court of 
Revision, Jan., 19D1 ; Literary 
Chancellor, Chekiang, Jan., 1902; 
Chief Director of Peking University, 
Feb., 1904; Director of Imperial 
Banqueting Court, Feb., 1904; 
Junior Vice-President, Board of 
War, Jan., 1906. 


(Fu.MNG), native of Anhui. Ap- 
pointed Brigade-General of, 
Fukien Province, 1904. 


(KrvuAN), native of Shensi. Ap- 
pointed Brigade General of 
Hsining, Kansu province, Oct., 
1901 ; Commander-in-Chief , Ter- 
ritorial Army, Kansu, headquarters 
Kuyuan, Jan., 19C6. 

native of Kiangsi. Appoint ed Bri- 
gade-General of Chien-chang (Xing- 
yuan), Szechwan province, 1904. 

Presdt. Ministry of Education ; 
native of Chihli ; metropolitan gra- 
duate, 1868. Appointed Kuei-Ping- 
yen Tao, Kwangsi, Sept, 1889; Judi- 
cial Commissioner, Kwangtuiig,. 
Dec., 1894. Financial Coir.mitsioneiv 
Kwangtung, Jan., 1896 ; ditto, 
Shantung, Sept, 1S8 ; Director of 
General Grain Transports, Dec.,. 
1900; Governor of Shantung, Nov., 
1901; Governor of Honan, May, 
1902; Governor of Kwangtung. Apr.,. 
190C. Governor of Sharsi. Oct... 



1905. senior Vice-President Minis- 
try.'of Education, Jan., 19C6. 

President of Censorate. Appointed 
Literary Chancellor, Hupeh, Sept., 
1885 ; Compiler at the Han-lin ; 
Tutor at the Imperial Academy, 
June, 1892 ; Secretary, Imperial 
Supervisorate of Instruction, May, 
1890; Sub-Expositor at the Han- 
lin, Jan., 1894; Director of the 
Court of State Ceremonial, May, 
1896 ; Governor of Peking, 1901 : 
Acting senior Vice-President of 
Censorate, Aug., 1901 ; junior Vice- 
President of the Board of War, 
Jan., 1902 ; senior Vice-President of 
Censorate, Jan., 1902. 


{CHUNGKING), native of Anhui. 
Appointed Brigade-General at 
Chungking, Szechwan province, 

CH'ANG-KENG, General (In), native 
of Manchuria. Appointed Com- 
mandant of Forces in Hi; Senior 
Resident, Tibet, with rank of 
Deputy Lieut.-General, March, 
1888 ; Military Governor of Hi, June 
1890 ; Lieut.-General Bordered Blue 
Banner corps ; ordered to Peking 
for employment, Sept. 1901 ; Tartar 
General, Szechwan, Dec., 1901 ; 
President Board of War, No\\, 
1904; Tartar General, Hi (Chinese 
Turkestan), July, 1905. 

Official Service; native of Chekiang. 
Taotai of Tientsin, April, 1901 ; 
Yen-Yi-Tsao-chi Tao, Shantung, 
Jan., 1903 ; Salt Commissioner, 
Chilian, Shantung, Feb., 1905. 

CHANG PO-H3I (PKKING), President 
Board of Education ; native of 
Hunan ; metropolitan graduate, 
1874. Appointed Compiler at the 
Han-lin ; Literary Chancellor, 
Shantung, 1881 ; Literary Chancel- 
lor, Szechwan, June, 1888 ; Liba- 
tioner, Imperial Academy, April, 
1896; Sub-Chancellor of the Grand 
Secretariat, Nov., 1897; senior 
Vice-President Board of Cere- 
monies, July, 1900; President of 
Censorate, Dec., 1900; appointed 
Special Ambassador to England, 
but embassy declined, Feb., 1901. 
President Board of Works, Aug., 
1901 ; President, Board of Punish- 
ments, Nov., 1901 ; Commissioner 
of Education at Peking, Jan., 1902 ; 
President, Board of Civil Office, 
Feb., 1902; Member of Government 
Council, Nov., 1903; President of 
the Board of Education, 1905-6. 

CH'ANG-SHAN, Lieut.-General (PEK- 
ING), Lieut.-General of Bordered 
Blue Mongol Banner corps. 

Chinese Official Service ; native of 
Anhui; metropolitan graduate, 1874. 
Appointed T'ung-Yung Tao, Chihli, 
June, 1893 ; Judicial Commissioner, 
Kiangsi, Oct., 1896 ; Financial Com- 
missioner, Nanking, Nov., 1898 ; 
Financial Commissioner, Kiangsi, 
Dec., 1898 ; Financial Commissioner, 
Hunan, Oct., 1901 ; Financial Com- 
missioner, Yunnan, Oct., 1904. 
Financial Commissioner, Taiyuen, 
Shansi province, 1905. 

Yi'KH), native of Kiangsu. Ap- 
pointed Brigade-General at Teng- 
V'ueh, Momein, Yunnan, 1902. 



ese Official Service ; native of 
Honan ; metropolitan graduate of 
1874. Appointed I-Hsi Tao, Yunnan, 
June, 1893 ; Judicial Commissioner, 
Kwangsi, Sept., 1898; Financial 
Commissioner, Chekiang, May, 
1901 ; Financial Commissioner, 
Kwangsi, June, 1903 ; Financial 
Commissioner, Yunnan, July, 1904; 
Financial Commissioner, Kueilin, 
Kwangsi Province, Oct., 1904. 

Governor; native of Chihli ; met- 
ropolitan graduate of 1868. Ap- 
pointed Salt Taotai, Fukien, Nov., 
1894 ; Judicial Commissioner, Fu- 
kien, Dec., 1895 ; vacated post, 
April, 1896; Judicial Commissioner, 
Szechwan, March, 1899 ; Financial 
Commissioner, Fukien, Sept., 1899, 
Financial Commissioner, Hunan, 
Sept., 1900 ; Financial Commis- 
sioner, Kwangsi, Dec., 1900 ; Finan- 
cial Commissioner, Szechwan, July, 
1902; Governor of Shansi, Feb., 
1903 ; acting Governor, Hunan, 
July, 1905; Governor, Chekiang, 
Oct., 1905. 


(YEXCHOU) ; native of Shantung. 
Appointed to Yenchoti-fu, Shan- 
tung province, 1904. 


CHANG YI, (PEKING), also known 
as Chang Yen-mou ; Chinese 
Official Service; native of Chihli. 
Appointed Expectant Taotai, King- 
sui ; Administrator of Mines, Chihli 
and Jehol, Nov., 1898 ; Expectant 
Metropolitan Official of 4th rank 

and assistant Administrator of 
Railways, Dec., 1898; Reader, 
Grand Secretariat, June, 1899; 
attached to Prince Ch'un's Em- 
bassy to Germany, 1901 ; Sub-Chan- 
cellor, Grand Secretariat, Dec., 
1901; assistant Director of Rail- 
ways and Mines, Jan., 1902; de- 
graded, Dec., 1903; rank of 3rd 
class conferred, Nov., 1904 ; re- 
stored to rank in spring of 1904 
owing to the fact that he was pro- 
ceeding to London in connection 
with the claims in Court respecting 
the Chinese Engineering and Min- 
ing Company; returned from 
London, 1905. 

Official Service; native of Shan- 
tung; metropolitan graduate, 1865. 
Appointed Deputy Supervisor of 
Instruction, June, 1886; assistant 
Supervisor of Instruction, May, 
1891 ; Civil Vice-Governor, Feng-tien 
and ex-officio Literary Chancellor, 
Sept., 1891; assistant Supervisor 
of Instruction, Aug., 1894; Chief 
Supervisor of Instruction, Nov., 
1895 ; Sub-Chancellor, Grand Secre- 
tariat, July, 1896; junior Vice- 
President, Board of Ceremonies, 
Dec., 1896; senior Vice-President, 
Oct., 1897; junior Vice-President, 
Board of Civil Office, July, 1900. 


(NINGHSIA), native of Honan. 
Appointed Brigadier General at 
Liang Chou, Kansu, 1902 ; transfer- 
red to Ninghsia, Kansu province, 

CHAD ERH FENG, General (('HKNG - 
Tf), Chinese B innerman ; Chien 


Ch'ang Tao, Chengtu, Szechwan 
province, July 1904 ; commanded 
Brigade in punitive expedition to 
Patang, Anterior Tibet, to avenge 
death of Imperial Resident, murd- 
ered in spring, 1905; specially 
rewarded, 19C6. 

CHAO ERH-H3UN, General (MUK- 
DEN), metropolitan graduate, 1874. 
Appointed Prefect of Kuei-Yang; 
Kuei-Tung Tao, Kuei-chow, Oct., 
1890 ; Judical Commissioner, Anhui, 
Apiil, 1895 ; Judical Commissioner, 
Shansi, July, 1898 ; Financial Com- 
missioner, New Dominion, Nov., 
1898 ; Financial Commissioner, 
Shansi, 1902; Governor, Hunan, 
Jan., 1903; acting President, Board 
of Revenue, Aug., 1904; Officiating 
President, Board of Revenue, Dec., 
1904; Promoter of the scheme for 
the formation of Bank of the 
Board of Revenue ; Tartar-General 
of Mukden, Manchuria, 1905-6. 

CHOU), native of Hunan. Appoint- 
ed Brigade-Gen ei-al, Chaochou-fu, 
Kwangtung, 1903. 

CHAO WEI, General (P'U-ERH), native 
of Yunnan. Appointed Brigade- 
General, P'u-erh, Yunnan, 1903. 

Official Service ; native of Kiangsi ; 
metropolitan graduate, 1890. Ap- 
pointed Literary Chancellor, 
Kweichow, 1901. 

Assessor of Rates; Major, Hong- 
kong Volunteers ; b. Dec. 1, 1861. 
Assessor of taxes, 1889; acting 
assistant Superintendent, Fire 

Brigade, 1891-92 ; J.P., 1894 ; Lieut. 
Hongkong Volunteer Corps, 1893; 
Capt., 1897; Major, 2nd in com- 
mand, 1899 ; acting Commandant 
on several occasions ; thanks and 
medal for services during plague v 
1894 ; member of committee on 
Volunteer Corps, 1898 ; commandeer 
Volunteers during disturbances in 
New Territory, 1899; commanded 
Hongkong and China Coronation 
contingent, 1902. Club : Hong- 
kong. .Address: Treasury, Hong- 

CHAPMAN, William Thorras (SKII- 
EMBAN), B.A., Cantab. ; F.M.S. 
Civil Service; b. Dec. 25, 1876. 
Cadet, Negri Sembilan, 1899 ; acting 
assistant Collector of Land Re- 
venue, Seremban, June, 1903 ; act- 
ing Registrar of Titles, Nov., 1903 r 
appointed Inspector of Schools but 
continued as acting Collector of 
Land Revenue, Seremban, Jan., 
1904; District Officer, Chiistmas Is- 
land, 1904. Address: Seremban, 
Negri Sembilan, Federated Malay 

CHAPPELL Rev. Benjamin (TCKVO), 
A.M. ; Clergyman ; b. April 3, 1852 ; 
m. June 21, 1890. Edu.c. : Mount 
Allison University, Canada; 
graduated A.B., Mount Allison, 
1873; A.M., 1881. Entered the 
Methodist Ministry in 1874; 
pastorate of churches in New- 
Brunswick and Prince Edward 
Island, Canada, 1874-1880, and' 
1882-1889; Missionary work among 
new settlers in British Columbia,. 
1880-1882 ; joined Japan Conference 
of Methodist Episcopal Church,. 



1890 ; Dean of School of Theology, 
Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo, 1896-1897 ; 
Dean of College and Principal of 
Academy, Aoyama Gakuin, Tokyo, 
1899-1936. Publications: " Christia- 
. nity and War." Address : Aoyama 
Gakuin, Tokyo, Japan. 

<CHARRIN, Jean Juilien Louis 

(TANAN), Resident ; Administrator, 
2nd class ; b. Feb. 26, 1853. Joined 
Indo-Chiua Civil Service, July 1, 
1884; Administrator, 4th class, July 
1, 1893 ; Administrator, 3rd class, 
Sept. 1, 1898 ; Administrator, 2nd 
class, Jan. 1, 1903. Address : Tanan, 
Province of Tanan, Cochin-China. 

CHATER, Sir Catchick Paul (HONG- 
KONG), Kt, ; C.M.G. ; Member of 

the Executive Council ; Consul for 
Siam; b. 1846; s. of Chater Paul 
Chater, of Calcutta. Arrived in 
Hongkong, 1864, as assistant in 
Bank of Hindustan, China, and 
Japan ; resigned from bank and 
started business as exchange and 
bullion broker, 1886; J.P., 1888; 
sat in Legislative Council as acting 
member during the absence on 
leave for one year of Mr. F. Sassoon, 
1886-7 ; was on holiday in India 
when Mr. Sassoon resigned, 1887, 
and was unanimously elected for 
a term of six years to represent 
the Justices of the Peace ; was 
re-elected for a further period of 
six years, 1893, and again in 1899, 
retiring upon the expiration of his 
third term of office, Jan., 1906; 
during office as unofficial member 
was elected to the Executive 
Council, which seat still retains; 
in 1884 started a godown business 

at Kowloon, purchasing the sea, 
beach from the Government and 
erecting godowns; in 1883 amal- 
gamated with Jardine, Matheson 
and Co., and established the existing 
Hongkong and Kowloon Wharf 
and Godown Co., reclaiming fore- 
shores and erecting present 
godowns and wharves ; originated 
the Praya Reclamation in 1887 
by writing to the Government and 
submitting a scheme, which was 
accepted by marine lot holders; 
visited England later and received 
the sanction of the Secretary of 
State to carry out the work, 
the foundation stone being laid at 
the corner of existing cricket 
ground by the Duke of Connaught 
in 1890; presented statue of the 
Duke of Connaught to the Colony 
in commemoration of the event; 
work was concluded on the 
reclamation in 19J5, the result 
being the addition to the Colony 
of considerable foreshore upon 
which has been erected some of 
finest hongs east of Suez ; was the 
first to advocate the acquirement 
of the present New Territory on 
the mainland of China, writing to 
the Government four years before 
the actual leasing of the territory ; 
organised an appeal to the Govern- 
ment later by the Chamber of 
Commerce, the China Association, 
and the unofficial Members of the 
Legislative Council, and success- 
fully urged the negotiation for 
a lease of the territory, which was 
subsequently granted by China; 
has been identified in most public 
movements since arrival in Colony ; 




was treasurer and .afterwards 
chairman of Queen's Jubilee Com- 
mittee ; Chairman of Diamond 
Jubilee Committee (then created 
C.M.G.) erected first Anglican 
Church at Kowloon; is chairman 
and director of principal public 
companies, including Hongkong 
and Whampoa Dock Company; 
supports all sports ; has been 
steward of the Jockey Club for 
25 years and President for many 
years ; was created Knight in 1992. 
Cliibs : Hongkong ; most sporting. 
Address: Marble Hall, Conduit 
Road, Hongkong. 

M.I.C.E.; Director of Public Works. 
Educ. : Royal High School, Edin- 
burgh, and Edinburgh University. 
Assistant to Messrs. Thos. Meek 
and Son, C.E., Edinburgh; and 
afterwards to the engineer of 
the Bristol Docks ; appointed 
Executive Engineer in, the Public 
Works Department, Hongkong, in 
1893, and Director of Public Works 
in 1901 ; member of the Executive 
and Legislative Councils ; Vice- 
President of the Sanitary Board ; 
chairman of the Public Works and 
other committees ; was a member 
of the Queen's Jubilee Committee, 
1897, and acted as Hon. Secretary 
formany years, during the carrying 
out of the permanent memorials 
(on which a sum of 20,000 was 
expended) in the shape of Hospital 
for Women and Children and the 
construction of a road, five miles 
in length, along the southern part 
of the island. Club : Hongkong. 
Address : The Peak, Hongkong. 

CHENAGON, Calonel Georges N. J. 

(HANOI), Commandant 183 Ragt. 
d'Infanterie Coloniale. Decora- 
tion : Chevalier de la Le"gioii 
d'Honneur. Address : Hanoi, Ton- 
kin, Indo-China. 

nese Offisial Service ; native of 
Hunan ; metropolitan graduate, 
1868. Appointed Reader at th3 
Han-lin, April, 1896; Governor of 
Peking, 1896 ; Governor of Peking, 
Nov., 1893; Vice-Governor, Mukden, 
Dec., 1898; Director of Court of 
Sacrificial Worship, Mar., 1902; 
Literary Chancellor, Chekiang, 

CHEN CHING TZU (Kixxasi), Chinese 
Official Service ; native of Hupeh, 
Appointed Yung-Ting-Po Tao, 
Chihli, Oct., 1S95; Judicial Cam 
missioner, Kweichow, Oct., 1899 ; 
retired (ill-health) Dec., 1899; 
Judicial Commissioner, Kiangri 
winter, 1904. 

CHZN H. \I-PENG, Ganeral (Sui- 
CHING), native of Hunan. Brigadier 
General at Sui-ching, province oj 


Native of Kwangtung. Brigadier 
General, Tsung-Ming, province of 

CH EN K'UEI LIN, (P.YOTIN:;), Chinese 
Official Service ; native of Kwei- 
chow ; metropolitan graduate, 1830. 
Appointed Grain Taotai, Hunan, 
1901; Yunting Ho Tao, Paoting, 
Chihli province, 1904. 

Governor ; native of Kweichow ; 



metropolitan graduate, 1886. Ap- 
pointed Vice-Governor of Pek- 
ing, June, 1900 ; Governor of 
Peking, Sept, 1900 ; Financial Com- 
missioner, Honan, May, 1901 ; 
Director General of Grain Trans- 
port, Dec., 1901 ; Governor, Honan, 
April, 190C ; Governor, Kiangsu, 
Feb., 1906. 

Official Service ; native of Kiangsu ; 
provincial graduate. Appointed 
Secretary, Board of Foreign Af fail's, 
Dec., 1901; Vice-President, Im- 
perial Clan Court, March, 19C6. 

mander of revenue cruiser " Likin " 
of Impel ial Maritime Customs. 
Ai lived in China 1873 ; joined re- 
venue ciuiser "Kwashing" at 
Shanghai, Feb., 1877, and has since 
been connected with coastal depart- 
ment of Imperial Maritime Customs 
service. Address : Revenue Cruiser 
" Likin," Kowloon, China. 

CH'EN PI (PEKING), Vice-President 
Board of Revenue ; native of 
Fukien ; metropolitan graduate, 
1877. Appointed Sub-Director 
Court Impel ial Stud, Aug., 19G1 ; 
employed in Council of Govern, 
ment Reform ; Governor of Peking, 
Sept., 1901 ; junior Vice-President, 
Board of Commerce, Sept., 190C ; 
senior Vice-President, Board of 
Commerce, Jan., 1904. Vice-Pre- 
sident, Board of Revenue, Sept. 

sident Board of Revenue ; native 
of Chekiang ; metropolitan gra- 
duate, 1868. Appointed Commis- 

sioner, Office of Transmission. 
Nov., 1900 ; junior Vice-President, 
Board of Works, June, 1901 ; 
employed in Council of Govern- 
ment Reform, July, 1931 ; junior 
Vice-President, Board of Revenue,, 
Nov., 1901 ; senior Vice-President 
Board of Revenue, Feb., 1902. 

sident of Censorate. Appointed 
Chief Secretary, Tsung-li Yam en ; 
Hui - Ning - Ch'ih - T'ai - Kuang Tao,. 
Toatai at Wuhu, March, 1889; 
suspended from office, Aug., 1891 ; 
vacated post and summoned to 
Peking for audience, Jan., 1892 ; 
assistant Superintendent, Board of 
Admiralty ; Sub-Director, Banquet- 
ing Court, Jan., 1897 ; Sub-Director,, 
Court of Sacrificial Worship Sept., 
1898 ; Deputy Commissioner of the 
Office of Transmission, Nov., 1898 ; 
Vice-Director, Imperial Clan Court 
Jan., 1899; Vice-President, Censo- 
rate, Jan., 1901. 

native of Manchuria. Appointed 
Grain Intandant, Shantung, May. 
1886 ; Ta-Shun-Kuang Tao, Chihli, 
Sept., 1886; Feng-Chin-Shan-hai 
Tao, July, 1887 ; Taotai, Kiukiang. 
May, 1892; Ning-Shao-Tai T<i<>. 
Chekiang, 1899; Judicial Com- 
missioner, Kiangsu, Feb., 1901 : 
Financial Commissioner, Chekiang. 
Sept., 1901 ; Governor, Anhui, Jan., 
190S ; Tartar-General, Kiangningv 
Nanking, March, 1906. 

HAI), native of Anhui. Appointed 
Commander-in-Cliief at Hupeh ; 
Commander-in-Chief at Fukien, 



Dec., 1894 ; Admiral of the Yangtse, 
Juiie, 1901. 

CHENIEUX, Olivier Victor (SAIGON), 
Resident ; Administrator, 1st class ; 
b. June 7, 1854. Joined Indo-China 
Civil Service, Jan. 1, 1881 ; Ad- 
ministrator, 4th class, Jan. 1, 
1881 ; Administrator, Crd class, 
Jan. 1, 1886 ; Administrator, 2nd, Aug. 1, 1889; Administrator, 
lt class, Sept. 1, 1S8. Deccra- 
ticn : Chevalier de la Le'gion 
d'Honreur. Address : Saigon, 

CHEON, Jean Nice las (HANOI), Re- 
sident; Administrator, 2nd class; 
b. May 20, 1857. Joined Indo-China 
Civil Service, May 20, 1882 ; Admin- 
istrator, 4th (hiss, July 14, 1893; 
Administrator, Srd class, May 1, 
1899; Administrator, 2nd class, Jan. 
1, 1902. Decoration: Officier d'Ac- 
ademie. Address : Hanci, Tonkin, 

CHESNE, Alphcnse (BiEN-HOA), Re- 
sident; Administrator, 1st class; 
b. Aug. 2, 1863. Joined Indo-China 
Civil Service, Feb. 20, 1885 ; Admin- 
istrator, 4th dass, Feb. 1, 1889; 
Administrator, Srd class; Jan. 1, 
1892; Administrator, 2nd class, 
Sept. 1, 1898; Administrator, 1st 
thus, Feb. 7, 1901. A ddress : Bien- 
Hoa, Province of Bien-Hoa,Cochin- 

CHEVALIER, Father Stanislas 

(SiCA\VEi), Director of Astronomi- 
cal Observatory, Sicawei, Shang- 
hai ; b. Oct. 22, 1852, in Biittany, 
France. Director of meteorological 
observatory, Sicawei, 1890-96 ; 
surveyed Upper Yangtsze valley, 

1S97-98; Director of a&troncn:ical 
observatory, 1911. Public aticns : 
"Etude sur les crsges dais le 
Kiang-nan en 1889," "Etude sur 
1'etablissement de la mor.sson 
d'ete et de la mcusson d'hiver sur 
la c6te de Chine," "Typhoons de 
1892," " La navigation a vapeur sur 
le hint Yangtze," "Le Haut 
Yangtze, de Itchang fou a Sing- 
chan hein en 1897-98," and numerous 
ai tides in annual reports of Shang- 
hai Meteorological Society ; also 
numerous maps. Decorations : 
Laureat de 1'Academie ties Sciences 
et de la Societe de Geographic de 
Paris. Address: Astronomical 
Observatory, Sicawei, Shanghai. 

CHEVALLIER, Harvey (U P p E R 
PERAK), F.M.S. Civil Service, 
b. Mar. 81, 1861. Distiiet Officer, 
KuaU Pilah, 1890; acting assistant 
Distiict Officer, Tampin, July, 1892, 
Nov., 1895; acting Distiict Officer, 
Coast, Dec., 1895; District Officer, 
Tampin, Jan., 1897 ; District Officer, 
Kuala I-ilah, Oct., 1897 ; acting 
Resident, Negii Sembilan, Oct., 
1801; acting District Magistrate, 
Kuala Kangsar, May, 1902; acting 
Distiict Officer, Kuala Kangsar, 
Jan., 1903; acting District Officer, 
Upper Perak, 19C6. Address : Upper 
Perak, Federated Malay States. 

General of Division and Comman- 
der in Chief of the French military 
forces in Indo-China. Decoration ; 
G.O. of Legion d'Honneur. Ad- 
dress : Military Headquarters, 
Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo-China. 

CHI LU (PEKINO\ Vice-Pi esident 
Board of Civil Office. Comptroller 
49 4 



of the Household, Dec. 1899 ; 
junior Vice-President, Board of 
Works, 1900 ; senior Vice-President, 
Board of Works, spiing, 1901 ; 
deputy Lieut.-General, Plain white 
Banner corps, 1901 ; junior Vice- 
President, Board of Civil Offica, 
May, 1902 ; Vice-President, Board 
of Civil Office, Feb., 1905. 
CHI-SHZ,*3, Lieut. -General 
(PEKiNG), native of Manchuria. 
Deputy Lieut.-Geueral, Ching-k'ou, 
April, 1895; Lieut.-General, Plain 
Bed Mongol Banner Corps, 1904. 

CHIANG KUEI-T'I (PEKING), native of 
Anhwei. Appointed Commander-in- 
Chief, .Kansu, Feb., 1901; in com- 
mand of Yuan Shih-K'ai's troops at 
Peking, July, 1901. 

CHIC HESTER, Major /.rlngton 
AugULtus (HONGKONG), D.S.O. De- 
puty Asst. Adjutant Geneial; I. 
July 2, 1863, s. of late Major-Gen. 
J. O. (Winchester, of Western House, 
Chudleigh, Devon ; m. 1891. Eva 
Isabella Maude, 3rd d. of Mi-.j-.Gen. 
H. Justice, formerly I.S.C., of 
Riven Hall, Southsea. Educ. : Chel- 
tenham College ; Bcyal Military 
College; passed Staff College. 
Entered Dorsetshire Regiment as 
Lieut., 1884 ; Capt., March 11 ; 1891 ; 
Major, Feb. 26, 3892; tame 1o 
China, Aug., 1804 ; served in South 
African War, 1899-1801, on Staff; 
at relief of Lady smith, including 
operations of Jan. 17 to 24, 1900, 
and action at Spion Kop ; opera- 
tions of Feb. 5 to 7, 1900, ai^d 
action at Vaal Kvanz ; operations 
on Tugela Heigh s (Fei. 14 lo a/, 
an t action at Pietei's I il. ; 
ion.3 in lha Transvaal in 

Jun., 1930; operations in Natal, 
March to June, 1900, including 
action at Laing's Nek (Jun. 6 to 9) ; 
operations in Orange River Colony 
(Jun., 1930) ; mentioned in despat- 
ches, Sept. 10, 1901. Decorations: 
Queen's medal with 5 clasps; King's 
medal with 2 clasps ; D.S.O. 
Clubs : Hongkong ; Ciicket. Ad- 
dress : Military Headquarters, 

CHIH-JUI, General (NINGHSIA), native 
of Manchuria ; metropolitan gra- 
duate, 1880 ; assistant Military 
Governor. Appointed Chief Super- 
visor of Instruction, June, 1889 ; 
denounced two foreigners to the 
Throne, Nov., 1889, for wrong 
fulfilment of contracts for ammuni- 
tion ; Sub-Chancellor, Grand 
Secretariat, March, 1893 ; Vice- 
President Board of Ceremonies, 
March, 1894 ; Military assistant 
Governor, Uliasut'ai, Dec., 1894 ; 
Commandant of Forces, Hi, O^t., 
1899 ; assistant Military Governor, 
Niughsia, Kansu, April, 19C6. 

President Board of War ; native of 
Kiangsu ; metropolitan graduate, 
1883. Appointed Sub Chancellor, 
Grand Secretariat in summer, 1901 ; 
Literary Chancellor, Fukien, Jan., 
1902 ; junior Vice-President, Board 
of Works, Jan., 1902., ; senior Vice- 
President, Board of War, April, 

CHINA, Emperor of (see : KUANG Hsu). 

CHINA, Empress Dowa jer or (see : 
TSZE H:). 

CH1KA (MID), Bishop Of (see : MOULE, 
Rr. REV. Giooiu;.: FAA.NS). 




CHINA (NORTH), Bishop Of (see: 

CHINA (WESTERN), Bishop of (see : 

CHINDA, Etami ITOKYO), ex-Vice- 

Minister of F oreign Affairs; b. 1856, 
at Hirosaki. Educ. : American 
University; graduated 1881. Ap- 
pointed clerk of Foreign Office, 
1885 ; was appointed to the charge 
of telegraph section in same 
office ; Consul at San Francisco, 
1890 ; removed to Consulate at 
Ninsen ; Consul-General at Shang- 
hai, 1895; Minister Resident at 
Brazil ; later at the Hague, 1899- 
1900 ; Minister Plenipotentiary and 
Envoy Extraordinary at St. Peters- 
burg, 1900 ; recalled in 1901 to 
assist Baron Komura as his im- 
mediate subordinate ; resigned from 
Foreign Office, Jan., 1906. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 
CHING, Prince (see: I-K'UANG.) 

CHING -HOU (PEKING), Vice-President, 
Board of War ; Imperial clansman. 
Appointed assistant Supervisor of 
Instruction, Aug., 1901 ; Reader 
at the Hanlin ; Vice-President, 
Board of Ceremonies, Mukden, 
Feb., 1903; senior Vice-President, 
Board of War, July, 1905. 

native of Manchuria. Appointed 
Grain Intendant, Kiangsu, Oct., 
1888 ; Shan-An Tao, Shansi, March, 
1898 ; Salt Commissioner, Ch'ang-lu, 
Chihli, March, 1897; Judicial Com- 
missioner, Shansi, Feb., 1898 ; do., 
Shantung, Oct., 1898; Financial 
Commissioner, Honan, Nov., 1898; 

Governor, Kiangsi, Nov., 1930 ; do., 
Hupeh, Dec., 1900 ; Tartar-General, 
Foochow, Fukien province, Feb., 
1901 ; retired, April, 1902. 

CH'ING-FU ( PEKING ), ex Vice-Pre- 
sident of Censorate ; native of 
Manchuria. Appointed Sub-Chan- 
cellor, Grand Secretariat, Vice- 
President Mongolian Superinteii- 
dency, Feb., 1888 ; Deputy Lieut. - 
General, Plain White Banner 
Corps ; degraded to Minor Court 
Official of 3rd rank, March, 1894 ; 
Director, Court of Sacrificial Wor- 
ship, April, 1894 ; senior Vice-Pre- 
sident, Censorate, August, 1899; 
retired ill-health, April, 1905. 

CH'ING-JUI, Tartar General (CHINO- 
CHOU), native of Mongolia. Ap- 
pointed Sub-Chancellor, Grand Sec- 
retariat, Dec., 1895 ; Vice-President, 
Mongolian Superintendency, Feb., 
1898 ; Vice - President, Mukden 
Board of Punishments, Nov., 1899; 
Vice-President, Board of Revenue, 
Dec., 1899 ; President, Censorate, 
Nov., 1903; Tartar General, Cbing- 
chou, Shantung province, Nov., 

CH'ING-SHU (HSINING), Imperial Re- 
sident; native of Manchuria; 
provincial graduate. Kung-ch'in- 
Chieh Tao, Kansu, March, 1904; 
brevet rank, Deputy Assistant 
Military Governor, Imperial Resi- 
dent, Hsining, Kansu, 1906. 

CHIRA, Prince (BANGKOK), Comman- 
der-iu-Chief, Siamese Army ; Prince 
of Nakonchaisi ; b. Nov. 7, 1876, g. 
of His Majesty King Chulalonkorn 
of Siam ; m. 1904, Princess Sumonal. 
Educ. : Europe. Received his early 




education in Europe and spent 
most of his time in England 
and Denmark ; he began his mili- 
tary career in Denmark, where 
he received his first commission 
as Lieutenant; promoted Captain, 
Siamese Army, 1895; represented 
his father on many occasions at 
various Courts of Europe, including 
Coronation of Emp. Nicholas II of 
Russia; on returning to his coun- 
try he attained rapid promotion 
and was made Colonel in 1898 ; on 
establishment of a General Staff 
in Siam on European model was 
appointed its first chief ; was pro- 
moted Major General in 1900; 
having taken most active and 
prominent pait in reorganisation 
of Army was nominated Ccrmnan- 
der-in-Chief and promoted to rank 
of Lieuteuant-General of Siamese 
Army, 1903. Decorations: Fifteen 
grand crosses of different nations, 
medals, etc. Publications: Several 
works on military subjects in 
Siamese. Address : Bangkok, Siam. 

CHITTY, Major Walter Willis 
(HONGKONG), 119th Infantry ; b. 
June 11, 1866. Lieut. E. York Regt. 
Feb., 1885 ; India Staff Corps, July 
12, 1886 ; captain, Indian Army, Feb. 
7, 1896 ; Imperial Yeomanry, Jan. 
22 to Oct. 26, 1902; Major, Indian 
Army, Feb. 7, 1903 ; on service in 
British East Africa, 1898, in the 
operations against Ogaden Som- 
alis, and in Uganda, 1898-99, in the 
operations against Kabarega. Dec- 
orations : Medal with clasp, East 
Africa ; clasp Uganda. Club : Hong- 
kong. Address: Military Head- 
quarters, Hongkong. 

CH'0-HA-PU, Tartar General (HENG- 
TU), Appointed Deputy Lieut. -Gen- 
eral, Foochow, Dec., 1892; Deputy 
Lieut. -General, Chin-Chou, Mar., 
1899 ; Tartar General, Ning-hsia r 
June, 1899; do., Chengtu July, 1899; 
Military Governor Hei-lung-kiang 
Oct., 1900; Tartar-General, Ching- 
Chou, Mar., 1903 ; Tartar General, 
Chengtu, Szechwan province, Nov., 

CHOLMONDELEY, Rev. Lionel Ber- 
ners (TOKYO), M.A., Oxon ; Clergy- 

- man ; b. Dec., 11, 1858, s. of Hon 
and Rev. Canon Cholmondeley. 
Educ. : Uppingham School and 
Oriel College, Oxford ; Beau- 
fort Exhibitioner, Oriel College, 
Oxford. Deacon, 1884 ; ordained 1 
Priest by the Bishop of Truro, 

1885 ; Curate of Kenwyn, Cornwall, 
1884-87 ; arrived in Japan, 1S87 ; 
Chaplain to Bishop Bickersteth, 
1887-1897; Hon Chaplain to the 
British Embassy, Tokyo, fcince 1902- 
Club : Royal Societies. Addre** : 2:> 
Iwato-cho, Ushigome, Tokyo. 

CHOU FANG-MING, Admiral (Wr- 
CHANG-FU), native of Hunan. Ap- 
pointed Admiral of the Yangtsze, 
1904. Address : Wuchang-fu, Hupei 

CHOU FU (LiAXi-KiANG), Chinese 
Official Service ; native of AnhweL 
Appointed Customs Taotai, Tien- 
tsin, March, 1882 ; acting Salt 
Commissioner, Ch'ang-lu, Nov., 

1886 ; Judicial Commissioner,. 
Chihli, May, 1888; retired. May. 
1895 (illness) ; Financial Commis- 
sioner, Szechwan, Sept., 1899; do.,. 
Chihli, Jan., 1901 ; Rank of 



<T<>ver;ior of a Province, Dec., 
1901 ; Governor, Shantung, May, 
' 1902 ; actiag Governor General 
Liang-Kiang, Anhwei, Oct., 1934-6 ; 
was charged in 1905 with giving up 
Chinese rights to foreigners. 

Prince (BANGKOK), Prince of 
SLun ; b. May 1839 ; 8rd s. of King 
Chulalongkoru I. 

Princ3(B\NGKOK),G.C.V.O., Crown 
Prince of Siam ; b. ,lan. 1, 1881 ; e. 
surviving s. and heir of the King of 
Siam. Edv-c. : Private Tutor ; Royal 
Military College, Sandhurst ; Christ 
Church, Oxford. Went to England 
1893 ; proclaimed heir to the throne 
of Siam on the death of elder 
brother, 1895 ; represented the King 
of Siam at the Jubilee of Queen 
Victoria, 1897 ; joined the Royal 
Military College, Sandhurst, 1898 ; 
attached to 1st Battery Durham 
Light Infantry, 1893 ; during same 
year was attached to No. 6 
Mountain Battery during training 
at Okehampton in Nov. and Dec., 
1899 ; joined School of Musketry at 
Hythe and obtained officer's extra 
certificate ; went up to Oxford, 
Jan., 1900, and remained till end of 
1901 ; represented the King of Siam 
-at the funeral of Queen Victoria ; 
represented the King of Siam at 
King of Spain's coronation in May, 
and King Edward's Coronation in 
June, 1902. Publications : " The 
War of Polish Succession," 1901. 
Recreations: Riding and driving. 
Clubs : United Service ; Army and 
Navy ; Junior United Service ; 

Travellers' ; Bachelors'. Address : 
Bangkok, Siam ; Siamese Legation, 

change Broker. Club : Germania ; 
Hongkong. Address : Club, Hong- 

CH'U H [ING-CHI (PEKING), Assistant 
Grand Secretary ; metropolitan 
graduate, 1871 ; Minister of the 
" Tsing Mo Chu." Expositor at the 
Han-lin ; Literary Chancellor, Sze- 
chwan, Sept., 1891 ; Chief Supervisor 
of Instruction, March, 1897; Sub- 
Chancellor Grand Secretariat, Oct., 
1897 ; Vice-President Board of Cere- 
monies, March, 1893; President 
Censorate, Nov., 1900; do. Board 
of Works, March, 1901 ; acting in 
Grand Council, June, 1901 ; Council 
of Government Reform, June, 1901 ; 
Minister Board of Foreign Affairs, 
July, 1901 ; awarded Yellow Riding 
Jacket, Sept., 1901 ; Associate 
Director of Railways and Mines, 
Jan., 1902; Grand Council, Jan., 
1902; Member of Finance Com- 
mittee, Oct., 1903; Minister of the 
" Tsing Mo Chu ", 1905-6 ; assistant 
Grand Secretary, Feb., 1906. 

2nd Secretary Waiwupu ; Principal 
Secretary and Adviser to Foreign 
Mission, 1905 ; assistant Governor, 
Shantung, 1905 ; acting 2nd Sec., 
Waiwupu, Oct., 1905. 

Official Service. Hanlin compiler ; 
Hanlin Expsitor, April, 1899 ; Sub- 
Chancellor, Grand Secretariat, 
Aug., 1901; junior Vice-President, 
Board of Ceremonies, Feb., 1902; 




Literary Chancellor, Canton pro- 
vince, 19C4 ; resigned July, 19C5. 

CH'UN, Prince (see : TSAI-FENG). 

native of Manchuria ; metropolitan 
graduate 1883. Appointed Chief 
Supervisor of Instruction, Dec., 
1896 ; Sub-Chancellor, Grand Secre- 
tariat, Jan., 1896 ; Brigade-General 
in Charge of Western Mausolea, 
Nov., 1899 ; Imperial Resident, Hsi- 
Ning, 1903 ; ordered to return to 
Peking, Sept., 1904. 

CHUNG-HSUN, Lieut.-General (PE- 
KING), native of Manchuria ; me- 
tropolitan graduate, 1865. Appoint- 
ed Chief Supervisor of Instruction, 
1878; Commissioner of Transmission, 
1878 ; Vice-President, Censorate, 
1879 ; degraded, Jan., 1883 ; Com- 
mandant of Forces, So-lun, March, 
1887; vacated post, July, 1894; 
Director Court of State Ceremonial, 
Oct., 1895; Sub-Chancellor, Grand 
Secretariat, March, 1898 ; appoint- 
ed Assistant Governor, Kobdo, 
Oct., 1900, but did not proceed; 
Deputy Lieut.-General, Bordered 
Yellow Banner Corps, Oct., 1900; 
senior Vice-President, Board of 
Punishments, Nov., 1900 ; Deputy 
Lieut.-General, Bordered White 
Banner Corps, Summer 1901 ; Capt.- 
General, Bordered Red Hanchun 
Banner Coips, Feb., 1906. 

native of Manchuiia; metropolitan 
graduate, 1877. Appointed Chief 
Supervisor of Instruction, Nov., 
1894 ; Sub-Chancellor Grand Sec- 

retariat, May, 1895 ; Vice-President, 
Board of Works, Mukden, Aug., 
1896 ; Lieut.-General, Hanchun Yel- 
low Banner Corps, July, 1905. 

of Board of Chinese Commissioners 
of the Shanghai-Nanking railway. 
Educ. : Yale University, U.S.A., 
having proceeded with others in 
1872 and remaining until 1875. Was 
Attache, then Secretary, of Chinese 
Legation in Washington ; sub- 
sequently Consul-General Havana, 
Cuba, and Manila, the latter post 
being vacated in 1905 ; appointed 
Commissioner of Peiyang Bureau 
of Foreign Affairs, and in Jan., 
1906, proceeded to Shanghai as 
Head of the Board controlling the 
Shanghai-Xa,nking railway. 

Imperial Clansman ; Acting Gover- 
nor-General. Deputy Lieut.-Gen- 
eral, Chin-chou, March, 1885 ; 
Tartar-General, Nanking, March, 
1899 ; Military Governor, Mukden, 
Nov., 1900 ; Tartar-General, Nan- 
king, April, 1901 ; Tartar-General, 
Foochow, April, 1902 ; acting Go- 
vernor-General, Min-Che (Fukien 
and Chekiang) provinces, April, 
1903. Address: Foochow, Fukien 

sident, Board of Works ; Imperial 
Clansman. Reader Grand Sec- 
retariat, Sept., 1897 ; Director Ban- 
queting Court, May, 1900; Sub- 
Chancellor Grand Secretariat, Dec., 
1900 ; Vice-President Board of 
Works, April, 1903. 

CLARE, Ernest Edward Philip (BATU 
I GAJAH), F.M.S. Civil Service ; ft. 




April 20, 1862. Assistant Engineer, 
Public Works Department, New 
Zealand, 1886 ; Surveyor at Perak, 
189 ; 1st grade Surveyor, 1902; 
Revenvie Survey Department, Batu 
Gajah, 1906. Address: Batu Gajah, 
Perak, Federated Malay State?. 

CLARE, Duncan ( HONGKONG ), Mer- 
chant ; partner in the firm of Lane, 
Crawford and Co. ; b. Oct. 5, 1865 ; 
m. Daisy, 2nd d. of the late D. II. 
Crawford, of Glasgow and Hong- 
kong. Came to Hongkong in 
January, 1890, as accountant to 
Lane, Crawford and Co. ; admitted 
a partner in 1901; appointed J.P., 
in 19C2; appointed, 1903, permanent 
visiting Justice to the Po Leung 
Kok (Women's and Girls' Pro- 
tection h-oaety) ; member finance 
committee, Alice Memorial Hos- 
pital. Address: " Tusculum," The 
Peak, Hongkong. 

CLARE, Hon. Dr. Francis W. (HONG- 
KONG), M.D., Dur. 1900; M.B., 1892 ; 
D.P.H., Cambridge, 1891; M.R.C.S., 
L.R.C.P., London, 1886; b. June 23, 
1864. Educ.: St. Paul's school, 
and St. Burtholemew's and Middle- 
sex Hospitals. Medical Officer of 
Health and Snpeiiutendent of 
Fever Hospital, Lowestoft, 1893; 
Medical Officer of Health, Hong- 
kong, 1865 ; Dean of College of 
Medicine for Chinese ; member of 
Sanitary Board ; J.P. 1896 ; Mem- 
ber of the Legislative Council, 1902 ; 
Principal Medical Officer of Health, 
1905-6. Recreations : Yachting ; 
Commodore of the Corinthian 
Yacht Club ; member of the Royal 
Hongkong Yacht Club. Clubs: 

Hongkong; Royal Societies. Ad- 
dress : The Peak, Hongkong. 

CLARE, John D. (SHANGHAI), M.J.I. ; 
Editor "Shanghai Mercury" and 
"Celestial Empire"; b. Aug. 12, 
1842 ; widower. Educ. : Privately, 
and at Norwich Grammar School ; 
came to the Far East in 1831 when 
serving in Royal Navy; left Navy 
in 18C5; was present at the actions 
of Shimonoseki and Kagoshima ; 
helped to establish the "Rising 
Sun and Nagasaki Express " in 1873 
and 1874; was merchant and broker 
in Shanghai, 1875-79; established 
" Shanghai Mercury " in 1879. 
Publications: "Formosa," "Sket- 
ches In and Around Shanghai,' 
etc. Clubs : Masonic, Shanghai ; 
Constitutional, Lond. Address: 
24A, Nanking Road, Shanghai, 

Broker. Senior partner Hopkins, 
Dunn, and Co., Major, Shanghai 
Volunteers ; came to China, 1853. 
Club : Shanghai. Address: 6, Yang 
King Pang Road, Shanghai, China. 

CLARKE, Dr. John Tertlus (Iron), 
M.R.C.S., England ; L.R.C.P. Lon- 
don ; District Surgeon; b. July 24, 
1865. Acting Residency Surgeon, 
Negri Sembilan, 1896 ; District 
Surgeon, Gopeng, Krian, Batang 
Padang, Lower Perak, 1897-1903 ; 
District Surgeon, Ipoh, 1906. Ad- 
dress : Ipoh, Perak, Federated 
Malay States. 

CLAREE, William Edward (HONG- 
KONG), Acting Secretary of Hong- 
kong, Canton and Macao Steam- 
boat Co. ; &. July 11, 1855, at 




London. Educ. : Currie's School, 
Bromley. Entered merchant 
sen-ice, 1863; joined Steamboat 
Company, 1877, as Chief Officer ; 
promoted Commander and Canton 
River Pilot, 1835; surveyed West 
Riv^r and Delta Channel*, and 
inaugurated first steamer traffic, 
Canton to Wiicbr.v, when latter 
port was opened to foreign trade in 
1833 ; received letter of thanks from 
Macao Government for rescue and 
relief work wh e:i disastrous 
toi-nado passei over inner harbour 
of that city, causing destruction 
and loss of life amongst the 
boating population ; was wrecked 
in .s.s. " Futami M xru " off C ipe 
Kalavite, Mindoro, Philippine 
Islands, 1933. Club : Hongkong. 
Adlrzss: "Dunford," The Peak, 

CL.\YTD:?, L. H. (PZXVNS), B.A., 

Cam 1 ). ; Assistant Protector of 
Chinese. Cadet, Straits Settlements 
Civil Service, Nov., 1835 ; acting 
assistant Protector of Chinese at 
Singxpore, May, 1897 ; also of 
Penang, Aug., 1837; passed final 
examination in Chinese,' Mar., 
1899 ; acting 3rd Magistrate, 
Singapore, Feb., 1899; confirmel 
4th Magistrate, Aug., 1399; District 
Officer, Christmxs I., Miy, 1931; 
acting assistant Protector of 
Chinese and Indians, Penaug, 
April, 1934; assistant, do., Singa- 
pore, May, 1934, but continued 
acting in Peiiang. Adlress : 
Penang, Straits Settlements. 

CLAYTON, Reginald John Byard 


Service ; />. Dec. 10, 1875. Cadet ? 
Perak, 1893; acting Collector of 
Land Revenue, Mitang, Aug., 
1900 ; acting collector of Land 
Revenue, Batang Padang, Feb., 
1901 ; assistant District Magistrate 
and Treasurer, and acting Col- 
lector of Land Revenue, Batang 
Padang, Jan., 1932 ; acting District 
Officer, Bluing Padang and Ipoh, 
1903-04; assistant District Officer 
at Batang Padang, 1906. Address : 
Batang Padang, Perak, Federated 
Malay States. 

CLAYTON, Thomas Watts (KVALA 
LANGAT), B.A. Cantab. ; F.M.S. Civil 
Service ; b. March 33, 1877. Cadet, 
Selangor, 1900; acting assistant 
Secretary to Resident, Nov., 1901 
acting assistant District Officer, 
Kuala Langat, Jan., 1932; acting 
District Officer, Kuala Langat, 
June, 1902 ; acting assistant District 
Officer, Kuala Lang it, Sept., 1932 ; 
acting Secretary, Sanitary Board, 
Kuala Lumpur, Sept., 1902 ; acting 
assistant Collector of Land Re- 
venue, Nov., 1932 ; acting assistant 
District Officer, Klang, March, 
1903; assistant Collector of Land 
Revenue, Kuala Lumpur, 1905; 
acting District Officer, Kuala 
Langat, 1906. Address: Kuala 
Langat, Selangor, Federated Malay 

Barrister- at-Law ; 6. Sept. 1, 1871. 
Educ. : Haileybury and Oriel 
College, Oxford. Club: Singapore, 
Address : Singapore, Straits Settle- 

CLEMENT, Ernest Wilson (TOKYO), 
M.A. ; Teacher, Author, and 



Correspondent ; b. Feb. 21, 1833 at 
Dubuque, Iowa, U.S.A. ; m. Aug. 
26, 1337, to Nellie Hall, d. of E. L. 
Hall, of Beaver Dam, Wisconnin. 
Educ. : University of Chicago. 
Teacher at high schools and 
academies in U.S.A., 1881-89 ; 
1891-94. English Instructor at the 
Middle School, Mito, Japan, 
1889-91; Principal, Duncan Baptist 
Academy, Tokyo, since 1894 ; 
acting Interpreter, United States 
Legation, Tokyo, 1893-97 ; 1905-06 ; 
Tokyo correspondent for the 
Chicago "Daily News" since 1895; 
Member of the Council of the 
Asiatic Society of Japan. Publica- 
tions : " Handbook of Modern 
Japan," 193C ; "Japanese Floral 
Calendar," 1934 ; " Christianity in 
Molarn Japan," 1935, numerous 
contributions to Japan " Daily 
Mail " and periodicals in America. 
Address: 29, Sanaizaka machi, 
Ic-hizaya, Tokyo, Japan. 

CLEMETTI, Cscil ( TAIPO ), M.A., 
Oxon. ; Hongkong Civil Ser- 
vice ; b. Sept, 1, 1875. Educ. : 
St. Paul's School, and Magdalen 
College, Oxford ; B.A., 1898 ; M.A., 
1931; Ion. mention Hertford school, 
1895; 1st clas.* mods., 1893; hor. 
mention Ireland and Craven 
scholarship, 1896 ; Boden Sanskrit 
scholar, 1897 ; prox. ace. Gaisford 
(Greek Prose), 1837; 2nd class lit. 
hum., 1898; prox. ace., Chancellor's 
Latin essay, 1899. Arrived in 
Colony, 1899; acting assistant 
Colonial Secretary and Clerk of 
Councils, 1900 to 1931 ; appointed 
Assistant Registrar General, 1901 ; 
seconded for famine relief work 

in Kwangsi, April, 1933 ; appointed 
member of Land Court, New 
Territories, Dec., 1933. Speaks 
Chinese, various dialects. Club : 
Hongkong. Address : Taipo, New 
Territoiy, Hongkong. 

CLENNELL, Waltar James (CHIXAX- 
FU), B.A. ; H.B.M. Consul for 
Kiukiang, officiating at Chinanfu ; 
b. July 5, 1867, Hackney, Lond. ; 
m. April 12, 1899, Edith S. Sharpies. 
Educ. : Priory House School, 
Clapton, London ; University Col- 
lege, London ; also Versailles, 
France ; took certificate d'Etudes 
et Prix du Department (in 
geography) at Versailles; B.A., 
London, 1885 ; honours in French. 
Entered Consular service by 
examination, July, 1833 ; student 
interpreter at Peking, Nov., 1888 
to Nov., 1893 ; acting Assistant 
at Amoy, Dec., 1890, to Feb., 1894 ; 
acting Consul at Amoy, April 13 
to 18, 1893 ; passed Bar examina- 
tion Jan. 11, 1893; acting Vice- 
Consul, Canton, May 20 to June 5, 
1898; attached to Supreme Court, 
Shanghai, June, 1896, to March, 
1897 ; acting Chief Clerk, Nov. 16, 
1893 to March 17, 1897; acting 
Consul, Shashih, March 26, 1897, to 
Jan. 28, 1899, acting Consul, Wuhu, 
Feb. 4 to June 2, 1839; acting 
Consul, Hangchow, June 10, 1899, 
to May 14, 1930 ; acting Consul 
Kuikiang, May 23, 1930 to April 4, 
1932; Consul at Kuikiang April 5, 
1932 ; called to Bar of Inner 
Temple, Nov. 17, 1933 ; officiating 
Consul, Chinanfu, since Nov. 29, 
1935. Publications : Various annual 
trade reports ; " Overland Journey 



Amoy to Foochow and back," 1892 ; 
"Province of Kiangsi," 1903. Ad- 
dress: H.B.M. Consulate, Chinanfu, 
Shantung, China. 

CLINDENING, Dr. Frederick Talbot 
Driffield (KIUKIA>-G), M.R.C.S., 
L.B.C.P. ; b. June 20, 1859 ; m. 
Clara, d. of late Thomas Collier 
Brooke, of "Veronica," St. Kilda, 
Melbourne (Vic.), Sept. 9, 1889. 
Educ. : Whinham's College ; Prince 
Alfred's College, Adelaide, South 
Australia. For some years in 
South Australian Government 
service, holding positions as 
draughtsman, surveyor, and warden 
of gold fields ; served eight years 
in South Australian militia, in 
infantry and field artillery, attain- 
ing rank of Captain ; entered 
St. Bartholomew Hospital, London, 
1890, where took degree; at lived 
at Kiukiang, 1898 ; at present 
Medical Officer for the port, to 
H.B.M. Consulate, and Chinese 
Imperial Maritime Customs. Ad- 
dress : Kiukiang, China. 

COATES, Rev. Harper Havelock 
(TOKYO), M.A., B.D. ; Minister and 
Missionary; b. Feb. 18, 1865; m. Sept. 
7, 1898, Sarah Agnes AVintemute at 
Vancouver, B.C. Educ. : Public and 
High Schools, Prescott, Ontaiio ; 
Victoiia University, Coburg, On- 
tario, Canada. Graduated B.A. in 
1885 from Victoiia University, 
Coburg, Ontaiio, now affiliated with 
Toronto University ; M.A. and B.D. 
in 1890 ; entered probation for 
ministry of Methodist Church of 
Canada 1885; ordained 1888, 
in Montreal, Quebec ; travel- 
led following circuits : Carleton 

Place, Malburytown, Cardinal, 
Calabogie and Princess St., King- 
ston, Ontario; arrived in Japan, 
Sept., 1890 ; teacher of English in 
Middle and Normal Schools at Tsu, 
Ise, Doshisha Schools in Kyoto, 
and Hokuetsu Gakiiin, Niigata, 
Echigo ; also teacher in Academic 
and Theological Departments of 
Anglo-Japanese College, Az abu, 
Tokyo ; since Sept., 1893, has been 
Superintendent of the Central 
Tabeinacle of the Japan Mission 
of the Missionary Society of the 
Methodist Church in Canada, at 
Hongo, Tokyo. Address: 23, Kami 
Tomi Zaka, Koishikawa, Tokyo, 

COCHRANE, Charles Walter Hamil- 
ton (KUALA KAXGSAR). B.A., Oxon; 
F.M.S. Civil Service ; &. Aug. 3, 1876. 
Cadet, Perak, 1899 ; acting assi stant 
Secretary to Resident - General, 
March, 1901 ; 2nd assistant Sec- 
retary to Resident-General, and 
acting assistant Secretary to Re- 
sident-General, Jan., 1903; acting 
assistant District Officer, Kuala 
Kangsar, 19C4. Address: Kuala, 
Kangsar, Perak, Fedeiated Malay 

COCK, Edward Arthur Langslow 

(SEREMBAN), A.M.I.M.E. ; F.M.S. 
Civil Service ; b. April 8, 1879. Ap- 
pointed Inspector of Mines, Pahang, 
1903 ; Inspector of Mines, for Negii 
Sembilan,1904. Address: Seremban, 
Negri Sembilan, Federated Malay 

Charg^ d' Affaires, and acting Con- 
sul General ; b. 1859, s. of late F.J. 
Cocklmrn, Bengal ('nil Service; in 



189, Elizabeth Goidon, d. of 
Colonel Stevenson. Educ. : At 
Edinburgh. Joined Consular seivice 
in China as student ir.teipreter, 
1880 ; Chinese Secretaiy at Peking, 
18C6-1905; C.B. 1899; Charge d'Af- 
faires and acting Consul General 
1C6. Club: Kcyal Societies. Ad- 
dress: H.B.M. Legation, Pekirg, 

PULAN), Distiict Officer. Cadet, 
Straits Settlements Civil Service, 
Nov. 188 ; acting Sub-Inspector 
cf Schools, Malacca, May, 1900 : 
acting Superintendent, Malay 
College, Mar., 1900; acting District 
Officer, Malacca, Oct., 1900; Dis- 
trict Officer, Penang, Aug., 19C2; 
acting Distiict Officer, B. Meitajam^ 
June, 1904 ; District Officer, Balih 
Pulan, Perarg, 19C6. Address : 
Balih Pulan, Penang, Straits Settle- 

Auctioneer and valuer ; b. Apiil 
16, 1870 ; m. 19C2. In business as 
an auctioneer and valuer in Singa- 
pore from 1889; Partner and 
Manager of H.L. Cogljlan and Co, 
local auctioneers and valuers ; 
engaged in Tanjong Pagar Dock 
aibitiation, 1(.5, as aland expert 
and valuer on behalf of Colonial 
Government, and specially com- 
mended for services; Captain and 
Quaitei master Singapore Volunteer 
Corps ; Director of Y.M.C.A. Singa- 
pore ; Elder of Presbyterian 
Church, Singapore ; Municipal 
Coirmissioi;er, Singapore ; Ma- 
sonic : P.M. Zetland-in-the-East, 
No. 5C8, D.G.R., etc.; director of 

several local companies. Address : 
The Auction Mart, Singapore. 

COGNACQ, Dr. Maurice (HANOI), 
Directeur d'Ecole de Medecine de- 
1'Indo-Chine ; Officier de 1'Instruc- 
tion Publique ; Merite agricole- 
Appointed clirecteur, Oct. 1, 1904. 
Decoration: Chevalier de la Legion 
d'Honneur. Address: Hanoi, Ton- 
kin, Indo-China. 


Medical Missionaiy, b. 1857 ; m* 
1894. Educ.: Manilla Hall, Clif 
ton. Assistant Resident Surgeon, 
New Somerset Hospital, Cape- 
Town, South Africa, 1881-83 ; 
Medical Missionary, Kwangtung 
Province, South China, 1890-96 ; 
Medical Missionary, Hakodate, 
from 1898. Address: Endsleigh 
Hospital, Hakodate, North Japan. 

COLLARD, Paul Marie Alexandre 
(KOMPONG-SPEU), Resident; Ad- 
ministrator, 2nd class ; 6. Oct. 15, 
1861 ; Administrator, 4th class, Jan. 
1, 1894; Administrator, 3rd class, 
March 1,1899; Administrator, 2nd 
class, Jan. 1, 1902. Address : 
Kompong-Speu, Province of Kom- 
pong-speu, Cambodge, Indo-China. 

COLLINGE, Henry Bernard (PERAK), 
Inspector of Schools ; Acting In- 
spector of Schools for the Federat- 
ed Malay States ; b. Sept. 8, 1860. 
Educ. : Salford Catholic Grammar 
School ; Vallodolid, Spain ; St. 
Bede's and Owen's College, Man- 
chester. Head Master, St. Joseph's. 
Institution, Singapore, 1881-86 ; . 

Head Master, St. Francis School, 
Malacca, 1887-90; 'Inspector of 
Schools, Perak, 1890; acting In- 


specter of Schools, Federated 
Malay States, 1905. Publications: 
" Handbook on Romanised Malay"; 
" Manual for Malay Teachers." 
Address : Taiping, Perak, Federated 
Malay States. 

-COLLINS, Robert Moore (PEKING), 
Journalist ; b. Dec. 25, 1867, at Wash- 
ington, D.C. Educ. : Middlebury 
College, Vermont, U.S.A. Reporter 
on the " Washington Post," 1891-93; 
same, and editor of the Associated 
Press, Washington, and New York, 
to 1897 ; correspondent for the 
Associated Press in Europe to 1899 ; 
reported the Queen's Jubilee, 
Xondon, 1897 ; and conference at 
which was negotiated Spanish- 
American peace treaty, Paris, 1898; 
chief correspondent for the As- 
sociated Press in the Philippines 
during Aguinaldo's insurrection, 
1899-1900; was at engagement where- 
in General Lawton was killed at 
the capture of Malolos (Aguinaldo's 
capital) and saveral minor engage- 
ments ; through the Boxer cam- 
paign, witnessing the battle at 
Tientsin and the relief of Peking ; 
in Europe until Spring 1901, report- 
ing the death of Queen Victoria, 
and the wedding of the Queen 
of Holland ; correspondent for 
Renter's and the Associated Press 
at Peking, 1901 to 1904 ; organised 
Renter's service in the East for the 
Russo-Japanese War ; with General 
Kuroki's army from the battle of 
the Yalu to the peace negotiations 
(except battle of Shaho). Address: 
Peking, China. 

COLLYER, George Falconar (SHANG- 
HAI), Assistant Secretary, Standard 

Life Assurance Company, Honorary 
Captain of H.B.M. Army ; b. Aug. 
1, 1872 ; m. G wendolyne Thorburn, 
d. of late R. K. Thorburn. Educ. : 
Privately, and on School Ship, 
" Conway," Liverpool. Served in 
South African War, 1900; present 
at engagements at Alleman's Nek 
and Laing's Nek. Decoration: 
South African Medal (four clasps). 
Clubs : Golfers, London ; Shanghai ; 
Country, Shanghai. Address : 2, 
French Bund, Shanghai, China. 

COLMAN, Eugene Ernest (SINGA- 
PORE), B.A. Cantab. ; Magistrate. 
Cadet, Straits Settlements, Oct., 
1902 ; acting 4th Magistrate, Singa- 
pore, Oct., 1903 ; passed final 
examination in Malay. July, 1904. 
Address : Singapore, Straits Settle- 

COMTE, Colonel Gaspard M. L. A. 

( HANOI ), Commandant du 10e 
Regiment d'Infanterie Coloniale. 
Decoration : Officier de la Legion 
d'Honneur. Address: Hanoi, Ton- 
kin, Indo-China. 

CONDER, Prof. Josiali (TOKYO), 
F.R.I. B.A., Emeritus Professor, 
Imperial University ; b. Sept. 28, 
1852. Educ. : Bedford Commercial 
School; took Harper's 200 premium 
at Bedford School ; took Soan med- 
allion and travelling studentship at 
the Royal Institute of British 
Architects. Engaged as Professor 
of Architecture and practising 
architect by Imperial Public Works 
Department of Japanese Govern- 
ment in 1876; carried out many 
important public and private 
buildings ; transferred to Tempo- 



rary Imperial Palace Building 
Bureau in 1881, and afterwards to 
Home Department, where still 
holds position of Honorary Adviser 
in Architecture ; Lecturer on 
Architecture at Imperial Univer- 
sity, 1886-88 ; elected Emeritus 
Professor at the Imperial Univer- 
sity in 1902 ; 1st Honorary President 
of the Society of Japanese 
Architects ; honorary member of 
the Japanese Engineering Society. 
Decorations : 4th class order of 
Rising Sun, Japan ; 3rd class order 
of Sacred Treasure, Japan. 
Publications: "The Floral Art of 
Japan " ; " Landscape Gardening 
in Japan," etc., etc. Address: 25, 
Mikawadai-machi, Azabu, Tokyo, 

CONLAY, William Lance (KUALA 
LUMPUR), F.M.S. Civil Service ; 
b. June 21, 1869. Joined service at 
Perak, 1893 ; acting junior officer ; 
Ulu Pahang, 1897 ; acting District 
Officer, Temerloh, 1898; do., Kuan- 
tan, Oct., 1898; assistant District 
Officer at Rompin ; District Officer 
at Kuantan, 1899 ; assistant com- 
missioner of Police, Selangor, 1902 ; 
assistant commissioner of Police 
and Registrar of Criminals, Kuala 
Lumpur, 1906. Address : Kuala 
Lumpur, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

CONNOLLY, Dr. Richard Michael 
L.R.S.P., Edin. ; F.M.S. Civil 
Service. Assistant Colonial 
Surgeon, Nov., 1892 ; Deputy Sheriff, 
Elmina, Feb., 1893; Distiict Com- 
missioner, Salt Pond, May-Oct., 
1894 ; Distiict Commissioner Chama 

Dixcove, June and July, 1895 ; 
Medical Officer to Frontier Bound- 
ary Commissioner, Nov., 1895. 
District Surgeon at Tapah, Gopeng, 
Batu Gajah, Larut, and Ipoh,. 
1898-1933 ; Managing Director 
" Times of Malaya," 1906. Address : 
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 
COOK, Edward Arthur (KUALA LUM- 
PUR), Traffic manager, F.M.S. Rail- 
ways; b. May 27, 18J9. Appointed 
Traffic Superintendent, Perak State 
Railways, 1892 ; present position 
since 1903. Address: Kuala Lumpur, 
Selangor, Federated Malay States. 

COOK, Rev. John Angus Bethune 
(SINGAPORE), Ministerial Mission- 
ary to Chinese, Presbyterian 
Church of England; b. Oct., 28, 
1854 ; m. 1882 Jeanie, e. d. of James 
Henry. Educ. : Schools, Glasgow ; 
Edinburgh University ; Theological 
College, London. Visited Italy, 
1872, shortly after liberation of that 
country ; since 1882 has been in 
Straits Settlements, and Sultanate 
of Johore, except when on 
furlough in Europe, India, China 
Burma, and Ceylon ; revisited Italy 
in 1904 during President Loubet'.s 
visit. Publications : Articles in 
local press and home magazines. 
Club: Foreign Missions, London. 
Address: Gilstead, Newton, Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 

COOPER, Rev. Albert Seth (WU- 
CHANG), B.A. ; Priest in P.E. 
Church of America; b. Feb., 27, 
1876. Educ. : Delaware College ; 
General Theological Seminary. 
Curate at St. Mark's Church, 16th 
and Locust Sts., Philadelphia, 




1901-03; Curate at St. Elizabeth's 
Church, 16th and Mifflin Sts., 
Philadelphia, 1903-05. Addrets : 
American Church Mission, Wu- 
chang, China. 

COOPER, Hsrbart James (BATU 
GAJAH), F.M.S. Civil Service ; b. 
Oct. 26, 1875. Assistant Engineer, 
Public Works Department, Perak, 
1902 ; Pahang, 1903 ; Perak, 1904 ; 
Batu Gajah, 1906. Address : Batu 
Gajah, Perak, Federated Malay 

COPLEY, George (PEXANG), Straits 
Settlements Civil Service ; 6. June 
28, 1858 ; Secretary to Municipality 
of Malacca; assistant Treasurer, 
Penaug, 1903; Treasurer of Free 
School Committee, Penang. Ad- 
dress : Penaug, Straits Settlements. 

'COREA, Bishop of (see : TURNER, B/r. 

CORMAC, Charles Richard (KUALA 
LUMPUR), A.M.I.E.E. ; F.M.S. Civil 
Service; b. Aug. 14, 1887. Chief In- 
spector of Posts and Telegraphs, 
Selangor, Sept., 1891 ; acting Super- 
intendent of Posts and Telegraphs, 
Selangor, May, 1893 ; assistant 
Superintendent of Posts and 
Telegraphs, Selangor, Jan., 1897 ; 
acting Superintendent of Posts and 
Telegraphs, Selangor, Aug., 1899; 
acting Superintendent of Posts and 
Telegraphs, Negri Sembilan, Jan., 
1902 ; Superintendent of Posts and 
Telegraphs, Pahang, and acting 
Superintendent of Posts and Tele- 
graphs, Negri Sembilan, July, 1932; 
assistant Accountant of Posts and 
Telegraphs for F.M.S. since 19:-5. 
Address : Ku\la Lumpur, Selangor, 
Federated Malay States. 

CORNABY, Rev. William Arthur 
(SHANGHAI), Wesleyan Minister, 
engaged in C.L.S. (formerly called 
S.D.K.) editorial and literary work ; 
b. Sydenham, London, June 19, 
1860. Educ. : Sydenham Grammar 
School ; South Kensington School 
of Mines ; Wesleyan College, Rich- 
mond. Assistant teacher of 
Chemistry at Clifton College, 
Bristol, 1881-1883; with Prof. A. 
Shenstone engaged in research 
work for Royal Society, " The 
Alkaloids of Nux Vomica Root,' 
etc. ; was then a member of the 
Chemical Society of Berlin ; arrived 
in China in 1885 ; Wesleyan Mission, 
Hankow and Hanyang, for eighteen 
years ; editor of " Chinese Christian 
Review," from 1889; editor of 
" Chinese Weekly " also in Shang- 
hai from 1904. Publications: "A 
String of Chinese Peach Stories," 
1893; "China under the Search- 
light," 1901; "In Touch with 
Reality," 1935. Address : 44, Boone 
Road, Shanghai, China. 

COSGRAVE, William Nassau 
Service ; b. July 2, 1867. Appren- 
ticed to Public Works Department 
headquarters, Perak, 1891 ; acting 
Clerk of Works, Larut, Dec., 1892; 
acting District Engineer, Kuala 
Kangsar, Aug., 1893; acting assis- 
tant Engineer, Headquarters Staff, 
Oct., 1894; assistant Engineer on 
Irrigation Work, Jan., 1895; assis- 
tant Engineer, Kinta, Oct., 1895; 
acting assistant Engineer, Krian, 
April, 1897 ; assistant Engineer, 
Kuala Pilah, Nov., 1898; acting 
Superintendent Public Works De- 



partment, Negri Sembilau, Sept. 
1899; executive Engineer, Kuala 
Pilah, Jan., 1901; executive Engi- 
neer, Srd grade, Jan., 1902; acting 
State Engineer, 1902 ; executive 
Engineer, Crd grade, Tapali, 1904 ; 
executive Engineer, Batang, 
Padang. Address : Batang Padang, 
Perak, Federated Malay States. 

Merchant ; b. Jan. 8, 1850 ; m. April 
17, 1901, at Hongkong. Educ. : 
Clevedon College, Northampton, 
England. Director of Lane, Craw- 
ford and Co., Ltd., Yokohama. 
Address : 253, Bluff, Yokohama ; 
and 59, Yokohama, Japan. 

COURTEAUD, Leonard G. H. (HANOI), 
Chef de Service de 1'Enregistrement, 
des Domaines et du Timbre ; b. 
March, 1851. Entered Civil Service 
of Indo-Miina, May 9, 1883 ; appoin- 
ted to present post, March 21, 19CO. 
Address: Hanoi, Tonkin, In do- 

COUSLAND, Dr. Philip Brunelleschi 
(Cri'AOCHOU-FU), M.B., C.M., Edin. ; 

Medical Missionary. Educ. : George 
Watson's School, Edinburgh, and 
Edinburgh University ; formerly 
secretary of the Shanghai Com- 
mittee on Medical Nomenclature. 
Publications: Handbook of 
Physiology (Chinese). Address: 
Ch'aochou-fu, via Swatow, China. 

COUVREUR, Rav. Nicholas Justin 
(SINGAPORE), Procurator of Mis- 
sions Etraugeres ; b. 1855 at Grancy- 
sur-Ource* (C6te d'Or) France. 
Educ. : Ecclesiastical Colleges of 
Langres and Paris. Vice- Procurator 
of Mission Etrangere.sjat Hong- 

kong, 1878-80 ; since 1880 Procurator 
at Singapore ; one of chief social 
and financial figures in Straits, 
where controls vast interests in 
real property, etc., on behalf of 
Society of Missions Etrangeres ; 
though French citizen was selected 
by Government as Assessor, sitting 
with Chief Justice, Sir Lionel Cox, 
in case of expropriation of certain 
property belonging to the P. and O. 
Co., and Jardine, Matheson and 
Co., for Singapore Railway in 1904 ; 
Considered one of ablest experts 
on real estate and business in- 
terests in Far East. Address : 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

COWEN, John (TIENTSIN), Journalist; 
b. Sept, 6, 1867, 2nd s. of late John 
Richard Cowen, Assistant Editor, 
" Yorkshire Post ;" m. Marion, d. of 
Benjamin Wright, of Manchester. 
Educ. : Leeds Grammar School. 
Has served upon editorial staffs of 
newspapers at Newcastle-on-Tyne, 
Leeds, Hull, Preston and London ; 
sub-editor of " The Times," 1895-7 ; 
private Secretary to Editor of " The 
Times," 1897-1900 ; arrived in China 
as special correspondent in connec- 
tion with the Boxer lisiug in 1900; 
founded at Peking, on Jan. 21, 1901, 
the " China Times," the first 
foreign daily newspaper published 
in the Chinese capital ; transferred 
it in April same year to Tientsin, 
where it is now published; also 
founded the first evening newspaper 
in the district the " Evening Ex- 
press " ; sentenced in 1903 to im- 
prisonment and deportation to the 
United Kingdom under the China, 
and Corea Order in Council, for 



certain comments in connection 
with Russo-Japanese war ; sentence 
afterwards quashed and new Order 
in Council issued in 1904 in which 
objectionable clause, under which 
action was taken, was modified. 
Address : " China Times," Tientsin, 

COWEN, William Charles Barker 
(TIENTSIN), Journalist ; b. May 3, 
1865, at Hull, e. s. of late John 
Richard Cowen, Assistant Editor, 
" Yorkshire Post;" m. May 16, 1891, 
o. d. of Charles Bartram, The 
Causey, Maxley Hill, Co. Durham. 
Educ. : Leeds Grammar School. 
Assistant Sub-editor, " Eastern 
Morning News" (Hull), 1883; As- 
sistant Sub-editor, " Newcastle 
Daily Chronicle," Newcastle-on- 
Tyne, 1884 ; Chief Sub-editor, "New- 
castle Daily Chronicle," 1891; 
Assistant editor, " Newcastle Daily 
Chronicle," 1896; Editor, "Lan- 
cashire Daily Post," and " Preston 
Guardian," Preston, 1900; editor, 
"China Times," Tientsin, 1905. 
Publications : " Road Book of 
Northumberland and Durham," 
" History of the Motor Car." 
Address : " China Times," Tientsin, 

COX, Alexander George (TIENTSIN), 
F.R.G.S., M.I.C.E. ; District En- 
gineer, Imperial Chinese Railways ; 
b. Sept. 28, 1865 ; m. 1894, Florence, 
widow of Rev. G. Innocent. Educ. : 
The Commercial College, Adelaide, 
South Australia. Indentured pupil, 
and subsequently assistant to 
Seaver and Shaw, Civil and Mining 
Engineers, Adelaide and Sydney ; 
joined Imperial Railways of North 

China as Assistant Engineer in 
1887 ; promoted Resident, 1891, and 
District Engineer, 1893 ; acted as 
Engineer-in-Chief of British Rail- 
way Administration ( Military ) 
1901-02, and was mentioned in 
despatches ; on reversion of rail- 
ways to Chinese Government again 
appointed Distiict Engineer. Deco- 
rations : Double Dragon, 2nd of 3rd 
class ; China Medal, clasp Relief of 
Peking. Address : Imperial Chinese 
Railways, Tientsin, China. 

COX, E. A. W. (SARAWAK), Resident- 
Cadet, Sarawak Civil Service,. 
March 1885; Assistant Resident 
May, 1891 ; June, 1896 ; Resident, 
2nd class, March, 1898, of Tiusan; 
again May, 1899. Address: Sarawak, 
Biitish Noith Borneo. 

COX, Francis Becle (MIAMH;U) V 
Federated Malay States Civil 
Service ; b. May 27, 1864, 4th s. of 
Lieut-Colonel Rkhaid Snead Cox, 
of Brexwood Couit and Eaton 
Bishops, Herefordshire; D.L., J.P. ; 
m. Nov. 5, 1890, Mary Winifred, 
d. of late Charles Salvin. Educ r 
Dcwmide College, rear Bath. 
Joined Federated Malay States: Civil 
Seivice, 1888; Deputy Lieutenant 
for Herefordshire. Address : Klang, 
Selangor, Federated Malay States. 

COX, Dr. George Aitnur (CHIN- 
KIANG), L.R.C.P. and S., Etlin. ; 
Medical Missionary; b. Sept. 16, 
1861 ; in. 1890, L. G. Thomas. Educ. : 
Madras and Edinburgh. Ai rived 
in China in connection with China 
Inland Mission, Jan., 1888; while 
studying language travelled to 

! Missionary stations on Yangtze 




River as far as Sha-shu ; appointed 
Schofleld Memorial Hospital, 
Taiyuen, Shansi, 1891; appointed 
to medical work in connection with 
Training Home at Yangchow, and 
stationed at Chinkiang in 1892, 
where has since remained. Ad- 
dress : China Inland Mission, 
Chinkiang, China. 

COX, Sir William Henry Lionel 

(SINGAPORE), Kt. Bach., 1896; Chief 
Justice; b. 1864; in., 2nd, 1903, 
Elizabeth Cushing, d. of late Lewis 
Pughe, of Seranton, Pennsylvania. 
Educ.: Mauritius. Banister Middle 
Temple, 1866; Substitute Pro- 
cureur and Advocate-General, 
Mauritius, Feb., 1880; Puisne 
Judge of the Supreme Court, Aug. 
1880 ; Procureur and Advocate Gen- 
eral, Aug., 1886; Chief Justice, 
Straits Settlements, since 1892. 
'Club: Singapore. Address: Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 

CRAIG, Rofceit Henry Aithur (HONG- 
KONG), J.P. ; Civil Service; b. Oct. 
10, 1857. Joined Imperial Civil 
Service, 1880 ; joined Hongkong 
Civil Service, 1894 ; Assistant Su- 
perintendent of Prisons, 1899 to 
date. Address: Hongkong. 

CRAIG, William (SINGAPORE), Straits 
Civil Service ; b. Dec. 21, 1867. 
Edvc. : Piivately. Arrived in Singa- 
pore under engagement as jour- 
nalist to Singapore " Free Press " ; 
joined Government Service as mail 
assistant, May, 1889 ; Superinten- 
dent of Mails, 1903 ; Acting Su- 
perintendent Money Order Branch 
and Savings Bank, Oct., 1903. 

Address : Singapore, Straits Settle- 

CRAWFORD, Robeit Alexander 
Service ; b. May 20, 1870. Land and 
Survey Depaitment West Australia, 
1900 ; District Surveyor, Selangor, 

1901. Address : Kuala Lumpur, 
Selangor, Federated Malay States. 

CRAYSSAC, Pierre Arittide (HANOI), 
Director General of the Depait- 
ment of Customs and Excise, 
Imlo-Chiiia ; 6. March 3, 1854. 
Joined the local service, Oct. 31, 

1902. Decorations : Chevalier de la 
Legion d'Honneur ; Officier 
d'Acad^mie. Address : Hanoi, Ton- 
kin, Indo-China. 

CRESTIEN, Gillcs Francois Auguite 
Jacques (EENTRE), Re.sidci t ; Ad- 
ministrator, 2nd class; b. ^ une 8, 
1861. Joined Indo-China Civil 
Service, Dec. 16, 1881; Adminis- 
trator, 4th class, July 1, 1893; Ad- 
ministrator, 3rd class, July 1, 
1895 ; Administrator,' 2nd class, 
Aug. 2, 1900. Address: Bentre, 
province of Bentre, Cochin-China. 

C R I C H T N , Reginald (KUALA 
LUMPUR), F.M.S. C ivil Service ; b. 
Oct. 10, 1877. Cadet at Perak, 1900 ; 
acting assistant District Magistrate 
and Treasurer, Kuala Kangsar, 
May, 1901 ; acting assistant Dis- 
trict Magistrate, Bruas, Oct. 1902 ; 
acting assistant District Officer, 
Gopeng, Feb., 1903; acting 2nd 
Magistrate, Kuala Lumpur, 
1904. Address: Kuala Lumpur, 
Selangor, Federated Malay States. 




CROOK, Alfred H. (HONGKONG), B.A., 
1900, M.A., 1905, Lc.D. ; F.R.G.S. ; 
Assistant Master, Queen's College ; 
b. 1873. Lecturer in Biology, Hong- 
kong College of Medicine. Chil>: 
Hongkong. Address : Queen's 
College, Hongkong. 

M.B. ; Colonial Surgeon ; House 
Surgeon General Hospital, Singa- 
pore, 1893 ; Colonial Surgeon, 
Malacca, Jan., 1897. Address : 
Malacca, Straits Settlements. 

CROWE, Edward Thomas Frederick 
(TAMSUl), H. B. M. Consular Ser- 
vice; b. Aug., 1877; m. Eleanor 
Lay in 1901. Educ. : Bedford 
Grammar School; appointed stu- 
dent interpreter in Japan, 1897 ; 
promoted 2nd Assistant, April, 
1899 ; held local rank of Vice- 
Cousul at Yokohama, Jan., 1901, to 
April, 1902; promoted 1st Assistant, 
May, 1903 ; acting Vice-Consul at 
Kobe, Aug. 8, to Sept. 23, 1903 ; has 
been acting Consul at Tamsui 
since Dec., 1904. Clubs : Yokohama 
United ; Kobe, T watutia Foreign. 
Address: H. B. M. Consulate, Tam- 
sui, Formosa. 

KONG), Merchant; in. in Nov., 1904. 
After some years' business ex- 
perience in London, came out to 
Jardine, Matheson and Co. in 
1882 ; given " per procuration " in 
1901, and made a partner in 1904. 
Recreations: Supporter of sport in 
various branches ; rowing in early 
days polo (player from com- 

mencement of club), shooting and 
racing in Shanghai and Hongkong. 
Clubs : Hongkong ; Shanghai ; 
Thatched House, Lond. Address: 
East Point, Hongkong; " Trailflatt" 
Dumfrieshire, N.B. 

CUDENET, Louis Francois (HATIEN), 
Resident ; Administrator, 2nd 
class ; b. July 22, 1861. Joined Indo- 
China Civil Service, July 8, 1885; 
Administrator, 4th class, July 1, 
1893 ; Administrator, 3rd class, 
Sept. 1, 1898 ; Administrator, 2nd 
class, Jan. 1, 1902. Address: 
Hatien, Province of Hatien, Cochin- 

General Manager and Editor 
"South China Morning Post"; 6. 
Paddington, London, Dec. 7, 1870 ; 
2nd s. of F. Cunningham, London, 
journalist. Articled journalist, Lon- 
don, 1884; general London and 
provincial experience ; filled edi- 
torial appointments, Singapore, 
Shanghai and Hongkong ; served in 
Chino-Japanese war as special cor- 
respondent ; was special coi'respon- 
deut for " New York Journal " with 
Spanish forces in Philippines, 
Spanish-American war ; special 
correspondent at Chinese Rebellion 
at Tset Tze Lin, and in 1905 for 
" Daily Mail " and " New York Sun " 
at Camrang Bay with the Baltic 
Fleet ; special correspondent for 
South China for the New York 
" Sun " ; Secretary to the Public 
Committee whose petition secured 
the appointment of Royal Commis- 
sion of Inquiry into the sanitary 



condition of Hongkong; gold 
Medallist of Hanoi Exposition of 
1902; founded the "South China 
Morning Post," 1903. Publications: 
Special articles on Siberia, 1899; 
" The French in Tonkin and South 
China," " The Chinese Soldier and 
other Sketches," and "Scrutator's 
Letters on the Insanitary condition 
of Hongkong." Clubs : Hongkong ; 
St. George's, Hongkong. Address : 

Missionary and Teacher of English ; 
b. Pittsburg, Pa., 1864 ; m. to Emily 
Boyd, Pa., June 2, 1898. Educ.: 
Bethany College and Wooster 
University, U.S.A. Professor of 
Mathematics in State Normal 
College, California, 1889-90 ; lecturer 
on Hermenutics in College of 
Disciples, St. Thomas, Ontario, 
1894-98; came to Japan, Oct., 1901 ; 
teacher of English in Nobles' 
College, Tokyo, 1903-4 ; independent 
Missionary. Publications: A few 
booklets on Christianity and 
Education. " Address: 6 Nakacho, 
Yotsuya, Tokyo, Japan. 

10th Bt., cr. 1702; on the staff of 
H. H. The Rajah of Sarawak ; 6. 
Feb. 21, 1867; s. of 9th Bt. and 
Jessica, d. of Rev. W. H. Bloxsome ; 
S. father, 1900; m. 1903, Maud 
Albiuia Margaret, o. d. of Major 
Selwyn Payne, Badgeworth Court, 
'Gloucester ; is a Captain, 5th Batt., 
Duke of Cambridge's Own Mid- 
dlesex Regiment, and Resident * of 
Sarawak. Heir: s., b. Feb. 7, 1905. 
Club : Junior United Service. 

Address : The Residency, Sarawak, 
Borneo; Badgeworth Court, 

CURTIS, Frederick Joseph (CHEFOO), 
Merchant ; b. July 2, 1869 ; m. 1896. 
Educ. : At Southampton, England. 
Fifteen years in the Mercantile 
Marine ; holds Master's certificate ; 
settled in Chefoo, 1898 ; Lloyds' 
Agent since 1902 ; now controlling 
firm of Curtis Bros., Import and 
Export Manufacturers' Agents ; 
Address: Chefoo, North China. 

CUSCADEN, George Percy (KUALA 
LUMPUR), Assistant Commandant 
Police; b. March 25, 1883. Joined 
Royal Irish Constabulary, 1902; 
acting Assistant Superintendent 
of Police, Straits Settlements, 1903; 
Assistant Commandant of Police, 
Taiping; ditto, Kuala Lumpur, 
to 1906. Address: Kuala Lumpur, 
Selangor, Federated Malay States. 

CUSCADEN, Capt. William Andrew 
(SINGAPORE), Superintendent of 
Police; b. Nov. 1, 1853. Educ.: 
Diocesan School, Wexford ; Trinity 
College, Dublin. Captain and In- 
structor of Musketry, 4th Batt., 
Royal Dublin Fusiliers ; Assistant 
Inspector, Gold Coast Constabu- 
lary, 1879 ; Civil Commissioner, 
Tacquah, 1880; Chief Inspector of 
Police, Singapore, 1883; acting 
Assistant Superintendent, Penang, 
18S3 ; Assistant Superintendent, 
Penang, 1884; Acting Superinten- 
dent, Malacca, Singapore, and 
Penang, 1889 ; Assistant Superinten- 
dent, Province Wellesley, 1893 } 



Superintendent Police, Malacca, 
1897; Acting <;hief Police Officer, 
Singapore, 1898 ; Acting Inspector 
General of Police, Straits Settle- 
ments; Municipal Commissioner 
for Singapore, 1901 ; Superintendent 
of Police, Singapore, since 1902. 
Cluts: Edward Yacht, Kingston; 
Coruna; Singapore. Address: 

Goodwood Estate, Tanglin, Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 

CUTHBERT, Rev. William James 
(KYOTO), b. Jan. 6, 1877 ; m. Mar- 
garet, d. of the late Consul John 
Simpson. Educ. : Private tutors ; 
Rashotah Seminary, U.S.A. Ad- 
dress: Kyoto, Japan. 

DAIN, Colonel Victor C. H. (HANOI), 
Commandant, ler Regiment de 
Tirailleurs Annamites. Decora- 
tion: Officier de la Legion d'Hon- 
neur. Address: Hanoi, Tonkin, 

DALLAS, Hon. Francis Henry 

(SARAWAK), Treasurer of Sarawak ; 
b. Feb. 26, 1866; ro. Ethel, y, d. 
of Charles Santley. Educ. : Univer- 
sity College School, London. Was 
on the staff of Mutual Life 
Office, London, 1886-92; assistant 
Secretary, Penang Municipality, 
1894-97 ; acting Secretary, 1896-97 ; 
joined Sarawak Service, 1897; 
Editor "Sarawak Gazette," 1897; 
Registrar, Supreme Court, 1899; 
acting Treasurer and Clerk of 
Supreme Council, 1900-1901 ; acting 
Postmaster General, 1902; acting 
Treasurer, 1902 ; Treasurer and 
Recorder of Supreme Council, 1903; 
member of Committee of Ad- 
ministration during absence of 
H. H. the Rajah, 1903-4. Club: 
Sports. Address: Kuching, Sara- 
wak, Borneo. 

DALTON, Captain Hubert Grant- 
(HONGKONG) R.N. ; Captain of 
H. M. second class cruiser " Flora." 
Promoted to present rank, June 30, 
1904 ; appointed to command, Jan. 

17, 1905. Club: Hongkong. Ad- 
dress: H.M.S. "Flora," Hongkong. 

DALY, Maurice Dominic (PEKAN), 
F.M.S. Civil Service ; b. April 14, 
1875. Cadet, Negri Sembilan, 1898 ; 
acting District Officer, Kuala 
Pilah, Oct., 1901; acting assistant 
District Officer, Pekan, Feb., 1902 ; 
assistant District Officer, Pekan, 
March, 1902 ; acting District Officer, 
Kuantan, Sept. 1902 ; appointed 
District Officer, 1906. Address: 
Pekan, Pahang, Federated Malay 

DAMADE, Auguste Charles Francois 
(YEN-BAY), Resident; Administra- 
tor, 2nd class ; b. Jan. 1, 1852. 
Joined Indo-China Civil Service, 
Nov. 5, 1889; Administrator, 4th 
class, Jan. 16, 1890 ; Administrator, 
3rd class, Jan. 1, 1895 ; Administra- 
tor, 2nd class, Feb. 2, 1901. Address : 
Y6n-Bay, Tonkin, Indo-China. 

Envoy Extraordinary and Minister 
Plenipotentiary for Austria-Hun- 
gary. Address : Austria-Hungary 
Legation, Kioicho, Kojimachiku, 
Tokyo, Japan. 

M.I.C.E., Civil Engineer and 
Architect ; b. May 5, 1842. Educ. : 



Leeds Grammar School ; King's 
College, London. Articled as a 
Civil Engineer to the Municipal 
Engineer, Leeds, afterwards As- 
sistant and, subsequently, 
Deputy Borough Engineer, 
Leeds, 1866; Chief Resident En- 
gineer (under the late Sir Thomas 
Hawksley, F.R.S., Past President 
Institute of Civil Engineers); in 
charge of the large \Vashburn Ex- 
tension of the Leeds C.W.W., 
1869-73 ; appointed assistant to the 
Surveyor General of Hongkong, 
Dec., 1873, and was in charge of the 
detailed surveys and borings for 
the Tytam Waterworks, 1874-75 ; 
had charge of all new Government 
Public Works and Surveys, 1874-79, 
resigned from the Government ser- 
vice, Feb., 1879; commenced private 
practise that year and has since, 
among other works, erected sugar 
refineries and docks ; elected 
Lieutenant of local Volunteer 
Corps, May, 1878 ; appointed J.P., 
Jan. 24, 1882 ; represented the 
Chinese Government in the settle- 
ment of the Shameen Riot claims, 
Canton, August, 1884 ; attacked by 
Chinese in New Territory when 
on a geological expedition, July 19, 
1879; is Past D.S.G.W. Hongkong 
and South China. Club: Hong- 
kong. Address: Queen's Gardens, 
and Queen's Road Central, Hong- 

DANE, Dr. Robert (SINGAPORE), 
M.R.C.S., L.S.A. (1887), L.R.C.P. 
(1889); Colonial Surgeon. House 
Physician, Middlesex Hospital, 
1890; House Surgeon, General 
Hospital, Singapore, June, 1890; 

Colonial Surgeon, Province Welles- 
ley, March, 1893 ; Colonial Surgeon, 
Singapore, March, 1901. Club : 
Singapore. Address : Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

D'ANETHAN, Baroness Albert, nee 
Haggard, (TOKYO); b. at Braden- 
ham Hall, Norfolk; m. Nov. 17, 
1886, to Baron Albert d'Anethan 
Publications : " His Chief's Wife ; " 
"Love Songs and Other Songs;" 
" It Happened in Japan," etc., etc., 
Decorations: Medals of Japanese 
Red Cross Society and of Imperial 
(Japanese) Silver Wedding. Club: 
Grosvenor Crescent, London. Ad- 
dress: Belgian Legation, Tokyo, 

D'ANETHAN, Baron Albert (TOKYO), 
Envoy Extraordinary and Minister 
Plenipotentiary for Belgium; b. 
June 13, 1849; m. Eleonore Mary 
Haggard. Educ. : Athenee of 
Brussels; Liege University. En- 
tered the Belgian diplomatic service 
in 1870 and served 3 years at the 
Foreign Office ; appointed Secretary 
to Legation in Japan, 1873 ; Secre- 
tary to Legation in Great Britain, 
1876; Conseiller of Legation at 
Washington, 1880; at Constantinople 
and Vienna, 1883 ; at Rio de Janeiro, 
1886; at London, 1888; Minister in 
Brazil, 1889; Minister in Tokyo since 
1893 ; Doyen of the Corps Diploma- 
tique from 1897 to 1906. Decora- 
tions: Officer of Leopold; G.C. of 
Rising Sun ; G.C. of Isabelle la 
Calholique; K.C. of Rose; K.C. of 
Iron Crown ; K.C. of Osmanie ; Kt. 
of Legion of Honour ; Kt. of Albert 
le Valeureux, etc., etc. Clubs: 
Tokyo, and Yokohama United. 




Address: Belgian Legation, Tokycf, 

DANIEL, Walter John (HONGKONG), 

Solicitor; 6. 1877. Educ. : Sntton 
Vallance Grammar School, Kent, 
Arrived Hongkong, 19C5, under 
engagement to Johnston, Stokes 
and Master. Address: Hongkong. 

DANIELS, Dr. Charles Wilberforcs 
M.R.C.S. ; Director of Institute 
for Medical Research; b. May 9, 
1862. Government Medical Officer, 
Fiji, 1899; Government Medical 
Service, British Guiana, 1892; 
present position in F.M.S. Civil 
Service since 1903. Address : Kuala 
Lumpur, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

A.I.E.E. ; Electrical Engineer; 
Superintendent, Posts and Tele- 
graphs; b. July 1, 1859. Etlut'.: 
India. In charge of Telegraphs, 
Bolan Pass, dm ing last Afghan 
War; Superintendent, Posts and 
Telegraphs, North Sembilan, since 
1900. Address: Post Office, Kuala 
Lumpur, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

DARKE, Robert William Bowrmg 1 
(KI-ALA LUMPUR), F.M.S. Civil 
Service ; b. Dec. 6, 1869. Surveyor 
at Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, and 
Ulu Langat, 1896-7 ; District 
Surveyor, April, 19G2 ; acting 
Superintendent of Revenue Sur- 
veys, 1904. Address : Kuala 
Lumpur, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

DARWALL, Lieut.-Commander Wil- 
liam H. (HONGKONG), R.N. ; in 

command of H.M. torpedo boat 
destroyer " Janus." Lieutenant, 
March 15, 1903 ; appointed to com- 
mand, May 15, 1905. Club : Hong- 
kong. Address : H.M.S. " Janus," 

DAUBENY, Charles W. ( SARAWAK ), 
Supeiintendent of Police ; (late 3rd 
batt. Cheshire Regiment). Joined 
Sarawak Civil Service, 1883 ; Officer 
in Charge, Baram, 1885 ; Inspector 
of Police and Prisons, 1888 ; Super- 
intendent of Police and Prisons, 
1901. Address: Sarawak, British 
North Borneo. 


DAVIES, Reginald Downing (SINGA- 
PORE), M.J.I.; Journalist; b. Feb., 
1878, at London ; in. Mabel, 4th d. 
of, P. Ovenden, of Clifton. Educ.: 
Cheltenham College. Reporter, 
Bristol "Times and Mirror"; 
arrived at Singapore, 1902 ; Sub- 
Editor, Singapore "Free Press". 
Publications: " Siam in the Malay 
Peninsula " ; various stories and 
articles in London and local press. 
Address : " Free Press ", Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

DAVID, Paul August Felix (SEKEM- 
BAN), F.M.S. Civil Service ; b. May 
10, 1874. Cadet at Perak, 1896; 
assistant District Magistrate and 
Treasivrer, Kuala Kangsar, Dec., 
1900 ; acting assistant Secretary 
to Resident, March, 1902 ; acting 
District Magistrate, Matang, April, 
1902 ; acting assistant Secretary to 
Resident, Aug., 1902; acting Dis- 
trict Magistrate, Kuala Kangsar, 



Nov., 1902; 2nd assistant District 
Officer, Kuala Kangsar, and acting 
assistant Secretary to Resident, 
Jan., 1893 ; District Officer, Temer- 
loh, continued as acting assistant 
Secretary to Resident, Perak, Mar., 
1904 ; acting Revenue Auditor, 
Seremban, 1906. Address: Serem- 
ban, Negri Sembilan, Federated 
Malay States. 

DAVIDSON, Ewen Charles (PERAK), 
F.M.S. civil Service ; b. July 30, 
1850. Road Overseer, Kinta, 1890 ; 
Financial clerk, Public Works 
Department, Perak, March, 1891; 
assistant Superintendent of Posts 
and Telegraphs, April, 1895 ; acting 
Superintendent of Posts and Tele- 
graphs, Selangor, Aug., 1900 ; acting 
Superintendent, Posts and Tele- 
graphs, Perak, 1906. A ddress : Perak, 
Federated Malay States. 

DAVIS, Edward Clarence (YOKO- 
HAMA), Merchant"; Senior partner 
Samuel, Samuel and Co.; b. 1874 ; m. 
Clara, o. d. of H. W. Andrews, Yoko- 
hama and Cincinnati. Educ. : St. 
Paul's School ; Heidelberg College. 
Arrived in the East in 1896 to join 
firm of Samuel, Samuel and Co.; was 
made senior partner in 1901 ; when 
war broke out firm was entrusted 
with responsible duty of supplying 
the Japanese Army and Navy; 
successfully negotiated Kansai 
Railway Loan in 1905 (first Japanese 
railway loan ever floated abroad) ; 
has been holder of Formosa and 
Japan Camphor Monopolies for six 
years; has been President, Yoko- 
hama Foreign Board of Trade for 
last two years ; President of Yoko- 
hama Amateur Dramatic Club ; one 

of the founders of Beethoven (Mus.) 
Society. Clubs : Thatched House, 
Lond. ; Yokohama United. Address: 
Yokohama, Japan; 29, Gloucester 
Place, Portman Square, London. 

DAVIS, William Herbert Trenchard 
(HONGKONG), J.P. ; Branch Mana- 
ger and Underwriter, Commercial 
Union Assurance Co. ; b, Dec. 19, 
1868. Chairman of the Fire In- 
surance Association of Hongkong, 
1899-1901, 1904-6; Honorary Secre- 
tary, Volunteer Reserve Association 
from inception till March, 1906. 
Club : Hongkong. Address: Hong- 

DAY, George Harold (KUALA LUM- 
PUR), Barrister at Law; Advocate 
and Solicitor, Federated Malay 
States ; b. Jan. 4, 1876. Educ. : 
Radley College ; University College, 
Oxford. Called to Bar by Inner 
Temple, 1899. Address: Kuala 
Lumpur, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

DAY, H. R. A. (KUCHING), Magistrate. 
Cadet, Sarawak Civil Service, 1886 ; 
assistant Resident, Lundu, 1881; 
assistant Resident, Bitulu, 1893; 
Resident, 2nd class, 1896 ; Resident 
of Lundu, 1898 ; Resident, 2nd class, 
Upper Sarawak, 1902 ; Magistrate, 
Court of Request*, Kuching. Ad- 
dress : Kuching, Sarawak, Borne. 

DEACON, Victor Hobart (HONGKONG), 
Solicitor ; b. Ottery, St. Mary, 
Devon, Jan. 19, 1847. Educ. : 
Marlborough College. Arrived 
Hongkong, July, 1880. Clubs : 
Junior Carlton, Pall Mall, London ; 
Hongkong. Address: 1 Des Voeus 
Road, Hongkong. 




DEALY, Thomas Kirkman (HONG- 
KONG), F.B.G.S., J.P. ; Second 
Master Queen's College ; Educ. : 
St. Mary's College, Brook Green, 
Hammersmith ; Marquis of Rlpoii 
Prizeman and double first (head of 
each list) ; Intermediate Arts 
(London); Dipl6m de 1' Alliance 
Francaise, Degrd Supe"rieur (Paris); 
student of Lincoln's Inn, Head- 
master, St. Mary's Schools, Derby 
Jan., 1881 to Aug., 1884; arrived in 
Hongkong as Assistant Master, 
Government Central School, Dec. 1, 
1884; Honorary Examiner in 
Physics, College of Medicine for 
Chinese, 1888 ; passed final 
examination, Higher Grade 
Chinese, Aug., 1890; Chief, Senior 
Assistant Master, Queen's College, 
and acting Second Master, for five 
periods, between 1890 and 1905; 
promoted Second Master, April, 
19C6. Publications : Revised and 
considerably enlarged the new 
edition of the late Dr. Chalmers' 
<l English and Cantonese Colloquial 
Dictionary." Club : The Corona. 
Address : " Craigmin East," Maga- 
zine Gap, Hongkong. 

DEANS, Rev. William (I CHANG), 
Minister of Church of Scotland ; b. 
Oct. 28, 1864. Educ. : Wilton Public 
School ; Edinburgh University. 
Arrived in China, March, 1890; 
Senior Missionary of Church of 
Scotland since 1893 ; was present at 
riots of 1891, 1895 and 1900 ; in 1891 
troubles lost all possessions ; at 
present time head of training 
institution for native workers and 
of Boy's High School, Ichang; 
correspondent of " N.-C. Daily 

News." Publications: "A Catechism 
for the Young in China " ; articles 
to " Life and Work " ; " Morning 
Rays " ; " Mission World " ; " Ex- 
pository Times " ; " Missionary Re- 
corder." Address : Ichang, China. 

DEARING, Rev. John Lincoln (YOKO- 
HAMA), D.D. ; Clergyman and Mis- 
sionary ; b. Dec. 10, 1858 ; m. May, d. 
of Rev. H. Hinckley, Mass., U.S.A. 
Educ. : Colby College ; Newton 
Theological Seminary. President 
of Baptist Theological Seminary, 
Yokohama, since 1904 ; Vice-Pre- 
sident, Standing Committee of Co- 
operating Christian Missions of 
Japan ; Secretary of Asiatic Society 
of Japan ; correspondent, Japan 
Society, London ; one of Secretaries 
of Ecumenical Conference, New 
York, 1900 ; arrived in Japan, 1889 ; 
formerly Pastor's Assistant in 
Cambridge, Mass. Publications: 
" Systematic Theology " (in Ja- 
panese) ; sundry articles in maga- 
zines, etc. Address: 75, Bluff, 
Yokohama, Japan. 

DE BECKER, Joseph Ernest 
(YOKOHAMA), Solicitor ; b. Dec., 7, 
1863, at London; m. 1900, Ethel 
Dorothy Suzu, d. of late Takegaki, 
formerly Minister of Daimyo of 
Nagaoka, Echigo Province. Educ. : 
Great Britain. Went to America 
as young man ; arrived in Japan, 
1887 ; was engaged in commerce 
some years, during which attention 
was attracted to subject of judi- 
cial reform; was led to make 
elaborate study of Japanese lan- 
guage, customs and laws ; for 12 
years previous to treaty revision 
followed each step in Compilation 




of modern Codes ; when Treaties 
were finally revised was appointed 
by Impeiial Japanese Government 
Special Commissioner of Judicial 

' Department to assist in interpre- 
tation of complicated foreign cases; 
was engaged in celebrated miller 
triple murder case veiy day after 
revised Treaties came into force. 

' Publicaticns. : "Japanese Self 
Taught," "The Nightless City"; 
" Kamakura, the City of Silent 
Temples"; "Japanese Paitner- 
ships and Companies ; " translator 
of many of existing laws, and has 
written several books on Japanese 
legal matters. Cliils : Tokyo; 
Yokohama United. Address: Yui- 
ga-hama ; Kamakura-machi ; Soshiu 
and 70, Yamashita-cho, Yokohama, 

DE BERNARD, Barthelemy Henri 
(GiA-DiNH), Resident ; Administra- 
tor, 1st class; I. Octt 6, 1859. 
Joined Civil Service, Indo-China, 
Dec. 20, 1884; Administrator, 4th 
class, Oct. 7, 1889; Administrator, 
3rd class, July 14, 1892; Adminis- 
trator, 2nd class, Sept. 24, 1895; 
Administrator, l^t class, Oct. 1, 
1900. Decoration: Officer d'lnstiuc- 
tion. Address: Gia-Dinh, province 
of Gia-Dinh, Cochiu-Cliina. 

DEBNEY, Stanley Turner (ULU 
LAXGAT), Federated Malay States 
Civil Service; b. March 2S, 1862. 
Assistant Engineer, Kuala Seman- 
tan railway, 1890 ; temporarily 
employed on Railway survey, 
Kuala Kubu to Raub, Feb., 1896; 
District Surveyor, 1899; District 
Surveyor in Revenue Office, Ulu 
Langat, 1906. Address: Ulu 

Langat, Selangor, Federated Malay 

DEBON, Lieut-Colonel Alfred A. 
(HANOI), Commandant Groupe des 
Batteries de Reserve de Chine. 
Decoration : Chevalier de la Legion 
d'Honneur. A ddress : Hanoi, 
Tonkin, Indo-China. 

DE BONDY-RIARIO, Count Raphael 
de Taillepied (SIXGAPOKK), Consul 
for France ; b. May 21, 1856, at 
Paris, s. of Count Emile de Bondy, 
former Plenipotentiary Minister, 
and of Countess, nee Marchioness 
Riario-Sforza. Educ. : Paris, took 
degrees in literature and law. 
Entered French Diplomatic service 
as attache to Cabinet of Minister 
for Foreign affairs, 1878; Attache 
of Embassy, at Vienna, 1879; 3rd 
Secretary of Embassy at Stockholm, 
1882; Charge d' Affairs, 1883; Sec- 
retary of Embassy at Madiid, 1884 ; 
Diplomatic service at Port au 
Prince, 1885; at Lima, 1886; at 
Buenos Ayres, 1887 ; Charge 
d'Affaires in Argentine Republic, 
1889; 2nd class Secretary of Legation 
at Tokyo, 1891; appointed to 
initiate a French Consulate at 
Formosa, 1895 ; acting 1st Secretary 
of Legation at Tokyo, 189; Consul 
(first class) Singapore, since Sept. 16 r 
19G2. Decorations : Commander of 
French Colonial Order of Cam- 
bodge; Officer of Charles III of 
Spain ; Knight Sovereign Order of 
St. Jean de Jerusalem (Malta) ; 
Wasa de Suede and Takoro de 
Serbie, etc. Club: Cercle Agric ole, 
Paris. Address: French Consulate, 
10, St. Thomas' Walk, Singapore. 
Straits Settlements. 




Maurice M. M. J. F. R. (SAIGON), 
Conseiller, Cour cl'Appel ; b. Mars 
2, 1855. Entree rAdministration de 
la Justice, Feb. 3, 1887 ; Conseiller, 
Mai 13, 1902. Address : Saigon, 

DE CARCER, M. (PEKING), Envoy Ex- 
traordinary and Minister Plenipo- 
tentiary for Spain. Address : 
Spanish Legation, Peking, China. 

DE COLOMB, Emmanuel Joseph 
Albert (HANOI), Treasurer; b. Jan. 
13, 1857. Entered Indo-China Civil 
Service, Dec. 23, 1902. Decoration: 
Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur. 
Address : Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo- 

DE FREITAS, J. Batallia (TOKYO), 
Envoy Extraordinary and Minister 
Plenipotentiary for Portugal. Ad- 
dress : Portuguese Legation, 7, 
Nagatacho, Kojimachi, Tokyo, 

Extraordinary and Minister 
Plenipotentiary for Belgium. Ad- 
dress : Belgian Legation, Peking, 

DEGORCE, Dr. Jean Charles Armand 
(HANOI), Professor, 1'Eeole de 
Medecine de 1'Indo-Chine ; Officer 
d'Academie. Appointed, April 18, 
1902. Address : Hanoi, Tonkin, 

DE GOY, Pierre Marie (ANNAM), 
Resident ; Administrator, 2nd 
class; b. Nov. 29, 1860. Joined 
Indo-China Civi^ Service, June 8, 
1882; Administrator, 4th class, 
Nov. 6, 1887; Administrator, 3rd 

class, Jan. 1, 1893; Administrator, 
2nd class, June 1, 1896. Decoration : 
Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur. 
Address: Annam, Indo-China. 

Manager of China and Japan 
Trading Co. Member of Shanghai 
Municipal Council. Club : Country, 
Shanghai. Address : 2, Sungkiang^ 
Road, Shanghai, China. 

DE HAMEL, Major Hargrave Barry 

(BATU GAJAH), Assistant Commis- 
sioner of Police ; b. 1872. Educ. : 
Charterhouse. 2nd Lieut., London, 
deny, R.G.A., 1889; Major, 1902; 
seconded to the Hausa Force, 
1895-97; Ashanti Expedition, 
1895-96; seconded, Straits Settle- 
ments Police, 1897-1905; seconded, 
Federated Malay States Police 
1905. Decoration: Ashanti Medal, 
1895-96. Club: Junior United 
Service, London, W. Address: 
Batu Gajah, Perak, Federated 
Malay States. 


DE HORSEY, Captain Spencer V. Y. 
(HONGKONG), R.N. ; Captain of 
H.M. first class cruiser " Kent." 
Promoted to present rank, Oct. 21, 
19CO ; appointed to command, Dec. 

15, 1905. Club: Hongkong. Ad- 
dress : H.M.S. " Kent," Hongkong. 

les Arthur (SAIGON), Resident ; 
Administrator, 1st class ; 6. Nov., 

16, 1853. Joined Indo-China Civil 
Service, July 1, 1881 ; Administrator 
4th class, Jan., 1, 1884; Adminis- 
trator, 3rd class, Jan. 1, 1886 ; 
Administrator, 2nd class, Aug. 1, 



1889 ; Administrator, 1st class, Aug. 

I, 1892. Decoration : Chevalier de 
la Legion d'Honneur. Address: 
Saigon, Cochin-China. 

Straits Settlements Civil Service; b. 
Nov. 8, 1880. Appointed to Colonial 
Secretary's Office as Acting Chief 
Clerk, April, 1904; transferred to 
Chinese Protectorate, Singapore, 
Nov., 1904; is Magistrate for Singa- 
pore ; studied Chinese at Canton. 
Address : Singapore, Straits Settle- 

DE MIRIBEL, Marie Joseph (HANOI), 
Resident ; Administrator, 1st 
class; b. Feb. 15, 185S. Joined 
Indo-China Civil Service, Sept. 11, 
1890 ; Administrator 4th class Sept. 

II, 1898 ; Administrator, 3rd class, 
July 14, 1894 ; Administrator, 2nd 
class, Jan. 1, 1890 ; Administrator, 
1st class, Jan., 1, 1902 ; Decoration : 
Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur. 
Address : Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo- 

DEMPSTER, Capt. Herbert Thomas 
(KUALA LUMPUR), Company Com- 
mander, Malay States Guides ; b, 
May 26, 1882. Wing officer, Malay 
States Guides, 1902 ; Company 
Commander, 1904. A ddress : Kuala 
Lumpur, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

DENHAM, John Edward (SHANGHAI), 
Architect; b. Feb. 7, 1875 ; m. 1901, 
Gladys, e. d. of John Smedley, 
Architect and Painter. Educ. : 
Hele's School, Exeter. Articled to 
Edward George Warren, Architect ; 
for seven years held appointment 
as Architect to the Shanghai 

Municipality ; 1901 joined partner- 
ship in the firm of John Smedley 
and Son, Architects, Shanghai and 
Chefoo. Address: Shanghai, China. 

DENING, Walter (SENDAI), Professor 
of English in 2nd High School, 
Sendai ; Journalist ; b. July 23, 1846; 
m. 1870 and 1891. Educ. : Taignton, 
Devonshire, and Church Missionary 
College, London. Ordained in 1869; 
priest in Mauiitius, 1870 ; mis- 
sionary, under Church Missionary 
Society at Andoverante, Madagas- 
car, 1870-73 ; missionary under 
Church Missionary Society |at 
Hakodate, 1874 ; relinquished holy 
orders, Nov. 17. 1885, and joined 
Japanese Education Department; 
appointed Lecturer in Ethics at 
High Normal School ; joined the 
Naval Department as teacher of 
English at Naval Academy in 1890 ; 
became Editor of "Japan Gazette," 
1891 ; went to Australia in 1892 ; 
engaged in farming at Healesville, 
Victoria, for three years ; returned 
to Japan in July, 1895, and took up 
present post. Decorations: 5th 
order of Rising Sun. Publications : 
" Life of Toyotomi Hideyoshi," 
1888; "Japan in Days of Yore," 
1888, (2nd edition, enlarged, 1905) ; 
" New Life of Toyotomi Hideyoshi," 
1904; "High School Series of 
English Readers " ; " Anglo-Japan- 
ese Readers"; "Short Japanese 
and Chinese Stories," and numerous 
contributions to periodicals. Ad- 
dress : Sendai, Japan. 

DENNYS, Frederick Onslow Brooke 

(SUNGKAi), Assistant Conservator of 
Forests ; b. Oct. 31, 1873. Forest 
Inspector at Selangor, 1902 ; acting 




Forest Officer, Selangor, 1902 ; 
Forest Inspector, 1902 ; acting 
assistant Conservator of Forests, 
Perak, 1903 ; acting General Assis- 
tant to Conservator, 1904; appointed 
to present position, 1906. Address : 
Sungkai, Perak, Federated Malay 

DENNYS, Henry Lardner (HONG- 
KONG), Solicitor and Notary Public; 
b. Hampshire, 1852. Admitted as a 
solicitor of the Supreme Court of 
Hongkong, Jan. 1874 ; Secretary, 
Librarian and Curator of the City 
Hall, Hongkong, 1877 to 1900 ; 
Crown Solicitor, 1896 to 1900 ; 
Solicitor of H.B.M. Supreme Court 
in China and Japan ; Foreign 
Member of the Chartered Institute 
of Patent Agents. Address : 
Hongkong ; Surbiton, Surrey. 

sistant Superintendent, Botanical 
Gardens ; b. Dec., 24, 1860. Engaged 
Botanical Gardens, British Guiana, 
1883; assistant Superintendent of 
Forests, Malacca, 1886; acting 
Superintendent of Forests, Singa- 
pore, 1888 ; assistant Superinten- 
dent of Forests, Penang, 1891 ; 
Superintendent Government Gar- 
dens, Taiping, Perak, 1898; as- 
sistant Superintendent, Botanical 
Gardens, Singapore, since 1903; 
Member of Committee for Govern- 
ment Agricultural Shows. Address : 
Singapore, Straits Settlements 

DESBOROUGH, Charles Ernest Mait- 
land ( SEREMBAN ), Magistrate ; 
b. Nov. 30, 1865. Secretary to 
British Resident, Pahang, 1890 ; 
acting Collector and magistrate, 
Rompin, 1891 ; acting Collector and 

Magistrate, Kuala Pahang, and 
Rompin, 1892 ; acting Collector and 
Magistrate and acting Registrar 
of Mines, Pekan, 1892 ; assistant 
Collector and Magistrate, Jelabu, 
1893 ; Financial Officer, Sungei 
Ujong and acting Auditor for N.egri 
Sembilan, 1894; Collector of Land 
Revenue, Sungai Ujong, 1895; Ma- 
gistrate, Treasurer, and Inspector 
of Schools, 1897 ; acting District 
Officer, Jelebu, 1898 ; Warden of 
Mines, Selangor, 1900 ; acting Dis- 
trict Officer, Port Dickson, 1901 ; 
circuit Magistrate, 1901 ; acting 
Collector of Land Revenue and 
Registrar of Titles, Perak, 1901 ; 
assistant District Officer, Kinta, 
1904 ; filled other posts, and ap- 
pointed Circuit Magistrate, acting 
Collector of Land Revenue, and 
Registrar of Titles, Seremban, 1906. 
Address : Seremban, Negri Sembi- 
lan, Federated Malay States. 

Resident, 3rd Division ; b. April 24,. 
1858, at West Ashton, Wiltshire, s. 
of Rev. H. C. Deshon ; m. 1869, 
Nora, y. d. of late George Bird, 
Madras Civil Service. Educ. : 
Sidney College, Bath. Cadet in 
Sarawak service, 1876 ; assistant 
Resident, Batang Lupar District, 
1881 ; Resident, Batang Lupar r 
1883-1891; Divisional Resident of 
4th Division, 1891-1894 ; acting- 
Resident of 1st Division, 1894-1896 : 
Personal A.D.C. to H.H. the Rajah 
on visits to England, 1883 and 1901 r. 
commanded punitive expedition 
against head-hunters in Batang 
Lupar, 1902. Recreations : Riding 
and : cycling. Clnbs : Sports ; 



Sarawak ; Singapore sporting. Ad- 
dress : Sarawak, Borneo. 

DESORMEAUX, Alphonse Pierre 
(SAIGON), Directeur ties Postes et 
des Tel^graphes ; Chef tin Service, 
Saigon ; b. April 28, 1856. Entree 
TAdministration, April 1, 1873; 
Directenr, Jan. 1, 1904. Address: 
Saigon, Co chin- China. 

DESVAUX, Leopold (SHANGHAI), Sub- 
Manager, Banque del'Indo-Chine ; 
I). Oct. 9, 1865. Educ. : Privately. 
Was formerly on staff of Banque 
Francaise du Bresil at Rio cie 
Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Santos. 
Club: Shanghai. Address: Banque 
de I'lndo-Chine, Shanghai, China. 

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Siam. 
Decoration : Order of St. Alexander 
Nevski, 1st class, Russia Address: 
Office of Foreign Affairs, Bangkok, 

DEW, Arthur Tomkyns (PELOK 
ANSON), District Officer; b. March 
6, 1853 ; in. Lucy Elizabeth, d. of 
Charles Amphlett, of Four Ashes 
Hall, Bridgewoith. Educ. : Bell 
.and Johnson's Preparatory School 
for Royal Navy, Southsea. Naval 
cadet, 1867 ; Midshipman, 1869 ; 
Sub.-Lieut., 1874; took part in the 
Expeditions to the Linggi and 
Lukut rivers in 1874, and in 
suppression of piracy on Malayan 
coast, 1874-75; left navy, 1876; 
Coffee planter Ceylon and Johore, 
Malay Peninsula, 1876-81 ; Magis- 
trate and Collector, Perak, 1881; 
is a J.P. ; Magistrate for Singapore 
andPenang; Commissioner, Court 
of Requests; District Magistrate, 

Krian, Apr., 1899; acting District 
Magistrate, Lower Perak, July, 
1901; District Officer, Batang 
Padang, Perak, Nov., 1902 ; District 
Officer, Lower Perak, 1904. 
Publications: "Exploring Ex- 
pedition from Selama, Perak, over 
the mountains to Pong Patani," 
1883; "The Fishing Industry of 
Krian and Kuran, Perak," 1885. 
Decorations: Indian Medal with 
Perak Clasp. Clubs : Junior Army 
and Navy, London. Address : Pelok 
An son, Perak, Federated Malay 

DEW, Edward Costa (TAMPIX), F.M.S. 
Civil Service ; b. Sept. 4, 1872. As- 
sistant Engineer, Public Works 
Department, Gold Ooast, 1899; 
District Surveyor, Negri Sembilan, 
1901 ; Surveyor, 1st grade, Tampin, 
1904. Address : Tampin, Federated 
Malay States. 

DEWAR, Lieut. Arthur Robert 
Jolinstone (SINGAPORE), Assistant 
Superintendent of Police; b. Oct. 
11, 1869. Lieutenant and Adjutant, 
5th New Zealand Mounted Rifles in 
South Africa, 1900 ; wing officer, 
Malay States Guides, 1902; 2nd 
Lieut., 5th Royal Warwickshire 
Militia, 1903 ; Assistant Superinten- 
dent of Police, Singapore, 1906. 
Address : Singapore, Straits Settle- 

F.M.S. Civil Service ; b, Jan. 13, 
1876. Junior Officer, Selangor, 1896 ; 
in charge of Septang sub-district, 
1898 ; acting assistant Collector of 
Land Revenue, Kuala Lumpur, 
Jan., 1900; acting District Officer, 




Klang, continued as acting 
tant Collector of Land Reve- 
nue, Kuala Lumpur, May, 1900 ; 
acting assistant District Officer, 
Serendah, June, 1800 ; acting 
District Officer, Kuala, Langat, 
Mar., 1901 ; acting 2nd Magistrate, 
Kuala Lumpur, Nov., 1901 ; acting 
District Officer, Kuala Langat, 
Dec., 1901 ; passed in law, 1903 ; 
Magistrate, Registrar of Titles and 
Superintendent of Prisons, Pahang, 

1903 ; Circuit Magistrate, Selangor, 

1904 ; acting District Officer, Kuala 
Pilah, since 1904. Address : Kuala 
Pilah, Negri Sembilan, Federated 
Malay States. 

DICKSON, Hon. Charles Wedderburn 
(HONGKONG), Partner in the firm 
of Jardine, Matheson and Co. ; 
Member of Legislative Council ; 
Deputy Chairman of Hongkong 
and Shanghai Banking Corpor- 
ation ; director of various local 
companies; b. Feb., 23, 1863; m. 
Frances Emiline, y. d. of late Sir 
Harry Parkes, British Minister at 
Tokyo and Peking. Educ. : Scot- 
land. Arrived in Hongkong, 1884, 
and commenced association with 
Jardine, Matheson and Co., was 
at Shanghai from 1894-7. Club: 
Thatched House ; Hongkong. Ad- 
dress : East Point, Hongkong. 

DIGUET, Lieut-Colonel Edouard J. J. 

(HANOI), Commandant de Territoire 
Militaire et Cercles. Decorations: 
Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur; 
Officier d'Academie. Address: 
Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo-China. 

BINSMORE, William Holmes (SEREN- 
DAH), B.A., LL.B., Dublin; F.M.S. 

Civil Service ; b. Aug. 3, 1877. Cadet 
at Negri Sembilan, 1902;. acting 
assisting Disti'ict Officer, Kuala 
Pilah, Mar., 1904; acting District 
Officer, Kuala Pilah, April, 1904; 
acting assistant District Officer, 
April, 1904; passed in law, 1903; 
acting assistant District Officer, 
Serendah, 1906. Address : Serendah, 
Selangor, Federated Malay States. 

DISHAM, Arthur John (BATANG 
PADANG), Inspector of Mines ; b. 
Feb. 27, 1876. Entered F.M.S. Civil 
Service, 1894 ; appointed to present 
post, 1903. Address : Batang Pa- 
dang, Perak, Federated Malay 

DITTE, Colonel Albeit (HANOI), 
Commandant 3e Regiment de 
Tirailleurs Tonkinois. Decora- 
tion : Chevalier de la Le"gion 
d'Honueur. Address: Hanoi, Ton- 
kin, Tndo-China. 

DIXON, Arthur Wesley (HONGKONG), 
Master Mariner ; Superintendent of 
West River British Steamship 
Company ; b. Dec. 25, 1869. Educ. : 
Private Schools. Joined mercantile 
marine in 1882; visited almost 
every part of the world ; in the 
pilgrim trade to Jeddah for several 
years ; for some years in command 
on China Coast ; travelled exten- 
sively as Commercial Agent in the 
South of China; present at the 
opening at Kongmoon, 1904. Ad- 
dress: c/o Butteriield and Swire, 

Director of the Government Obser- 
vatory ; b. 1852. From 1874 to 1883 
Astronomer in Charge of the 



astronomical and meteorological 
observatory, Markree, Co. Sligo, 
Ireland. Pi'blications : Has pub- 
lished 20 volumes of observations 
and researches at Hongkong, 
and 200 papers on astronomical 
and magnetic subjects in scientific 
periodicals, and in the publications 
of scientific societies and institu- 
tions in Europe and America. 
Address : Observatory, Kowloon, 

DOCEUL, Fernand Louis Samuel 

(SADEC), Resident ; Administrator, 
1st class ; b. Nov. 14, 1857. Joined 
Indo-China Civil Sen-ice, July 1, 
1882; Administrator, 4th class, 
June 1, 1887 ; Administrator, 3rd 
class, Aug. 6, 1888 ; Administrator, 
2nd class, Jan. 1, 1893 ; Adminis- 
trator, 1st class, Sept, 1, 1898. 
Decoration': Officier d' Academic. 
Address :' Sadec, province of Sadec, 


DOMERGUE, Eugene (HANOI), Re- 
sident ; Administrator, 1st class ; b. 
Mar. 1, 1849. Joined Indo-China 
Civil Sen-ice, Aug. 8, 1886 ; Adminis- 
trator, 4th class, Mar. 12, 1888; 
Administrator, 3rd class, Jan. 12, 
1892 ; Administrator, 2nd class, July 
20, 1895 ; Administrator, 1st class, 
Jan. 1, 1902; Address: Hanoi, 
Tonkin, Indo-China. 

DONALD, William Henry ( HONG- 
KONG), Journalist; Managing- 
Editor, "China Mail"; b. June 
22, 1875, at Lithgow, N.S.W. ; 
e. s. of George Donald, first 
Mayor of Lithgow, later, M.P. 
for Hartley. Educ. : Cooer- 

wull Academy. Was sub-Editor 
and Editor of Bathurst "National 
Advocate," 1898-1900 ; member of 
staff of " Daily Telegraph," Sydney, 
and " The Argus," Melbourne, Nov. 
1900- April 1903; came to Far East 
in May, 1903, joining " China Mail " 
as sub-Editor; appointed Manag- 
ing-Editor in June, 1904 ; 
represented " Daily Telegraph," 
Sydney ; " The Age," Melbourne ; 
" Advertiser," Adelaide, and 
" China Mail," on special service in 
Japan from outbreak of Russo- 
Japanese war until June, 1904 ; was 
special correspondent for " Daily 
Express," London, and " China 
Mail," with Baltic Fleet, under 
Admiral Rozhdestveusky, at Van- 
fong Bay and Port Dyot, Annam, 
Indo-China, 19C5, being only Eng- 
lish correspondent to witness final 
departure of fleet from coast for 
Tsushima on May 14. Clubs : 
Hongkong ; Royal Hongkong: 
Yacht ; Corinthian Yacht, etc. 
Address: Hongkong Hotel, Hong- 

DONALDSON, Charles Egerton 
(LARVT), Second assistant Distnct 
Officer, b. Feb., 23, 1873. Joined 
the Derak Civil Service in May. 
1893 ; at present in class 4, of 
Federated Malay States Civil 
Service. Club : Sports, London ; 
New, Taiping, etc. Address : Larut, 
Derak, Federated Malay States. 

DONOVAN, John Patrick (HANKOW), 
District Postmaster; b. London 
Jan. 7, 1852 ; ?/i. Margaret, daughter 
of Richard Ewart, North Chields, 
England. Educ. : London. Joined 
Imperial Maritime Customs, 1875 ; 

WHO'S WHO is THE FAR EAST (Juxf:; ] 000-7. 


in charge of Customs Post 
Office, Peking, 1880-83; Deputy 
Postmaster and Inspecting Deputy, 
Chinese Imperial Office, 
Shanghai, 1899-1900 ; acting Postal 
Secretary, 1900-1901 ; District Post- 
master, Hankow, 1903-06 ; travelled 
extensively in China, and speaks 
several dialects, as well as 
mandarin ; prominent member 
for many years of Shanghai 
Literary and Debating Society, 
member Irish Literary Society, 
Gaelic League and China Branch' 
of Royal Asiatic Society ; lectured 
in many parts of England on China 
and other subjects ; recommended 
to Postmaster-General, India, for 
recognition in connection with 
services Indian Field Force, IJHM)- 
1901. Decorations : Civil rank of 
Fourth class, China; Shanghai Jubi- 
lee Medal; China War Medal, 1900 
(Biiti.'li). Publications: Lectures 
on "Oliver Cromwell," "Irish 
Humour," " Cycle of Progress 
(hiring the reign of Queen 
Victoria"; " W. K. Gladstone"; 
"Matthew Arnold"; "The Work- 
ing classes of China"; "Disestab- 
lishment," etc. Club : Hankow. 
Addrcsx : Hankow, China ; and c/o 
K. S. King & Co., l>:>, Cornhill, 

Chief Officer steamer " Kut Sang." 
and Author, " Dolly " ; b. Sept. 10, 
1875. Educ. : Roan School, Black- 
heath ; Concordia College, Zurich. 
Went to sea in " Moy," sailing 
vessel of J. Nourse and Co., Oct., 
1891 ; joined Indo-Chiua S. N. Co.'s 
st-vvice, 1899. Publications: "Tales 

of Hongkong," 1891; "China 
Coasters," 1903; "The Vampire 
Nemesis," 1905 ; " Paul the Preten- 
der," a Romance of Hongkong (iu 
preparation); many contiibutions 
to " China Mail," and " Hongkong 
Telegraph." Address: Steamer 
" Kut Sang," Hongkong; Thornton 
Heath, Suirey, England. 

DOOLY, John Schauffler (SHANGHAI), 
Managing Director and-Secretajy, 
Dunning and Co., Ltd ; b. Oct. SI, 
1873. Edvc.: U.S.A. Club: Mafonic, 
Shanghai. A ddi-crs : S h a n g h a i, 


j DOSSCGNE. Lecn (BANGKOK), Minis- 
ter Resident and Consul General 
for Belgium. Add res* : Belgian Con- 
sulate, Bangkok, Siam. 

j DOUGLAS, Francis William (KINTA), 
Secretary of the Sai;itaiy Board; 
b. Dec. 31, 1874. Joined service 
at Perak, 1895 ; acting assistant 
District Magistrate, Tanjong 
Malim, 1896; acting District 
Office-r, Kuantan, 1897; acting Dis 
tiict Officer, Temerloh, 1898 ; acting- 
Superintendent, Ulu Pahang, 1898 ; 
assistant Distiict Magistrate, 
Tanjong Malim, 1899 ; acting Forest 
Officer, Perak, 1900; acting assis- 
tant Secretary to Resident, 1902 ; 
assistant District Officer, Tanjong 
Malim, 1903 ; acting chief assistant 
Distiict Officer, Batti Gajah, 1903; 
assistant District Officer, Ipoh, 
and acting assistant Distiict Officer, 
Larut, 1904 ; appointed Deputy 
Chairman and Secretary of Sanitary 
Board, Kinta, 1905. Address: Kinta, 
Perak, Federated Malay States. 




DOUGLAS, James (II o N G K o N G), 
A.I.N.A. ; Marine Surveyor; part- 
ner in firm of Gocldard and 
Douglas ; b., 1864. Edac. : George 
Watson's College, Edinburgh. 
Went to sea, 1880 ; came to Hong- 
kong, 18S5; joined Douglas Steam- 
ship Co. ; promoted ito commander 
1895 ; retired from sea, 1930. Club : 
Hongkong ; member jockey, cricket, 
golf clubs, etc. Address : Barker 
Road, Hongkong. 

DOUGLAS, John Charles Edward 
(SHANGHAI), B.A. ; Merton Oxford, 
Honours Jurisprudence, 1899; Bar- 
rister-at-law. Called to the Bar 
at Grey's Inn, June 27, 1900 ; served 
in the Mines Department of the 
British South Africa Company in 
Rhodesia, from Feb. to Sept., 1901 ; 
appointed Registrar of the Supreme 
Court for China and Corea, and 
also Chief Clerk, Aug. 31, 1901; 
acting Assistant Judge at Shanghai 
from April 3, 1904 to July, 1905; 
is also Sheriff and Coronsr. Ad- 
dress : Shanghai, China. 

DOUGLAS, R. Stair (BAKAM), Cadet, 
Sarawak Civil Service, 1896 ; assis- 
tant Resident, 1833 ; Resident, 2nd 
class, 1932; 2nd class Resident, 
Baram, 1934. Address: Baram, 
Sarawak, North Borneo. 

DOUGLAS, William Willes (TAIPIXG), 
F.M.S. Civil Service; b. Aug. 17, 
1860. Inspector Perak Armed Police, 
1878 ; Superintendent of Police and 
Prisons, Negri Sembilan, Oct., 
1881 ; Officer in Charge, Sungei 
Ujong, April-May, 1885 ; Superinten- 
dent of Police and Prisons, May, 
1886 ; Collector and Magistrate, 

Port Dickson, Oct., 1831 ; Officer in 
Charge, Sungei Ujong, May-June, 
1893; District Officer, Klang, Dec., 
1895 ; Deputy Commissioner of 
Police, Perak, Feb., 1897; acting 
Commissioner of Police, Federated 
Malay States, July, 1897 ; Deputy 
Commissioner of Police, Taiping, 
1906. Address : Taiping, Perak, 
Federated Malay States. 

DOWDALL, William Macdonnell 
Mitshell (SHANGHAI), F.R.I.B.A., 
A.M.I.C.E. ; Architect, Civil and 
Military Engineer. Consulting In- 
spector General of Fortifications, 
China Coast; Engineer Staff Officer, 
Shanghai Volunteers. Decoration : 
China Medal, 1930. Clubs: Shang- 
hai ; R.U.S.I., London. Address: 
Shanghai, China. 

DOWDEN, Dr. Richard (TAPAH), M.D., 
M.B., B.Ch., B.A., etc. ; Physician 
and Surgeon ; b. Sept. 28, 1873. 
Educ. : Dublin Univ., and Vienna. 
Surgical and Medical Resident, 
Sir P. Dun's Hospital, Dublin ; 
studied in Vienna. Medical Officer 
and Pathologist, Banshead, Lon- 
don Country Council Service ; 
Medical Officer, Jamaica Civil 
Service, 1900 ; transferred to Fede- 
rated Malay States on promotion, 
1903. Clu b .-New, Taiping. Ail'lrexx : 
Tapah, Perak F3d3rated M ilay 

Accountant, Chartered Bank of 
Indi i, Australia and China. Club : 
Hongkong. Address : Queen's 
Road, Hongkong. 

DREWELL, Albert Augustus Samuel 
(KOBE), Broker and Commission 



Agent ; b. May 19, 1857 ; m. 
Josephine Bose-Beymond, widow 
of late X. C. X. Mancini. Educ. : 
London. Clubs: Kobe ; Shanghai ; 
Xippon Bace ; Kobe B. and A. ; 
Kobe Cricket ; Kobe Golf. Ad- 
drcxs : Kobe, Japan. 

Director of Busso-Chinese Bank ; 
b. Aug. 28, 1863. Educ. : Moscow. 
Decorations : Franz Joseph's 
Order; Chinese Order. Clubs : 
Shanghai ; Concordia. Address : 
Busso-Chinese Bank, Shanghai ; 
and St. Petersburg. 

DROUGHET, Frederic ( CHOLON ), 
Mayor of Cholon ; President of 
Municipal Council. Address : 
Cholon, via Saigon, Cochin-China. 

Barrister-at-Law ; senior partner in 
tirm Drummond, White-Cooper, and 
Phillips ; H.I.C.M. Chief Law 
Officer for Foreign Affairs of 
Southern Ports ; arrived in China 
In 1871. Club : Shanghai. Address : 
11, Peking Boad, Shanghai, China. 

DUBAIL, G. (PEKING), Envoy Extra- 
ordinary and Minister Plenipoten- 
tiary for France. Decoration : 
Officier de la Legion d'Honneur. 
Address: French Legation, Peking, 

Armand (SAIGON), Conseiller, Cour 
d'Appel ; b. Fev. 1, 1847. Entree 
1' Administration de la Justice, 
Janv. 9, 1892 ; Conseiller, Juillet. 1, 
1904. Address :: Saigon, Indo- 

DUBREUIL, Leon (HANOI), Procureur 
General ; Chef du Service Judiciaire 
en Indo-Chine ; b. Avril 21, 1848. 
Entree 1' Administration de la 
Justice, Oct. 2, 1878; Procureur 
General, Sept. 15, 1934. Decora- 
tion: Chevalier de la Le'gion 
d'Honneur. Address : Hanoi, Ton- 
kin, Indo-China. 

Journalist ; b. 1875 ; m. Ellen, d. of 
late Chas. Higginson. Educ,: 
Brighton ; Bedford. Assistant 
Editor, " Xorth China Herald " and 
"North China Daily News" since 
190C. Club : Shanghai. Address : 
17 Bund, Shanghai, China. 

DUFRENIL, Paul Edgard ( ANNAM ), 
Besident; Administrator, 1st class; 
b. July 18, 1856. Joined Indo- 
China Civil Service, July 20, 1883 ; 
Administrator, 4th class, Aug. 1, 
1889 ; Administrator, 3rd class, 
Nov. 19, 1892; Administrator, 2nd 
class, July 1, 1893 ; Administrator, 
1st class, July 1, 1896. Decoration: 
Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur. 
Address: Aunam, Indo-China. 

DUGMORE, Lieut.-Commander Eric 
V. F. R. (SHANGHAI), B.N. ; in com- 
mand of H. M. river gunboat 
"Kinsha." Lieutenant, June 22, 
1897 ; appointed to command, April 
7,1905. Club : Shanghai. Address: 
H.M.S. " Kinsha," Shanghai, China. 

DUKES, Oscar A. (KOBE), Teacher of 
English, Kobe Commercial School ; 
b. July 2, 1854, at St. George's, 
Dorchester Co., S.C. ; m. 1886. 
Educ. : Vantlerbilt University, and 
Actual Business College ; went to 



China as Medical Missionary in 
1885 ; was transferred to Japan ; 
after 10 years devoted whole time 
to school work ; has occupied 
present position for past nine 
years. Address: Yamamoto dori, 5 
Chome, 46 Kobe, Japan. 

DUNCAN, Chesney (PENAXG), Journa- 
list; editor " Straits Echo " ; b. Sept. 
15, 1854. Educ : Clifton College. 
Connected with Royal Corean 
Customs, 1883; became Instructor 
in Japanese School at Seoul, Corea ; 
special correspondent in Corea to 
" Hongkong Telegraph," " Japan 
Gazette," " Shanghai Mercury," 
"Chinese Times," Tientsin, and 
occasional correspondent, " China 
Mail," Hongkong, 1883-9; organised 
British Mercantile Marine Officers' 
Association, Hongkong, 18UO ; took 
prominent part in carrying through 
Sunday Labour Ordinance, putting 
stop to unnecessary labour on 
Sunday which is taken as model 
for similar legislation in all British 
Crown Colonies ; edited " Hong- 
kong Telegraph," 1895; organised 
and edited " Straits Echo," 1903 ; 
appointed editor in chief 1905 ; 
received thanks of Lord Charles 
Beresford for assistance rendered 
on his tour in South China, 1898; 
proceeded to front, Aug. 1900, for 
"Daily Mail," during Boxer out- 
break; for many years correspon- 
dent, London " Globe " ; first to give 
gist of Cassini Convention with 
China, which precipitated late war. 
Keceived gold medal for special 
services during plague epidemic, 
Hongkong, 1894, also testimonial 
from community ; mentioned in 

despatches to Colonial Secretary ; 
was presented by Sir W. Robinson 
with Queen's Diamond Jubilee- 
silver medal. Publications: "All 
is not Gold that Glitters,' 1882 ; 
" Slave Trade in China and Hong- 
kong," 1883 ; " Corea and the 
Powers, a Review of the Far 
Eastern question " ; edited AquinaT- 
do's " The Truth about the 
Philippines," 1899. Address: Pe- 
nang, Straits Settlements. 

DUNCAN, Prof. Moir ISHAXSI), M.A., 
LL.D. ; Principal of Iinperial 
University, Western Department. 
Shausi; b. 18(51; m. 1890, Jessie 
Chalmers Lister, L.L.A. Eilue, : 
Stoneywood Public Schools, Glas- 
gow ; Oxford University. Member 
of Pioneer Mission in Shansi, 
1889-99; special correspondent of 
" North China Daily News " ; in- 
terpreter British Field Force in 
China, 1900-02; member American 
Famine Relief Commission ; Deputy 
on Education to Japan ; has or 
cupied present position since 1903. 
Jiecreation : Riding. Decoration .- 
Red Button, 1st rank, :ind grade. 
A ddress : Imperial University. 
Shansi, via Peking, North China. 

DUNLOP, Rev. John GasMn (FrKin >. 
M.A.; Missionary and Minister:. 
b. July 7, 1867, e. s. of William 
Dunlop, of Kingston, Ontario, 
Canada ; m. 1894, Emma, d. of 
Samuel Ely, Kingston, Ontariov 
Canada. Educ. : Queen's Univer- 
sity, Kingston, Canada. Employed 
as instructor in English by Impel ia! 
Japanese Government, 1888-90 ; 
since 1890 engaged in missionary 
work in connection \\ith American, 




Presbyterian Mission ; spent some 
months in 1905 in Manchuria in 
special work for Japanese soldiers, 
conducted by Y.M.C.A. Add > fax : 
Fukui, Echizen, Japan. 

DUNN, St3phen Troyte (HONGKONG), 
B. A., F.L.S.; Civil Service; b. Bristol, 
Dec., 26, 1868 ; m. 1901, Maud 
Thornton. Edttc. : Radley and 
Merton College, Oxford ; B.A. 1889 ; 
Private Secretary to Director, Royal 
Hardens, Kew, 1898; appointed 
Assistant for India 1900 ; appointed 
Superintendent Botanical and Af- 
forestation Department, Hongkong, 
1903; sent to report upon the 
agricultural prospects of Wei- 
hai-wei, 1903. Publications: Flora 
of S.W. Surrey, 1903 ; Alien Flora of 
Britain, 1905. Club: Hongkong. 
.4 ddrex* : Botanic (Hardens, Hong- 

DURANTON, Jean Augusts (HA- 
DONG), Resident ; Administrator, 
1st class ; b. Oct. 8, 1858 ; Joined 
Fndo-China Civil Service, Sept. 17, 
1884 ; Administrator, 4th class, Jan. 
1, 1893; Administrator, 3rd class, 
Jan. 1, 1898; Administrator, 2nd 
class, Aug. 2, 1900 ; Administrator, 
1st class, Jan. 1, 1903. Address: 
Ha-Dong, Province of Ha-Dong, 
Tonkin, Tudo-China. 

DURAZZO, Etienne (HANOI), Vice- 
President, 3e Chambre, Com- 
d'Appel ; b. Sept. 28, 1850. Entree 
d'Administration, Oct. 14, 1880. 
Decoration : Chevalier de la Legion 
d'Honneur. Address: Hanoi, Ton- 
kin. Indo-China. 

DURRWELL, Louis Georges (SAIGON), 

Vice-President, Cour d'Appel ; 
b. Avril 7, 1857. Entree I'Adminis- 
tration de la Justice, Indo-Ohine, 
Janv. 1,1881. Decorations: Cheva- 
lier de la Legion d'Honneur; 
Officier de 1'Instruction Publique. 
Address : Saigon, Indo-China. 

DUVAL, Capt. R. (SAIGON), Comman- 
dant de Vaisseau " Montcalm." 
Decoration: Officier de la Legion 
d'Honneur. Address: Saigon, 

DYKES, Frecheville Joseph Ballan- 
tine (KUALA LUMPUR), P.M.S. 
Civil Service ; b. Sept. 7, 1869. 
Inspector of Mines, Kinta, 1892; 
Demarcation Officer, Kinta, 1895; 
Inspector of Mines, Kuala Lumpur, 
1897; Warden of Mines, Negri 
Sembilau, 1898 ; Warden of Mines, 
Selangor, 1901 ; Warden of Mines, 
Pahang, 1902; -Senior Warden for 
F.M.S., 1903. Address: Kuala 
Lumpur, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

B.A., Cantab.; F.M.S. Civil Service; 
b. Aug. 7, 1873. Passed law exami- 
nation, 1900; cadet at Negri 
Sembilan, 1896 ; Superintendent, 
Posts and Telegraphs and Collector 
of stamp duties, 1899; Magistrate, 
Sembilan, and Secretary to Central 
Census Committee, 1900 ; acting 
second assistant District Officer, 
Larut, 1904; assistant District 
Officer, Ipoh, 1904 ; second assistant 
District Officer, Krian, and acting 
Magistrate at Kuala Lumpur, 1906. 
Address : Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, 
Federated Malay States. 



EAKIN, Rev. J. A. (BANGKOK), M.A., 
D.D. ; Presbyterian Minister and 
Missionary ; b. Feb. 28, 1854. Educ.': 
Washington and Jefferson College ; 
Western Theological Seminaiy, 
U.S.A. Founder and Principal of 
Bangkok Christian High School 
since 1888 ; came to Bangkok in 1880 
as teacher in the King's School, 
in Siamese Government Service. 
Publications : Translator cf Euclid; 
Editor of Siamese Magazine, 
" Sang Aroon," 1892-1903. Address : 
Bangkok, Siam. 

EAST WICK, Robert William Eger- 
tcn (SINGAPORE), B.A. ; Managing 
Editor " Straits Times." Educ. : 
Westminster School ; Oxford Uni- 
versity ; Middle Temple. Graduat- 
ed with honours, Oxford ; served 
under Pi-ivy Council, London ; re- 
signed and read for Bar for several 
years at Middle Temple; served 
as Deputy Registrar, Supreme 
Court, Penang; Sheriff of Singa- 
pore; 2nd Magistrate, Penang; 
Secretary of Penang Chamber of 
Commerce ; Editor of " Pinang 
Gazette " till sold to syndicate ; 
Secretary and Chief Treasurer of 
New Docks ; is Managing Editor 
" Straits Times " ; was Secretary to 
Tanjong Pagar Dock Company 
Arbitration Court, which com- 

menced its sittings at Singapore, 
Oct. 16, 1905, and is hearing and 
sifting evidence in England ; still 
holds position of Secretary to 
Court, being represented in England 
by deputy. Publications: Editor 
of " Oracle Encyclopedia " and 
contributor to " Humaiiitarian," 
"Fortnightly Review," and 
"Lancet," etc. Address: Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements ; Kensing- 
ton, London, England. 

EBDEN. Leonard Powney (PKNANG), 
B.A., Cantab. ; Acting Magistrate 
b. Aug. 18, 1864. Assistant District 
Officer, Rawang and acting Secre- 
tary to Resident, 1889 ; acting 
Magistrate, Kuala Lumpur, June, 
1889 ; acting Secretary to Resident, 
Aug., 1889; assistant Magistrate, 
Kuala Lumpur, Nov., 1889; actinsi- 
Srd Magistrate, Penang, 1890; Col- 
lector of Land Revenue and Regis- 
trar of Titles, Selangor, Jan., 1891 ; 
acting Chief Magistrate, 1895 ; Col- 
lector of Land Revenue and Regis- 
trar of Titles, Larut, Mar., 1897 , 
Warden of Mines, North, Jan., 1899 ; 
acting Senior Magistrate, Selangor 
and Negri Sembilan, Feb., 1900; 
District Officer, Larut and Krian, 
and Registrar of Titles, North 
Perak, Jan., 1903; Senior Magis- 
trate, Selangor and Negri Semhilan, 



Feb., 1904 ; acting 1st Magistrate, 
Peuang, since Dec., 19C4. Address : 
Penang, Straits Settlements. 

EBARA, Soroku (TOKYO), M.P.; b. 1842, 
at Tokyo. Appointed Secretary of 
Prefecture of Shizuoka, 1870 ; has 
sat several times in House where 
now represents Tokyo; is member of 
Constitutionalist Party; is Director 
of Azabu Middle School, Member 
of Higher Education Council. 
Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

EBINA, Danjo (TOKYO), Evangelist; 
6. Oct., 1856, at Kumamoto. Is one 
of most noted Japanese Christian 
ministers ; is at present engaged 
in evangelical work at Tokyo; 
has been Principal of Schools at 
various centres. Address: Tokyo, 

ECKHARDT, Henry Charles (TEMER- 
LOH), B.A., Cantab ; Federated 
Malay States Civil Service ; b. 
April 27, 1877. Cadet at Selangor, 
1899 ; acting assistant District 
Officer, Negri Langat, June, 1900; 
acting 2nd assistant District Officer, 
Kuala Kubn, Jan., 1901 ; acting 
Secretary of Sanitary Board, Kuala 
Lumpur, May, 1901 ; acting District 
Officer, Kuala Langat, Sept., 1902; 
acting assistant District Officer, 
Kuala Langat, Feb., 1903; acting 
2nd Magistrate, Kuala Lumpur, 
April, 1903 ; acting District Officer, 
Kuantan, May, 1903 ; acting District 
Officer, Temerloh, Aug., 1903 ; 2nd 
assistant District Officer, Kuala 
Kangsar, Mar., 1904 ; acting District 
Officer, Temerloh, Mar., 1904. Ad- 
dress : Temerloh. Federated Malay 

Cantab ; Engineer ; b. 1864. Educ. : 
Charterhouse ar.d Trir.ity College, 
Cambridge. Clubs: Isthmian; 
Yokohama United. Address : 22, 
Yarna s hitacho, Yt kcharr.a, Japan. 

EDMUNDS, Charles Keyser (CANTON), 
B.A., Ph. D. ; Professor of Physics 
and Electrical Engineering, Chris- 
tian College; b. Sept. 21, 1876. 
Educ. : Public Schools of Balti- 
more, Md., U.S.A. ; Johns Hopkins 
University ; graduated Johns 
Hopkirs University, 1897 ; hon. 
Scholar, 1895-96; ordinary Scholar, 
1896-97 ; University Scholar, 1897-98. 
Acting Professor of Physics, 
University of Utah, Salt Lake City, 
1898-99; Magnetic Observer, U.S. 
Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1899- 
1900 ; Instructor in Physics, 
Washington, D.C., High School, 
1900-01 ; General Secretary, 
Y.M.C.A., Johns Hopkirs Univer- 
sity, 1901-C2; Fellow in Physics, 
Johns Hopkins University, 1902-03 ; 
Professor of Physics, Canton 
Christian College, 1903; Observer 
in Charge, Magnetic Survey of 
China, Carnegie Institution, Wa- 
shington, D.C. ; member of Ameri- 
can Physical Society ; member of 
American Association of China ; 
Associate member American 
Institute of Electrical Engineers ; 
member of Education Association 
of China. Publications: "Some 
Optical Properties of Selenium ; " 
Editor of " South China Collegian ; " 
series of articles on Chinese educa- 
tional topics in Popular Science 
Monthly. Address: Honglok, 
Canton, China. 


WHO'S WHO is THE FA It EAST ..lusty 1906-7. 

sistant Superintendent, Eastern 
Extension Telegraph Co. Resident 
in the East about 20 years. Club : 
Hongkong. Addrex* : Connaught 
Road, Hongkong. 

B.A., Uxou. ; Financial Commis- 
sioner; d. Nov. 18, 1860; Educ. : 
Highgate School and Queen's 
College, Oxford ; Scholar of Queen's 
College, 1878. Cadet, Straits Settle- 
ments, Oct., 1834 ; passed in Malay, 
18S6; acting District Officer, South 
.Malacca, 1887; District Officer, 
Btikit Mertajam, Public Works 
Department, Jan., 1893; Sheriff, 
Penang, Mar., 1892 ; acting Sheriff, 
Singapore, June, 1893; 2nd Magi- 
strate, Penang, Nov., 1893 ; acting 
Collector of Land Revenue, Singa- 
pore, Dec. 1393, to Feb., 1894 ; 
acting Inspector of Schools, Straits 
Settlements, June, 1895 ; also acting 
Official Assignee and Registrar of 
Deeds, Singapore. Mar. to June, 
1898 ; Collector of Land Revenue 
and Officer in Charg3 of Treasury, 
July, 1897; acting 1st Magistrate, 
Singapore, March, 1898 ; Inspector 
of Schools, Aug., 1898, but continu- 
ed to act as First Magistrate till 
Feb., 1893; Director of Public 
Instruction, Aug., 1931 ; Inspector 
of Prisons, July, 1904; Financial 
Commissioner, Federated Malay 
States, Oct., 1934. Club : Singapore. 
Address: Sin.?*pore, Straits Settle- 

Acting Coast Inspector, Imperial 
Maritime Customs ; b. July 15, 1864. 

Educ.: H.M.S. Worcester (Thames 
Nautical Training College). Deco- 
rations : Fouth class civil rank 
(China). Club : Country, Shanghai ; 
Hongkong ; Canton. Address: Im- 
perial Maritime Customs, Shanghai, 

ELLERTON, Henry Brooke (KINTA), 
Registrar of Courts ; 6. May 7, 1862. 
Entered F.M.S. Civil Service as 
acting Collector and Magistrate, 
Rompiii, Aug., 1892; acting 
Treasurer, Pahang, Aug., 1892; 
District Officer, Pekau, April, 1896; 
assistant District Magistrate, Ipoh, 
Jan., 1930; District Officer, Kuala 
Langat, Mar., 1930; acting District 
Officer, Klang, Feb., 1901; acting 
Circuit Magistrate, Selangor, Nov., 
1901 ; acting District Officer, Coast, 
Negri Sembilan, Dec., 1902 ; Re- 
gistrar of Courts, Kinta, and acting 
District Officer of Coast, Negri 
Sembilan, Jan., 1903. Add*'**: 
Kinta, Perak, Federated Malay 

ELLES, Bertram Waltar (KUAIA 
Ll MPI-U), B.A. Cantab ; F.M.S. 
Civil Service ; b. July 3, 1877. Cadet 
at Perak, 1900; acting assistant 
District Magistrate, Selama, July. 
1901 ; acting Collector of Land Re- 
venue, Mataug, Jan., 1902; acting 
2nd assistant District Officer, Kuala 
Kangsar, Jan., 1903 ; acting 2nd 
assistant Secretary to Resident 
General, Federated Malay States, 
May, 1903. 

ELLIS, Emery Ward (P'AM; 

B.A., B.D. ; Missionary of American 
Board (North China Mission); b. 



Oct. 20, 1876; M. Jan. 6, 1904, 
Minnie C. Case. Edue.. : Crete 
Academy, Nebraska ; Doaue Coll- 
'gt'. Nebraska; Chicago Theological 
.Seminary, Chicago. Graduated from 
Crete Academy 1894, ranking second 
in class ; during College course was 
captain of Track Athletic Team for 
three years ; captain of College 
Military Co. and! Orator in State 
Oratorical Contest in junior year ; 
College Secretary for Nebraska 
Young Men's Christian Associa- 
tion, 1898-99; Pastor at Naponee, 
Nebraska, 1899-1900 ; Pastor of 
Porter Memorial Church, Chicago, 
for two and half years previous to 
coming to China in Nov., 1904 ; 
represented Doaue Coll. at Clevel- 
and Student Volunteer Convention, 
1889; represented Chicago Theol- 
ogical Seminary at Toronto Student 
Volunteer Convention, 1902. Ad- 
dress: P'ang Chuang, via Shanghai 
and T.s'ing-Tao, China. 

ELLIS, Frank Thomas (PEX.VXO), 
Straits Settlements Civil Service ; 
b. Nov. 14, 1881. Appointed Cadet 
1903 ; studied Chinese at Amoy ; 
attached to Chinese Protectorate, 
Penang. Addret* : Penang, Straits 

ELLIS, Dr. William Gilmore (SINGA- 
PORK), M.D., M.R.C.S. ; Medical 
Superintendent, Lunatic Asylum, 
Singapore, 1888; acting also Muni- 
cipal Health Officer, Singapore, 
May, 1889, to Feb., 1892, again 1894 ; 
acting Colonial Resident Surgeon 
inl901,1902, 1903; Medical Officer, 
Lunatic Asylum. Club : Singapore. 
Address: Singapore, Straits Settle- 

EN-H3IANG, Lieut. -General (PEKING), 
native of Manchuria. Deputy Lieut.- 
Geueral, Huu-ch'un, Sept., 1895 ; 
degraded three steps and trans- 
ferred, Dec., 1893 ; Commandant of 
forces, Hi, Nov., 1897 ; Deputy 
Lieut.-General, Manchu White Ban- 
ner Corps, July, 1900. 

EN-MING ( AXCH'IXH ), Governor ; 
native of Manchuria. Kuei-sui 
Tao, Shansi, Jan., 1901 ; K'ou-Pei 
Tao, Apvil, 1902; Salt Commission- 
er, Liang-Hnai (Kiang-Nan), Jan., 
1903; Judge, Kiangsu, Jan., 1904; 
Treasurer, Kiangniu, (Nanking) ; 
Governor of Auhwei, March, 1900, 
is a reactionary official, opposed to 
reforms. Address : Anching-fu, 
Anhwei, China. 

ENOMOTO, Viscount Buyo (TOKYO), 
Vice-Admiral (retired) ; b. at Tokyo, 
Aug. 25, 1836. Edue. : Holland, 
where sent by Tokugawa Govern- 
ment. Returned from Holland, 
1868, on board corvette " Kanyo 
Maru," built at Amsterdam to 
order of Tokugawa Government ; 
at outbreak of civil war of 
Restoration was in charge of 
vessel, and with others fled to 
Hakodate, where, for several 
months, with Otori (now Baron) 
successfully withstood attack of 
Imperial Army ; eventually sur- 
rendered to leader of Imperial 
Army and was released after 
imprisonment and appointed to 
Government post in Hokkaido ; in 
1874 was despatched to St. Peters- 
burg to conclude treaty in connec- 
tion with exchanging Saghalien for 
the Kuriles ; Minister at Peking, 
1882; has held almost every Minis- 


terial portfolio, with exception of 
those of Army, Finance and Justice ; 
created Viscount, 1884. Address : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

EN-SHOU (TAIYUEN), Governor ; native 
of Manchuria ; metropolitan grad- 
uate, 1874. Prefect of Ch'eng-tu, 
Szechwan ; Shan-An Tao, Shensi, 
March, 1897; Judicial Commissioner, 
Kiangsi, Nov., 1898; Financial Com- 
missioner, Nanking, May, 1899; 
Director-General, grain transport, 
Nov., 1901 ; Governor of Kiangsu, 
Dec., 1901 ; acting Director-General 
grain transport, May, 1904 ; Gover- 
nor of Kianghnai, Jan., 1905; post 
abolished July, 19C5 ; engaged 
special duties ; Governor, Taiyuen- 
fu, Shansi, Feb., 1906; appointment 
protested against by British and 
French Ministers owing to anti- 
foreign tendencies. 

EN-SHUN (PEKING), Vice - President 
Board of War; native of Manchuria; 
metropolitan graduate. Supervisor 
of Instruction, Aug., 1901 ; Vice- 
President, Censorate, Sept., 1902. 
Vice-President, Board of War, Oct., 

ENYU, Lieut. - General (PEKING), 
native of Mongolia. Deputy Lieut.- 
General, Chinchou, Shengking, 
1882 ; Deputy Lieut. -General, Bor- 
dered Blue Banner Corps ; Assistant 
Director, Board of Admiralty ; 
Lieut.-General, Bordered Blue Ban- 
ner Corps, Dec., 1891. 

EPHRAUMS, Wilfred Clement 
(TAIPING), F.M.S. Civil service; 
l>. June 30, 1868. Clerical service, 
Perak, Feb., 1885; Demarcation 

Officer, Kinta, Jan., 1894 ; Financial 
Assistant, Tapah, Dec., 1895 ; acting 
District Treasurer, Kinta, May, 
1899 ; District Treasurer, Kinta, 
Sept., 1901; acting District Trea- 
surer, Taiping, Aug., 1903 ; District 
Treasurer, Taiping, Sept., 1903 ; 
acting District Treasurer, Kuala 
Lumpur, Feb., 1904; District Trea- 
surer, Taiping, 1908. Address 
Taiping, Perak, Federated Malay 

ERDMAN, Rev. John Pinney 
(YAMAGUCHI), A.B. ; b. Dec. 6, 1874, 
at Morristown, New Jersey, 
U.S.A.; in. 1904, Marion Eleanor 
Dillingham, d. of B. F. Dillingham, 
of Honolulu. Educ. : Princeton 
University ; McCormick Theological 
Seminary, Chicago ; received A.B. 
degree from Princeton University, 
June, 1896. Ordained, 1899 ; Asst. 
Pastor of Central Union Church, 
Honolulu, Hawaii, 1899-1903; ap- 
pointed to missionary work in 
Japan by American Presbyterian 
Church, 1903. Ad-dre**: N<>d:i. 
Yaraagu'chi, Japan. 

ESCOUBERT, Jean C. A. A. (Cmn.ox), 
Inspector, Civil Service of Indo- 
China, Chief of the province of 
Cholon ; b. Nov. 21, 1849. Entered 
Civil Service, Indo-China, March 19, 
1873 ; appointed Administrator of 
3rd class, April, 1S73; 2nd class, 
Jan., 1876; 1st class, Jan., 1836; 
inspector, July, 1893. Aililre**: 
Cholon, (via Saigon) Cochin-China. 

EVANS, Jun, Dr. Philip S., O AN.; 
CHOW), A.B., M.D. ; Medical Mis- 
sionary ; b. Aug. 18, 1S70 ; HI. Man . 
d. of Joshua Levering of B.iltimoiv.. 



Nov. 14, 1899. Educ. : Yale Univer- 
sity. Johns Hopkins University. 
In 1894 accompanied " Miranda " 
expedition to Greenland : was inter- 
collegiate Secretary of Y.M.C.A. at 
Baltimore, 1899-1900 ; externe at 
Johns Hopkins Surgical Clinic, 1900- 
1901 ; came to China, 1901, as mis- 
sionary of Southern Baptist mission. 
Clubs : Arctic (N.Y.). Address : 
Yangchow, via Chinkiang, China. 

EVANS, William (MALACCA), Acting 
Resident Commissioner. Educ. : 
King's College, Cambridge. Acting 
assistant Protector of Chinese, 
Singapore, Dec., 1885; acting Col- 
lector of Land Revenue, Malacca, 
May, 1886 ; acting assistant 
Protector of Chinese, Singapore, 
Feb., 1888 ; acting 2nd Magistrate, 
Penang, July, 1888 ; passed ex- 
aminations in Chinese and Malay ; 
J.P., acting District Officer, Din- 
dings, 1888; assistant Protector of 
Chinese, Singapore, June, 1890; 
acting Protector of Chinese, Pe- 
nang, July, 1890 ; ditto, Straits 
Settlements, Nov. and Dec., 1891, 
to June, 1893; assistant Protector 
of Chinese, Penang, 1893 ; Protector 
of Chinese, Straits Settlements, 
April, 1895 ; acting Auditor-Gen- 
eral, Straits Settlements, May, 
-1901, to July, 1902; President of 
Municipal Commissioners, Singa- 
pore, Sept., 1903; seconded for 6 
months for special service in 
Transvaal as Protector of Chinese, 
Dec. 25, 1933; acting Resident 
Commissioner, Malacca, 1905-6. 
Address: .Malacca, Straits Settle- 

EVERETT, Major E. Henry Joseph 

(SINGAPORE), Headquarters Staff ; 
b. March 5, 1866. Lieut., Somerset 
Light Infantry, Feb. 7, 1885; Capt., 
Jan. 14, 1892; brevet Major Nov., 
1900; A.D.C. to General, Shorncliffe, 
Jan. to Nov., 1899; Special service 
in South Africa, Nov., 189D, to 
April, 1900; Staff Office, M. I. Corps, 
Mobile Column (graded D.A.A.G.) r 
South Africa, April, 1900 to June r 

1902 ; D.A.A.G., Straits Settlements, 
Jan., 1903 ; D.A.Q.M.G., April, 

1903 ; Permanent Staff Corps ; 
service in South Africa from relief 
of Kimberiey to Cape Colony 
operations, 1902 ; mentioned in 
despatches. Decoration : Queen's 
and King's Medals. Address ; 
Headquarter's Office, Singapore,. 
Straits Settlements. 

EVINGTON, Right Rev. Henry 
(NAGASAKI), M.A., D.D. ; Bishop, 
Church of England in Kyushu and 
Lu Chu Islands, b. Oct. 7, 1848 ; 
m. Sept. 1, 1881. Educ. : Man- 
chester Grammar School ; Pem- 
broke College, Oxford. Ordained 
Deacon for mission work in Japan 
under theChurchMissionary Society, 
1874; curate, St. Anne's, Manchester,, 
March to Sept., 1874 ; Missionary 
in Osaka, Japan, 1875-92 ; Kuma- 
moto, 1893 ; acting Secretary, 
Church Mission Society, Japan Mis- 
sion, 1885-89; ordained Priest by 
Bishop Burdon, at Victoria, Hong- 
kong, 1876; consecrated Bishop of 
Kyushu, March 4, 1894, by Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury (Benson), 
assisted by Bishop of Rochester 
(Davison) and Bishop Royston. 
Address: Bishop's Lodge, 9 Deshi- 
rna, Nagasaki, Japan. 


M.E.C.V.S. Eng.; Government Vete- 
rinary Surgeon ; b. June 8, 1870. 
Educ. : Leeds Grammar School ; 
Royal Veterinary College, London. 
Senior Resident Hospital Surgeon, 
Royal Veterinary College, London, 
1892-1893; Goveniment Veterinary 
Surgeon at Singapore, since 1893. 
Recreations : Gardening. Club : 
Singapore. Address : Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

Director, Court of Imperial Stud; 
native of Shun-t'ien; metropolitan 
graduate, 1880. Sub-Director, Ban- 
queting Court, Dec., 1898 ; deputy 
Commissioner, Office of Transmis- 
sion, July, 1901 ; Sub-Director, Court 
of Imperial Stud, Sept., 1901. 

Treasurer ; native of Hupeh ; met- 
ropolitan graduate, 1887. Feng- 
yiug-liu-Ssu Tao, Anhwei, Jan., 
1901 ; Judge, Shensi, Aug., 1901 ; 
employed in Government Council, 
July, 1901 ; Judicial Commissioner, 
Chekiang Jan., 1903; do., Shensi, 
Oct., 1903 ; Treasurer, Ilsian-fu, 
Shensi, Dec., 1904. 

Taotai ; native of Chekiang : pro- 

vincial graduate. Secretary, Tsung- 
li-Yamen (Office of Foreign Affairs) ; 
Chiug-I-Shih Tao, Hupeh, May, 
1888 ; Taotai, Tientsin, June, 1892 ; 
vacated post through illness ; re- 
appointed Taotai, Tientsin, Dec., 
1896 ; not in office. 

FAREL. Jules, ( SAIGON ), Couseiller, 
Cour d'Appel ; b. Oct. 29, 1862. 
Entree 1'Administration de la 
Justice, Dec. 13, 1888; Conseiller, 
Avril 7, 1903. Address: Saigon, 

FARNHAM, Dr. John Marshall 
Willoughby ( SHANGHAI ), D.D. ; 
Clergyman, Missionary of American 
Presbyterian Board; b. Sept. 30, 
1829, at Lebanon, Maine, U.S.A. ; 
m. May 4, 1859, Mary Jane Scott 
of Newcastle-on-Tyne. Educ : 
Lebanon Academy, Parsonstield 
Seminary ; Union College ; Prince- 
ton Theological Seminary. En- 
gaged in teaching and study, 
1847-59; landed in Shanghai as 
Missionary of American Presby- 
terian Church, 1860; established, 
and for 24 years was Superintendent 
of Lowrie High School ; Pastor of 
1st Presbyterian Church in Shang- 
hai; Superintendent of Presby- 
terian Mission Printing Press 
since 1885 ; commenced " The 

WHO'S WHO is THE FAR EAST (.JUNE) 1906-7. 


Chinese Child's Paper/' May 
1, 1875 ; took part in organisation 
of the Chinese Tract Society, and 
was elected 1st Corresponding 
Secretary and Manager, 1878; 
commenced publication of " The 
Temperance Union," April 26, 
1879 ; commenced " The Chinese 
Illustrated News," May 1, 1880; 
with Mrs. Farnhain was surrounded 
by, and entirely at mercy of, 
Taiping rebels while the British 
soldiers were firing upon them, 
but almost, miraculously escaped 
unharmed ; has been Editor of 
"The Child's Paper" for 31 years, 
and " The Illustrated News " for 
26 years. Publications: In Eng- 
lish: "Homeward: A Book of 
Travel " ; " The Word for Life in 
Chinese"; "A Genealogy of the 
Farnham Family"; In Chinese: 
" A Bible Dictionary " ; " Natural 
Philosophy " ; "Elementary 
/oology " ; " The Bible Reader " ; 
First Lessons in Drawing '' ; " The 
First Reader"; "The Illustrated 
Primer"; "Around the World 
Pictures " ; In Chinese and Eng- 
lish : "Bible Names"; for many 
years engaged in translating Bible 
into Shanghai colloquial. Address : 
61, Range Road, Shanghai, China. 

JAM), District Officer. Educ. : Eton 
and Balliol College, Oxford. Cadet, 
Straits Settlements, Nov., 1896; 
acting District Officer, Nibong 
Tebal, Mar., 1897, to Sept., 1898, 
Dec., 1898, to Mar., 1900 ; acting 
Collector of Laud Revenue, Penang, 
Mar., 1900; District Officer, 
Dindings, May, 1900; acting 

Superintendent of Education, 
Penang, June to Aug., 1900 ; Ilead 
of Malay College, Malacca, May, 
1901 ; acting 2nd assistant Colonial 
Secretary, June, 1901 ; acting Dis- 
trict Officer, Bukit Mertajam, May, 
1902; confirmed, July, 1904; acting 
Deputy Prosecutor, July, 1904 
District Officer, Bukit Mertajam, 
1905. Address: Bukit Merta.j;iin. 
Straits Settlements. 

FEARN, Dr. John B. (HL CHOW), Doctor 
of Medicine; b. Aug. 26, 1871. 
Kntered upon medical missionary 
work in China for Methodist 
Episcopal Church, South (U.S.A.), 
March 26, 1895. Add re**: lluchou, 
( hekiaug, China. 

FENG CH'E, Lieut. -General (PKKLXC), 
native of Manchuria. Commissioner, 
Equipage Department, May, 1888 ; 
Deputy Lieut. -General, Bordered 
Veilow Banner Corps, Dec., 1891 ; 
Lieut.-General, Chahar, June, 1900 ; 
Lieut.-General, Bordered White- 
Banner Corps, Dec., 1900. 

FENG HSU (AXCHIXG), native of 
Kiangsu; metropolitan graduate, 
1886. Ho-Tung Tao, Shansi, Jan., 
1902; Judge, Szechwan, Jan., 1903; 
Treasurer, Anching-fu, Anhwei, 
Sept., 1905. 

FENG-SHENG-A, General (M.\ LAN 
CHEN), native of Manchuria, Im- 
perial Agent, Urga, May, 1899; 
Brigade-General, Man Lan Chen 
(Eastern Tombs), Sept., 1904. 

FENG-SHEN-T'AI (LAX-Cnou), native 
of Manchuria. Taotai, Kirin, 1884 ; 
Salt Comm., Shantung, March, 1888 ; 
Judge, Kansu, Jan., 1902; Kirin, 


WHO'S WHO ix THE FAR EAST (Juxi-j 1906-7. 

Shansi, 1903; Treasurer, Kansu, 
July, 1905. Address: Laii-Chou-fu, 
Kansu, China. 

FERGUSON, Rev. Duncan (TAIN AX), 
M.A. ; Minister and Missionary; b. 
Dec., 30, 1860 ; widower. Educ. : 
Glasgow University, Free Church 
-College, Glasgow. Arrived Formo- 
.sa, 1889 ; passed through troubles 
consequent upon cession of the 
island to Japan, 1894-5; was 
instrumental, with Rev. T. Barclay, 
in saving Tainan city from bom- 
bardment and destruction by 
Japanese under General Nogi, and 
was decorated by Mikado in con- 
sequence. Decoration : 5th class 
order of Rising Sun. Address: 
Tainan, South Formosa. 

Ph.D.; Chinese Government Service; 
b. March, 1866 ; m. 1887 M.E. Wilson. 
Educ. : Boston University, B.A., 
1886, Ph. D., 1902. President of 
Nanking University, 1888-97 ; Presi- 
dent of Nanyang College, Shang- 
hai, 1897-1902; Secretary, Chinese 
Ministry of Commerce, 1902-03; 
Chief Secretary, Imperial Chinese 
Railway Administration, 1903-05 ; 
Adviser of Viceroy of Nanking, 
since 1898; Adviser of Viceroy of 
Wuchang, since 1901 ; member of 
-Commission for Treaty Revision, 
1903-04 ; Special Deputy of Viceroy 
of Nanking to settle extension of 
Shanghai Settlements, 1898-93 ; also 
Special Deputy to settle Ningpo 
Joss-house case, 1899; assisted 
Shanghai Taotai in arranging 
Yangtsze compact for protection of 
South Eastern Provinces, 1900; 

Special Commissioner to investigate 
Commercial Schools in Europe and 
America, 1901 ; Special Commis- 
sioner to America concerning 
railway affairs, 1904; Honoraiy 
Secretary, China branch, Royal 
Asiatic Society ; Member American 
Oriental Society. Decorations : 3rd 
grade button, China ; 3rd class of 
2nd grade of order of Double 
Dragon, China; Chevalier de la 
Legion d'Honneur, France ; order 
of Sacred Treasure, Japan. Pub- 
lications : Works on Chemistry, 
Pedagogy and Military Regulations 
(in Chinese) ; numerous Magazine 
articles ; edited Education Depart- 
ment's "Chinese Reviewer," 1893-99; 
editor of Journal of China Branch, 
Royal Asiatic Society. Clubs : 
Shanghai ; Golf, Shanghai, etc. 
Address: 16, Love Lane, Shanghai, 

FERRA, Claude Jean (HANOI), 
Directeur de 1'Observatoire Central, 
Magnetique et Meteorologique ; 
Administrator de 2e classe ; b. Dec. 
12, 1857. Entree 1' Administration, 
Sept. 20, 1886; Administrateur de 
4e classe, Juil. 14, 1893 ; Adminis- 
trateur de 3e classe, Janv. 1, 1898 ; 
de 2e classe, Aout 2, 1900. Decora- 
tion : Officier de la Legion d'Hon- 
neur. Address : Hanoi, Tonkin, 

FIELD, Rev. Frank William (TOKYO), 
B.S., Minister; b. Nov. 5, 1863 at 
Vernon, Wisconsin, U.S.A. ; i. 1889, 
Effie Wright Stewart. Educ. : Battle 
Creek College, Battle Creek, Michi- 
gan. After graduating in 1893 
engaged in denominational school 



work at Mount Vernon, Ohio, for 
eight years ; ordained to Ministry, 
19)1 ; Superintendent of Japan Mis- 
sion of Seventh Day Adventists 
since 1901. Address: 30, Oiwake- 
cho, Hongo-ku, Tokyo, Japan. 

FIGG, Frederick George (HONGKONG), 
First Assistant, Observatory; b. 
Feb. 10, 1856. Formerly Assistant 
and Magnetic Observer at Kew 
Observatory ; arrived in Colony, 
1883 ; Acting Director of Obser- 
vatory, 1902-1903. Address: Obser- 
vatory, Hongkong. 

FINCHAM, Charles (KINTA), F.M.S. 
Civil Service; b. March 17, 1852. 
Acting Inspector of Mines, Taiping, 
1890 ; Government Mining Prospec- 
tor, Kuala Kangsar, July, 1890 ; 
Inspector of Mines, April, 1895; 
Inspector of Boilers, Mines Depart- 
ment, Kinta, since 1899. Address: 
Kinta, Perak, Federated Malay 

FINK, C. (SHANGHAI), Journalist ; b. 
March 27, 1861; in. Helene, d. of 
late Job. Koch, of Bremen, 1887 ; 
Educ. : Universities at Leipzig and 
Berlin ; studied law and political 
science. After University studies 
and Military Service in Mexico and 
United States, from 1884 to 1893, was 
sub-editor of "Die Post," Berlin, 
from 1894 to 1898 ; since 1898 Editor 
"Der Ostasiatische Lloyd," Shang- 
hai ; established in 1904 and still 
publishes in Tsingtau, "Tisangtauer 
Xeueste Nachrichten." Publica- 
tions: "Der Kampf um die Ost- 
mark." Clubs: Concordia, Shang- 
hai ; and Shanghai. Address : 24A, 
Nanking Road, Shanghai, China. 

FINLAYSON, Dr. George Alexander 
(SINGAPORE), M.A., M.B., Aber- 
deen ; Medical Practitioner ; &. 
Dec. 1C, 1874. Educ. : At Aber- 
keen ; Leipzig; London. Is Muni- 
cipal Health Officer and Municipal 
Bacteriologist at Singapore. Public- 
ations : Articles in medical journals. 
Club : Singapore. Address: Muni- 
cipal Health Office, Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

M.I.M.E., M.I.S.I., M. Soc. E., 
M.I.E.S. ; Civil and Mechanical En- 
gineer ; b. March 11, 1872, at Aber- 
deen. Educ. : Academy, Peterhead ; 
Gordon's College, Aberdeen, Scot- 
land. From 1892-98, Superintending 
Engineer and Works Manager to 
William Jackson's Experimental 
and Patent Machinery Develop- 
ment Works, a branch of Marshall 
Sons and Co. Ltd., Gainsborough, 
England ; from 1898 to date under 
engagement with firm of Howarth 
Erskine, Ltd., at Head Office and 
Works, Singapore, and at branches 
at Burrnah, Malay Peninsula, Siam 
and China; 1898, Chief Draughtsman 
and Consulting Engineer; 1900, 
Acting General Manager of firm ; 
1902, General Manager and Director 
of Co. Club : Singapore. Address: 
c/o Howarth Erskine, Ltd., Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements; and 3, 
Lloyd's Avenue, London, England. 

FIELD, Rev. Walter Paul Gray 
(YOKOHAMA), M.A. ; Clergyman of 
the Church of England; 6. Jan. 
25, 1861. Educ. : Christ's Hospital ; 
Keble College, Oxford ; Cudderdon 
College. Ordained 1887 ; Curate of 
St. John-the-Divine, Kennington, 



1887-1889; Oxford University Mis- 
sion in Calcutta, 1889-94 ; Chaplain, 
India Ecclesiastical Establishment 
(Diocese, Calcutta) 1894-97 ; Rector 
of Wootton near Canterbury, 1897- 
1902 ; Chaplain of Christ Church, 
Yokohama, since 1902. Club : 
Yokohama United. Address: 234, 
Bluff, Yokohama, Japan. 


Treasury Officer. Educ. : Rugby 
and Hertford College, Oxford 
(scholar). Cadet, Straits Settle- 
ments, 1890"; passed final examina- 
tion in Chinese, Dec., 1893 ; acting 
District Officer, South Malacca, 
May, 1894 ; acting Assistant Pro- 
tector of Chinese, Singapore, Jan., 
1893; District Officer, Public Works 
Department, Oct., 18^6 ; assistant 
Protector of Chinese, Singapore, 
Feb., 1897 ; acting assistant Pro- 
tector of Chinese, Superintendent of 
Indian Immigrants, and Municipal 
Commissioner for Penaug, Aug., 
1898, to Feb., 1902, and from Aug., 
1902; acting Protector of Chinese, 
Straits Settlements, Feb. to July, 
1902 ; acting assistant, ditto,, 
Penang, Aug., 1902, to Feb., 190,1, 
and from Aug., 1903 ; Collector of 
Land Revenue and Treasury Officer, 
Malacca. Add MX* : Malacca, 
Straits Settlements. 

FIRTH, Alfred Richard (MANILA), 
2nd class assistant, II.B.M. Consu- 
lar Service. Appointed Student 
Interpreter in Japan, July 9, 1898 : 
acting Vice-Consul ; acting Consul, 
and acting Consul-General at 
Manila, during 1903. Address: 
II.B.M. Consulate. Manila, Philip- 
pine Islands. 

FISHER, Henry George Corral! 
(HONGKONG), A.R.I.B.A. ; Execu- 
tive Engineer, Public Works Dept. ; 
b. March 14, 1870. Arrive;! in 
Colony, 1902 ; appointed to present, 
position, 1903. Address: PubliV 
Works Department, Hongkong. 

FISHER, William Woodhouse 

(SINGAPORE), Puisne Judge. Called 
to the Bar, Lincoln's Inn, Nov., 
1877 ; acting Crown Counsel, North 
Circuit, Ceylon, Jan., 1885, to Feb., 
1886; acting District Judge, 
Matara, June, 1886 to Feb., 1887: 
acting Crown Counsel, Kandy, Feb. 
1887 ; Crown Counsel, North West 
Province Ceylon, Mar., 1887 ; Secre- 
tary to Committee for drafting Code 
of Civil Procedure, June, 1887, to 
May, 1888 ; additional Crown 
Counsel, North Circuit, Jan., 1890; 
President, District Court, Kyrenia, 
Cyprus, 1891 ; acting Puisne Judge, 
1894 ; Magistrate, Jamaica, 1895 ; 
Puisne Judge, Straits Settlements, 
190.',. Club: Singapore. Addrc** : 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

FITCH, Dr. Mary Elliot (SOOCHOW), 
Medical Missionary ; b. 1875. 
Educ. : Wooster 'University, Ohio 
Women's Medical College, Penn- 
sylvania, U.S.A. ; at present 
practising at 'looker Memorial 
Hospital, Soochow, China. .!</- 
dt-exx : Soochow, China. 

FITCH, Rev. Robert Ferris (NIN<U'<, 
M.A. ; Minister and Missionary. 
American Presbyterian Church ; 
b. Dec. 20, 1873, at Shanghai. 
e. s. of George F. Fitch, of 
Shanghai Mission Press ; ?. 
i Isadore Kloss, of Tyrone. Pa. on 

WHO'S WHO j.\ THE FAR EAST (JUNE) 1906-7. 


May 10, 1898. Educ. : Primarily 
private ; Wooster University, Ohio ; 
Westein Theological Seminary, 
Allegheny, Pa. ; during 1902-4 re- 
organised and rebuilt the Ningpo 
Presbyterian Academy, being Prin- 
cipal ; by 1905 organised, built and 
quipped Ningpo College, obtaining 
funds entirely from Chinese 
sources ; is Principal of College. 
Recreations : Photography, bicycl- 
ing, violin. Addwus : Ningpo, 

FITTON, Lieut-Col. Hugh Gregory 
(HONGKONG), D.S.O. ; Commanding 
'2nd Batt. Queen's Own (Royal 
West Kent Regiment); I. Nov. If), 
1863. Lieut., Royal Berkshire 
Regiment, Feb. 6, 1884; Capt., 
May 1, 189C; Major, May 7, 1902; 
R.W. Kent, Feb. 10, 1904; Lieut. - 
Col., Aug. 19, 19C5; employed with 
Egyptian Army, May, 1894 to Dec., 
1899; D.A.A.O. South Africa, 
Sept., 1889 to Sept., 19G2 ; D.A.Q.M. 
., 7th Div., ;:rd Army Corps, Oct., 
1902 to Mar., 1904; took part in 
Soudan Expedition, 188i> (Suakin) 
Soudan, 1885-G, Frontier Field 
Force action at Giniss, and attack 
on Ambigole Wells ; Expedition to 
Dongola, 1896; D.A.A.G. Inf. Div. 
(wounded); operations of Jun. 7 
(horse killed), and Sept. 19 (men- 
tioned Despatches, Nov., 3 1896); 
Nile Expedition, 1897, Staff Offr. to 
G.O.C. ; Flying Cols, occupation of 
Berber, and to Atbara River 
(mentioned Despatches, Jan. 25, 
1898) ; Nile Expedition, 1898 as 
D.A.A.G. ; battles of the Atbara 
and Khartoum (mentioned in De- 
spatches, Sept. 30, 1898) ; Brev. Maj. 

8. African War, 1899-1902; on Staff; 
operations in the Orange Free 
State, Feb. to May, 1900, including 
operations at Paardeberg, actions 
at Poplar Grove, Karee Siding, Vet 
River, May 5 and 6, and Zand 
River, operations in the Transvaal 
in May and June, 1900, including, 
actions near Johannesburg and 
Pretoria ; operations in the Trans- 
vaal, Nov. 30, 1900, to May 31, 1902 
(mentioned Despatches, Sept. 10, 
1901 and July 20, 1902) ; Brev. of Lt.- 
Col. Decorations : Medal with clasp, 
Bronze star, Soudan; D.S.O. and 
Egyptian Medal with 2 clasps ; 4th 
class Medjidie, clasp to Egypt. 
Medal Nile 1897 ; 2 clasps to Egypt. 
Medal, Nile Ex., 1898; Queen's 
Medal with 3 clasps, S. African 
war ; King's Medal with 2 clasps. 
Club : Hongkong. Address: Mili- 
tary Headquarters, Hongk^.g. 

FLAHERTY, Alfred John (HANKOW). 
2nd Class Assistant, H.B.M. Con- 
sular Service. Appointed Student 
Interpreter in China, Aug. 6, 1898 ; 
was at Peking during the Siego, 
1900 ; promoted 2nd class assistant, 
Nov. 4, 1902. Vice-Consul, Hankow, 
1906. Decoration* : China Medal 
an-1 clasp. Addre** : IJ.B.M. Lega- 
tion, Peking, China. 

FLEMING, Thomas Clivers (TAMPIN), 
District Officer ; b. March 11, 1863. 
Appointed Inspector of Police, 
Pekan, 1890 ; acting Collector and 
Magistrate, Temerloh, Aug., 1893 ; 
acting Superintendent, Ulu Pahang, 
July, 1894 ; District Officer, Kuau- 
tan, Jan., 1896; acting District 
Officer, Pekau, Oct., 1898 ; District 
Officer, Pekan, June, 1900 ; acting 



District Officer, Tampin, Dec., 1904 ; 
District Officer, Tampin, 1906. Ad- 
dress: Tampin, Negri Sembilan, 
Federated Malay States. 

FLETCHER, Arthur George Murclil- 
son (HONGKONG), B.A., Oxon. ; 
Civil Service ; b. Sept. 27, 1878. 
Arrived in Colony, 1902 ; appointed 
Deputy Registrar of Mirriiges, 
1903; acting Assistant R3gistrar 
General, Dec., 1903 ; acquainted 
with Cantonese dialect. Club: Hong- 
kong. Address: Registrar-General's 
Department, Hongkong. 

LUMPUR), District Surgeon ; b. Dec. 
11, 1872; District Surgeon, Tapah, 
Jan., 1903 ; District Surgeon, Larut, 
July, 1903; acting District Surgeon, 
Selangor, Dec., 1903; appointed 
District Surgeon at Kuala Lumpur, 
1906. Address: Kuila Lumpur, 
Selangor, Federated Malay States. 

FOLEY, Edward Lawrence (KIXTA), 
F.M.S. Civil Service ; b. June 15, 
1884. Appointed to Settlement 
Office, Lower Perak, 1902; Settle 
ment Officer, Batu Gajah, April, 
1904; Assessment Officer, Sanitary 
Board, Kinta, since 1905. Address : 
Kinta, Perak, Federated Malay 

FONSECA, Aloysius Hsrmenegill 
do Rozario (TAIP.NG), F.M.S. 
Civil Service; b. April 6, 1877. 
Cadet at Perak, 1900 ; acting Secre- 
tary, Sanitary Board, Kinta, O^t., 
1903 ; acting assistant Revenue 
Auditor, Federated Malay States, 
Perak, April, 1904; acting Protes- 
tor of Chinese, Perak, Sept., 1904; 

acting assistant Revenue Auditor, 
Federated Malay States, Perak, 
Oct., 1904; assistant Superinten- 
dent of Immigrants, Federated 
Malay States, Jan., 19)5; acting 
assistant Revenue Auditor, Ta- 
ping, 1906. Address : T aping, 
Perak, Federated Malay States. 

FORBES, Andrew (HONGKONG), Mer- 
chant; b. Sept. 13, 1872; m. in 19J8. 
Edac. : Privately. Was trained for 
mercantile career and spent 10 
years with the firm of Sinclair, 
Hamilton and Co., London. 
Arrived in Hongkong, 1898; is a 
partner of the firm of Bradley and 
Co. ; was appointed to directorate 
of Union Insurance Co. of Canton, 
Ld., in 19)4. Clubs: Ho-igkong ; 
Jockey. Address : " Eilandouan," 
The Pea*, Hongkong. 

FORD Dr. Donald McNeil (SINGA- 
PORE), L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., Edin.' 
L.F.P.S., Glas. ; House Surgeon, 
General Hospital ; b. Dec., 21, 1873. 
Appointed House Surgeon, Nov., 
1901, and has since held that posi- 
tion. Address: General Hospital 
Sepoy Lines, Singapore, Straits 

FORD, Dr. John Colin Campbell 
(PENANG), L.R.C.P., L.R.C.?., L.F. 

P. and S. ; Deputy Port Health 
Officer ; b. May 3, 1872. Educ. : 
Edinburgh and Glasgow, Appointed 
Deputy Port Health Officer, Pe- 
naiig, Au?., 19 JO, and has since held 
that position. Address: Peuaug, 
Straits Settlements. 

FORGTTES, Marie Aialbsrt Eugene 
Daurand-(HANOi), Avoeat General; 



b. Sept. 9, 1857. Arrived in Indo- 
China, Jan. 10, 1887; Avocat 
Gra], Sept. 5, 1898. Decora- 
tions: Chevalier de la Legion 
d'Honneur ; Officier d' Acade"mie. 
Address : Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo- 

FORSTER, Ralph George Elliott 
(HAKODATE), H.B.M. Vice-Consul. 
Appointed Student Interpreter in 
Japan, Feb. 16, 1883 ; acting Consul 
at Nagasaki, 1890 ; served as Japan- 
ese Interpreter to Admiral Sir E. 
Fremantle, on outbreak of Japan- 
China War, 1894 ; Consul at 
Nagasaki, 1895, 1896, and 1897; 
promoted 1st Assistant, Aug. 8, 
1896 ; acting Consul General at 
Yokohama, 1897 ; acting Consul 
at Nagasaki, 1897; at Yokohama, 
1898, 1899, and 1900 ; at Tamsui, from 
1900 to 1901 ; at Nagasaki, 1901 to 
1902; acting Vice-Consul at Hako- 
date, 1902 to 1903 ; promoted Vice- 
Consul for Consular District of 
Hakodate, May 21, 1903. Address: 
H.B.M. Consulate, Hakodate, 

M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S. ; Physician ; 
b. Glasgow 1875. Educ. : Wakefield, 
Edinburgh and Cambridge ; Medal- 
list in anatomy. Late House 
Physician and House Surgeon, 
Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh ; As- 
sistant Surgeon, Deaconess Hos- 
pital, and Eye, Ear and Nose 
Hospital, Edinburgh ; lecturer in 
Midwifery and Gynecology, Hong- 
kong Medical College ; Lieut. H.K. 
V.C. ; Freeman of the Borough of 
Berwick-on-Tweed. Clubs: Union, 

Edinburgh ; Hongkong. Address : 

FOSS, Right Rev. Dr. Hugh James 
(KOBE), D.D., M.A. ; Bishop (C. of 
E.) at Osaka ; b. June 25, 1848, *. of 
late Edward Foss, F.S.A., Solicitor, 
author of " The Judges of England"; 
. 1880, Janet McEwen, d. of late 
William McEwen, M.D., of Chester 
(died 1894); 1901, Lina Janet Owens, 
e. d. of late John Lambert Owens, 
Solicitor, of East Sheen, Surrey. 
Educ. : Marlborough College ; 
Christ's College, Cambridge ; 1st 
class in classical tripos, 1871; 1st 
class in theological tripos, 1872. 
Ordained priest 1873 ; Curate of St. 
Barnabas, Liverpool, 1872-74 ; M.A., 
1874; Curate of St. Michael's 
Chester, 1874-76; S.P.G. Missionary, 
Kobe, Japan, 1876-98 ; exam, chap- 
lain to B. of O^aka, 1895-97 ; con- 
secrated Bishop of Osaka, 1899; 
received D.D. degree, 1899. Publica- 
tions : Japanesa translations of 
" Imitatis Christi," and Walsham 
How's " Holy Communion." Ad- 
dress: The Firs, Shinomiya, Kobe, 

FOSTON, Dr. Edmund Christopher 
(NEGAPATAM), L.E.C.P., Edin., 
L.F.P.S., Glas. Emigrant Depot 
Superintendent. Colonial Surgeon, 
Province Wellesley (South), Straits 
Settlements, Aug. 20, 1891 ; Su- 
perintendent, Straits Settlements 
Emigrant Depot, Negapatam, Nov. 
17, 1930. Address : Negapatam, 
Straits Settlements. 

FOUCHER, Alfred (HANOI), Directeur, 
Ecole d'Extreme-Orient ; 


WHO'S WHO IN THE FAR EAST (Juss) 3 900-7. 

Officier d'Acade'mie ; Ancien e"leve 
de 1'Ecole normal superieure, 
agrege de 1'Universite Maitre de 
conferences & 1'Ecole des Halites- 
Etudes. Address: Hanoi, Tonkin, 

FOURES, Auguste Julien (HANOI), 
Chief Resident of Tonkin. Decora- 
tion: Officier, Legion d'Honneur. 
Address: Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo- 

FOCRESTIER, Norbett Maurice 
(CAMBODGE), Resident; Adminis- 
trator, 1st class ; I. May 8, 1863. 
Joined Indo-China Civil Service, 
June 25, 1886; Administrator, 4th 
class, July 1, 1894 ; Administrator, 
3rd class, July 1, 1896 ; Administra- 
tor, 2nd class, Aug. 2, 1900; 
Administrator, 1st class, July 25, 
1904. Addrf**: Cambodge, Indo- 

M.B.; Physician; b. 1867; m. 1895, 
Mary, e. d. James Lawrence, of 
Forres, N.B. Educ. : Aberdeen Uni. 
Physician in Charge, Maternity 
Hospital, Singapore, and Hospital 
for Women, Kandang Kerban ; 
Lecturer on Obstetrics and Dis- 
eases of Women and Infants, 
Straits Medical College. Club : 
Sports, London. Address: Mater- 
nity Hospital, Singapore, Straits 

FOX, Guilherme Henry (KUALA LUM- 
PUR), A.M.I.C.E.; District Engineer 
I'.M.S. Railways. Assistant Engi- 
neer, SelangorGovernmentRaiiway, 
Selangor, Oct., 1890 ; acting Chief 
Assistant Engineer, Selangor 
Government Railway, Selangor, 

Feb., 1897 ; District Engineer, 
Selangor, Government Railway, 
Selangoi-, Jan., 1900; District Eng- 
ineer, Federated Malay States 
Railways, since 1903. Address : 
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Fede- 
rated Malay States. 

FOX, Harry Halton (ICIIANG), H.B.M. 
Consul. Appointed Student Inter- 
preter in China, Aug. 21, 1S90 ; 
acting Vice-Consul at Chemulpo, 
Corea, 1893 to 1894; acting Consul 
at Wench ow, 1895 to 1896; promoted 
1st Assistant, May 13, 1899; acting 
Consul at Samshui, 1898 to 1899; 
at Wuchow, 1899 ; at Samshui, 189!> 
to 1900 ; acting Vice-Consul at 
Shanghai, 1900 to 1901; Assistant 
employed in Shipping Office. 
Shanghai, 1901 to 1902 ; acting 
Vice-Consul at Chemulpo, Corea, 
1902 ; acting Consul at Wuchow, 

1903 to 1904 ; acting Consul at 
Kongmoou and again at Wuchow. 

1904 ; Consul at Ichang, 1906. 
Address : H.B.M. Consul a t e. 
Ichang, China. 

i FOX, Dr. Stephen Charles Gundry 
(BATU GAJAH), M.R.C.S., Eng., L- 
R.C.P. Lond. ; Senior District 
Surgeon ; b. Dec, 18, 1864. District 
Surgeon, at Telok Anson, 1888; 
acting District Surgeon, Kinta r 
May 1888 ; District Surgeon, Larut,. 
Jan., 1890; District Surgeon, Ipoh, 
Sept., 1895 ; District Surgeon,. 
Larut, Jan., 1898; Senior District 
Surgeon, Kinta, May, 3898 ; 
acting State Surgeon. 1'erak, 
May, 1900 ; Senior District Surgeon, 
Batu Gajah, Kinta, 19CG. Address : 
Batu Gajah, Perak, Federated 
Malav States. 




FOX, Waltar (PEXAXG), Agricultural 
and Horticultural Botanist b. 
June 21, 1858. Entered Royal 
Gardens, Kew, May, 1876 ; ap- 
pointed by Secretary of State 
assistant Superintendent, Botanic 
Gardens, Singapore, June, 1879 ; 
acted as Director of Gardens and 
Forests on various occasions ; ap- 
pointed Superintendent, Forests 
and Gardens, Penang, Dec., 3, 
1903. Address: Forests and Gar- 
dens Department, Penang, Straits 

FKAMPTON, G. Russell (SEOUL), 
Teacher ; b. July 3, 1869. Edue. : 
Board Schools, Leamington; St. 
John's College, Battersea. Joined 
staff of Diocesan School, Hong- 
kong, March, 1899; arrived in 
Corea, 1900; appointed Head 
Master of Imperial School, Seoul, 
in August, 1900. Clubs: Seoul; 
Chemulpo. Add res* : Seoul, Corea. 

FRANCE, Rev. John Hoole (Hoxo- 
KON(i), M.A. ; Chaplain, Missions 
to Seamen; b. March 21, 1862. 
Edue. : Trinity College Dublin ; 
Ordained by Bishop of Wakefield, 
1889; was curate of St. Andrews, 
city and diocese of Wakefield, 
1889-93 ; curate, St. Nicholas, Not- 
tingham, 1893-98. Address: 3, 
Babington Path, West Point, 

FRANCO, Dr. LUTZ Lourenco (MACAO), 
ft. Aug. 25, 1849; m. Maria Luiza 
de Silva Franco. Edue, : Medical 
College, Goa (India) ; joined the 
army as surgeon ; upon attaimng . 
rank of First Lieutenant vetiml 
with rank of Captain. >Fi>blica- 

tions : "Belatorio de Service de 
Saude de Timor." Address: 
Pharmacia Popular, Macao. 

FRANKLIN, Alfred Edward Cyril 

(TAMPIN), F.M.S. Civil Service ; b. 
June 18, 1875. Cadet at Negri 
Sembilan 189S ; acting Inspector of 
Schools, 1930-1932; acting Settle- 
ment Officer, 1931 ; acting assistant 
District Officer, Tampin, 1912; as- 
sistant Collector of Laud Revenue, 
Seremban, 1903 ; assistant District 
Officer, Tampin, since 1915. Ad- 
dress : Tampin, Negri Sembilan, 
Federated Malay States. 

FRASETl, Evarard Duncan Home 
(HANKOW), C.M.G. ; H.B.M. Consul 
General ; b. Feb. 27, 1859, . of 
Lieut.-ColonelR.W. Fraser, B.M.I. ; 
m. 1899, Constance; d. of A.W. 
Walkinshaw, of Faochow. Edue. : 
Aberdeen. Appointed Student In- 
terpreter in China, March 33, 1880 ; 
acting Consul at Foochow, 1886 ; at 
Kiukiang, 1839; acting Consul at 
Ichang, 1889 to 1891 ; acting Vice- 
Consul at Chemulpo, Corea, 1891 to 
1892 ; acting Consul at Chemulpo, 
1892 to 1894; promoted 1st As- 
sistant, Dec. 1, 1893 ; Vice-Consul at 
Canton, 1895 to 1897 ; acting Consul 
there 1895 to 1897 ; promoted Vice- 
Consul at Pagoda Island, 1897; 
Consul at Chinkiaug, 1899 ; acting 
Consul at Foochow, 1898 to 1899 ; 
acting Consul-General at Hankow, 
1900 to 1931 ; Consul-General at 
Hankow, since July 1, 1901. Ad- 
dress : H.B.M. Consulate, Hankow, 
China . 

, S. 'V. (YOKOHAMA), Mer- 

! chant; b. Aug. 17, 1867; m. 1896, 



Maud Wolcott. Educ.: Stevens' 
Institute Technology, Hoboken, 
N. Jersey, U.S.A. Took degree, 
Mechanical Engineer, at Stevens' 
Institute in 1890 ; employed private 
laboratory of Thos. A. Edison, 1891 ; 
travelled in Europe, 1892-4 ; came 
to Japan, 1896; became partner, 
Frazar and Co., 1901, and partner in 
Sale and Frazar, Ltd., 1902. Club :* 
Yokohama United. Address: No. 
200, Yokohama, Japan. 

FREER, Dr. Gerald Dudley (SING A- 
PORE), M.B., London, D.P.H., 
M.K.C.S., L.B.C.P. ; Principal, Go- 
vernment Medical School ; 6. 1866. 
Formerly Honorary Surgeon, Gen- 
eral Hospital, Birmingham, and 
General Hospital, Singapore ; 
Colonial Surgeon, Malacca ; Co- 
lonial Surgeon, Residency, Penang; 
Principal, Straits Settlements and 
Federated Malay States Govern- 
ment Medical School. Address: 
Medical School, Singapore, Straits 

FROC, Aloysius (SHANGHAI), Jesuit 
Missionary; Director of Sicawei 
Observatory; I. Dec. 14, 1859, at 
Brest, France. Educ. : Catholic 
University, Paris. Arrived in 
China, 1883; Assistant in Obser- 
vatory, 188") ; studied in France, 
1887-95; returned to Observatory, 
1895 ; Director, Aug., 1897 ; conducts 
meteorological and seismological 
departments. Publications: "Ty- 
phoon Highways in the Far East" ; 
"The Iltis Typhoon"; "The De 
Witte Typhoon " and numerous 
reports on Magnetism. and Mete- 
orology and report.! I'R connection 
with Shangltai d\^ete>rologior.! 

Society. Decoration* : 4th order, 
Sacred Treasure, Japan ; La ureat 
de la Socie"te de Geographic de 
Paris ; Medal for Wissensc haft 
from German Emperor. Address : 
Sicawei Observatory, near Shang- 
hai, China. 

FROST, Meadows ( KEIMH ), B.A. ; 
H.B.M. Consul; b. April 18, 1875. 
Educ. : Charterhouse ; 
College, Oxford. Senior Scholar, 
Charterhouse ; Exhibitioner of 
Brasenose College, Oxtord ; B.A. 
degree, 2nd class honours in history. 
Passed examination for Federated 
Malay States Civil Service, 1898 ; 
entered Service, 1898 ; seconded 
to Consular service, Jan., 1906. 
Clubs: Penang; Lake, Kuala Lum- 
pur. Address : H.B.M. Consulate 
Alor Sta, Kedah, near Penang, 
Straits Settlements. 

FRY, R. S. (SINGAPORE), Registrar of 
Shipping. Trigonometrical Assis- 
tant, Survey Department, Straits 
Settlements, Jan., 1881; resigned, 
Aug., 1884; rejoined, July, 1885; 
District Surveyor, Sept., 1885; 
Chief Surveyor, Dec., 1888; Ob- 
server for Time Balls and Deputy 
Registrar of Shipping, Jan., 1894. 
Addres*: Singapore, Straits Settle- 

FRY, Dr. William Herbert &L-ALA 
LlPlS), L.R.C.P., Lond., M.K.C.S. 
Eng. ; Resident Surgeon. House 
Surgeon, Straits Settlements, Aug., 
18%; Supernumerary Colonial 
Surgeon, Singapore, April, 1900 ; 
Colonial Surgeon, Province Welles- 
ley, South, Nov., 1900; ditto, 
Province Wellesley, North, Mar., 




19C1; Resident Surgeon, Kuala 
Lipia, Pahang Federated Malay 
States. Address : Kuala Lipis, 
Pahang, Federated Malay States. 

FRYER, George Will'am (KUALA 
LUMPUR), Chief Resident Engineer 
for Construction, F.M.S. Railways ; 
6. May 1, 1859 ; assistant Engineer 
Railways, Perak, 1891 ; District 
Railway Engineer, Kinta, 1894; 
1st assistant Engineer Construc- 
tion; 1896; Divisional Engineer, 
1897 ; acting Resident Engineer, 
Railways, 1899; Divisional Engi- 
neer, Selangor and Negri Sembilan, 
192; Resident Engineer, Negri 
Sembilan Extension, 1903; present 
position, since 1904. Address : 
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Fede- 
rated Malay States. 

FU-CHEN, Lieut-General (PEKING), 
native of Manchuria. Married 
Imperial Piincess; Supeiintendent 
of Live Stock, Peking, 1899; Dep. 
Lieut. -General of Banner Corps; 
Lieut.-General, Plain White Banner 

FU-CH'I, Lieut-General (P E K i x c), 

native of Ma nchuria. Sub-Chancel- 
lor, Grand Secretariat, Mar., 1900 ; 
Dep.-Lieut.-General, Bordered 
Yellow Banner Corps, Jan., 1901 ; 
Vice-President Board of Punish- 
ments, Jan., 1903; Lieut.-General, 
Bordered White Manchu Banner 
Corps, Feb., 1906. 

FUCH3, A. (HONGKONG), Merchant. 
Partner in firm of Siemssen and Co. 
Clubs : Germania ; Hongkong. Ad- 
dress: 2 Praya Central, Hongkong. 

Ft CHS, Carl (WUCHANG), Military 

Instructor in Chinese Service ; b. 
Hamburg, April 14, 1858. Educ. : 
Hamburg Military School ; Artil- 
lery and Engineering School, Berlin. 
Officer in the German army ; in 
1897 entered Chinese military ser- 
vice ; at present in surveying depart- 
ment of H.E. Viceroy Chang Chi- 
tung of the Hu Kwang provinces, 
ill Wuchang. Publications : Maps 
of Wuchang, Hankow and environs. 
Decorations : 2nd class, 3rd rank, 
Order of the Double Dragon ; 4th 
class German order of the Red 
Eagle ; 3rd class Grand Ducal 
Mecklenburg Order of the Hawk. 
Club: Hankow. Address: Military 
School, Wuchang, China. 

FUJINAMI, Viscount (TOKYO), 
Promoter of Nippon Rail Company ; 
b. Sept., 1853, at Kyoto. Chamberlain 
to H.I. Majesty from childhood ; 
since 1889, Supeiintendent of 
Imperial Mews ; created Viscount, 
1884. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

FUJIOKA, Dr. Ichisuke (TOKYO), 
Electrical Engineer ; b. Feb., 1856, 
in Choshu. Educ.: Tokyo Engi- 
neering College, 1881. Professor of 
that College, 1884 to 1886, when 
retired to start business ; chief 
electrician to Tokyo Electric Light 
Co., one of the founders of Tokyo 
Street Railway Co., at present its 
chief engineer ; one of pioneers of 
electrical engineering in Japan. 
Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

FUJISAWA, Dr. Rikitaro (TOKYO), 
]*rofesor of Science at Tokyo 
University; b. Sept., 1861, in Echigo. 
Educ. : England and Germany, 
1883-87. Publications : Several 



works on Mathematics. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

FUJITA, Denzaburo (OSAKA), Mer- 
chant; b. May, 1841, at Choshu. 
Promoted Sanyo Railway Co., and 
.started in Osaka Fujita Firm to 
undertake contract business with 
Government, besides mining and 
engineering works. Address: Osaka, 

FUJITA, Shiro (KYOTO), Member of 
House of Peers ; b. June, 1861, at 
Tokyo. Appointed attache" of 
Japanese Legation in Vienna, 
1886, later at Berlin ; subsequently 
Private Secretary to Minister of 
Communications and of Agriculture 
and Commerce, Vice-Minister of 
Agriculture and Commerce, 1898 ; at 
present President of Kyoto Silk 
Spinning Co. Address : Kyoto, 

FUKIEN, Bishop of (see : PURE, RT. 
RKV. II. McC. E.) 

FUKtHA, VlSCOUnt (TOKYO), Member 
of House of Peers ; b. July 
1831. Was formerly retainer of 
small fief in Iwami ; now 
member of House of Peers ; created 
Viscount, 1884. Address: Tokyo, 

FUKUOKA, Viscount (TOKYO), Mem- 
ber of Privy Council ; b. Feb., 1835, 
at Tosa. After Restoration of 
1867, entered Civil Service and 
became Minister of Education, 
1882; was appointed in 1888 to 
present post; created Viscount 
1884. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

FUKUSHEMA, Major - General Sir 

Yasu-nasa (TOKYO), Assistant 

Chief of General Staff ; b. Sept., 
1853, in Shinano. Entered military 
service as Lieutenant, 1878 ; Cap- 
tain, 1883; Military Attache of 
Japanese Legation at Peking, 1883 : 
at Berlin, 1887-92; Major, 1888; was 
welcomed by populace almost as 
triumphant hero when in June, 1893, 
returned home successfully after 
travelling through Siberia on horse- 
back ; was promoted Major-General 
in 1900, acquired international fame 
as Commander of Japanese contin- 
gent on occasion of Boxer trouble, 
and was knighted by King Edward ; 
was on staff of Marshal Oyama in 
the Russo-Japan War ; appointed 
Assistant Chief of General Staff, 
Apr., 1906. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

FUKUYAWA, Sutejiro (TOKYO), 
manager of "Jiji" newspaper; 
b. 1863 at Tokyo. Edvc. : Yak- 
University. Returned from 
America, 1890, and has since been 
managing the Tokyo "Jiji," and 
Osaka "Jiji." A'Mre**: Tokyo. 

FULFORD, Harry English 

CHWAXO), C.M.G. ; H.B.M. Consul. 
Appointed Student Interpreter in 
China, March 30, 1880 ; acting Vice- 
Consul at Chemulpo, Corel, 1887 ; 
acting Vice-Consul in Corea, 3888 to 
1890; employed on Special Service 
at Chungking, 1890 to 1891, acting 
Consul there, 1891 to 1892 ; promoted 
1st Assistant, June 15, 1893 ; acting 
Chinese Secretary at Peking, 1893 
to 1894 ; acting Consul at Swatow, 
1896 to 1897; acting Consul at Soo- 
chow, 1897; promoted Vice-Consul 
.it Shanghai, 1897 ; Consul at New- 




<-h\\ang, May 13, 1899; acting 
<' Secretary, Peking, 1898 to 
1900; created C.M.G. 1900; acting 
Consul General at Tientsin, 1904 ; 
Consul at Newchwang, 1936. Ad- 
dress: H.B.M. Consulate, New- 
chwang, Manchuria. 

LL.D. ; College President ; b. Oct. 2, 
1859. Educ. : Marionville Collegiate 
Institute ; Simpson College ; Taylor 
University. Entered the pastorate, 
1889 ; appointed to Japan, 1887 ; Pro- 
fessor in Anglo-Japanese College, 
Tokyo, J887-88; President, Anglo - 
Japanese College, Tokyo, 1888-89; 
in Professor Chinzei's Seminary, 
Nagasaki, 1889-94; President of 
Chinzei Seminary, Nagasaki, since 
1891 ; Vice-Consul for U.S.A. at 
Nagasaki during Spanish American 
War; lectured extensively in U.S.A. 
in 1894, 1900, and 1904. Address: 
Nagasaki, Japan. 

FULTON, Rev. George W. (KA>ASA\VA), 
A.B. ; Minister nml Missionary; b. 
Sept. 29, 1865, at Pinsmore, Pa., 
U.S.A. ; m. Oct. 14, 1889; Amy Sex- 
ton. Eiuc. : Washington and Jef- 
ferson College, Penna., U.S.A., 
(classical prize 1885); Allegheny 
Theological Seminary ; McCormick 
Theological Seminary. Licensed to 
preach, April, 1888 ; ordained as 
Evangelist, April, 1889; appointed 
Foreign Missianary of Presbyterian 
Church and left America for Japan, 
Sept. 21, 1889 ; located in Kauazawa 
till March, 1891; Fukui, till May, 
1898; furlough in U.S.A. till April, 
1930 ; Kanazawa till present time : 
Secretary, West Japan Presbyterian 

Mission ; Chairman, Standing com- 
mittee of Co-operating Christian 
Missions in Japan, 1905. Publica- 
tion*: Semi-monthly paper in Ja- 
panese. Address : 34, Tobi-ume-cho, 
Kanazawa, Kaga, Japan. 

FUNAKOSHI, Baron Mamoru 
(TOKYO), Member of House of 
Peers ; b. June, 1840, at Hiroshima. 
Entered Civil Service, 1868 ; appoint- 
ed Secretary of Home Office ; filled 
successively Governorship of Chiba, 
Ishikawa, and Miyagi ; nominated 
to House of Peers, 1894. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

pradore, Shewan, Tomes and Co. 
b. Hongkong, March 9, 1857. Educ. : 
Hongkong Government Central 
School (now Queen's College). After 
leaving school joined Yan Woo Co., 
opium farmers, with which firm 
still connected ; upon establish- 
ment of Shewan, Tomes & Co. 
became compradore; was compra- 
dore of National Bank of China 
for many years ; served on comtees, 
Tung Wa Hospital and Po Leung 
Kok (institute for protection of 
women and children) for several 
terms; successfully advocated in- 
struction of Chinese in European 
medical science at Tung Wa 
Hospital ; was member of coratees. 
Queen Victoria Jubilee, Diamond 
Jubilee (awarded gold medal by 
Governnient 1 ) and Coronation cele- 
brations, South African War 
Fund; typhoon relief com tee., 
food commission ; special juror 
for nearly 20 years ; is a J.P. ; has 
been member of Sanitary Board 



WHO'S WHO ix THE FAR EAST (Juss)- 1906-7. 

since 1889; member, Chamber of 
Commerce ; Chairman, Chinese 
Chamber of Commerce; member of 
Commission appointed on May 11, 
19C6, to enquire into the adminis- 
tration of the Public Health and 
Buildings Ordinance of Hongkong. 
Address: 57 Robinson Road, Hong- 

FURUICHI, Dr. Koi (TOKYO), Member 
of House of Peers, and President 
of Seoul - Fusan Railway Co. ; 
I. July, 1854, at Mimeji. Educ. : 
In engineering in France, 
1875-80. Filled posts of Director 
of Public Works Bureau, Home 
Office ; Vice-Minister of Communi- 
cations, and Director-General of 
Government Railways ; resigned 
last post in 1903 in order to take up 
present position. Address: Tokyo, 

FUSHIMI, Prince (TOKYO), General ; 
b. April 28, 1858 ; m. Oct. 6, 1876, to 
Princess To.shiko, d. of late Prince 
Arisugawa. Was in command of 
Brigade during Chi no- Japanese 
war ; represented Emperor at 
Coronation of Czar Nicholas ; com- 
manded First Army Division at 
battle of Nanshan, Russo-Japanese 
War ; promoted General, June, 
1904 ; attended St. Louis Exposition 
as Court representative ; member 
of Supreme Council of War. Ad- 
dress : Tokyo, Japan. 

FYSON, Rt. Rev. Philip Kemball 
(HAKODATE), D.D. ; Bishop of 
Hokkaido. Educ. : Christ's Col- 
lege, Cambridge ; 1st class classical 
tripos, 1870. Ordained, 1871 ; mis- 
sionary, C.M.S., Japan, 1874-95 
consecrated Bishop of Hokkaido 
(N. Japan), 1896. Address: Hako- 
date, Japan. 



OA, Reishi (TOKYO), Member of 
House of Peers; &. July, 1840, at 
Nagasaki. Has been a Member of 
House of Peers since 1891 ; has 
held several important posts in 
Government service. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

GAD, Svend Gamel (SINGAPORE), 
Merchant ; Consul for Denmark ; 
b. April 22, 1867 ; m. Aug. 30, 1901, 
Sigricl Hirsch, d. of Colonel Hirsch, 
of the Danish Army. Educ. : 
College,Denmark. Went to England, 
1888; to Singapore, 1890; joined 
the staff of East-Asiatic Co., Ltd., 
Copenhagen, 1897, ; went back to 
Singapore to open branch office of 

Company, 1902; became Danish 
Consul for Straits Settlements, 1902. 
Address : Singapore, Straits Settle" 

GALE, Charles Hsnry (HONGKONG), 
J.P., A.M.I.C.E; Civil Engineer; b. 
1863. Appointed Chief draughtsman, 
Public Works Department, Sept., 
1890 ; assistant Engineer, April, 
1901. Chibs: Blenheim, London; 
Hongkong. Address: Hongkong. 

Postal Commissioner, Imperial 
Chinese Post Office. Joined Chin- 
ese Imperial Maritime Customs, 

1878 ; appointed Postal Commis- 
sioner at Shanghai, 1903. Address : 
Imperial Chinese Post Office 
Shanghai, China. 

GALLOWAY, Dr. David James 
(SINGAPORE), M.D., Edin., 
F.R.C.P., J.P. ; b. May 8, 1858 ; m, 
1886. Educ. : Daniel Stewart's- 
College, Edinburgh ; Edinburgh 
University. Physician to H.H. the 
late Sultan of Johore ; decorated,. 
1895, for services to late Sultan : 
has twice been a member of 
Legislative Council of Straits 
Settlements ; President M a 1 a y a 
Branch of British Medical Associa- 
tion, 1906; Vice-President, Royal 
Asiatic Society, Straits Branch. 
Publications: On Splenic Abscess 
B.M.J. ; On Otomycosis, Journal of 
Otology ; several articles on Sprue 
in Journal of Tropical Medicine. 
Clubs : Singapore ; Johore ; Univer- 
sity, Edinburgh. Decoration: 2nd 
class Crown of Johore. Address : 
The Manor House, Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

GANDE, James William (SHANGHAI), 
Merchant; b. Feb. 22, 1862; MI. 
Dulciebella Margaret Trodd. Educ." 
City of London School. Arrived in 
China, 1879 ; established business- 




on own account, 1892. Address : 34, 
Nanking Road, Shanghai, China. 
GARDNER, Rev. G. MiltDn (Foo- 
CHOW), b. Dec. 17, 1873; m. April 
24, 1889. Educ. : Boston, Mass., 
U.S.A. Pastor in Cambridge, Mass., 
from 1887 to 1889; Missionary in 
China, since 1889. Address: Foo- 
chow, China. 

GARNIER, Albert Edmond Joseph 
Marlus (LAOS), Treasurer; Ad- 
ministrator, 2nd class ; b. Nov. 14, 
1870. Joined Indo-China Civil 
Service, Aug. 4, 1901 ; Administra- 
tor, 4th class, Sept. 1, 1898; Ad- 
ministrator, 3rd class, Feb. 7, 1901 ; 
Administrator, 2nd class, Jan. 1, 
1904. Decoration: Officier de 
Vlustruction Publique. Addfes* : 
Laos, Indo-China. 

GARRARD, C. G. (MALACCA), Assistant 
Registrar. Educ. : llaileybury. 
Deputy Registrar of Supreme Court, 
Peuang, Jan., 1892 ; acting Deputy 
Registrar of Supreme Court, Singa- 
pore, Feb. to Oct., 1893; acting 
Registrar of Supreme Court, Pe- 
nang, July, 1894; acting Deputy 
Registrar of Supreme Court, and 
Magistrate, Malacca, April, 1895; 
also acting Collector of Land Rs- 
venue, and Officer in charge of 
Treasury, Malacca, Aug., 1895; act- 
ing Deputy Registrar of Supreme 
Court, Penang, March, 1896 ; assis- 
tant Registrar and Magistrate, 
Malacca, 1896. Address : Malacca, 
Straits Settlement*. 

OARRETT, Harbert Leonard Offley 
(HONGKONG), B.A., Cantab ; As- 
sistant Master Queen's College, b. 

June 16, 1881; s. of Dr. G. M. 
Garrett, the Composer of Church 
Music. Educ. : Charterhouse and 
St. John's College, Cambridge (B.A., 
1902); Assistant Master, Lodge 
School, Barbados, 1903-4. Clubs . 
Cambridge Union ; West Indian ; 
Hongkong. Address : Queen's Col- 
lege, Hongkong. % 

GASKELL, William Hanry (HONG- 
KONG), J.P. ; Accountant ; 6. Nov., 
1859; m. July 24, 1902. Educ. : 
London. Joined the Hongkong and 
Shanghai Banking Corporation in 
1881, and was for some time as- 
sociated with head office, Hong- 
kong ; after leaving bank's service 
became a public accountant ; 
started the Company of William 
Powell, Limited, and .subsequently 
became Chairman of the Company. 
Publication.*: "Silver Tables,'' 
showing relative equivalents of 
bar silver in London and New 
York, 1894. Club : Hongkong. Ad- 
dress : Hongkong. 

GATRELL, Dr. Thomas J. N. (TIEN 
TSIN), M.D., F.R.G.S. ; Physician 
and Surgeon ; b. Jan. 18, 1870. 
Educ. : English Public Schools and 
private tutors. Was associated with 
American Bible Society, Shanghai. 
1888-90, and travelled in Kiaug-su 
and Chekiang ; at Peking, 1893-1900. 
and travelled in Shantung, Chihli, 
Shausi, and Mongolia ; took degree 
of M.D. (Univ. of Chicago), 1900; 
was Chinese Secretary for Head- 
quarters' Staff of Sir Alfred Gaselee, 
1900-01 ; Surgeon English Charitabje 
Hospital, Peking, 1901-04; acting 
agent for "Renter," ' 1902 -03; 



journeyed across Mongolia, via 
Urga, to Uliasutai, back to Peking ; 
fleeted F.R.G.S., 1905; appointed 
Medical Officer and Chinese Sec- 
retary, Pekin Syndicate, Ltd; ac- 
companied General Gaselee on ex- 
pedition to Paotingfu when Chinese 
officials concerned with massacre 
of missionaries were tried and 
executed. Decoration: China Medal, 
1900. Publications : Provided ma- 
terial for Gazetteer of Chihli Pro- 
vince, incorporated with history of 
North China Campaign of 1900-01. 
Address: Pekin Syndicate, Tientsin, 
North China. 

GAUNTLETT, Prof. George Edward 

L. (OKAYAMA), F.R.G.S., F.I. PS., 

F. Inc. 8.T. ; Teacher of English 
and Latin in Okayama High 
School ; b. Dec. 4, 1868 ; m. Oct. 26, 
1898. Educ.: Brighton and Swan- 
sea, England. Publication* : 
" Phonographia Japonica," 1899; 
" Scientific Copy Books," 1899 ; "The 
Sanseido Vertical Copy Books,' 1 
1904; "The Elements of Japanese 
and English Phonetics," 1905; 
" Exercises in Synthesis," and Key, 
19C5. Address: High School, 
Okayama, Japan. 

Administrator-iu-chief, Kouang* 
tcheou-wan ; b. Jan. 5, 1862. Educ. : 
Lyons. Formerly Maire ; Conseiller 
Ge'ne'ral ; Deputd de la Vendee ; 
Resident Maire si Tourane, Hai- 
phong and Hanoi ; has held present 
post since 1905. Decorations: 
Officier d'Acade"mie. Address: 
Matche*, Kouang-tcheou-wan, South 

<*EDYE, Rev. Ernest Francis (WU- 
CHANG), M.A. ; Wesleyan Minister ; 
b. Jan. 29, 1869; in. Sarah Saunder- 
son Simon, d. of Rev. John 
S. Simon, Governor of Didsbury 
College, near Manchester. Educ. : 
The Leys School, Cambridge; St. 
John's College, Cambridge, 
Foundation Scholarship, St. John's 
College, Cambridge, 1887-92. Head 
Master of Wuchang High School, 
since 1895. Publications: Transla- 
tions into Chinese of Tolstoi's 
" Where Love is there is God also " 
etc. Address: Wuchang High 
School, Wuchang, China. 

GEE, Nathaniel Gist (Soociiow),. 
M.A. ; Professor of Natural 
Sciences, Soochow University ; b. 
U.S.A., April 20, 1876; m. Clara 
Belle Davis, U.S.A. Educ.: Wof- 
ford College ; Harvard University ; 
University of Chicago. Principal, 
Jordan Academy, 1896-8; principal, 
Marion High School, 1898; Profes- 
sor of Natural Sciences in Columbia 
College, S.C., U.S.A., 1898-1901; 
Professor of Natural Sciences in 
Soochow University since 1901 ; 
Director of Book Exhibit of Educa- 
tional Association of China for 
session, 1904; Editor of Educa- 
tional Directory of China for 
Educational Association of China, 
1904 ; Secretary of Science Section 
of Educational Association of 
China, 1904-7. Publications: Some 
Common Insects (in Chinese). Ad- 
dress : Soochow University, Soo- 
chow, China. 

GERRARD, Dr. Percy NettarvilL 




M.D., L.M. ; District Surgeon; t 
Aug. 9, 1890. Educ. : Dublin 
University (M.D.); Rotunda 
Hospital, Dublin (L.M.). District 
Surgeon, Ula Sslangor, 1896 ; Dis- 
trict Surgeon, Klang, 1898 ; acting 
District Surgeon, General Hospital, 
Kuala Lumpur, 1990; Residency 
Surgeon, Pahang, 1901; District 
Surgeon, General Hospital, Kuala 
Lumpur, 1902 ; District Surgeon, 
Raub, 1904 ; District Surgeon, Tai- 
ping, Nov., 1904 ; District Surgeon, 
ParitBuntar, 1906. Publications: 
Hand Book and Vocabulary on 
Malay Medical Terras, 1906. Ad- 
dress: Parit Buutav, Federated 
Malay States. 

GIBE, Jun, Prof. John McGregor 
(PEKING), B.A., Professor of 
Chemistry ; b. 1882, at Philadelphia ; 
m. Dec. 27, 1905, Kate E. Ciudlin. 
Educ. : Wesleyan University, Con- 
necticut, U.S.A. Occupies Chair of 
Chemistry at Peking University ; 
Treasurer of North China Tract 
Society. Address: Peking, Univer- 
sity, Peking, China. 

GIBBS, Lawrence (HONGKONG), A.M. 
Inst. E. ; Civil Engineer ; b. 1865. 
Joined Hongkong Public Works- 
Department in 1890 ; joined firm of 
Denisou, Ram, and Gibbs, in 1900 ; 
designed Kowloon waterworks 
gravitation scheme. Club: Hong- 
kong. Address : Hongkong. 

GIBSON, William S. (KLANG), B.A., 
Oxon. ; Assistant Protector of 
Chinese ; b. June 21, 1876. Passed 
in Cantonese and law ; Cadet in 
Federated Malay States Service ; 
a-ctin? Indian I.n ni 'r.itija A?3tit 

and assistant District Magistrate, 
Krian, 1902; acting Indian Im- 
migration Agent, 19J3; acting 
Second assistant District Officer, 
Larut, Perak, Aug., 1903 : assistant 
District Officer, Klang, 1904 ; acting 
Second Magistrate, -Singapore, 
April, 1904 ; District Officer, Christ- 
mas Island, May, 1904; acting 
Second assistant Protector of 
Chinese, Singapore, 1904 ; assistant 
District' Officer, Klang, 19 J6. Ad- 
dress: Klang, Federated Malay 

GIBSON,. Rev. John Campbell 
(SWATOW), M.A., Glas., D.D., Glas. ; 
Clergyman ; b. Jan. 10, 1849, at 
Kingston, Glasgow, s. of R3V. 
James Gibson, M.A., D.D., Pro- 
fessor of Theology in Free Church 
College, Glasgow ; m. 1883. Educ. : 
Glasgow Academy ; University of 
Glasgow ; United Free Church 
Theological College, Glasgow ; first 
holder (with T. Birclay, Tai-uan) of 
Thomson ( Lord Kelvin ) Experi- 
mental Scholarship, University of 
Glasgow, 1839 to 1872. Ordained 
Missionary of Presbyterian Church 
of England to China, 1874. Arrived 
Swatow, Nov. 20 1874 ; lecturer on 
Evangelistic Theology in United 
Free Church Colleges of Edinburgh, 
Glasgow, and Aberdeen, 1893-93. 
Publications : " The Number of 
Readers in China," 1837 ; " Learn- 
ing to Reid in South China," 
1888 : "A Swatow Index to 
the Syllabic Dictionary of Chinese," 
1886 ; " Mission Problems and 
Mission Methods in South China," 
1901 ; in collabai'atwu witli others : 
Translations of Books of the Old 




Testament, and the whole of 
the New in Swatow Dialect in 
Roman letter; the New Testa- 
ment in Easy Classical Chinese ; 
In collaboration with T. Barclay, 
Paper on "Measurements of Specific 
Inductive Capacity of Dielectrics," 
in Transactions of Royal Society, 
London, read Feb. 2, 1871. 
Address : Swatow, Caina ; Kirnau, 
Bearsden, Scotland. 

F.M.S. Civil Service ; b. Feb. 20, 
1872. Coast Settlement Officer, Negri 
Sembilan, Federated Malay States. 
Address; Seremban, Negri Sem- 
bilan, Federated Malay States. 

GILES, Beit ram (CANTON), 1st class 
Assistant H.B.M. Consular Service. 
Appointed Student Interpreter in 
China, Dec. 8, 1894 ; 1st class Assis- 
tant, April 5, 1902; Assistant in 
Mixed Court, Shanghai, 1902; 
Acting Consul at Canton, 1904. Ad- 
dress : H.B.M. C jnsulate, Canton. 

GILMVN, Edward Wilmot Francis 
(PENANG), B.A. ; Assistant Superin- 
tendent, Indian Immigration ; 
b. Aug. 16, 1876. Educ.: Oxford 
University. Appointed Cadet, Re- 
sident Councillor's Office, Penaug, 
Dec., 1899; attached to Indian 
Immigration Office, Penang, 19DO ; 
District office, Nibong Tebal, 1900 ; 
Land Office, Penang and District 
Officer, North Province Wellesley, 
19)1 ; acting 3rd Magistrate, 
Peuang, 19)1; acting 4th Migis- 
trate Singapore, 1901 ; acting assis- 
tant Superintendent, Indian Im- 
migration, Penang; 1902 ; assistant 
Superintendent, Indian Immigra- 

tion, Penang, 1904. Address : 
Penang, Straits Settlements. 

GITTINS, H. (BANGKOK), European 
Secretary to Minister of Public 
Works. Arrived in Siam, 1888 ; has 
surveyed almost every part of Siam, 
and has been associated with 
railway administration since laying 
of first road ; appointed to present 
position, 1906. Decoration: Crown 
of Siam. Address: Department of 
Public Works, Bangkok, Siam. 

GLASS, Duncan (SHANGHAI), Superin- 
tendent, Shanghai and Hongkew 
Wharf Co. ; arrived in China, 1869. 
Address : Shanghai, China. 

Professor, Government Civil 
Academy ; b. Germany, 1869. Educ.: 
Wettiner Gymnasium, Dresden ; 
formerly fellow, Halle University, 
Germany. Professor of M. 
Schmidt's International Private 
Gymnasium, Kiel, 1896-1903 ; Rector, 
from 1899; Professor, in Chinese 
Government Service, since 1904. 
Publications: History of the 
Frederick University in Halle ; 
History of Societies of Halle 
University Students. -Club: Han- 
kow. Address : Wuchang, China. 

BAN), Executive Engineer; b. 
March 8 ; 1874. Assistant Engineer, 
Public Works Department, Perak, 
19J2; acting Executive Engineer, 
Batang Patang, 1903; assistant 
Engineer, Kuala Pilah and Tampin, 
Aug., 1903; acting Executive 
Engineer, Public Works Depart- 
ment, Negri Sembilan. Address. 




Seremban, Negri Sembilan, Fede- 
rated Malay States. 

GLENNIE, Commander Robert W. 
(HONGKONG), R.N. ; in command of 
H.M. surveying ship " Waterwitch." 
Promoted to present rank, Dec. 31, 
1903 ; appointed to command, Feb., 
1,1905. Club : Hongkong. Address: 
H.M..S. " Waterwitch/' Hongkong. 

GLEYSTEEN, Rev. William H. (PE- 
KING), A.M., B.D. ; Missionary ; b. 
July 17, 1876. Educ. : Michigan 
University; Union Theological 
Seminary. U.S.A. Address : Peking. 

GLOVER, James Sands (KALB), B.A. ; 
Assistant District Officer; b. Oct. 
::i, 1877. Passed in Law and Malay ; 
acting Secretary to Sanitary Board, 
Kuala Lumpur, 1902 ; acting as- 
sistant District Officer, Pekan, 
I'erak, I'jos; acting assistant Dis- 
trict Officer, Raub, 1904. Address : 
Raul}, Perak, Federated Malay 
States. - 

GO, Baron Junzo (TOKYO), Member of 
House of Peers; b. April, 1825, in 
Mino. Has been Member of House 
of Peers since 1890 ; entered Civil 
Service and appointed to Finance 
Department in 1868 ; Director of 
Bureau of National Debt, 1876; 
Secretary of Finance Department ; 
Vice-Minister of Finance, 1886 ; 
retired in 1888; created Baron, 1900. 
Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

GODDARD, Frederick Day (HONG- 
KONG), J.P. ; A.I.N.A. ; Master 
Mariner, now Marine Surveyor ; b. 
March 14, 1853. Educ. : Grammar 
School. Shortly after completh.g 

apprenticeship in sailing 
joined Douglas Lapraik and Go's 
steamers as 3rd mate, April 1, 1873 ; 
held temporary command in 1878 
and 1879; appointed to permanent 
command after returning from 
leave, 1882; remained in Douglas 
Steamship Co.'s employ till April. 
1896 (23 years); entered into part- 
nership with late E. Burnie in 
April, 1893, as Marine Surveyor, 
to Local Insurance Offices, German 
Lloyd, etc., and at his death took 
over business, which is now con- 
ducted under style Goddard and 
Douglas. Club : Hongkong. Ad- 
dress : Prince's Building. Hongkong. 

GOETZ, E. (HONGKONG), Merchant. 
Representative of Arnhold, Kar- 
berg and Co. Clubs : Germania : 
Hongkong. Address: "Lugiusliml 
West," Pe.ik Road, Hongkong. 

GOFFE, Herbert (TENG-YI.EH), H,B.M. 
Consul. Appointed Student Inter- 
preter in China, Aug. 21, 1890 : 
acting Vice-Consul at Macao, 189(> 
to 1897 ; acting Vice-Consul at 
Pa.goda Island, 1898 to 1899 ; acting 
Consul at Foochow, 1899 ; promoted 
1st class Assistant, May is, 189^: 
acting Vice-Consul at Chemulpo. 
Corea, 1899 to 1902 ; promoted 
Consul at Teng-Yueh, Nov. 4, 1902. 
Address: H.B.M. Consulate, Teng- 
Yueh, China. 

GOLDRING, Philip Wallace (Hox; 
KONG), B.A., Oxon.; Solicitor: 
b. March !.">, 1875. Educ. : Woking 
School and Clifton College ; Trinity 
College, Oxford, 1893-1896; B.A. 
degree, Aug. 4, 1896; honours in 
classical mods and final school of 


Jurisprudence ; admitted solieito", 
1899 ; was member of firm of Brut- 
ton, Hett and Golclring until April, 
1906, when started on own ac- 
count. Recreations: Football, 
cricket, shooting, fishing. Clubs: 
Hongkong; Sports, London. Ad- 
dress: "Parkside," Kowloon, 

GOMPERTZ, Hanry Hessy Johnston 
(HONGKONG), B.A., Oxon. ; Presi- 
dent of the Land Coxirt ; 6. August 
31, 1867. Attached to the Colonial 
Secretary's Office, Straits Settle- 
ments, 1890; acting Deputy Re 
gistrar, Supreme Court, Peuang, 
1893 ; second assistant Protector 
of Chinese, Penang, 1897 ; appoint- 
ed assistant Registrar General, 
Hongkong, Aug., 1897; called to 
the Bar, 1899 ; assistant Colonial 
Secretary and Clerk of Councils, 
1900; appointed President of Land 
Court, 1902 ; speaks the Tie-Chin, 
Hokkien, and Cantonese dialects. 
Club. Hongkong. Address: Hong- 

GOODRICH, Dr. Chauncey (PEKING), 
D.D. ; Missionary and Teacher ; b. 
June 4, 1836 ; m. Sarah Boardman 
Clapp. Educ.: Williams' College 
Mass., Union and And over 
Theological Seminaries. Teacher 
in Tungchou College, and Dean of 
Theological Seminary ; in 1900, 
with family, was besu>ge:l in 
Peking during the Boxer Rising ; 
at pressnt Dean of the Union 
Theological College, Peking. Pub- 
l i cations : Pocket Dictionary 
(English-Chinese), Character Study 
of Mandarin Colloquial; Blodget 

and Goodrich's Chinese Hymnal, 
etc, etc. Address : Peking, China. 

GORBOLD, Rev. Raymond P. (KYOTO), 
Presbyterian Minister ; m. April 7, 
1905, Mary M. Palmer at Osaka, 
Japan. Address : Kyoto, Japan. 

GORDON, Alexander Grant (HONG- 
KONG), M.I.N.A., M.I.M.E., M.I.E. 

and 8. ; Engineer and Nav al 
Architect; b. Nov. 1, 1852. Educ.: 
Glasgow, Scotland. Has had 29 
years' experience in the East as 
Engineer and Naval Architect ; is 
at the present time Superintendent 
of China and Manila S.S. Co., Ltd., 
Consulting Engineer for the Brick 
and Tile Works, Deep Water Bay, 
and various other agencies of 
Shewan Tomes and Co. ; is Govern- 
ment Surveyor of Boilers of pri- 
vate steamships under (0 t jns ; 
Surveyor of the Marine Bo~rJ of 
Underwriters, Philadelphia and 
San Francisco; senior partner of 
firm Gordon and Co., since 1880 ; 
is J. P. for Colony. Address: "Tor 
Crest," The Peak, Hongkong. 

GORDON, Edward Lillingston 

Steuart (MVNILA), Assistant 
H.B.M. Consular Service f jr Japan; 
b. July 11, 1876, . of General 
William Gordon, C.I.E. Educ.: 
Wellington College, Berks. Ap- 
pointed Student Interpreter in 
Japan, March 23, 1897 ; acting 
Consul at Tarns ui, North Formosa, 
April 13 to April 22, 1901 ; ac ting 
Vice-Consul at Hakodate, July, 
19 J2 ; acting Vice-Consul at Manila, 
Oct. 1, 1904 to Oct. 7, 1905; acting 
Consul General at Manila since 
Oct. 7, 1905. Clubs: Tokyo ; Yoku- 




hama. Unite 1 ; Kobe ; Nagasaki ; 
Manila. Address : H.B.M. Con- 
sulate General,, Philippine 


GORE, Frederick John (ULU SKLAX- 
GOR), -Surveyor ; b. Nov. 19, 1878. 
Member of Staff of Surveyor 
General's Department, "Queensland 
(A us.), 1901; appointed Surveyor, 
Selaugor, 1904; Surveyor in Revenue 
Survey, Ulu Selangor, 1906. Ad- 
dress : Ulu Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

GOTO, Dr. Simpei (TAIPEH), Director 
of Formosau Civil Administration 
Bureau ; b. 1S56, at Iwate-Ken. 
Ediic. : Studied medicine in Japan 
and Germany. Is nephew of lakano 
who was put to death by Tokugawa 
Government a little before Res- 
toration ; was Chief Medical Officer 
of Nagoya Hospital ; was appointed 
Junior Director of Sanitary Bureau, 
Home Office ; was appointed 
Sanitary Commissioner at time of 
Japan -China War, on conclusion of 
which re-entered the Sanitary 
Bureau as Director; in 1897 was 
appointed by new Governor-Gen- 
eral of Formosa, Baron Kodama, 
Directoi of Civil Administration 
Bureau ; since then has continued 
to occupy that post. Addi-ess : 
Taipeh, Formosa. 

GOTTLIEB, F. H. Valentine (PEXANG), 
Assistant Registrar. Entered Go- 
vernment Service, Straits Settle- 
ments, Oct., 1880; Chief Clerk of 
General Post Office, Singapore, 

1888; called to the Bir, Middle 
Ternpla, 1892; Deputy Registrar of 
Supreme Court, Singapore, Aug., 
1895; acting assistant Regislrar of 
Supreme Court and Magistrate, 
Malacca, March, 1893; also acting 
Sheriff, Sept., 1898 to Nov., 1899; 
assistant Registrar of Supreme 
Court, Penang, July, 1904. Address ; 
Penaug, Straits Settlements. 

GOUTTENEGRE, Colonel Adrieu 
(HANOI), Commandant, ler teriitoiie 
Militaires et Cercles. Decoration:- 
Officier de la Legion d'Honneur. 
Address: Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo- 

GRACE, Charles Hsnry (HoxoKoxs), 
J.P. ; Secretary, Hongkong Club ; 
b. Slogodore, Morocco, O^t. 18, 
1855; m. Ellen Blanche Peirson, 
Dec., 1897. Ediic.: Christ's Hospital. 
Joined Eastern Telegraph Co., 1871; 
Eastern Extension Telegraph Co. ; 
1S77; an ived Singapore, 1877; depart- 
ed for, and arrived at, Hongkong, 
1884; Secretary, Hongkong Club, 
1886. Clubs: The Sports and 
Clnist's Hospital (Eug.) ; Amateur 
Dramatic; Peak; Cricket; Foot- 
ball ; Viet 01 ia Recreation; Ladies' 
Recreation; U.S.R. Address: La 
Hacienda East, No. 74, Peak, 

GRACEY, Dr. Samuel L. (Foocnow), 
D.D. ; Ameiican Consul ; b. Sept. tf, 
18:5, at Philadelphia, Penn., U.S.A.; 
m. 1st, Leonora Thompon ; 2nd, 
Corda Perkins Pratt. Educ.: 
Public Schools, Philadelphia ; Bos- 
ton Uiuveitdiy. Of English des- 
cent, ancestors went to America 
with \ Penn ; for several 




years Pastor of churches in Boston, 
Mass., and other centres; served 
threa years as Chaplain in 6th 
Penn. Cavalry during Civil War, 
with Army of ths Potomac; ap. 
pointed American Consul at Foo- 
chow, 1893, and has since served 
In that position with exception 
of three years spent in America. 
Decorations: Double Dragon, China; 
G.A.R., Amarici. AZdrsss : Ameri- 
can Consul ite, Fooehow, China. 

GRACEY, Wilbur Tirrell (HONG- 
KONG), U.S.A. Consular Service ; 
b. 1877. Educ. : Public aud private 
schools in U.S.A. Appointed by 
Presidant McKinley, Marshal of 
Conmlar Court, Foochow, 1897; 
app iint^d Vbe-Consul at Foochow, 
1893; acting Consul at Nanking, 
China, 1904-05; acting Consul 
General at Hongkong, 1906. Ad- 
drzss: American Consulate General, 
Hju^kon?; care of State Depart- 
ment, Washington, D.C., U.S.A. 

G3.1HVK, Alfred McDowell (PE- 
RS.K), Co.Trinndar, iMalay States 
Volunteer Ri3as ; &. Feb., 1839, 
Pass3d in Hindustani and Malay, 
1892 ; Inspector of Perak Sikhs, 
1894; on active sen-ice during the 
Pahang disturbances, 1894 ; acting 
Adjutint, Perak Sikhs, 1894-5; 
Inspector, do., 1895 ; in command 
of detachment of Malay States 
Guides, 1897 ; assistant Superinten- 
dent of Prisons, 1931 ; 2nd Lieuten- 
ant, 3rd Battalion Highland Light 
Infantry, 1901; Wing Commander, 
Malxy States Guides, 19)2; acting 
Superintendent of Prisons ; acting 
Second in Command, Malay States 
=Guid3S, 19J2; assistant Commis- 

sioner and Adjutant of Police, 
1904 ; acting Wing Commander, 
Malay States Guides, 1934; Malay 
States Volunteer Rifles, 19 J6. Ad- 
dress : Perak, Federated Malay 

GRAHAM, Lawrence Gra^a^n Cloet3 
(PEKING), 2nd class Assistant, H.B. 
M. Consular Service. Appointed 
Studentlnterpreter in China, March 
1, 1893; promoted 2nd Assistant, 
June, 1902. Address : British 
Legation, Peking, China. 

GEAHAM, Walter Douglas (HONG- 
KONG), Commission agents, branch 
Manager Wilkinson, Heywood and 
Clark, Ltd. ; b. Feb. 27, 1853. Went 
to Bombay in 1884, and after 
residing there for 10 years 
representing W., H. & C. came to 
Hongkong to look after their in- 
terests in the Far East ; also does 
business on own account as 
Douglas Graham. Clubs: Hong- 
kong; Shanghai; Royal Bombay 
Yacht; United Empire, London. 
Address : Alexandra Buildings, 

GRANDE, Jules Camille Amie (LAOS), 

Resident ; Administrator, 2nd cl iss; 
b. Aug. 19, 1854. Joined Indo- 
China Civil Service, Nov. 3, 1888 ; 
Administrator, 4th class, June 1, 
1895; Administrator, 3rd class, July 
14, 1893; Administrator, 2nd i lisa, 
Feb. 7, 1901. Address : Laos, In Jo- 


GRANT, Dr. J. S. (NiNGPO), M.D.; 
Physician ; &. June 21, 1861. Edus. : 



University of Michigan. In 1890 
was Surgeon to American Baptist 
Hospital, Niugpo; in 1904, Port 
Medical Officer; was in Ningpo 
during Boxer trouble of 1900. 
Address: Niugpo, China. 

GRAVES, Dr. R. H. (CANTON), M.D., 
D.D. ; Missionary of Southern 
Baptist Connection ; b. May 29, 
1833, at Baltimore, Md., U.S.A. ; m. 
three tames, present wife nee Mrs. 
J. L. Sanford, d. of General Lowry, 
of Confederate Army. Educ. : St. 
Mary's College, Baltimore ; studied 
theology with celebrated preacher, 
Dr. Richard Fuller ; studied 
medicine and took full diploma. 
Arrived in Canton, Aug. 14, 1856, so 
is now rounding out a half century 
of missionary work in South 
China ; only two missionaries have 
been longer in China ; is a mission- 
ary, a preacher, trainer of converts 
and a teacher of theology ; for 
many years has been teaching 
students for the ministry and this 
work led to the opening of the 
Baptist Theological School of 
Canton ; the new building for this 
school is to be called the " Graves 
Theological School"; was a col- 
league of late Bishop Burdon iu 
compilation of the Union version 
of New Testament recently 
published. Publications: "Forty- 
Years in South China '* ; numerous 
books in Chinese, many contribu- 
tions to religious publications. 
Address : Canton, China. 

GRAY, Norman Tempest (PAHANG), 
Acting Engineer ; b. May 19, 1861. 
District Engineer, Larut, 1889 ; has 
been District Engineer at Larut, 

Kinta, Kuala Kangsar, acting 
Deputy State Engineer, Executive 
Engineer and acting State Engi- 
neer ; appointed State Engineer, 
Pahang, 1904. Address: Pahang, 
Federated Malay States. 

GRAY, Rav. W.Uiam Royston 
(YONAGO), M.A. ; b. July 12, 18b7; 
?7i. Clementina Emily, d. of late 
General Felix Thackeray Haig, 
H.E. Educ.: Merchant Taylors', 
London; St. John's College, Ox- 
ford ; B. A., Oxford, 1890 ; M.A., do. 
1894. Tutor at Church Mission 
College, Islington, London ; Curate 
of St. Mary the Virgin, Leamington 
Spa, Warwickshire, England, l9i- 
96 ; arrived in Japan as Missionary 
of Church Missionary Society, 1893. 
Club : Oxford Union. Address ' 
Youago, Japan ; and Trevone, 
Woking, England. 

GREEN, Claries Francis J. (JASIN), 
District Officer. Cadet, Strait* 
Settlements Civil Service Nov., 1898 ; 
acting District Officer, Province 
Wellesley, Mar., 1900; acting 4th 
Magistrate, Singapore, June, 1901 ; 
passed final examination in Malay,. 
Oct., 1901 ; acting District Officer ,. 
Malacca, Feb., 1902 ; confirmed, 
July, 1903 ; District Officer, Jasiu, 
Malacca. Address : Jasiu, Malacca,. 
Straits Settlements. 

GREENE, Rev. Dai'el Crosby (TOK- 
YO ), A.M., D.D. ; Missionary 
and Minister; b. Feb. 11, 1843, at 
Boxbury, Mass, U.S.A. ; m. July 
29, 1869, Mary Jane Forbes. 
Educ.: Dartmouth College; Andover 
Theological Seminary. Arrived in 
Japan, Nov. 30, 1869, and, with 




exception of furloughs, has resided 
there continuously since ; has been 
Councillor, Vice President and 
President of Asiatic Society of 
Japan. Publications : " Chinese 
Testa-nent for Japanese Readers," 
1879; " The Christian Movement in 
its relation to the New Life in 
Japan," numerous papers in the 
Journal of the Asiatic Society. 
Address; 22 Nakuiocho, Ichiza/a, 
Tokyo, Japan. 

GREENE, Dr. G. W. (Canton), D.D. ; 
Missionary of Southern Baptist 
Connection; b. June 29, 1852, at 
North Carolina, U.S.A. ; m. twice, 
present wife, Vallie Page of North 
Carolina. Eluc.: W*,ke Forest 
College, North Carolina ; Southern 
Baptist Theological Seminary. 
For several years after graduation, 
pastor of country churches in North 
Carolina ; for H years Principal of 
M oravi in Falls Academy ; for one 
year Professor of Latin at Wake 
Forest College ; in 1891 appointed 
missionary to Canton; for many 
years Treasurer of South China 
Biptist Mission; at present tea- 
cher in Baptist Theological School, 
Canton. Publications: Elementary 
English Grammar, 1875; several 
small treatises in Chinese ; con- 
tributions to religious papers. 
Address: Canton, China. 

GRE30RY, Lieut. -Commander 
Arthur K. (HONGKONG), R.N. ; in 
co.ninand of H.M. torpedo boat 
destroyer " Virago." Lieutenant, 
Sept. 30, 19J4; appointed to com- 
mand, 19JG. Club: Hongkong. 
Address: H.M.S. "Virago," Hong- 

GREGORY, Stsphen M. (PEUAK), Ac- 
countant, ft. Jan. 23, 1833. Ac- 
countant, Perak Railway, 1835 ; has 
served in Audit Ofice and Ac- 
countants Office, Perak; R tilway 
Accountant and Auditor, Perak and 
Selangor, 1893; Chief Accountant 
and Auditor, F.M.S. Railways, 1903. 
Address: Perak, Federated Malay 

Managing Partner Jardine Mathe- 
soii and Co., Shanghai branch ; 
member of Municipal Council ; 
director of several local campanies ; 
for many years represented firm in 
Hongkong and was an unofficial 
member of Legislative Council ; 
supporter of all sports, especially 
racing. Club : Shanghai. Address: 
The Bund, Shanghai, China. 

GREY, Robert Campbell (SKLANGOR), 
Secretary to Resident; b. July 9, 
1868. Junior Officer of Treasury, 
Selangor, Aug. 1, 18S8; Assistant 
in Land Office, Kriau, June H, 
1889; passed final examination in 
Malay, Dec. 6, 1890; assistant 
Magistrate, Kinta, Dec. 24, 1890; 
acting Superintendent of Penghulns, 
Lower Perak, June 14, 1891 ; Super- 
intendent, ditto, Nov. 1, 1891; as- 
sistant Magistrate and Collector 
of Laud Revenue, Lower Perak, 
April 1, 1893; acting District 
Magistrate, Kuala Kaugsar, Jan. 
1, 1894 ; assistant Secretary to 
Government, Selangor, Feb. 28, 
1895; acting District Magistrate, 
Krian, April 9, 1896 ; District 
Officer, Ulu Selangor, May 1, 1897 ; 
ditto, Kuala Selangor, Jan. 1, 1899 ; 
ditto, Ulu Pahang, Nov. 1, 1893; 




District Magistrate, Kuala Kang- 
sar, Jan. 19, 1900 ; acting Secretary 
to Government, Selangor, Oct. 1, to 
Dec. 30, 1900 ; acting District 
Magistrate, Kinta, Oct. 10, 1901; 
resumed duties as District Magis- 
trate, Kuala Kangsar, Nov. 21, 
1901 ; Secretary to Resident, 
Selangor, 1903. Address: Selangor, 
Federated Malay States. 

GRIFFIN, Albeit Edwin (HONGKONG), 
A.M.I.C.E. ; Civil Engineer ; b. 1867. 
Educ. : Rugby. Came to Hongkong, 
June, 1901, in connection with 
Quarry Bay Shipyard Construction 
works ; was previously engaged 
on Preston Dock' and Harbour 
works ; Manchester Ship Canal ; 
B-illiua-Killala Railway, Co. 
Mayo ; Fairhaven Estate works, 
Lytham ; London and India Docks ; 
proposed new line from London to 
South Wales (survey) ; Great 
Central Ry. ; Dover Harbour works. 
Club : H ongkong. A ddresa : Bark er 
Road, Hongkong. 

Silk Merchant; b. Oct. 11, 1869; 
m. 1897. Educ.: Rotherhara Gram- 
mar School ; Elberfeld Gymnasium : 
Zurich University. Head of firm of 
T. E. Griffith. Clubs : Hongkong ; 
Canton; Sports, London. Addrew : 
Canton, China. 

GRIFFITHS, Ernest Alfred (Siu- 
MOXOSEKI), H.B.M. Consul ; b. 
1863. Educ. : Dulwich College. 
Clerk in the Exchequer and Audit 
Department, London, 1880-4 ; ap- 
pointed student interpreter in 
Japan, April 7, 1884; 2nd class 
Assistant Oct. 1, 1888 ; 1st Assistant. 

Aug. 8, 1896 ; Vice-Consul at Kobe, 
May 21, 19G3; Consul, Shimonoseki, 
1904 ; was acting Vice-Consul at 
Tokyo, Oct., 1888, to April, 1881 ; 
acting Consul at Tainan, Formosa, 
from Nov., 1896, to Jan., 1897, from 
July, 1897 to Dec., 1899, and again 
from Jan., 1902, to Nov., 1903. Club* : 
Yokohama, Kobe ; Shimor.oi-eki. 
Address: British Consulate, Shi- 
mouoseki, Jr.pan. 

GRIGGS, Dr. James F. (PEKING), 
A.M., M.D. ; b. Aug. 27, 1871; n. 
Alice E. Van Gorder, 1901. Educ. : 
University of Pennsylvania, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. Address: American 
Presbyterian Mis.sion, P e k i n g r 

GRIST, Edward James (HONGKONG), 
Solicitor ; b. March 7, I860 ; Clvb : 
Hongkong. Address : 9 Queen's 
Road Central, Hongkong. 

GROLEAU, Elie Jean Henri (NAM- 
Dixiii), Inspector, Civil Service, 
Indo-Chiua, Chief of Nf-m-Dinh 
Province; 6. Feb. 16, 1859.. Entered 
Civil Service, Indo-Chiua, Aug. 11, 
1882 ; Srd class Administrator, Jan., 
1891; 2nd chifs, Jan., 1895; 1st 
hiss, Jan., 1898; Inspector, Jan., 
lsx)2. Address: Nam-Dinh, Tonkin, 

GROSSIN, General Paul L. A, (HANOI), 
Chief d'E.soadron, Commandant la 
Compaguie de Ger.daimeiie. Deco- 
ration: Chevalier de la Legion 
d'Honneur. Add n't* : Hanoi, Ton- 
kin, Indo-China. 

GROVE, William Edward Ure 
(,.\c<'-O, Superintendent! Straits 



1 1)00-7. 


Settlements Police ; b. July 27, 1861 ; 
e. s. f*. of late Colonel W. O. Grove ; 
in. 19J3, Isabella Adelaide 
Morrison. Edac. : Bedford Gram- 
mar School. Served in Burma 
Police, 1892-97 ; Slam Police, 1897- 
19G2 ; joined Straits Settlements 
Police, 1902. Address: Malacca, 
Straits Settlements. 

A.M.T.C.K., F.M.S. Civil Service; 
ft. Feb. 1, 1864 ; Chief Draughtsman, 
Kuala Lumpur, Clerk of Works, 
Klang, acting Distiict Engineer, 
and acting Engineer of Sanitary 
Board, 1891 to 1899; Executive 
Engineer, 1902 ; acting Engineer, 
1st grade, 1904. Address: Kuala 
Lumpur, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

GUBBINS, John HaringtDn (TOKYO), 
C.M.G.; b. 1T>2; s. of late Martin 
B. Gubbins, IJ.C.M. ; m. 1893, 
Helen Brodie, d. of C. A. Macvean, 
J.P. of Mull. Entered Japan Con- 
Milar Service, 1871 ; English Sec- 
vetaiy to Conference at Tokyo for 
revision of Treaties, 1888 ; Assistant 
Japanese Secretary, 1888 ; Japanese 
Secretary, 1889, local rank of 2nd 
Secretary to Legation, Tokyo, 
189); Biilish Delegate en Tariff 
Commission, lS9f> ; acting Charge 1 
<l % Affaires, Seoul, Corea, May, 1930, 
to Nov., 1901. Publications : Dic- 
tionaiy of Chinese-Japanese Words 
in Japanese Language (3 vols.) ; 
Translation of Civil Code of Japan, 
with introduction on Japanese 
Family System (2 vols.) Recreations: 
Riding, swimming, rowing, chess. 
Clubs: St. James's ; Oriental. Ad- 
<//.-<* ; Tokyo. Japan. 

GUERITZ, Edward Peregrine 

( SANDAKAN ), Acting Governor. 
Cadet mid District Officer, and 
Resident, Sarawak Government, 
1874 to 1877 ; Assistant President, 
British North Borneo, 1882-1884 ; 
Collector of Land Revenue, Sungei 
Ujong, 1835 ; Collector and Magis- 
trate, Jelebu, June, 1885; acting 
Resident, Labuan, May, 1890 ; 
Assistant Government Secretary, 
British North Borneo, 1891 ; Re- 
sident, Labuan, 1890 ; Session 
Judge, British North Borneo, 1894 ; 
Member of Council, 1894; Judge of 
( hief Court, 1895 ; Government 
Secretary, 1898; appointed one of 
the Commissioners .to administer 
the Government, British North 
Borneo and Labuan ; acting 
Governor, 1905. Addrcxs : S.amla- 
kan, British North Borneo. 

GUILLEMOTO, Charles Marie 
(HANOI), Director General des 
Travaux Publics ; Ingenieur en Chef 
de Ire class des Pouts et Chau.-sees ; 
b. Janv. 5, 1857. Entree 1'Adminis- 
tration, Sept. 13, 1898. Decorations : 
Officier de la Legion d'Honneur. 
Address: Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo- 

GUIS, Francois Louis Esprit (H\Noi), 
Directeur d'Admini.stration de la 
Caisse de Retraite des Services Civil 
Locaux ; Resident; Administrator. 
1st class; b. O;-t. 6, 1861. Joined 
the Indo-Chirra Civil Service, Nov. 
24, 1887 ; Administrator, 4th class, 
March 17, 1886 ; Administrator, 3rd 
class, March 27, 1888; Administrator, 
Srd class, Dec. 1, 1892; Adminis- 
trator, 1st class, Oct. 1, 1900. 
Decoration*: Chevalier de la Le'gion 




d'Honneur, Address: Hanoi, Ton- 
kin, ludo-Chinx. 

GUY, Hirvey Hugo (TOKYO), A.M., 
B.D., Ph.D.; Dean of Sei Oa- 
kuiu (Professional College) Tok- 
yo ; b. Nov. 9, 1870, at Osage City, 
Kansas, U.S.A. ; m. June 20, 1893, 
Martha Andrews, Mount Pleasant, 
Iowa, U.S.A. Educ. : Drake Uni- 
versity, Iowa ; Chicago Univer- 
sity, and Yale University. After 
graduating came to Japan to 
engage in educational work, and 
has been so occupied since 1895 ; 
Professor in School of Philosophy, 
Tokyo ; Professor of Greek Lan- 
guage and Literature, and of 
Philosophy and History in Sei 
Gakuin ; lecturer on religion among 

the Japanese; examiner in School 
for the study of the Japanese 
Language; Chairman of the Com- 
mittee for translation of foreign 
books into Japanese ; specialist in 
Japanese Language and History ; 
member of Council of Japanese 
Asiatic Society ; translator of 
"Wasau," Buddhist I*rayer Book. 
Publications: " Studies in the Rise 
of the English Episcopacy," 1902. 
Club : Yale. A ddreaf : T..ikino;ja\va, 
Tokyo, Japan. 

GUYONNET, Lieut.-Cclonel Pierre 
G. P. (HANO.), Commandant 2e 
Regiment de Tirailleurs Annamites. 
Decoration: Officier de li Ldgiou 
d'Houneur. A<3dr?** : Hanoi, Ton- 
kin. Tnlo-China. 


HACHISUKA, Marquis (TOKYO), For- 
mcrly Daimyo of Tokushima ; Privy 
Councillor; b. Aug., 1848. Repre- 
sented Japan in France about 1881 
President of House of Peers., 
1891-96 ; Minister of Education, 
S^pt., 1896-Nov., 1897 ; appointed to 
Privy Council, 1898. Add was: Tok- 
yo, Japan. 

H\aE3, Rev. Charles Robert (HONG- 
KONO), M.D., D.I). ; Clergyman and 
Physician ; b. Oct. 27, 1851 ; m. June 
2), 1894 ; Dec. 31, 1896, Maria Von 
Rausch. Ednc. : Honey Creek, 
Wisconsin ; Oberlin and Springfield, 
Ohio. Taught in Schools in Wis- 
consin, Ohio and California, until 
188J ; entered Pacific Theological 
Seminary, Oakland, California, 
18*), graduating therefrom in 1832, 
.and receiving B.D. degree ; Pastor 
Congregational Church at Antioch, 
1831-83 ; sent to Hongkong as Mis- 
sionary of American Board, March, 
1883, to open South China Mission ; 
returned to U.S.A., 1891, and 
studied Medicine in Los Angeles, 
San Francisco, and Nashville 
Medical Schools, receiving M.D. 
rle.grea from Vanderbilt -University, 
1894, and same degree from 
Nashville University , : 1895 ; returned 
to China, 1894; received D.D. 
degree from Western University of 

Chicago, 1900 ; has charge of 14 
Mission Schools with over 400 
pupils ; is overseer of 38 stations 
where Chinese teach or preach ; 
received into Church membership 
over 1070 persons in 1903, and has 
55 native workers under supervision; 
has baptized about 3000 persons 
during last 10 years, and treats from 
f> to 1000 patients annually ; was 
1st President of Le Shing Scientific 
and Industrial College, opened at 
Hongkong, 1904 ; can speak and 
preach in three languages, English, 
Herman and Chinese. Publica- 
tions: "Looking unto Jesus"; 
" Bible Questions and Answers," 
both in Chinese. Addrexg : No. 5, 
Ladder St., Hongkong. 

HAH*, Philippe (PROMPENH), Inspec- 
tor, Civil Service, Indo-Chiua ; Pre- 
sident Municipal Commission; b. 
Aug. 19, 185:1. Entered Civil Service, 
Indo-China, Jan. 1, 1887 ; Adminis- 
trator, 2nd class, Jan., 1838; 1st 
class, Oct., 1888; Inspector, Jan., 
1900. Decorations : Officier de 1'In- 
struction P u b 1 i q u e . A ddre** : 
Prompenh, Cambodge, Indo-ChinP. 

HAIFENG ( SOOCHOW ), C h i n e s u 
Bauuerman. Appointed Super- 
intendent, Imperial Factory, Foo- 
chow, Sept., 1898. 



HAINES, Rev. Frank William 
(PENANG), B.A., Oxon. ; Chr.plain. 
Educ. : Christ's College, Brecknock, 
and Jesus College, Oxford. 
Government Tutor and Chaplain, 
SeUngor, 1890 ; Inspector of 
Schools, Selangor, 1891 ; Colonial 
Chaplain, Malacca, 1899; .also 
acting Headmaster of High School, 
Malacca, 3899-1900; Colonial Chap- 
lain, Penang, April, 1901 ; (Sur- 
rogate), hon. Chaplain, Penang 
Volunteer Corps. Address : Penang, 
Straits Settlements. 

HALE, Abraham (LAULT), District 
Officer; 6. Dec. 17, 1854. Acting 
Magistrate, Matang, Dec. 13, 1884 ; 
Inspector of Mines and Assistant 
Magistrate, Kinta, Feb., 1885; Col- 
lector and Magistrate, Tampin, 
Oct. 17, 1887 ; acting Superinten- 
dent of Negri Sembilan, March, 
1888 ; Clerk of Council, Oct. 20, 1889 ; 
assistant, Indian Immigration 
Agent, Dec., 1889; acting for Resi- 
dent, Feb. to Mar., 19CO ; Officer 
in Charge, Mar. to Nov., 1894: 
District Officer, Tampin, Jan. 1. 
1896 ; District Officer, Kuala Selan- 
gor, Jan. 26, 1897 ; passed higher 
standard in Malay, April, 1897 ; 
Examiner in -Malay, 1898; District 
Officer, Klang, Mar. 9, 1899; Collec- 
tor of Land Revenue, Kuala 
Lumpur, and Registrar of Titles, 
Selangor; Chairman of Public 
Gardens Committee, Kuala Lum- 
pur, and of Museum Committee, 
Nov. 21, 1899; Vice-Chairman, 
Malay Agricultural Settlement, 
Sept. 23, 1900 ; Director of Widows' 
and Orphans' Fund, April 19, 1901 ; 
District Officer and Ri-gistr <r of 

Titles, Larut, Perak, 1906. Addre** : 
Larut, Perak, Federated Mula> 

HALE, Bertram Augustas (HONG- 
KONG), Journalist ; Manager, Hong- 
kong "Daily Press"; b. 1870. 
Formerly connected with jour- 
nalism in Devonshire and London ; 
came to the East in 1895, joining 
the "Japan Chronicle"; in 1899 
became part proprietor andeditor of 
the "Hiogo News "; arrived in Hong- 
kong in February, 1903, as manager, 
"Daily Press." Address: "Rock- 
lands,'' Robinson Road, Hongkong. 

HALL, Gilbert Amos (PROVINCE 
WELL.ESLEY), Officer. 
Edin-.: Harrow School. Cadet, 
Straits Settlements, 1888; passed 
final examination in Malay, April, 
1891; acting ::rd Magistrate, Pe- 
nang, July, 1891 ; acting 2nd Magis- 
trate, Penang July to Sept., 1893 ; 
acting District Ofrk-er, Dindings. 
Mir., 1891; Superintendent of 
Education, Penang, Oct., 1894; 
acting District Officer, Malacca, 
Nov., 1896; acting 2nd Magistrate, 
Pon.uig, May, 1897 ; Sheriff and 
Deputy Registrar of Supreme 
Court, Singapore, July, 1897 ; acting 
Colk-ctor of Land Revenue, Pe- 
nang,, 1898; 2nd assistant 
Colonial Secretary, Straits Settle- 
ments, Aug., 1898, but continued 
to act as Collector of Land 
Revenue, Penang, till Mir., 1900; 
acting Collector of Land Revenue 
and Orticei in Charge of Troasun 
M.ilacca, Sept., 19LH>, confirine-l. 
Aug., U)< Yl ; Senior District Officer. 
July, 19J1; acting Posliu ister 

' (Urn; 1. Aiijr., W4 : acting 

WHO'S WHO IN THE FAR EAST (Ji.\K) 19..15-7. 


Inspector of Prisons, Singapore, 
and Senior District Officer, 
Province Wellesley, 19f 6. Address : 
Province Wellesley, Straits Settle- 

HALL, John Carey (YOKOHAMA), 
M.A., I.S.O. ; II.B.M. Consul 
General ; b. Jan. 22, 1814, at 
Coleraine, Co. Londonderry, s. of 
John Hall of Coleraine and Port- 
rush, Co. Antrim ; m. 1876, Agnes, 
d. of Charles Wyclif Goodwin, 
Assistant Judge of H.B.M. 
Supreme Court for China and 
Japan. Educ. : Coleraine Aca- 
demical Institution ; Queen's 
College, Belfast. Appointed 
Student Interpreter in Japan, Dec. 
24, 1867 ; employed in assisting 
Japanese Prisons Commission, 1871 ; 
acting Vice-Consul at Yedo (Tokyo) 
for some while ; 1st class Assistant, 
April 1, 1877; called to BJU at 
Middle Temple, June 29, 1881 ; 
Assistant Secretary at 
Tokyo, April 1, 1882 ; acting Consul 
at Nagasaki, 1882, 1883, 1884, and 
1886; acting Japanese Secretary at 
Tokyo, 1884 to 1886 ; acting 
Registrar and Interpreter, Yoko- 
hama Court, 1886 ; acting Consul 
at Yokohama, 1886 to 1888 ; 
acting Judge in Court for Japan 
.,'at. Yokohama, 1888; acting 
assistant Judge in Supreme Court 
for China and Japan at Shanghai, 
1888 to 1S89 ; promoted Consul for 
Hakodate and Niigata, Oct. 1, 
1888; acting Consul at Nagasaki, 
1890 to 1892 ; at Yokohama, 1895 to 
1896 ; transferred to Tamsui (For- 
mosa), Feb. 4, 1893 ; Consul for 
Hiogo an I Osaka, Aug. 21, 1896; 
Consul for Consular District of 

Hiogo j:ml cities of Kyoto and 
Osaka, July 28, 1897 ; . Senior 
Member of Commission to prepare 
case in Arbitration proceeding 
before Hague Tribunal between 
Great Britain, France, and Ger- 
many, and Japan, respecting 
interpretation of an Article in 
their Treaties relating to leases in 
perpetuity in late Foreign Settle- 
ments in Japan, Sept. 20, 1902 : 
promoted Consul-Geueral for Con- 
sular District of Kanagawa, May 
21, 1903. Publications : General 
View of Chinese Civilization, 
translated from the French of 
Pierre Laffitte. Clubs : 
Societies ; Yokohama United. Ad- 
dress : H.B.M. Consulate, Yoko- 
hama, Japan. 

HALLIFAX, Edwin Richard (1 lux;- 
KONG), B.A., Oxon. ; Civil Service; 
b. Feb. 17, 1874. Educ. : BlundeU's 
School ; Balliol's College, Oxford. 
Appointed Cadet in Hongkong Civil 
Service Oct., 1897: aviivedin Colony, 
Jan., 1898; Police Magistrate, Hong- 
kong, Dec., 1899 ; Assistant Supeiin- 
tendent of Police and Police 
Magistrate, New Teriitory, Sept., 
1899; acting (Registrar General. 
1902; acting Captain Superintendent 
of Police, Superintendent of Gaol 
and Superintendent of Fire Brigade, 
March, 1904; seconded as Transvaal 
Emigration Agent at Chinwantao,, 
March, 190".. Address: Hongkong. 

HALLIFAX, F. J. (PKXANG), Magistrate. 
Cadet, Straits Settlements, March, 
1893; passed final examination in 
Malay, 'June, 1894; acting District 
Officer, Penang, April, 1896, and 
Malacca, Nov., 189(5 : Superinteu- 



dent of Education, Penang, July, 
1897 ; District Officer, June, 1898 ; 
acting District Officer, Dindings, 
June, 1901; acting Collector of 
Laud Revenue, Penang, Apiil, 1902 ; 
also acting Registrar of Deeds and 
Registrar of Bills of Sale, Penang, 
^ May, 1902; assistant Post Master 
General, Penang, Aug., 19J2, but 
continued to act as Collector of 
Land Revenue ; acting Collector of 
Land Revenue, and Officer in 
Charge of Treasury, Malacca, April, 
1903; 2nd Police Magistrate, 
Penang, Straits Settlements. Ad- 
dress : Penang, Straits Settlements. 

HAMADA, Dr. Gentitsu (TOKYO), 
Chief Medical Officer and Proprietor 
<>f Haniada Hospital for diseases of 
women ; b. Kumamoto-ken, Nov., 
1854. Educ. : In Germany, 1885- 
1888. Appointed Professor of 
Medical Course of Tokyo University, 
1889-1936. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 
HAMAO, Arata (TOKYO), LL.D. ; 
President of Tokyo Uni- 
versity ; Member of House of Peers ; 
b. April, 1849,atTajima. Councillor 
of Department of Education, 1878 ; 
Vice-President of To^cyo Imperial 
University, 1884 ; Director of Special 
Educational Bureau, 1888 ; Presi- 
dent of Tokyo Imperial University, 
1893-1897; Minister of Education 
from Nov. to Dec., 1897 ; President 
of Tokyo Imperial University, 1906 ; 
awarded degree of LL.D. by 
Harvard University. Address: Tok- 
yo, Japan. 

HAMILTON, William Beeson (Cm- 

NAN-FU), A.B. (1883), A.M. 
( 1888 ) ; Missionary, American 
Presbyterian Church ; b. Sept. 

10, 1864; m. May, 1888, Clara 
Linton (died Jan., 1889); m. May 
1892, Margaret, d. H. Woods, D.D., 
Professor of Latin at Washington 
and Jefferson College, Pa. Educ. 
Washington and Jefferson College. 
Allegheny ; Princeton Theological 
Seminary. Arrived China, Nov., 
1888 ; resided Chinan in 1888 ; built, 
and for some years was Principal 
of, Clara Lintou Hamilton Memo- 
rial School ; pastor, Presbyterian 
Church, Chinan ; in charge of mis- 
sion work in vicinity ; by appoint- 
ment of American Consul, Chefoo, 
arranged with Yuan Shih-kai for 
protection and safe convey to coast 
of over 100 missionaries, Protestant 
and Catholic, from Central and West 
Shantung and adjacent parts of 
Chihli and Houan, dm ing June and 
July, 1900; director, Shantung 
Protestant University, 1903 ; Am- 
erican Consular Agent, Chinan f 
1905. Address: Chinan-fu, Shan- 
tung, China. 

HA.MPDEN, Ernest Miles H^bart- 
(YOKOHAMA), H.B.M. Vice-Consul 
Appointed Student Interpreter in 
China, July 26, 1888; transferred 
to Japan, April 1, 1889 ; Vice-Consul 
at Tokyo (local rank), Aug. 21, 
189C ; employed as Assistant in 
Japanese Secretary's O ffi c e , 
Tokyo, 1896; acting Consul ax 
Hakodate, 1896 to 1897 ; at Tamsui. 

1897 ; acting Vice-Consul at Hiogo, 

1898 ; acting Consul at Yokohama, 
1899; Vice-Consul at Yokohama 
(local rank), 1899 to 1901 ; promoted 
1st Assistant, April 1, 1901 ; acting 
Consul at Yokohama, 1902 to 1903 ; 
promoted Vice-Consul, Dec. 22, 




1904. Address: H.B.M. Consulate, 
Yokohama, Japan. 

HANABUSA, Baron (TOKYO), Vice- 
Minister of the Imperial House- 
hold Department; b. Jan., 1842, at 
Okayama. Appointed Secretary for 
Foreign Affairs, 1870; Chargd 
d' Affairs at Seoul, 1876-77; pro- 
moted to Minister Resident, 1880- 
81, and narrowly escaped being 
killed by the anti-Japanese Korean 
mob which attacked Japanese 
Legation at Seoul in 1882; pro- 
moted Minister at St. Petersburg, 
188C-86 ; Vice-minister of Agricul- 
ture and Commerce, 1887-88 ; trans- 
ferred thence to Imperial House- 
hold as auditor ; Vice-resident of 
Japan Red Cross Society; created 
Baron, 1896. Address: Tokyo, 

and Bullion Broker. Resided in 
the Colony and Amoy over half a 
century. Club : Hongkong. Ad- 
dress : 10, Queen's Gardens, Hong- 

HANITSCH, Karl Richard (SINGA- 
PORE), Ph. D., Jena Demonstrator 
of Zoology, University College, 
Liverpool, 1887; Curator and Libra- 
rian, Raffles Library and Museum, 
Singapore, 1895. Address : Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 

HANSEN, Dr. Carl C. (LAOS), 
M.D. ; Physician and Surgeon ; b. 
May 14, 1862. Editc. : United 
States of America. Received the 
degree of M.D. from Cooper 
Medical College, 1893; served at 
the German Hospital as House 
Surgeon, '1894 : became a Licentiate 

of the Imperial Faculty of Medicine 
of Constantinople, 1895 ; Member 
of the American Medical Associa- 
tion, the American Oriental 
Society, and the Si am Society ; at 
present in Charge of the Charles F. 
Van Santvoord Hospital of Nakon- 
Lunpaug, Laos, Siam. Address 
Nakon Lampang, Laos, Siam. 

HANSON, Charles Rastrich(PKRAK) 
I.S.O., M.I.C.E. ; Engineer for 
Railways, Federated Malay States ; 
b. June 7, 1890; 8. of late Conrad 
Abben Hanson ; m. 1883, Margaret, 
d. of John Kyle. Educ : Private 
Schools. Railway Department, 
Capo Colony, 1874-1879 ; assistant 
Engineer of Ways and Works, 
Ceylon, 1879-1887; Resident Eng- 
ineer and Trciihc Manager, Perak, 
1887 ; Resident Engineer for 
Railways, Perai and Province 
Vt ellesley, 19^3 ; acting Divisional 
Engineer, Selangor and Negri 
Serabilan, June, 1903 ; General 
Manager, Federated Malay States 
Railways, 19U4 ; Resident Engineer 
for Railways in Perak and Province 
Wellesley, and Manager, Federated 
Malay States' Railways, 1906, 
Address : Perak Federated Malay 
States ; c/o Henry S. King and 
Co.. 9 Pall Mall, London, S.W. 

HARA, Kei (TOKYO), Minister of Home 
Affairs ; b. 1854 at Mori oka.. 
Private Secretary to Minister of 
Agriculture and Commerce, 1890- 
1892 ; Director of Commercial 
Bureau, Foreign Office ; Vice- 
Minister of Foreign Office, 1895; 
Minister to Corea, 1896; resigned 
1897; was Chief Editor of Osaka 




"Mainichi"; Minister of Com- 
munications, 19)0-1901; sat as 
M.P., 1902-1-M5 ; joined Saionji 
Miuistiy as Ministe" of Hjme 
Office, 1906. Addi-ess : Tokyo, 

HARA, Rokuro (TOKYO), Banker; b. 
Tajlraa, 1844. Prominent at time 
of Restoration ; entered business, 
and founded with others, the One 
Hundred Bank, and has been 
largely instrumental in seeming 
for it the position it has attained ; 
filled the post of President of the 
Yokohama Specie Bank from 1883 
to 1890 ; one of Japan's leading 
commercial men. Address : Tokyo, 

JEARA, Ryota (TOKYO), City Engineer ; 
b. Fukuota, Oct., 1854. Educ.: 
Tokyo University. Has superin- 
tended building of several bridges 
iu Tokyo, and also supervised its 
water-works; Professor at Tokyo 
University and Engineer of Tokyo 
City. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

HARA, Ycshimichi (TOKYO), Lawyer ; 
b. Shiuano, Feb., 1S67. Educ.: 
Tokyo University. Appointed 
Councillor of Department of Agri- 
culture and Commerce, 1890 ; after- 
wards Chief Official of the Tokyo 
Mines Inspection Office, and similar 
office at Osaka ; left Government 
service in 1893, and has since been 
practising law. Address: Tokyo, 

HARBORD, Commander Richard M. 
(HONGKONG), R.X. ; in command of 
Jl. M. despatch vessel, "Alacrity." 
Promoted to present rank, June 30, 
1901 ; appointed to command, 1906. 

Club: Hongkong. Address : II. M.S. 
" AUcrity," Hongkong. 

HARDING, John Reginald (SHANGHAI) 
M.I.C.E. ; Engiueer-iu-Chief, I.M. 
. Customs ; b. May 2, 1853 ; m. 
Elizabeth Margaret, d. of captain 
Sauuders, of Foochow. Educ. : 
Marlborough College, 1870-76. Pupil 
to Sir W. G. Armstrong and Co., 
Elswick, 1876-79 ; appointed 
assistant Engineer to Chinese Im- 
perial Customs service, 1880 ; acting 
Engineer-iii-Chief, I.M.C., 1895-96; 
Engineer-in-Chief, 1898; appointed 
Consulting Engineer, Corean Im- 
perial Customs service 190" ; Pres. 
Shanghai Soe. of Engineers and 
Architects, 1934-05. Decorations: 
3rd class civil rank, China, 1904; 
3rd order Pal Kwei, Corea, 19J5. 
Publications: Various papers on 
Engineering subjects. Clubs : 
Shanghai ; Country, Shanghai ; 
Monmouth County. A ddress : 
Customs House, Shanghai, China. 

HARE, Prof. Alexander Joseph 

(TOKYO), Professor of Higher Com- 
merical School. Ed'.ic. : Schools 
and college in England, Germany 
and France. Secretary of Chamber 
of Commerce at Kobe at its in- 
ception ; translator for Priis.'i.iu 
legation at Kobe and Yokohama, 
1863 ; twenty five years in Japanese 
Government service in Higher 
( Commercial School; witness of 
every change in reconstitution of 
Japinesa Government from feudil 
times to the present Meiji Dynasty; 
witnessed the attack upon for- 
eigners in Kobe, in 18.8; was 
officially present at the "hara- 
hiri" of the Bizen Official which 

WHO'S WHO is- THE FAR EAST (JUNE) 1906-7. 


was brought about in circum- 
stances d e s cri be tl in Mitftml's 
"Tales of old Japan". Decora- 
tion: 4th class order of Rising Sun. 
Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

KANGSAR ), M.A. ; Educationalist, 
Federated Malay States Education 
Department. Educ. : Trinity Col- 
lege, Dublin, M.A. Assistant 
Master, Mannamead School, Ply- 
mouth, 1878 ; assistant Master, St. 
John's School, Letherhead, 1879- 
1891 ; Head Master, Penang Freo 
-School, 1891-1904; Head Master, 
Mal-iy Residential School for sons 
of Rvjahs, since Jan. 1, 1305. 
Clubs : Penaug ; Town, Penaug ; 
New, Taiping. Address : Malay 
Residential School, Kuala Kangsar, 
Perak, Federated Malay States. 

HARKER, Bernard Brotherton 
( HONGKONG ), A.M. I.C. E. ; Civil 
Engineer; b. 1862. Educ.: Wim- 
borne Grammar School. Engaged 
on engineering works (railway and 
water) in Brazil and Argentine 
Republics, 1881 to 1893. From 1894 
to date in practise in Hongkong. 
Club : Hongkong. Address : Hong- 

HARMAND, Jules Francois (TOKYO), 
Envoy Extraordinary and Minister 
Plenipotentiary for France ; b. Oct. 
23, 1845 ; m. Dec. 19, 1878, to There'se 
Grabiielle Farjas. Educ.: Lycee, 
Versailles. Was a member of the 
scientific and archaeological expedi- 
tion to Cambodia, 1873 ; the expedi- 
tion in Tonkin with Francis 
Gamier, 1873-4; the scientific 
expedition in Indo-Chiua, 1875-G-7 ; 

Consul and Commissaire for France 
in Siam, 1831-2-3 ; Comraissaire-Ge'n- 
eral in Tonkin and Auuim, 1833-4, 
(in this capacity signed the Treaty 
of Hu6 in Aug., 1833); Cousul- 
General for France at Calcutta, 
1885-90; Minister for France in 
Chili, 189 J-l ; Minister for France 
in Japan, 1891-1903 ; was in charge 
of interests of Rassia in Japxu 
during tha RU.SSO- Jap ineso war. 
Publications: " Lxos et Popula- 
tions Sauvages de 1'Imlo-Chine," 
1830-1 ; " Ethnographic de 1'Indo- 
Chine," 1881; "Trale Introduction 
de India de Sir John Strachay," 
1891 ; " Question clu Tjakin," 
1835, and numerous contributions 
to publications of Geographical, 
Anthropological and Commercial 
Societies of Paris. Decorations: 
Comm. Le'gion d'ilouueur; Grant! 
Cross of St. Anne (Russia) ; G. C. of 
Isabella Catholica (Spain); G. C. 
of Double Dragon (China) ; G. C. of 
Cambodia; G. C. of Dragon 
(Anuam) ; G. C. of Couroune (Siam) ; 
G. C. of Rising Sun (Japan), etc. 
Address : French Legation, To'cyo, 
and 225, Faubourg St. Uoaore", 

HARPER, Adolphus Alexander 
Francis (SELAMA), Surveyor; ft. 
Nov. 25, 1855. Surveyor of irriga- 
tion works, Ceylon, 1830 ; Field 
Assistant Surveyor, Straits Settle- 
ments, 1881 ; Surveyor, Biitish 
North Borneo, 1883 , Surveyor, 
Straits Settlements, 1834; District 
Surveyor, Kinta, 1887-1889; assis- 
tant Surveyor, Ku-ila Kangsar, 
1894; Distiict Surveyor,, 
Matang, Krian and Selama, 1903- 




1904. Address : Selama, Federated 
Malay States. 

HARPER, Joseph Peasccd ILAKI.-T), 
F.R.G.S., Superintendent, Kevenue 
Surveys ; b. Dec. 26, 1869. Surveyor 
Land Department, Larut, 1K S . ; act- 
ing Inspector Mines, Larut, 1898; 
Superintendent of Revenue Surveys, 
Larut, 1898. Address : Larut, Perak, 
Federated Malay States 

HARRINGTON, Thomas Joseph 
(YOKOHAMA), 1st class Assistant, 
H.B.M. Consular Service. Appoint- 
ed Student Interpreter in Japan, 
June 3, 1895; acting Consul at 
Tamsui, 1899; at Tainan, 1900; at 
Yokohama, 1903 ; promoted 1st 
Assistant, May 21, 1903. Address : 
H.B.M. Consulate, Yokohama, 

HARRIS, Charles Butler (NAGASAKI), 
American Consul ; b. Dec. 9, 1848, at 
Goshen, Indiana ; m. Oct. 19, 1869, 
Julia E. Latta. Kduc. : Common 
Schools, Indiana, U.S.A. Enlisted 
a* private in American Civil War, ' 
April 19, 1861, at first call of 
President Lincoln for volunteers; 
remained in service until Dec. 1861, 
when obtained discharge on ac- 
count of permanent disability ; 
1862-1897 was actively and success- 
fully engaged as business man in 
mercantile pursuits and banking ; 
was elected for 2 years' term to 
represent 13th Agricultural District 
<>f Indiana on Indiana State Board 
of Agiiculture; re-elected, 1894 
and 1896 ; appointed President of 
Board, Jan., 1897; was appointed 
Consul at Nagasaki, Oct., 1897 

Decorations : Member Grand Army 
of the Republic ; member Sons of 
the American Revolution. Mason ic . 
Scottish Rite, C2nd Degree Frema- 
sou and Knight's Templar. Clubs : 
International, Nagasaki ; Nagasaki.. 
Address: Nagasaki, Japan. 

HARRIS, Right Rev. Dr. Merrimaa 
Cutobart (TOKYO), D.D. LL.D. ; 
Bishop of Methodist Episcopal 
Church for Japan and Corea ; b. 
July 9, 1816. Educ. : Allegheny 
College, Pa. Was a soldier in 
American Civil War, 1863-65 ; after- 
wards held commission ; ordained, 
1873; arrived in Japan as Mission- 
ary, 1873; founded missions to 
Japan in Hawaii and Pacific Coast 
districts ; elected Bishop for Japan 
and Corea, 1904. Decoration: 3rd 
class order of Sacred Treasure. 
Address: No. 1, Aoyama Gakuin, 

HARRIS, Jun.. Rev. William 
(CHIENGMAI), American Presbyte- 
rian Missionary ; b. June 21, 1870, at 
Princeton, New Jersey ; rn. Nov. 3, 
1897, Cornelia Harrictte, d. of Rev. 
D. AIjGilvary. F.dnc. : Princeton 
University ; Princeton Theological 
Seminary. Joined the North Laos 
Mission ( American Presbyterian ) 
in Chiengnrai, 1895 ; is Treasurer of 
the Mission ; Principal of Prince 
Royal's College, Chieugmai 
Honorary Secretary, Chiengm i 
Library. Club: Chiengmai Gymk- 
hana. Addrcfa : Chiengmai, Shm. 

HARRISON, C. W. (T.UPl>u), Secretary 
to Resident; b. Jan. 28, 1874. 
Educ. : Sherborne School, Clifton 
College; Balliol College, Oxford, 




and with Walter Wren, Esq. ; grd 
class classical mods., 1894. Ap- 
pointed Cadet, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States, Nov., 1897 ; Magis- 
trate, 2nd Class, Kuala Langat, 
Feb., 1899 ; acting assistant District 
Officer, Klang, May, 1899. Address : 
Taiping, Perak, Federated Malay 

HARRISON, Dr. H. Meredith 
(PAHAXG), B.A., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S., 

Physician and Surgeon ; b. May 5, 
1867, s. of late Charles Harrison, 
Barmouth, North Wales; m. 1895, 
Sidney, w. of Rev. Samuel Peel. 
Educ. : Wells House, Malvern, 
Wells ; Harrow ; Cambridge, B.A. 
1889; St. Thomas Hospital, L.R. C.P. 
(Lond.), M.R.C.S. (Kng.), 1895; 
Principal Medical Officer to 
Government of British North 
Borneo, 1899; Principal Medical 
Officer to H.H. the Sultan of 
Johore, 190D ; joined Federated 
Malay States Government Service, 
Nov., 1904. Address: Pekan, Paliang 
Federated Malay States. 

HARSTON, Dr. George Montagu 
(HONGKONG), L.H.C.P., M.R.O.S. ; 
fc. 1872. Scholarship, Charing Cross 
Hospital ; Electrico-Therapeutic as- 
sistant, Charing Cross Hospital; 
clinical assistant, Royal London 
(Moorfields), Ophthalmic Hospital ; 
clinical assistant, Samaritan Free 
Hospital for Women (Lond.) ; 
Bachelor of Medicine, London 
University ; licentiate of the Royal 
College of Physicians of London ; 
member of Royal College of Sur- 
geons ; Honorary Ophthalmic Sur- 
geon, Tung Wah Hospital (Hong- 

kong) ; examiner in materia medica 
and therapeutics, late lecturer on 
pathology, and late lecturer on 
materia medica, School of Medicine 
for Chinese, Hongkong. Club : 
Hongkong. Address: Alexandra 
Buildings, Hongkong. 

Solicitor and Notary Public ; b. 187i>. 
Educ.: Thorparch Grange, York- 
shire. Articled, Jan., 1890; served 
articles in Leeds a*nd London ; 
passed solicitor's final examination, 
Feb., 1895; was for five years 
managing clerk with Messrs. Ford 
and Warren, Solicitors, Leeds ; 
arrived in Hongkong in Nov., 1900 ; 
admitted into partnership with 
Mr. Creasy Ewens in Jan., 1902, 
now member firm Ewers, Harston, 
and Harding. Clubs: Junior 
Athenreum Lond. ; Hongkong. 
Address: 4, Clifton Gardens, Con- 
duit Road, Hongkong. 

HART, Dr. Edgerton H. (Wmi), 
Physician and Surgeon ; b. May IS, 
1SC8; HI. July 20, 189S, Rose Munn, 
d. of James J. Munn. Educ. : 
Toronto Public School ; Collegiate 
Institute ; Toronto University 
Medical College ; Medical Depart- 
ment, New York University. 
Graduated in Medicine, 1S9J ; 
was a member of Commission ap- 
pointed by British and United 
States Governments to investigate 
Kucheng Massacre, 1895; member 
of American Medical Association. 
Club : Wuhu. Address : Wuhu, 

HART, Sir Robert (PEKING), 1st Bt., 
K.C.M.G.,M.A., LL.D. ; Inspector- 




General of Imperial Customs ami 
Posts in China ; b. Feb. 20, 1835, at 
Milltown, Co. Armagh, c. s. of 
Henry Hart, Rivarnette House, 
Lisburn, Co. Antrim, and Ann, 2nd 
d. of John Edgar, Ballybray ; m. 
1866, Hester Jane, c. d. of Alexander 
Bredon, M.D., Portadown, 1866. 
Kduc. : Queen's College, Taunton ; 
Wesley College, Dublin ; Queen's 
College, Belfast; B.A., 1853 ; M. A. 
1871; Hon. LL.D., 1882. Entered 
Consular Service in China, 1854 ; 
Supernumerary Interpreter, Su- 
perintendency of Trade, Hongkong, 
1851 ; Supernumerary, British Con- 
sulate, Ningpo, 1851 ; Assistant, 
British Consulate, Ningpo, 1855 ; 
iind Assistant, British Consulate, 
Canton, 1858; Secretary to the 
Allied Commissioners for the Go- 
vernment of the City of Canton, 
185S; Interpreter, British Consulate, 
4 'auton, 1858 ; granted special per- 
mission to resign and accept an 
.appointment in the Chinese Im- 
perial Maritime Customs, 1859 ; 
( 'hinese Maritime Customs : Deputy 
Commissioner, Canton, 1859 ; Of- 
ficiating Inspector-General, 1861- 
1863 ; Commissioner at Shanghai, 
with charge of Yangtze Ports and 
Ningpo, 1863; Inspector-General, 
1863 ; gazetted Minister Plenipo- 
tentiary, 1835, but declined ; 
Forderer of Museum fiir Volker- 
kunde, Zeipzig, 1878; Hon. Mem- 
ber, China Branch, Royal Asiatic 
.Society, Shanghai, 1879 ; Hon. Mem- 
ber of Oriental Museum, Vienna, 
1880 ; Hon. Fellow, Royal Statistical 
Society, London, 1S90 ; Hon. Mem- 
ber of Institute de Droit In- 

ternational, 1892 ; appointment of 
Chinese officials as Administrator- 
in-Chief and Vice-Administrator 
of Customs, May, 1906, involving 
his practical supersession led to 
protests by British and American 
Ministers. Decorations : Brevet 
title of An Ch'a Ssu (Civil rank of 
the 3rd class), China, 1864 ; Brevet 
title of P Cheng Ssu (Civil rank of 
the 2nd class), China, 1869; Chevalier 
of the order of Wasa, S \vede n- 
Norvvay, 1870; Red Button of the 
1st class. China, 1881 ; created 
K.C.M.G., 1882; Grand Officer, 
order of the Crown of Italy, 1884 ; 
Knight Grand Cross, order of 
Francis Joseph, Austria; Grand 
Officer, Legion of Honour, France, 
1885; Commander, order of Pius 
IX, Rome, 1885; Double Dragon, 
2nd division, 1st class, China, 1885 ; 
the Peacock's Feather, China, 1885 ; 
Knight Grand Cross, order of 
Christ, Portugal, 1888; created 
G.C.M.G., 1889; Ancestral rank of 
the 1st class of 1st order for three 
generations, with letters patent, 
China, 1889 ; created 1st Baronet, 
1893 ; Knight Grand Cross, order of 
the Polar Star, Norway, 1594 ; 
Knight Grand Cross, order of 
Orange Nassau, Holland, 1897 ; 
order of the Crown, 1st class. 
Prussia, 1900 ; Brevet title of Junior 
Guardian of the Heir Apparent, 
China, 1901. Publication: "These 
from the Land of Sinim," 1901. 
Heir: s., Edgar Bruce, b. 1893. 
Club : Athenreum, London. Address: 
Inspectorate General of Customs, 
Peking, China ; 38, Cadogan Place, 
London. S.W. 




HARTIGAN, Thomas Leonard 
(MANILA), Lawyer ; b. May 31, 1861, 
at Dedham, Massachusetts, Ameri- 
ca ; in. 1885, Marie Isabel 
Mackinnis. Educ. : Public Schools, 
Massachusetts ; Central High 
School, Chicago ; Military Academy, 
West Point ; Union College of 
Law, Chicago. Captain and Ad- 
jutant, and Major, 2nd Begt. 
Illinois National Guard; Captain 
and Adjutant, Major and Colonel, 
7th Illinois Infantry ; Major, 30th 
Infantry, United States Volunteers; 
served in Philippines during 
insurrection ; resigned from Army, 
Dec. 31, 1900, to act as General 
Counsel and attorney for Roman 
Catholic Church in Philippines ; 
Member of law firm Hartigan, 
Rohde, and Gutierrez ; elected 
President American Bar Associa- 
tion on its organisation in 1901, and 
President, Philippine Bar Associa- 
tion on consolidation with Bar 
Association ; President, Catholic 
Society of the Philippines. Clubs : 
Army and Navy ; University ; 
United States; Klks ; Krmita ; Cercle 
Francais ; Caledonian ; Japanese ; 
Gun; Golf, Manila. Address: Bay 
View Hotel, Manila, Philippine 

HARTWELL, Rev. George E. 
(C'HEXTU), B.A., B.D. ; Minister; 
b. Feb. 10, 1862. Educ. : Queen's 
University, Kingston, Ontario, 
anada; Drew Theological Semin- 
ary, Madison, N.J., U.S.A. Helped 
to found 1st Canadian Methodist 
Mission in China, 1891 ; home at 
Chentu destroyed by riot ers, 1895 ; 
present during U Mantsz Rebellion, 

1898; ordered to leave Szechwan 
on account of Boxer Rising, 1900 ; 
Secretary, West China Advisory 
Board, 1905-06. Address: Chentu, 
Szeehwan, China. 

HAKTWELL, Rev. J. Board man 
(TEXG CHOW Fu), A.B., D.D. ; 
Pastor and Instructor in Theology ; 
b. Oct., 17, 1835 at Darlington, S.C., 
U.S.A., s. of Rev. Jesse Hartwell, 
D.D. Educ. : Furman University, 
S.C., U.S.A. Professor of Mathe- 
matics, Mount Lebanon University, 
La, U.S.A., 1856 ; became a mission- 
ary in China, 1858 ; was, with Revs. 
T. P. Crawford and J. L. Holmes, 
the first of Europeans to visit the 
T a i p i n g Rebels ; organised, in 
Teng Chow Fu, the first Christian 
Church north of Shanghai, 1862 ; 
Missionary to Chinese in California 
and Superintendent, Baptist Mis- 
sions to Chinese on Pacific Coast, 
U.S.A., 1879-1893; organised first 
Chinese Baptist Church in U.S.A., 
1880; returned to China, 1893; at 
present Instructor in Theology, 
Bush Theological Seminary. Ad- 
dress : Teng Chow Fu, via Chefoo, 

HASEBA, Sumitaka (TOKYO), M.P., 
Leader of the Constitutional Party ; 
b. Satsuma, April, 1854. Joined 
Saigo's Army in Civil War of 1877 
and was imprisoned after its settle- 
ment; was for a long while an 
administrative official in Kagos- 
hima District and is one of veiy 
few M.'s P. who sat in House from 
it inauguration in 1900; appointed 
Chief Councillor of Home Office 
in 4th Ito's Cabinet. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 



HASEGAWA, General, Baron (SEOUL), 
Commander-in Chief of C o r e a n 
Garrison ; b. Smvo, Aug. 1850. Ap- 
pointed Major, 1872 ; Colonel, 1878 ; 
Major-General, 1880 ; Cr. Baron 
1895; Lieut.General, 1896; Full 
General, July 1904 ; Commanded 
a Brigade in Chino-Japanese War 
and took a distingiiished part 
in the battles of Port Arthur and 
Wei-hai-wei ; in the Russo-Japanese 
War, commanded the Imp. Guards 
Division under General Kuroki 
and led it to victory at the Yalu 
and Liaoyang; afterwards trans- 
ferred to important post of Com- 
mander-in Chief of Corean Garrison. 
Address: Seoul, Corea. 

HASEGAWA, Yoshinosuke (TOKYO), 
Doctor of Engineering ; b. Hizen, 
Dec. 1855. Educ. : U.S.A., and, 
from 1875 to 1880, in Germany. 
Engaged by Mitsubishi Firm to 
take charge of its mining depart- 
ment; made success of Yoshioka 
Copper Mine ; subsequently left 
the firm to start business 011 his 
own account, owns two or three 
coal-mines in Kyushu ; in 1902, sat 
for a short while in the House of 
Repi'esentatives. Address: Tokyo, 

6. Tokyo, 1835. Was Professor of 
Government Fine Art Institute, 
at Ueno from which, with president, 
Okakura and several other mem- 
bers of faculty, seceded in 1899 and 
set up Nippon Fine Art Institute at 
Yanaka ; chiefly famous for lands- 
capes, and one of most celebrated 
contemporary painters of Japanese 
style. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

HASHIMOTO, Barcn Tsunatsune 
(TOKYO), Doctor of Medicine ; '/. 
June, 1845. Educ. : Germany, 1872- 
1877. Appointed Army Surgeon 
soon after return from Germany ; 
promoted to Surgeon-General of 
Medical Department about 1885 ; 
resigned two years later to devote 
himself to Red Cross work ; Chief 
Medical Officer of the Red Cross 
Hospital; nominated member of 
House of Peers in 1890, but resigned 
next year : now Physician in Wait- 
ing to Court. Address: Tokyo, 

HASSAN, Alexander Richard Roby 

(SHANGHAI), Agency Director, New 
York Life Insurance Co. ; b. 1873 ; 
m. Nellie Blanche Griffin, of Forest 
Gate, Essex, England. Educ. : 
Privately and Gibraltar College. 
Studied medicine for two years and 
then adopted sea-faring career ; in 
due course passed as master ; 
joined several expeditions of more 
or less scientific nature and visited 
less explored portions of world 
in search of data, geological , 
astronomical etc ; was with ex- 
peditions to Central Africa and 
Antarctic ; 3 years surveying in 
Gilbert and Caroline Islands and 
verifying soundings in South Sea 
Islands; through South African 
campaign and took an active part 
in transportation of troops ; wa.s 
engaged in transportation of Boer 
prisoners to St. Helena ; on board 
" Utopia " when wrecked off Europa 
Pt, Gibraltar ; held for ransom In 
brigands in Morocco, 1899, but 
escaped; authority on theory i 
Gulf stream and in possession ,,f 




most complete data (personally 
acquired) thereaner>t ; inventor of 
automatic recorder of deep sea 
soundings; joined New York Life 
Insurance Co., 1904, as Agency 
Director at Hongkong. Publica- 
tions: "From East to West"; 
"Life on a Transport"; "Im- 
pressions from the Four Quarters 
of the Globe " (in press) ; " Seismic 
Disturbances and Their Causes " 
(in preparation) ; has contributed 
largely to American and English 
Magazines and Newspapers under 
pen-name, " A. Roby." Address : 
New York Life Insurance Co., 
Shanghai, China ; Mander House, 
Rarauz Drive, Westcliff on Sea, 
Essex, England. 

HASTINGS, George Andrew (HONG- 
KONG), Solicitor, Notary Public ; 
b. 1865. Educ. : Uppingham School. 
Club: Hongkong. Address: The 
Peak, Hongkong. 

tor; b. Jan. 13, 1862. Educ.: Up- 
pingham School. Clubs : Thatched 
House, Loud. ; Hongkong ; Royal 
Hongkong Yacht. Address: " Sle- 
mish," The Peak, Hongkong. 

HATANO, Yoshinao (TOKYO), ex- 
Minister of Justice ; b. Hizen, Oct., 
1850. Entered Department of 
.Justice, 1871; Councillor, 1887; 
Secretary, 1888; afterwards Presi- 
dent of Kyoto Local Court and 
Judge of Supreme Court, etc. ; 
Vice-Minister of Justice in 1899; 
appointed Minister of Justice in 
Sept., 1903. Address: Tokyo, 

HATCHELL, Howard Montagu 
(SELANGOR), Deputy Commissioner 
of Police; b. May 6, 1870. Chief 
Clerk, District Office, Kuala Kubu, 
1890 ; assistant District Officer, and 
Land Officer, Klang, Kuala Lum- 
pur, Kuala Kubu, Rawang, 1891- 
1894 ; acting Superintendent of 
Police, Kuala Lumpur, 1895 ; 
Deputy Commissioner of Police 
and Superintendent of Prisons, 
Negri Sembilan, acting Collector 
and Magistrate, Jelebu, 1897; 
acting Deputy Commissioner of 
Police, Selangor, 1901-1903 ; Deputy 
Commissioner of Police, Selangor, 
1904. Address: Kuala Lumpur, 
Selangor, Federated Malay States. 

LL.D., M.P., Lawyer, President 
of Waseda University; b. Tokyo, 
April, 1856. Educ. : Yale Univer- 
sity. Appointed Professor of 
Tokyo University, 1879-1888 ; Direc- 
tor of Investigation Bui'eau, sub- 
sequently abolished, of Foreign 
Affairs Department from 1885 to 
to 1888; Leader of Progressive 
Party, since 1892 and has been 
sitting in the House of Representa- 
tives for Tokyo since that date ; 
was appointed its President twice ; 
Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs 
in Okuma-Itagaki Ministry, 1898 ; 
granted LL.D. from Yale Univer- 
sity, 1902 ; since 1890, has been 
President of Waseda University. 
Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

HATTON, Major General Villiers 
(HONGKONG), C.B. ; Officer Com- 
manding H. M. Forces in South 
China and Hongkong ; b. 1852, e. s. 
of late Lieut.-Colonel V. de T. 




Hatton, formerly Grenadier 
Guards ; m. 1897, Emily, only child 
of Charles Burrall Hoffman, of New 
York. Educ. : Eton. Commandant, 
School of Instruction, London 
1889-90 ; employed as Brigadier- 
General, 1896 ; Aldershot, 1897 ; 
Gibraltar, 1900; Salisbury, 1902; 
Aldershot ; commanded 1st Batta- 
lion Grenadier Guards, Omdurman, 
1898, mentioned in Despatches, 
C.B. ; promoted Major-General, 
Nov. 5, 1903. Decorations : C.B. and 
Nile War Medals. Clubs: Guards, 
United Service ; St. James ; Wind- 
ham ; Hongkong. Address: Head- 
quarter House, and 34 Charles 
Street, Berkeley Square, London. 

HAUPT, A. (HONGKONG), Merchant. 
Head of Melchers and Co. ; Consul 
for Denmark; Director of several 
companies. Clubs : Hongkong ; 
Germauia. Address : Queen's Build- 
ings, Hongkong. 

HAUSER Felix Paul ( BAC-MNH ), 
Resident; Administrator, 1st 
class; b. Sept. 25, 1861. Joined 
Indo-China Civil Service, Mar. 14, 
1886 ; Administrator, 4th class, Jan. 
1, 1891; Administrator, 3rd class, 
July 14, 1893; Administrator, 2nd 
class, May 31, 1899; Administrator, 
1st class, Jan. 1, 1902. Address: 
Bac-ninh, Province of Bac-ninh ; 
Tonkin, Indo-China. 

HAUSSER, Pierre Frederick 
(SWATOW), H.B.M. Consul. Ap- 
pointed Student Interpreter in 
China, April 15, 1878; acting Consul 
at Amoy, 1886; at Kiukang, 1890 
to 1891; acting Vice-Consul at 
Pagoda Island, 1891 ; promoted 1st 

Class Assistant, Aug. -20, 1892; 
acting Consul at Ningpo, 1892 to 
1894 ; at Swatow, 1895 to 1896 ; at 
Soochow, 1898 ; promoted Consul at 
Monein ( Teng-Yueh ), 1897 ; em- 
ployed on Special Service with 
Burma-China Frontier Commission, 
1897 to 1899; Consul at Wuchow, 
1899 to 1902 ; transferred to Swatow, 
Nov. 4, 1902; acting Consul at 
Amoy, 1902. Address: H.B.M. 
Consulate, Swatow, China. 

HAVILLAND, Walter Agustus de 
(TOKYO), B.A., 1893, M.A., 1901 ; 
Professor; b. Aug. 31, 1872; ./. s. of 
late Rev. C. R. de Havillaud and 
Hon. Mrs. de Havilland, sister of 
present Viscount Molesworth. 
Educ.: Elizabeth College, Guern- 
sey, 1881-90, and Cambridge Univer- 
sity, 1890-3 ; Professor, Kobe Mis- 
sion School ( S.P.G. ), 1896-98 ; 
Fourth High School, Kanazawa, 
1898-1904; Higher Normal School, 
Tokyo, 1904-6. Publications : Short 
Stories for Composition and con- 
versation. Address: Hotel Metro- 
pole, Tsukiji, Tokyo, Japan. 

HAWKINS, Villiers Alweyn Caesar 
(YOKOHAMA), Banker; b. Jan. 1, 1860; 
in. Florence Celia, d. of late Major 
Cowper, 15th Regt. Ed-it e. : Victoria 
College, Jersey ; Dulwich College, 
England. Joined Hongkong and 
Shanghai Bank, 1879 ; Sub-Manager 
Hongkong, 1892 ; Inspector of 
Branches, 1902 ; Manager at Yoko- 
hama, since 1904. Recreations : 
Shooting; Golf. Club*: Thatched 
House, London. Address: Hong- 
kong and Shanghai Banking 
Corporation, Yokohama, Japaji. 



HAWLEY, Rev. Edwin C. (SHUNTEFU), 
Clergyman ; b. Dec. 18, 1881. Educ. : 
Amherst College, Auburn Theolo- 
gical Seminary. Address: Shuntefu, 
Chihli, China. 

HA WORTH, Rev. B. C. (TOKYO), A.M., 
D.D.; Missionary American Presby- 
terian Church ; b. Sept. 19, 
1855; m. Sept. 27, 1887. Educ.: 
Westfield College ; Oberlin College; 
McCormick Theological Seminary. 
Address : 6B, T s u ki j i, T o k y o, 

HAWTREY, William Robert John 
(PEXANG), Assistant Superinten- 
dent of Police. Provincial Police, 
British Columbia, 1896-97; South 
Africa, Thorneycroffs Horse, 1899- 
1901 ; Assistant Superintendent of 
Police, Singapore, 1901 ; transferred 
to Penang, 1901. Address : Penang, 
Straits Settlements. 

HAYAKAWA, Senkichiro (TOKYO), 
General Manager of Mitsui Bank ; 
b. Kanagawa, June, 1863. Educ. : 
Tokyo Imperial University. Ap- 
pointed Councillor of Finance De- 
partment, 1891-1900 ; resigned to 
enter Mitsui Bank. Address : Tokyo, 

HAYAKAWA, Tetsuya (TOKYO); b. 
May, 1865. Entered Diplomatic 
Service and attached to Imperial 
Legation at Seoul until 1888; 
appointed to Consulate at San Fran- 
cisco, then attached to Imperial 
Legation at Berlin, 1889-9ti ; Private 
Secretary to Minister of Agriculture 
and Commerce, 1892-97 ; Minister 
Resident, 1897-98 ; Secretary of 
Cabinet, 1898 ; then Director of 

Political Bureau of Foreign Office 
of Okuma Cabinet. Address : Tokyo, 

HAYASHI, Gonsuke (TOKYO), late 
Minister at Seoul ; b. Aizu, 1860. 
Educ. : Imperial University, Tokyo. 
Appointed attache to Foreign 
Office, 1887 ; Vice-Consul at Cliefoo, 
1887, at Ninsen, 1888 ; promoted 
full Consul, 1890, Consul at Shang- 
hai, 1892 ; removed to similar post 
at London, 1893, where wa.s 
appointed six years later Seci'etary 
of the Legation ; recalled home, 
was appointed Director of Com- 
mercial Bureau, 1898; Minister at 
Seoul, 1898. Address : Tokyo, 

HAYASHI, Visccunt Tadasu (TOKYO), 
G.C.V.Q. ; Hon. LL.D., Cambridge, 
D.C.L., Oxford; Minister to Court 
of St. James ; b. Sakura, Shimosa, 
Feb., 1850. w. Misao, (/. of Gamo, 
1875. Educ. : England. Was a Cap- 
tain under Enomoto (now Vice- 
Admiral) in rebellion at Hakodate ; 
entered civil service in 1871, in 
Foreign Office ; Governor of Kobe, 
1889-90 ; Vice-Minister, June, 1891- 
May, 1896, under late Count Mutsu ; 
appointed Minister Plenipotentiary 
and Envoy Extraordinary at Pek- 
ing, 1896 ; at St. Petersburg, 1897- 
99 ; appointed to the Court of 
St. James, 1900; promoted Am- 
bassador, 1905; created Baron, 
1896; promoted Viscount in con- 
sideration of service in connec- 
tion w ith Anglo-Japanese Treaty ; 
was Japanese Delegate at Peace 
Conference held at the Hague; 
past Worshipful Master of the 



Empire League ; prospective Minis- 
ter for Foreign Affairs in Saionji 
Cabinet, May, 1936. Decorations: 
1st class Order of Rising Sun; 1st 
class Order of Sacred Treasure ; 
many foreign Orders. Publication; 
(Tn English), "For His People," 
1913; several translations of Eng- 
lish works on political economy 
and politics, into Japanese. Clubs : 
St. James; United Service; 
Bachelor's Marlborough ; Travel- 
lers ; Camera, etc. Address: Tok- 
yo, Japan. 

HAYASHI, Viscount Tomoyuki 
(TOKYO) ; Member of Privy Council ; 
b. Feb., 1823, at Cho-jhu. Appoint- 
ed Governor of Tokyo early in 
Mei.ji era ; brought up two Im- 
perial Princesses, Fumi and Yasn; 
created Viscount, 18S7. Address : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

HAYASHI, Yuzo (TOKYO), M.P. ; 6. 
Tosa, Aug., 1842. Appointed Council- 
lor for Kochi-Ken, 1869 ; Secretary 
of Foreign Affairs 1873-74 ; started 
political career as a lieutenant 
of Count Itagaki ; imprisoned for 
10 years on charge of complicity 
in Satsuma rebellion ; has sat in 
the House of Representatives since 
its inauguration ; Minister of Com- 
munications in Okuma - Itagaki 
Cabinet, 1893; Minister of Agricul- 
ture and Commerce in Seiyukwai 
(the 4th Ito) Ministry, 1933 ; seceded 
from Seiyxikwai and organised 
" Liberal Party," which dissolved in 
Feb., 19)5. Address : Tokyo Japan. 

D.D. ; Minister ; b. Nov. 23, 1857 ; 
,n. 1833, to Maggie E. Young, d. of 

John Young, of Mercer, Pa. Educ. : 
Westminster College, Pa. ; Western 
Theological Seminary, Allegheny. 
Prof., Tengchou College, 1884-95 ; 
President, Tengchou College, 1885- 
1901 ; President Shantung Provincial 
College, 1931-03 (resigned sooner 
than countenance compulsory Con- 
fucian worship) ; Theological Prof., 
Shantung Presbyterian Mission, 
1903-04 ; Prof. Gotch-Robinson 
Theological College, since 190P. 
Publications : High School As- 
tronomy ; Elementary Astronomy ; 
Moral Science ; Logarithmic Tables ; 
Optics ; Heat ; Acoustics. Address : 
Chingchou-fu, >iaKiachow, China. 

HAYNES, Alwyn Sidney (KINTA), 
F.M.S. Civil Service; b. Oct. 22, 
1878. Passed in Law and Tamil; 
acting Financial Assistant, Krian, 
1902 ; acting Financial Assistant 
Krian, Sept., 1903; Administrator 
of Estate of Datoh Panglima, 
Kinta, 1904; Land Officer, Batu 
Gajah, Kinta. Address: Kinta, 
Federated Malay States. 

HAYS, John (SHANGHAI), Solicitor and 
Notary Public ; b. Jan. 24, 1873. 
Educ. .-Charterhouse School, Godal- 
ming, Surrey, and Christ's College 
Cambridge ; Bachelor of Arts (in 
Law) 1894. Admitted Solictor, Su- 
preme Court of Judicature, England, 
1899. Clubs : Hongkong ; Shanghai. 
A ddress : 4, Yuen Ming Yuen Road, 
Shanghai, China. 

HAYTER, Henry William Goode- 
nougli (SHANGHAI), Assistant, Reiss 
and Co. ; part-proprietor of " Eas- 
tern Sketch;" b. Dec. 15, 18d2. 
Educ. : Charterhouse. Publica. 



t Ions : "The Rattle," "Eastein 
Sketch," and " Shanghai Carica- 
tures." Clubs: Country and Shang- 
hai ; Grosvenor, Loncl. Address : 
128, Bubbling Well Road, Shanghai, 

HAZELAND, Ernest Manning (HONG- 
KONG ), Civil Engineer and 
Architect; b. 1870. Educ. : Dioce- 
san School, Hongkong. Entered 
Public Works Department, 1888 ; 
commenced business, 1900, as Civil 
Engineer and Architect. Recrea- 
tion : Yachting ; Vice-Commodore 
Corinthian Yacht Club. Club .-Hong- 
kong. Address : 31, Queen's Road, 

HAZELAND, Francis Arthur (HONG- 
KONG), J.P. ; Police Magistrate ; b. 
1862. Appointed Clerk to Puisne 
Judge, Nov., 1878; subsequently held 
positions of acting Deputy Regis- 
trar, Clerk to Chief Justice, acting 
Chief Clerk I Colonial Secretary's 
Office, acting Clerk of Councils ; 
has passed in Chinese ( higher 
standard ) ; called to the Bar, 
Lincoln's Inn, 1899 ; Acting Police 
Magistrate, 1900 to 1901 ; appointed 
2nd Magistrate, June 1901. Club : 
Hongkong. Address : Peak Hotel, 

HEADLAND, Prof. Isaac Taylor 
(PEKING), A.M., S.T.B., Ph. D; 
Professor of Peking University ; b. 
Aug. 16, 1859, in Pennsylvania, 
U.S.A. ; in. June 11, 1894, Marian 
Sinclair, M.D. Educ: Mt. Union 
College ; Boston University, U.S.A. 
After graduating from Boston 
University was immediately ap- 
pointed Professor in Peking 

University, where has been ever 
since ; has made a large collection 
of Chinese paintings and is prepar- 
ing a work on " The Pictorial Art 
of China." Publications : " Chinese 
Mother Goose Rhymes," 1900; 
" Chinese Boy and Girl," 1901 ; 
"Chinese Heroes," 1902, "Our 
Little Chinese Cousin," 1903 ; is 
constant contributor to the maga- 
zines. Address: Peking University, 
Peking, China. 

F.R.G.S. ; Minister of Methodist 
New Connection ; b. Jan. 7, 1869, 
at Percy Main, near Newcastle-on- 
Tyne; m. Oct. 27, 1898, Annie S., 
e. d. of W. Whitehead, of Blyth 
Northumberland. Educ. : Ran- 
moor College, Sheffield. Entered 
service of Cramlington Coal Co., 
Ltd., 1881 ; arrived in China, 1897 ; 
passed through Boxer Rising. 
Publications: Articles in " Geogra- 
phical Journal," etc. Address : 
Yung Ping-fu, via Tientsin, N. 

Silk Inspector; member of Muni- 
cipal Council. Address : 2, Kiukiang 
Road, Shanghai, China. 

HEMINGWAY, Dr. Willoughby A. 
(T'Ai Ku HSIEN), A.B., M.D.; 
Medical Missionary ; b. April 1, 
1874, Oak Paik, Chicago, U.S.A. ; 
m. Oct. 1, 1903, Mary Eliza Wil- 
liams. Educ.: Oberlin College, 
A.B., 1898;'Rush Medical College ; 
M.D.;, 1901. House Physician and 
Surgeon, Chicago Baptist Hospital, 
1901-1903. A ddress : T'ai Ku Hsien, 
Shansi, China. 



HENHAM, Rev. Hubert Coll is on 
(BUKIT TEXGAH), Clergyman of 
Church of England ; b. 1864. Or- 
dained Deacon, 1888 ; Priest, 1904 ; 
Missionary in Bombay, 1887-90; 
Curate, St. Andrews, Hoxton, 1890- 
92; 8.P.G. Chaplain of Province 
Wellesley, since Nov., 1892. Ad- 
dress : Bukit Tengah, Province 
Wellesley, Straits Settlements. 

HENSHAW, Percy Howard (KUALA 
LUMPUR), Railway Traffic Superin- 
tendent, Federated Malay States ; 
b. Feb. 3, 1874. Assistant Traffic 
Superintendent of Federated Malay 
States Railways, July, 1901 ; acting 
Traffic Superintendent of Federated 
Malay States Railways, Aug., 1901 ; 
acting District Traffic Superin- 
tendent Perak and Province 
Wellesley, July, 1903; District 
Traffic Superintendent, Perak and 
Province Wellesley, Aug., 1904; 
appointed to present post, 1906. 
Address: Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, 
Federated Malay States. 

Magistrate. Cadet, Straits Settle- 
ments, Nov., 1898 ; acting District 
Officer, Balik Pulau, Penang, April, 
1899; passed final examination in 
Malay, Oct., 1901 ; Superintendent 
of Education, Penang, Nov., 1902 ; 
acting 3rd Magistrate, Penang, 
Jan., 1904. Address: Penang, 
Straits Settlements. 

HERRIOTT, Rev. Clarence Dillaway 
(HAXGCHOW), B.A. ; Missionary 
and Evangelist ; b. March 2, 1878. 
Educ. : Minnesota University; Cali- 
fornia University, B.A., 1899; 
graduated from San Francisco 

Theological Seminary, San Ansel- 
mo, April, 1902. Licensed by 
Presbytery of San Jose, April 3, 
1901 ; ordained, April 2, 1902 ; post 
graduate, McCormick Seminary, 
1903; assigned to Hangchow 
station, Sept., 1903; member of 
Educational Association of China 
and Hangchow Tract Association. 
Publication : Hangchow Romanized 
Primer and Syllabary (in prepara- 
tion). Club : Hangchow Literary. 
Address: American Presbyterian 
Mission, Hangchow, China. 

HEWETT, Hon. Edbert Ansgar 
(HONGKONG), Superintendent P. 
and O. S. N. Company ; Member 
of Legislative Council ; b. Sept. 5, 
1860 ; 2nd s. of the late Sir George 
J. R. Hewett, Bart. ; m. Ruth Jean- 
nette, d. of the late Q. K. McKend- 
rick, of New York. Member of the 
Shanghai Municipal Council, 1897- 
1901, Chairman in 1900-1901 ; served 
on Committee Chamber Commerce,. 
Shanghai, and represented Chamber 
at Peking, in 1901 in connection 
with river conservancy as dealt 
with in Peace Protocol ; served on 
committee Hongkong Chamber of 
Commerce since 1902, chairman 
since 1903 ; member Sanitary Board. 
1903-4 ; member Queen's College 
Committee and Diocesan Sell- ml ; 
elected Member of Legislative 
Council to represent Chamber of 
Commerce, April 26, 1903 ; appoint- 
ed member of Commission to 
inquire into administration of 
Sanitary and Building Regulations, 
enacted by the Public Health and 
Building Ordinance of 1903, May 11, 
1906. Decorations: Knight of the 



Orange-Nassau, Iron Crown of 
Austria, 4th class Sacred Treasure 
of Japan, English Medal for 
China, 1900. Clvbg : Hongkong ; 
Peak; United, Yokohama; Shang- 
hai ; Country, Shanghai. Address : 
"Craig Ryrie," Peak, Hongkong; 
Wellington Club, 1, Grosvenor 
Place, London, S.W. 

HICKIE, Bertram (KUALA. LIPIS), Dis- 
trict Surveyor ; b. June 17, 1867. 
Assistant, Survey Department, 
India, Nov., 1887; assistant Sur- 
veyor, Revenue Survey Department, 
Straits Settlements, Jan., 1891 ; 
temporary Surveyor, Patang, Sept., 
1900; assistant Surveyor, Revenue 
Surveys, Jan., 1901 ; acting Superin- 
tendent of Revenue Surveys, Feb., 
1903; District Surveyor, Kuala 
Lipis, April, 1904. Address: Kuala 
Lipis, Pahang, Federated Malay 

HICKLING, Charles Herbert (HONG- 
KONG), Congregational Minister; 
b. Oct. 19, 1857. Edu-c. : Trained 
at Hackney College, London ; 
Holme's Jubilee Prizeman. Held 
pastorates at Hoddesdon (Herts); 
Eastbourne (Sussex) ; Withington 
(Manchester); at present Pastor 
of Union Church, Hongkong. Ad- 
dress: The Manse, 5, Kennedy 
Road, Hongkong. 

Captain ; Japanese Navy ; b. Sept. 
19, 1867 ; m. Feb. 10, 1898, Princess 
Kaneko, e. d. Prince Iwakura. 
Was 2nd in command of cruiser 
" Chitose " in Admiral Kamimura's 
squadron, which sank cruiser 
"Rurik" off Corea and "Novik" 

off Saghalien. Address : Tokyo, 

President, Privy Council i b. Kyoto, 
Nov., 1833. Given important posts 
on advent of Imperial Government, 
as Chief Official of Hokkaido 
Colonization i Board, etc; created 
Coiwit, 1887; Vice-President of House 
of Peers, 1890-1891 ; has occupied 
present post since 1891. Addr?** : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

HIGGS, Hubert Leonard (NK\\- 
C HWANG), 1st class Assistant,. 
H.B.M. Consular Service. Appoint- 
ed Student Interpreter in China, 
Aug., 29, 1894 ; acting Consul, Chin- 
kiang, 1898; acting Vice-Consul 
at Macao, 1898 ; acting Vice-Consul 
at Canton, 1900; acting Consul at 
Kiungchow, 1900 ; promoted 1st 
class Assistant, April 5, 1902; 
acting Consul at Kiukiang, 1902 to- 
1904 ; 1st class Assistant at New- 
chwang, 1906. Address: H.B.M. 
Consulate, Newchwang, Man- 

PUR), M.I.C.E. ; District Engineer ; 
b. Nov. 15, 1862; Chief Assistant 
Engineer, Selangor, Oct., 1890 ; 
acting Resident Engineer for 
Railways, Selangor, Mar., 1895 ; 
Chief Assistant Engineer, Selangor, 
Jan., 1900; acting Resident En- 
gineer for Railways, Selangor, Feb., 
1900 ; District Engineer, Federated 
Malay States Railways, Jan., 1903 ; 
acting District Engineer, Selaugor 
and Negri Sembilan, June, 1904 ; 
District Engineer, Federated Malay 
States Railways, 1 906 . A <1 < 1 )> .- .> : 




Ku;ila Lumpur, Selangor, Federat- 
ed Malay States. 

HIJIKATA, Ccunt Hisamoto (TOKYO), 
b. Tosa, Oct., 1833. Appointed 
Secretary of Imperial Household, 
1868 ; Chief-Secretary of Marquis 
Ito's Cabinet in'. '1885; Minister of 
Agriculture and Commerce, July, 
1887-Sept., 1887; Minister of Im- 
perial Household from Sept., 1887, 
to Nov., 1898; cr. Count, 1895 ; 
distinguished himself during trou- 
bles preceding the restoration, on 
the Imperial side. Address : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

Auditor General, Straits Settle- 
ments; 6. 1854, y.s. of late Sir. 
S. J. Hill, C.B., K.C.M.G. Educ. : 
Privately. Appointed to Straits 
Settlements Civil Service, 1875 ; has 
occupied various positions in- 
cluding Inspector of Schools, 
Magistrate, and Resident Council- 
lor, Malacca. Address: Singapore, 
straits Settlements. 

HILL, Rev. Joseph Kimber (HANKOW), 
Wesleyan Minister ; b. April 27, 
1S67; m. June 7, 1894, Helen Leak 
Booth. Educ. : The Leys School, 
Cambridge, England ; Richmond 
College. Address: Wesleyau Mis- 
"ion, Sui Chou, Hankow, China; 
York, England. 

HILL, Thomas Heslop (KUALA LIM- 
IT K),F.M.S. Civil Service. Has been 
Protector of Labourers, and Super- 
intendent of Indian Immigrants 
since June, 1901. Address : Kuala 
Lumpur, Federated Malay States. 

HILL, Valentine (BINDINGS), Acting 
District Officer; 6. Nov. 2, 1S66. 

Financial Assistant, Kinta, Aug., 
1883; Financial Clerk, Krian, Nov., 
1888; assistant to Magistrate, 
Gopeng, Dec., 189,); assistant to 
Magistrate, Kinta, April, 1893 ; as- 
sistant to Magistrate, Lower Perak, 
Aug., 1893 ; District Treasurer, 
Lower Perak, Dec., 1893; acting 
Chief Assistant Magistrate, Batu 
Gajah, June, 1897 ; assistant Magist- 
rate and District Treasurer, Kuala 
Kangsar, July, 1897 ; acting District 
Magistrate, Kuala Kangsar, March, 
1893 ; assistant District Magistrate, 
Ipoh, Nov., 1899; District Officer, 
Pekan, Jan., 1930; District Officer 
Ulu Langat, June, 1900; acting 
State Auditor, Selangor, Feb., 1901 ; 
acting Treasurer, Kuala Lumpur, 
Sept., 1901; District Officer, Ulu 
Langat, Sept., 1901; assistant 
District Officer, Kinta, and Deputy 
Registrar of Titles, Lower Perak, 
Jan., 1933 ; acting District Officer, 
Ulu Langat, Jan., 1903; acting 
District Officer, Kuala Kangsar, 
Oct., 1934; District Officer, Din- 
dings, Oct., 1936. Address : Din- 
dings, Straits Settlements. 

HILLIER, Eiward Guy (PEKING), 
C.M.G. ; Banker ; &. March 11, 1857, 
a. of late Charles Batten Hillier, 
H.B.M. Consul to Siam ; in. 1894. 
Educ. : Bluudell's School, Tiverton ; 
Trinity College, Cambridge. Enter- 
ed Service Hongkong and Shanghai 
Banking Corporation, 1883; Man- 
ager of Peking branch since 1891 ; 
was in Peking during Boxer out- 
break 1930-01; negotiator of Chinese 
Imperial Government loans, issued 
in London and Berlin, 1895-99 ; 
British delegate on Commission 




of Bankers for the Chinese in- 
demnity, 1902; failure of sight in 
*1896, resulted eventually in total 
blindness ; made C.M.G. June, 1904. 
Club : Royal Societies, London. 
Address: Hongkong and Shanghai 
Banking Corporation, Peking, 

HILLIS, Rev. Lewis Bradley 

(MANILA), A.M. ; Missionary; b. Oct. 
5, 1876; in. Aug. 9, 1905, Ruby. G. 
Rhodes. Educ. : Emporia College ; 
Princeton Seminary. Pastor, 
American Presbyterian Church, 
Sept. 13, 1902, to Feb., 1904; Assis- 
tant Pastor, 1904 ; Treasurer, 
Philippine Mission of Presbyterian 
Church. Club : Columbian. Ad- 
dress : 370, Calle Real, Malate, 
Manila, Philippine Islands. 

HINCHLEY, John William (BANG- 
KOK), Chemical and Mechanical 
Engineer; b. Jan. 21, 1871 at 
Gran than, England ; m. Edith 
Mary, d. of John Mason; Chelsea, 
S.W. Educ. : Grammar School, 
Lincoln ; Royal School of Mines, 
London. National Scholar, 1893; 
Whitworth Exhibitioner, 1894 ; 
Whitworth Scholar, 1896; As- 
sociate of Royal School of Mines 
(1st class in all subjects) Metallurgy, 
1896 ; Fellow of Chemical Society, 
1897. Manager of Natural Colour 
Photography Co., Ltd., 1898-1900 ; 
Consulting Engineer, London, 1900- 
1903; Member of Society of Chemical 
Industry, 1900 ; Chief Assayer and 
Technical Superintendent Royal 
Mint, Siam, since 1903. Publica- 
tions : Scientific Papers. Club. : 
United. Adc'ress: H.S.M. Roval 

Mint, Bangkok, Siam ; 15, Fawcett 
St., London, S.W. 

HINMAN, Rev. George Warren 
(FOOCHOW), M.A.; Missionary under 
American Board ; b. Feb. 22, 1839 ; 
m. Dec. 28, 1893. Educ. : Oberlin 
College, B.A., 1893 ; Harvard Uni- 
versity, M.A., 1898. Professor of 
Mathematics, Benzornie College, 
Michigan, 1893-94 ; acting President, 
Gater College, Nebraska, 1895-97 ; 
appointed Missionary, A.B.C.F.M., 
May, 1898 ; ordained to Congrega- 
tional Ministry, Oct., 1898 ; arrived 
Foochow, Jan. 28, 1899; General Sec- 
retary, United Society of Christian 
Endeavour for China, March, 1903, 
to Sept., 1905; reappointed to 
A.B.C. F.M. and stationed at Foo- 
chow, July, 1905 ; acting President, 
Foochow College and Superinten- 
dent, Foochow Romanized Press, 
since 1905; member Educational 
Association of Chinese. Publica- 
tions : Reports and special pamph- 
lets in English and Chinese. Clubs. : 
American University ; Shanghai ;. 
China Students. Address: Foochow, 

HIRAI, Seijiro (TOKYO), Director 
General of Government Railways ; 
b. Kanagawa, 1855. Educ. : Troy, 
U.S.A., 1875. Engaged as Railway 
Engineer by HokkaidoGovernment, 
1880; Chief Engineer of Tanko 
Railway, 1894; appointed to 
present post, 1904. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

HIRATA, Baron Tosuke (TOKYO), 

Member of House of Peers ; /;. 
Yonezawa, 1855. Filled various 
posts in civil service, since 1870 ; 




Minister of Agriculture and Cora- 
raerce, June, 1901, to July, 1903 ; 
cr. Baron, 1902. Address : Tokyo, 

HIROMI, Jisaburo (OSAKA), Member 
of House of Peers ; Merchant ; b. 
Kaga, Nov., 1854. Established 
Japan Marine Insurance Co. and 
was appointed its President; 
elected to present post for Osaka 
prefecture ; a prominent merchant 
of Osaka and one of the largest 
shipowners in Japan. Address: 
Osaka, Japan. 

HO ABE, Rt. Rev. Joseph Charles 
(HONGKONG), D.D. Bishop of 
Victoria; b. Nov. 15, 1851, at 
Ramsgate, 4th s. of Rev. E. Hoare, 
Hon. Canon of Canterbury ; m. 1st, 
Alice Juliana, d. of Canon Patteson ; 
2nd Ellen T. Gough, 1886. Educ. : 
Tonbridge School ; Trinity College, 
Cambridge Scholar ; second class 
classical tripos, 1874. Curate of 
Holy Trinity Church, Tun bridge 
Wells, 1874-1875 ; Principal of C.M.S. 
Training College, Ningpo, China, 
1876-1898 ; consecrated Bishop 
1898. Publications: Several Theolo- 
gical books, and commentaries in 
Chinese. Address : St. Paul's 
College, Hongkong. 


HOBSON, Samuel George (PAHANG), 

Assistant - Superintendent, Posts 
and Telegraphs ; b. Dec. 11, 1872. 
Assistant Superintendent of Post 
and Telegraphs, Selangor, July, 
1902 ; acting Superintendent of 
Post and Telegraphs, Selangor, 
May, 1904 ; assistant Supsrinten - 

dent of Post and Telegraph*, 
Selangor, Negri Sembilan, and 
Pahang, 1905. Address : PahJfng, 
Federated Malay States. 

HO CH'ENG-AO, General (Cmiiu), 
native of Anhwei ; Brigade Ge- 
neral, Hsuan-hua, Chihli, 1902. 

HO FOOK (HONGKONG), Compradore 
to Jardine, Matheson and Co. ; 

b. Nov. 30, 1863. Educ. : Central 
School (Queen's College), Hong- 
kong. Is a British subject; left 
school in 1881 and joined a Hai- 
phong Chinese Hong as shipping 
clerk ; returned to Hongkong and 
joined Registrar-General's Depart- 
ment as translator, in 1882; joined 
Denny s and Mossop, solicitors, as 
interpreter, in 1885; Jardine, 
Matheson and Co., as assistant 
compradore, in 1891; appointed 
compradore 1900 ; is a J.P. and 
member of the District Watchmen 
Committee and Tung Wa Hospital 
Advisory Committee. Club: 
Chinese. Address: 10, Caine Road, 


M.B., C.M., Aberdeen, M.R.C.S. 
England, senior equity scholar, 
1881, Lincoln's Inn; Senior Unoffi- 
cial Member of the Legislative 
Council representing the Chinese, 
and Justice of the Peace ; b. Hong- 
kong, 1859 ; 4th *. of late Rev. Ho 
Tsun Shin, of London Missionary 
Society ; m. Alice (d. 1884), e. d. of 
late John Walkden, of Blackheatb. 
Edi'.c. : Palmer House School, 
Margate ; Aberdeen University ; St. 
Thomas's Medical and Surgical 




College ; Lincoln's Inn. Practised 
ns a Barrister-at-Law since 1882; 
served as a member of the Sanitary 
Board, 10 years ; Public Works Com- 
mittee, 5 years ; acted, and is still 
acting, as a member of the follow- 
ing Boards, Committees, etc. : 
The Legislative Council ; the Stand- 
ing Law Committee, since 1890 ; the 
Examination Board, since 1895 ; 
the Medical Board ; the Po Leung 
Kuk Committee, and the District 
Watchmen Committee, since 1894 ; 
the governing body of the Free 
Hospitals. 1887; the College of Medi- 
cine for the Chinese, Lecturer on 
Medical Jurisprudence and Rector's 
Assessor, since 1900 ; the governing 
body of Queen's College, since 1901 ; 
the Qualified Architects' Advisory 
Board ; the Interpretation Board ; 
created C.M.G., 1902. Publica- 
tions: A Critical Essay on China, 
the Sleep and Awakening, 1887 
(English and Chinese) ; a letter 
addressed to Lord Charles Beres- 
ford on the Open Door, 1899; 
an open letter addressed to 
John Bull on the Boxer rising, 
1900 ; articles on Sir R. Hart's 
Memorandum on the Land Tax 
of China, and Army and Navy 
Scheme, 1904 ; published in 
Chinese only Reformation in 
China, 1895 ; the Foundation of 
Reformation in China, 1898 ; 
Criticisms on the Views of Kang 
Yau Wei, 1898 ; The Best Means of 
Effecting Reformation in China, 
1898; Criticisms on the Views of 
Viceroy Chang Chi Tung, especially 
on his recent work, Encouragement 
to Learning, 1899 ; Persons Respon- 
sible for Reformation in China, 

1900; Two Critical Essays on the 
Progress of Reformation in China, 
1900. Address: 7, West Terrace, 

HOKKAIDO, Bishop Of (see: Fvsox, 

HOLDEN, George (SINGAPORE), Assis- 
tant Superintendent of Works ; &. 
Sept. 25, 1877. Appointed and 
assumed duties in Province Welles- 
ley, June, 1901. Address : Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 

HOLLINGSWORTH, Arnold Hackney 
(HONGKONG), A.M.I.C.E. ; Execu- 
tive Engineer, Public Works De- 
partment ; b. Aug. 20, 1871. Arrived 
in Colony, 1897 ; appointed to pre- 
sent position, Jan. 1, 1900. Club : 
Hongkong. Address : Public Works 
Department, Hongkong. 

Merchant, senior partner of firm of 
Holliday, Wise and Co. ; Chairman 
of Municipal Council ; turned first 
sod of new electric tramway, 
Shanghai, April 24, 1906. Club : 
Shanghai. Address : Kiangse Road, 
Shanghai, China. 

HOLMES, Ernest Hamilton UNKING), 
1st class Assistant, H.B.M. Consular 
Service. Appointed Student Inter- 
preter in Japan, Feb. 1, 1897 ; 
acting Consul at Nagasaki, 1902 to 
1903 ; promoted 1st Assistant, Dec. 
22, 1904 ; attached to Legation, 
Seoul, 1905. Address : H.B.M. 
Legation, Peking, China. 

HONDA, Yoichi (TOKYO), President of 
Tokyo Aoyama Gakuin (Christian 
College); b., Hirosaki, Dec., 1848. 




A leading educationalist and 
Christian evangelist; visited Europe 
and America several times to 
attend International Christian As- 
sociation Conferences as repre- 
sentative of Japan ; attended the 
World's Y.M.C.A. Union, held 
in France, 1904. Address: Tokyo. 

Secretary of the Hongkong Land 
Investment and Agency Company ; 
b. Feb. 13, 1859. Educ. : Newton 
Abbott College, Devon. Authorized 
architect, municipal valuer and 
assessor under the Government 
Rating Ordinances, 1886-9; Sec- 
retary of the Land Investment and 
Agency Company, since 1889 ; J.P. 
1890; President of Devonian Society, 
Hongkong, 1906; elected a member 
of the Sanitary Board, 1906 ; 
appointed a member of Commission 
to inquire into administration of 
Sanitary and Building Regulations, 
enacted by the Public Health and 
Building Ordinance of 1902, May, 
11, 1906. Cliibs : Hongkong ; Peak ; 
Royal Hongkong Golf, and Cricket. 
Address: " Rougemont," Macdon- 
nell Road, Hongkong. 

HOOPER, William Edward (SINGA- 
PORE), J.P.; Magistrate and Re- 
gistrar, H.C. and J. Dept. ; b. 1858 ; 
in. 1885, Agnes Cathrine Niven. 
Educ. : The Abbey School Becken- 
ham, Kent. Arrived in Singapore, 
1881 ; Acting Consul for Norway 
and Sweden, 1884; appointed J.P. 
and visiting Justice, 1885 ; ap- 
pointed member of Labour Com- 
mission by H.E. the Governor, and 
received letter of thanks for 

services, 1890 ; elected to Municipal 
Commission for Tanglin Ward. 
1890 ; joined Municipality and was 
appointed Registrar H.P. and J., 
1892 ; appointed Census Officer for 
Town District, Singapore, 1901 ; 
appointed by H.E.^the Governor on 
Committee to enquire and report 
on Detective Branch, Singapore 
Police Force and received letter 
of thanks, 1902; all powers of 
Police Court extended to Registrar, 
H.C. and J.'s Court, 1903 ; appointed 
Deputy Acting Coroner, 1905 ; 
was Master of Lodge St. George, 
1152, in 1887-8. Clubs: Singapore: 
Sports, London. Address : Gilstead 
Hill, Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

HOOPS, Dr. Albert Lancelot (PE- 
NANG), M.D., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., 
D.P.H., B.A. ; House Surgeon, Gen- 
eral Hospital ; b. June 6, 1876. 
Educ. ; Trinity College, Dublin. 
Served in South African War as 
Medical Officer with 28th Mounted 
Infantry ; seriously wounded ; 
mentioned in despatches, 1901-02; 
appointed House Surgeon, General 
Hospital, Penang, 1904. Decoration: 
South African Medal, four clasps. 
Address: General Hospital, Penang 
Straits Settlements. 

HOPKINS, Lionel Charles (TIENTSIN), 
H.B.M. Consul-General. Appointed 
Student Interpreter in China, Jan., 
13, 1874 ; acting Consul at Ningpo, 
1882 ; at Chinkiang, 1883 ; at Amoy, 
1886; at Pakhoi, 1836 to 188S ; at 
Chinkiang, 18S9 to 1890; at 
Kiukiang, 1890 to 1891 ; promoted 
1st Assistant, April 1, 1891 ; acting 
Consul at Ta'.nsui, 1833, to 1895 ; 
promoted Vice-Consul at Shanghai, 




Jan. 24, 189o ; acting Consul at 
Chefoo, 1895 to 1896 ; at Hankow, 
1896 ; at WulTu, 1896 ; at Chefoo, 
1897; promoted Consul at Chefoo, 
Sept. 27, 1897; Consul-General for 
Consular District of Tientsin ami 
Peking, March ,22, 1901 ; Consul- 
General for Provinces of Chihli and 
Shansi, Feb. 28, 1902. Address: 
H.B.M. Consulate, Tientsin, China. 

HORDER, Dr. Edward George 
(PAKHOI), F.R.C.S. ; Physician and 
Sargeon; b. Nov. 22, 1852. Educ.: 
at Edinburgh. Surgeon to Imperial 
Maritime Customs ; Physician to 
British and German Consulates 
and Church Mission Hospital; 
Medical Missionary of Church 
Mission Society, since 1883. Ad- 
ilri'*a : Pakhoi, China. 

B.D., Ph.D. ; Professor of English ; 
b. 1854, near Kingston, Canada. 
Educ. : England and North Western 
University, Evenston, U.S.A. Im- 
mediately after graduating at the 
North Western University was 
appointed Instructor (and later 
Assistant Professor) of Latin in 
that Institution ; travelled and 
studied in Germany and Italy, 1889- 
90 ; appointed Professor of English 
at Tokyo School of Foreign Lan- 
guages, 1901 ; in 1901 also appointed 
Professor of English in Waseda 
University. Address : School of 
Foreign Languages, Tokyo, Japan. 

HORTON, Reginald George Lloyd 
(KUDAT), District Officer in Charge ; 
b. Feb. 27, 1875, e. s. of Rev. Canon 
Horton, of Dymock Vicarage, 
Gloucestershire, . of General Sir 

Lloyd William Mathews, K.C.M.G., 
late Prime Minister and Consul 
General, Zanzibar ; MI. Dorothy E. 
Simpson, 2nd d. of William Hirst 
Simpson, of Chelverton. Educ. : 
St. Edward's School, Oxford; 
Worcester College, Oxford. Tutor 
to H. H. the Sultan of Zanzibar, 
1889-1901; entered Biitish North 
Borneo Service, May, 19C2 ; has 
held positions of District Magis- 
trate at Sandakan; Protector of 
Chinese and Superintendent of 
Immigration, Distiict Officer, South 
Keppell, and District Officer in 
Charge at Kudat. Address: Kudat, 
British North Borneo ; Dymock, 
Gloucestershire, *England. 

HOSE, Charles (SIBU), F.R.G.S., 
F.Z.S., D.Sc. ; Cantab. ; Resident 
of the 3rd Division, Sibu, Sarawak, 
and Member of the Supreme 
Council; l>. Oct. 12, 1863, '.Villian, 
Herts, ,<-. of late Rev. Thomas 
Charles Hos>, Rector of Roydon, 
Diss, Norfolk. Edtic. : Felstead 
School ; Jesus College, Cambridge. 
Entered the Service of H. H. the 
Rajah of Sarawak, 1884 ; was made 
Office r-in-Charge of lUram District, 
1888; Resident, 2nd class, 1890; 
made large collections of flora and 
fauna of Sarawak, discovering 
many new species, and explored 
mountainous regions in the far 
interior; ascended Mt. Dulit, 1891, 
and discovered a remarkable 
similaiity of the fauna of the 
mountain to that of the Himalayas ; 
in recognition of his scientific woik 
was made a Knight of the Prussian 
Crown, 3rd class, and has received 
several orders and medals, b,>th 
14.-. 10 



British and foreign, and the degrea 
of D. Sc. from the University of Cam- 
bridge, 1900. Decorations : Several 
medals, British and foreign. Public- 
ations: Works on the mammals and 
birds of Borneo, and several 
papers in the journals of the 
Geographical Society and the 
Anthropological Institute, and 
articles on Sarawak and Brunei in 
Kncyclopsttdia Britannica. Recrea- 
tions : Captain of football at 
Felstead, and played for his College 
in cricket and football, also played 
tennis and put the weight. Club : 
Savage. Address : Sibu, Sarawak, 
North Borneo. 

HOSE, Edward Shaw (KUALA Loi- 
PUR), Federated Malay States Civil 
Service ; 1>. Nov. 25, 1871. Educ. : 
lilundell's School, Tiverton. Joined 
Perak Civil Service, Jan. 7, 1891 ; 
joined Civil Service of native states 
amalgamated under name of Fede- 
rated Malay States, 1896; transferred 
to Straits Settlements Civil Service, 
March 19, 1904; re-transferred to 
Federated Malay States Civil 
Service, Oct. 24, 1904 ; holds appoint- 
ments of Chairman of Sanitary 
Board and Superintendent of 
Prisons, Kuala Lumpur. Address: 
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

HOSE, Right Rev. George Frederick 
( SINGAPORE ), M.A., D.D., Cam- 
bridge; Bishop of Singapore, Labuan 
and Sarawak ; b. Sept. 3, 1838 : m. 
Emily Harriet Kerbey, d. of Dr. 
J. Kerbey, M.R.C.S., deceased 
July, 1904. Educ. : St. John's 
College, Cambridge; B.A., 1861; 

M.A., 1807; D.D., 1881. Curate of 
Roxton with Great Barford, Beds., 
1861 ; Curate of Holy Trinity, St. 
Marylebone, London, 1865; Colonial 
Chaplain of Malacca, 1868; Colonial 
Chaplain of Singapore, 1873 ; 
Archdeacon of Singapore, 1875 ; 
Bishop, 1881 ; one of original 
founders and President of Straits 
branch of Royal Asiatic Society. 
1877. Address : Bishop's House, 
Stamford Road. Singapore ; and 
Bishop's House, Sarawak, Borneo. 

HOSIE, Alexander (PEKING), 
F.R.G.S. ; H.B.M. Commercial 
Attache. Ednc. : King's College 
and University, Aberdeen. Ap- 
pointed Student Interpreter in 
China, March 10, 1876 ; acting 
Consul at Wuhn, 1831; employed 
on Special Service at Chungking, 
1882 to .1884 ; acting Vice-Cousul at 
Whampoa, 1887 to 1888; acting 
Consul at Wenchow, 1888 to 1891 ; 
promoted 1st Assistant, April 1, 
1891xj acting Consul at Chefoo, 
1891; at Amoy, 1892; at Tamsui, 
1892; at Wuhu, 1891; at New- 
chwang, 1894 to 1897 ; acting Vice- 
Consul at Pagoda Island, 1897 ; 
promoted Consul at Wuchow, Sept. 
27, 1897; transferred to Kiukiang, 
Feb. 24, 1900 ; promoted Consul- 
General for Province of Szechwan, 
April 5, 1902 ; Commercial Attache 
at Peking, 1905-06. Address : 
H.B.M. Legation, Peking, China. 

HOSOKAWA, Baron Junjiro (TOKYO), 
Privy Councillor, and Chief Official 
of Secretariat, Bureau of Imperial 
Household : 6. Feb., 1834, at Tosa. 
Vice-President of House of Peers, 




1891-1893 ; for many years was 
President of Peeress's School, but 
relinquished that position, April, 
1906, upon the Institution being 
placed under the same manage- 
ment as the Peer's School ; created 
Baron, 1930 ; Privy Councillor since 
1893. Publications : Many works 
on literary subjects. Arid re us : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

KONG), J.P. ; Merchant and pro- 
perty owner ; I. Dec. 22, 1862 ; 
m. 1881. Editc. : Private Chinese 
Schools; Central School, Hong- 
kong, and Queen's College, Hong- 
kong. Joined Chinese Indoor Staff 
of I.M. Customs, Canton, after 
leaving school ; resigned in 1880 
and joined firm of Jardine, Mathe- 
son and Co., Hongkong, as assistant 
<Jompradore, and Manager of the 
native branch of the Hongkong 
Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., and 
Canton Insurance Co., Ltd. ; ap- 
pointed Chief Compradore, 1894, 
and retired in 1900 ; Donor of 
Kowloon School for Children of 
British Parentage ; Chairman of 
Board of Directors of Tung Wall 
Hospital, 1899; 1st Chairman of 
Chinese Club, founded in 1899; 
member of Committees of Diamond 
Jubilee, South African War Fund, 
Japanese War Fund, Kwangsi 
Famine Fund; Director of Hum- 
phreys' Estate and Finance Co., 
Ltd., and Hongkong Reclamation 
Co., Ltd. Clubs: The Chinese. 
Address : " Idlewild," Seymour 
Road, Hongkong. 

HOUGH, Thomas Frederick (HONG- 
KONG), Broker and Auctioneer ; 

partner in the firm of Hughes and 
Hough, share, coal, and general 
brokers, auctioneers to the Govern- 
ment, etc. Club: Hongkong. Ad- 
dress : Magazine Gap, The Peak, 

HOWARD, E. C. C. (Si N G A p o u E ), 

Magistrate. Educ. : Dulwich Col- 
lege. Cadet, Straits Settlements, 
Civil Service, 1890; passed final 
examination in Malay, Dec., 1892; 
acting 3rd Magistrate, Penang, 
Mar., 1894; acting Superintendent 
of Education, Penang, Aug., 1894; 
Collector of Land Revenue, Singa- 
pore, 1897 ; acting 3rd Magistrate, 
Singapore, Nov., 1897 ; acting 2nd 
Magistrate, Penang, Aug., 1898, 
to June, 1899; acting 1st Magis- 
trate, Penang, Sept. to Dec., 1901 ; 
2nd Magistrate, Penang, April, 
1902 ; acting Commissioner, Court 
of Requests, Singapore, Nov., 1903; 
acting 1st Magistrate, Singapore, 
Aug., 1904 ; 2nd Magistrate, Singa- 
pore, 1905. Club: Singapore. Ad- 
dress: Singapore, Straits Settle- 

HOWELL, James (MALACCA), Educa- 
tionalist; b. Oct. 9, 1862. Head 
Master, Malay College, Singapore, 
1884; acting Head Master. High 
School, Malacca, 1889 ; Superin- 
tendent of Education, Malacca, 
1890; Head Master, High School, 
Malacca, since 1893. Address: 
High School, Malacca, Straits 
Settlements 1 . 

HOZUMI, Nobushige (TOKYO), LL. D. ; 
Professor of Tokyo University; 
b. July, 1855, at lyo. Educ. : Middle 
Temple, England, 1876; Berlin 




University, 1881. Member of House 
of Peers, 1890-1892. Publications.: 
The "Codes"; the " Inkyo " ; the 
" Go-nin-gumi," etc. A d d ress : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

HOZUMI, Yatsuka (TOKYO), LL.D.; 
Professor of Tokyo University ; 
b. Feb., 1860. Educ. : Germany, 
from 1884 to 1888. Has been Pro- 
fessor of Law at Tokyo Univei sity 
since 1889; Secretary of Privy 
Council from 1891 ; appointed 
Member of House of Peers, 1899. 
Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

native of Shantung. Brigade- 
General at Tengchou, Shantung; 
Commander in Chief , Yunnan, Feb., 
1904 ; special service under 
Governor General, Chihli. 

HSIANG-HENG, Lieut.-General (PE- 
KING), Imperial Clansman. Deputy 
Lieut. - General, Shan-hai-kwan, 
Dec., 187C; military Lieut. -Go- 
veinor, Chahar, 1879; removed, 
1881 ; Tartar General, Chingchow, 
Hupeh, Oct., 1881; retired, ill- 
health, June, 1899; espectant 
Lieut.-General and Manchu teacher 
to Heir Apparent, 1900. 

General ; native of Mongolia ; met- 
ropolitan graduate, 1874 ; Prefect 
I-chou, Shantung ; Yen-i-ts'ao-chi 
Tao, Shantung, May, 1896 ; Chi Xing 
Tao, Shansi, Jan., 1898; Judicial 
Commissioner, Shansi, Nov., 1898 ; 
Judicial Commissioner, Hunan, 
Feb., 1899; Financial Commissioner, 
Hunan, March, 1899 ; Governor, 
Shansi, Oct., 1900; Director-Gen- 
eral, Yellow Kiver, June, 1901; 

acting Governor, Honan, Dec., 
1901 ; post of Director General,. 
Yellow River, abolished Feb., 1902 ; 
Governor, Honan, 1902 ; Lieut. - 
Governor, Ge-ho, May, 1902; Go- 
vernor-General, Minche, appointed 
1903 ; acting Governor-General, 
Szechwan, June, 1903; Governor- 
General, do., Dec., 1904-6. Address: 
Chengtu-fu, Szechwan, China. 

HSI T'UNG (HsiAN-FU), Judge; 
Bannenna'n. Secretary Tsung - li 
Yamen; Teng-Lai-Ch'iug Tao, Shan- 
tung, March, 1896 ; T'ung-Shang 
Tao, Shensi, May, 1897 ; Heng- 
Yung-Ch'en-Kuei Tao, Hunan, Jan., 
1901 ; T'ung-Shang Tao, Shensi, 
March, 1902 ; Judge, Hsian-fu, 
Shensi, Feb., 1905. 

HSU CHEN-PING, Rear Admiral 
(SHANGHAI), Educated in America 
and joined Chinese navy in early- 
eighties; appointed Rear- Admiral, 
Nanyang squadron, 19C6. 

HSU CHUEH (PEKING), native of 
Kiangsu ; provincial graduate. 
Appointed Minister to Italy, 1902'. 

HSU FU (PEKING), President Board of 
Ceremonies ; native of Kiangsu ; 
metropolitan graduate, 1862, 
(Optimus). Assistant Supervisor of 
Instruction, 1879; Vice-President, 
Board of War, Oct., 1881 ; Literary- 
Chancellor, Anhwei, Sept., 1882; 
Vice-President, Board of Cere- 
monies, 1883; do., Board Of Civil 
Office, Dec., 1890; President of 
Censorate, Oct., 1892; President, 
Board of War, Aug., 1895; Presi- 
dent, Board of Civil Office, Dec., 
1899; Assistant Grand Secretary, 



Dec., 1900; President, Board of 
Ceremonies, June, 1901. 

Councillor ; native of Chihli ; 
metropolitan graduate. Secretary 
of Board of Commerce, Sept., 1903 ; 
Proctor ' of Army Organisation 
Council ; Grand Councillor and 
Vice-President, Board of Revenue, 
1905; President, Board of Public 
Safety, Oct., 1905 ; Grand Council- 
lor, July, 1936. 

Taotai. Brigade-General, Langshan 
(Kiang-huai), 1904 ; Taotai, Yu- 
chiang, Kwangsi, 1906. 

(Foo;.'HO\v), native of Hunan; 
Commander in Chief, Fukien, Oct., 
1893; Admiral of the Yangtze, Oct., 
1894; Commander-in-Chief, Fukien, 
June, 1931 ; resigned, March, 1908, 


Chinese Official Service ; native of ' 
Kwantung ; provincial graduate. 
Expectant Taotai and Consul- 
General at Singapore, 1893 ; Chief 
Secretary, Admiralty affairs, 
Tientsin, Jan., 1896; appointed 
Minister to Germany, Nov., 1S96, 
but did not proceed ; Salt Taotai, 
H u nan, June, 1897 ; Envoy 
Plenipotentiary to Japan, Aug., 
1893, but did not proceed. 

HJBBARD, RBV. George Henry 
Congregational Clergyman ; Mis- 
sionary of American Board ; b. 
Jan., 11, 1853, at Westhaven, Conn., 
U.S.A.; m. July 24, 1884, Ellen 

Louisa Peet. Educ. : Common 
School, Newhaven ; High School ; 
Hopkins Grammar School ; Yale 
College ; Yale D i v in i t y School. 
The first to establish a Christian 
Endeavour Society in China, March 
29, 1885, at Foochow; since Nov., 
1884,hasbeen Evangelist Missionary 
of A.B.C.F.M. in districts south 
East of Foochow ; started the 
colloquial paper " Banyan City 
News " ; home on furlough in 1893-4 
and 1901-2 when assisted in raising 
funds for the building of the Abbie 
B. Child Memoi'ial School for 
girls at Changloh, built 1904-5. 
Publications: Coadjutor with Rev. 
Robert Stewart, martyr of 
Hausang, 1895, in preparation of for publication of first edition 
of "Foochow Colloquial New 
Testament"; Poems "Thought 
Meanders by Min Waters," articles 
in Chinese Recorder and U.S. 
papers. Address: Pagoda Anchor- 
rage, near Foochow, China. 

HUBBOCK, Arthur Benison (KUALA 
LUMPUR), A.R.I.B.A. ; Architect, 
b. April 13, 1871. Appointed chief 
draughtsman, Public Works De- 
partment, Selangor, May, 1895 ; 
acting District Engineer, Ulu 
Langat, Nov., 1898; acting Factory 
Engineer, Kuala Lumpur, Sept., 
1897 ; resigned Dec., 1897 ; Architec- 
tural Assistant and Executive 
Engineer, 3rd Grade, Office of 
Director of Public Works, July, 
1901. Address: Kuala Lumpur, 
Selangor, Federated Malay States- 

FU), M.D. ; Physician and Surgeon ; 
b. May 29, 1875 ; m. Fannie L. Ray, 




of Mount Enterprise, Texas, U.S.A. 
Educ. : Mississippi College. Assis- 
tant Physician in East End Dis- 
pensary, Memphis, Tennessee ; 
after graduating in medicine, 1904, 
took special courses and obtained 
diploma in Physical Diagnosis and 
in Surgery ; was converted in 1895 
and joined Presbyterian Church 
of Wills Point Texas ; joined First 
Baptist Church of Memphis, Texas ; 
applied to Foreign Mission Board 
of Richmond, Ya, and was appoint- 
ed to take charge of medical work, 
Laichow-fu, Nov. 3, 1904. Address : 
Laichow-fu, Shantung, China. 

HUDSON, Hon. Herbert Henry (PE- 
NAXG), Solicitor General ; b. July 
18, 1855, at Portsmouth, s. of Henry 
Hudson ; in, Ethel Maud, o. c. of 
T. H. Dickens. Educ. : Diocesan 
Grammar School, Portsmouth ; 
College Morat, Switzerland. Ad- 
mitted a solicitor in England Nov., 
1877 ; practised at Portsmouth and 
London ; admitted advocate and 
Solicitor, Supreme Court, Straits 
Settlements, April, 1887; joined 
the Government Service of Straits 
Settlements, Dec., 1888 and has 
since held various appointments 
in service ; acted as Attorney- 
General in 1904 ; passed examina- 
tion in Malay in 1890 ; draughts- 
man of a number of Legislative 
Enactments and of a Code of Civil 
Procedure for Straits Settlements, 
not yet brought into force. Ad- 
dress : Penang, Straits Settlements, 
and Hatter's Croft, Sawbridge- 
worth, Herts, England. 

HUGHES, Edward Jones (HONGKONG), 
Auctioneer ; partner in the firm of 

Hughes and Hough, share, coal 
and general brokers, auctioneers 
to the Government, etc. Club : 
Hongkong. Address: Hongkong. 

HUGHES, George E. E. H. (NEGRI 
SEMBILAN), Assistant Warden of 
Mines ; b. Oct. 15, 1874. Inspector 
of Mines at Kuala Lumpur, Jan., 
1900; Inspector of Mines, Langat, 
June, 1900 ; Assistant Warden of 
Mines, Negri Sembilan, 1902. 
Address : Negri Sembilan, Fede- 
rated Malay States. 

Merchant ; partner in firm of Harry 
Wicking and Co., General Mer- 
chants. After eight years in Colonial 
export business in London came 
to the Far East in 1900. Address: 
c/o Harry Wicking and Co., St. 
George's Building, Hongkong. 

HUGHES, Michael (Kit NGCHOW), 
B.A., LL.B.; 1st class Assistant H.B. 
II. Consular Service. Educ. : Boya 

> University, Ireland. Appointed 
Student Interpreter in Siam, Aug. 
31, 1891 ; transferred to China. 
March 7, 1893; acting Vice-Consul 
at- Pagoda Island, 1896 and 1898 ; 
promoted 1st class Assistant, Feb.. 
24, 1900 ; acting Vice-Consul at 
Pagoda Island, 1900 to 1902 ; Vice- 
Consul at Foochow, 1902; acting 
Consul at" Kiungchow and Pakhoi, 
1904. Address: H.B.M. Consulate, 
Kiungchow, China. 

HUKE. Alfred N. (HONGKONG), Senior 
of Brewer and Co.'s Bookselling 
Establishment; b. 1845, s. of late Dr. 
Huke, Ludham, 'Norfolk. Senior of 
firm A. and W. Huke, for 10 years 



stationers to H.M. the King:, 1874-89; 
arrived at Shanghai, 1899 ; Hong- 
kong, 1896. Addrexi* : Queen's 
Road, Hongkong. 

HULL, Lieut.-Colonel John Adley 
(MANILA), Judge Advocate, U.S. 
Array; b. Aug. 7, 1874; MI. Greta 
Chase, d. of John W. Chase of Des 
Moines, Iowa. Educ. : Collegiate 
and Law Departments, University 
of Iowa. Was engaged in practise 
of law at Des Moines, Iowa, until 
the war with Spain ; was with 
Expedition to Porto Rico, 1898 ; 
Judge Advocate on staff of Com- 
manding General, Manila, March, 
1899 to Sept., 1900; J. A. Dept., 
California, Dec., 1900 to Dec., 190'U ; 
J. A. Dept., Missouri, Dec., 1902, to 
Dec., 1903; on duty, Office of J. A. 
General, U.S. Army, Washington, 
D.C., Dec., 1903 to Dec., 1904 ; Judge 
Advocate, Philippine Division since 
Jan., 1905. Clubs : Metropolitan, 
Washington ; Cosmos, San Fran- 
cisco ; Army and Navy and Univer- 
sity, Manila. Address: Fort 
Santiago, Manila, Philippine 

HULL, Willard B. (HANKOW), Vice 
and Deputy Consul-General of the 
U.S. of America. 

HULLETT, Richmond William 
(SINGAPORE), M.A. ; Cambridge, 
Director of Public Instruction. 
Principal of Raffles Instruction, 
Straits Settlements, Feb., 1871; 
acting Inspector of Schools, 
Straits Settlements, 1874-1876 ; 
acting Director of Public Instruc- 
tion, April 11, 1903. Club : Singa- 
pore. A ddress : Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

HUME, Lt. -Colonel Charles Vernon 
(TOKYO), D.S.O., P.S.C. ; Lieut, 
Colonel, R.F.A., British Military 
Attache"; b. July 12,1860; m. 1897, 
Ursula, d. of R. D. Marshall, 
D.L., of Castlerigg, Cumberland. 
Educ. : Marlborough and R. M. 
Academy, Woolwich ; 1st Commis- 
sion, 1879 ; A.D.^. to Ccmmamler- 
in-Chief in India (Lord Roberts) 
1885-1892 ; Military Governor to 
H.R.H., Crown Prince of Siam, 
1896-99 ; Military Attache", Tokyo, 
1903; Bunna Campaign, 188S-87 ; 
South African War, 1900; attached 
1st Japanese Army in Manchuria, 
1904-05. Club: Army and Navy. 
Adrift**: British Kmbassy, Tokyo. 

HUME, William James Parke (TAI- 
PING), Federated Malay States 
Civil Service; b. Jan. 25, 1866; w. 
May 12, 1903, Alice, e. d. of George 
Stevenson, of OakelighBrombrough, 
Cheshire. Educ. : Haileybury Col- 
lege ; Bonn-am-Rhein, and at 
Brussels. Appointed to Perak Civil 
Service, 1888; assistant Collector 
and Magistrate, Batang Padang, 
1890; acted as Collector of Land 
Revenue, Kinta, 1891 ; Registrar of 
Titles, 1896; Warden of Mines, 
Selangor, 1899; District Officer, 
Ulu Pahang, 1900 ; District Officer, 
Ulu Selangor, 1901 ; District Officer, 
New Territory, Perak, 1903 ; District 
Officer, Batang Padang, 1904 ; 
Senior Magistrate, Perak, 1904-1905; 
Secretary to Resident, Perak, 1905 ; 
received special thanks of the Go- 
vernment for suppressing Ulu 
S^langor riots, in Feb., 1902. 
Clubs : Sports, London ; and 20 
Clubs in Federated Malay States, 




and Straits Settlements. -Address: 
Taiping, Perak, Federated Malay ft 


J.P. ; partner in the firm J. D. 
Humphreys and Son, land an I 
estate agents; b. Hongkong, 1867. 
Educ. : St. Helen's College, South - 
sea. Arrived in Hongkong in 188P, 
and became associated with Mr. 
J. D. Humphreys ; was taken into 
partnership, 1896 ; is a member of 
the Sanitary Board ; appointed on 
May 11, 1936, to the Commission to 
inquire into the administration of 
the Public Health and Building 
Ordinance of 1933. Clubs : Sports, 
London ; Jockey, Tennis, Bowling 
an I Golf, Hougkon^. Addn < ** ; 
" Abartholwyn," Peak Rxad, Hong- 

HUMPHREYS, William Griffith 
(HONGKONG), Merchant; Senior 
partner of W. G. Humphreys & Co., 
London and Hongkong ; b. Dec. 21, 
1842 ; in. 1875. Educ. : Gloster 
Grammar School. Came to the 
East in 1870. Address: 4 Queen's 
Gardens, Peak Road, Hongkong. 

ger, Hongkong and Shanghai 
Banking Corporation. Formerly in 
Hongkong and branches elsewhere; 
has been in the East about 25 years. 
Club: Shanghai. Address: 12, The 
Bund, Shanghai, China. 

HUNTER, Dr. William (HONGKONG), 
M.B., C.M., Aberdeen (Honours), 
F.R.I.P.H., London ; Government 
Bacteriologist, Director of 
Bacteriological Institute, and 

Medical Officer in charge of the 
Govt. Public Mortuary ; Lecturer 
in Pathology and Bacteriology, 
School of Medicine for Chinese, 
Hongkong; b. May 25, 1875 at 
Mat-duff, Banffshire, Scotland, 
*. of late Rev. W. Hunter, Macduff, 
Scotland ; in. 1902, Marie Alice, d. 
of James Rae, of Culter, Aberdeen- 
shire. Educ. : Milne's Institution, 
Foehabers ; Robert Gordon's Col- 
lege ; King's College; Marischal 
College, Aberdeen; University ^:" 
Leipzig, University of Berlin, 
Germany ; King's College ; West 
London Hospital ; most distin- 
guished Medical Graduate, Aber- 
deen University, 189J ; James 
Anderson Medallist and Scholar, 
Aberdeen, 1896 ; John Murray 
Medallist and Scholar, Aberdeen 
and Middlesex Hospital, 
Lond., 1896 ; George Thompson 
Travelling Fellowship, 1897-99 ; 
Acting Medical and Surgical 
Officer, Royal Infirmary, Aberdeen, 
1896; Laboratory Assistant, Patho- 
logical Department, Aberdeen Uni- 
versity, 1897 ; Clinical Assistant 
National Hospital for Paralysed 
and Epileptic, London, 1899-190(1 ; 
Laboratory Assistant, Neuropaths- 
logical Laboratory, King's College, 
London, 1900 ; Assistant Bacterio- 
logist, London Hospital, 19JO-01 ; 
Director of Pathological Institute, 
Lond. Hospital, 1931; Member of 
British Medical Association, Mem- 
ber of Neurological and Pliysi. - 
logical Societies of Great Britain ; 
Fellow of the Royal Institute of 
Public Health, London ; Member 
of Commission appointed )>y 




Government of Hongkong, to 
enquire into Excessive .Infantile 
Mortality amongst Chinese, 1903. 
Pttblications : "Epidemic and 
Epizootic Plague," Hongkong, 1904; 
"A Research into the Etiology of 
Beriberi " (jointly) 1906 ; " Reports 
of the Government Bacteriologist 
for the year 1932 to 19C6 inclusive ; 
numerous contributions to Medical 
literature from year 1897, chiefly 
contained in "Journal of Anato- 
my," 1897 ; " Brain," 1899 ; " Journal 
of Pathology," 19 JO ; " Journal of 
State Medicine," 1900; "Central- 
blatt der Bakteriologie," 1901-05; 
"Lancet," 1901 -05. "British Medi- 
cal Journal," 19J2-06 ; " Journal of 
Preventive Medicine," 1905, "Jour- 
nal of Tropical Medicine," 1905. 
Club : Hongkong. Address: Moun- 
tain View, The Peak, Hongkong. 

HCJNTINGTON, Rev. Daniel Turnbull 
(ICHANG), B.A. ; Clergyman ; b. Aug. 
4, 1863. Educ. : Hartford, Conn. ; 
Yale ; Berkeley Divinity School. 
Missionary in charge of several 
Stations in Hankow district, 1895- 
1900 ; in America, Nov., 1900, to 
Nov., 1901 ; Missionary in charge of 
American Church Mission, Ichang, 
since Dec., 1901. Publications : " A 
Chinese Primer." Address : Ameri- 
can Church Mission, Ichang, China. 

HdNTLEY, Dr. George A. (HANYANU), 
M.D. ; Medical Missionary con- 
nected with the American Baptist 
Missionary Union ; 6. June 13, 1865. 
m. Oct. 15, 1898. Educ.: Pastors. 
College, London, Universities of 
New York and Vermont. Arrived in 
China, in May, 1889; first term of 
service spent in Shensi ; in 1897 

founded the Hanyang Medical Mis- 
sion, and now engaged in the 
erection of a large plant for in- 
patient and out-patient work. A d- 
dress : Hanyang, via Hankow, 

Solicitor and Notary Public ; b. 
April 22, 1871. Educ. : Central 
Foundation School, and University 
College, London. Acting Crown 
Solicitor, Hongkong, twice ; acting- 
Secretary City Hall, 1902. Club: 
Hongkong. Address : Supreme 
Court House, Hongkong. 

HUTCHINSON, Rev. Arthur Blocksy 
(FUKUOKA), Missionary ; b. Aug. -24, 
1841, at Islington, London ; m. 1870, 
Sarah, d. late Joseph Wippell, of 
Exeter ; in 1882, Elizabeth W., d. of 
late R. Gibbings, of Brenton. 
Educ. : Privately and Church Mis- 
sionary College, Islington. Curate 
Broomfield, Essex, 1870-1 ; incum- 
bent St. Stephen's, Hongkong, 
C.MS., 1871-82; Missionary, Naga- 
saki, 1882-88; St. Alpha Clnm-li, 
Fukuoka, 1888 ; exam, chaplain to 
Bishop Evington, 1895 ; commissary 
for diocese, 1891 ; acting Secretary, 
C.M.S., Kyushyu, 1903 ; acting Sec. 
Japan Miss., 1906 ; appointed by Sir 
R. Kennedy, Governor, to assist in 
drawing up a scheme for grants in 
aid to Mission Schools for Colony 
of Hongkong, and preparing text 
books in 1876. Publications : Old 
Test. Primer Parallel Harmony 
Gospel ; Athauasian Cree;l (in 
classical Chinese) ; Book of Psalms , 
Book of Common Prayer ; Book of 
Com. Prayer Ordinal and Service ; 
The 39 Articles (in Cantonese); 




various articles in Chinese Review 
and Chinese Recorder ; " The Mind 
of Mencius,'' from German of 
Faber Trubner (in English) ; Ser- 
mons on Christian Life '. Easy Pre- 
paration for Baptism, 5th Edition ; 
The 39 articles ; Parallel Harmony 
Gospel , Catechism of Christian 
Religion ; Dale on Atonement ; 
Zishop Lightfoot on the Christian 
Ministry ; " The Gospel and counter- 
feit "; Urquhart on Esther; Sir R. 
Anderson on the Gospel and its 
Ministry ; Gomm. on 39 Articles ; 
Dr. Bullinger's Sermons on the 
Second Advent (in Japanese). Ad- 
<//<** : 23 Hamano-machi, Fuknoka, 

Governor ; native of Honau ; 
Metropolitan graduate, 1874. Grain 
Intendent, Fukien, Sept., 1898; 
Judge, Hunan, Sept., 1899; Treasur- 
er, Shantung, Dec., 1900 ; do., 
Kiangsu, Aug., 1904; acting Go- 
vernor, Shantung, Oct., 1904; Go- 
vernor of Kiangsi, Jan., 1904 ; 
degraded in connection with Nan- 
chang massacre of Missionaries, 
April, 1906. 

PORE), Merchant ; //. 1850, at Worms- 
am-Rhein ; m. Clara Trevelyan, d. 
of late Rev. Nicholas Frank Hill, 
Allan Court, Cheltenham. Ednc. : 
Latin College, Worms-am-Rhein. 
Served in the Franco-German war 
in 1870; arrived in East, 1872; 
founder and senior partner of 
Hiittenbach Brothers and Co., 
Singapore, Penang, and London ; 
and Hiittenbach, Liebert and Co., 
Penang ; Capt. -Commandant, Pe- 

nang Volunteer Fire Brigade, 1879 ; 
opened new steam communications 
witli Penang -Selangor, Straits- 
Coromandel Coast, etc. ; created all 
British Mail line from Europe via 
Bombay-Negapatam-St raits Settle- 
ments ; member of Legislative 
Council, 1894-96 and 1905-6; authoiity 
on currency question. Publica- 
tions: "The Silver Standard and 
the Straits Currency question," and 
sundry essays. Addrexx : Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 

HU WEI-TE (PEKING), late Chinese 
Minister to Russia ; ni. 1893, Tcheng 
Yung-Hua, d. of Tcheng Yo-Houng 
of the Chinese official service. 
Editc. : College of the Kiangnan 
Arsenal, Shanghai. Joined official 
service at Peking, 1888 ; appointed 
attache" to the Legation at London, 
1890 ; at Paris, 1890 ; Secretary of 
Legation, Washington, 1893; Secre- 
tary of Legation, St. Petersburg, 
1897 ; Delegate at the Hague Peace 
Conference, 1899 ; Councillor of 
Legation, 1900; Charge d'Affaires, 
St. Petersburg, 1902 ; appointed 
Minister Plenipotentiary and En- 
voy Extraordinary, June 28, 1 (2 
delegate to Red Cross Convention, 
1904; returned to China, 1906. 
Addffss: Peking, China. 

HU YU-FEN, (SHANTUNG), Governor 
native of Anlnvei ; metropolitan 
graduate, 1874. Taotai, Tientsin, 
July, 1886; Judge, Kwangsi, Aug., 
1891 ; Administrator-General of 
Northern Railways, Dec., 1895; 
Governor of Peking, Jan., 189o ; 
Expectant Vice - President and 
Minister, Tsung-li-Yamen, Nov.. 
1898 ; relieved of duty at Tsung-li- 



Yamen, Nov., 1898 ; removed from 
railway administration, Jan., 1899; 
appointed Assistant Military Ad- 
ministrator for restoration of order, 
July, 1901 ; Assistant Administrator 
of Northern Railways, Jan., 1902; 
Junior Vice-President, Board of 
Punishments, March, 1902; Go- 
vernor of Shantung, 19C6. 

HYNDMAN JONES, William Henry 
(KUALA LUMPUtt), LL.B. ; Chief 
Judicial Commissioner ; &. Aug., 9, 
1847; m. 1882. Educ. : Marlbor- 
ough ; Trinity College, Cambridge. 
Called to Bar, Lincoln's Inn, and 
practised, 1878 ; acting Senior 
Police Magistrate, and Commis- 
sioner to inquire into adminis- 
tration and working of police force, 
Barbadoes, 1880; acting Judge of 
Court of Appeal, 1881 ; Magistrate, 
1st District, St. Lucia, 1881; 
Member of Legislative Council, 
Windward Islands, 1881 ; Delegate 
to West Indian Telegraph Con- 
ference, 1882 ; acting Chief Justice 

of St. Lucia and Tobago, 1883 ; 
acting Attorney General and 
Member of Executive Council, 1883 ; 
acting Chief Justice of St. Lucia 
and Tobago, member of Windward 
Court of Appeal, 1886 ; Magistrate 
and member of Executive and 
Legislative Council, Grenada, 1887 ; 
Resident Magistrate for Westmore- 
land, Jamaica, 1888 : St. Thomas- 
Ye-East, 1890 ; St. Catherine, 1891 ; 
city and parish of Kingston, 1892 ; 
acting Puisne Judge, 1893; acting- 
Attorney General and member of 
Executive Council, 189<> ; Super- 
numerary Resident Magistrate for 
Jamaica, 1896; Puisne Judge, Straits- 
Settlements, 1893; acting Judicial 
Commissioner for Federated Malay 
States in addition to other duties, 
1903 ; Judicial Commissioner, 
Federated Malay States, 1904 ; Chief 
Judicial Commissioner since Jan. 
1, 1906. Ch'b: Albemarle. Ad- 
r//v;x.N- .- Kuala Lumpur, Federated 
Malav States. 


IBRAHIM, His Highness (JOHOHE), 
K.C.M.G., Sultan of Johore; b. 
Sept. 17, 1873, e. s. of late Sultan 
Alubakar, G.C.M.G., K.C.S.I. ; in. 
(about) 1892. Proclaimed, Sept. 7, 
1895 ; crowned, Nov. 2, 1895 ; is a 
daring and famed big game shot 
and keen rider and automobilist. 
Heir, s. Ismail Trunku Makote, b. 
Oct. 28, 1894. Address: Johore 
Bharu, Johore ; Tyersall, Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 

Mayor of Yokohama" ; b. K ama- 
in oto, April, 1856. E due. : 
Doshisha, Kyoto. Entered Bank 
of Japan about 1895, (then Baron 
Shibuzawa's Bank), and was ap- 
pointed Manager of Bank's Yoko- 
hama branch ; elected Mayor of 
Yokohama, 190-2. Address: Yoko- 
hama, Japan. 

ICHIJI, Major - General Kosuke 
(TOKYO), Artillery branch, 1. J. 
Army ; b. Satsuma, Nov., 1854. 
Entered Army, 1871, appointed a 
member of General Staff; was on 
the staff of General Oyama in 
Chino-Japanese War ; afterwards 
Military Attache to Japanese Lega- 
tion at London and Seoul ; Chief 
.Staff Officer under General Nogi 

in late War witli Russia. Address : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

ICHIKI. KitDkuro (TOKYO), LL.D.; 

Professor of Tokyo University; b. 
April, 1865, at Sbizuoka. Educ. : 
Germany, 1890-93. Has held pre- 
sent office and has als* been Chief 
Councillor of Home Office since 
1894; Director of Legislative 
Bureau, since 1902 ; nominated to 
House of Peers in 1900. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

IDE, Hon. Henry C. (MANILA), LL.D. ; 
Lawyer, Governor-General of Phi- 
lippine Islands; b. Sept. 18, 1844; m. 
O^t. 26, 1871, to Mary M. Melcher. 
Educ. : Dartmouth College, gra- 
duated, 1866. Admitted to bar, 
1870 ; States Attorney, Vermont, 
U.S.A., 1878-80; President, State 
Conventions, 1884 ; Senator, 1882- 
83-84-85-86 ; United States Commi- 
ssioner to Samoa, 1891; Chief 
Justice of Samoa by joint appoint- 
ment of Great Britain, Germany 
and U.S.A., 1893-97 ; U.S. Philippine 
Commissioner, 1900-06 ; Secretary 
of Finance and Justice, P.I., 1901-00, 
Vice-Governor, 1903-06 ; Acting 
Governor, 1905-06 ; Governor 
General, 1906; received degree of 
LL.D. from Dartmouth College, 




1900, and from Tuft's College, 1903. 
Publications: Various articles for 
reviews and magazines. Clubs : 
University ; Aimy and Navy ; 
Columbia, Manila. Address: Mani- 
la, Philippine Islands. 

IEJIMA, Kai (TOKYO), Dr. of Science, 
Prof, of Tokyo Univ. ; b. June, 1861, 
Hamamatsu. Educ. : Leipzig, 1882- 
1886. Appointed to present posi- 
tion in 1886. Address: Tokyo, 

IIMORI, Teizo (TOKYO), Prof, of the 
Ladies' Higher Normal School ; b. 
Saga, Aug., 1851. Educ. : Germany, 
1884-1887. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

IKEBE, Kichitaro (TOKYO), Journ- 
alist ; Chief Editor of T o k y o 
" Asahi " ; b. Kumamoto, 1861. 
Educ. : In France for several 
years. Adopted Journalism as a 
profession about 1887 ; for several 
years acted in North China as 
.special correspondent of Osaka 
"Asahi." Addrefs: Tokyo, Japan. 

IKEDA, Baron Kensai (TOKYO), Dr. 
of Medicine, Chief Physk-iaii-in- 
Ordinary at Court; b. Nov., 1841, 
at Echigo. Educ. : G e r m a n y , 
1870-1876. Appointed Surgeon- 
Colonel in 1876; cr. Baron 1899. 
Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

IKEDA. Kenzo (TOKYO), banker: b., 
Tajima, Dec. 1856. M a n a g i n g 
Director of One Hundred Bank, 
since 1883 ; Chairman of Japan 
Commercial Association. Address : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

I-KU (T'AI-VUEN), Commissioner for Re- 
clamation ; native of Manchuria ; 

metropolitan graduate, 1892. As- 
sistant Supervisor of Instruction, 
June, 1900 ; sub-Chancellor, Grand 
Secretariat, July, 1900 ; Senior Vice- 
President, Board of War, Feb., 1901 ; 
Deputy Lieut.-General, Bordered 
Blue Banner Corps, Nov., 1901 ;. 
Tartar - General, Sni-Yuan-Ch'eng, 
Oct., 1903 ; Commissioner for Re- 
clamation of Waste Lands, T'ai- 
yuen-fu, Shansi, !!)().",. 

I-K'UANG (PEKix;), Prince Ching - r 
Imperial Clansman ; b. 1836. Prince 
of the 2nd order, 1884 ; President, 
Tsung-li Yamen, April, 1884; 2nd 
Director of Imperial Clan Court,. 
Associate Director, Board of 
Admiralty, Oct., 1885; Grand Cham- 
berlain ; Vice-President, Imperial 
Clan Court; Lieut.-General, Border- 
ed Yellow Banner Corps; Supt. 
of Customs ami Octroi, Peking, 
Aug., 1891; Director-General, Board 
of Admiralty, Sept., 1891; Director- 
Imperial Equipage Department ; 
Superintendent, Imperial Armoury; 
Prince of 1st order, Feb., 1894 ; 
President, Council of Government 
April, 1901 ; President, (Tsung-li 
Yamen) Board of Foreign Affairs, 
July, 1901; President Council of 
Army Organisation, Nov., 1903 ; 
High Commissioner to negotiate 
ante-bellum treaty with Japanese, 
re Manchuria, Dec., 1905 ; an 
official high in Imperial favour,, 
though disliked by the Emperor. 

ILIFF, Et. Rev. Geoffrey Durnford 
(CiiEFOO), Bishop of Shantung, 
exclusive of Territory ceded to 
Germany in 1898 ; b. Oct. 7, 1867, 
5th, s. of Rev. George Iliff, Head- 
master of Hall School, Sunderland - T 


WHO'S WHO is THE FAR EAST (JOE) 1906-7. 

in. 1898, F.S., c . d. of T. Stephens, of 
Deal. Educ. : St. Edmund's School, 
Canterbury; St. Augustine's College 
Canterbury. 1st class University 
Prelim, for candidates for Holy 
Orders, 1889 ; Deacon, 1891 ; Priest, 
1892. Missionary at Tai An-fu, 
1890-1894; Peking, 1894-1895; Ping 
Yin, 1895-1897 ; Tientsin, 1898-1903 ; 
4,'onsecrated 1st Bishop of Shantung 
at Lambeth Palace Chapel by 
Archbishop of Canterbury, assisted 
by Bishops of AYakefield, Stepney, 
Corea and Bishop Montgomery, 
19U3. Address: May to Sept., St. 
I 'eter's, Chef oo, North China ; Sept. 
to May, Tai An-fu, Shantung, 
North China. 

INAGAKI, Manjiro (BANGKOK), B.A. ; 
Japanese Minister at Bangkok ; 
b. 1861, at Hirado. Ed '.i.e. : Tokyo 
Imperial University ; Cambridge 
University, England. Was lecturer 
of Peers' School and Tokyo Higher 
Commercial School ; Minister at 
Bangkok since 1897 ; promoted 
Envoy Extraordinary and Minister 
Plenipotentiary, 1905. Publication*: 
"The Far East." Address : Japanese 
Legation, Bangkok, Siam. 

INGLEHART, Rev. Edwin Taylor 
(TOKYO), A.B., B.D.; &. Nov. 29, 1878. 
Educ.: Columbia University ; Drew- 
Theological Seminary. Member of 
New York Methodist Conference, 
1899-1904 ; member of Japan Con- 
ference, 1904. Address: Aoyama, 
Tokyo, Japan. 

INGRAM, Dr. James H. (NORTH 
Ti'NGCHOU), M.D. ; Medical Mis- 
sionary, b. Sept. 21, 1858, at Ohio, 
U.S.A. Educ. : Pennsylvania Uni- 

versity ; graduated in medicine, 
1883. Practise'! in Cape May County, 
N.J., until 1887, when went to 
Tungchou as Medical Missionary 
under appointment by A.B.C.F.M. ; 
was in British Legation during 
siege, 1900 ; holds the chair of 
Materia Medica and Therapeutics 
and is one of lecturers on Diseases 
of Eye, in Union Medical College, 
Peking. Address : North Tuugchou, 

INNES, John Robert (SINGAPORE), 
Barrister-at-Law, Lincoln's Inn ; 
Acting Attorney-General; b. Sept. 4, 
1863. Educ. : Edin. and Brussels 
Universities. Cadet, Straits Settle- 
ments, Nov., 1886 ; passed in Malay, 
1889 ; "District Officer, South 
Malacca, June, 1893; ditto, North 
Malacca, June, 1890 ; assistant In- 
dian Immigration Agent, Malacca, 
June, 1889 ; acting Collector of 
Land Revenue and Magistrate, 
Malacca, June to Nov., 1892 ; passed 
examination in Dutch, 1893 ; acting 
Collector of Land Revenue, Singa- 
pore, Feb., 1894 ; acted also as 
Magistrate, Oct., 1894, to July, 1895, 
and as Official Assignee and Re- 
gistrar of Daeds, July to Oct., 1895 ; 
acting assistant Colonial Secretary, 
Oct. to Dec., 1895 ; acting Collector 
of Laud Revenue and Officer in 
Charge of Treasury, also acting 
Magistrate and Deputy Registrar 
of Supreme Court, M il icca, M irch, 
1893; Collector of Land Revenue, 
Penang, May, 1897; acting Senior 
District Officer, Province Wellesley, 
March, 189S ; acting 1st Magistrate, 
Penang, Aug., 1898 to April, 1899 ; 
acting Inspector of Prisons, Straits 




Settlements, June, 1900, to Jan., 
1903, and from May to Dec., 1901 ; 
Superintendent of Census, 1901 ; 
Deputy Public Prosecutor, Singa- 
pore, Jan., 1902; Secretary to Go- 
vernment, Perak, Feb., 1904 ; acting 
Attorney-General, Singapore, 1906. 
Clubs : Singapore. Address : Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 

INOUYE, Kakugoro (TOKVO), M.I'. : 
b. Fnknyama, Oct., 1859. Started 
paper at Seoul and appointed 
adviser to Corean Government, 
1884 ; behaved with great gallantry 
when, that year, Japanese Legation 
was attacked by Corean mob ; has 
represented Hiroshima-ken in the 
Lower House ; since 1890 ; Managing 
Director of Hokkaido Coal and Rail- 
way Co. ; Vice-President of Tokyo 
Chamber of Commerce. Address : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

INOUYE, Count Kaoru (TOKYO), 
G.C.M.G.; Elder Statesman; b. 1835. 
Fought with the Imperialists in 
war preceding Restoration; secretly 
visited England with Marquis Ito, 
1864 ; after Restoration appointed 
Vice-Minister of Finance ; des- 
patched to Corea as Vice-Plenipo- 
tentiary to negotiate in regard to 
.attack by Corean ships on Japanese 
vessel, 1876 ; has occupied port- 
folios of Home Affairs, Foreign 
Affairs, Finance and Agriculture 
and Commei'ce ; was for short 
period acting Prime Minister ; 
after Chino-Japanese war was ap- 
pointed Minister to Corea and 
Advisor to Corean Court; created 
Count, 1884: created G.C.M.G. in 
connection with Garter Mission 
entrusted to Prince Arthur of 

Connaught, May, 1906. Ad/In-** : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

INOUYE, Viscount Katau (TOKYO), 
Member of House of Peers ; b. Aug., 
184, at Choshu. Held for many year* 
post of Director-General of Govern- 
ment Railways ; resigned, 1887 ; 
created Viscount, 1887; has been 
engaged in business in connection 
with rolling-stock since retirement 
from Government service. Aildir** : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

INOUYE, Katsunosuke (TOKYO), 
Minister at Berlin ; b. July, 186:), 
at Choshu. Secretary to Legation, 
Berlin, 1886 ; Secretary and 
Councillor, Foreign Office, 1892 ; 
appointed Minister to Berlin, 1898. 
A<l dress: Berlin, Germany; and 
Tokyo, Japan. 

INOUYE, Tetsujiro (TOKYO), Dr. of 
Literature ; b. Fukuoka, Dec., 1855. 
Educ. : Germany and France, 
from 1884 to 1899. Dean and Pro- 
fessor of Literature, Tokyo Im- 
perial University, since 1890. 
Publications: "Life of Buddha"; 
"Oriental Philosophy," etc. Ad- 
dress : Tokyo, Japan. 

INOUYE, Admiral Baron Yoshika 
(TOKYO), b. Satsuma, Nov., 1845. 
Appointed Captain in the Navy, 
1882; cr. Baron, 1887; Vice-Ad- 
miral, 1892 ; Admiral, 1898 ; Com- 
mander-in Chief of Yokohama Ad- 
miralty. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

IUNKAI, Ki (TOKYO), M.P. ; 6. Okaya- 
ma, April, 1855. Editor of " Hochi 
Shimbun" till 189J ; has sat in 
Lower House since the inaugura- 
tion of the Parliament and is a, 




member of the Progressive Party ; 
appointed Minister of Education 
in the Okuma-Itagaki Cabinet. 
Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

IRISAWA, TatsukicW (TOKYO), Dr. 
of Medicine ; b. at Echigo. Educ. : 
Berlin University. Professor of 
Tokyo University, since 1895 ; 
Physician -in -Ordinary to Court. 
Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

IRVING, Edward Alexander (HONG- 
KONG); Inspector of Schools; l>. 
1870. Transferred to Hongkong 
Civil Service from the Civil Service 
of the Federated Malay States in 
1901. Address : " Kinta," the Peak, 

ISHJGURO, Isoji (TOKYO), Dr. of 
Engineering ; b. Kanazawa, June, 
1855. Educ. : England, 1879-1883. 
Appointed Engineer of Navy, 1883, 
to supervise construction of a 
dockyard ; took part in work of 
constructing water-works of Tok- 
yo ; at present has charge of 
construction department of Navy. 
Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

ISHIGURO, Baron Tadama (TOKYO), 
ex-Surgeon-General ; b. Feb. 11, 
1845, at Echigo. Chief Surgeon of 
Osaka Military Hospital during 
Kagoshima Civil War, 1877; pro- 
moted to Surgeon-Colonel, 1878 ; 
Surgeon-General, 1890; cr. Baron, 
1895 ; resigned from army, 1896 ; 
since then has devoted himself to 
Bed Cross Work; represented the 
Red Cross Society at the inter- 
national convention held in Ger- 
many, 1890 ; nominated Member of 

House of Peers, 1902. A duress : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

ISHIKAWA, Chiyomatsu (TOKYO), 
Dr. of Science; b. Eihme, Jan., 
1860. Educ.: Germany, 1886-1889. 
Professor of Tokyo Imperial Univer- 
sity, since 1889. Publication* : 
"Protected Birds": "Popular 
Evolutionist," etc. Address: Tok- 
yo, Japan. 

ISHIMOTO, Shiaroku (TOKYO), Vice- 
Minister of War; b. Jan., 1854. 
Major-General, 1898 ; for some time 
Director of Tokyo Arsenal; ap.- 
pointed Vice-Minister of War, 1903 ; 
piomoted Lieut.-General, 1904. 
Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

Dr. of Law, Chief Secretary of 
Cabinet; b. Nov. 1859. Educ.: 
in Germany. Judge of Tokyo 
Local Court ; Councillor of Depart- 
ment of Justice ; Public Procurator 
of Tokyo Appeal Court ; Lecturer 
of Tokyo Imperial University ; 
Director of Civil and Criminal 
Bureau ; Vice-Minister of Justice 
from Sept., 1903, to Jan., 1906; ap- 
pointed to present position, Jan.. 
1906. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

ISHIZUKA, Yeizo (TOKYO), Governor ; 
b., Aizu, July, 1856. Appointed 
Legal Adviser to Carean Govern- 
ment, 1885; held post of Chief 
Councillor for Governor General 
of Formosa, 1898-1905; appointed 
Governor of Occupied Districts in 
Manchuria, 1905. Address: Tokyo, 

ISHUIN, Vice-Admiral Goro (TOKYO), 
Vice Chief of the Naval Staff; /., 




S a t s u m a , Sept., 1852. Educ. : 
England and Germany. Entered 
Navy, 1871 ; member of Naval 
Staff with rank of Captain during 
Chine-Japanese War; promoted 
Vice- Admiral, 1903; for several 
years was attached to Legation at 
London ; while there invented a 
new fuse, the Ishuin fuse, which 
was adopted by Imperial fleet. 
Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

ISNARD, Louis Antoine (SAIGON), 
Conseiller, Cour d'Appel ; If. Feb. 
1, 1852. Entree I'Admiuistration 
de la Justice, Jan. 1, 1881. Ad- 
dress: Saigon, Cochin-China. 

ITAGAKI, Count Taisuke (TOKYO), 
Founder of Liberal Party in Japan- 
ese politics; b. April 17, 1837, at 
Tosa. Commanded a Division of Im- 
perial Army during war preceding 
Restoration ; appointed Cabinet 
Minister on inauguration of Im- 
perial Government ; resigned, 1878 ; 
founded Liberal Party, 1881 ; was 
stabbed, by young reactionary, 
1S81 ; travelled through Europe and 
America, 1882 ; created Count, 1887 ; 
since 1900 has abandoned politics. 
Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

I-TI (PEKING), Vice-president, 
Censorate ; Imperial Clansman. 
Deputy Commissioner, Office of 
Transmission ; Director of Ban- 
quetting Court, March, 1886 ; Com- 
missioner, Office of Transmission, 
1886 ; junior Vice-President, Court 
of Censors, May, 1886 ; senior, do., 

ITO, Marquis Hlrobumi (SEOUL), 
Japanese Resident General of 

Corea ; b. Sept. 2, 1841. Escaped to 
England with Count Inouye in days 
of last Shogun, and took part ou 
Imperial side during war which led 
to Restoration ; appointed Go- 
vernor of Hyogo at end of war; 
sent to Europe, 1871, with special 
embassy for revision of treaties ; is 
responsible for existing Japanese 
banking regulations ; was Minister 
of Works, 1878, after proclamation 
of 1881, announcing inauguration of 
representative government; 10 years 
later was despatched to Europe 
and America to gather material to 
frame Constitution for Japan ; was 
founder of present system of Go- 
vernment in Japan ; despatched to 
China and concluded Tientsin 
Treaty with late Li Hung Chang, 
1885; Prime Ministn of Japan, 
1886 ; upon inauguration of Con- 
stitutional Government was Pre- 
sident of House of Peei's; concluded 
Treaty of Shimonoseki with late Li 
Hung Chang ; established present 
system of peerage in Japan ; ap- 
pointed President of Privy Council ; 
visited England with Prince Arisu- 
gawa to attend late Queen's 
Diamond Jubilee; has been 
Prime Minister on five occasions, 
and has filled almost every portfolio 
of State ; cr. Marquis, 1895 ; ap- 
pointed Resident General of Corea, 
1906 ; made Privy Councillor of 
C area, Feb., 1906. Decorations: The 
Grand Cordon of Japan, etc. Ad- 
dress : Residency General, Seoul 

ITO, Baron Miyoji (TOKYO), Privy 
Councillor ; b. May, 1857, at Naga- 
saki. Was Mai-quis Ito's Private 
161 11 


WHO'S WHO is THE FAR EAST (Juss) 190G-7. 

Secretary until 1891 ; Minister of 
Agriculture ami Commerce, 1898; 
Privy Councillor since 1899 ; in con- 
nection with Chino-Japanese Wai- 
was sent to Cliefoo to exchange 
signed treaty of Peace, and service 
was rewarded with grant of Baron, 
1895. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

ITO, Baron Shunkichi (TOKYO), ex- 
Vice-Admiral ; b. Jan., 1840, at Mai- 
zuru. Entered Navy, 1869 ; Lieut.- 
Commander, 1871 ; Rear- Admiral, 
1882 ; Vice- Admiral, 1889 ; created 
Baron, 1895 ; Vice-Minister of Navy 
from 1889 to 1899 ; created a peer in 
recognition of service in Chino- 
Japanese War ; Member of House 
of Peers since 1899. Address : Tok- 
yo, Japan. 

ITO, Admiral, Viscount Sukenori 
(TOKYO), Chief of Naval General 
Staff; l>. May 1843, at Satsuma 
Province ; m. 1878, Mitsu-ko Kato. 
Educ. : Kaisei College, Tokyo ; 
Naval College at the time of Toku- 
gawa. Entered Imperial Japanese 
Navy, 1868; Lieut.-Commander, 
1872 ; Commanded the " Adzuma " 
(ex "Stonewall .Jackson"), 
" Nischin," " Fuso," and " Hiyei " 
in succession; took part in Civil 
War of 1877 in command of 
" Nisshin," and with "Hiyei" 
went to Persian Gulf, 1880 ; pro- 
moted Captain, 1832 ; brought the 
" N a n i w a " from England, 
1885 ; Rear-Admiral and Comman- 
der of the Standing Squadron. 
1888 ; Vice-Admiral and Chief of 
Voko.suka Naval Station, 1892 ; 
fought at the battle of Yalu with 
the combined Squadrons under his 
command, in Chino-Japanese \V;iv, 

1894; Chief of the Naval General 
Staff, 1895; created Viscount and 
Invested with the 1st Order *>f the 
Rising Sun, and 2nd Order of the 
Golden Kite, etc., for services in 
the War ; made full Admiral, 189$. 
Decorations: 1st Order of the Ris- 
ing Sun, and 2nd Order of the 
Golden Kite, etc. Club : Suiko- 
Sha (Naval Club). Addfe** : N... :;:, 
Kimima-cho, Shiba, Tokyo, Japan. 

IWAKURA, Prince Tomosada 
(Touro), Vice-Grand Chamberlain, 
Privy Councillor, and Director of 
Peerage Bureau; b. Kyoto, Dec., 
1851, f. o. of late Prince Iwakura, 
one of principal Imperialists during 
Struggle which led to Restoration. 
Address: Tokyo. Japan. 

IWAMURA, Baron Michitoshi a>K- 
YO); b. Tosa, June, IS to. Appoint- 
ed Governor of S:iga. Prefecture, 
1873; Secretary of Public Works 
Department (abolished afterwards), 
1874; Governor of Kagoshim ; Pre- 
fecture, 1S77-1S7S; Chief of the 
Board of Audit, 1830-1881; Govern- 
or of Okinawa Prefecture. 1882 ; 
Vice-Minister of Justice, 1884; 
Governor of Hokkaido, 1886; Vice- 
Ministei and then Minister of 
Agriculture and Commerce, 188S- 
1889 ; Director of Imperial K>t;tU-s 
Bureau, 1890-1903. JiM/v** .- Tokyo. 

IWASA. Jun. (TOKYO), Dr. ,,f Me- 
dicine; b. Fukui, May. tS:V>. One 
of Committee appointed to organize 
Medical College at its inception 
early in the Meiji era; Physician- 
in-Ordinary at Court, and a.lso M 
Councillor. Addret*: 'I'okyo, 




IWASAKI, Baron Hisaya (TOKYO), 
Merchant and Banker ; 1>. Aug., 
1865. Ed <. . Tokyo Imperial 
University ; Philadelphia, U.S.A. 
Partner in I \vasaki Bank; created 
Baron, 1900. Address : Tokyo, 

IWASAKI, Baron Yanosuke (TOKYO), 
Merchant and Banker ; b. Jan., 1851, 
at Tosa. Partner in Iwasaki Bank; 
appointed Governor of Bank of 
.Japan, 1898 ; resigned, 1899 ; inter- 
ested in numerous companies ; 
created Baron, 1900. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

IWAYA, Shu (TOKYO), Member of 
House of Peers ; b. Orai, Feb., 1834; 
Was once tutor of penmanship to 
his Majesty. Address: Tokyo, 

IZARD, Rev. Herbert Crawford 

(SINGAPORE), M. A., Oxon. ; Colonial 
Chaplain and Ecclesiastical 
Register ; b. Nov. 18, 1869 ; in. June 
4, 1901. Educ. : Lancing College ; 
Trinity College, Oxford. Colonial 
Chaplain, Malacca, 1902-1904. Ad- 
dress: The Parsonage, Fort Can- 
ning, Singapore, Straits Settle- 


JACK, William Charles (HONGKONG), 
M. last. N.A. ; Consulting En- 
gineer; b. Portsoy, N.B., Nov. 9, 
1857. Served apprenticeship as 
marine engineer at George dark's 
South wick Engine Works, Sunder- 
land ; went to sea as junior 
engineer from Wigham Richard- 
son's, Newcastle on Tyne, in 1879 ; 
Chief Engineer, 1882 ; appointed 
Ingenieur en Chef of " Service 
Subventionne des Correspondances 
Fluviales," Tonkin, in 1887, which 
post he held for eleven years, 
building fleet of river steamers, 
which included the light draft 
stern wheel steamer " Yunnan," 
the first steam vessel to successful- 
ly navigate the Bed River and 
reach the Chinese frontier through 
Tonkin, 1890; in recognition of this 
received from the French Govern- 
ment the decoration of officer of 
the order of the Imperial Dragon 
of Annam ; in 1898 joined the 
Hongkong and Whampoa Dock Co. 
as Superintendent Engineer, and 
as their representative contracted 
with Admiral Dewey for salvage of 
sunken Spanish war vessels in 
Manila Bay, three of which were 
successfully floated and refitted in 
Eonj;! ong for 1 the IT. S. Navy ; 
from 1901 to 1903 Assistant Mana- 

ger at the above Dock Co.'* 
Kowloon establishment, during 
which term conducted several 
successful salvage operations ; in 
1905 contracted, in conjunction 
with Sir C. P. Chater, for the 
salvage of the French cruiser 
"Sully," stranded in the Tonkin 
Gulf, which after months of arduous 
work was destroyed by typhoon 
on,-October 28; elected President 
of Engineers Institute in 1904. 
Publications : An important paper 
read before Institute of Engineers- 
and Shipbuilders of Hongkong, 
comparing relative cost of ship- 
building in that port and at home. 
Address : Robinson Road, Kow- 
loon, Hongkong. 

JACKSON, Andrew Gilmore (HONG- 
KONG), Solicitor ; n. of Sir Thomas 
Jackson, late Chief Manager Hong- 
kong and Shanghai Bank. Educ. : 
St. Andrew's College, Dublin. 
Articled to firm of Solicitors in 
Dublin; admitted , as Solicitor to 
Supreme Court of Ireland, Dec. 24, 
1903; came to Hongkong, May, 1906 ; 
admittedSolicitor of Supreme Court 
of Hongkong, May 23, 103. Club : 
Hongkong. Address: The Peak, 

JACKSON, James Edward (TAIPIKG), 




A.M.I.C.E. ; Executive Engineer ; 
6. April 6, 1866. Assistant Engineer, 
P.W.D., Selangor, 1900 ; District 
Engineer, Kuala Lumpur, 1901; 
Executive Engineer, 2nd grade, 
1904. Address: Taiping, Perak, 
Federated Malay States. 

C.E. ; Assistant Engineer ; b. April 
26, 1878. Public Works Department 
of New South Wales, 1896-98; do., 
Victoria, 1900-2 ; District Surveyor, 
Negri Sembilan, 1902 ; assistant 
Engineer, P.W.D., Selangor, 1904. 
Address: Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, 
Federated Malay States. 

JAMES, Benjamin (HONGKONG), Head 
Master, Government School, Kow- 
loon ; b. 1874. Educ. : Llandovery 
College, and Merton College, Ox- 
ford. Assistant master, St. Leon- 
ard's School, 1896 ; second master, 
Horsmonden School, 1897 ; assistant 
master, Queen's College, Hongkong, 
1898 ; second master, King's College, 
Bangkok, 1899 ; appointed first 
Head-master of the new Govern- 
ment Schools, Kowloon, Feb., 1901. 
dubs : Hongkong; United Services; 
Recreation, Kowloon. Address 
Government School, Kowloon, 

Marine Salvage Engineer ; b. Nov. 
16, 1851 ; m. Rolla Gertrude Way, 
of Tientsin. Educ. : Edinburgh 
Academy. Arrived in China in 1872 ; 
remained in Saigon and Cochin 
China as Superintendent Engineer 
for 16 years ; proceeded thence to 
Tientsin and was manager of Taku 
Tug and Lighter Co. for 12 years, 

during which time had considerable 
experience in salvage work; upon 
leaving Tientsin devoted attention 
to salvage enterprises and has had 
many successes, one of the most 
important being the floating of 
the U.S.A. battleship "Oregon," 
stranded in the Gulf of Pechili; 
brought out in 1905 the special 
salvage steamer " City of Birming- 
ham," the first of its kind to be 
introduced in to Chinese waters. 
Clubs ; Conservative, Edinburgh ; 
Tientsin. Address: Hotel Mansions, 

Director of the Pekin Syndicate 
and Yangtse Valley Company ; &. 
1843 ; m. 1873, Margaret, d. of late 
Patrick Tnkson of Berrleys, Bauffs. 
Entered Consular Service, 1864 ; 
Barrister, Middle Temple, 1880; 
Consul and Judge of Supreme 
Court, Shanghai, 1891 ; Consul- 
General, 1897-1899. Publications: 
Various papers on the Revenue and 
Statistics of China ; prize essay on 
Bimetallism. Clubs : Reform ; 
Thatched House, London. Ad- 
dress : Tientsin, China. 

JAMIESON, James William (PEKING), 
F.R.G.S. ; Commercial A 1 1 a c h e , 
British Legation; b. 1867. Was 
appointed Student Interpreter in 
China, Feb. 16, 1886 ; acting Vice- 
Cousul at Shanghai, 1895; at Pagoda 
Island, 1895 to 1896 ; at Canton, 1896 
to 1897; promoted 1st class As- 
sistant, Sept. 27, 1897 ; acting Consul 
at Wuchow, 1897 ; at Sumao, 1898 ; 
attached as Chinese Adviser to 
Burma-China Frontier Delimitation 



Commission, 1898-1899; acting 
Consul, Teng-Yueh, 1899 ; Commer- 
cial Attache to Legation in China 
and Consul in Consular Service in 
China, Oct. 3, 1899; acting Consul - 
General at Shanghai from March 
20 to April 25, 1903 ; seconded for 
service under Colonial Office as 
Superintendent of Chinese labour 
iu the Transvaal, 1905. Club: 
'\ hatched House. Aildre**: II.B.M. 
Legation, Peking, China. 

JAPAN, Emperor of (nee . MUTSU-HITO). 

JAPAN, Crown Prince of ( *te : 

JAPAN (CENTRAL), Bishop Of (ite: 

JAPAN (NORTH). Bishop Of (*ee: 


JAPAN (SoiTin, Bishop of (tee: 

JAPAN (WEST), Bishop of (>< Fo * s > 

Resident ; Administrator, 2nd 
class; I. Sept. 5, 1862. Joined 
Indo-China Civil Service, April 29, 
1893 ; Administrator, 4th class, Jan. 
1, 1895; Administrator, 3rd class, 
Jan. 1, 1897 ; Administrator. 2nd 
class, Aug. 2, 1900. Address: De 
Kandal, Cambodge, Indo-China. 

JBANNIN, Colonel Gabriel (HANOI), 
Commandant, 2e Regiment de 
Tirailleurs Tonkinois. Decoration : 
Officier de la Le'gion d'Houneur. 
Address: Hanoi, Tonkin, Tndo- 

JEBSON, J. (HONGKONG), Merchant. 
Head of Jebson and Co., agents for 
Jebsen steamship line. Resident 
in Colony over 10 years. Club r 
Hongkong; Germania. Addrf*it : 
King's Buildings, Hongkong. 

chant. Eesided in Colony between 
thirty and forty years ; resigned 
as agent of Mit.-u Bishi Goshi- 
Kwaisha, March, 1906. Club : Hong- 
kong. Address : 2, Peddar Street, 

JELF, Arthur Selborne (KUALA 
LANGAT), B.A., Oxon. ; F.M.S. Civil 
Service ; b. Oct. 10, 1876. Acting 2nd 
assistant District Officer, Kuala 
Kubu, 1900, and filled other 
positions in service until appointed 
assistant Secretary to Resident and 
acting District Officer, Kuala Lan- 
gat, in 1905. Address : Kuala Lan- 
gat, Selangor, Federated Malay 

(SHANGHAI), A.M.I.C.E., London ; 
Special Advisor on Railway Affairs 
to the Shangpu (Treasury). Edin\ . 
Yale University and Sheffield 
Scientific Department ; was member 
of Chinese Educational Mission ta 
America in 1872; Superintending 
Engineer of Peking-Changchiakou 
railway, in course of construction 
in 1906. 

JENKINS, Dr. H. Stanley (HsiAS-ru), 
M.D., London, F.R.C.S., England. 
L.R.C.P., London ; Medical Mis- 
sionary ; b. June 17, 1874. JEduc. : 
Bristol; King's College, London; 
London Hospitals. Member of 
British Medical Association ami 




Society for Study of Inebriety. Ad- 
drtgs: English Baptist Mission, 
ll!"ian-fu, Sheusi, China. 

Solicitor ; b. Feb. 24, 1857. Educ. : 
University of Virginia, U.S.A. 
Native born American citizen ; a 
State Senator ; a Presidential 
elector; Consul at Kobe, Japan; 
Consul-General at Shanghai ; now 
engaged in practise of Law. Publi- 
cations : " China in Law and Com- 
merce." Club : Shanghai. Address: 
Shanghai, China. 

JOHN, Rev. Griffith (HANKOW), Mis- 
sionary of London Missionary 
Society ; Translator of Bible for the 
Bible Society of Scotland ; Chair- 
man of Central China Religious 
Tract Society, and Editor of all its 
publications; 1'rincipal of London 
Mission Theological College at 
Hankow ; b. Dec. 14, 1831, at Swan- 
sea ; m. 1st, 1855, Margaret Jane, d. 
of Rev. David Griffiths, of Madagas- 
car; 2nd, 1874, widow of Rev. Dr. 
Jenkins, of Methodist Episcopal 
Church, America. Educ. : Breeda 
College, Bedford. Began to preach 
in Welsh when 14 years old ; offered 
services to London Missionary 
Society, 1853, which were accepted ; 
ordained, 1855; sailed for Shanghai, 
1855 ; spent more than five years 
at and around Shanghai, doing 
evangelistic work and establishing 
churches; travelled widely in all 
the region round about Shanghai, 
left Shanghai and arrived at Han- 
kow, 1861 ; the first Missionary in 
Central China ; travelled extensive- 
ly in Hupeh, Hunan, Szechwan, 

Kiangsi,and several other provinces 
asa pioneer missionary; established, 
in connection with his colleagues, 
more than a hundred missionary 
stations in provinces of Hupeh and 
Hunan, and planted scores of 
churches ; during 49 years, has 
been home on furlough only 
twice and only about 4 years 
have been .-pent out of China. 
Publications: In Chinese, translated 
the whole New Testament and a 
large portion of the Old Testament 
in both the Mandarin dialect and 
classical style,; still working on the 
Old Testament, and hopes to 
complete his translation com- 
paratively soon ; a large number of 
books and tracts. Recreations : 
Change of work. Address: Hankow, 

JOHNSON, Henry (Siui ), Resident. 
Cadet, Sarawak, 1897 ; Assistant 
Resident, 1901 ; 2nd class Resident 
in Charge of Upper Rejang, 1903 ; 
Resident, Sibu, 1905. Address : 
Sibu, Sarawak, North Borneo. 

JOHNSON, Hon. H. C. Brooke (PRO- 
VINCK CLARKE), Resident of Pro- 
vince Clarke, N. Borneo, and Mem- 
ber of Legislative Council ; b. May 
30, 1873, *. of Captain W. F. John- 
son, R.N. Educ. : St. Edward's 
School, Oxford ; Nancy, France : 
Cannstadt, Germany. Clerk in 
Chartered Mercantile Bank of 
India, London, and China, 1891- 
1893 ; Assistant, Treasury Depart- 
ment, Sarawak Civil Service, 1894 ; 
acting Postmaster General and 
Magistrate, Court of Requests, 
1897 ; assistant Treasurer of Sara- 
wak, 1398 ; acting Treasurer, 18*8 ; 



WHO'S WHO IN THE FAR EAST (Juxit) 1906-7. 

Clerk to the Supreme Council, 1898 ; 
Treasurer and SupremeCourt Judge, 
1900; member of Committee ad- 
ministering the Government of 
Sarawak during absences of H.H. 
the Rajah, 1898-1899, and 1901-1932 ; 
retired from Sarawak Civil Service, 
1902 ; traded in Sarawak as a 
merchant, 1903; joined British 
North Borneo Civil Service, 1904 ; 
appointed Resident of Province 
Clarke and Member of Legislative 
Council. Recreations : Golf, cricket, 
shooting, etc. Club : Sports. Ad- 
dress: Province Clarke (YiaLabuan), 
British North Borneo. 

A.B. ; Missionary; b. Michigan, 
U.S.A., Aug. 6, 1874; m. June 4, 
1902, Sarah Young MacLeod. 
Educ.: Alma College and Princeton 
Theological Seminary. Address : 
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan. 

JOHNSON, Alexander (SAND.YKAN), 
Superintendent, Public Works 
Department of British North 
Borneo Company. Was elected a 
Fellow of the Royal Colonial In- 
stitute, 1936. Address : Sandakan, 
British North Borneo 

JOHNSTON, Lieut-Colonel Henry 
Halcro (SINGAPORE), C.B., D.Sc., 
M.D., C.M., F.R.S.E., F.L.S. ; 

Senior Medical Officer, Straits 
Settlements; b. Sept. 13, 1856. 
Educ. : Dollar Institu tion; 
Edinburgh Collegiate School ; 
Elin. University. Joined Royal 
Army Medical Corps, 1881 ; served 
in Suakin Expedition, 1885; Ma- 
lakand and Buner Expeditions of 
1897-1893 (mentioned in despat- 

ches); South Africa .Campaign of 
1899-1902 (mentioned in despatches 
twice) ; in charge of Medical 
Division, Royal Victoria HospitaT, 
Netley; Senior Medical Officer, 
Straits Settlements, 1906; Fellow 
of Royal Physical Society of 
Edinburgh ; Fellow of Botanical 
Society of Edinburgh ; Fellow of 
Royal Institute of Public Health, 
London ; past President of Scottish 
Natural History Society, Edin- 
burgh ; Hon. Foreign Member of 
La Societe Francaise d'Hygiene. 
Paris. Decorations: Egyptian 
Medal with clasp, and Khedive's 
star; India Medal with clasp; 
South Africa, two Medals with 
three clasps. Publications: Reports 
on Filters, Malarial Fever, and the 
Floras of Orkney and Mauritius. 
Rscrjfitions : Botany, fishing, shoot- 
ing, riding, boating, hockey, and 
lawn-tennis. Clubs : Caledonian ; 
United Service, Edinburgh. Ad- 
dress: Fort Canning, Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

JOHNSTON, Lewis Audley Marsh 

(HONGKONG); Colonial Civil Ser- 
vice ; 6. Oct. 12, 1865. Straits Civil 
Service, 1883 ; attached to General 
Post Office, 189J-1892; District 
Officer, Malacca, 1892-1895; Assis- 
tant Postmaster General ; acted as 
Postmaster General, 1893-1898; on 
Postal Conference at Hongkong, 
1897 ; Collector of Land Revenue 
and in charge of Treasury, Ma- 
lacca, and Municipal Commissioner, 
1893-1900 ; acted as Postmaster 
General, 1900-1932; Postmaster-Ge- 
neral, Hongkong, 1905 ; acted a~s 
Treasurer a ml Member of Executive 




ami Legislative Councils, 1903 and 
1905; Justice of the Peace, Co. 
Down, Ireland. Clubs: Sports; 
Hongkong. Address: The Peak, 

JOHNSTON, Rev. Mercer Green 

(M\Mi,.\), Clergyman of Protestant 
Episcopal Church ; 6. Dec. 3, 186S, in 
Mississippi, U.S.A. Educ. : Aca- 
demy and Theological University 
of South Sewanee, Tenn. ; studied 
law at Virginia University. An 
assistant in Grace Parish, N.Y., 
1893-1930 ; Rector of St. Paul's 
Church, and Chairman of 
Faculty and Chaplain of West 
Texas Military Academy, 1900-03 ; 
Rector of Pro-catheclral Church of 
St. Mary and St. John (formerly 
St. Stephen's) Manila; President 
of Bishops' Council of Advice ; one 
of examining Chaplains ; Associate 
Editor of Manila Outlook; Hon. 
Vice-President of Columbia Club, 
1903-06. Club: Columbia, Manila. 
A ddress : 248 Calle NozaletU, 
Manila, Philippine Islands. 

M.A. ; Acting Secretary to Govern- 
ment, Weihaiwei. Educ. : Magda- 
len College, Oxford ; Gray prize- 
man, Edinburgh University ; prox. 
ace. Lord Rector's essay ; 1st class 
certs., English literature, modern 
history and constitutional law, 
Edin. ; exhibitioner, Magdalen 
College, 1894 ; mentioned hon. 
Causa, Stanhope essay, 1898 ; B.A. 
( hons. ) 189S. Cadet, Honkong, 

1898 ; acting Clerk of Councils, 

1899 ; Private Secretary to His 
Excellency the Administrator ; act- 

ing assistant Colonial Secretary, 
1900 ; Private Secretary to the 
Governor, 1900-1901 ; passed Cadet, 
Oct., 1901; acting assistant Colonial 
Secretary and Clerk of Councils, 
Nov., 1901 ; acting Attorney-Gener- 
al, Aug. -Xov., 1902; acting Secre- 
tary to Government, Weihaiwei, 
1904. Address: Weihaiwei, North 

JOHORE, Sultan of (see : IBRAHIM, 

JOLY, Jean Raymond WashingtDn 
Rcuzier- (TOURANR), Resident; 
Administrator, 1st class ; &. Dec. 
13, 1857 ; Joined Indo-China Civil 
Service, Aug. 3, 1903; Administra- 
tor, 4th clos-j, Dec. 31, 1889; Ad- 
ministrator, 3rd class, Jan. 1, 
1894 ; Administrator, 2nd class, 
May Dl, 1899; Adminstrator, 1st 
class, Aug. 3, 1903. Address : 
Tourane, Province of Quang-Nam, 
Annam, Indo-China. 

JONES, Geoffrey L. Parry- 

EMBAN), Assistant Commissioner 
of Police ; b. Jan. 12, 1877. On 
service with Royal Welsh Fusiliers 
in South Africa, 1900; A.D.C. to 
Officer administering Government, 
Straits Settlements, 1901 ; assistant 
Commissioner of Police, Taiping 
and Kinta, April, 1901; do., 
Selangor, 1903 ; do, Negri Ssmbilan, 
Pahang, Perah, Kinta and Perak, 
1904-5 ; assistant Commissioner of 
Police and Superintendent of 
Prisons, Seremban, 1906. Address : 
Seremban, Negri Sembilan, 
Federated Malay States. 

JONES, George S. Averay (PERAK), 
B.A. ; Federated Malay States 



Civil Service ; !>. July 3, 1874. Editc.: 
Magdalen College School, Oxford, 
1888-93; Keble College, Oxford, 
1898-96; 4th class Final Sell., 
Modern History, 189C. In British 
North Borneo Service, 1902-05 ; 
Assistant Secretary to Governor 
and Statistical Secretary, 1903-04 ; 
Postmaster and collector of Land 
Revenue, Labuan, 1904-05 ; joined 
Perak Service as Inspector of 
Mines, Aug., 1905. Clubs : Local. 
Address: Batu Gajah, Perak, 
Federated Malay States. 

JONES, Harold William James 
Sen-ice ; I. April 3, 1877. Assistant 
Engineer, Public Works Depart- 
ment, Pahang, 1901; do., Perah, 
1903 ; do., Negri Sembilan, 1904. 
Address : Negri Sembilan, Fede- 
rated Malay States. 

JONES, Hyndman (<-. H WOMAN 

JONES, John William Lee- (HONG- 
KONG), Civil Service ; b. Nov. 18, 
1859. Appointed Assistant Master. 
Government Central School ( now 
Queen's College \ Nov. 30, 1884 : 
acting first clerk Magistracy and 
Clerk to Justices, April, 1894; 
seconded as Acting Headmaster, 
British Kowloon College, Jan., 
1895 ; acting Deputy Registrar and 
Accountant of the Supreme Court 
of Hongkong, and appointed Com- 
missioner for Oaths, Sept., 1897 ; 
acting Deputy Registrar and Ap- 
praiser, Dec., 1898 ; J.P., May, 1900 ; 
Deputy Registrar and Accountant 
of the Supreme Court with effect 
from June, 1901, to Aug.. 1902 ; 

called to the Bar at Gray's Tnn r 
June, 1903; appointed Commis- 
sioner to take acknowledgments of 
married women to deeds in Hong- 
kong, Aug., 1905. Club : Hongkong, 
Address: 4, Mountain View, Peak, 

j JONES, Patrick Nicholas Hill 
(HONGKONG), A.M. I.C. E. ; Assistant 
Director of Public Works ; l>. Sept, 
19, 1864. Editc. : King's College, 
London. Resident Engineer for the 
Water Supply Co., Barbados, We?t 
Indies, 1889-1895; Engineer in 
Charge of Surveys and Construction 
of water and drainage works 
throughout the Colony of Trinidad, 
1895-1903; appointed Assistant 
Director of Public Works, Hong- 
kong, and acted as Director, 1904-5 ; 
member of Executive and Legis- 
lative Council during that peiiod. 
Clubs : Hongkong ; Peak ; and 
Grosvenor, London. Address: 3, 
Cameron Villas, Hongkong. 

JONES, Major-General Richmund 
InigO (SINGAPORE), C.B., C.V.A. ; 
General Officer Commanding the 
Troops in the Straits Settlements; 
b. 1848. Educ. : Eton. Served in 
Egyptian Campaign with 2nd Scots 
Guards, at Suakim, 1885; Major- 
G en eral Commanding G nards 
Brigade, South Africa, 1900-02; 
Officer, Commanding troops, Strait* 
Settlements, 1906. Clubs : Guards ; 
Carlton ; Arthur's. A ddress : 
K e 1 s t o n Park, Bath ; Mount 
Elizabeth, Singapore, Straits 

JONES, Dr. William Yates (SIIIMO- 
NOSKKI), M.A., D.D.; Minister and 




Missionary; b. Sept. 2, 184, at 
Peoria Co., Illinois, .*. of Rev. 
W i 1 1 i a m Jones, of Lancaster, 
California ; in. 1899, Mary Ella 
Brokaw, d. of late Peter S. Brokaw. 
Educ. : Park Coll., Parkville, Mo., 
McCormick Theological Seminary, 
Chicago ; 1st place in prize Latin 
contest, Park College, 1889 ; 
salutatorian (2nd place in college 
class) Park College, 1892 ; Degrees 
of B.A., 1892 ; M.A., 1895 ; and D.D., 
1905, conferred by Alma Mater. 
Entered upon missionary work in 
Japan in autumn of 1895, residing 
in Kanazawa from 1895-1898 ; Fukui, 
1898-1905; Shimonoseki, 1905; has 
been engaged in evangelistic work 
in difficult fields greater part of 
time. Address: No. 1667, Meichi- 
yama, Shimonoseki, Japan. 

JONQUIERES, Admiral M.P.E. Fau- 
que de (SAIGON), Commandant la 
2e division, escadre de 1'Extreme- 
Orient. Decoration: Officier de la 
Legion d'Honneur. A ildrcss: Saigon, 

JORDAN, Dr. Gregory Paul (HONG- 
KONG), M.B., C.M. Edin.; M.R.C.S., 
Eng. ; Health Officer of the Port, 
and Inspector of Immigrants ; b. 
Feb. 6, 1858. Educ : Edinburgh 
University. Appointed to present 
position, May 1, 1888. B.W.D.G.M. 
District Grand Lodge of Scottish 
Freemasonry in Hongkong and 
South China; District Grand Ppl., 
District Grand Royal Arch Chapter 
of Hongkong and South China. 
Club: Hongkong, Address: 15, 
Macdonell Road, Hongkong. 

JORDAN, Sir John Newell (PEKING), 
K.C.M.G. ; H.B.M. Minister at Pe. 

king ; b. Sept. 5, 1852, at Balloo, Co. 
Down, Ireland ; w. 1885, Annie 
Howe, d. of Dr. Cromie, Claughr 
Co. Down. Educ. : Royal Belfast 
Academical Institution ; Queen's 
Coll., Belfast: 1st class Honours. 
Appointed Student Interpreter in 
China, 1876 ; assistant Chinese Sec- 
retary to H.B.M. Legation, Peking, 
1889 ; Chinese Secretary, 1891 ; 
Consul-General, Corea, 1896-1898 ; 
Charge (V Affaires, 1898-1901 ; Minis- 
ter Resident at Seoul, July, 1901 ; 
was withdawn from post when 
Japanese Protectorate was pro- 
claimed over Corea, Feb., 1906 ; 
proceeded to England and whilst 
there appointed Minister at Peking, 
May, 1906. Decorations : Jubilee 
Medal ; Coronation Medal. Publi- 
cations : Translation of the "Peking 
Gazette." Recreat ion: Riding. Ad- 
dress: H.B.M. Legation, Peking, 

broker, Hon. Secretary, Stock Ex- 
change ; b. 1863. Educ. : French 
School, Turkey ; John C o u n o M 
High School, Bombay. Addret* : 
3, Beaconsfield Arcade, Hongkong, 
and Peak Hotel, Hongkong. 

JOSLING, Lieut. -Col. Charles Lang- 
ford (HONGKONG), R.A. Med. Corps; 
in command, Military Hospital ; 
b. Jan. 7, 1862. Major, R. A. Medical 
Corps, May 30, 1897 ; Lieut.-Col., 
May 30, 1905 ; special service, South 
Africa, March 1, 1900, to Aug. 29 r 
1902 ; served in W. Coast of Africa, 
1893-4, operations against the Sofas, 
expedition to the Gambia against 
Fodey Silah (mentioned despat- 




dies, May 4. 1894) ; Ashanti Expedi- 
tion, 1895-6 ; operations in Sierra 
Leoue, 1898-9 ; S. African War, 1899- 
1902, special Service Officer (P.M.O. 
Rhodesian Field Force), operations 
in Rhodesia, Oct. 11, 1899, to May 
25, 1900, operations in the Trans- 
vaal, West of Pretoria, July to 
Nov., 1900, operations in Cape 
Colony, north of Orange River. 
Decorations: Medal with clasp, W. 
Africa ; star, Ashantee ; King's 
Medal with 2 clasps.. Club : Hong- 
kong. Address : Military Head- 
quarters, Hongkong. 

JUDGE, Thomas (BANGKOK), M.A. ; 
Schoolmaster ; b. May 25, 1872 ; m. 
1901, Amy Annie, (7. of late Henry 
Nargal Velge. Educ. : Magdalen 
College School, Brackley (President 
of Magdalen's Medallist, 1889), Mag- 
dalen College School, Oxford (Dan- 
berry Medallist, 1892) ; St. John's 
College, Oxford (1st class in Honour 
School of Natural Science, 1896). 
Assistant Teacher, Suan Kularb 
Boy's School, Bangkok. Club: 
Bangkok United. Address : Bang- 
kok, Siam. 

JUI, Prince (see : K'UEI-PIN). 

native of Manchuria. Judicial Ad- 
visor to Japanese after capture of 
Peking, 1900 ; appointed to organise 
modern force of gendarmerie, Pe- 
king, Taotai of the Kuang-Jao- 
Chiu - Nan Intendancy, Kiangsi 
(Kiukiang Customs Taotai), 1905 ; 
Tartar General, Hangchow; Taotai, 
Shanghai, Jan., 1906 ; credited with 
being, an enlightened official ; 
donated 310,000 for erection oi 

hospital shortly after appointment 
to Shanghai. 

JUI-LIANG (HONAN), Treasurer ; native 
of Manchuria. Chief Secretary, 
Board of Foreign Affairs, Dec., 
1901 ; Treasurer, Honan, July, 1903. 

JU-LIN, Lieut. - General (MUKDEN), 
native of Manchuria ; metropolitan 
graduate. Sub-Expositor, Hanlin 
Academy, Dec., 1894; sub-Reader. 
Hanlin, Dec., 1895 ; Chief Supervisor 
of Instruction, Oct., 1898; Com- 
missioner, Office of Transmission, 
1901; Vice-President, Board of 
Punishments at Mukden, Feb., 
1903 ; Deputy Assistant Lieut.-Gen- 
eral, Blue Manchu Banner Corps, 
July, 1905. 

JULLIDIERE, Pierre Marie (HANOI), 
Assistant Directeur General des 
Travaux Publics ; Inge"nieur en 
Chef de 2e classe des Ponts et 
Chausse'es ; b. Oct. 29, 1861. Entree 
1' Administration, Mars. 1, 1901 ; 
Assistant Directeur, Janv. 1, 1905. 
Decoration : Chevalier de la Legion 
d'Honneur ; Officier d'Academie. 
Address : Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo- 

Grand Council; native of Mongolia; 
metropolitan graduate. Reader, 
Grand Secretariat ; Director, Court 
of State Ceremonial, May, 1898 ; 
Deputy Commissionei', Office of 
Transmission, Jan., 1899; Director, 
Grand Court of Revision, May, 
1901 ; Superintendent, Peking 
Granaries, President, Peking Board 
of Punishments, Jan., 1903 ; Pre- 
sident Board of Ceremonies, Oct., 




1903 ; President Board of Revenue, 
Nov. 1903 ; Member of Council of 
Government, Dec., 1903 ; Grand 
Councillor, Jan., 1904. 

JUNGHUI (MUKDEN), Vice-President, 
Board of Ceremonies; native of 
Mongolia. Sub-Director, Imperial 
Stud Court, 1884 ; do., Court of 
Sacrificial Worship, 1887 ; Director, 
Court of Entertainments, June, 

1887 ; Director, Sacrificial Worship, 

1888 ; Sub-Chancellor, Grand Sec- 
retariat, Dec., 1890 ; Vice-President, 
Board of War, March, 1894 ; Deputy 
Lieut.-General, Plain White Banner 
Corps, Dec., 1896; Vice-President, 
Board of Ceremonies, Jan., 1899; 
do., Board of Ceremonies, Mukden, 
March, 1902. 

JUNG, P'EI (CHEXTAI), Taotai; native 
of Manchuria. Lanchou Tao 
(Kansu), Feb., 1903: Taotai of 
Chentai Intendancy, Chinese 
Turkestan, Nov., 1905. 

JUPP, John Ambrose (HONGKONG), 
Partner ,1. D. Humphreys and Son, 
land and estate agents ; ft. 1872. 
Educ. : St. Helen's College, South- 

sea. Became partner in firm J. D. 
Humphreys and Son, in 1896, prior 
to which connected with Mr. J. D. 
Humphreys. Clubs : Hongkong, 
Jockey Club (steward), Golf and 
Cricket. Address : " lanmor," Peak r 

JUST, Albert Wolfgang (KUALA 
LUMPUR), B.A.; Acting Registrar; 
b, Feb 12, 1869. Junior Ofn> ;r, State 
of Perak, July, 1892; passed final 
examination in Malay, Aug., 1893 ; 
Assistant to District Magistrate 
and Collector of Land Revenue, 
Krian, Jan., 1894 ; Magistrate, 
Seremban, Jan., 1903; acting 
Registrar of Titles, and Collector 
of Land Revenue, Kuala Lumpur, 
1906. Address: Kuala LuVipur, 
Selangor, Federated Malay States. 

JUSTI, Dr. Karl (HONGKONG), M.D. ; 
Medical practitioner ; b. March 3, 
1873. Five years study and six years 
assistant in different hospitals; 
partner in firm, Drs. Muller _an<* 
Justi. Club : Germania. Address: 
" Fairview," Robinson Road,. 



XABAYAMA, Admiral Count Suke- 
nori (TOKYO), Privy Councillor ; b. 
Satsuma, Nov., 1837. Was OH Staff 
of Major-General Tani (then Com- 
mander of Kumamoto Army Divi- 
sion) in Civil War of 1877, as Lieut. - 
1'olonel ; transferred to Navy, 1884 ; 
promoted Vice-Admiral, 1885; ap- 
pointed Vice-Minister, 1886, and 
Mkiister of Navy, 1890-1892; in 
rhino-Japanese War was Chief 
of Naval Staff, and, on board 
t r a n s p o r t " Saikyo-maru," was 
present at battle of Yellow Sea, 
Sept., 1894; was first Governor of 
Formosa ; appointed Minister of 
Home Affairs, Sept., 1896, to Dec., 
1897 ; Minister of Education, Nov., 
1898, to Sept., 1900; Privy Council- 
lor, 1904; promoted full Admiral, 
May, 1895 ; created Viscount, 1884, 
as reward for distinguished service 
in connection with Restoration ; 
created Count, 1895, for services in 
Chino- Japanese War. Decoration : 
2nd order of the Golden Kite. 
Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

and General Broker. Head of firm 
of E. S. Kadoorie and Co. Clul : 
Hongkong. Addrexx : St. George's 
Building, Hongkong. 

KAGAWA, Viscount Keizo (TOKYO), 

Lord Steward of Empress's House- 
hold ; b., Mito, Nov., 1839. Ap- 
pointed an Official in Imperial 
Household Department in 1870 ; 
has occupied present position 
since 1880 ; created Viscount, 1887. 
Ad drex s : Tokyo, Japan. 

and Proprietor of "The Union;" 
came to China, 1859. Publications : 
Several works on China. Address : 
21.\, Nanking Road, Shanghai, 

KAIJIMA, Tasuke ( F u K r o K v ) , 
Coal-mine proprietor ; b. Fukuoka- 
ken, Oct., 1844. Is lessee of a largo 
tract of coal-bearing area in 
Fukuoka-ken. JW /<?**: Fukuoka- 
ken, Japan. 

KAIYEDA, Viscount Keizo (TOKYO), 
Privy Councillor ; b. S a t s u m a , 
Feb., 1832. Was prominent in con- 
nection with Restoration ; created 
Viscount, 1887. Add. res* : Tokyo, 
la pan. 

KAMADA, Yeikichi (TOKYO), President. 
of the Keiogijiku (private school) ; 
b. 1858, at Kii. Elected to Lower 
House, March, 1894; at one time 
held important post in service of 
Bank of Japan; has since bom 
Prosident of Keiogijiku. A </!, u . 
Tokyo, Japan. 




XAMIMURA, Vics-Admiral Hikonojo 
( TOKYO ), Commander - in - Chief, 
Yoko.suka Station ; b. at Satsuma, 
May 5, 1850. Was Captain of 
cruiser " Akitsushima " in Chino- 
Japanese War, 1894-1895 ; Captain 
of battleship, "Asahi," 1899; pro- 
moted Vice- Admiral, 1903; visited 
Australia with a training squadron 
in 19U3 ; on outbreak of Russo- 
Japanese War was appointed Corn- 
mander-iu-Chief of 2nd Japanese 
Squadron, and sank the "Rurik," 
and seriously damaged the " Gro- 
inoboi" and the " Rossia," in the 
encounter off the eastern coast of 
Corea, Aug. 14, 1904 ; and later 
forced the "Novik" aground on 
Saghalien ; appointed to present 
post, 1906. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

KANAI, Noburu ( TOKVO ), LL.D. ; 
Professor of Tokyo University ; b. 
1865. Educ.: Germany, 1886-1890. 
Councillor of Financial Depart- 
ment, 1892-1898 ; has occupied 
present position since 1891. Ad- 
- : Tokyo, Japan. 

3LANEKO, Baron Kentaro (TOKYO), 
LL.D.; Member of the Privy Coun- 
cil ; b. Fukuoka, Feb., 1853. Edvc. : 
Harvard University, U.S. Appoint- 
ed Private Secretary to Marquis 
Ito when he was Prime Minister, 
* 1885-1888, and when he was Pre- 
sident of Privy Council, 1838-90 ; 
Chief Secretary of House of Peers, 
1890 ; Vice- Mi nister of Agriculture 
;uul Commerce, 1891-96; cr. Baron, 
1835 ; Minister of Agriculture and 
Commerce, April-June, 1898 ; Minis- 
ter of Justice, Oct., 1900, to May, 
19)1; on outbreak of war with 

Russia, was sent to U.S.A. as 
Japanese emissary ; was granted 
LL.D. by Harvard University, and 
is President of " America's Fri- 
ends " Society, composed of men 
who have been to America. Ad- 
dress : Tokyo, Japan. 

KAN-IN, Prince (TOKYO), General ; b. 
Sept. 22, 1865 ; m. Princess Chiyeko, 
Dec. 19, 1891. Educ. : Japan and 
France. Appointed sub-Lieutenant 
of Cavalry in Japan, 1887 ; during 
Russo-Japanese war had supreme 
command of Cavalry Brigade at- 
tached to Marshal Oyama's army, 
with rank of Lieut.-Generl. A<t- 
drcss: Tokyo, Japan. 

KANO, Jigoro (TOKYO), President of 
Tokyo Higher Normal School ; h. 
llyogo, Oct., i860. Director and 
Professor of Peer's School, 1885 ; 
Director of Special Education 
Bureau, 1898 ; lias held present 
situation .since 1901 ; is a mnster of 
the art of "Jujitsn." A<l<! r<>*x : 
Tokyo. .In pan. 

KATAYAMA. Kuniyoshi (TOKYO), Dr. 
of Medicine ; b. Shizuoka-ken, July, 
1855. Educ. : Austria and Germany, 
1884-1888. Has been Professor of 
Tokyo University since 1888 ; is 
Vice-Chairman of '"Dojinkai," a 
medical association for befriending 
China and Corea. Address: Tokyo, 

KATO, Baron Hiroyuki (TOKYO), 
LL.D., Member of House of Peers ; 
b. Tajima, June, 1836. Until 1893 
was President of Tokyo Imperial 
University ; occupied present posi- 
tion since 1S90 ; one of the pioneer 



scholars of Western learning, and 
has aided materially in introducing 
Western Civilization to Japan ; 
created Baron, 1900. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

KATO, MasayosM (TOKYO), Vice- 
President of Nippon Yusen Kaisha 
(Japan Mail Steamship Co.) ; 6. 
Feb., 1854. Was, for a considerable 
period, a clerk in the Hyogo Local 
Office ; resigned to enter Nippon 
Ynsen Kaisha ; elected Director of 
the Company, 1889; Managing 
Director, 1893. Address : Tokyo, 

KATO, Masuo (TOKYO), ex-Adviser to 
the Corean Government; b. Nov., 
1854, in Mie-Ken. Clerk in the 
Foreign Office, 1877 ; Chancellor of 
the Legation at Hague ; Councillor 
of Foreign Office, 1891 ; (Jousul at 
Fusan, 1894 ; removed to Seoul as 
Secretary of Legation and 
ultimately became Minister; ap- 
pointed adviser of Corean Govern- 
ment, 1899. A ddress: Tokyo, 

KATO, Taka-akira (TOKYO), G.C.M.G., 
Proprietor of "Nichi Nichi" 
Newspaper; b. at Nagoya, Jan., 
1857. Educ.: Tokyo University. 
Was Private Secretary to Minister 
of Foreign Affairs, 1888 ; transferred 
to Banking Bureau, Taxation 
Bureau, etc., f Finance Office; 
Minister at London, 1894-1899; 
Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1900- 
1901; elected M.P., Aug., 1902 and 
March, 1903; Proprietor of "Nichi 
Nichi" since 1904; Minister of 
Foreign Affairs in the S'aionji 

Cabinet from Jan. to March, 1906. 
Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

KATO, Tsunetada (TOKYO), Minister 
at Brussels ; b. at Matsuyama. 1859. 
Attach^ at Paris, 1886; Secretary 
at the Foreign Office, 1891 ; trans- 
ferred as Secretary, to the Legation 
at Paris, 1892-97 ; recalled home and 
appointed Private Secretary ; Min- 
ister Resident three years later ; 
Minister to Belgium, 1902. Address : 
Japanese Legation, Brussels, 
Beligium ; Tokyo, Japan. 

KATSURA, General Count Taro 
(TOKYO), ex- Prime Minister; b. 
Nov., 1847, at Choshu. Educ.: in 
Germany. Fought in Restoration 
War as Imperialist Vice-Minister 
of War, 1886-1891; Commander of 
the famous Nagoya Army Division 
during Chino-Japanese War, 1894- 
1895; Governor-General of Foimosa,. 
1896 ; Minister for War, 1898 to 1900 ; 
Prime Minister from June, 1901, to 
Jan., 19C6 ; created Count, 1902, on 
occasion of signing of Anglo- 
Japanese Treaty ; resigned Prime 
Ministership, Jan., 1906. Deco- 
rations: 3rd Order of Golden Kite. 
Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

KAUZAKI, Naozo (TOKYO), Manager 
and Editor, "British Trade Journal' 
(Japanese Edition) ; b. Oct. 9, 1861 ; 
m. May, 1883. Educ. : Imperial Uni- 
versity, Tokyo. Imperial Japanese 
Commissioner to the Louisiana 
Purchase Exposition, 1904 ; Sec- 
retary, House of Peers under 
Baron Kentaro Kaueko, Chief Sec- 
retary (now Privy Councillor) , 
Professor of English, Waseda Uni- 
versity. Decoration : 6th Order of 

WHO'S WHO IN THE FAIJ KAsT (Jirsfl) 1906-7. 


Rising Sun. Club* : Japan, ami In- 
dustrial, Tokyo. Addrffix: Kagaclio, 
Kobashi, Tokyo. Japan. 

KAWAMURA, General Baron 

(TOKYO), Commander of Tokyo 
Ganison; /-. Feb., lh'5<>, in Kago- 
shima. Commanded Biigade in the 
Chiuc- Japanese War; Commander 
of the Fmt Aimy Divi.-ioii (Tokyo) ; 
created Baron, 18CU ; led Himeji 
Division in Russo-Japanese War, 
and later appointed Commander of 
Aimy which formed Extreme right 
in. the Battle of Mukden ; appointed 
Commander of Tokyo Ganison, 
1911!. .1 MM* : Tokyo, Japan. 

KAWASAKI, Hachemon (TOKYO), 
Banker; ft. Dec., 1834, at Hitachi. 
Founded the Kawasaki Bank, <.ne 
of the leading family b; nks of 
Tokyo. A fltlnxs : Tokyo, Japan. 

KAYA, Prince (IsE), Lord Guaidian 
of the linpeiial Shrine at Ise ; //. 
June 1, 1867 ; /. > 7 ov., 1892, I rinc-ss 
Yoshiko, e. d. of Mr.iqiiis Paigo. 

A<1<lrf*>i : Ise, Japr.n. 

KENG, Dr. Lim Boon (SIMUPOUK), 
M. B., C.M., Edin. ; I) o c t o r of 
Medicine ; l>. lCf). Edin:. : Raffles 
In.vtituticn, Singapore ; Edinburgh 
I'niversity ; Cambridge University ; 
(Queen's Scholar, Straits Settle- 
ments, 1887-1891. Fellow of Royal 
Medical Society, E d i n b u r g h ; 
member of Legislative Council, 
1895-1903; J.P. ; member Com de 
Hoc. de Med. de Ghand ; Municipal 
Commissioner of town of Singa- 
pore ; member of Chinese Advisory 
Board ; Member of Council of 
M. lava Bra-.n-h of P.nlish Medical 

Association ; Representative cf 
British Medical Association en 
Committee of Straits and Federated 
Malay States Government Medical 
School, and lecturer on Materia 
Medica and Therapeutics at School. 
'Publications: Editor of "Straits 
Chinese Magazine ". A ddret* : The 
Dispensary, Singapore, Straits 



i KENNEDY, Henry Albert (1'i.r 
SELAXGOK), Federated Malay States 
Civil Service ; b. June 27, 1877. 
Passed in Law and Malay; acting 
District Officer, Kuala Kul.ui, 1902 ; 
acting assistant Secretary to Re- 
sident of Selangor, 1903-1904 ; acting 
assistant Distiict Officer, Kuala 
Knbu, 1904 ; acting assistant 
District Officer, Ulu Selangor, 1906. 
Ailili-rxx : riu Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

KENNY, William Eyre (in ALA Lt M- 
PI-K), A.M.I.C.E. ; E ..cntive Kn- 
gineer ; b. Aug. 15, 1867. Public 
Works Department and Artillery, 
New Zealand, 188C-90 ; Siuvey De- 
partment and Public Works De- 
partment, S a r a w a k, 1891-4 ; 
Superintendent of Works, Province 
Wtllesley, acting Deputy Colonial 
Kngineer and Surveyor General, 
1895 ; duty in Singapore, 1893-1902 ; 
acting State Engineer, Selangor, 
190,] ; Executive Engineer, Public 
Works Depai tment, Kuala Lumpur, 
1906. Address : Kuala Lumpur, 
Selangor, Federated Malay States. 

KENNY, William Joseph (MANILA), 
F.R.G.S. ; n.B.M. Ccnsul-General 
for Philippine Islands ; 1. Auj. 29, 
1859, at Kilkenny, c. *. of P.itiick 



Joseph Kenny, J.P., Kingsmeadow 
House, Waterford, and Elizabeth 
Williams, Drumleigh. Editc.. : 
Christian Brothers' School, Water- 
ford ; French College, Blackrock ; 
Germany ; Senior Scholarship, 
Blackrock College. Appointed 
Student Interpreter in Japan, 1880; 
Registrar and Interpreter of 
H.M.'s Court for Japan, until 1895 ; 
Vice-Consul, Tokyo, 1896; Barrister 
Gray's Inn, 1896 ; Consul for Hako- 
date and Niigata, and Consul for 
Tainan, Formosa, 1896 ; H.M.'s 
acting Commissioner and Consul- 
General for the Hawaiian Islands 
at Honolulu, 1898; present post, 
since 1902. Recreations : Sports, 
exploration. Address* : British 
Consulate General, Manila ; and 
Kingsmeadow House, Wateiford, 

KENT, Maurice Morton (BATAXW 
PADANG), Federated Malay States 
Civil Service; b. July 24, 1867. Assis- 
tant Surveyor, Straits Settlements, 
1886-89; Surveyor on Lahuk River, 
British North Borneo, 1889-1891; 
^Hcting District Surveyor, Batang 
PacfcHjg, 1898. Address: Batang 
Padang, Perak, Federated Malay 

KENT, Percy Horace Braund (Tu;v 
TSIN), Barrister-at-Law ; b. Sept. 11, 
1876 ; m. 1901, Anna Mary, ?/. d. of 
late Rev. Henry Kingdon Simcox, of 
Harborne House, sometime Rector 
of Eweline, Oxon. Ednc. : Rugby ; 
Corpus Chribti College, Oxford. 
Club : National Liberal, Whitehall. 
Address : Tientsin, North China. 

KER, William Pollock (X A .\ K i x <t), 

H.B.M. Consul. Appointed Student 
Interpreter in China, July 26, 1888 ; 
1st class Assistant, Sept. 27, 1897 ; 
acting Consul at Soochow, 1897 to 
1898 ; acting Vice-Consul at Shang- 
hai, 1898 to 1899; employed as As- 
sistant in Chinese Secretary's Office, 
Peking, 1899 ; promoted Vice-Consul 
at Pagoda Island, Feb. 24, 1900 ; was 
at Peking during siege, 1900 ; acting 
Consul at Wuhu, 1901 to 1902 ; pro- 
moted Consul at Wuhu, April 5, 
1902 ; called to Bar at Middle Tem- 
ple, June 24, 1903; Consul at Nan- 
king, 1906.* : China 
Medal and Clasp. Address : H.B.M. 
Consulate, Nanking, China. 

gineer and Mill Manager; b. 1868. 
Ednc. : Dnkinfleld Old Chapel 
School ; Dukintield T e c h n i c a 1 
School ; Manchester Technical 
School. Trained as mill mechanic 
and departmental foreman in 
manufacture of cotton, wool and 
silk, 1882-90 ; teacher in those 
subjects at evening classes, Dnkin- 
h'eld Technical School : 1st honours, 
Scholar in Cotton Manufacture, 
City Guilds, London ; won the Koch 
Scholarship ; Spinning and Carding 
Master and Assistant Manager at 
Newton Moor Cotton Spinning Co., 
Ltd., Dukinfield ; Head Manager at 
Messrs. John Leech and Sons, 
Grosvenor St. Mills, Stalybridge, 
1891-96 ; Manager and Engineer in 
Chief of Ewo Cotton Spinning and 
Weaving Co., Ltd., Shanghai, since 
1897; member of Council of Shang- 
hai Architects' and Kngineers' 
Society; Past President of As- 
sociation of Lancastrians in China. 



l)<-<-<irli<>i> : China Medal. Club. : 
shanghai. Address: Ewo Cotton 
Spinning and Weaving Co., Shang- 
hai. China. 

XERSHAW, The mas (KOBK), Con- 
Milting Mechanical and Electrical 
Engineer, and Inspecting Engineer 
and Suiveyor for Fire Insurance 
Offices; b. Dec. 15, 18(58. Educ.: 
Farnworth Grammar School, near 
Manchester, England. Clubs: 
Masonic, Kobe. Address : Xo. 2, of 
42, Kitano-cho, 3, Chom.e, Kobe, 

XETTLEWELL, Rev. Fred. (Kom:), 
B.A., L.Th. ; Minister and Mis- 
sionary ; b. Aug. 5, 1877. Educ. : N.E. 
County School ; Durham School ; 
Durham University ; Mathematical 
Scholar of Durham University, 
1898 ; Lightfoot Scholar and Under- 
graduates Exhibitioner, 1900; 1st 
<-lass, mathematics, 1st year ; 2nd 
class, mathematics for degree, 1900; 
1st class, Theology (L. Th.) 1901. 
President of Durham Union Society, 
1901 ; ordained Deacon by Arch- 
bishop of York, Sept., 1901 ; 
ordained Piiest, Dec., 1902; Curate 
of Goole, 1901-C5; became S.P.G. 
Missionary at Kobe, Diocese of 
'Osaka, 19C6. Address: 5, Naka- 
yamate-cho, Sanchome, Kobe, 

.KEUN, Dr. Alfred Havelock(PENANG), 

M.B., B. Ch., Edin. ; House Sur- 
geon, General Hospital, Singapore, 
April 1, 1900 ; Superintendent 
Colonial Surgeon, Straits Settle- 
ments, Nov. 17, 1900 ; Colonial 
Surgeon, Province We lies ley, 
:South, Mar. 1, 1901 ; Quarantine 

Camp and Leper Hospital, Penang, 
1905-6. Address: Penang, Straits 

, Frederick Hoard (HONGKONG), 
Dr. Dental Surgery. Address: 
Alexandra Buildings, Hongkong. 

KEYT, Dr. Frederic ( HONGKONG ), 
M.B..M.D.; Medical Practitioner; 
b. 1866. Educ. : Aberdeen Univer- 
sity, took degrees M.B. and C.M., 
1888, M.D. and D.P.H., 1902. As- 
sistant Colonial Surgeon and Dis- 
trict Commissioner, British 
Honduras, 1892 to 1902 ; transferred 
to Hongkong, 1902 ; second Port 
Health Officer. Clubs: Hongkong; 
Cricket and Corinthian Yacht, 
Hongkong. A d d > e s .? : Kowloon, 

KIANG-SU, Emperor of China (*ee : 


KIDDLE, Lieut. -Commander John 
(HONGKONG), R.N. ; in command of 
II. M. torpedo boat destroyer 
" Otter." Lieutenant, Sept. 30, 
1898; appointed to command, May 
15, 1905. Club: Hongkong. Ad- 
dress : H.M.S. " Otter," Hongkong. 

KIKUCHI, Baron Dairoku (TOKYO); 
Hon. Professor Imperial University; 
Member of House of Peers; b. March 
17, 1855, m. May 5, 1878. Educ. : 
Kaiseijo; University College School, 
London ; St. John's College, Cam- 
bridge, Professor of Mathematics, 
Imperial University, 1877-98 ; Direc- 
tor of Science College, Imperial 
University, 1881-93 ; President of 
Imperial University, 1898-1901; 
Director of Bureau of Special In- 
struction in Department of Etluca- 




tion, 1897 ; Vice-Minister of Educa- 
tion, 1897-98 ; Minister of Education, 
1901-03 ; President of the Peers' 
School, 1904-05; Delegate to Inter- 
national Meridian Conference at 
Washington, 1884; member of Tokyo 
Academy, since 1889 ; member and 
sometime President of Seismologi- 
cal Investigation Committee; 
created Baron, 1903; took part in 
establishing present system of 
Weights and Measures, also of 
Standard Times, of Japan ; served 
on many educational and scientific 
commissions, and acted as judge at 
national exhibitions. Decoration* : 
3rd order of Rising Sun, 2nd order 
of Mirror. Publications : Has pub- 
lished several works, chiefly on 
mathematics. Club*: Nippon; 
Peers. Address: 14, Yumicho 
Itchome, Hongo, Tokyo, Japan. 

KIKUCHI, Takeo (Toiv.o), LL.D. ; 
Solicitor ; Member of House of 
Peers ; b. 1854, at Morioka. fidu-c.: 
Boston University. Lecturer at 
Tokyo University, 1831 ; Councillor 
of Justice Department, 1884 ; 
Private Secretary to the Minister 
of Justice, 1836; resigne 1 :is 
Director of Bureau of Justice, 1891 ; 
President of the " Hogakuin " 
(l*rivate Law College). Adiln.'** : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

chant ; b. Nov., 1834. Connected 
with Yokohama Electric Light Co., 
the Specie Bank, and other impor- 
tant establishments ; was Member 
of the House of Peers. Addf'** : 
Yokohama, Japan. 

KINDER. Claude William (TIKNTSIN). 

C.M.U., M.I.C.E. ; General Manage 
and Engineer-in-Chief, Imperial 
Chinese Railways ; b. Aug. 10, 185-j, 
*. of late Major T. \V. Kinder ; m. 
1879, Mary, d. 'of Harabumi Asai, 
of Tokyo. Served on Civil Staff, 
Chinese Imperial Railways, 1901, 
mentioned in despatches ; Member 
of Society of Civil Engineers of 
U.S. ; Life Member of National 
Rifle Associaton, England; Fellow, 
Hakluyt Society. Decorations: 
China Medal, and Clasp, Relief of 
Peking, 19JO;Imperial Chinese Order 
of the Double Dragon. Recreatin,i* 
" Game, target, rifle shotting. Club : 
Royal Societies. Add ><*.-< .- 
Tientsin or Tongshan, China. 

KING, HamiltDn (B.V.\<;KOK), Envoy 
E x t r a o r d i n a r y and Minister 
Plenipotentiary f,.r U.S.A. Ap- 
pointed 1905. Ad'Ji\\** : United 
States Legation. Bangkok. Siam. 

KING, Harold Frederick (TFKXTSIN). 
1st class Assistant, II.B.M. Con- 
sular Service. Appointed Student 
Interpreter in China, Aug. '23, 1891 ; 
acting Consul at \Vuhu, 1894; 1st 
class Assistant, Feb. 24, 1900 : 
acting Vice-Consul at Shanghai, 
1900; acting Consul at Hangeho\\ . 
1900 tp 19D1 ; acting Registrar and 
Chief Clerk of Supreme Court. 
Shanghai, 1901 ; acting Consul at 
Hangchow, 1931 to 1902; Assistant 
in Shipping Office, Shanghai, 1902 ; 
acting Assistant Judge. Shanghai, 
1902 to 1903; acting Consul at 
Hangchow, 1903; at Tientsin, 19)4 ; 
promoted Vice-Consul at Tientsin, 
May 5, 1904. AdJ,?** . II.B.M. 
Consulate, Tientsin, China. 



KING. Joseph Leeman (SINGAPORE), 
A ssistant Treasurer. European 
master, Government English School, 

Straits Settlements, Oct. 4, 1889; 
.assistant Treasurer, Singapore, 
April 17, 1899. Address : Singapore, 
straits Settlements. 

KING, Robert Hsnry (HO.VGKONG), 
B.A., B.AL, A.M.I.C.E. ; Civil En- 
gineer ; b., April 13, 1871. Hdnc. : 
(Graduated, Trinity College, Dublin; 
Arts, June. 1894, Engineering, Oct., 
1894. Resident Engineer, Mary- 
borough Waterworks, 1896 ; Con- 
structional Engineer, Donegal Rail- 
ways Extension 1898, also to Hill 
of llowtli Electiic Railway, 1900; 
to Metropolitan District Under- 
ground Railway Extension, 1900; 
to London and North Western and 
Gfeat Western joint railway wide- 
ning from Chester to Birkenhead, 
19(>2; H. M. Naval Yard Extension, 
Hongkong, 1902. Clubs : Royal 
Societies ; St. James' ; Hongkong. 
Address : " Darrissdeer,'' Hong- 

KING, Walter (HONGKONG), Book- 
seller; b. Nov. 27, 1869. Joined 
Kelly and Walsh, Ltd., in Shanghai, 
1892; Manager, Hongkong branch, 
1896; Junior Warden, Zetland 
Lodge, 1906 ; Treasurer, Zetland 
Lodge, 1905. : Bowling Club. 
Address: York Building, Chater 
Road, Hongkong. 

KING, William Coleby (Ki ALA Li M- 
PUR), Federated Malay States Civil 
Service; b. July 18, 1864. Joined 
Gaol Department, and Audit Office, 
Perak, 1894-1895; assistant Ac- 
ouii tant of Federated Malay States 

i Railways, in 1903. Addrcxa: Kuala 
Lumpur, Selangor, Federated Malay 

KINGSMILL, Thomas William 
(SHANGHAI), Architect; b. 1887. 
Kduc. : Privately. Has been largely 
engaged in exploration and survey- 
ing work in China, especially- 
geological ; under instructions from 
Chang Yeo, progressive Governor 
of Shantung Province, surveyed 
and reported on northern section 
of Imperial Canal, which had been 
dislocated by change in course of 
Yellow River, 1887, but, owing to 
obstructive policy of Peking Go- 
vernment, controlled largely at 
time by late Li Hung Chang, recom- 
mendations of report were never 
carried out ; has since been engaged 
in exploration of coal fields in 
Shantung and Szechwan ; has made 
special study of ancient literature 
and history of China, and has 
contributed to knowledge of 
ethnography of Central Asia in 
prehistoric times. I'ublications : 
Political and financial articles to 
"N.C. Daily Herald," "Shanghai 
Mercury," Hongkong " Daily Press" 
and papers in scientific journals. 
^l</r//v.s'.s' .- Shanghai, China. 


KINOSHITA, Hiroji (Kvoro), Pre- 
sident of Imperial University, 
Kyoto, Member of the House of 
Peers ; It. Jan., 1851, at Kumamoto. 
Was Director of Special Education ' 
Bureau and Master of the First 
High School. Address : Tokyo, 

sident. Cadet Sarawak Civil Services 




Limbaiig, Aug., 1892 ; Extra Officer, 
Simang-gang, Jan., 1893; Resident, 
2nd class, Mar., 1898; of Upper 
Rejang, May, 1809 ; Resident, 2nd 
class, Savong, Feb., 1901; Resident, 
Kapit, 1905-1906. Address: Kapit, 
Sarawak, Borneo. 

Solicitor ; b. 1882, at T o 1 1 o r i . 
Educ. : France. Was an official in 
Justice Department and assisted 
in compilation of the new codes ; 
was one of the founders of the 
Meiji Law College. Address : Tokyo, 

KITAGAKI, Baron Kunimichi 
(TOKYO), President of Hokkaido 
Railway Co., Member of House of 
Peers; b. Aug., 1836, at Tottori. 
Has been Secretary of Home De- 
partment and Governor of several 
Prefectures ; was appointed Vice- 
Minister of Home Affairs ; resigned 
in 1899. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

KITAO, Jiro (TOKYO), Dr. of Science ; 
b. Aug., 1854, at Matsuye. Educ. : 
Germany, 1872-82. Professor of Im- 
perial University, Tokyo, 1886; 
transferred to Agricultural College, 
1890. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

2nd s. of late Prince Yoshi-hisa ; b. 
April 18, 1887. Address: Tokyo, 
Japan . 

KITAZATO, Dr. Shibasaburo (TOKYO), 
Government Service ; b. at 
Kumamoto, Dec., 1856. Educ.: 
Germany. Discovered the genus of 
tetanus, diphtheria, pest (in con- 
juncton with Dr. Aoyama at Hong- 
kong), noted bacteriologist ; has 

charge of the Gov. Blood- serum 
Laboratory. Add re**: Tokyo, Japan. 

KIYOURA, Barcn Keigo (TOKVO). 
Privy Councillor ; b. at Kumamoto. 
Feb., 1850. Minister of Justice, 1888- 
1900 and 1901-1903; created Baron, 
1802 ; Minister of Agriculture and 
Commerce, from July, 1903 to 
Jan., 1906; appointed Pi-ivy Coun- 
cillor, April, 1906. Address : Tokyo, 

General for Russia. A <7<//vxx 
Russian Consulate, 31A, Szechutn 
Road, Shanghai, China. 

KNAGGS, A. L. ( PKKAK ), Federate.! 
Malay States Civil Service ; b. Nov. 
7, 186:5. Secretary to Chief Justice, 
Singapore, 1885 ; Works Depart- 
ment, Krian, 1888-1890 ; acting 
Settlement Officer and Registrar of 
Titles, Larut, 1891 ; assistant Magi- 
strate, Kinta, 1591: Land Officer, 
Lower Perak, 1892; assistant Magi- 
strate, Krian and Ipoh, 1893-1895 ; 
acting District Magistrate, Matang, 
Chief Assistant Magistrate, Kinta. 
1899 ; acting District Magistrate, 
Matang, Kuala Kangsar, and 
Krian, 1930-1931 ; acting assistant 
District Officer, Kinta, 1903 ; 
assistant District Officer and 
Deputy Registrar of Titles North 
Perak, 1904. Address: North Perak, 
Federate:! Malay states. 

KNAPP, A. M. (YOKOHAMA), Klitoi of 
"Japan Advertiser;" b. 1811, at 
Massachusetts, U.S.A. Arrived in 
Japan as Missionary, 1837 ; has 
occupied present position, sine;- 
1931. Adiin'xx: Yokohama, Japan. 




RNIDER, Frederick Thomas (Pno- 

VINTE WELLESLEY), Assistant Su- 
perinteudent of Works; b. June 5, 
1876. Employed on Singapore- 
Kranji Railway construction, 1900 ; 
appointed Assistant Superinten- 
dent of Works, and assumed duties 
in Province Wellesley, 1903. Ad- 
dress : Province Wellesley, Straits 

KNOCKER, Fred. Win. (TAIINM;), 
Museum Curator. Educ. : Haber- 
dashers' School, London ; studied 
natural science at University 
College, Bristol. Assistant Curator, 
Town Museum, Leicester, Oct., 
1892 ; sub-Curator, Civic Museum, 
Bristol, Jan., 1898 ; Settlement 
Officer, Negri Sembilan, Federated 
Malay States, Feb., 1901; Curator, 
State Museum, Perak, May, 1904. 
A ddress : Taiping, Perak, Fede- 
rated Malay States. 

KNOX, Licvit.-Commander John F. 

(SHANGHAI), R.N. ; in command of 
U.M. rivar gunboat " Woodlark." 
Lieutenant, June 30, 1898 ; appoint- 
ed to command, Jan. 9, 1905. Club : 
Shanghai. Address :tl.U.X. "Wood- 
lark," Shanghai, China. 

KOBA, Sadanaga (TOKYO), LL.D.; 
Vice-Minister of Education; b. Sept., 
1859. Educ.: Germany and Austria, 
1882-85. Private Secretary to Minis- 
ter of Education, 1885-92; later 
Director of Ordinary Education 
Bureau and Chief Councillor; Vice- 
Minister of Education. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

KOCH, John Godfrey (PERAK), F.S.I.; 

District Surveyor; b. Mar. 8, 1856; 

Ceylon Survey Department, 1875-80 ; 
Straits Settlement Revenue Survey 
Department, 1881-83 ; Surveyor, 
Ivriaii and Kuala Kangsar, and 
Settlement Officer, Kuala Kangsar, 
1894-1895 ; Districts nrveyor, 
Matang, 1896 ; acting District Sur- 
veyor, Larut, 1897-1898 ; District 
Surveyor, Lower Perak, 1899-1900 
Address: Lower Perak, Federated 
Malay States. 

KOCH, Dr. Wilfred Vincent Miller 
( HONGKONG ), M.D. ; Master of 
Surgery ; b. Oct. 29, 1862. Educ. : 
Royal High School, Edinburgh ; 
Edinburgh University, and St. 
Bartholomew's Hospital, London. 
Was Assistant Medical Officer, 
South Yorkshire Asylum, Wadsley, 
near Sheffield, 1884, and Hull 
Borough Asylum, 1881-88 ; entered 
Colonial Medical Service, 1889 
served in Trinidad (W.I.) in various 
medical appointments, 1889-1903 ; 
was Major Commanding Trinidad 
Artillery; on special service in 
Grenada (W.I.) 1900; held tem- 
porary appointments in Hospital 
for Diseases of Nose, Throat, and 
Ear, Golden Square and Royal 
Ophthalmic Hospital, London, 1901; 
transferred to Medical Depaitment, 
Hongkong, 1903 ; Justice of Peace, 
Hongkong. Clubs: Junior 
Atheupeum, London ; Union Club, 
Trinidad; Hongkong. Address: 
Government Civil Hospital, Hong- 

KODAMA, General Viscount Gentaro 
(TOKYO), Chief of General Staff ; b. 
at Choshu, Feb., 1852; Educ.: 
Germany. Was Captain in Civil 



190 0-7. 

\V;ir of 1877 ; a p p o i n t e d V i e e- 
Minister of War, 1892 ; Governor- 
General of Formosa with additional 
duty as Minister of War, Dee., 
1%0-Oct., 1992 ; Minister of Home 
Affairs. July-Get., 1903 ; shortly 
before outbreak of last Wai- 
appointed Vice-Chief of General 
Staff, retaining Governorship of 
Formosa, and Chief of Staff of 
Manchurian Army ; promoted pre- 
sent post, 1906; created Viscount. 
1906. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

vernor; native of Hupeh ; metropoli- 
tan graduate, 188'J. Compiler at 
Hanlin ; Literary Chancellor, 
Shuisi, Sept., 1S3S; 1-Nan Tao, 
Yunnan, Dec., 1899 ; Salt Commis- 
sioner, Anhwei, May, 1900; Judge, 
K i.-mgsi, 1901; Treasurer, Vunnin. 
Oft., 1901 ; do., Kiangsi, Oct. 1901; 
Governor of Kwangsi, July, 1908; 
Governor of Kueichou, May, 1904. 

KOKE, Matsuoka (TOKYO), &i mister 
for Agriculture and Commerce ; 
b. 18i6. Enterei G o v e r n m e n t 
service in 1870 as Secretary in De- 
p ailment of Justice, and became 
Chief Judge, officiating in that 
capacity at Tokyo and Kobe ; was 
appointed assistant < hief Secretary 
in Department of Justice, 18SO, an i 
became President of the Hiroshima 
Appeal Court in the s:une year; 
s.-nt to Europe to investigate 
judicial systems, 183(3, and was 
absent from Japan two years ; 
during a b s e n c e was appointed 
Judge of Supreme Court and 
Director of the Civil and Criminal 
Affairs Bureau; upon return to 

Japan was also appointed a mem- 
ber of the Law Code Investigation 
Committee ; President of the Tokyo 
Appeal Court, 1MX); Attorney 
Ceneral in the Supreme Court, 1891 ; 
appointed member of House of 
Peers, 1S91 ; Vice-Minister for Home 
Affairs, 1894 and 1S8 ; President 
of the Court of Administrative 
Litigation. 18')9-19i'(J ; given presei t 
portfolio. 190). Address: Tokyo, 
.1 apan. 

Member of the of Peeis ; b. 
13f>2, at Okayama. Secretary of 
Foreign Affairs, 1881; afterwards 
Secretary of Legation at Berlin ; 
Governor of Nagasaki-ken, &c. ; 
Vice-Minister of Justice and Vice- 
Minister of Home Affairs, Nov., 
1898-Sept., 1900 ; later joined the 
staff of the " Osaka Mainichi " 
Shimbun, but resigned in 1903. 
.(</(/, v-y.x .- Tokyo, Japan. 

K'O MENG-0, Lieut-General (USI-AX- 
KI ). Chinese Baniieimau. Tartar- 
General, Shenf-.i, l.S7o; do., Kansu, 
May, 1876 ; do.. Shensi. 1878 ; 
Officer (^ Guards; Tai tar-General, 
Sui-yuan, Shensi, July, 1884 ; 
degraded three steps and trans- 
ferred, Jan., 189;") ; Deputy Lieut.- 
General, Border White Banner 
Corps, 190(1; t lo.. Hsi-aii-fu, Jan., 

KOMOTO, Dr. Jujiro (TOKYO), 1'ro- 
fessor of Imperial University, 
Tokyo ; b. Aug., 1859. Edvc. : Ger- 
many and Austria, 1SS5-89. Add*'** : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

KOMURA, Baron Jutaro (TOKYO), 
Minister Plenipotentiary to the 



Court of St. Jnmes ; h. Sept., 1SV>, 
:xt Hyuga. Ednc. : Harvard Uni- 
versity, U.S.A. Appointed Sec- 
retary, Foreign Office, 1884; later 
Assistant Director of Transit ion 
Bureau, Foreign Office ; Charge 
d' Affaires at Peking until outbreak 
of Chino-Japanese War ; Civil Ad- 
ministrator of Aiituug during War ; 
1894-1895 ; later Director of Political 
Bureau ; Minister at Seoul, until 
189J ; Vice-Minister of Foreign 
Affaiis, 1896-1898; Minister, at 
Washington, 1898 ; Minister, at St. 
Petersburg, 1900; transferred to 
Peking to represent Japan at In- 
tcrnatiomil Conference in connec- 
tion with Boxer trouble ; Minister 
4}{ Foreign Affyirs, Sept., 1901 ; 
-created .Karon, 1902, Senior Peace 
Plenipotentiary at Peace Con- 
ference, Portsmouth, 19IM ; signed 
Treaty of Peace, Sept., 1905 ; after- 
wards signed, at Peking, Treaty 
with China regarding ante-bellum 
-settlement in Manchuria, 1906 ; 
appointed to Privy Council, V.WG ; 
appointed Minister to Great 
Britain, May, 1906. Aihlivx* : Tokyo, 

KONDO, Rempai (TOKYO), President 
of Nippon Yusen Kaisha (Japan 
Mail Steamship Co.) ; l>. 18f>n. Upon 
formation of the Company was 
appointed a Director ; became Vice- 
President during China-Japanese 
War, and finally became President. 
Decoration : 4th Order of the Rising 
Sun, granted for transport service. 
Addre** : Tokyo, Japan. 

KONO, Hironaka (TOKYO), M.P. ; b. 
July, 1849, at Fukushima. Joined 

party which stiove for establish- 
ment of constitutional Government 
in 1881 ; has been M. P. without 
intermission since first session of 
Diet ; President of .Lower House, 
1908 ; arrested as instigator of 
Anti-Peace Riots in Tokyo, Sept., 
1905, but was acquitted. Adilren*: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

KO PAO-HTJA <PI:KIM;), President, 
Board of Punishments ; native of 
Chekiang ; metropolitan graduate, 
1883. Deputy C o m in i s s i o n e r, 
Office of Tv.-.r.sniissiun, Nov., 1895; 
sub-Director, Court of Sacrificial 
Worship, July, 1896; .sub-Director, 
Court Imperial Entertainments, 
1898 ; Vice-Director, Imperial Clan 
Court, July, 1898; Vice-President, 
Censorate, Dec., 1898; senior Vice- 
President. Hoard of War, May, 
1899; President, Board of Works 
Nov., 1901 ; do., Board of Punish- 
ments, Feb., 1902. 

KORFF, A. ( SHANGHAI ), Merchant. 
Representative, Melchers and Co. 
A ddrcisft : 1 French Bund, Shanghai, 

KRANZ, Rev. Paul ( S n A N c H A i ) , 
Pastor; b. Mar. 13, 1866: in. 1894; 
Kditf. : Halberstadt, and Univer- 
sities of Berlin, Leipzig, Halle, 
Tubingen, Greisswald. Entered 
University in 1884; Pastor in Ger- 
many, 1890-91; came to China as 
Pastor of German Church in 
Shanghai in 1892 and devoted him- 
self to literary work amongst 
Chinese. Publications: " Confucius 
and Christ, Friends," " A Christian 
Commentary to the Chinese Four 
Books," "Four thousand frequent 




characters," " Important Doctrines 
of the Bible," " A Summary of the 
Gospel of God," " German-Chinese 
Reader,'' etc. Address : 34, Wei- 
liaiwei Road, Shanghai, China. 

Federated Malay States Civil 
Service ; 6. Mar. 28, 18C2. Clerical 
Service and acting assistant Audi- 
t o r, Perak, 1888-1898 ; acting 
Financial Assistant, Krian, 1899 ; 
Auditor, Pahang, 1900; District 
Treasurer, Kuala Lipis and Super- 
intendent of Posts and Telegraphs, 
1901; Audit Office, Selangor and 
Pahang, 1902 ; assistant Revenue 
Auditor, Perak, and acting Revenue 
Auditor, Pahang, 1903. Address : 
Pahang, Federated Malay States. 

KRUGER, Dr. Friedrich (HONG- 
KONG), German Consul; b. .Jan. 
11, 1857. Ednc. : Klosteschule 
Ilfeld (Province Hannover) ; Uni- 
versities of Tubingen, Berlin and 
Gottingen, studying law. Refe- 
reudar at Hamburg ; after passing 
second law examination, 1884, 
practised at Bar at Hamburg; 
Doctor jaris utiiusque (i.e., LL.D) ; 
entered German Foreign Office, 
1888; Vice-Consul at Constanti- 
nople, 1889-1894 ; Consul at Ruse-link 
(Bulgaria), 1895-96 ; Consul at 
Manila, 1897-1904 ; Consul at Hong- 
kong, 1934 to present ; captain of 
Reserve in German Army. Deco- 
rations: Several German and for- 
eign. Club: Germania, and Hong- 
kong. Address: German Consulate, 
Wyiulliam Street ; and " Lugins- 
land," Peak Road, Hongkong. 

KUANG-H3U. Emperor (PEKING), b. 

Aug. 2, 1872 ; g. of Prince 
Ch'un ; m. Feb. 20, 1889. Proclaim- 
ed Emperor of China under 
title of Kuang-hsu (Glorious 
Succession) upon the death of his 
cousin, the Emperor Tung-chili ; 
nominally assumed Government in 
March, 1887, upon attaining 
majority ; duiing the reform 
agitation of 1898, showing tendency 
to favour movement, was practically 
deposed by Empress Dowager by a 
coup d'etat; since that time has 
had no voice in the Government of 
the country, the Empress Dowager 
being the ruler of China de facto ; 
has no issue ; is considered to be a 
well intentioned man without force 
of character and handicapped by 
both mental and physical weakness. 
Residence : The Forbidden City, Pe- 
king, China. 

Director, China Merchants Steam 
Navigation Co. ; native of Kiaugsn ; 
provincial graduate. Kirin Tao, 
July, 1882; Fengtin Tao, Shensi, 
Dec., 1888 ; transferred for service- 
in Formosa, October, 1891 ; Taotai, 
Formosa, Dec., 1891 ; holds Brevet 
rank of Judge ; appointed Managing 
Director, ('.M.S'. Navigation Co., in 
winter, 1393. 

K'UEI-CHUN (PEKING), President, 

Board of Punishments ; native of 
Manchuria. Yen-Chien-Shao-Tao, 
Fukien, 1882 ; Hsing-Ch'uan-yung 
Tao, Fukien, Jan., 1885 ; Judicial 
Commissioner, Fukien. March, 1888: 
Financial Commissioner, Shansi, 
Nov., 1SS1); Governor, Shansi; 
Nov., 1891; Governor, 




M ay, 1892 ; G o v e r n o r-General , 
Szeehwan, July, 1898 ;. ordered to 
resign, Aug., 1892; President, 
Mongolian Superintendency, Feb., 
1892; do., Board of Punishments, 
Oct., 1903. 

KWAN ), General in Command of 
Troops; native of Manchuria; father- 
in-law of Emperor Kuang-hsu ; bro- 
ther of Empress Dowager ; father of 
Empress. Deputy Lieut.-Geueral ; 
Duke of the 3rd Degree, Nov., 1888 ; 
Expectant Vice - President of a 
Board, Feb., 1889; Vice-President, 
Board of Works, Feb., 1891 ; Lieut. - 
General, Boi-dered White Banner 
Corps, 1891 ; in command of troops 
at Shan-hai-kwan, Sept., 1894. 

Assistant Governor ; native of 
Mongolia. Sub-Director, Imperial 
Stud Court, 1888; assistant Director, 
Admiralty Office ; assistant Re- 
.sident Tibet, March, 1891; Resident, 
Tibet, Nov., 1892; vacated post, 
March, 1898 ; Military Assistant 
Governor, Uliasut'ai, Mongolia, 
Oct., 1899. 

KUEI-IItf (PKKixo), native of Man- 
churia ; metropolitan graduate, 
1874. Prefect, Yunnan, 1884; I-nan 
Tao, Yunnan, K'ai-Kuei-Chen-Hsu 
Tao, Honan, Feb., 1892; Taotai, 
Kueichow, West, Sept., 1897 ; as- 
sistant Resident of Tibet, 1903; 
retired, May, 1904. 

K'UEI-FU ( SHAOHSIXG-FU ), Prefect ; 
native of Manchuria. Assistant 
Agent, K'obdo, Nov., 1886; Dep. 
Lieut. -General, San-hsing, March, 

1890 ; Military Assistant. Governor , 
K'obdo, March, 1891 ; vacated post 
through illness, July, 1896 ; Dep, 
Lieut. -General, Chahar, Kalgan,. 
July, 1900; Prefect, Shaohsing-Fiu 
Chekiang, March, 1906. 

K'UEI-PIN, Lieut-General 

Prince Jui (eight princely families) ',. 
Lieut-General, Yellow Banner 
Corps, Oct., 1893; Vice-President, 
Imperial Clan Court, March, 1899 ; 
Lieut. - General, Bordered White 
Banner Corps, Feb., 1901. 

K'UEI-SHUN (PEKING), Military Go- 
vernor ; native of Manchuria. Kan- 
Liang Tao, Kansu, May, 1885; 
Imperial Agent, Shi-Ning, Oct., 
1892 ; called to Peking for duty, 
Dec., 1898; Dep.-Lieut. -General, 
Bordered White Banner Corps, July, 
1900 ; Lieut. -Governor, Chahar, 1901; 
Military Governor, Uliasut'ai (N.\V. 
Mongolia) Jan., 1905; transferred to 
Peking, July, 1905. 

KUGA, Marquis Michihisa (TOKYO), 
Member of Constitutional Party ; b. 
Nov., 1841, at Kyoto. Commander 
of brigade of Imperial Army during 
war preceding Restoration ; later 
appointed to position in Household 
Department and Secretary of 
Cabinet ; created Marquis, 1884 ; 
Governor of Tokyo, 1896-1897. A d- 
dress : Tokyo, Japan. 

KUKI, Baron Takakazu (TOKYO), 
Privy Councillor; b. Nov., 1852, in 
Settsu. Connected with Educatio n 
Department for several years ; 
Minister at Washington, 1884-88; 
aftei wards Director of Imperial 
Museum, Nara ; has occupied seat 



in House of Peers ; created Baron, 
1895. Address : Tokyo. .Japan. 

Professor, Imperial University ; 
l>. Oct., 1858. Educ. .-Gennany, 1887- 
1890. Professor of I mperial 
University. Tokyo, since 1891. 
Ail'lt-eux : Tokyo, Japan. 

KUME, Kei-ichiro (TOKYO), Artist : 

f>. Aug. ISGu. in Saga-Ken. Educ.: 
Paris, l^sii-!; Professor of Tokyo 
Fine Art [School, 1896; noted 
landscape painter. Addre**: Tokyo, 

K'UN-HSIU, Lieut-General (PKKJNU), 
native of Manchuria ; provincial 
graduate. Secretary of Office of 
T r a n s mission; Deputy Com- 
missioner, Office of Transmission, 
.March, 1891 ; Director Sacrificial 
AVer ship, Aug., 1891: Assistant 
.Superintendent, JJoard of Ad- 
miralty ; Sub. Chancellor, Grand 
Secretariat, Jan.. 1894 ; junior Vice- 
President, Hoard of Ceremonies, 
Dec., 1895; Deputy Lieut-General, 
Red Banner Corps, Aug., 1896; 
senior Vice- President, Board of 
Ceremonies, Jan., 1897 ; cashiered, 
Sept. ,1898; Vice-president, Board 
of Punishment, Oct., 1898 ; Brigade- 
General, Na-lanchen, June, 1900 ; 
Vice-President, Mongolian Super- 
ill tendency , Oct., 1903; Lieut- 
General. Bordered Blue Mauchu 
Banner Corps, July, 19iV>. 

KUNI. Prince (TOKYO), Captain of 
Infantry ; b. July 23, 1873 ; in. Dec. 
13, 1899, Princess Chikaka, 7th d. of 
Prince Shimazu. Was attached to 
.staff of General Kuroki during 

Russo-Japanese \\-;\r. Adilrcua 
Tokyo, Japan. 

KUO-CH'UAN( HI-LAN), Deputy Lieut.- 
. Governor; native of Manchuria. 
Commandant, Chahar, 1884; Com- 
mandant forces, Hi, 1887 ; detailed 
for sen-ice, Manchuria, May, 189S ; 
Deputy Lieut. -Governor, Hu-lan, 
Sept., 1981. 


native of Manchuria; metropolitan 
graduate, 1886. Tutor, Imperial 
Academy; Deputy Supervisor, Im- 
perial Instruction, 1894; Expositor, 
Hanlin, 1894; degraded to sub- 
Reader, Hanlin, May, 1S94 ; assis- 
tant Supervisor of Instruction, 
June, 1895 ; Chief Supervisor of 
Instruction, April, 1893; sub-Chan- 
cellor, (fraud Secretariat, Sept., 
1896 ; Vice - President, Board of 
Ceremonies, Sept., 1898; Imperial 
Agent, Hsi-ning, Dec., 1898; retired 
May, 1903. 

KURINO, Shin-ichiro (TOKYO), Minis- 
ter for Japan at Paris ; ft. 1852 at 
Fukuoka. Commissioner of Foreign 
Office, 1881 ; Vice-Chief of In- 
vestigation Bureau, 1886 ; Director 
of Investigation Bureau, 1891 ; 
Minister at Washington, 1894 ; at 
Rome, 1896 ; at Paris, 1897 ; at St. 
Petersburg, 1901, and again at 
Paris. A ddrexs : Tokyo, Japan ; and 
Japanese Legation, Paris, France. 

KURODA, Kiyotaru (TOKYO), Artist ; 
/. June, 1866. Educ. : Paris, 1884-93. 
One of Japan's noted painters, of 
the Western School. Addw** : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

KURODA. Marquis Nagashiga 




(TOKYO), Vice- President of the 
House of Peers ; b. May, 1867, at 
Fukuoka. Eili'c. : Cambridge Uni- 
versity, England, 1884-89. Master 
of Ceremonies, 1889-90 ; at present 
President of Oriental Association ; 
created Marquis, 1884. A tlilrc**: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

KUROIWA, Shurcku (TOKYO), Kuitor 
and Proprietor of the "Yorod/u 
Choho"; b. Oct., 1862, at Tosa. 
Translator of foreign novels until 
1892, when started '' Yorodzu." 
Adili'i'**: Tokyo, .Japan. 

KUROKI, Baron, General (TOKYO), 
(J.C.M.Ci.; b. at Salsiima, March, 

1844. Commanded K u in a in o t o- 
Anny Division in Chino-Japanese 
War and captured Weihafwei, 
Feb., 1895 ; promoted Full (ieneral, 
Nov., 1903 ; on outbreak of Russo- 
Japanese War, appointed Com- 
mander of First Army that won 
.Battle of Yalu and many subsequent 
victories during campaign ; created 
K.C. M.(l. in May, 1906. Decorations 
Many Japanese and foreign . 
Addtrxs : Tokyo, Jap:in. 

KWANG-HSU, Emperor of China 

KYUSHU, Bishcp cf 

LAFFONT, Saturnin Louis Edouard 
(SOCTRANG), Resident ; Administra- 
tor, 1st class ; b. Aug. 19, 1853. 
Joined Indo-China Civil Service, 
Jan. 1, 1881 ; Administrator, 4th 
.class, Jan. 1, 1881 : Administrator, 
-3rd class, Jan. 1, 1886 ; Administra- 
tor, 2nd class, Aug. 1, 1889 ; Adminis- 
trator, 1st class, Sept. 1, 1898; 
Decoration : Officier d'Academie. 
A d d ress : Soctrang, Province of 
Soctrang, Cochin-China. 

LAGRANGE, Charles Augufcte (HA- 
NOI), Resident ; Administrator, 
2nd class ; b. Nov. 15, 1851. Joined 
Indo-China Civil Service, May 9, 
1882 ; Administrator, 4th class, 
Aug. 1, 1889 ; Administrator, 3rd 
class, Jan. 1, 1893 ; Administrator, 
2nd class, Jan. 1, 1899. Address : 
Hanoi, Indo-China. 

Colonel Louis F. E. (HANOI), Com- 
mandant le 5e Regiment d'Artillerie. 
Decoration : Officier de la Legion 
d ' H o n n e n r . A ddrcss : Hanoi, 
Tonkin, Indo-China. 

LAIDLAW, George Muir (LOWER 
I'KRAK), M.A. ; Federated Malay 
States Civil Seavice ; b. Nov. 30, 
1878. Educ. : Cambridge Univer- 
sity. Cadet, Perak, 1901; Settle- 

j ments Officer, Tanjong Malim, 
1902; acting assistant District 
Officer, Lower Perak, 1903. Ad- 
dress: Lower Perak, Federated 
Malay States. 

LAKE, Rev. John (CANTON), Minister 
and Missionary ; b. June, 11, 1870. 
Edv.c. : Citadel, Charleston, S.C. ; 
Columbia Theological Seminary, 
etc. Became a page in the Carolina 
State Legislature at age of 9 ; won 
State Military Academy Scholar- 
ship in 1887; in connection with 
Y.M.C.A. has been President, 
General Secretary, State Secretary, 
and edited Y.M.C.A. newspapers 
in various states ; organised Euro- 
pean Y.M.C.A. in Canton. Publica- 
tions : Various Y.M.C.A. pamphlets 
and cOBtribntionsto numerous 
journals. Club : Canton Rowing. 
Address : 144 Shameen, Canton. 

LAMBERT, John(HoNGKON<;), H.N.R., 

American Sy. Nav. Eng. ; Surveyor 
to Lloyds' Register ; />. Durham, 
Aug. 19, 1862, s. of Dr. W. O. Lam- 
bert, M.D., L.R.C.P., London. 
Educ. : Royal Kepier Grammar 
School, Houghton - le - Spring. 
R.N.R., 1889; arrived Hongkong, 
1896; Superintendent, Cosmopolitan 
Docks ; later same position. Kow- 
loon Dojks ; joined Lloyds, 1904_ 




Club: Engineers, Hongkong, 
(Vice- President). Address: 4, Orms- 
by Villas, Kowloon, Hongkong. 

LAMMERT, George Philip (Hoxo- 

KOX(i), Auctioneer ; b. Hongkong 
Dec. 3, 1882 ; m. 1893 and again 1900. 
Educ.: Royal College, Berlin and 
Iiisterbtirg, 1871-1881 ; arrived Hong- 
kong, 1881 ; joined Diercks and Co., 
Swatow, 1881; Siemssen and Co., 
1833 ; started auctioneer's business, 
1891 ; Captain, Hongkong Volunteer 
Corps. Clubs : Royal Hongkong 
Yacht; Germania; Cricket ; Jockey ; 
Howling; Recreation; Philharmonic 
and Dramatic Societies. Address: 
4, Elliott Crescent, Hongkong. 

Straits Settlements Civil Service. 
Educ.: Bradfield College, Berks. 
Catl3t, Straits Settlements, 1890 ; 
passed final examination in Malay, 
Dec., 1892; acting District Officer, 
Malacca, Jan., 1896 ; District Officer, 
Province Wellesley, April, 1897 ; 
continued to act at Malacca ; act- 
ing Collector of Land Revenue and 
Registrar of Deeds, Singapore, 
Dec., 1898 ; Inspector of Prisons, 
Straits Settlements, Jan. to May, 
1901 ; assistant Post Master Gen- 
-eral, Penang, Dec., 1901 ; 2nd 
Magistrate, Singapore, Aug., 1902; 
acting Collector of Land Revenue, 
and Registrar of Deeds, Singapore, 
Sept., 1902 ; appointed to class III 
B, Jan., 1903. Address: Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

LANGSDORF, Rev. William Bell 
(II i u o s II I M A), M.A., Ph. D. ; 
Presbyterian Missionary and 
Educationalist ; b. 186fi, near 

Mechanicsburg, Cumberland Co., 
Pa. ; m. 1900, Julia May Tappan, d. 
of President Tappan, of Miami 
University. Educ. : Dickinson 
College (B.A., 1887, M.A., 1890); 
Washington, and Jefferson, (Ph. D. 
1897) ; Hanover. Teacher of English 
and Mathematics, Asbury Park, 
New Jersey, 1887-189; Prqfessor of 
Latin and Greek, Poughkeepsie, 
N.Y., Military College, 1889-1890; 
post-graduate student, University 
of Leipzig, 1890-1892; special 
student, University of Oxford, 
England, 1892 ; student at Rome 
and Paris, 1893 ; Professor, Latin 
language and literature, Miami 
University, 189C-1902 ; graduated, 
Lane Theological Seminary, 1902 ; 
ordained by Dayton Presbytery 

(Presbyterian Church North), 1902; 
a p p o i n t e d b y Foreign Board 
Presbyterian Church North, as 
Missionary to Japan, 1902 ; Com- 
m i s s i o n e r to 107th General 
Assembly of Presbyterian Church 
(North) 1895; Member of Archae- 
logical Institute of America ; 
American Philological Association. 
r u bl i cat to n s : Translator of 
Seneca's <: Tranquillity of Mind and 
Providence ;" contributor to lead- 
ing educational journals. Address : 
189, Kokutaiji Mura, Hiroshima, 

LANGSTON, Staphen Horatio (RAUB), 
B.A. ; Federated Malay States 
Civil Service ; b. June 24, 1877. 
Educ. : Westminister, and Keble 
College, Oxford, (B.A., 1930). Acting 
assistant District Officer, Kuala 
Selangor, 1902; acting assistant 
District Officer, Kuala Kubu and 




Seremlali, 1903 ; acting assistant 
l>i>tiiet Treasurer, Kuala Lumpur, 
1904 ; acting District Treasurer, 
Kaub. Pahang, 1900. Addrcax: 
Baub. Pahnng, Federated Malay 

LANNING, George ( s n v x <: n A i ), 
Principal, Shanghai Public School; 

b. June 1C, 1852 ; //<. 1875, to 
Caroline, (/. of Theo. Mallor, of 
M iddlewich. Educ. : \\' e \ m o u t h 
House School, Bath, and St. John's 
College, Battersea. London. Began 
training as teacher under his 
father, also a teacher: was head 
of the All England Scholarship 
Exam, list, 1870 ; graduated in 1872 
with 1st class CertiHicate ; Head 
Master, Middlewich Schools, 1872- 
75 ; of the Anglo-Chinese School, 
Shanghai, 1875-89; and the Shang- 
hai Public School, 1889 to present 
time. J'nblicatiuii* : ' Easy Steps 
to Chinese Studies." and various 
anonymous hooks and pamphlets. 
Club: Masonic. Adcli-c**: Public 
School, Shanghai, China. 

IANSDELL, Alfred (M:cu i SKMIULAX), 
Federated Mal.iy States Civil 
Service ; b. June 2;),180.">. Assistant 
Surveyor, Land Office at Kintaand 
Matang, 18S9-189i ; acting Revenue 
Surveyor, 1H9">: Superintendent of 
Surveys, Negri S.'mbilan, 1897-1901. 
Ad-.lrcxx : Negri S. i ;nliilin, Fede- 
rated Malay States. 

LAU CHU-PAK (HoNiiKwxu), J.I'-; 
Compradore, A. S. Watson and 
Co. ; b. Jnna 5, 1837; in. 1886. 
Educ.: Government Central School, 
Hongkong. Fiist clerk to Hong- 
kong O'baervatory, 1S85; co:n- 

pradore to West Point Godowii 
Co., 18SS ; Senior Anglo-Chinest- 
master of Formosa (jjovernment 
College, 1839 ; tea merchant, 18SK) ; 
first Chinese assistant and com- 
pradore of A. S. Watson and Co. 
since 1893 ; member of directorate 
of Tung Wa Hospital; member of 
committee of Society for Protection 
of Women and Children ; member 
of the Sanitary Board ; member of 
District Watchman Committee ; 
hou. secretary of Ellis Kadoorie 
Chinese Schools Society : member 
of exe<-utive committee of Tung 
Wa District Hospitals since 18i>7 ; 
took a leading part in the establish- 
ment of the Plague Hospital for 
Chinese, the Ellis Kadoorie Chin- 
ese Schools Society in Hongkong 
and China, the Blake Commemora- 
tion Fund, the Chinese Commercial 
rnion, etc., etc. Club : Hongkong 
(Chinese). Adilri'** : No. 1, " Ard- 
more," liahington Path, Honsrkong. 

LAURANS, Louis Josapii Charle 
Felix (Svl(iON), Conseiller, Cour 
d'Appel ; b. Nov. !), 1S5.. Entree 
1' Administration de la Justice, 
Aout 15, 1877 ; Conseiller, Juillet 1, 
19:14. Addre&8: s.iigon. (Nic-hin- 

LAW, Archibald Fitzgerald (PKX.VXG), 
M.A. ; Puisne Judge ; b. 185 % J. 
Educ. : Oriel College, Oxford. 
Called to Bar, Inner Temple, 1879; 
Assistant Commissioner, Cyprus, 
1333; President of District Court, 
Famagv.sta, 1883; Principal Forest 
Officer, 1886'; member of Legislative 
Council, 1887 ; acting Queen's Ad- 
vocate, 1839-189 J ; acting Chi 'f Sec- 
retary to f ; o v e r n m e n t 1890-91 ; 



olmirmrin of Commission to enquire 
as to economies possible in certain 
(iovernment departments, 1391; 
(Queen's Advocate, 1892 ; Puisne 
Judge, Straits Settlements, 1893; 
appointed to conduct special in- 
quiry in Perak, 1894, and received 
thanks of Secretary of State ; act- 
ing Chief Justice, Straits Settle- 
ments, April, 19)1 ; Senior Puisne 
Judge, Penang, Dec., 1931. Cliils : 
Oxford and Cambridge. Address: 
IVnanj, Straits Settlemenst. 

LAW, Donaldson Riddell (Ho.v;- 
KONG )> Merchant; Manager local 
establishment of Butterfield and 
Swire. Came to the East from 
Scotland over 25 years ago and for 
some years represented the firm in 
Amoy. Club : Hongkong. Address: 
The Peak, Hongkong. 

LAWRENCE, Captain Lionel Aubrey 
Walter Barnes- (.HONGKONG), Har- 
bour Master, Captain R.N., retired; 
b. May 26, 1855. Served in punitive 
expedition up the liver Gambia, 
West Africa, in 1876 ; on the Somali 
Coast, IS?.'); with the Naval Brigad- 
during the Kaffir War, 1877-78, and 
throughout the Egyptian Campaign, 
1882 ; lent by the Admiralty for 
service under the Chinese Govern- 
ment, 1879 ; employed as Comman- 
der in the Naval Intelligence De- 
partment, 1892-6; appointed Captain 
of the Port at Gibraltar, 1893 ; 
transferred to Hongkong as Hai- 
bour Mister, &c., and Member of 
the Legislative Council, 1904. De- 
corations : Egyptian and South 
African war Medals. Club : Hong- 
kong-. Address : " The Chalet," 
Tue Pe %k, Hongkong. 

LAWRIE, James Wm. (PEXANG), 
Marine Surveyor. Assistant Govern- 
ment Engineer and Surveyor, Singa- 
pore, June 12, 1883 ; resigned, Oct. 
10, 1884; re-appointed assistant Gov- 
ernment Maiine Surveyor, Sept. 2t5, 
1887; Government Marine Surveyor, 
Penang, Mar. 9, 1901, Address : 
Penanf, Straits Settlements. 

LAWSHE, Abraham L. (MANILA), 
Auditor for Philippine Islands ; b, 
Oct. 6, 1860, at Somerset, 
Edwc. : Piivately ; High Schools. 
Commencing as compositor, became 
job printer, foreman, reporter, 
editor, and proprietor, filled var- 
ious lo^al offices and represented 
district in Republican National 
Convention of 1896 ; appointed 
Postmaster by President Harrison, 
1889 ; appoints! Deputy Auditor 
for Post Off.c3 Department of U.S. 
by Fresilent McKinl-y, 1897; 
specially assigned by Secretary of 
Treasury to in /estigate and report 
upon methods of enforcing Chinese 
exclusion laws along Canadian 
border aid on Pacific Coast, 1899 ; 
sent to Cuba as auxiliary to Postal 
Commission to asnst in organis- 
ing postal S3rvice under U. S. 
Military Government, 1899; again 
sent to Cuba to investigate Cuban 
postal frauds, April, 1900 ; resigned 
positions of Deputy Auditor for 
Post Cfficj Department, Assistant 
Auditor for Cuba, and Auditor for 
Department of Posts of Cuba to 
accept position of Auditor for 
Philippine Is-1 inds ; appointed 
Chairman of Philippine Exposition 
Board at Lorisi; ni Purchase Ex- 
hibition at St. Louis, Aug., 1904; 



resumed duty as Auditor, July, 
1905. Address: Manila, Philippine 

LAWSON, Eric St. John (BANGKOK), 
Commissioner of Police ; b. June 
24, 1839. E.luc. : Westminster 
School. Joined Burmah Police, 
April, 1891; transferred to X. W. 
Provinces and Oudh on promotion, 
Aug., 1893; on famine work in 
addition to other duties, in Banda 
District, Bundelihun d, 1896-97 ; 
services favourably mentioned in 
minute of Government, issued at 
close of famine ; services placed at 
disposal of Government of Siam by 
Government of India, Oct., 1898 ; 
promoted to commissioner, March, 
1902. Decoration: 3r'l class of 
White Elephant of Siam. Clubs: 
East India United Service ; British, 
Bangkok. Address : Bangkok, 
Siam ; Saint's Bay, Guernsey. 

LAY, Julius G a r e c li e (CANTON), 
American Consnl-General ; b. Aug., 
9, 1872, at Washington, D.C. ; m. 
Dec., 10, 1904, to Anne Howard. 
Educ. : Public Schools ; Columbia 
Grammar School, New York. Clerk, 
American Consulate, Ottawa, 
Canada, 1889-91; V ice-Consul, 
Ottawa, 1891-96 ; Consul at Windsor, 
Ontario, 1896-99 ; Consul-General, 
Barcelona, Spain, 1899-1904 ; Ameri- 
can Consul-General, Canton, since 
Nov., 1904; appointed Consul Gene- 
ral at Capetown, May, 1906. Club; 
Metropolitan, Washington, D.C. 
A ddress : American Consulate 
General, Canton, China. 

LAY, W. T. (CHUNGKING), Commis- 
sioner of Customs. Recommended 

for first class decoration ofW-hird 
rank for assistance -riven in the 
development of trade, May, VJiKi. 
Address: Chungking, China. 

LEARNED, Dr. D wight Whitney 
(KYOTO), D.D., B.A., Ph.D.; 

Theological Teacher ; b. O^t. 12, 
1848, at Canterbury, Conn., U.S.A. ; 
in. July 7, 1875, Florence Helen 
Rehard. Eilitc. : Yale University 
Professor of Greek, Thayer College, 
1873-75; arrived in Japan, 1875, at 
time of opening of Doshish.-i 
College, and has since been con- 
nected with that institution ; at 
present Dean of Theological Depart- 
ment and Professor of Church 
History and New Testament, also 
Mission Secretary and Treasurer. 
I'itbfirntious : Commentary on New 
Testament; Church History; 
Political Economy, etc. A <l<i,-< '.>.< .- 
Kyoto, Japan. 

LEASE, Dr. John (SIM; VI-OKK), M.H., 
Ch.M., Eilin., J.P. ; Colonial Sur- 
geon Resident ; b. July 11, 1856, 5th 
*. of Henry Leask, J. P., of Swart- 
laud and Harkisgarth, Sandwick, 
Orkney; m. 1884, Alice, 2nd <l. of 
R. P. Trute, Stoke, Devon. E<ii-. : 
Madras College; St. Andrews: 
Edinburgh University; graduated 
1879. Travelled in Australia and 
South Sea Islands, 1SSO-81 ; District 
Surgeon, Inanda Division of 
Victoria County, Natal, 1SS2 ; 
Colonial Surgeon, Malacca, 1S;H ; 
Colonial surgeon Resident, Pe- 
nang, 1893 ; Colonial Sur-voii 
Resident, Singapore, 1897 ; acting 
Principal Civil Medical Officer, 
Straits Settlements, 1901 ; Hon. Life 
Member, St. John's Ambulance As- 


WHO'S WHO IN THE FAR EAST fJu.\E) 1900-7. 


Administrator, 3rd class, May 29, 
1886; Administrator, '2nd class, 
April 29, 1877 ; Administrator, 1st 
class. .March 25, 1891. Decoration : 
Officer ' d'Academie. A d d re s s : 
Cambodge, Indo-China. 

LEE, Edward Foster (Kr ALA Li MI-IK), 
Educationalist ; b. March 26, 1881 ; 
in. Muriel, c. d. of .1. E. Nathaniel, 
accountant, "Ceylon Observer". 
Educ. : Richmond College, Galle, 
City College, Colombo. Headmaster, 
Metliodist Boys' School, Kuala 
Lumpur, Federated Malay States ; 
member of College of Preceptors, 
London; Member of Board of 
Directors, Y.M.C.A., Kuala Lum- 
pur. A dill-ess Kuala Lump u r , 
Selangor, Federated Malay States. 

LEE-JONES (*<><! : .} o N i: s , j o n \ 

sociation, 18SS ; D.D.G.M., Eastern 
Archipelago, 1888 ; Coroner for 
Singapore. Publications: Contribu- 
tions to Medical Journals. Clubs: 
Singapore ; Penang ; Sepoy Lines 
Golf; Penang Golf; Tanglin. Ad- 
dress : Mount Farquhar, Sepoy 
Lines, Singapore. 

LE CAMUS, Lieut. -Colonel Michel 
M. V. (HANOI), Commandant 
4e Territoire Militaire et Cercles. 
Dt'C'iration : Chevalier de la Legion 
d'Honneur. A d d > <> . x : Hanoi, 
Tonkin, Indo-China. 

LECLERE, Adhemard Henri Alfred 
Albert (C A M i? o D G K), Resident ; 
Admistrator, 1st class; b. May 12, 
18 53. J o i n e d Indo-China Civil 
Service, May 29, 1886 ; Administra- 
lor, 4tli class, Nov. 1, 1873; 

LEE- WARNER ( *ec .- W A R x i: u, 

Surveyor; b. Jan. 16, 1879. Settle- 
ment Officer, Seremban, 1898-1900; 
District Surveyor, do, 19J2 ; 1st. 
grade Surveyor, do, 1903. Address: 
Seremban, Negri Sembilan, 
Federated Malay States. 

LEIRIA, Joao Joaquim (HONGKONG), 
Merchant, Rozario and Co., Agents 
of the Banco Nacional Ultramarino 
of Lisbon ; Vice-Consul for Portugal 
and Consul for Brazil ; b. Sept. 10, 
1868, at Hongkong ; m. Elisa, 3rd d. 
of late M. C. do Rozario, merchant. 
Educ. : Hongkong. Decorations: 
Knight Commander of Portuguese 
Order of Christ. Clubs : Lusitano ; 
Jockey; Cricket; Victoria Recrea- 
tion, and Bowling. Address: 
"Duart," l.i, Arbuthnot Road, 

Administrator and Mayor. De- 
<-<>i-atioii : Officer d'Academie. Ad- 
di-ess : Cap St Jacques, via Saigon, 

LEMON, Arthur Henry (SINGAPORE), 
B.A. ; Assistant. Clerk of Councils. 
Educ.: Merchant Taylors' School, 
and Exeter College, Oxford 
(Scholar) ; B.A. 1887. Cadet, Straits 
Settlements, 1888 ; Private Secretary 
to Governor, Sept., 1889, to Jan., 
1890 ; attached to Chinese Protec- 
torate, Penang, Aug., 1891 ; Secre- 
tary to Currency Committee, June, 
1893; acting District Officer, South 
Malacca, Dec., 1893; passed in 
Malay, 1894 ; acting 3rd Magistrate, 




Singapore, April, 1894 ; acting 2nd 
Assistant Colonial .Secretary, May. 
1895; acting assistant Colonial 
Secretary, and Clerk of Councils, 
June; acting 2nd assistant 
Colonial Secretary, Aug., 1895; 
acting District Officer, Malacca, 
Oct., 1895 ; District Officer, Province 
AVellesley, June, 1896, but continued 
to act at Malacca; acting 2nd 
Magistrate, Penang, July, 1898 ; act- 
ing assistant Postmaster General, 
Penang, Aug., 1898 ; 2nd assistant 
Colonial Secretary, Jan., 1902; 
acting Collector of Laud Revenue, 
and Registrar of Deeds, Penang, 
April, 1903; acting assistant 
Colonial Secretary ; acting assistant 
Clerk of Councils, Singapore. Club : 
Singapore. Address: Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

(HANOI), Substitut du Procureur 
General ; b. Nov. 24, 1859. Entree 
T Administration, Juin 5; 1886; 
Substijut du Procureur General, 
Nov. 1, 1901. Address: Hanoi, 
Tonkin, Indo-China. 

LENZMANN, Carl Robert (HONG- 
KONG ), Merchant, manager of 
Carlowitz and Co. ; b. Oct. 19, 1865. 
Educ. : In Germany. Arrived in 
China (Canton), 1892; represented 
firm in Japan, 1902-5; cane to 
Hongkong, 1905. Clubs : Germania ; 
Jockey ; Hongkong ; Concordia, 
Kobe ; and Kobe Club. Address : 
c/o Carlowitz and Co., Hongkong. 

LEPONT, Rev. Ernest S. (PANG ASINAN), 
Minister of Methodist Episcopal 
Church ; b. 1868. Educ. : Kvanston. 
U.S.A. ; North Western University. 

Was admitted to practise of law as 
Barrister and Solicitor in Chancery 
in 1892, in State of Washington ; 
practised for five years in courts of 
state ; graduated from School of 
Theology of North Western Univer- 
sity, in May, 1899; was appointed 
Headmaster of Anglo-Chinese 
School at Singapore, Aug., 1899- 
and held position until March, 
1903; was then transferred to 
Philippine Islands and appointed 
Missionary in charge of Province 
Qf Paugasinan ; in Aug., 13C4 ap 
pointed Presiding Elder of North- 
ern Districts and stationed at 
Lingayen. Address: Lingnyen. 
Pangasinan province, Philippine 

LERA. C. A. (ToKVO), Envoy Extraor- 
dinary and Minister Plenipoten- 
tiary for Mexico. Address: 
Mexican Legation, 21, Nagata-cho, 

LE ROY, Joseph Pierre Marie 
(Cambodge), Resident ; Adminis- 
trator, 2nd class ; b. Jan. 15, ISdo ; 
Joined Indo-China Civil Service, 
June 22, 1SS7 ; Administrator, 4th 
class, Aug. 12, 1895 ; Administrator. 
3rd class, Mar. 1, 1899; Administra- 
tor, 2nd cla.-'s, .Jan. 1, 19)4 ; 
Address: Camltodge. Indo-China. 


Publicist, Manager, Proprietor and 
Chief Editor of " Courrier d'Hai- 
phong"; l>. July 19, 1857. Educ.: 
Paris, Lyceum Louis-le-Grand. 
After finishing studies made stay 
of one year in Germany ; went back 
to France to undergo military 
service ; delegated in 1880-81 to 




Melbourne Exhibition; on return 
to France connected with " Le 
Globe " ; gave numerous lectures 
under patronage of French League 
of Instruction; went to Tonkin as 
reserve officer (expeditionary corps 
of Tonkin) ; appointed in 1887, to 
civil service of Indo - China ; 
resigned in 1889 to establish 
the " Imlependaiice Tonkin oise " ; 
elected Municipal Councillor of 
Hanoi in 1391 ; elected delegate of 
Annain-Tonkin at Superior Council 
of the Colonies when he succeeded 
Jules Terry in 1893, and went to 
France to fulfil his mandate ; on 
return to Indo-China in 1896, 
established the "Indo- C h i n e 
Francaise ; " returned to France in 
1897 on private business ; was can- 
didate in 1898, in 18th district of 
Paris, at elections for Chamber 
of Deputies, obtained 1652 votes ; 
went to Algeria in 1899; editor 
(1899-19 JU) of "Depeche Algerienne"; 
attache in 1901 to Cabinet of 
(Tovernor General, in charge of 
newspaper service ; returned in 
1904, to Tonkin, to assume position 
of Chief Editor of " Courrier d'Hai- 
phong; became in Nov., same year, 
Manager ; Proprietor in June, 1905 
turned paper into daily. Publi- 
i-ittioiw : " Les Croquis Contem- 
porains" (Paris, 1880). Numerous 
articles in Parisian newspapers. 
Decoration* ; Academy Officer ; Ton- 
kin medal; Knight of Annam 
Dragon ; Officer of Royal Order of 
Cambodge. Address: 67, Boulevard 
Bonnal, Haiphong, tndo-Cliina. 

LEVECQUE, Ernsst Fernand ( HANOI) , 
Directeur Adjoint Administration 

des Douanes et Regies ; b. Sept. 
2, 1852. Entree 1'Administration, 
Feb., 10, 1900. Decoration: Cheva- 
lier de la Legion d'H on neur. 
Aildress: Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo- 

LEVERING, Martin Murrey (CEBU), 

Attorney and Counsellor at law 
b. April 6, 1871 ; m. July 31, 1896, 
Nettie Davis. Educ. : Public and 
Normal Schools, Cal., U.S.A. First 
American lawyer to practise in 
Philippine Islands; organised 
American Chamber of Commerce, 
Manila ; organised, and is Secre- 
tary of Cebu Chamber of Commerce; 
founder and principal owner, Cebn 
Telephone Co. ; founder and prin- 
cipal owner, Yisayan Electric Co. 
Club: United Service. Address: 8, 
Calle Legaspi, Cebu, Philippine 

LEVY, Georges (HANOI), Substitut de 
Procureur General ; b. Nov. 15, 
1861. Entree 1'Administration, 
.Fuin 30, 1880; substitut de Pro- 
cureur General, Sept. 5, 1898. 
Decoration : Officier de 1'Instruc- 
tion Publiqne. Address: Hanoi, 
Tonkin, Indo-China, 

LEWIS, Edward Cornewall Lynch 
(HONGKONG), Civil Service, Assis- 
tant Postmaster General ; b. Jan. 
24, 1863. Held Official appointments 
previous to coming to Hongkong 
in 1899 in the Islands of St. Vincent 
and Grenada. Address: 5 Victoria 
View, Kowloon, Hongkong. 

LEWIS, John E. A. (SARAWAK), B.A. ; 
Resident, 2nd class ; Judge, Su- 
preme Court ; Member of General 




Council of Sarawak, etc. ; b. March 
22, 1862. Echic. : Privately, and at 
Caius College, Cambridge, took de- 
gree in 1883. Appointed extra 
officer. Sarawak Civil Service, in 
Oct., 188C; appointed Magistrate, 
Manager of Government Printing 
Office, and Editor, " Sarawak 
Gazette," Aug., 1888; Acting In- 
spector of Police and Prisons, 
Nov., 1889, to May, 1890, and Sept., 
1894, to Dec., 1895; Clerk to General 
Council, 1897 ; appointed Resident, 
2nd class, 1898. Club* : Oxford and 
Cambridge ; " Pall Mall,'' and 
Sarawak. Addirs* : K aching, 
Sarawak, North Borneo. 

LEWIS, Robert Ellsworth (SHAX<J- 
HAI), M.A. ; Sec. of International 
Committee of Y.M.C.A.; b. Sept. 29, 
1869, at Berkshire, Vermont, U.S.A.; 
Eihic. : Brigham Academy ; State 
University, Vermont, M.A., 1899; 
College Secretary, Mass., R.I., and 
Boston, 1894-96; Travelling Sec- 
retary, S.V.M., Canada and U.S.A., 
1896-97 ; Secretory, International 
Committee of Y.M.C.A., since 1898 ; 
Travelling Secretary, China, 1898- 
1900 ; attached to American Army, 
relief of Peking, 1900 (mentioned 
in despatches). P njj I I c n t i <> n x - 
" The Educational Conquest of the 
Far East". Address: 2, Barchet 
Road, Shanghai, China. 

LI, Prince (PEKING), Also known ?.s 
Shih-to. Minister to Grand Council; 
President of the Imperial Clan 
Court, Chancellor of the Board of 
Astronomy ; Lieut. -General, Yellow 
Banner Corps ; removed from Grand 
Council, Aug. 1901. 

LI AN-T'UNG, General (Ti:.N<;< now), 
native of Anhwei; Brigade-General, 
Tungchow, Chihli; Brigade-General, 
Tengchow, Shantung, Feb., 1904. 

K.C.M.G. ; Chinese Minister to 
United States and Peru ; native of 
Kwangtung. Expectant Taotai. 
Chihli ; First Secretary to Queen 
Victoria's Jubilee Mission, 1897; 
conferred K.C.M.G. : a director of 
K'ai-ping Mines ; First Secretary to 
PrinceCh'un's Mission to'Germany. 
July, 1901; Minister to United 
States and Peru, Oct., 1902 ; term 
expired spring, 1906, but denpiu- 
appeal for relief from o ffi c e 
remains pending settlement of U.S. 
Exclusion Treaty. 

Taotai ; native of Kwangtung : 
honorary degree. Interpreter to 
Chang-Chih-Tung for several years; 
Customs Taotai, Hankow, Oct., 
1903; do., Tientsin, Oct., 19u4 ; 
appointed to investigate Xanchang 
missionary massacre, March, 1906. 

Commander-in-Chief ; native of 
Kiaugsi. C o in m a n d e r-in-Chief, 
Kiangnan, March, 1898. 

LI CHAO-WEI (PKKixcj), Vice-Presi- 
dent, Board of War ; native of 
Anhwei ; metropolitan graduate, 
1874. Assistant Supervisor of In- 
struction, Jan., 1899; Chief, do.. 
May, 1899; Sub-Chancellor, Grand 
Secretariat, Dec., 1900; Senior 
Vice- President, Hoard of War. 
August, 1901. 

LI CHIA-CHU (|M:KIN<;> chief Su- 




pervisor of University, Chinese Ban- 
nerinan ; metropolitan graduate, 
1894 ; Literary Chancellor, Hupeh, 
11)04 ; Chief Supervisor, Peking Uni- 
versity, Feb., 1906. 

LI CHING-FANG (Wi'-MNG), Head of 
Wu-ning Railway; native of Anhwei; 
provincial graduate. Expectant 
Taotai, Kiangsi ; Secretary of 
Legation in London; Minister to 
Japan, Sept., 1S93 ; sou by adoption 
of late Viceroy Li Hung Chang; 
head of Wu-nirg Railway, 1905. 

LI CHING-MAI tPKKix), Chinese 
Minister to Austria ; native of 
Anhwei ; s. of Li Hung-Chang. 
Second class Secretaiy, Board of 
Works ; Expectant Metropolitan 
Official of Srd or 4th grade, Dec., 
1901 ; Minister to Vienna, Jan., 1906. 
Address : Chinese Legation, Vienna, 
Austria ; and Peking, China. 

LI CHING-HSI (K\v.vx<;si), ex- 
Governor ; native of Anhwei ; 
nephew of Li Hung Chang. 
Governor of Kwangsi, May, 1904 ; 
Vung-ning Tao, Szechwan, May, 
1887; Salt Taotai, Yunuan, Aug., 
1893 ; Judge, June, 1897 ; Treasurer, 
Fukien, Sept., 1898; do., Yunnan, 
Jan., 1899 ; removed from office, 
May, 1892 ; acting Governor, Kuei- 
cliou, Jar., 1903 ; Governor of 
Kwangsi, May, 1904 ; retired. 

LI FU-TSAO (PEKlXG), Junior Vice- 
president, Board of Ceremonies ; 
native of Hupeh ; metropolitan 
graduate, 1871. Sub-Reader, Han- 
lin Academy ; Deputy Supervisor of 
Instruction, Dec., 1892 ; Expositor, 
Hanlin, April, 1893; degraded to 

Expectant Deputy Supervisor of 
Instruction, May, 1894 ; Expositor, 
fjRiilin, April, i6; Reader, Hau- 
lin, Sept., 1896; assistant Super- 
visor of Instruction, Jan., 1897 ; 
Chief Supei visor of Instruction ; 
Sub-Chancellor, Grand Secretariat 
Oct., 1898; junior Vice-Preddent, 
Board of Ceremonies, spring, 1901. 

LI HSI-CHIEH (PEKING), Governor ; 
Chinese Bt;nuennan ; pioviucial 
graduate. Feng-Ying-Liu-Ssu Tao, 
Anhwei, June, 1696 ; Tcrg-Lai 
Clung Tao, Shantung, May, 1897; 
Judicial Commissioner, Chekiang, 
Oct.. 1902; Governor, Peking, 
March, 1900. 

Inspector-General ; native of An- 
Jiwei. Third Maquis,-grant!scn of 
Li Hung Chang. Assistant Cham- 
berlain, Sept., 1904; Inspector 
General of troops guarding the three 
lakes in Eho Park, 1906. 

LI MIN-SHEN (Hi'PEH), Treasurer; 
native of Szechwan ; metropolitan 
graduate 1871 ; Tso-Chiang Tao, 
Kwangsi, March, 1891 ; Taotai, 
Tientsin, Aug., 1895 ; Customs Tao- 
tai, Tientsin, Dec., 1896; Grand 
Intendent, Kiangsi, Dec., 1898 ; 
Judge, Hupeh, Feb., 1901; Treasurer 
Hupeh, July, 1903. 

Travelling Commissioner ; native of 
Kiangsi ; metropolitan graduate, 
1890; (Secundus) Reader, Hanlin, 
1890 ; Minister to Japan, Oct., 1898 ; 
Vice-Governor, Peking, Dec., 1900; 
was of the Empress Dowager and 
Yang-lu party in 1900 ; succeeded 




' Chan Tung Siting, tlie degraded 
Minister-elect for Belgium, 1905-8 ; 
member of the Travelling Com- 
mission for the investigation of 
Foreign Parliamentary Govern- 
ments, 1905-6; LL.D. conferred by 
Cambridge University, May, 1906. 

LI SUM LING (HONGKONG), Journalist ; 
b. 1881. Educ. : Saint Paul's College. 
Joined the Chinese Engineering 
and Mining Company, Hongkong, 
1900-4 ; representative of National 
Pr.-ss Association, U.S.A.; native 
ifote-wiiter " China Mail " ; Editor, 
"Chinese Mail," (Wall Tsze Yat Po) 
Hongkong, 1906. Address : c/o 
" Chinese Mail" Hongkong. 

HEBEUT, Gaston (HONGKONG) Consul 
for France ;b. Paris, Oct. 31, 18;>t>. 
Officer in French navy, 1884-1892; 
Attache Foreign Office, Paiis, 1892- 
.". ; Assistant Secretary, Tribunal of 
Aibitration for the Behring Sea 
Fisheiies, 1893; Assistant Consul- 
General, New York, 1835; Foreign 
Office, Paris, 189G-8 ; French Consul, 
Pakhoi and Tunghing, 1899-1931 ; 
on special mission, French Lega- 
tion, Peking, 19)1-2 (negotiations 
following Boxer troubles); while 
in Peking (Aug., 1931) appointed 
Consul fit Hongkong ; amved 
Hongkong, Oct., 19J1. Decoration* : 
(Cambodia, Tunis, etc.) China (G.C. 
Double Dragon) Portugal (Concep- 
tion c., Christ c.) ; Clubs : Hongkong; 
Peking. Address: French Consul- 
late, Hongkong; Paris, " La 
Feuillaume,"por Voucresson (Seine, 
and Oise\ and Ministerie des 
Affaires Etrangers. 

LIEN-K'UEI (HsiNriiiANG ), Military 

i Assistant (iovernor ; n;ili\e of Mn- 
churia. Secretary in Board of 
War ; Kan-liang Tao, Ivan.-n. No'., 
1892; H-J-ning Tao, Kansu, Apul, 
189J; Ju Ige, Anhuvi, Nov., 1898; 
Treasurer, d:>.. Feb., 1933 ; Militar/ 
Assistant Governor, Kobdo, April, 
19.:5; (iovernor, Hsinchiang (New 
Dominion, Chine -e T u r k e < t a n ) 
Sept., 19)5. 

LIEN-SH JN, Lieut.-Gsneral (Lii \s v), 
native of M incliuria. 1) e p u t y, Chin Chou, June, 
1388; cashiered, Dec., 1391; Military 
Assistant Governor, Kobdo, July, 
1896; Imperil! Agent. Urgi, O-t.. 
1893; Military Go,vrn:>r, Uliasufai 
(Mongolia), Oct., 1S93 ; Lieut. - 
(leneral, Mongol Bordered Blue 
Banner Corps, Jan., 1905 ; assistant 
Imperi il Resident in Tibi-t. Nov.. 
10. 5. 

LIN SHAO-NIEN (ICuANcisi) Govern 
or ; native of Fukien ; metropolitan 
graduate, 1874. I-nan Tao, Yunnan, 
Autumn. 1893 ; Judicial Commis- 
sioner, Kueichou, Dec., 1899 ; 
Financial Cominissinner, Vunnin, 
!:)!)! ; do., Sliansi, Jan.. 19' >2 : acting 
Governor, Yunnan, May, 1902 ; 
acting Governor -General, V.M2 : 
acting (ioverror, Kueichon. Dec., 
1904 ; Governor, Kwangsi, Oct., 
IK :,. 

; LINCOLN, Eev. Charles S. F. ts.i \.\;- 
nvi), B.A., M.D. ; Missionary. 
Physician and Teacher; I. Aug. 
13, 18o9. Educ. : Boudoin College ; 
( ollege of Medicine, Ky. Editor of 
Medical Missionary AssocSa'ioii 
Journal of Shanghai; member of 
American Association of China. 



.l(/(/;T.s.s : St. John's College. .Jess- 
fielil, Shuighai, China. 

LINDSTROM, Rev. H. E. S. (Hi uo- 

SHIMA), Missionary of Christian ami 
Missionary Alliance of U.S.A. ; b. 
.Jan. 25, 1867, at Helsingor, Denmark; 
in. Christina Lovisa, of Eugstrom. 
Educ.: Chicago T li e o 1 o g i c a 1 
Seminary ; Danish Free Church 
Seminar.;, Chicago. Arrived in 
Japan, Nov. 23, 1891. A<l<lr<'**: 
Shimonaka Machi, No. 2, Hiro- 
shima, Japan. 

LINTON, A. R. (HONGKONG), Hanker. 
Acting Manager, Mercantile Bank. 
Club : H o n g k o n g . A <l<Ji-<>xx .- 
(Queen's Road, Hongkong. 

aire ; became Japanese subject in 
1895 upon cession of island to 
Japan in order to prevent confis- 
cation of landed estates and re- 
venues ; has given large sums to 
assist Fovmosan and Fooehow 
< Governments ; was (-rent- 
ed President of Imperial stud 
Court at Peking, 1894 ; Vice-Presdt. 
of one of the great Peking Boards, 
1905, this honour being granted in 
reward for subscribing large sums 
of money towards the Board of 
Revenue Bank in Pekinr. 

UTCHFIELD, Hsnry Charles (YOKO- 
HAMA), Banister: b. 184:); in. 
1894. Edvc. : Marlborough College 
and Cambridge University. Called 
to bar, Inner Temple, 1SU7. Club: 
Yokohama United. Athlrexx : 12H\ 
Bluff, Yokohama, Japan. 

LITTLE, Alexander Colbourne 

(HONGKONG), Architect and En- 

gineer; b. Oct. 7, 1877. Joined 
Public Works Department in May, 
ll->04, as Assistant Engineer. 
Clubs : Hongkong. .1 ddress : 
Public Works Department, Hong- 

LITTLE, Archibald John (CHUNG- 
KING), F.R.G.S., F.R.C.L; Merchant 
and Author; b. April 18, 1838, at 
London ; in. Alicia, d. of Calverley 
liswicke, of Hallaton Hall, Leices- 
tershire. Edue. : St. Paul's and 
Berlin. Arrived in Hongkong in 
1 s.v.i ;is Tea-taster to Siemssen and 
Co. ; remained with that firm at 
Canton and Shanghai until 1862, 
when established himself in Kiu- 
kiai'.g and later at Shanghai ; as 
Volunteer in 18uO assisted in repel- 
ling attack of Taiping rebels; 
visited Imperial and Taiping Camps 
in Kiangsu and Chekiang same 
yeai 1 ; was mobbed as a spy in 
Anhwei :uid nearly killed ; returned 
to Shanghai, 1801, and served in 
Volunteer Artillery during rebel 
disturbances, 18(31-02 ; was attacked, 
stunned and bound by Imperial 
soldiers in streets of Hankow, 1862; 
mobbed and severely handled by 
porcelain potters in Kin-teh-Chin 
in Kiangsi 1804 ; served on Shang- 
hai Municipal Council, 1880 ; visited 
Szechwan, 1883, and since engaged 
in opening up steam communica- 
tion on Upper Yangtse, and in 
trade of West China generally ; 
commenced an anti-footbrndiiig 
crusade in conjunction with Mrs. 
Little, 1898 ; commenced mining in 
conjunction with Chinese iii Sze- 
chwan, 1899; received invitation 
from Chinese (lovernment to exploit 




coal and iron basin of Kiangpei, 
under an Imperial concession, 
1904 ; established Chungki ng 
Trading Co. as Limited Liabi- 
lity Company, 1904 ; has travelled 
extensively throughout Chinese 
Empire and communicated results 
to Chinese branch of Royal A>ial it- 
Society, R.G.S., Scottish G.S., and 
Soc. of Arts; Medallist, Society 
of Arts, London. Publication* : 
"The Yangtse Gorges," 1883; 
"Mount Omi and Beyond," 1897: 
" The Far East," 1905 ; etc., etc. 
Clubs: Oriental, London; Shang- 
hai. Address: Chungking, West 

LITTLE, Mrs. Archibald (CHI-NUKING), 
Author ; President of Antifootbind- 
ing Society of China ; b. at Madeira, 
y. <1. of late Calverly Bewicke, of 
Hallaton Hall, Leicestershire, and 
Mary Amelia Hollingsworth ; in. 
1886, Archibald Little, q. v. Educ. : 
by father. Worked on many 
philanthropic Committees before 
marriage ; organising Secretary and 
now President of the Tien Tsu Hit!, 
or Antifootbiuding Society of 
China ; Vice-President of the Wo- 
men's Conference at Shanghai, 
1900; has delivered lectures before 
the Geographical Societies of (ilas- 
gow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, 
Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, 
South Shields, and at the Glasgow 
Exhibition, and read a paper of 
Mr. ..Little's before the British 
Association at Glasgow. Publi- 
cations: "Li Hung Chang, his Life 
and Times " ; " Out in China," a 
Novelette ; " The Land of the Blue 
Gown " ; " Intimate China " ; "A 

Marriage in China "; ' Fairy Foxes," 
a Chinese Legend: "Mother Dar- 
ling," written to establish the 
rights of mothers to their own 
children; "A Noble Army and a 
Holy War '' ; many novels, among 
these, "Margery Ti avers"; ''On- 
wards ! but Whither " ; " The Last 
of the Jerninghames," " A Million- 
aire's Courtship," and many maga- 
zine and newspaper articles. 7,V- 
ci-eatidiis : Travel and Sightseeing. 
Club : Pioneer. Addrtts: ('luuig- 

king, China. 


' LITTLE, K. S. (SHANGHAI). (Jt-nerai 
Manager for China of Brunner 
Mond and Co. ; Member. Municipal 
Council. Addn*: VI, Kiukian- 
Road, Shanghai. 

LITTLE. Henry Alexander (KONG- 
MOON), H.B.M. Consul. Appointed 
Student Interpreter in China, Aug.. 
21, 1890 ; acting Chief Clerk, Shang- 
hai Court, 1896 ; acting Consul at 
Amoy, 1899; promoted, 1st class 
Assistant, May, 13, 1899; acting 
Consul at Samshui, 1900. to 1902 ; at 
Wuchow, 1902; promoted Consul 
at Pakhoi, April o, 19'i-j; trans- 
ferred to Kongmoon, May 2, 1904. 
Address: H.B.M. Consulate, Kong- 
moon, China. 

Broker and Merchant. Partner in 
firm, William Little and Co. Ad- 
d res*: 11, Hankow Road, Shanghai, 

LITTON, George John Letablere 
(TKNG-V I'KH). 1I.I5.M. Consul. 
Kdnc. ; Kton ; Oriel College, Ox- 
ford. Appointed cadet. Straits 




Settlements, 1891 ; transferred to 
China as Student Interpreter, Dec. 
5, 1895 ; acting Consul at Chungking, 
1898 to 1899; attached to Burma- 
China Frontier Delimitation Com- 
mission, 1899 to 1900 ; promoted 1st 
class assistant ; Feb. 24, 1900 ; in 
charge at Teng-yueh, 1901 to J902 ; 
at Yunnan-fu, 1902 to 1903 ; Consul 
at Teng-yueh, 1906. Address: 
H.B.M. Consulate, Teng-yueh, 

LIU CH'UN-LIN (Yl'NNAN), Treasurer ; 
native of Kueichou ; metropolitan 
graduate, 1868. Lin- An K'ai-Kuang 
Tao, Yunnan, Feb., 1901 ; Judge 
Yunnan, March, 1903 ; Treasurer, 
Yunnan, 1904; Treasurer, Kvvangsi, 
July, 1904; Treasurer, Hunan, Oct., 
1904 ; do., Yunnan Feb., 1905. 

LIU HSUEH-HSUN, (PEKING), native of 
Kwangtung; metropolitan graduate. 
Expectant Prefect ; went on special 
mission to Japan to report on 
commerce, Dec., 1898. 

LIU SIK-FAN (PEKING), Chinese Minis- 
ter at Paris ; formerly Charge 
d'Affaires at Legation, Paris ; ap- 
pointed Minister, 1906, upon 
retirement of Sun Pao Chi. Ad- 
dress: Chinese Legation, Paris, 
France ; and Peking, China. 

LIU YU-LIN (PEKING), Expectant 
Taotai ; Consul General in South 
Africa, Oct., 1904. Address: Chin- 
ese Consulate, Capetown, South 
Africa ; and Peking, China. 

dier-Geneval ; native of Kwangsi. 
Leader of the "Black Flags"; 
Brigade-General, Xan-Ao Division, 

Kwangtung, April, 1886 ; do., Nan- 
Yang Division, Honan, Nov., 1899 ; 
do., ( 1 hieh-Shih Division, Kwang- 
tung, March, 1900 ; distinguished 
himself in fighting against the- 
French at Foochow, and in For- 
mosa, against Japanese ; retired 
owing to ill-health, May, 1906. 

PEII), Commander-in-Chief ; native 
of Kansu ; metropolitan graduate,. 
1877. Reader, Hanlin, summer, 
1901 ; assistant Supervisor of In- 
struction, Sept., 1901 ; Chief Su- 
pervisor of Instruction, 1902 ; sub- 
Chancellor, Grand Secretariat, 
Sept., 1902 ; Commander-in-Chief, 
Kiangpeh, 1905. 

LIU'EN-P'U (PEKING), Superinten- 
dent, Peking Granaries ; native of 
C h i h 1 i ; metropolitan graduate, 
1864. Reader of the Grand Sec- 
retariat, Sept., 1892; Director,. 
Court of State Ceremonial, Jan. r 
1893 ; Deputy Commissioner, Office- 
of T r a n s m i s s i o n , April, 1898 ; 
Director of Imperial Stud, Oct., 
1896 ; Superintendent, Peking- 
Granaries, Sept., 1898. 

LLOYD, Prof. Arthur (TOKYO), M.A., 
Professor, Imperial University; & 
April 10, 1852 ; in. Maria Rosa 
Theresa, </. of Colonel J. Lloyd, 
C.B., and subsequently to Mary, d, 
of J. B. Tolput, of Folkestone. 
Educ. ; Brewood Giummar School ; 
Peterhouse, College Cambridge ; 
Tiibingen ; graduated 1st class 
classical tripos and proxime ac- 
cessit for Chancellor's medals, 1874- 
Elected Fellow and Dean of Peter- 
house, 1877 ; ordained Deacon,, 



1875; priest, 1876, by Bishop of 
Chester; rector of Norton, Bury St. 
Edmunds, 1878-84; S.P.G. Mission- 
ary to Japan, 1874; Professor of 
English, Keiogijuku College, Tok- 
yo, 1885 ; Imperial Naval Academy, 
1886; went to Canada, 1890, as 
Professor of Classics at Trinity 
College, Toronto, and Head-master 
of Trinity College School ; returned 
to Japan, 1893 and re-appointed to 
Keiogijuku and Imperial Naval 
College ; for several years President 
<>f St. Paul's College, Tokyo; at 
present lecturer in English at 
Imperial University, Higher Com- 
mercial School and Naval Aca- 
demy; President, Asiatic Society 
of Japan, 1904-5. Publications : 
"Japanese Colloquial," " Kenshiu's 
Vision." -'Imperial Songs" (being 
translations of poems by Emperor 
and Empress of Japan ), " Con- 
fessions of a Husband." " Life of 
Admiral Togo," " Buddhist Medita- 
tions,' " The Gospel of the Four," 
Japanese problem play, and con- 
tributions to the Asiatic Society's 
Journal; joint editor of " Russia- War/' .4 d d r e s s : 26, 
ligura RoAiichome, Tokyo, Japan. 

LLOYD, J. J. (SINGAPORE), Auctioneer 
and Valuer ; b. July 23, 1850; m. 
April 10, 1877. Educ. : St. Michael's, 
Chatham, Kent. Has been 3," years 
in Far East ; now head of firm' 
Powell and Co. Club : Singapore. 
Address: 17 Raffles Place, Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 

LOCK, C. G. Warnford (SINOAPORE), 
F.G.S., M.l.M.M. ; Consulting Min- 
ing Engineer. Engaged in Mining 

in Iceland, Austria, Hungary, Asia 
Minor, British Columbia, S. Dakota, 
U.S.A., California, New South 
Wale;, Rhodesia and Malay Pen- 
insula. Publications: " The Home 
of the Eddas"; "Practical Gold 
Mining"; "Gold Milling"; 
" The Miners' Pocket Book " ; 
numerous monographs in Scientific 
Societies transactions and technical 
press. Address: Singapore, Straits 
Settlements ; 93, Pitt St., Sydney, 
N.S.W., Australia; c'o Charleton, 
Dickinson and Co. 353, Mansion 
House Chambers, London, E.G. 

LOCKHART, James Haldene Stawart 
(WKi-iui-WKM, C.M.G., F.R.G.S., 
M.R.A.S. ; H.M.'s Commissioner at 
Wei-hai-wei since 19')2 ; b. May 20, 
1858, at Ardsheal, Argyllshire, 4th 
s. of Miles Lockhart (s. of James 
Lockhart of Lanhams, Essex, and 
Lord of the Manor of Marston and 
Oving, Bucks), and of Anna R. C. 
Stewart, d. of Major Stewart, 91st 
Regiment, and niece of Charles 
Stewart, late of Ardsheal, male 
representative of the Stewarts of 
Lome, Appin, and Ardsheal ; in. 
1889, Edith Louise Rider, 2nd d. 
of Alfred Hancock, Hongkong. 
Educ. : King Willi.un's College, 
Isle of Man. ; Watson's College, 
Kdinburgh (gold medallist); Edin- 
burgh University (Greek Medallist). 
Appointed after competitive Ex.-i- 
mination to Hongkong cadetship, 
1878; attached to the Colonial 
Office for one year, 1879; passed 
cadet, 1882 ; Superintendent of 
Opium Revenue, March, 1883; as- 
sistant Colonial Secretary, and 
assistant Auditor-General, Aug., 



168;} ; acting Registrar - General, 
1884-1885 ; Registrar-General, 18S7 ; 
and Member of Legislative Council 
1889; Member of Executive Council, 
1891 ; Chairman Board of Examiners 
in Chinese, 1891 ; ditto, Governing 
Body, Queen's College, 1894 ; acting 
Colonial Secretary, April, 1894; 
Colonial Secretary and Registrar- 
General, March, 1895 ; Special Coin- 
irns.-ioner to report on the extension 
of the Boundary of Hongkong, 
1808; Representative of Great 
Britain to delimit Boundaiies, for 
both of which received thanks of 
Secretary of State 1899 ; Commis- 
sioner of Wei-liai-wei, since 1902; 
carried on the negotiations relative 
to the recession of Wei-hai-wei 
with the Viceroy of Shantung, May, 
19C6. Publications : Manual of 
Chinese Quotations ; the Currency 
of the Farther East. Recreations : 
Rowing, golf, riding, numismatics, 
folk-lore, the language and liter- 
ature of China ; the history of 
Biitish trade with the Far East, 
and of the British Colonies. Clubs : 
Royal Societies'; Hongkong; Ends 
of the Earth, New York. Address: 
Government House, Wei-hai-wei 

Professor at Imperial University ; 
b. 1854. Joined Japanese Govern- 
ment Service many years ago ; 
translated into English. Japanese 
Civil and Commercial Codes. 
Decorations : Srd class of Sacred 
Treasure and Rising Sun, Japan ; 
3rd class of Crown, Germany ; Srd 
class of Iron Crown, Austria; Order 
de 1'Academie, and Order de 

I'lnstruction Publique, France ; 
Address: 1, Minami-cho, Shichi- 
chome, Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan. 

LOEW, Prof. Carl Benedict Oscar 
(TOKYO), D.Ph., Prof. Agricul- 
tural Chemistry ; b. April 2, 1844, at 
Redwitz, Bavaria ; m. Olga Tarobi 
d. of Capt. H. Tarobi. Educ. : 
Universities of Munich and 
Leipzig. Took part in four scientific 
expeditions to the S.W. States 
of the Union (reports of 
wh ieh were published by the 
U.S. WarDept. Washington), 1873- 
77, was later Doc-ent at University 
of Munich ; Professor at Tokyo- 
University, 1893-97; Expert of 
Physiological Chemistry at U.S. 
Dept. of Agriculture, 1898-1900; 
Professor at Tokyo, 1901-G ; discove- 
red a simple method of manu- 
facturing formalin on a big scale 
in 1883 and first observed its great 
antiseptic properties. Decorations : 
4th class, Order of Sacred Treasure, 
Japan. Publications: "The 
Physiological Role of M i n e r a 1 
Nutrients," 1899; "The Energy of 
Living Protoplasm," 1896; "Ein 
Naturliches System der Giftwirk- 
ungen," 1893 ; and numerous con- 
tributions to scientific journals. 
' Address: College of Agriculture, 
Komaba, Tokyo, Japan. 

LOMET, Henri (BAC-KAN), Resident ; 
Administrator, 2nd class ; b. Sept. 
13, 1858. Entered Indo-China Civil 
Service, April 20, 1884 ; Administra- 
tor 4th class, Jan. 12, 1892 ; 
Administrator, Srd class, May 31, 
1899 ; Administrator, 2nd class, 
Jan. 1, 1903. Address : Bae-Kan, 


B:ic-Kan, Tonkin, 

Province of 

LONDON, Jonklieer J. (TOKYO), Envoy 
Extraordinary and Minister 
Plenipotentiary for the Nether- 
lands and Sweden. Address : 
Netherlands Legation, 1, Shiba 
Kiridoshi, Tokyo, Japan. 

LOOKER, Herbert William (HONG- 
KONG), Solicitor ; partner of the 
firm Messrs. Deacon, Looker, and 
Deacon ; b. Dec. 2, 1871. Admitted 
a solicitor, 1894 ; arrived Hongkong, 
Dec. 16, 1895. Club: Hongkong. 
Address: De.s Vteux lload, Hong- 


Clergyman; b. March 4, 1838; in. 
March 6, 1872. Editc. : Hamilton 
College ; Auburn Theological Sem- 
inary. Enlisted in U.S. Army, 146 
Begt. N. G. Vol., Aug., 1862; parti- 
cipated in about 20 battles, 
wounded twice and was brevetted 
for bravery and promoted from 3rd 
Sergeant to Captain ; obtained dis- 
charge, July, 1865; Missionary of 
Presbyterian Board at Yokohama, 
1872-98 ; since 1881, Agent for Japan 
of American Bible Society. Ad- 
dress : 223, Bluff, Yokohama, Japan. 

LORIN, Albert (MYTHO), Resident; 

Administrator, 1st class ; b. Feb. 1, 
1863. Joined Indo - China Civil 
Service, Sept. 1885 ; Adminis- 
trator, 4th class, Jan. 1, 1895 ; 
Administrator, 3rd class, July 1, 
1896 ; Administrator, 2nd class, Aug. 
2, 1900 ; Administrator, 1st class, 
Jan. 1, 1904. Address : Mytho, Pro- 
vince of Mytho, Cochin-China. 

B.Sc. ; Acting District Officer. 
Educ. : Edinburgh, Cadet, Straits 
Settlements, Nov., 1899; passed 
final examination in Malay, April, 
1901 ; acting Head of Malay College, 
Malacca, May, 1901 ; acting as- 
sistant Registrar of Supreme Court, 
and Magistrate and Sheriff, Malacca, 
April, 1903 ; acting District Officer, 
Penang, Jan., 1904 ; acting District 
Officer, Balik Pulan, Penang, 1905. 
Address: Balik Pulan, Penang, 
Straits Settlemsnts. 

LOURME, Joseph Ernest (HANOI), 
Inspector General des Postes et des 
Telegraphes, Directeur General; b. 
Feb. 7, 1844. Entree 1'Administra- 
tion, Nov. 16, 1884 ; Inspect o r - 
General, O^t. 1, 1904. Decoration : 
Officer de la Legion d'Honneur. 
Address: Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo- 

LOUVEL, Lieut. -Colonel J. E. (HANOI), 
Commandant 3e Ten-it oire Mili- 
taire et Cercles. Decoration : 
Officier de la Legion d'Honneur. 
Address : Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo- 

LOWE, Arthur Rylands (HONGKONG), 
Chartered Accountant: b. Man- 
chester, June 22, 1873. Edc. : The 
Hulme Grammar School, Man- 
chester. Articled to Messrs Parkin- 
son, Mather & Co., C.A., Manches- 
ter and London; from 1898 t<> 1;>^ 
with Messrs. Butterfield and 
Swire ; now in practice as Charter- 
ed Accountant, partner in firm 
of Lowe and Bingham, of Hong- 
kong and Shanghai ; secretary, 
Hongkong General L'hamber <'<>;n- 




merce, Fire Assocn. of Hongkong, 
and Fire Tariffs at Canton, Macao, 
Kongmoon, Fatshan antl various 
West River Ports. Clubs: Hong- 
kong, Sports (London). Address: 
St. George's Buildings, Hongkong. 

LOWIS, Major Harry Elliott (HONG- 
KONG), 119th Infantry; b. Sept. 9, 
1864. Lieut. Indian S.C., April 1, 
1889; Capt., Indian Army, May 9, 
1896 ; Major, May 9, 1903. Address : 
Military Headquarters, Hongkong. 

LOWRY, Prof. George Davis N. 
(PEKING), M.A., M.D.; Physician 
and Surgeon; b. Dec. 21, 1867 ; in, 
Aug., 1894. Ed tic. : Ohio Wesley an 
University. Physician and Surgeon, 
Methodist Episcopal Hospital, Pek- 
ing, 1894 ; Professor of Surgery in 
the Medical College of Peking Uni- 
versity, 1893-19)6 ; Professor of 
Surgery in Union Medical College, 
Peking, 19;)6. Address: Peking, 

LOWRY, Rev. H. H. (PICKING), M.A., 
D.D. ; President of Peking Univer- 
sity ; b. May 29, 1843, at Zanesville, 
Ohio. U.S.A.; in. 1867, Parthenia 
E. Nicholson. Educ: Ohio Wesley- 
an University. Served as Volunteer 
in American Civil War ; appointed 
missionary of Methodist Episcopal 
Church at Foochow, 1867 ; transfer- 
red to I 'eking, 18(39 ; served as 
Superintendent of Mission in 
North China, 20 years ; was attack- 
ed during coup d'etat, 1898, by mob 
outside Peking and wounded ; was 
in America during Boxer uprising 
but returned immediately after 
relief of Peking and assisted in 
settling indemnity claims ; was 

commended in a proclamation by 
late Li Hung Chang for fairness in 
arranging indemnity claims of 
Christians and for losses of Mis- 
sion and University ; proceeded 
with rebuilding of Mission and 
University in face of almost 
universal scepticisin as to return 
of Court and re-establishment of 
capital at Peking. Address: Pek- 
ing University, Peking, China. 

LUARD, Commander Herbert Du C. 
(HONGKONG), B.N. ; in command of 
H.M. Sloop " Cadmus." Promoted 
to present rank, Nov. 9, 1900 ; 
appointed to command, April 13, 
1904. Club: Hongkong. Ad<Ir<'* : 
H.M.S. " Cadmus," Hongkong. 

LUCE, Louis Paul (HANG;), Inspector 
Civil Service In do- China ; Member 
of Cabinet ; b. April 19, 1856. En- 
tered Civil Service, Indo-China, 
Oct., 1889 ; 1st class, Oct. 11, 1889 ; 
Inspector, Jan., 1900. Decoration: 
Officier d'Academie. .1 </ </ / < * * : 
Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo-l-hina. 

LUCY, Dr. Sidney Berbert Reginald 
(PKNANG), M.R.C.S., Eng., L.R.C.P., 
Loud. ; Colonial Surgeon 
Resident ; b. July 1, 1868. District 
Surgeon, Lower Perak, 1894 ; 
District Surgeon, Telok Anson, 
1895 ; acting State Surgeon, Perak, 
1896; District Surgeon, Kuala Lum- 
pur, 1897 ; acting Superintendent of 
Prisons, Selangor, 1899; acting 
State Surgeon, Selangor, 1900-1901 ; 
Residency Surgeon, Pahang, 1900 ; 
State Surgeon, Pahang, 1903 ; 
Colonial Surgeon Resident, Pe-, 1906. A d d r e s s : Penang, 
1 Straits Settlements. 


WHO'S WHO ix THE FAR EAST (.TUXE) 11500-7. 

LU CH'ITAN-LIN (PEKING), Officiating 
President, Boant of Works ; native 
of Cbihli ; metropolitan graduate, 
1S62. Prefect, Lienchow, Kwang 
tung, 1879; Taotai. Swatow, Sept. 
1879; Judge, Fukien, March, 1880; 
do., Szeclnvan May, 1881 ; Treasurer, 
do., Sept., 18S1 ; Governor, Honan, 
April, 1883; Governor, S lien si. 
April, 1885; retired, Aug.. 1880; 
Governor, Shensi. Jan., 1890; 
Viceroy Szechwan, April, 1895 ; 
vacated post, Sept., 1897 ; Officia- 
ting President, Board of Works ; 
Member of the Cabinet, 1895-6. 

-LU HAI-HUAN (PEKING), President. 
Board of War ; native of Chihli. 
provincial graduate. Chief Sec- 
retary, Tsnng-li Vamen ; Chang- 
Chen Tao, Chinkiang, May, 1894; 
Minister to Germany, June, 1897; 
Reader, Grand Secretariat, Nov.,,, 
1897 ; Director, Banqueting Couit, 
O:-t., 1898; do., Court of Sacrificial 
Worship, Jan., 1S99; Commissioner. 
Office of Revision, July, 1899 ; 
junior Vice-President. Board of 
Civil Office, Nov.. 19ut) ; President, 
Cens-.rate, Aug.. 19D1 ; Minister, 
Board of Foreign Affairs, Nov., 
1901 ; President, Board of Works, 
Feb., 1902 ; Commissioner for Treaty 
Revision, 1902 ; Commercial Treaty 
Commissioner and Plenipotentiary, 
1935 ; President, Board of War. Jan., 

LU JUN-H3IANG (PEKING). President, 
Board of Works ; native of Kiang- 
su ; metropolitan graduate. 1874, 
(optimus). Reader, Hanlin; Literary 
Chancellor, Shantung, Sept., 1885; 
Libationer, Imperial Academy, 
Dec., 189-2 ; vacated post, 1895 ; 

re- appointed Nov., it-.ts; sul." 
Chancellor, ({rand Secretaiiat. 
.June, 1899; Senior Vice-President. 
Board of Ceremonies. Nov., UK MI ; 
President, Censorate, Feb., 1902. 
President, Board of Works, Jan., 

LU PAO-CHUNG (PEKING), Piesulent, 
of Censorate; native of Kiangsn ; 
metropolitan graduate, 1870 ; Sub- 
Cliancellor.Grand Secretariat, Mar., 
1900 ; Junior Vice-President, Board 
of War, spring, 1901 ; I.iterary 
Chancellor, Peking, spring, 1901 ; 
President of Censoiate, Jan.. 1908. 

Comniaiider-in-Chief ; native of Ar- 
hwei ; C'mmander-iii-Chief, Chih- 
li, July, 1900; do., Chekiang. Aug.. 
1900 ; Order of Yellow Jacket, Jan., 

LUPTON, Harry (MALACCA), Acting 
Superintendent of Works and 
Surveys ; h. Aug. l:j, LS75. Appoint- 
ed cadet in Straits Settlements 
Civil Strvi.-e, Nov., ; acting 
assistant Superintendent of Works. 
Singapoie i:-M2 : assistant Supi'iin- 
tenlent of Works, Malacca 1903: 
acting ! uperintendent of Works 
and Surveys. Malacca, since 1904. 
A (hi n>x< : Malacca, Straits SettK - 

LYLE, Thomas Harold (BANGKOK), 
H.B.M. Vice-Consul. Appointed 

Student Interpreter i:i Siam. 
Mau-h 7, 189:; ; Is: ns>i<lan!, .Jan. 1. 
1397 ; acting Consul at Caiengmai, 
1396; assistant in charge at Nar, 
1898 t 1898; promoted Vice-Consul 
at Bangkok. Oct. 1, 1902. Addreut : 
H.B.M. Consulate, Bangkok. Siam. 



LYONS, Captain Frederick (Hox- 

KO.\<;), Deputy Superintendent of 
Police; /;. Dec. 26, 185o. Entered 
army as 2nd Lieutenant, 1878; 
retired as Captain, 1890 ; since then 
. in reserve of officers : Assistant Su- 
perintendent of Police, Singapore, 
1891-3 ; Assistant Commissioner, 
Perak Sikhs, 1893 ; subsequently 
acted as Captain Superintendent of 
Police and Piisons, Selangor, and 
Deputy Superintendent of Police, 
Perak; slightly wounded on chest 
in an attack on rebels' stockade ;U 

.It-ram Ampai, Pahang, 1894, a 
bullet striking pocket book; 
received thanks of Secretary of 
State for Colonies, for share in 
restoring order at Pahang ; ap- 
pointed Deputy Superintendent of 
Police, Hongkong, 1902 ; acting 
Captain Superintendent, 1903-4. 
Decorations: South African Medal 
and clasp ; Egyptian Medal and 
Khedive's star. Club*: Army and 
Navy ; II o n g k o n g. Addi-e** : 
Central Police Station, Hong- 

21 ill 


MAATH*>N, H. H. Sir Atonal S!iaa, 
(PAHANG), K.O.M.G.; Sultan of Pa- 
hang. Succeeded to throne by force 
of arms about 1862-65, when title 
was Wan Ahmad ; has reigned over 
country ever since ; signed political 
treaty with Great Britain about 
1887. Address: Pahang, Federated 
Malay States. 

MA GARTH JR, James Duncan (LANG- 
SUAN), M.I.M.E., M.T.K. and S. 
( Scotland ) ; Consulting Engineer, 
Managing Director, Langsuan Tin 
Mining Co., Ltd. ; m. Margaret 
Amiie De Suffren Moclachlau. 
Educ. : Tjtin Royal Academy, 
Glasgow ; West of Scotland 
Technical College. Formerly part- 
ner, Mackay and Macarthur, 
consulting engineers, Bangkok ; 
now Director, Mackay and Mac- 
arthur, Ltd. Publications : Paper 
on Marine Engine Shafting ; Paper 
on Comparison between Perfor- 
mances of two Steamships (Denny 
Gold Medal ). Club : Bangkok 
United. Address: Langsuan, Siam. 

Underwriter, Agent Union Insur- 
ance Society of Canton and 
Singapore ; b. Sept. 21, 1853, at 
Leghorn, Italy, e. s. of late M. P. 
Macbean, H.B.M. Vice - Consul, 

Leghorn ; TO. Annie C. A. Fisher, 
2nd d. of late Lieut.-Colonel A. A. 
Court Fisher, B.E., C.B. Educ. : 
Ewart High School, Wigtonshire, 
N.B. ; Edinburgh Collegiate, etc. 
Was in business in L-mdn, 1870-84 ; 
Assistant Treasurer and Auditor 
General, Government of British 
North Borneo ; assistant Post- 
master General, Penang, 1886 ; 
Chief Assistant and acting Secre- 
tary, Straits Insurance Co., Ltd., 
Straits Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., 
1837-92; Agent and lo^al Minager 
Straits Insurance Co., Ltd., Straits 
Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., Com- 
mercial Union Assurance C)., Ltd., 
Hongkong, 1892-97 ; Agent Union 
Insurance Society of C -in ton, Ltd., 
at Singapore since 1837. dirts: 
Junior Athenaeum, London ; Shang- 
hai ; Singapore. Aidrsss : 6, Collyer 
Quay, Singapore, Straits Settle- 

MACDONALD, Sir Claude M. (TOKYO), 
K.C.B., K.C.M.G. ; H.B.M. Ambas- 
sador; b. June 12, 1852, s. of late 
Major General J. D. MacDonald; 
m. 1892, Ethel, d. Major W. Cairns 
Armstrong, 15th Regt. Educ. : Up- 
pingham College; Royal Military- 
College, Sandhurst.- Entered 74th 
Highlanders, March 16, 1872 ; Cap- 
tain, Feb. 12, 1831 ; Major (Brevet), 




Nov. 18, 1882 ; served throughout 
Egypt iau Campaign of 1882, and 
through Suakin Expedition of 1884- 
1885, as a Volunteer with 42nd 
Highlanders ; employed on Special 
Service in Egypt, from Feb. 13, 
1883, to June 21, 1887 ; attached by 
War Office to Agency, Cairo, from 
1832 to 1887 ; retired from Army, 
March 25, 1896 ; Acting Agent and 
Consul-General, Zanzibar, from July 
16, 1887, to March 21, 1888; ap. 
pointed Commissioner on West 
Coast of Afiica, Dec. 15, 1888; 
proceeded on Special Mission to 
Niger Territories, June, 1889 ; sent 
to Berlin with reference to delimi- 
tation of boundary between Oil 
Rivers Protectorate, and Colony of 
Cameroons ; Commissioner and 
Consul-General in Oil Rivers (now 
Niger Coast) Pi-otectorate and 
adjoining Native Territories ; Con- 
sul to Island of Fernando Po ; 
Consul in the Cameroons, Jan. 1, 
1891 ; Minister to China and Corea, 
Jan 1, 1896 ; was at Peking during 
Siege and commanded Legation 
defenders, 1900 ; Minister to Japan 
and Consul-General in Japan, Oct. 
26, 1930; promoted Colonel (Reserve 
of Officers) ; British Ambassador at 
Tokyo, 1905. Decorations : Egyptian 
Medal with three Clasps; Khedive's 
Star ; 4th class of the Osmanieh ; 
Jubilee Medal ; China Medal and 
Clasp ; Coronation Medal ; 2nd 
class of Rising Sun. Clubs: St. 
James ; Junior United Service ; 
Tokyo. Address: H.B.M. Embassy, 
Tokyo, Japan. 

M.I.C.E.; Engineer-in-Chief, Quarrr 

Bay Shipyard ; b. September 5, 1865. 
Ed uc. : Glasgow, graduated 
Glasgow University. Built Blythe 
dry dock and other large docks in 
north of England ; in charge of 
three sections Admiralty works, 
Dover, 1897-1901 ; arrived in Hong- 
kong, 1901 ; Captain of Hongkong 
Volunteers. Clubs: Hongkong, 
Jockey, Golf, Cricket, etc. Ad- 
dress : Hongkong. 

MACDONALD, Rev. Roderick John 
Johnstme (Wucnow), M.D., M.A. 
and C.M. ; Missionary and 
Physician; b. 1859; m. 1892, Mar- 
garet Ellen Corderoy. Educ. : 
Woodhouse Grove School^ 
Middlesex Hospital ; Edinburgh 
University. Was at Wesleyan Me- 
dical Mission, Fatehan Hospital, 
1884; Chui Chan Fu Dispensary, 
1887; Fatshan Hospital, 1893; 
Wuchow, 1897 ; appointed Medical 
Officer of I.M.O. and Surgeon to 
H.B.M. Consulate and Gaol, 1903. 
Address: Wesleyan Mission House, 
Wuchow, West River, South China. 

MACDOWELL, Dr. Donald Keith 

(SINGAPORE), C.M.G. (1901) ; Prin- 
cipal Civil Medical Officer, Straits 
Settlements. Principal Medical 
Officer of West African Field 
Force ; accompanied Ashanti Ex- 
pedition, 1900, in that capacity ; 
Principal Civil Medical Officer, 
Straits Settlements, since March, 
1903. Club: Singapore. Address: 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

MACEY, Paul Joseph Julten (LAOS), 
Resident ; Administrator, 2nd 
class; 6. Feb. 12, 1852. Adminis- 
trator, 4th class, July I, 1894 ; Ad- 




miaistrator, 3rd class, Oct. 2o, 
1898 ; Administrator. 2ml class, 
Jan. 1, 1004. Address : Laos ; 

KONG), L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., Edin. : 
Assistant Medical Officer of 
Health; b. July 15, 1876. Arrived 
in Hongkong, Sept.. 1903. Club : 
Hongkong. Address : Kowloon, 

B.A., Oxford; acting assistant 
Secretary to British Resident ; l>. 
Feb. 9, 1879. Edttc. : Clifton College 
and Wadham College. Was in South 
Africa with Imperial Yeomanry 
1900 ; Federated Malay States Civil 
Service as Cadet, Selangor, Jan., 
.1903; acting assistant District 
Officer, Kuala Selangor, April, 1904 . 
acting Assistant Secretary to Resi- 
dent, Kuala Lumpur, 1906. Decora- 
tion: South African Medal with 
three^ bars. A d d re s s : Kuala 
Lumpur, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

(SHANGHAI), M.A., B.D., Mission- 
ary ; b. 1862; in. Miss Bovey, Bovey 
Tracey, Devon, England. Educ. : 
Goderick High School and Knox 
College and Toronto University, 
Canada ; Gold Medallist in classics, 
at Toronto University ; numerous 
other prizes and scholarships in 
Arts and Theology. Pioneer to 
Houan in 1888 for Canadian Pres- 
byterian Church ; suffered as result 
of rioting several times ; in 1899 
came to Shanghai as co-worker 
with Dr. Timothy Richard, D.D., 

in the Christian Literature Society 
for China where has since remained. 
Publication*: Mandarin- Roma- 
nised Dictionary of Chinese, and 
many works in Chinese. Address : 
44, Boone Road, Shanghai, China. 

native of Anhwei. Brigade General, 
Huai-Yang, Kianghui, 1904 ; acting 
Commander-in-Chief of n aval 
forces, Fukien, March, 1906. 

MACHLE, Edward Charles (CAN- 
TON), M.D. ; Medical Missionary ; 
b., May 3, 1859 Cincinnati, Ohio 
U.S.A. ; m. 1889, Ella May Wood, 
d. of late Howard Wood. Educ. : 
Cinti. Public School ; Wooster 
University ; Jefferson Medical 
College, Phila., Ta. ? 1889. 
Acted as temporary ship's surgeon 
on board the Corvette " Alliance," 
plying between the waters 
of Hongkong, and Yokohama, 
Japan, in the summer of 1890 ; 
located at Lienchau, Kwangtung 
Province, China, sent by A. P.M. ; 
was present terrible massacre and 
destruction of Mission on Oct. 28, 
1905 ; when wife and daughter were, 
with other missionaries, killed by 
Chinese ; proposed for service in 
Iloilo, Philippine Islands, 1906, 
Publications : Catechisms in Hakka 
and Classical Book on Table of 
arteries, veins and nerves, in 
Chinese. Address: Canton, China.. 

bour Master, Sept., 1S93. Address: 
Penang, Straits Settlements. 

MACIVER. Rev. Donald (WUKINGFU),. 
M.A., Aberdeen; missionary; I>. 
Oct. 10, 1S52 at Ross-shire, Scot- 





land; m. Elizabeth, (/. of Geo. 
Murray, Edinburgh. Educ.: Inver- 
ness Royal Academy ; Aberdeen 
University. Publications : Hakka 
Index, 1904 ; Hakka - English 
Dictionary, 1905. Address : Wu- 
kingfu, Swatow. 

MACKENZIE, Alexander (HONG- 
KONG), Manufacturer's Represen- 
tative. Has been local represen- 
tative of firm of Arthur and Co. 
(Export) Ltd. of Glasgow, London, 
Leeds, etc., since 1896. Address: 

MACKINNON, Lewis Arthur 
Ranking (AMOY), Assistant, and 
Postal Agent for Great Britain, 
H.B.M. Consular Service. Appoint- 
ed Student Interpreter in China, 
Sept. 24, 1895; acting Vice-Consul 
at Canton, 1903 to 1904; Assistant 
and Postal Agent for Great Britain 
at Amoy, 1906. Address: H.B.M. 
Consulate, Amoy, China. 

MACKRAY, William Henderson 
(TAMPIN), Federated Malay States 
Civil Service ; b. Nov. 11, 1877. 
Appointed cadet, Negri Sembilan, 
Nov., 1901 ; acting Assistant Collec- 
tor of Land Revenue, Seremban. 
Aug., 1902 ; passed in Malay, 1903 ; 
acting Assistant District Officer, 
Tarn pin, June, 1903 ; acting Assis- 
tant Collector of Land Revenue, 
Seremban, Nov., 1903; passed in 
Law, 1904; acting Inspector of 
Schools, Nov., 1904; acting Assis- 
tant District Officer, Tampin, 1906. 
Address : Tampin, Negri Sembilan, 
Federated Malay States. 

MACLAREN, James Waddell Boyd 

(SINGAPORE), M.I.C.E. ; Civil En- 
gineer ; b. April 14, 1863. Educ. : 
Edinburgh Collegiate School. 
Clubs : Thatched House and Sports, 
L o n d o n . A ddreas : Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

ager of Dodwell and Co., Ltd. 
Club: Shanghai. Address: 1, Can- 
ton Road, Shanghai, China. 

M.D., C.M. ; Physician ; b. Feb. 12, 
1872 ; i. Lottie L. McMorran, 
Oct. 23, 1902. Educ. : Trinity 
University, Toronto, Canada ; 
came to China as a Missionary hi 
1902 ; commenced medical work in 
Changsha, Hunan, in 1902; had 
charge of St. James Hospital, 
Nganking, Anhwei, 1903-05; while 
there organized the first Ambulance 
Coi-ps in the Chinese Army ; in 1905 
took charge of St. Peter's Hospital, 
Wuchang, Hupeh. Address: 
American Church Mission, Wu- 
chang, China. 

MADDEN, Rev. Milton Bolivar 
(SEX DAI), M.A.; Missionary ; b. July 
20, 1869; m. Feb. 1, 1894, Maude 
Whitmore. Educ. : Bethany College, 
B.A., "Magna Cum Laude," 1895; 
M.A., 1898; Chicago University, 
1902-03. Has been a Missionary in 
Japan since 1895; Secretary and 
Treas., Japan, Mission, Ch. of 
Christ. Publications: Edited " Bible 
Way," 1899-1902. Address : Sendai, 

MADDOCKS, William Edward 
(MALACCA), Harbour Master; &. 
May 8, 1873. Chief Officer, Colonial 



steamer " Sea Belle," 1901 ; Harbour 
Master, Malacca, 1901 ; Acting Com- 
mander, Colonial steamer, 1902 ; 
acting Deputy Master Attendant, 
Singapore, 1903; Harbour Master, 
Malacca, 1904. Address: Malacca, 
Straits Settlements. 

HSIEN), M.A. ; Missionary, Baptist 
Missionary Society, England ; b. 
May 28, 1870 ; m. Sept. 15, 1904, F. D. 
Nowell, Paignton, Devon. Ediic. : 
King Edward VI High School, 
Birmingham (Foundation Scholar- 
ship) ; London University. Was in 
China year of Boxer outbreak when 
Governor Tuan Fang saved lives of 
all missionaries in Shensi ; was 
student of Bristol Baptist College, 
1893-97 ; is actively engaged in mis- 
sionary work in San Guan Hsien 
district, which has 754 Church 
members, the greatest number in 
Shensi province. Publications: 
" The Value of a Tone Eschatology," 
1904; "The Eight Signs of John's 
Gospel : A Study in Parallelism " (in 
preparation). Address: c/o The 
Agent, China Inland Mission, Han- 
kow, China. 

MAHE, Georges Marie Joseph (LAOS), 
Inspector, Civil Service Indo-China, 
Resident Superior, Laos ; b. April 
14, 1860. Entered Civil Service Indo- 
China, April 25, 1883 ; 3rd class Ad- 
ministrator, Aug., 18S9; 2nd class, 
Aug., 1893; 1st class, Aug., 1896; 
Inspector, Jan., 1902. Decoration : 
Officier d'Academie. Address: Laos, 

MAIN, Dr. David Duncan (HANG- 
CHOW), L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S.E., 1881, 

M.B.G.P., 1902, F.R.'J.P.E., 1905 ; b. 
1856, m. Florence Nightingale 
Smith, d. of late D. Diugwall 
Smith, Edinburgh, and a, d. of late 
Alex. McVicor, post captain R.N. 
Educ. : Edinburgh. Medical Mis- 
sionary in charge of C.M.S. Hang- 
chow Hospital and Medical Train- 
ing College, since 1881 ; surgeon to 
I.M. Customs. Publications: Whit- 
las Dictionary, Playfair's Midwifery, 
Cheyne's Wounds, Abscesses, and 
Ulcers, etc., in Chinese. Decoration 
Order of 5th Button. Address : 
Hangchow, China. 

Merchant, b. May 21, 1865; m. Nov., 
1901, Alice Stopani. Educ. : Private 
Schools. Arrived in Colony, April 
12, 1887. Club: Hongkong. Ad- 
dress: Alexandra Building, Hong- 
kong ; " Nettlewood," Robinson 
Road, Hongkong. 

chant. Senior partner, Maitland 
and Co., Ltd. ; proprietor of 
"Shanghai Times" and "Sport 
and Gossip." Address : 4, Hankow 
Road, Shanghai, China. 

MAKING, Nobuaki (TOKYO), Minister 
of Education ; b. Oct., 1861, *. of 
late Okube, prominent statesman. 
Secretary of Foreign Office, 1889; 
Private Secretary of Prime Minis- 
ter (Marquis Ito), 1888; local; 
Governor, 1891-1892; Vice-Minister 
of Education, 1892; Minister at 
Rome, 1897 ; Minister at Vienna 
until Feb., 1906, when was appoint- 
ed to present position. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 




nalivo of Manchuria. Appointed 
Governor, 1901; Tartar General, 
Uliasut'ai (N. W. Mongolia), July, 

HANN, Rev. Aitlmr S. (SHANGHAI), 
B.A., B.D. ; Professor of New 
Testament Exegsis, St John's 
College, Shanghai ; b. Aug. 18, 1878. 
Educ. : Private Schools ; Buffalo 
High School ; Yale University (B. 
A. 1899); General Theological 
Seminary (B.D. 1902) ; travelled in 
Europe after graduation ; ordained 
Deacon of Protestant Episcopal 
Church in May, 1902 ; Curate at St. 
Paul's, Rochester, 1902-3 ; ordained 
Priest, Dec., 1904 ; came to China, 
1904 ; Secretary of Yale Association 
of China ; Editorial Secretary of 
Educational Association of China. 
Club : American University, Shang- 
hai. Recreations: Yale Track 
Team, 1898 ; tennis championship 
at Kanuzawa, Japan, 1905. Ad- 
dress : St. John's College, Shanghai. 

MANN, Rev. John Charles (NAGASAKI), 
M.A. ; Minister and Missionary ; b. 
Feb. 6, 1880, at Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
Educ.: Glasgow University and Rid- 
ley Hall ; Cambridge, 1900, 2nd class 
honours in Mathematics and 
Natural Philosophy. Ordained in 
1903; curate of St. Luke's Maid- 
stone, Kent, 1903 ; appointed to 
Nagasaki under Church Missionary 
Society, 1905. Club : Nagasaki, 
Address: 10, Deshima, Nagasaki. 

MANSFIELD, Robert William (CAN- 
TON), C.M.G. ; H.B.M. Consul ; b. 
Sept. 16, 1850, *. of Rev. J. Mans- 

field, Rector of Blundford, St, 
Mary's, Dorsetshire, and Emily 
Ze Poer Trench ; m. 1878, Marie 
Therese, d. of Comte Cahonet 
de Maiolles. Educ.: Cheltenham 
College. Entered Consular Service 
in China, 1870; acting Vice-Consul 
at Pagoda Anchorage, acting Consul 
at Foochow, Swatow, Wuhu, ( hin- 
Kiang ; Consul at Chung-King, 1891, 
but did not proceed; acting assis- 
tant Judge and Consul at Shanghai ; 
transferred to Wenchow, 1893; 
acting Consul at Foochow 1893-1895 ; 
proceeded to Kutien to inquire 
into the massacre of eleven mis- 
feionaiiee, 1895 ; transferred to 
Wuhu, 1896, but did not proceed ; 
was again actirg Assistant Judge 
and Consul and later acting Consul- 
General at Shanghai ; Consul at 
Amoy, 19C5-6; appointed Consul at 
Canton, 1906. Recreations : Riding, 
shooting. Club: Thatched 
Address: H.B.M. Consulate, Can- 
ton, China. 

native of Kiangsu. Superintendent, 
Kiangnan arsenal, 1903 ; Yung-ting- 
ho Tao, Chihli, Aug., 1S04 ; hing-i- 
Shih Tao, Hupei, Jan., 1905; Yung- 
ting Ho Taotai, Chihli, April, 1905. 

MARKS, Oliver (SINGAPORE), Secre- 
tary to High Commissioner, Fede- 
rated Malay States, and Private 
Secretary to Governor, Straits 
Settlements; b. Sept. 10, 1866; m. 
Feb. 1, 1905 ; Violet Catherine, e. d. 
of Hon. Alex Murray, Colonial 
Engineer, Straits Settlements. Su- 
perintendent Government Plan- 
tations, Perak, March, 1891; 2nd 



WHO'S WHO is THE FAR EAST MUM:) 1906-7. 

class Magistrate 1S94 ; acting as- 
sistant Magistrate, Kinta, 1894; 
assistant Magistrate, Kinta, 1896 ; 
acting assistant Secretary to Govt., 
Perak, 1896; 1st class Magistrate, 
1898; assistant Secretary to Re- 
sident General, Federated Malay 
States, 1898; has held piesent 
position since Aug., 103. Clubs: 
Spoils, London; all local. Re- 
creations: Cricket and Golf. Ad- 
dress: Government House, Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 

Teacher of Chinese language in 
Central School ; b. May 2, 1853 ; )/?. 
Leopoldina Matthilde Reinalda 
Tales. Educ. : St. Joseph's College, 
Macao. Secretary and Interpreter 
to Portuguese Consul General 
(Senior Consul), Shanghai, 1898-1901; 
during Boxer troubles was entrust- 
ed with all correspondence between 
Consular Body p. ml Chinese 
authorities, and received official 
letter of thanks from Consular 
Body ; 2nd Chinese Interpreter and 
assistant Chief of " Reparticao do 
Kxpedianti Sinico." Club : Macao. 
Address: No. 1, Largs de Camoes, 

MARQUES, Dr. Lcurenco Pereira 
( MACAO ), F.R.A.M. ( Ireland ) ; 
L.R.C.P. (Ireland) ; Physician ; 6. in 
Camoes Garden, Macao, s. of late 
Commander Lourenco Marques. 
Educ.: Royal College of St. Joseph, 
Macao ; Lisbon ; Dublin. In 1898 
gratuitously assisted Government 
to cope with bubonic plague 
epidemic ; has on other occasions 
rendered free service to Govern- 
ment ; formerly in Civil Sen-ice of 

Hongkong, retired on pension, 
1890 ; Fellow of Royal Geographical 
Society of Lisbon. Decorations: 
Commander of Military Order of 
Christ ; Knight of Tower and 
Swoid of Portugal. Publications 
Numerous essays and articles. 
Clnb : Macao. Address : No. 3, 
Pr.ica de Luiz de Camoes, Macao. 

MARQUIS, Marie Gaston (SAIGON), 
Resident ; Administrator, 1st class; 
b. July 9, 1854. Joined Indo-China 
Civil Service, Nov. 1, 1873; Ad- 
ministrator, 4th class, Nov. 1, 1873; 
Administrator, 3rd class, Jan. 1, 
1875 ; Administrator, '2nd class, 
April 29, 1877 ; Administrator, 1st 
class, Jan. 1, 1885; Decoration : 
Officier d' Academic. Address: Sai- 
gon, Cochin-China. 


Straits Settlements Civil Service. 
Educ.: Cambridge University; 1st 
class, Mathematical Tripos. Cadet, 
Straits Settlements, Nov., 1896; 
acting Srd Magistrate, Singapore, 
May, 1897 ; passed final examina- 
tion in Malay, May, 1898 ; District 
Officer, Malacca, Feb., 1899; acting 
2nd Magistrate, Singapore, Feb., 
1902; appointed to class IV., Sept., 
1903; acting 2nd Magistrate, Pe- 
nang, July, 1904. Address: Pe* 
nang, Straits Settlements. 

L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S. ; b. Lond., Dec. 
30, 1874. Educ. : Dulwich College, 
and University of London ; profes- 
sional study and training at Guy's 
Hospital (Lond). After holding all 
ordinary students' appointments at 
Guy's H o s p i t a 1 held post of 




<'hemieal Assistant, ami later 
House Surgeon; appointed House 
Physician to Dreadnought Seaman's 
Hospital, Greenwich, 1900 ; in 1902 
resigned appointment to come to 
Hongkong. Recreations: Riding, 
tennis, cycling, swimming, reading. 
Club: Hongkong. Address; Hong- 

MARSHALL, Frederick Brougham 

(AMOV), Merchant ; b. Yokohama, 
Japan, Jan. 1, 1864; in. Violet 
Walton, at Foochow, Feb. 25, 1895. 
Educ. : Grange School, Ewell, 
Surrey. Clubs: Constitutional and 
Thatched House, Lond. ; Hong- 
kong. Address: Amoy, China. - 

MARTEN, Richard (HONGKONG), Mer- 
chant ; b. Dec. 18, 1869. Came to the 
East in 1878 for Arnhold Karberg 
and Co., and in 188C joined Radecker 
and Co. as managing partner in 
Hongkong. Club : G e r m a n i a. 
A ddress : Hongkong. 

MARTIN, Dr. Paul Z. (KOBE), M.I). ; 
b. Dec. 25, 1856. Educ. : Armenian 
College, Calcutta. Club : Shinko. 
Ad-dress : 27 Sannomiyacho, 3 
chome, Kobe, Japan. 

MARTIN, William (HANKOW), Consul- 
General for the U.S. of America. 

D.D., LL.D. ; President of Viceroy's 
University, Wuchang, China ; b 
April 10, 1827, Livonia, Indiana. 
Educ. : Indiana State University ; 
Presbytery Theologian Seminary, 
Arrived in China, 1850 ; stationed as 
Missionary at Ningpo ; went as 
Interpreter with U.S. Minister, 
Beid, to Tientsin, where new 
treaties were made after storming 

of forts by British and French, 
1858; Avent with U.S. Minister, 
Ward, to Peking ; witnessed defeat 
of Allies at Taku, 1859 ; accomp- 
anied Mr. Ward to Japan, then 
under Shogun ; made President 
and Professor of International 
Law in Imperial College, Peking, 
1867 ; held position 25 years, and 
resigned on account of health, 
1898 ; appointed, by Imperial 
Decree, President of New Uni- 
vrsity ; in Siege of Peking 
shut up eight weeks in H.B.M. 
Legation, 1900. Publieat ions : In 
Chinese : Evidences of Christianity; 
Natural Philosophy ; Mathematical 
Physics ; Mental Philosophy, with 
preface by Li Hung Chang ; Trans- 
lations of four Text-books of 
International Law, Wheton, Wool- 
say, Bluntschli, and Hall; In 
English : A Cycle of Cathay ; The 
Lore of Cathay; The Siege of 
Peking; Chinese Legends and other 
poems. Recreation : Verse-making. 
Address: c/o Mission Press, Shang- 
hai, China. 

MARTIN, Zacharia Martin (KOBE) , 
Import and Export Merdhant and 
Commission Agent ; b. June 8, 1848. 
Educ. : Calcutta University. Start- 
ed business in 1863 and was first 
person to import curios in bulk from 
Japan into Calcutta ; doing business 
all over the world in rice, silk and 
Japanese curios ; Captain C.V.B. 
Clubs : Shinko (Kobo) ; Armenian 
Club, Calcutta. Address : Kobe, 

MARTY, A. P. (HONGKONG), Merchant ; 
Consul for Spain. Address : 14, Des 
Vo3tix Road Central, Hongkong. 



WHO'S WHO ix THE FAR EAST (JUNE) 190(3-7. 

MASAO, Toklchi (BANGKOK,) LL.D. ; 
Legal Adviser to Siamese Govern- 
ment ; Judge of Supreme Court of 
Appeal ; b. Nov. 17, 1870 ; at Ozu, 
lyo, Japan; m. Nov. 4, 1898, 
Mitsuko, d. of Baron Kuki, Privy 
Councillor, Educ. : Waseda Uni- 
versity, Tokyo ; Yale University, 
U.S.A.; LL.B. (1st in class) 1895; 
LL.M., cum laude, Yale University, 
1896 ; D.C.L., cum laude, Yale Uni- 
versity, 1897 ; LL.D., given by 
Imperial University, Tokyo, 1903. 
Is at present Legal Adviser to 
Siamese Government, appointed 
1897 ; Judge of Supreme Court of 
Appeals, appointed, 1900 ; on Com- 
mission on codification of Siamese 
laws, appointed, 1S98 ; Vice- Pre- 
sident of Siam Society since 1905. 
Decoration* : Knight Commander 
of Order of White Elephant. Pub- 
lications: Civil Code of Japan ; 
Draft Law of Siamese Partnerships 
and Companies, etc. Club : Nippon, 
Tokyo. Address: Bangkok, Siam. 

MASON, James Scott (RAUB), Fede- 
rated Malay States Civil Service; b. 
March 31, 1873; ?n. June 23, 1904, 
Mabel Kuth, d. of late Rev. John 
Metcalfe, M.A., of York. Educ. : 
Manchester Grammar School; 
Brasenose College, Oxford. Cadet, 
Perak Civil Service, Nov. 6, 1896 ; 
acting Collector of Land Revenue, 
Batang Padang, May, 1897 ; acting- 
assistant District Magistrate, Tan- 
jong Malim, Aug. 25, 1897 ; passed 
final examination in Malay, March 
29, 1898 ; acting Collector of Land 
Revenue, Matang, April 1, 1898; 
acting assistant Magistrate and 
Collector of Land Revenue, Krian, 

I also acting Indian Immigration 
Agent, etc., Dec. 4, 1898; parsed 
final law examination, Jan. 11. 
1899 ; commended by Perak Govern- 
ment for services in connection 
with Krian Smallpox Riots, March, 
1899; acting Collector, Land Re- 
venue, Lower Perak, March 19, 
1899; appointed assistant Disliict 
Officer, Ranb, Paharg, Jan. 1, 19CO : 
on Raub being made Sepaiate 
district was appointed District 
Officer, Jan. 1, 1902 ; pa sred bonus 
examination in Tamil, April l 
1902; appointed District Officer, 
Jelebu, Negri Sembilan, Oct. 1, 
1905, but continued to act as 
District Officer, Raub. Club: 
Sports. Address: Raub, Pahang 
Federated Malay States. 

I MASUDA, T ok a Shi (TOKYO), Mer- 
chant ; b. at Sado in 1848. Joined 
Mitsui Bussan Company in 1876. 
Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

MASUJIMA, Rckuichiro (TOKYO), 
LL.D. ; Solicitor ; b. June, 1857, at 
Hakone. Educ : University ; Middle 
Temple, Lor don. A ddrex* : Tokyo. 


| MATSUDA, Masahisa (TOKYO). 
Minister of Justice; b. April, 1845, 
at Saga. Educ : France. Once Pre- 
sident of the Kagoshima Higher 
School; elected M.P., 1890; maue 
Financial Minister in Okina-Itagaki 
Coalition Ministry, 1895 ; Minister 
of Education in Ito Ministry, 1900- 
1901 ; President of the Lower House 
1904 ; appointed Minister of Justice 
in Saionji Cabinet, 1906. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 




MATSUDAIRA, Baron Mosanao 

(TOKYO), Member of House of 
Peers; b. Feb., 1844, at Fukui. 
Governor of Miyagi-ken, Kuma- 
tn o t o K e n and several other 
prefectures ; twice Vice-Minister of 
Home Affairs; represented Japan 
at St. Louis Exhibiton as Vice- 
Chairman; cr Baroii, 1900. Address; 
Tokyo, Japan. 

MATSUKATA, Count Masayoshi, 
(TOKYO), G.C.M.G., D.C.L., Oxford ; 
President of Red Cross Society of 
Japan, and Privy Councillor; 6. 
1835, at Kagoshima, s. of a samurai 
of Satsuma Clan ; m. 1860, d. 
(present countess) of a samurai of 
the same Clan. Ednc. : Received 
military and literary education 
such as was common in the Satsuma 
Clan ; received naval training from 
foreigners in Nagasaki. Served as 
Chamberlain to the Lord of Satsuma 
Clan ; took part in political move- 
ment which resulted in the over- 
throw of Shogunate ; appointed a 
local governor at the time of Res- 
toration ; e n g a g e d in financial 
administration of the central' 
Government, and directed efforts 
to facilitate and encourage agricul- 
tural and industrial enterprises; 
had a share in carrying out the 
Laud Tax Reform ; visited Europe 
as President of Japanese Section of 
the Paris Exposition of 1878 ; 
appointed Minister of Home Affairs, 
1880 ; Minister of Finance, 1881 ; the 
redemption of inconvertible notes 
was the most important work 
accomplished during more than ten 
years' service as Minister of 
Finance ; was created Count, 1884 ; 

Prime Minister (continuing at the 
same time to hold the portfolio of 
Finance), 1891-1892; again appointed 
Minister of Finance, 1895, but 
resigned soon afterwards : Prime 
Minister and Minister of Finance 
1896; resigned, 1898; Minister 
of Finance from Oct.," 1898, to 
Oct., 1000; post-bellum financial 
administration and the adoption 
of the gold standard (for which 
has bean mainly responsible) 
have been the most important 
incidents in the internal history 
of Japan in recent years ; visited 
Europe and America, 1902 ; Hon. 
D. C. L. Oxford, 1902; both of 
present positions sine* 1 1903 i 
accorded by the Emperor the same 
consideration as Prime Minister of 
State, in recognition of pasts 
services. Publications ; Report on 
the Adjustment of Paper Currency 
(in Japanese) ; History of National 
Debts in Japan (translated into 
English) ; Report on the Adoption 
of the Gold Standard in Japan 
(translated into English) ; Report 
on the post-bellum Financial 
Administration in Japan (trans- 
lated into English) ; Notice histori- 
que sur la Reforme de 1'Impot 
f orcier au Japan (written in 
French). Recreations : Collection 
of pictures and other artistic 
objects ; horse-riding. Address? 
Mita, Jokpo, Japan. 

fessor, -Tokyo University ; b. Oet, 
1856, at Hitachi. Educ. : Germany, 
Profeseor of Imperial University, 
Tokyo, since 1889 ; Scientist and 
botanist. Address: Tokyo, Japan.. 




JVTATSUO, Shinzen (TOKYO), Governor 
of Bank of Japan, Member of 
House of Peers; b. Feb., 1843, at 
Uwajima. For some years Director 
of the Financial Bureau of 
Treasury ; appointed to present 
position, 1903. Address : Tokyo, 

MATSUOKA, Koki (TOKYO), Minister 
of Agriculture and Commerce ; 
Member of House of Peers ; b. at 
Tokushima, June, 1816. Appointed 
President of Tokyo Appeal Court. 
1890 ; Procurator - General, 1892 ; 
Vice-Minister of Home Affairs, 1894 
and 1898; President of Court of 
Administrative Litigation. 1898 ; ap- 
pointed to present post, 1906. 
Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

MATTHEWSON, Rev. Wesley F. 

(OsvKA), Minister of the Gospel; b. 
Sept. 12, 18G8, *. of a Free Methodist 
Minister, Rev. A. B. Matthewson, 
of New York ; in. Aug. 22, 1894, 
Minnie D. Wright, a successful 
teacher in Michigan Schools. 
Edd.e.: at Seminaries in Spring 
Arbor, Michigan ; North Chili, New 
York ; graduated from Spring 
Arbor, Michigan, 1890. Entered 
Ministiy in 1894; ordained in 1897 
and 1898 ; elected Member of Free 
Methodist General Conference in 
1902 ; elected Superintendent of 
Japan Mission Free Methodist 
Church, 1902. Address : Tennoji, 
Osaka, Japan. 

MATTOX, Rev. Elmer L. (HANG- 
CHOW), M.A. ; Minister and Mis- 
sionary of the Presbyterian Church 
of U.S.A. ; b. March 3, 18G9 ; 
in. April 18, 1893, Emma Edna 

King. Educ. : Parsons College, 
Iowa; McCormick Theological 
Seminary, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A. 
Arrived in China, Oct., 1894; teacher 
in the Hangchow Presbyterian 
College, since 1894. Address : 
Presbyterian College, Hangchow, 

Commander -in -Chief; native of 
Yunnan. Brigade General, Ch'ao- 
chou, Kwangtung ; Commander-in- 
Chief, Szechwan, July, 1902; com- 
manded expedition to Tibet to 
avenge murder of assistant Im- 
perial Resident in spring, 1905; 
rewarded with brevet button, pre- 
mier military rank, 1905. 

MAXWELL, Charleton Neville 

(PKKAX), Acting District Officer ; b. 
June 22, 1892. Private Secretary to 
Governor of Straits Settlements, 
1893 ; Junior Officer, Selangor, Feb., 
1894 ; acting 2nd assistant District 
Officer, Ulu Selangor, April, 1894; 
Transport Officer, June, 1894 ; acting 
assistant District Officer, Kuala 
Lumpur, June, 1895 ; ditto, Sungei, 
Bes, Jan., 1896; acting assistant 
Government Secretary, Oct., 1893; 
acting District Officer, Ulu Selangor, 
Dec., 1893; assistant Auditor, 
April, 1897 ; acting assistant Dis- 
trict Officer, Sungei Bes, May, 1897 ; 
acting District Officer, Kuala 
Langat, Sept., 1897 ; 2nd Magi- 
strate, Kuala Lumpur, and acting 
assistant District Officer, Sungei 
Bes, Jan., 1899 ; acting Registrar of 
Courts, Nov., 1901 ; acting District 
Officer Kuala Pilah, Negri Sem- 
bilan, May, 1902; District Officer, 
Kuala Langat, Selangor, Jan., 




1903;* Magistrate, Kuala Lumpur, 
Selangor, Mar., 1904; acting Du- 
tiict Officer, Pekan, Pr.l-.arg, Nov., 
1904. Add re** : Pekan, Pahang, 
Federated Malay States. 

MAXWELL. William George (SINGA- 
PORE), Secretary to Resident, Se- 
cond Magistrate ; b. June 9, 1871, 
Passed in .Malay, 1891 ; Junior 
Officer, Perak, Mar., 1891 ; assistant 
Magistrate, Kinta, April, 1892; 
acting Collector of Land Revenue, 
Kuala Kaugsar, May, 1S92 ; assis- 
tant District Magistrate, Tronoli, 
Jan., 1893; ditto, Mataug, Oct., 
1893; ditto, Batang Padang, Feb., 
1894; ditto, Tanjong Malim, March, 
1894 ; acting Collector of Land 
Revenue and Magistrate, Kuantan, 
Pahang, Aug., 1805; assistant Dis- 
trict Magistrate, Tanjong Malim, 
Aug., 1896; acting Supeiintemlent, 
Uln Pahang, Aug., 1896; acting 
Magistrate, Larut, March, 187 ; 
sent in charge of party of Chinese 
Miners to Gold Coast Colony, May. 
1897; acting Chief Assistant Magi- 
strate, Kinta, Jan., 1899; Registrar 
of Courts, Feb., 1899 ; passed in 
Law, 1899 ; acting assistant Secre- 
tary to Government, Feb., 1900 ; 
acting Collector of Land Revenue, 
Larut, and Registrar of Titles, 
North, Oct., 1901 ; acting assistant 
Secretary to Resident, Oct., 1902; 
2nd assistant District Officer, 
Larut, Jan., 1903 ; acting Senior 
Magistrate, Perak, 1903 ; transfer- 
red to Straits Settlements as Sec- 
retary to Resident, 2nd Magistrate, 
1904. Address: Singapore, Straits 

MAY, C. G. (SiNGAPORK), Appointed 
assistant Superintendent of Works, 
Straits Settlements, May, 1899; 
acting Superintendent of Works,, 
and Surveys, Malacca, June, 1699, 
to Sept., 1901, and Oct., 1902, to- 
Apl., 1908; Supt. of Works and 
Surveys, Singapor-e, July, 1903. Ad- 
di-i'xx : Singapore, Straits Settle- 

MAY, C. W. (HONGKONG), Chief 
Accountant, Hongkong and Shang- 
hai Banking Corporation, Ltd. 
Resident in Colony over 10 year.-., 
Club : Hongkong. Address : 1 , 
Queen's Road Central, Hongkong. 

MAY, Hon. Francis Henry (HONG- 
KONG), C.M.G., B.A. (Dublin); 
Colonial Secretary and member of 
Executive and Legislative Councils; 
b. March 14, 1860, at Dublin, 4th <*. 
of late Hon. G. A. C. May, Lord 
Chief- Justice of Ireland, and 
Olivia, d. of Sir. Mathew Barring- 
ton, Bart., of Glenstal, Co. Lime- 
rick. ; m. 1891. Helena, rf. of 
Lieutenant-General Digby Barker,. 
C.B. Ednc. : Harrow ; T r i n i t y 
College Dublin, IstHonourman and 
Prizeman, Classics and Modern 
Languages, B.A., 1881. Appointed 
after competitive examination to- 
Hongkong cadetship, 1881 ; acting 
assistant Registrar-General, April, 
1886 ; acting assistant Colonial Sec- 
retary, Jan., -1887 ; Secretary to- 
Board of Examiners, Jan., 1889; 
assistant Colonial Secretary, Jan. T 
1891 ; Private Secretary to Governor 
Sir W. Des Vceux, to Administrator, 
Sir F. Fleming, and Major-General 
Barker, April, 1889, to Dec. 1891 ; 



acting Colonial Treasurer, April to 
Oct., 1892; Member of Legislative 
Council, May, 1895; Captain Super- 
intendent of Police and Fire 
Brigade, 1893, and of Victoiia 
Gaol, 1897 ; acting Colonial Sec- 
retary, Feb. to Sept., 1900; Colonial 
Secretary, 1902; administered Go- 
vernment of Hongkong, Nov., 1903, 
to July, 1904 ; resumed as Colonial 
Secretary, 1905. Decorations: For 
services rendered during coolie 
strike and great plague, 1894. 
Publications: Guide to Cantonese 
Colloquial; Yachting in Hongkong. 
Recreations: Hunting, polo, 
shooting, rifle shooting, fi s h i n g , 
yachting. Clubs : Windham ; Hong- 
kong. Address : Hongkong. 

MAY, Lieut. - Commander John 
(HONGKONG), R.N. ; in Command of 
H. M. torpedo boat destroyer 
"Handy." Lieutenant, Dec. 31, 
1900 ; appointed to command, 19C6. 
Club : Hongkong. Address : H.M.S. 
" Handy," Hongkong. 

MAYERS, Frederick John (CANTON), 
F.R.G.S. ; Acting Commissioner of 
Customs, Canton ; 6. July, 1870. 
Educ. : Privately ; appointed to 
I.M. Customs Service, China 1889 ; 
Served at Foochow, Tamsui, 
Kelung (Formosa) ; Shanghai, Han- 
kow, Chungking, Peking, Soochow, 
Tientsin and Canton; acted as 
Chinese Secretary to the Inspector 
General of Customs, Peking, 1897; 
in charge of Kiangsu Likin Collec- 
torate, 1898-9; and of Tientsin 
Native Customs, 1904. Decorations : 
Double Dragon, 3rd Division, 1st 
class ; Civil Bark, 4th class, China. 
Vlubs : Thatched House; 

Grosvenor ; Hongkong p Shanghai, 
etc. Address: Canton, China. 

MAYERS, Sidney Francis (PEKINU), 
Assistant Chinese Secretary H.B.M. 
Consular Service. Appointed 
Student Interpreter in China, Sept. 
24, 1895 ; Assessor in Mixed Court, 
Shanghai, 1898 to 1901 ; acting Vice- 
Consul at Shanghai, 1900; acting 
Chinese Secretary, Peking, 19 ;2; 
Assistant in Chinese Secretary's 
Office, Peking, from Sept. 16, 1901, 
to May 15, 1903 ; 1st class assistant, 
May 5, 1904 ; assistant Chinese Sec- 
retary, since 1904. Address: H.B.M. 
Legation, Peking, China. 

MA YU-KU'N, General (URGA), Oom- 
mander-in-Chief; native of Anhwei. 
Commander - in - Chief, Chekiang ; 
Oct., 1899; do., Chihli, Aug., 1930; 
junior guardian, heir apparent, 
Jan., 1902; commanded twenty, 
three or twenty-four battalions of 
troops ; in 1905-06 ; ordered to Urga 
(Kalgan) Nov., 1905, to establish 
headquarters there. 

McALL, Dr. Percy Lonsdale (HAN- 
KOW), B.A., M.B., Ch.B.; Medical 
Missionary ; b. July 10, 1870 ; m. t 
Lillian M. Joyce. Educ. : Bristol 
Grammar School, Cambridge Uni- 
versity and Edinburgh University ; 
scholar of St. Catherine's College, 
Cambridge ; took 2nd class in hon- 
ours division, classical tripos, 1892, 
obtaining B.A., degree ; in 1893 
commenced Medical course at 
Edinburgh University, graduated 
M.B., Ch.B., in July, 1898. Reached 
Hankow Dec., 1898 ; in joint charge 
of London Mission Men's Hospital 
and Medical School for Chinese. 




Publications: " Chinese Catechism 
of Health and Hygiene." Address : 
London Mission, Hankow, China. 

McARTHUE, Malcolm St3wart H. 

(BRUNEI). British Resident. Educ. : 
Qu sen's College, Oxford. Cadet, 
Straits Settlements, Nov., 1895; 
acting Deputy Registrar of Deeds, 
Penang, 1898 ; passed final ex- 
amination in Malay, April, 1897; 
acting Private Secretary to Go- 
vernor, Straits Settlements, Jan., 
1897 ; acting District Officer, Balik 
Pulan, Aug., 1897 ; 3rd Magistrate, 
Penang, 1898 ; .acting 2nd assistant 
Colonial Secretary, April, 1899; act- 
ing assistant Secretary to Govern- 
ment, Selangor, April, 1990, to Jan., 
1901 ; District Officer, Penang, Jan., 
1901 , acting 2nd assistant Colonial 
Secretary, Jan. to May, 1901 ; act- 
ing Collector of Land Revenue, and 
Registrar'of Deeds, Singapore ; also 
acting Secretary to High Commis- 
sioner of Federated Malay States, 
May, 1902 ; acting Commissioner of 
Court of Requests, Singapore, Aug., 
1933; assistant Superintendent of 
Indian Immigrants in addition to 
other duties, Nov. 13, 1903 ; acting 
2nd assistant Colonial Secretary, 
Nov., 1903; confirmed, Jaly, 1904; 
seconded for Special Service, under 
Foreign Office in Brunei, April, 
1904; British Resident at Brunei. 
Address : Brunei, Borneo. 

McCAUSLAND, Cecil Frank (GOPENO), 
Assistant District Officer ; b. Oct. 
18, 1872. Passed in Malay, 1898 ; 
passed in Law, 1900; 2nd Lieu- 
tenant, 3rd Battalion Essex Regi- 
ment Militia, Jan., 1893; Captain, 
Jume, 1898 ; transferred to Federated 

Malay States Civil Service as Junior 
Officer, Selangor, Jan., 1896; as- 
sistant District Officer, Kuala 
Selangor, Jan., 1897; acting as- 
sistant District Officer, Ulu Langat, 
May, 1898 ; ditto, Kuala Kubu, 
Jan., 1900; assistant District 
Magistrate, Ipoh, Perak, and acting 
Chief Assistant Magistrate, Kinta, 
May, 1900; assistant District 
Magistrate, Gopeng, but continued 
as acting Chief AssistantMagistrate, 
Kinta, Sept., 1900; acting Circuit 
Magistrate, Salangor, April, 1904; 
acting Magistrate, Kuala Lumpur 
Nov., 1904; assistant District 
Officer, Gopeng, 1906. Address: 
Gopeng, Perak, Federated Malay 

McCLELLAND, Francis Alexander 
Stewart (KUANTAN), Acting Dis- 
trict Officer; b. Jan. 29, 1874. 
Cadet, Pahang, Nov., 1893; acting 
Treasurer and Superintendent, 
Feb., 1897 ; acting assistant District 
Officer, Raub, Feb., 1898; acting 
District Officer, Temeloh, Jan., 
1899 ; passed in Malay, 1839 ; acting 
Collector of Land Revenue, Krian, 
Perak, Aug., 1900 ; passed Law, 
1901 ; assistant District Officer, 
Kuala Selangor, Oct., 1901; acting 
Collector of Land Revenue, Krian, 
Oct., 1901 ; acting District Officer, 
Kuala Langat, Feb., 1903; also 
assistant District Officer, Serendah, 
Aug., 1903 ; acting District Officer, 
Kuantan, 1906. Address : Kuantan, 
Pahang, Federated Malay States. 

! McCLOSKY, Dr. Arthur James 
(KUALA LUMPUR), M.B., C.M., Edin; 
District Surgeon; ft. Sept. 5, I860. 



WHO'S WHO IN- THE FAR EAST i'JuxE) 1906-7. 

Acting Colonial Surgeon, Penang, 
Straits Settlements, Feb., 1891; 
House Surgeon of General Hospital, 
Singapore; Visitor, Lunatic Asylum. 
March, 189:5 ; District Surgeon, 
Selangor, Aug., 1895 ; ditto, Pauper 
Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, May, 
1900 ; acting State Surgeon, March, 
1904 ; District Surgeon, Kuala Lum- 
pur, 1906. Address : Kuala Lumpur, 
Selangor, Federated Malay States. 

McCRAKETT, James Sanderson 
(KUALA Lt'MPUU), Assistant Pro- 
tector of Chinese; b. June 1, 1832. 
Entered Public Works Department, 
Straits Settlements Civil Service, 
1879 ; Registration Officer, Chinese 
Protectorate, Penang, June, 18S9; 
Passed in Cantonese, 1890; Hokkien, 
1893; acting Registration Officer, 
Chinese Protectorate, Singapore, 
Jan., 1895; Extra Assistant and 
Boarding Officer, Chinese Pro- 
tectorate, Penaug, Jan., 1897 ; as- 
sistant Chinese Secretary, Selangor, 
Oct., 1897 ; Inspector of Schools, 
Dec., 1900; acting Secretary for 
Chinese Affairs, July, 1901 ; In- 
spector of Schools, Feb., 1903 , 
assistant Protector of Chinese, 
Kuala Lumpur, Jan., 1935. Address : 
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

MCDONNELL, Percy Gilmour (MAN- 
ILA), Member of Municipal Board ; 
b. 1875. Educ. : University of 
California. Correspondent, New 
York " Sun," Spanish American 
\Var, 1898-1901 ; Russo - Japanese 
War, 1904 ; correspondent Hong- 
kong " Daily Press," 1898-1902. 
Publications : Numerous magazine 
aiticles on Philippine Military and 

Civil Government. Club*: Univer- 
sity ; Army ami Navy, Manila. 
Address: 57, Calle Isaac Peral. 
Manila, Philippine Islands. 

McGILVARY, Rev. Daniel. (CIIIKNG- 

MAl), Member of the North Lno.- 
Mission (American Presbyteri-in) : 
b. May 16, 1828, at Moore County, 
North Carolina, U.S.A. : i. Dec. G, 
1860, Sophia lloyce, d. of Rev. 
D. B. Bradley, M.D. Educ. : Bin-- 
ham School ; Pi inceton Theological 
Seminary. Missionary in Siam at 
Bangkok, 1S58-61 ; at Petchaburi, 
1861-67; established the mission to 
the Laos of North Siam in Chieng- 
mai. 1867. Address: Chiengmai, 

McGREGOR, Thomas James (KUALA 
Lr.MPru), Federated Malay States 
Civil Service ; b. July 31, 1867. Office 
Assistant, Public Works Depart- 
ment, Selangor, May, 1891 ; acting 
Personal Assistant to State Engi- 
neer, Nov., 1893 ; Office Assistant, 
Jan., 1899: assistant Engineer, 
Jan., 1901. 'Address: Kuala Linn- 
pur, Selangor, Federated Spates. 

McKENZIE, James (8-1 KG A PORE), 

Manager and Secretary of Singa- 
pore Dispensary ; b. Aug., 29, 1868 ; 
in. Nov. 8, 1898. Educ.: Dumfries 
Academy, N.Ji. For last 15 years 
Manager and Secretary of Singa- 
pore Dispensary, Ltd. Clubs: 
Singapore Golf, Cricket, Sporting, 
etc. Address: 40 Raffles Place, 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

McKIM, Right Rev. John (TOKYO), 
D.D., Bishop of Tokyo; b. July 17. 
1852, at Pittsfield, Massachusetts, 
U.S.A. ; >/j. Sept. 16, 1879, Nellie A. 

2-2 1 



Cole. Educ. : Trinity College,' 
Hartford University, U.S.A.; 
Griswold College, Devonport, Iowa; 
Nashotah Seminary, B.D., 1879. 
Rector, St. John's Church, Lock- 
port, Illinois ; received D.D., 
Nashotah Seminary, April, 1893 ; 
received S.T.P., Trinity College, 
June, 1893 ; consecrated Bishop of 
Tokyo in St. Tli omas Church, New 
York City, June 14, 1893. Publica- 
tions: Reports, addresses, theolo- 
gical theses. Club: Yokohama 
United. Address : : T'suki.ii, 
Tokyo, Japan. 

McLEAN, Lachlan (Ki AI.A Li 

B. A. Cantab.; Inspector of Schools 
for Selangor ; b. Jan. 17, 187."). 
Passed in Law and Cantonese I 
cadet in Federated Malay States 
Civil Service, 1900 ; acting 2nd 
assistant Secretary to Resident 
General of Federated Malay States, 
1903 ; acting assistant District 
Officer, Kuala Selangor, 1904; acting 
Revenue Auditor, Negri Sembilan, 
Mar., 1904 ; Inspector of Schools, 
Selangor, 1905. Address : Kuala 
Lumpur, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

McLEISH, William (TIENTSIN), B.A., 
Lond. ; Secretary, British Munici- 
pal Council, Tientsin ; b. Sept. 1, 
1851. Educ, : Royal Naval School, 
Greenwich. Assistant M aster, 
Dulwich College, S.E., 1871-86; 
]rofessor of Navigation and Nauti- 
cal Astronomy in Imperial Naval 
College, Tientsin, 1886-1900; Editor 
of " Peking and Tientsin Times," 
1901-3 ; Secretary, British Municipal 
Council, Tientsin, since 1903;Trustee 
of Tientsin Club and Recreation 

Ground ; Chairman, Tientsin Swim- 
ming Club ; associated for many 
years with Municipal Library, 
Rugby Football, Lawn Tennis and 
other Clubs ; also with Tientsin 
Literary and Debating Society. 
Decoration*: Double Dragon, 3rd. 
Division, Class II. Pvblicat '<>/(* . 
" Diary of the Siege of Tientsin." 
Clubs: Tientsin. Addi-ens: Tien- 
tsin, China. 

McPHERSON, John Livingstone 
(HONGKONG), M.A.; Secretary of 
tli<- Y.M.C.A. ; b. Oct. 10, 1875. 
K<li\ : Toronto University, gra- 
duating in 1901. Has continuously 
acted as Secretary of Y.M.C.A., 
two years of the Toronto University 
Association, two years ( Student 
Secretary) of the Provincial Com- 
mittee of Ontario and Quebec and 
one year in Hongkong, Adrift'**: 
Y.M.C.A., Hongkong. 

MEADOWS, Dr. Joseph Guy (Wr- 
CHOW), Physician ; b. Dec. 19, 1876. 
in. July 15, 1903. Educ. : University 
of Nashville and University of 
Chicago ; literary and medical de- 
grees. Address: Wuchow, China. 

chant. Manager of Dodwell and 
Co., Ltd. Has resided in Colony 
over 11 years. Club: Hongkong 
Address : Queen's Buildings, Hong- 

MEGATA, Tanetaro (TOKYO), Finan- 
cial Adviser to Corean Govern- 
ment ; b. at Tokyo, 1851. Served 
under Government for 25 years ; 
engaged by Corean Government, 
1904. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 
225 15 



MEIN-WEN (AxmvEi), Literary Chan- 
cellor ; Imperial Clansman ; metro- 
politan graduate, 1883. Expositor, 
Hanliu, June, 1891 ; Reader, Han- 
lin, Jan., 1892 ; Assistant Super- 
visor of Instruction, May, 1895; 
Chief Supervisor of Instruction, 
Nov., 1896; Sub-t-hancellpr, Grand 
Secretariat, Nov., 1896 ; junior 
Vice-President, Board of Cere- 
monies, Nov., 1900 ; Literary Chan- 
cellor, Anhwei, Spring, 1900. 

MELBOURNE, Charles Alexander 
Dick (HONGKONG), Barriste"-at- 
L%w, Police Magistrate; b. Sept. 
22, 1869. Educ: Trinity Hall, 
Cambridge. 1st Clerk, Magistracy, 
Hongkong, May 1, 1900; J.P., May 
30, 1900 ; Assistant Superintendent, 
Victoria Gaol, Dec. 9, 1903, to Dec. 
7, 1904; Assistant Land Officer, 
April 4, 1905, to Oct. 17, 1905 ; Com- 
missioner to administer oaths, 
Aug. 17, 1905; Police Magistrate, 
Oct. 18, 1905. Club : Hongkong. 
Address: Magistracy, Hongkong. 

MEMO, Antonio Alexandrine 
Gonzaga De (MACAO), Merchant 
and Commission Agent ; b. 1870 ; m. 
Maria E. de Senna. Educ. : Sta. 
Clara College, California, U.S.A. Is 
agent for leading shipping and 
insurance firms ; member of 
Municipal Chamber, 1905-6. Club : 
Macao. Address : 24, Praca de 
Lobo d'Avila (Praia Grande), 

Assistant, I.M. Customs ; 6. June 
15, 1860; m. March 1, 1886. Educ. : 
Privately. Was for some time 
mercantile clerk at Singapore and 

Manila; Chancellor of Spanish Con- 
sulate. Hongkong ; Assistant, I.M. 
Customs since 1881 ; member of 
Council of China Branch Royal 
Asiatic Society; member of com- 
mittees of local Photographic 
Society and International Chess 
Club ; corresponding member Royal 
Geographical Society of Madrid', 
won gold medal Shanghai Photo- 
graphic Society's Exhibition, 1905. 
Decorations: Chevalie-, E,oyal Order 
of Isabela Catholica ; Medal Merito 
Militar; Medal Merito Naval. 
Publications : " Chinese Emigration 
to the Philippines"; "Java" ^tc. 
Club : Customs, Shanghai. Address : 
Customs House, Shanghai, China. 
LL.D. ; German Assessor, Mixed 
Court ; b. at Cassel, July, 1868. 
Educ.: Latin Colleges at Cassel, 
Wiesbaden, and Coin; University at 
Murbu-g and Berlin. Had four 
years' service in Prussian Courts of 
Justice at Coin and Berlin ; student 
interpreter at Peking, 1895 ; acting 
Consul at Chefoo, 1902; German 
Assessor. Mixed Court, Shanghai, 
19J3. Decorations: Prussian Order 
of the Crown with Swords ; German 
China Medal ; Legion d'Honueur ; 
Italian Order of the Crown ; Order 
of the Double Dragon. Club*: 
Club Concordia, Shanghai; 
Kolonialgesellschaft, Berlin; 
Deutscher Flottenvereiu. A ddress : 
German Consulate-General, Shang- 
hai, China. 

MERZ, Dr. Constantin <AMOY), D.Ph.; 

German Consul at Amoy ; b. Mny. 
* 1859; m. Maria Finis. Educ. : Royal 

Gymnasium, Dresden ; Leipzig and 



Greif.swald Universities. Acting 
German Consul at Amoy, 1888-89 ; 
Vice-Consul at Anping, Taiwaufu, 
1890-95 ; Consul at Tamsni, 1895; 
Consul at Amoy, since 1898. Ad- 
dress : German Consulate, Amoy 

MESNY, William or Wen-kao (SHANG- 
HAI), F.R.G.S., Brevet Lieutenant- 
General, Chinese Army ; b. Jersey, 
Ch. Is., Oct. 9, 1842 ; e. s. of William 
Mesny, of Alderney, Ch. Is., and 
Marie Rachele, 2nd (L of Phillip 
Nicole du Nord, Jersey. Educ. : 
National School, St. Ann's, Al- 
tlerney. Entered on seafaring life, 
1854 ; arrived in China, 1860 ; lived 
in Hongkong 1861 ; blockade run- 
ning on Yangtsze, 1862 ; captured 
"by Taipiugs at Fushan-chen, Nov., 
1862 ; released from captivity at 
Nauning and joined I. M. Customs 
at Hankow, 1863 ; established Hu- 
peh Iron and Brass works, Han- 
kow, 1864 ; volunteered for service 
and went to Szechwan and Kuei- 
chou, 1868 ; served in Shantung as 
advisor to Governor Ting Pao- 
chen, 1875 ; offered pest of Secre- 
tary to Chinese Legation; served 
as Superintendent of Arsenals in 
Kueichau, 1876 ; travelled through 
Szechwan, Tibet, Yunnan, and 
Burma to India and Europe, 1877 ; 
returned as travelling companion 
to H. E. Tsiu, 1st Chinese Minister 
to Berlin, 1878 ; ancestors pos- 
thumously canonised three genera- 
tions, San Tai Kao Feng, 1880; 
volunteered for service in Hsin- 
Tdang and went to Turkestan ; 
overland from Canton to Hanoi, 
1380 ; was offered but declined 

appointment as special attache to 
H.B.M. Legation, Peking, 1881 ; 
volunteered for sei-vice and went to 
Yunnan, via Hsian and Chengtu, 
1883 ; volunteered for service and 
went to Foochow, 1884 ; appointed 
Superintendent of both arsenals afc 
Canton, 1885 ; promoted Brevet- 
Lieut. -General 1886; went to north 
Anhwei on famine relief twice, in 
1889-90 ; volunteered for service and 
went to Shanhaikwari, 1894; com- 
menced publication of Mesny 's 
Chinese Miscellany, 1895 ; volun- 
teered for service at Peking, 1900 ; 
resumed publication of Mesny's 
Miscellany, Vol. 4, 1905. Decora- 
tions : " Hua-ling " Plume and 
rank of Colonel; Knight Ying of 
the Pa-tu-lu ; recommended by 
Marquis Tso-tang for 4th deg. of 
Civil rank. Address : 22, Ward 
Road, Shanghai, China. 

MESSER, Charles Mcllvanie (HONG- 
KONG ), B.A., Cantab. ; Assistant 
Land Officer; &. Oct. 11, 1874. 
Educ. : Blundel's School, Blunders 
Scholar, Balliol College, Oxford. 
Arrived in Colony, 1897 ; acting 
assistant Colonial Secretary and 
Clerk of Councils, 1898 ; appointed 
Police Magistrate and Justice of 
the Peace for New Territories, 
1899; appointed Chairman, Widows 
and Orphans' Fund, 1901, and 
member, Governing Body of 
Queen's College, 1902 ; acting 
Colonial Treasurer and Member of 
Executive and Legislative Councils, 
1902. Club: Hongkong. Address: 
Colonial Secretary's Office, Hong- 

MEUSER : Otto (SHANGHAI), Merchant. 




head of Bohcle and Co. ; member of 
Municipal Council. Address : 3 
biking Road, Shanghai, China. 

MEYER, Vilbelm (SHANGHAI), Vice 
Consul for Denmark. Address: 2 
Siking Road, Shanghai, China. 

J.P., General Broker and Commis- 
sion Agent; 6. Oct. 10, 1860. Has 
lived 32 years in China ; official time 
keeper, Jockey Club ; one of first 
who travelled by new railway from 
Hankow to Peking, before Yellow 
River Bridge was completed ; takes 
keen interest in local companies 
and commercial enterprises; ad- 
vocate of stable currency for Hong- 
kong irrespective of China. Recrea- 
tions ; Gardening, swimming and 
racing. Clubs : Grosvenor ; Picca- 
dilly ; Shanghai ; Hongkong 
Jockey and Cricket. Address: 4, 
Century Crescent, Hongkong. 

MICHEL, Gabriel Auguste (HANOI), 
Avocat General ;b. Sept. 27, 1862; 
Arrived Indo-China, April 25, 1883 ; 
Avocat General, Sept, 5, 1898. 
Decorations : Officier de 1'Instruc- 
tion Publique. Address: Hanoi, 
Tonkin, Iiido-China. 

B.A. ; Magistrate ; b. Aug. 9, 1864 ; 
. o. d. of William Levinge, of 
Carnagh, near Athlone, Ireland. 
Educ.: Godolphin School and 
Merton College, Oxford; B.A. (1887). 
Cadet, Straits Settlements, Oct., 
1887 ; acting Collector and Magis- 
trate, Ulu Pahang, 1888; passed 
Malay final, Sept., 1889; District 
Officer, Balik Pulau, Oct., 1891 ; 
acting District Officer, Diudings, 

June, 1895 ; also Deputy Registrar 
of Supreme Court, Penang, Oct., 
1896 ; 2nd Magistrate, Singapore, 
May, 1897; acting 2nd assistant 
Colonial Secretary, Straits Settle- 
ments, Aug., 1897 ; also Collector of 
Land Revenue, Singapore, Sept., 
1897 ; acting Senior District Officer, 
Province Wellesley, Dec., 1898, to 
Dec., 1899 ; Official Assignee Straits 
Settlements, Dec., 1901 ; acting 
Commissioner, Court of Requests, 
Singapore, Jan., 1902; acting 1st 
Magistrate, Singapore, Aug., 1903; 
Commissioner, Court of Requests, 
Singapore, Sept., 1903, but con- 
tinued to act as 1st Magistrate. 
Club : Sports, London. Address: 
" Stanmore," Singapore, Straits 
Settlements; Carnagh, Near 
Athlone, Ireland. 

MIDDLETON, Henry Maxton (Tvi- 
PING), A.R.S.M., A.I.M.M. ; In- 
spector of Mines for Perak; b. 
Dec. 11, 1876. Served with Im- 
perial Yeomanry in South Africa, 
1900-01; appointed to present post f 
1902. Address: Taiping, Perak, 
Federated Malay States. 

Manager, China Merchants S. N. 
Co. ; b. June 18, 1847 ; only surviving 
*. of Rev. Frederic Middleton, of 
Edinburgh ; m, 1878, Salome 
Elizabeth Moxham. Educ.: Mur- 
ray's Grammar School, Wimbledon. 
Arrived in China, 1865 ; joined Im- 
perial Chinese Customs ; left in 1880 
and joined S. C. Farnham and Co. 
as Manager of Old Ningpo Wharf ; 
remained with that firm until ISS-X 
when property was purchased by 
Jardine, Matheson and Co.; was 




engaged by Russell and Co. to 
manage their wharves in 1884, and 
on sale of their property to China 
Merchants S. N. Co. was engaged 
by latter to superintend their 
property and open up their wharves; 
during Boxer troubles in 1900 all 
tin's Co's property at Tientsin v.-as 
confiscated by allies ; was or- 
dered by Viceroy Liu Ku Yi and 
Sheng Taotai to proceed north to 
protect property; arranged with 
G.O.C. that property would be 
handed back, on conditions, upon 
giving up 220,000 bags of tribute 
rice, piculs 286,600. Clubs : Shang- 
hai ; Shanghai Race. Address : 
" May Villa," Kungping Road, 
Shanghai, China. 

PORE), M.A., M.B., C.M., D.P.H.; 

Doctor of Medicine. Arrived in 
Singapore, 1890; subsequently 
succeeded Dr. Dumbleton as Me- 
dical Officer of Health for 
municipality of Singapore; acted 
as Chairman of Municipal Commis- 
sion ; authority on subject of 
municipal health ; has been Vice- 
President, Malaya Branch, British 
medical Associations ; Surgeon 
major in Volunteers. Address: 
Municipal Office, Singapore, Straits 

MIHAKA, Andrew ShigekicM (HONG- 
KONG), Manager Hongkong branch, 
Nippon Yusen Kaisha. Educ. : 
America and Japan ; has acted as 
representative of the Nippon Yusen 
Kaisha at Kobe and Shanghai and 
has been Manager locally for 
about nine years. Address : Prince's 
Buildings, Chater Road, Hongkong. 

MILLER, Merton L. (MANILA), A.B., 
Ph.D.; Chief of Division of Ethno- 
logy; b. Oct. 4, 1868, at Benton, 
Maine. Educ. .-ColbyCollege, 
Wateville, Maine; Chicago Uni- 
versity. Instructor in Anthropology, 
Chicago University, Chicago, II!., 
1898-1902, Superintendent of 
Double Star Mining and Milling Co., 
Boulders, Colorado, 1903; Ethno- 
logist, Bureau of non - Christian 
Tribes for Philippine Islands, 1904- 
05 ; Chief of Division of Ethnology, 
Bureau of Education, since 1905. 
Club. University, Manila. Publica- 
tion: "Preliminary Study the 
Pueblo of Tros, New Mexico." Ad- 
dress : Manila, Philippine Islands. 

MILLS, Charles Beresford (KUALJT 
LUMPUR), Federated Malay States 
Civil Service; b. Nov. 9, 1871. 
Auditing in Pahang, and acting 
Treasurer, Superintendent of Posts 
and Telegraphs, Pehang, 1892-1902; 
Revenue Auditor, Pahang, and 
acting Revenue Auditor, Negri Sem- 
bilan, 1903 ; acting Revenue Audi- 
tor, Selangor, 1904. Address: Kuala 
Lumpur, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

M.I.M.E., A.M.I.C.E., F.R.G.S., 
F.R.Z.S. ; District Engineer, F.M.S. 
Railways; b. April 30, 1872. En- 
tered service as assistant Engineer, 
Larut and Krian Railway, 1897; 
District Railway Engineer, Larut 
and Krian, Perak, 1901 ; assistant 
Engineer, Federated Malay States 
Railways, 1903; District Engineer, 
since 1904. Address : Kuala Lura- 
pnr, Selangor, Federated Malay 



MILLS, John Frederick ( P E R A K ) , 
Harbour Master ; I. May 27, 1855. 
Entered Royal Navy, 1869; Sub- 
Lieutenant, 1875 ; Lieutenant, 1879 ; 
retired, 1891 ; Harbour Master, 
Telok Anson, 1892; Commander, 
1895 ; acting District Magistrate 
and Harbour Master at Matang 
and for Lower Perak 1896 ; Harbour 
Master, Perak, 1902. Address: 
Perak, Federated Malay States. 

MILNE, Dr. William Stuart (SER- 
EMBAN), M.B., B.Sc.; Acting District 
Surgeon, Negri Sembilan ; b. June 
29, 1876. Appointed Second Europe- 
an Assistant Institute for Medical 
Research, Federated Malay States, 
1902 ; appointed present post, 1903. 
Address: Seremban, Negri Sembi- 
lan, Federated Malay States. 

MINAMI, Shingo (HONGKONG), Mana- 
ger local branch of Mitsui Bussan 
Kaisha; b. Japan, Nov., 1873. Educ.: 
Law College, Imperial University, 
Tokyo. Manager, M.B.K., Kuchi- 
notzu, 1899-1901 ; Tientsin, 1901-1904; 
arrived at Hongkong, 1904. Ad- 
dress: "S amen ing," Macdonell 
Road, Hongkong. 

MITSUI, Baron Hachiroemon 
(TOKYO), Merchant and banker. 
Partner in Mitsui Bank and inte- 
rested in number of industrial and 
other companies ; created Baron 
1900, in recognition of public ser- 
vices. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

MINOURA, Katsundo (TOKYO), Vice- 
president House of Representa- 
tives ; b. Feb., 1854, at B u n g o. 
Elected to House in 1890 ; Director 
of Commercial Bureau of Agricul- 
ture and Commercial Office, 1897 ; 

Vice-Minister of communications, 
1898. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

MISU, Vice-Admiral Sctaro (TOKYO), 
b. at Hikone, 1854. Sewed as Cap- 
tain in Chino-Japanese War; Rear- 
Admiral, 1901 ; Commander of 2nd. 
Squadron under Vice - Admiral 
Kamimura at commencement of 
Russo-Japanese War; Vice - Ad- 
miral, 1905, and appointed Com- 
mander under Admiral Togo ; was 
wounded in the Battle of Tsushima 
Straits. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

MITA, Kozi (YOKOHAMA), Superintend- 
ing Judge of Ku Saibansho ; b. 
May 4, 1865, at Mochida, Oshi- 
machi, Saitama-ken, near Tokyo, 
e. s. of late Seitaro Mita ; in. 
Shiori, d. of late Norikazu \Vaka- 
yama, Councillor of Cabinet and 
Chief Secretary of Agricultuie and 
Commercial Department. Educ. : 
Waseda University. Passed official 
examinations for Judges and Public 
Procurators in 1888 ; after presiding 
as Chief Justice of Civil and 
Criminal Division, etc., was ap- 
pointed Superintending Judge of 
the Ku Saibansho. Recreations : 
Shooting ; opera (classical) ; Col- 
lecting antiquities and objets d'art. 
Address: Nishitobe-cho, Yokohama, 

and Spirit Merchant ; b., 1855. 
Educ. : Uppingham. Came to 
China in spring 1878. Recreations : 
Amateur theatricals, one of fore- 
most supporters of A.D.C. ; cricket. 
Clubs : Hongkong; Thatched House, 
Lond. Address: 1 Seymour Terrace, 




Japanese Minister at the Hague; b. 
1856. Entered the Foreign Office, 
1879 ; transferred to Kanagawa 
Prefecture, 1871 ; Councillor and 
Secretary of Foreign Office, 1899; 
Minister Resident at the Hague, 
1900. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

MITSUKURI, G. (TOKYO), Professor of 
Imperial University, Tokyo. Educ. : 
in Germany. Address: Tokyo, 

MITSUKURI, K. (TOKYO), Professor 
Imperial University, Tokyo. 
Educ^: Yale and Cambridge. Has 
been connected with Imperial Uni- 
versity, Tokyo, since 1885. Address : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

MIURA, Viscount Goro (TOKYO), I. 
Nov., 1846, at Choshu. Took part 
Civil War of 1877; Lieut-C4eneral, 
1879 ; later Commander Tokyo 
Army Division ; retired from 
military service, 1898 ; was wrong- 
fully arrested at Seoul, 1895, on 
harge of complicity in assassina- 
tion of Queen of Corea. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

MIURA, YasusM (TOKYO), Member of 
House of Peers ; b. Aug., 1828, in 
Ehhne-Ken. Governor of Tokyo, 
1893-1894. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

MIWADA, Masako (TOKYO), Lady 
Educationalist; b. Jan., 1844, at 
Kyoto. Has devoted herself to 
work of education since 1878 ; has 
greatly assisted in furtherance of 
education in Japan. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

MIYABE, Kingo (SAPPORO), D.Sc.; Pro- 
fessor of the Sapporo Agricultural 

College ; b. 1859 in Tokyo. Educ. : 
Sapporo Agricultural College ; is a 
specialist in Botany. Address: 
Sapporo, Japan. i 

MIYAKE, Dr. Shu (TOKYO), Member 
of the House of Peers; b. Feb., 
1843, at Kyoto. Dean of the Medical 
College of the Imperial University, 
Tokyo. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

MIYAKE, Yujiro (.TOKYO), Author 
and Journalist ; b. May, 1860, at 
Kanazawa. Educ. : Tokyo Uni- 
versity. Travelled in South Seas 
and iour.d the woild. Publication 
Several Philosophical and Literary 
woik>i. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

MIYOSHI, Taizo (TOKYO), Solicitor; 
. Member of the House of Peers ; b. 
May, 1845. Resigned as Vice- 
Minister of Justice, and President 
of the Court of Cassation, 1897. 
Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

M'KIE, James (SHANGHAI), Merchant. 
Connected with Jardine. Matheson 
and Co. both in Hongkong and 
Shanghai ; President St. Andrew's 
Society, Shanghai. Address: The 
Bund, Shanghai. 

M'MATEER, Rev. Calvin (WEIHSIEN), 
D.D., LL.D. ; Minister and Mis- 
sionary ; b. Jan. 9, 1886 ; m. Dec. 23, 
1862, Julia Brown; Sept. 25, 1900, 
Ada Haven. Educ. : Jefferson 
College ; Western Theological Semi- 
nary. Landed in China, Dec. 13, 
1863 ; founded the Tengchun College 
and was President for 28 years ; 
the college was removed to Wei- 
hsien in 1904, and is now known 
as the Shangtung Union College 
Chairman of company of revisers 




for preparation of revised trans- 
lation of the Bible in Mandarin. 
Publications: Complete Practical 
Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry ; 
" A Course of Mandarin Lessons " ; 
" Primary Mandarin Course " ; 
"Analysis of Chinese Character"; 
" Essay on the Meaning of the 
Word Shen (f$); "Review of 
Methods of Missionary Work." Ad- : Weihsien, Shantung, 

MOBSBY, George (Shanghai), C.M.G. 
(1903), F.S.A. ; Senior Pilot on the 
Yaugtsze River; b. July 31, 1847, 
Barking Side, Essex, s. of James 
Mobsby ; m. 1882, Emily, d. of James 
Burtenshara of Epsom. Ediic. : 
North Surrey School, N o r w o o d. 
Apprenticed to the Mercantile 
Marine, 1863 ; wrecked in the brig 
41 Valeria," in Sea of Marmora, 1864 ; 
wrecked in the ship " Meridian," in 
the Atlantic, 1865 ; was in store ship 
s.s. "Lybia," Abyssinian Expedition, 
1867 ; wrecked in the s.s. " Sylvia," 
off Gibraltar, 1868 ; joined Yangtsze 
River Service, 1869; became Ad- 
miralty pilot under Admiral Sir G. 
O. Willes, K.C.B., 18S2 ; served 
continuously and been present 
under all circumstances since, when 
H.M. ships have been required to 
quell riots and protect life and pro- 
perty on the River Yaugtsze, not- 
ably in 1930 under Admiral Sir 
Elward Seyni3ur, G.C.B., (China 
medal); piloted H.M.S. Glory to 
Hankow, 1903 (congratulations of 
Admiral Sir Cyprian A. G. Bridge, 
K.C.B., and the Admiralty); sur- 
veyed the Yaugtsze River from 
Woosung to Hankow, 1877-1880, the 

work commended by Hydrographer 
and published by the Admiralty. 
Decorations: For valuable services 
to the Royal Navy. Publications: 
Various papers on Yangtsze Valley 
and Steam Traffic and Trade on 
Upper Yaugtsze. Address: Shang- 
hai, China; Highdene, Elwyne 
Avenue, Exmouth, Devonshire. 

MOFFETT, Rev. Lacy Irvine (Soo- 
CHOW). A.B., B.D. ; Minister and 
Missionary; b. Feb. 10, 1878, at 
Augusta Co., Virginia, U.S.A. ; MI. 
Nov. 17, 1904; Kate Hall, d. of 
John E. Rodd. New Orleans, 
U.S.A. Editc. : Wentworth Military 
Academy, Lexington, Mo. ; West- 
minster College, Fulton Mo. ; 
Central University, Richmond ; 
Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 
Louisville ; Union Theological 
Seminary, Richmond ; Student Sec- 
retary, Kentucky, Y.M.C.A., 1898- 
1900; Secretary, Forward Movement 
for Foreign Missions (Presbyterian) 
1902-04; Evangelist, Soochow.China. 
Address : Elizabeth Blake Hospital, 
Soochow, China. 

MOFFETT, Rev. Samuel A. (PVEXG 
YANG), A.M., D.D.; Missionary of 
Presbyterian Church in U.S.A. ; b. 
Jan. 25, 1864 ; m. 1899, to M. Alice 
Fish, M.D. Edue. : Hanover Col- 
lege, Indiana, 1884; McCormick 
Theological Seminary, Chicago, 
1888. Missionary, Seoul, Corea, 
1890-93 ; at Pyeng Yang since, 1893. 
Publications: Tracts and Text 
Books in Corean. Address : Pyeng 
Yang, Corea. 

MOIDEEY, Father Joseph de 

Jesuit Missionary and 



Astronomical Observer ; b. at Metz, 
Lorraine, Dec. 3, 1858. Educ. : 
Metz College ; Le Mans College ; 
Angiers University. Took charge 
of magnetic department of Sicawei 
Observatory in 1898. Publications: 
" Calendrier-annuaire cle 1'Obser- 
vatoire de /ikawei," 1903-4-5-6; 
" Notes on the Climate of Shang- 
hai " ; " Reduction des Observations 
de Temperature a Zikawei," 1873- 
1903. Address: Sicawei Observatory, 
Shanghai, China. 

Commission Agent, Translator of 
legal documents and Arbitrator ; b. 
Dec. 4, 1865. Educ. : Government 
Central School (now Queen's 
College); Hongkong. Monitor in 
Government Central School, 1884; 
Pupil Teacher, 1885 ; assistant 
teacher, 1888-92 ; Translator in 
Registrar General's Office, Hong- 
kong, 1893-94 ; Translator for 
Supreme Court of Hongkong, 
1895-1900 ; assistant Compradore 
in Butterfield and Swire's service, 
1901. Publications : " Tali Tsz 
English and Chinese Dictionary" ; 
"English made Easy." AMress : 
'267, Queen's Road Central, Hong- 

MOLLER. John Arthur (SHANGHAI), 
Mechanical Engineer, Ship-owner, 
Agent and Broker, General 
Merchant ; b. Feb. 24, 1878. Educ. : 
Shanghai. Address : M oiler Bros., 
Shanghai, China. 

MONDAY, Albert G e o r g e ( K u A L A 
LUMPUR), A.R.S.M., A.I.M.M.; In- 
spector of Mines at Kuala Lumpur 
and Ulu Langat ; b. Jan. 1, 1878. 

Appointed Inspector of Mines, 
Sereirdah and Rawang, 1902; ap- 
pointed to present post, 1904. Ad- 
it rets: Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, 
Federated Malay States. 

MONRO, Commander Charles E. 
(HONGKONG), R.N. ; in command of 
H.M.S. surveying vessel " Ram- 
bler." Promoted to pi-esent rank, 
June 30, 1901; appointed to com- 
mand, Dec. 1, 1903. Club: Hong- 
kong. Address : H.M.S. " Ram- 
bler," Hongkong. 

MONTENEGRO, Martinho Pinto de 
Queiroz (MACAO), Governor of 
Macao ; Post Captain of Portuguese 
Army ; b. March 2, 1864 ; in. August 
13, 1892. Educ.: Lisbon. Took 
over seals of office at Macao, April 
5, 1904. Decoration: Knight Com- 
mander of Order of Aviz (Portugal). 
Clvb : Military and Naval. Ad- 
dress : Palace of the Governor, 

MONTGOMERY, Dr. J. Howard 

(CHANGPOO), M.B., Ch.B., Edin; 
Medical Missionary; b. June 21, 
1878, 3rd s. of Rev. H. Montgomery, 
M.A., of Belfast, Ireland ; m. Nov. 
24, 1905, Ida R. Latimer, d. of late 
Rev. J. Latimer, M.A., of Grooms- 
port, Ireland. Educ. : Campbell 
College and Queen's College, Bel- 
fast ; Edinburgh University ; 
graduated in 1902 and in final year 
was 1st in Midwifery and Medicine, 
and gained a prize in Surgery ; as- 
sisted Dr. E. J. W. Carruthers, M.D., 
of Cheshire, for two years; ap- 
pointed in 1905 to undertake 
medical missionary work in China ; 
Member British Medical Associa- 


WHO'S WHO IN THE FAR EAST (.TUNE) l'.)i>r,-7. 

tion. Publications: Various run- 
tributions to " British Medical 
Journal." Recreations : 
(Irish International) ; Lawn Tennis ; 
Gymnastics (won open competition, 
Belfast, 1894-95.) Club: University 
Union, Edin. Address : Changpoo, 
via Amoy, China. 

MOON, Dr. Joseph Agnew (YOKO- 
HAMA), Fleet Surgeon, Royal 
Navy; b. 1864; m. 1902, Ada, 2nd 
ff. J. Simmons, of Dungannon, Co. 
Tyrone, and Kingstown, Co. Dublin. 
Educ, : Royal School, Dungannon. 
Entered R.N. as Surgeon, 1887 ; 
Staff Surgeon, 1899 ; Fleet Surgeon, 
1903; Surgeon on board H.M.S. 
Victoria on June 22, 1893, when 
that vessel was rammed by H.M.S. 
Camperdown, with the result that 
Admiral Sir G. Tryon, K.C.B. and 
390 officers and men were lost ; 
Staff' Surgeon of H.M.S. Arethusa 
during Boxer outbreak, 1900. 
Recreations : All out-door sports, 
and racquets ; captained Mediter- 
ranean Fleet Cricket Team, 1889- 
1892 ; 1894-97 ; 1901-02. Decora t ion s : 
China Medal, 1900; Imperial 
Japanese Red Cross, hon. Member, 
2nd class. Club : Royal Naval, 
Portsmouth ; Cocoa Tree, St. James 
St., Lond. Address: Royal Naval 
Hospital, Yokohama, Japan. 

MOOR, Gilbert Henry Royston 
( BANGKOK ), 1st class Assistant, 
H.B.M. Consular Service. Appoint- 
ed Student Interpreter in Siam, 
June 3, 1896 ; acting Consul at 
Chiengmai, 1903; 1st class Assistant 
1904. Address: H.B.M. Consulate, 
Bangkok, Siam. 

MOORE, Vice-Admiral Sir Arthur 
William ( H o x G K o N G ) , K.C.B., 
K.C.V.O., C.B., C.M.G.; Comman- 
der in Chief, China Station; h. July 
30, 1847. Entered navy, 1860 ; Cap- 
tain, 1884 ; served Egyptian War, 
1882 ; one of Representatives of 
England at Anti-Slavery Congress, 
Brussels, 1889 ; member of Austra- 
lian Defence Committee, 1890-1891 ; 
a Lord Commissioner of the Ad- 
miralty, 1898-1901 ; Commander-in- 
Chief, Cape of Good Hope and 
West Coast of Africa Station, 1901- 
1904 ; after that, Second in Com- 
mand Channel Fleet ; Commander 
in Chief, China Station, 1906. Cluls : 
United Service ; Travellers' ; Hong- 
kong. Address : Flagship, Hong- 

MOORE, Captain Charles H. H. 
(HONGKONG), R.N. ; Captain of 
H.M. second class cruiser " Sirius." 
Promoted to present rank, Dec. 31, 
1900 ; appointed to command, 1906. 
Club: Hongkong. Address: H.M.S, 
" Sirius," Hongkong. 

MOORE, Dr. William Brownlow 
Ashe (HONGKONG), L.R.C.S., Dub.; 
Assistant Surgeon, Civil Medical 
Department, Hongkong ; b. Aug. 8, 
1879. Educ. : Drogheda Grammar 
School and High School, Dublin. 
House Surgeon, Meath Hospital 
and Co. Dublin Infirmary, 1903; 
Ship's Surgeon, Indo-China S. N. 
Co., 1904; Assistant Medical Officer 
of Health, Hongkong, March to 
Sept., 1905; Assistant Surgeon, 
Civil Medical Department since 
Sept., 1905. Club : Hongkong. Ad- 
dress : Civil Medical Department. 
Hongkong. . 




MORE, Dr. Francis Watson (SINGA- 
PORE), M.D., B.Sc., O.M.; m. 1905. 
Editc. : Edinburgh University. Ad- 
dress : 3, Raffles Place, Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

sionary; b. Oct. 1, 1860; m. 1886, 
Marion Lindsay, d. of R. AVesdon, 
Bristol and n. of late Henry AA'inter- 
botham, M.P., Under- Secretary of 
State for Home Affairs. Educ. : 
University College, Bristol; London 
University. Arrived in China, 1884, 
at time of Franco-Chinese AVar; 
has spent six years in Sianfu, 
Shensi, and was there during Boxer 
trouble, and was frequently in 
danger from excited mobs ; left 
Sianfu under escort provided by 
H.E. Tuan Fang about a month 
after Taiyuanf u Massacres, of which 
sent first telegraphic news to coast; 
with exception of furlough and 
period spent in Shensi has lived 
throughout in Shansi ; engaged in 
evangelical, educational and tran- 
slating work. Publication : Trans- 
lations into Chinese of books on 
science, etc; articles in "North 
China Daily News." Address : Tai- 
yuanfu, via Peking, North China. 

MORGAN, Dr. Lorenzo Seymour 

(TSINGKIANGPU), b. Aug. 15, 1875. 
Educ. : Knox College, Galesburg, 
Illinois, U.S.A.; Johns Hopkins 
Medical School* Baltimore, Mary- 
land, U.S.A. Address : Southern 
Presbyterian Mission, Tsingkiang- 
pu, via Chinkiang, China. 

MORGAN, Richard Henry (PENANG), 
Surveyor. Sub.-Assistant Surveyor, 
Ceylon, March 1, 1875; assistant 

Surveyor, Jan. 1, 1877, to Dec. 31 r 
1880; assistant Surveyor, Singa- 
pore, Jan. 1, 1881 ; transferred to- 
Penang, Jan. 1, 1885; Senior Sur- 
veyor, Penang, July 30, 1902. Ad- 
dress : Penang, Straits Settlements. 

MORI, Benjiro (HONGKONG), Assistant 
Manager;Hongkoug branch, Nippon 
Yusen Kaisha ; b. 1868. Educ. r 
Tokyo, Japan. Was for some time 
on staff of " Japan Times," the only 
daily paper printed in English 
which is published at Tokyo ; after- 
wards joined N.Y.K., Tokyo branch; 
has occupied present position seven 
years. Address: Prince's Buildings,. 
Chater Road, Hongkong. 

MORI, Dr. Rintaro (TOKYO), Surgeon- 
General ; b. in 1860. Educ. : Ger- 
many. AVas. Surgeon -General of 
the Tokyo Division in Manchuria. 
Publications : Translations of 
several German classics. Addrcsn:- 
Tokyo, Japan. 

MORIMURA, Ichizaemon ( TOKYO ) r 
Merchant and Banker ; b. Oct., 1839,. 
at Tokyo. Exporter and importer ' r 
controls the Morimura Bank, and 
is Director of Bank of Japan. Ad- 
dress : Tokyo, Japan. 

MORPHY, Edward Alexander (SINGA- 
PORE), Editor " Straits Times " ; b, 
Feb. 9, 1867 ; at Killarney, 3rd s, 
of late Alex. M o r p h y , Crown 
Solicitor for Clare and Kelly; 
m. 1896, Anne, d. of J. Lloyd, of 
Singapore. Educ. : Trinity College, 
Dublin. Went to America when 
eighteen and subsequently became 
reporter on Brooklyn evening 
paper ; has been associated with 
journalism ever since, editing at 



various times papers in America, 
Japan, India and the Straits ; went 
to Japan for rhino-Japanese war 
of 1894 but never got near the 
fighting; saw some skirmishing in 
the Tirah, 1897-98 ; has been Editor 
of " Straits Times " since Oct. 1900. 
Publications: Account of Seismic 
Wave Disaster in North Japan, 
1896 ; " The Khyber," a guide and 
brief history, 1900. Club : Singa- 
pore. Address: "Straits Times," 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

MORRISON, Dr. George Ernest (PEK- 
ING), M.D., C.M., F.E.G.S. ; "The 
Times " Correspondent ; b. Feb. 4, 
1862, at Geelong, Victoria, Aus- 
tralia. Educ.: Melbourne and 
Edinburgh Universities. Crossed 
Australia on foot from the Gulf of 
Carpentaria to Melbourne, Christ- 
inas, 1882-1883; speared in New 
Guinea, Oct., 1883; spear-head cut 
out of body in Edinburgh, July, 
1884 ; graduated, 1887 ; crossed from 
Shanghai to Rangoon by land, 
1894; as special for "The Times" 
travelled from Bangkok in Siam to 
Yunnan City in China and round 
Tonkin, 1896; crossed Manchuria 
from Stretensk in Siberia to Vladi- 
vostock, 1897; represented "The 
Times " at the conference between 
the Japanese and Russian Peace 
Commissioners at Portsmouth, 1905. 
Publication: "An Australian in 
China" : being the Narrative of a 
Quiet Journey Across China to 
Burma, 1895. Recreations: Foreign 
travel. Address: Peking, China, 

MORTIMORE. Richard Howard 
(NiNGPo), H.B.M. Consul. Appoin- 
ted Student Interpreter in China, 

March 30, 1880 ; acting Vice-Consul 
at Pagoda Island, 1889; assistant 
Chinese Secretary, 1891 ; discharged 
duties of Accountant at Peking, 
1892 to 1864 ; acting Consul at Wuhu, 
1896 ; promoted 1st class assistant, 
1897 ; discharged duties of Account- 
ant at Peking, 1896 to 1899; pro- 
moted Consul at Wuhu, May 13, 1896; 
transferred to Ningpo, April 5, 1902. 
Address: H.B.M. Consulate, Ning- 
po, China. 

of Dental Surgery ; fe. 1864. Educ. : 
University of Pennsylvania (D.D.S. 
1894.) Address: Shanghai, China. 

MOTODA, Hajime (TOKYO), M.P. ; 
Solicitor ; b. May, 1858, in Oita-ken. 
Led National Association in 1892; 
an original member of House ; 
Vice-President of House, 1898-1902. 
Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

MOTONO, Ichiro (TOKYO), Japanese 
Minister at Paris ; b. Feb., 1862, in 
Saga-ken. Appointed Secretary of 
Legation at St. Petersburg, 1896; 
made Minister Resident at Brussels, 
1896; transferred to present post, 
1901; one of Japanese represen- 
tatives at Peace Conference at the 
Hague, 1899. Addre-ss : Japanese 
Legation, Paris, France ; Tokyo, 

MOULE, Ven. Archdeacon Arthur 
Evans (XiNGPO), B.D. ; Archdeacon 
of Church of England in Mid- 
China ; b. April 10, 1836; m. March 
21, 1861. Educ. : Privately. Mem- 
ber of Church Mission Society, 
1861 ; Archdeacon in Mid-China, 
1882 ; Rector of Compton Valence, 
Dorset, 1898-1902; witnessed the 




later events of the Taiping Re- 
hellion in Cheh-Kiang, including 
the storming and recapture of 
N i n g p o, 1861-63. Publications : 
" New China and Old " (3rd edtn.) ; 
" Reasons for the Hope that is in 
Us''; "Songs of Heaven and 
Home " (3rd edtn) ; " Four Hundred 
Millions " ; " Essays on the Opium 
Question"; "Commentary on the 
Thirty -nine Articles " (in Chinese) ; 
" A Letter to the Scholars of 
China " (in Chinese), and numerous 
other works. Address : Ningpo, 
China; Dorchester, Dorset, Eng- 

MOULE. Rt. Rev. George Evans 
(HANGCHOW), D.D. ; Bishop of Mid- 
China ; Educ. : Private ; Corpus 
Christ! College, Cambridge Scholar 
(B.A., 1850 ; Senior Optime and 3rd 
class Classical Tripos). Ordained, 
1851 ; curate of Fordington and 
Chaplain, Dorset County Hospital, 
1851-57 ; C.M.S. Missionary, 1857-80 ; 
Consecrated Bishop, 1880. Address : 
Hangchow, China. 

MOULIE, Bernard Pierre Oscar (A>- 
NAM), Resident ; Administrator, 2nd 
class ; b. Mar. 25, 1857. Joined 
Indo-China Civil Service, Dec. 26, 
1888 ; Administrator, 4th class, Jan. 
1, 1898 ; Administrator, 3rd class, 
Feb. 7, 1901 ; Administrator, 2nd 
class, Jan. 1, 1904. Address: An- 
nam, Indo-China. 

HOULIE, Jean Ernest (THAXH-HOA), 
Resident Superior in Ann am ; Ad- 
ministrator, 1st class ; b. Sept. 8, 
1858. Joined Indo-China Civil Ser- 
vice, June 20, 1883 ; Administrator, 
44h class, Nov. 29, 1886; Adminis- 

trator, 3rd class, Aug. 1, 1889 ; Ad* 
ministrator, 2nd class, July 1, 1894 ; 
Administrator, 1st class, May 31, 
1899. Address: Thanh-hoa, Pro- 
vince of Thanh-hoa, Annam, Indo- 

rated Malay States Civil Sen ice ; b. 
June 15, 1875. Assistant Engineei', 
Public Works Department, Kuala 
Lumpur, 1900 ; District Engineer, 
Ulu Langat. 1901 ; assistant En- 
gineer, Flu Langat, 1902 ; acting 
Executive Engineer, Public Works 
Department, Ulu Langat, 1906. Ad- 
dress : Ulu Langat, Selangor, Fede- 
rated Malay States. 

MOREL, Jules (CAMBODIA), Chief 
Resident in Cambodia. Decora- 
tions : Officier de la L e g i o u 
d'Honneur ; Officer de 1'Instruction 
publique. A d d re ss : Cambudin , 

MORIN. Pierre Francois Auguste 
(LAOS), Resident ; Administrator, 
2nd class ; b. Nov. 28, 1867. Joined 
Indo-China Civil Service, Sept. 2, 
1887 ; Administrator, 4th class, June 
1, 1895; Administrator, 3rd class, 
June 13, 1896 ; Administrator, 2ni 
class, Jan. 1, 1903. Address: Laos, 

President of Tokyo Electric 
Railway, Co. ; b. Dec., 1847, at Saga. 
Formerly Japanese Civil Servant. 
Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

MUELLE, Eduardo y de la Torre- 
Ugarte (HONGKONG), Consul for 
Peru ; b. Nov. 22 ( of a noble 
Spanish family). Appointed Consul, 





March,. 1903; organised service of 
.steamers instead of sailing vessels 
between Hongkong and Peru. 
Clubs: Travelling member of sever- 
al ; principal clubs in Lima. Ad- 
dress: Peruvian Consulate, Hong- 
kong ; Virreina, 188 altos, Lima, 

MUGLISTON, Dr. Thomas Crighton 
(PENANG), M.R.C.S., England ; 
L.R.C.P. and L.M., Edinburgh, 
Colonial Surgeon. Entered R. N. 
Medical Service, 1876-1881 ; Medical 
Officer to French and United States 
Consulates, Singapore ; J.P. and 
Coroner, 1883 ; Colonial Surgeon, 
Straits Settlements, 1886 ; acting 
Principal Medical Officer, Singa. 
pore, Feb. to Aug., 1890, July- 
Aug., 1896, and from March, 1901, to 
April, 1902 ; Colonial Surgeon, Pe- 
nang, March, 1901. Club: Singa- 
pore. Address : Singapore, Straits 

Doctor of Medicine and Surgery ; 
b. May 4, 1873. Partner with Dr. 
Justi. Club : Germania. Address : 

Freiherr Phillip Alfons (TOKYO), 
Envoy Extraordinary and Minister 
Plenipotentiary for Germany ; b. 
March 18, 1S59, at Frankfurt on the 
Main. Educ. : Universities of Goet- 
tingen, Heidelberg, Leipzig and 
Berlin ; graduated at Goettingen, 
1882. Was called to the Bar and 
practised law until 1885 ; appointed 
to Foreign Office by late Prince 
Bismarck, Aug., 1885; attached to 
Embassy at London, 1886 ; Embassy 

at Paris, 1887; passed diplomatic 
examination, Jan., 1888 ; Secretary 
to Legation at Washington, 1889 ; 
as Charge" d' Affaires concluded 
reciprocity treaty and copyright 
agreement, 1891 ; Secretary of 
Legation in Roumania (under the 
present Chancellor, Von Buelow), 
1892-93; Councillor at Foreign 
Office, Berlin, 1894 ; Minister to 
Luxemburg, 1898; Minister on 
special mission to Washington in 
reference to Samoan Treaty, 1899; 
succeeded Baron von Kettler, who 
was killed by Boxers, as Minister 
at Peking, 1900; with Sir Ernest 
Satow, Baron Komura and other 
Ministers negotiated and signed 
the Protocol of Peace at the 
termination of the Boxer Rising, 
1901 ; created Baron, Jan., 1903 ; 
was Doyen of the Diplomatic Corps 
at Peking, 1905-6 ; appointed Minis- 
ter at Tokyo, March, 1906 ; assumed 
duties, May, 1906. Decorations : 
Numerous German and other 
orders. Address : German Legation, 
14, Nagata-cho, Ichome, Tokyo, 

MUNSTER, Bernhard Adolph (YOKO- 
HAMA), M.I.M.E. ; Representative, 
Babcock and Wilcox, Ltd. ; b. Aug. 
23, 3844, at Bremen, Germany. 
Educ. : Bremen, until 1859; practical 
and technical education in engi- 
neering, 1860-65. In the service of 
N.D.L. 1866-74. Was in the service 
of Sultan of Zanzibar, Said 
Bargash, as Superintendent Engi- 
neer in charge of steamers, shops 
and ice-factory, 1875-77; acted as 
expert at Yokohama for several 
German engineering firms, 1878-80 ; 



superintended erection of machinery 
;uid furnaces of heavy gun factory, 
Osaka Arsenal, 1881 ; in service of 
Imperial Japanese Navy as in- 
structor for the fish torpedo, 1884- 
90 ; expert for Jardine, Matheson 
and Co., at Yokohama, 1891-92; 
started practice as consulting 
engineer in Yokohama, 1893; has 
been representative of Babcock and 
Wilcox, Ltd., since 1894. Clubs: 
Yokohama United; Tokyo; Ger- 
mania. Address : No. 19, Bluff, 
Yokohama, Japan. 

MURAI, Kichibei (KYOTO), Merchant 
and Banker ; b. 1864, at Kyoto. 
Started a tobacco manufacturing 
business in a small way at Kyoto, 
1885 ; subsequently entered into 
partnership with an American 
firm and started a large tobacco 
manufacturing Co. in Japan under 
the name of Murai Brothers ; this 
concern was purchased by the 
Government when the tobacco 
monopoly \vas established, 1903 ; 
Murai brothers then started a bank 
in their name with the capital of 
Yen 1,000,000.; are also engaged in 
cotton thread' manufacture. Ad- 
dress : Kyoto, Japan. 

MURATA, Tamotsu (TOKYO), Member 
of House of Peers ; 6. Dec., 1842 ; in 
Osaka. Left Government Service in 
1890 to develop fisheries. Address : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

MURATA, Baron Tsuneyoshi 
( TOKYO ), Member of House of 
Peers ; 1. June, 1838, at Satsuma. 
Took part in Civil War of 1877 ; has 
occupied present position since 

1890; invented the Murata rifle. 
Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

MURAYAMA, Ryuhei (TOKYO), Pro- 
prietor of Tokyo and Osaka " Asahi 
Shimbun " ; b. 1850, at Wakayama. 
At one time represented Osaka in 
Diet. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

M.A. ; Author ; 6. 1856, at Kincar- 
dineshire, Scotland. Educ. : Uni- 
versities of Aberdeen, Oxford and 
Gottingen ; Aberdeen University, 
1st Bursar, 1875 ; M.A., with double 
honours ( Classics and Mental 
Philosophy), Simpson Greek Prize, 
Seafield Gold Medal for Latin, 
1879 ; Fullerton Schola,r (Classics), 
1879. Assistant Professor of Greek 
in Aberdeen University, 1880-81 ; 
Head Master, Grammar School, 
Maryborough, Queensland, 1881-85 ; 
in service of Imperial Japanese 
Education Department, since 1889. 
Publications : " A History of Japan 
during the Century of Foreign In- 
tercourse," (other works in pre- 
paration ). A ddress : Kagoshima, 

MURDOCH, Alfred Maule Burn- (see : 

MURPHY, E. 0. ( H o x G K o x G ), 
M.I.M.E.; Engineer ; b. 1862. Whit- 
worth Scholar. Club: Engineers 
Institute. Address : " Highlands," 
Kowloon, Hongkong. 

MURPHY, Peter Murray (SINGAPORE), 
Commander Colonial steamer " Sea 
Mew " ; b. Nov. 7, 1857. Chief officer, 
Colonial Steamer, "Sea Belle," 1885; 
acting Commander, 1891 ; Harbour 
Master and Post Master, Malacca, 




1898 ; acting Deputy Master Attend- 
ant, 1901 ; Commander of Colonial 
steamer, 1901; acting Deputy 
Master Attendant, 1903; Com- 
mander of Colonial steamer, " Sea 
Mew " ; Magistrate for Singapore ; 
Member of Board of Examination 
for Masters and Mates, since 1903. 
Address : Singapore, Straits Settle- 

MURPHY, Rev. U. G. (NAUOYAJ, Mis- 
sionary ; I. Aug. 26, 1869, at Draw- 
bridge, Mil., U.S.A.; ni. Aug. 3, 
1893; Nora Street. Ethic.: Public 
School ; West Maryland Theological 
Seminary, Home Missionary, 
Seattle, Washington 1892; Origins, 
ted and carried to successful conclu- 
sion movement commonly known 
as "free cessation," by which 
victims of social evil, and geisha, 
iu Japan, were enabled to change 
their mode of life irrespective of 
debts, desire of keepers or parents 
or other reasons, thus ending legal 
traffic in young girls in Japan; 
President Methodist Protestant 
Church iu Japan, 1903 to date. 
Publications: "Social Evil in 
Japan " and tracts in Japanese. 
Address : Nagoya, Japan. 

MURRAY, Colonel the Hon. Alex- 
ander V. D. (SINGAPORE), M.I.C.E., 
F.R.C.I. ; Colonial Engineer and 
Surveyor General, Straits Settle- 
ments ; b. Jan. 13, 1850 ; ft. of 
Alexander Murray, District Judge, 
Kandy, Ceylon; ///. Mary Louisa, 
d. of Ralph Tatham, Ceylon Civil 
Service. Educ. : Hyde Abbey, 
Winchester ; Glasgow University. 
Appointed by Secretary of State 
to Ceylon Civil Service, 1871 ; 

Provincial Engineer, N.C.I'., 1SC6 ; 
Province, of Uva, 1893 : Western 
Province, 1897; acting Director of 
Public Works, Ceylon, 1897 ; sent 
on special mission to report on 
Public Works Department of Negi i 
Sembilan, 1899; proceeded to 
Ceylon on special service, 1900 ; 
proceeded to England in command 
of Straits Settlements and Fede- 
rated Malay States Coronation 
Contingent, 1902 ; proceeded to> 
Ceylon on special service, 1903 ; 
since 1898 member of the Executive 
and Legislative Councils, Straits 
Settlements ; member of local joint 
naval and Military Defence Com- 
mittee ; late Commandant, Singa- 
pore Volunteer Corps. Decoration: 
Coronation Silver Medal. Recrea- 
tions : Rowing, tennis, shooting, 
cycling, riding. Clubs: Colombo; 
Singapore ; Grosvenor, Piccadilly, 
L o n d o n . Address : " Kinloss," 
Tanglin, Singapore, Straits Settle- 

MURRAY, Dr. David Ambrose 
(OSAKA), D.D., A.M.; Principal of 
Bible Training College, Osaka ; l>. 
March 23, 1861, in Montgomery Co., 
New York, U.S.A. ; m. Oct. 11, 1905; 
Annie L.A. Foster, d. of Thos. D. 
Foster, of Ottumwa, la. Educ. : 
Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ; 
Monmouth College, SI o n m o u t h 
111. (A.B., 1885); A.M., Prince- 
ton University, 1887 ; graduated 
from Princeton Theological 
Seminaiy, 1888. Teaching in Go- 
vernment Schools in Japan, 1888-92; 
Pastor in U.S.A., 1893-1902; at 
Chicago, 111. ; Perry, la. and 
Ottumvra, la.; Missionary to Japan 


WHO'S WHO is THE FAR EAST (JrsK) 1906- 


under ]*resbyterian Board, 1902 ; 
founded the"Dendo Doshikwan," 
training school for evangelists, now 
located in Osaka, iu 1903 ; received 
the hon. degree of D.D. from Coe 
College, 1902. Publications : " In- 
ductive English Lessons," 1890 ; 
" Atoms and Energies," 1901 ; 
"Studies for Personal Workers," 
1905. AM-reitt: 22 Kawagnchi, 
Osaka, Japan. 

MURRAY, George Sheppard (SINGA- 
PORE), Manager, local brnnch, 
Mercantile Bank of India ; b. June 
26, 1851 ; m. June, 1888, L. M. J. 
Dennys, o. d. of Dr. N. B. Dennys. 
Educ. : Hyde Abbey School, 
Winchester. Was a member of 
Legislative Council of Straits Settle- 
ments from 1888 (except when 
absent on visits to England), until 
May, 1906, when resigned. Clubs: 
Wellington; Constitutional ; Sports. 
Address: Singapore, Straits, Settle- 

Minister and Missionary ; b. Oct., 
1846 ; m. Sept., 1876, Sadie S. Rue 
( died 1902 ). Educ. : Monmouth 
College, 111. ; 'Princeton College, 
N. J. ; Princeton Theological 
Seminary ; graduated Princeton, 
N. J. Class, 1872. Arrived in China, 
1876 ; chiefly engaged in evangelistic 
work " a steady course, nothing 
very momentous but ever growing 
in grandeur." Address: Chinanfu, 
Shantung, China. 

MURRAY, Rev. William (SINGAPORE), 
M.A. (;las., Missionary; b. Jan. 
22, 1864. Educ. : Glasgow and 
London. Ordained l>y Presbyterian 

Church of England, March 16, 1887- 
93 ; Minister at Peuang, Straits 
Settlements, 1893-99 ; Missionary to 
Straits Chinese, Singapore, since 
1901. Address : E.P. Mission, Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 

MURRAY, Rev. William Hill (PE- 
KING), Inventor of the numeral 
type by means of which blind and 
illiterate sighted Chinese can learn 
to read and write well in three 
months, using only 30 symbol s, 
whereas the average C h i u a m a u 
takes six years to master the 4,ouo 
ideographs essential to simple 
reading, and only 5 per cent, ever 
learn ; b. June 3, 1843, s. of a black- 
smith. Early lost his left arm by 
iin accident; rural postman ; hi 
1863 became a colporteur for 
National Bible Society of Scotland, 
by whom (1871) he was sent to 
North China ; in 1879, adapted 
Braille's symbols for the blind t< 
represent numbers, and numbered 
the 408 sounds in use at Peking 
(which are the standard for all 
Mandarin dialects) ; seeing tin- 
facility with which the blind ac- 
quired the power of reading and 
writing, illiterate Christians craved 
his help, and by substituting black 
lines for the raised white dots, he 
produced the simplest possible 
set of geometric forms ; these are 
the printing-type with which the 
blind now print books for sighted 
persons ; in the Boxer trouble his 
blind women were all martyred, 
and most the men and boys ; he 
himself suffered so severely that he 
became totally blind in one eye and 
half blind in the other ; but with 





his wife and children, he has re- 
organised his schools and printing 
work.s. Address: School for the 
Blind, Peking, China. 

MC780, Giuseppe Domenica (SHANG- 
HAI), Solicitor and Bjirrister-at- 
Law ; 5. June 28, 1876, at Hongkong, 
3rd s. of late D. Musso, Consul 
for Italy at Hongkong. Educ, : 
University of Naples ; His Italian 
Majesty's As.sassor at Mixed Court, 
Shanghai, since 19)4. Address : 17, 
Paving Road, Shanghai, China. 

MtJTSU-HTO, Emperor of Japan 
(TOKYO), 121st Emperor ; descended 
from Kinperor Jiramu, who founded 
the dynasty, 633 B.C. ; 6. Nov. 3, 
1852, at Kyoto, m. Feb. 9, 1869, 
Princess Haruko (&. May 28, 1850), 
d. of Prince Ichigo. Succeeded to 
the throne upon death of father, 
Emperor Komei, Feb. 13, 1867 ; the 
country was at time under virtual 
rule of Shogun ; the Shogun, Keiki, 
asked to be permitted to resign, 
Oct. 14, 1867 ; resignation accepted, 
Oct. 16, 1887, and Emperor assumed 
full power, thus ending rule of 
Shogunate which had existed since 
1187, A.D. ; Government reorganised 
Dec. 9, 1867 ; as consequence of 
dissatisfaction of certain Daimyo 
(noblemen) who had through- 
out remained faithful to Shogun, 
civil war broke out 1868, and con- 
tinued until 1869, when the rebels 
were defeated and the work of the 
restoration allowed to proceed 
unchecked ; Emperor abolished 
feudalism by Imperial decree, 1871 ; 
negotiations for abolition of extra- 
territoriality commenced, 1871, 
(Great Britain assented, 1894, and 

other countries followed example 
in due course) ; freedom of religion* 
belief granted, 1872 ; re-organisation 
of army and navy, and education 
upon Western lines were entered 
upon and Imperial Decree promis- 
ing establishment of Parliament 
promulgated, Oct. 12, 1881; Con- 
stitution promulgated, Feb. 11, 
1889; first meeting of Parliament, 
Nov. 29, 1890 ; war declared against 
China, Aug. l, 1891 ; at close of 
victorious war Emperor was grant- 
ed by unanimous vote of Diet 
2,000,000 out of indemnity paid by 
China as mark of gratitude for his 
direction of the naval and military 
operations; Anglo- Japanese 
Alliance formed Jan., 1932; war 
declared against Russia, Feb. 10, 
1904 ; peace concluded after remark- 
able series of victories on land and 
sea, Sept., 1905; 
Alliance renewed for 10 years, 1905. 
Issue: Prince Yoshi-hito, Crown 
Prince (q. v.) Princess Masako ; 
Princess Fusako ; Princess Nobuko; 
Princess Toshiko. Residence: Im- 
perial Palace, Tokyo, Japan. 

MYERS, Dr. Wm. Wykeham (PAGODA 
ANCHORAGE), M.B.. C.M., M.A.O.; 
Medical Officer, H.B.M.'s Consulate 
and I.C.M. Customs ; Port Health 
Officer, H.B.M.'s Consular Agent; 
6. Feb., 1843. JSduc. : Public Schools 
in England and Edinburgh and at 
Universities at Edinburgh and 
Glasgow. First came to China in 
1869; practised at Pagoda Anchor- 
age (Foochow) ; was selected by 
Admiral Ryder in 1876 to take 
charge of Naval Sick Quarters at 
Chef oo ; in 1S93 was appointed by 



Admiral Freemantle to take charge 
of marine detachment landed at 
Anping to protect foreign settle- 
ments from Black Flags under Liu- 
Vung-fu ; served as surgeon H.M.S. 
"'Tweed " until occupation of South 
Formosa by Japanese : saw bom- 
bardment of Takow ; was appointed 
political adviser to Japanese Gov- 
ernment at Formosa ; in 1900 was 
appointed to strength of General 
Gaselee's force in North China for 
relief of Peking ; went through 
campaign including actions at Pei- 
tsun and Yang-tsun, taking charge 
of wounded at base hospital at 
Tientsin ; received despatch of 
thank* from General Commanding : 

was member of party in steam 
launch " Sin-tai-wan " that went 
from South Formosa to assist P* 
and O. steamer " Bokhara " wreek- 
ed On Sand Island, Pescadores, ill 
Oct. 1892, when some survivors from 
wreck of Norwegian steamer 
" Normand," wrecked at same time, 
were discovered in outlying islands 
and rescued ; received thanks of 
British and Norwegian Govern- 
ments. Decorations: Order, Rising 
Sun ; medal and clasp for relief of 
Peking. Full ications : Various 
contributions in Customs medical 
reports and in medical journals. 
Address : Pagoda Anchorage, near 
Foochow, China. 

NABESHIMA, Marquis (TOKYO), For- 
merly Daiinyo of Saga; b. Aug., 
1840. Educ. : In England for 
several years. Represented Japan 
at Rome, 1880-1882 ; was for a long 
while Master of Ceremonies at the 
Court ; created Marquis, 1884. Ad- 
dress : Tokyo, Japan. 

NAGAHARA, Baron Shigeru (OKINA- 
WA), Governor ; b. May, 1834, at 
Satsuma. One of suite of Prince 
Shimazu, 1862 ; witnessed bombard- 
ment of Kagoshima by British ; 
one time president of the Nippon 
Railway Co.; Governor of Shizuoka, 
1883 ; do., Okinowa, 1892 ; cr. Baron, 
1896. Address: Okinawa, Japan. 

NA6AOEA, Viscount (TOKYO), Mem- 
ber of House of Peers ; b. Sept., 
1842. at Kumamoto. Educ. : U.S.A. 
and England. Minister at the 
Hague, 1880-2. Address: Tokyo, 

NAIN, Rev. Father Charles Benedict 
(SEUKMBAN), M.A. ; Roman Catholic 
Priest; b. May, 1870. Educ.: At 
Paris ; Lyons University. Curate, 
Chinese Church, Singapore, 1894-96; 
Vicar, Chinese Church, Penang, 
1896-97 ; Assistant, Cathedral of the 
Good Shepherd, Singapore, and 
Procurator of R. C. Mission, Diocese 
i.f Malacca, 1897-1904 ; Vicar, Serem- 

ban and Manager, St. Paul'.* 
School, 1906; architect of St. 
Joseph's Institute and Convent 
Chapel, Singapore. Publication.*. 
Short Biography of Leo XIII. 
Club : Sunger Ujong's. Add res*: 
Serein ban, Negri Sembilan, Fede- 
rated Malay States. 

Doctor of Medicine ; July, 18.57, in 
Tokyo. Is a specialist of internal 
diseases. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

President of Osaka Shosen Kaisha 
(Osaka Mercantile Steamship Co., 
Ltd.) ; b. 10th Sept., 1860 ; Educ. : 
Graduated, Tokyo Imperial Uni- 
versity, 1886. Has been judge at 
Yokohama, an Adviser of Depart- 
ment of Agriculture & Commerce,, 
an Adviser of Bureau of Legis- 
lature, Secretary to House of Com- 
mons, an Adviser of Department 
of Communications, President of 
Bureau of Accountancy in Depart- 
ment of Communications, President 
of Bureau of Railways rn Depart- 
ment of Communications, 1886-1898 ;. 
has been President of Osaka 
Shosen Kaisha, since 1898; is also 
Director of Konan Steamship Co. ,. 
Ltd. Address: Hidenincho, Ten- 
noji Minamiku, Osaka, Japan. 




NAKAMUTA, Vis count (TOKYO), 
Privy Councillor ; b. Feb., 1831, at 
Saga, Pioneer naval officer ; at- 
tained rank of Vine-Admiral ; as- 
sisted organisation Japanese navy ; 
or. Viscount, 1S84. Address : Tokyo, 

NAKANO, Buyei (TOKYO), President 
Tokyo Chamber of Commerce ; b. 
Jan., 1849; at Takaniatsu. Was 
Director of old Tokyo Tramway 
Co., elected President of the Tokyo 
Stock Exchange, 1903 ; sat with Pro- 
gressives in House from 1890 to 1902. 
Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

NAKONCHAISI, Prince of (see . CHIRA, 

NAMURA, Taizo (TOKYO) Merchant; 
Member of the House of Peers ; b. 
Nov., 1841, at Nagasaki. Procurator 
General of the Supreme Court, 
1886; Chief, do., 1892-3; followed 
mercantile pursuits, since 1894. 
Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

!NANJO, Bunyu (TOKYO), ex-Professor 
of the Imperial University ; b. May, 
1849, at Mino. Educ. : Under Max 
Muller, Oxford University, Eng- 
land. Was for some time upon the 
professorial staff of the Imperial 
University. A ddress : Tokyo, 

F.S.A. ; Advocate and Solicitor of 
Supreme Court ; b. July 12, 1849 ; 
//(. Kathevine Louisa, d. of Ridgway 
Harrison: of Woodburn, Douglas, 
Isle of Man. Educ, : Repton, and 
Trinity College Oxford. Solicitor of 
High Court of Justice in England. 

A ddress: 4, Raffles Place, Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

NAPIER, Hon. W. J. (S i N A P o R E), 
D.C.L. Barrister-at-Iaw. Senior 
partner in firm Drew and Napier, 
Advocates and Solicitors ; unofficial 
member, Legislative Council. Club : 
Singapore. Address : 10, Collycr 
Road, Singapore, Straits Settle- 

NAQUARD, Eugene, M. C. A. (SAIGON), 
Conseiller, Cour d'Appel; b. Dec. 23, 
1856. Entree 1' Administration de 
la Justice, Fev. 19, 1883. Decora- 
tion : Chevalier de la Legion 
d'Honneur. A ddress : Saigon, 

NARENDR, Raja, Lieut -Colonel 
Mom (BANGKOK), Siamese Army; 
b. Jan. 31, 1876; >. 1904. Edue. : 
In England ; France ; Belgium ; 
Royal Military College, Sandhurst ; 
Oxford University. Went to 
Europe as school companion to 
H. R. H. Crown Prince of Siam, 
Aug., 1893, where spent eight years ; 
received commission as Lieutenant 
in Siamese Army in 1893 ; spent 
two years with 1st Battalion, Royal 
Dublin Fusiliers, and 96th Battery 
of R. F. Artillery, Okeharapton ; 
promoted to present rank, 1905. 
Decorations : 5th class of the White 
Elephant, and four Siamese Medals. 
Publications: Works on Military 
Subjects, in Siamese. Address : 
Bangkok, Siam. 

NASHIMOTO, Prince (TOKYO). Captain 
of Infantry ; b. March 9, 1874 ; >/i. 
Nov. 28, 1900, Princess Itsuko, 2nd 
d. of Marquis Nabeshima. Edue. ; 



Military Academy, France. Was 
attached to staff of General Oku 
during Russo-Japanese AVar. Ad- 
dress : Tokyo, Japan. 

NATHAN, Ernest Julius (PENANG), 
B.A. ; Straits Settlements Civil Ser- 
vice ; b. April 13, 1882. Educ. : Ox- 
ford University. Appointed cadet, 
Straits Settlements Civil Service, 
1904 ; attached to Resident Council- 
lor's Office, Penang. Address ; 
Penang, Straits Settlements. 

NATHAN, Sir Matthew (HONGKONG), 
K.C.M.G., Gorernor of Hong- 
kong; 6. Jan. 3, 1862, s. of late 
Jonah Nathan. Entered R.E., 
1880; Capt., 1889; Maj., 1893; served 
in Nile Expedition, 1885, Lushai 
Expedition (Medal with clasps) 
1869 ; Secretary Colonial Defence 
Committee, 1895. Administrator of 
the Government of Sierra Leone in 
1899 ; C.M.G., 1809 ; Governor, 
Gold Coast, 1900-3; K.C.M.G., 
1902 ; Governor of Hongkong since 
1903. Club Army and Navy. 
Address : Government House, 
Hongkong; 11, Pembridge Square, 

NATHAN, Major Walter Simeon 
(TIENTSIN), Agent and General 
Manager of Chinese Mining and 
Engineering Co. ; I. Sept. 27, 1867 ; 
Lieutenant, Royal Engineers, July 
24, 1886; Captain, Nov. 23, 1896; 
Major, Jan. 6, 1905 ; Railway Staff 
Officer ; Deputy Assistant, Director 
of Railways, South Africa, Jan. 1, 
1900, to Dec. 31, 1901 ; Assistant 
Director of Railways, Jan., 1902, to 
June, 1902; Secretary, Railway 
Board of Control, South Africa, 

July, 1902 ; employed with Chitiesc- 
Mining and Engineering Co., since 
Dec., 1903 ; fought in Miranzai (lst> 
Expedition, 1891 ; operations on 
X.W. Frontier of India, 1897-3 ; 
with Tirali Exped. Force, Field 
Engineer, Lines of Commission 
(Nov. 9, 1897, to Jan. 18, 1898) r 
Field Engineer, 1st Div. (Jan. 19 
to Feb. 28, 1898), mentioned Des- 
patches, Jan. 7, 1898; S. African 
War, 1899-1902, on Staff, operations 
in the Orange Free State Feb. to 
May, 1900 ; operations in the 
Transvaal, operations in Orange 
River Colony, May to Nov. 29, 1900 : 
operations in Cape Colony, South of 
Orange River, 1899-1900, operations 
in Cape Colony, north of Orange 
River ; mentioned Despatches, Sept. 
10, 1901; Brevt of Major. Decora- 
t ions : Queen's Medal with 3 clasps, 
King's Medal with 2 clasps. Club : 
Tientsin. Address : Tientsin, North 

NA-T'UNG (PKKISG), Grand Secretary; 
native of Manchuria ; provincial 
graduate. Director, Court of State 
Ceremonial, Jan., 1899 ; sub Chan- 
cellor, Grand Secretariat, Dec., 

1899 ; Minister, Tsung-li Yamen ; 
Vice-President, Mongolian Superin- 
tendeucy, June, 1900 ; junior Vice- 
President, Board of Ceremonies, 
Sept., 1900; do., Board of Revenue 
Nov., 1900 ; Deputy Lieut.-General, 
Plain Yellow Banner Corps, Nov., 

1900 ; senior Police Provost of Gen- 
darmerie, Peking, June, 1901 ; 
Special Embassy to Japan, July, 
1901; ceased to be Minister of Tsung- 
li Yamen on reorganisation, July, 

1901 ; rank of President of a 




Board, Dec., 1901 ; acting Minis- 
ter of Board of Foreign Affairs, 
Feb., 1902 ; President Board, of 
Revenue, June, 1903 ; President, 
Board of Foreign Affairs ; Member 
of Finance Committee, Nov., 1903 ; 
General Commander of Gendar- 
merie, Jan., 1904 ; President of 
Board of Foreign Affairs, 1905-6 ; 
Grand Secretary, Jan., 1906. 

NAYEN'U, Prince (PEKING), Grand 
Chamberlain ; native of Mongolia. 
A prince and Dzassak of the Khalka 
Mongols ; Lieut. -Genera], Bordered 
White Banner Corps, and Grand 
Chamberlain, Oct., 1893 ; Superin- 
tendent, Customs, Peking, Sept., 
1896 ; Lieut.-General Red Banner 
Corps, March, 1898 ; Grand Cham- 
berlain, Nov., 1903. 

NEAL, Dr. James Boyd (CHIXANFU), 
M.A., M.D.; Medical Missionary ; 1>. 
May 8. Educ.: Yale University and 
University of Pennsylvania. Came 
to China as a Medical Missionary 
under Presbyterian Board of Fore- 
ign Missions ; besides regular medi- 
cal work, has been much interested 
in training of medical students, of 
whom over 20 have passed through 
his hands ; to assist in their 
training prepared translations of 
medical books ; is now in charge 
of Mcllvaine Hospital in Chinanfu, 
under the Presbyterian Mission, 
and is engaged in training a class 
of ten medical students. Publica- 
tions : Translations into Chinese of 
Analytical Chemistry ; Diseases of 
the Eye and Diseases of the Skin. 
A ddrens : Chinanfu, S h a n t u n g , 

NEGIEHI, Prof. Timothy Yoshitare 
(TOKYO), Professor and Editor ; &. 
Feb. 1875. Educ. : St. Paul's College 
Tokyo : Keio*ijukn. Accepted 
professorship in English at St. 
Paul's College ; translates lectures 
for the Trinity Divinity School, 
Tokyo ; writer for many prominent 
journals in Japan; formerly 
Director of foreign department of 
Hakubun Kan and one of organ- 
isers of Japan Industrial Associa- 
tion ; was proprietor of Tokyo 
Practical English School and School 
of Politics, Tokyo. Publications: 
"The Industrial Orient," "The 
Sun, "Greater Japan"; numerous 
translations from English. Address: 
No 2, Nichome, Tsukiji, Tokyo, 

NEISH, Robert Davidson (SHANGHAI), 


Journalist, Assistant Editor and 
General Manager, " Shanghai Mer- 
cury " ; I. Arbroath, June, 1864. 
Educ. : Dundee. Trained on " Dun- 
dee Courier and Weekly News " ; 
Editor and Manager "Walthamston 
Herald" in 1899; joined "Shang- 
hai Mercury," 1900, and has been 
[ reporter, Manager, Sub-editor, act- 
ing Editor and deputy Managing 
Director. Club : Masonic. Address: 
Shanghai Mercury Ltd., Shanghai, 

NEMOTO, Michiakira (TOKYO), Pro- 
fessor of Literature, Tokyo Uni- 
versity ; b. Jan., 1822, at Akita. 
Chinese scholar of repute ; Pro- 
fessor, Imperial University, Tokyo, 
since 18C5. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

NESOM, G. E. (MANILA), B.S.; Assistant 
Director (Acting Director) Bureau 




of Agriculture ; b. May 29, 1870, at 
Mississippi, U.S.A. Educ.: Mission 
Agricultural College ; Iowa State 
College. First Assistant, Kllisville 
( Miss. ) High School, 1895-96 ; 
graduate student, Iowa State 
College, 1896-98 ; Professor of Veter- 
inary Medicine, South Carolina 
Agricultural College ; Veterinarian, 
South Carolina Experimental 
Station and State Veterinarian of 
South Carolina, 1898-1904 ; assistant 
Director of Agriculture for Philip- 
pine Islands, 1904 ; acting Director 
of Agriculture for Philippine Islands 
.since, Nov. 1, 1905, member of 
American Veterinary Association. 
Publications : Numerous articles 
on agricultural subjects. Address : 
145, Calle .Sail Andres, Malate, 
Manila, Philippine Islands. 

NEUBRONNER, Ernest Waller (B.vir 
GAJAH), Acting District Treasurer ; 
b. July 4, 1867. Clerical Service, 
Selangor, 1883-1836 ; assistant Dis- 
trict Treasurer, Taiping, Perak, 
1903 ; acting District Treasurer, 
Batu Gajah, 1903. Address : Batu 
Gajah, Perak, Federated Malay 

NEWLAND, Harry Osman (PKNANG), 
J.P. : Chief Police Officer ; b. Bee. 
ti, 1855. Held a commission in 9th 
Bivllnhon King's Royal Rifles, 1875- 
78 ^appointed to Straits Settlements 
Police by Secretary of State for the 
Colonies; Superintendent of Police, 
Coroner and J.P., Singapore, 1883-4 ; 
Superintendent of Police, Coroner 
and J.P., Malacca, 1886-7 ; Su- 
perintendent of Police, Singapore, 
1894 ; Superintendent of Police, 
Deputy Controller of Convicts, J.P., 

.Licensing Justice, Visiting Justice 
for Gaols, Peuang, since 1901. Club*: 
Sports, London ; Singapore ; Pe- 
nang. Address: Penang, Straits 

NEWMAN (see : NoRius-Nn \VMAN, 

M.A. ; Merchant ; b. Wisconsin, 
U.S.A., July 26, 1867 ; m. 1893 to 
Lulu K. Wheeler, d. of Dr. L. N. 
Wheeler, Missionary to China, 
Educ. : Lawrence University and 
Boston University. Came to China 
in 1895 ; formerly principal of Boys' 
School, Kinkiang ; afterwards pro- 
fessor in Nanking University ; now 
Manager for Standard Oil Co. at 
Chinkiang. Club : Chinkiang. Ad- 
dress: Chinkiang, China. 

NG CHOY (.nee : Wr T'iXG-FAXG) 

NIEH CHI-KUEI ( C n K K I A x o ), ex- 
Governor ; native of Hunan. Dir- 
ector of the Shanghai arsenal for 
nine years ; Taotai, Shanghai, Feb., 
1890 ; Judge, Chekiang, Jan., 1894 ; 
Treasurer, Kiangsu, Aug., 1896 ; 
Governor, do., spring, 1901 : Go- 
vernor, Anhwei, Dec., 1901 ; Go- 
vernor, Chekiang, Oct., 1902; re- 
signed, Oct., I9o:>. 

NIELSEN, Olaf (HOXGKOMJ), b., 1854. 
Superintendent, Great Northern 
Telegraph Co.'s local branch. Club : 
Hongkong. Address : Magazine 
Gap, Hongkong. 

NIELSON, Andrew Bonar (TAIXAX), 

M.A. ; Missionary ; b. 1869. Educ. : 
Kelviuside Academy, Glasgow ; 
Glasgow University ; New College, 




Edinburgh (Free Church of Scot- 
land). Appointed Missionary to 
Formosa, 1895. Address: English 
Presbyterian Mission, Tainan, For- 

NISEI. General Baron Kwanjiro 
(ToKVo), Inspector-General of Edu- 
cation ; b. March, 1847, at Satsiuna. 
Promoted Major-General, 1889 ; 
commanded Brigade of 1st Army 
Division (Tokyo) in Chino- Japanese 
War, participated in actions at Port 
Arthur, etc. ; commanded 2nd Army- 
Division in Russo-Japanese War, 
subsequently promoted General 
and given command of Liaotung 
Garrison; cr. Baron, 1895 ; present 
post, May, 1905. Decoration : 3rd 
Order of Golden Kite. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

NISEI, Baron Tokujiro(ToKvo), 
Privy Councillor ; b. July, 1847, 
at Satsuma. Was Minister at 
St. Petersburg, 1886-1896 ; cr. Baron 
189.1 ; Minister of Foreign Affairs, 
1897-8 ; Minister at Peking during 
Boxer outbreak in 1900 and parti- 
cipated in siege. Address: Tokyo, 
Japan . 

NISBIMURA, Katsuzo (TOKYO), Mer- 
chant ; b. Tokyo, Dec., 1836. Is 
father of leatherware industry in 
Japan, having started that business, 
1870 ; next year opened the first 
knitting-work factory in Japan, 
1871 ; the fire-proof brick works 
which Government established was 
purchased by him, 1887, and he has 
converted what was at first a losing 
enterprise into a paying concern ; 
in 1904 visited Europe to study the 
shoe manufacturing industry and 

returned home with a German ex- 
pert whom he engaged ; was long 
Vice-Chairman of Tokyo Chamber of 
Commerce ; one of the founders of 
the Tokyo Higher Commercial 
School, and of the Tokyo Asylum 
for Aged and Foundlings ; in re- 
cognition of his services the Go- 
vernment awarded him a medal. 
Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

NITOBE, Inazo (KYOTO), Author; Prof, 
of Kyoto University; ft. 1883. Eihtc.: 
Sapporo Agricultural College; Johns 
Hopkins University, Baltimore, 
U.S.A. ; Bonn. For several years 
Professor of the Sapppro College 
and later official at F o m o s a ; 
Professor of Kyoto University since 
1904. Publfwtions : " B u s h i d o " 
which has been translated into 
several languages; "Nogyo Hon- 
ron. " Address ; Kyoto Japan. 

NIU-LENG-E, Lieut.-General <MUK- 
DI:N), native of Manchuria. Deputy 
Lieut. - General, Bordered Blue 
Banner Corps, Sept., 1895 ; do. 
Altch'uen, Jan., 1900 ; do., Mukden, 
Sept., 1901. 

NOBLE, Lieut. -Commander Frede- 
rick B. (HoxoKox(j), R.N. ; in 
command of H.M. river gunboat 
" Moorhen." Lieutenant, Dec. 31, 
1898 ; appointed to command, Jan. 
25, 1904. Club: Hongkong. Ad- 
dress: H.M.S. "Moorhen," Hong- 

NOBLE, Dr. Joseph W. (HONGKONG), 
Dental Surgeon. Kesident in Colony 
over 19 years. Club : Hongkong. 
Address: Bank Buildings, Hong- 




Superintendent, Octroi ; native of 
Manchuria. Deputy Lieut.-General, 
Plain Blue Banner Corps, Oct., 1898; 
Deputy Superintendent, Peking 
Octroi, Dec., 1904. 

NODZU, General Count Michitsura 
(TOKYO), b. Nov., 1840,atSatsuma. 
Fought as Colonel in Civil War of 
1877; promoted Lieut.-General, 1885; 
full General, 1894 ; commanded 
Hiroshima Division and later was 
Commander of First Army during 
Chino-Japanese War, 1894-1895 ; ap- 
pointed Inspector - General of 
Education ; Commander of Fourth 
Army in Russo-Japanese, War ; 
1904-1905. Decoration : Several Ja- 
panese. A (hire: s <? : Tokyo, Japan. 

N06I, General Baron Kiten (TOKYO), 
b. Nov., 1849, at Choshu. Fought as 
Captain in Civil War, 1877 ; Com- 
mander of Brigade in Chino-Japan- 
ese War, 1894-1895; promoted Lieut.- 
General, 1895 : appointed Comman- 
der of 2nd Division, Sendai, 1895; Go- 
vernor-General of Formosa, 1896 ; 
Commander of llth Division, Maru- 
game ; resigned and retired to priv- 
ate pursuits, 1900 ; on outbreak of 
Russo-Japanese War was appointed 
Commander of 3rd Army which 
invested and took Port Arthur ; 
promoted full General, 1904 ; cr. 
Baron, 1905. Decorations : 1st class 
of the Hohenzollern Sword, and 
several Japanese. Address: Tokyo, 
Japan . 

NOGUCHI, Shohin ( TOKYO), Lady 
Artist ; b. Jan., 1847, at Osaka. 
Devotes herself to landscape paint- 
ing. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

NOMA, Masalchi (HONGKONG), LL.M. 
Consul for Japan ; b. Dec. 28, 18'J4, 
in Kagoshima, Satsuma ; m. Kiyo r 
c. d: of Colonel Hagiwara. Ed-ue. : 
Colombian University, Washington, 
D.C., U.S.A. Was Chancellor to- 
Japanese Legation at Washington, 
D.C., 1887-91 : Chancellor to Japan- 
ese Consulate-General at Mexico, 
1894-97 ; Consul for Japan at Bom- 
bay, 1898- 1901 ; left for Japan on 
furlough, April, 1906. Decoration* : 
6th class order of Sacred Treasure, 
Club: Hongkong. Address ; Boweu 
Road, Hongkong ; and Shinriudo. 
Azabu, Tokyo, Japan. 

NOMURA, Viscount Yasushi (TOKYO), 
Pi-ivy Councillor ; b. Aug., 1842, at 
Nagato. Was Minister of Home- 
Affairs, 1894-6 ; Minister of Com- 
munications, 1896-7 : raised to Privy 
Council, 1900 ; created Viscount, 
1887. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

NORMAN, Rev. Daniel (NAGANO), 
Clergyman; b. March 10, 1864; rn. 
May 23, 1901. Kdue. : Aurora High 
School ; graduated in arts, To- 
ronto University ; graduated in 
theology, Victoria University, 
Ontario, Canada. Publications: 
Editor of " Jinsei " (Voice of Man) 
published in Japanese. Address: 
Nagano, Shiushu, Japan. 

Assistant District Officer ; b. Jan. 
11, 1877. Passed in Law and Malay ; 
Entered Federated Malay States 
Civil Service, as Cadet at Pahang, 
1899 ; acting assistant District 
officer, Raub, 1903 ; assistant Dis- 
trict officer, Kuala Kubu, Selangor, 
1904 ; acting District Officer, RauU 


and Matang, 1904 ; assistant District 
Officer, Serendah, 190C. Address: 
Serendah, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

NORRIS-NEWMAN, Lt-Col. Charles 
L. W. M. (TiKXTSix), F.K.G.S. ; In- 
telligence Officer, Imperial Russian 
Service ; b. Aug. 22, 1852, at Elving- 
ton Hall, Yorkshire, s. of late C. 
Sherwood Newman and Countess de 
Rosa Y. Robyns ; m. 1st, 1874, Anne 
Falkner, of Farnham ; 2nd, 1900, 
Ethel Finch. Kduc. : Sherborne 
Liibeck ; Harrow. Educated for 
army ; left for France and went 
through siege of Paris, 1870-71, 
being decorated by M a r e c h a 1 
Trochu ; served with Don Carlos in 
Spain and afterwards with General 
Gordon in Egypt ; in South Africa, 
1877 ; Zululand Campaign, 1879-80 ; 
present at Isandlwhana, Gingin- 
hlou, relief of Etshowe Ulundi ; 
first Transvaal war 1880-81 ; Basuto- 
land service, 1882; Madagascar with 
Gen. Willoughby ; Zanzibar and 
Central Africa, 1884-91 ; in Mata- 
beleland, 1894 - 98 ; Intelligence 
Officer, Rhodesia Horse ; Staff 
officer to Acting Administrator 
through native war, 1896 : has 
been special war correspondent for 
the " Times," " Pall Mall Gazette," 
"Standard" and "Daily Mail " ; left 
for the East in 1900 ; travelled in 
Ceylon, Straits, China, Japan and 
Philippines ; appointed English 
instructor, Russian Naval Staff, 
Port Arthur, 1902 ; witnessed first 
naval attacks of Japanese, Feb. 8, 
1904 ; travelled through Manchuria 
with Russians as special corres- 
pondent ; appointed to bring out 

first Russian Journal in Fnr East 
4i The China Review," which stilt 
edits ; has been a constant con- 
tributor to English Magazines and 
Periodicals; is P.P.G.S.W. of 
Freemasons, D.C. Detor&tfont ." 
Madagascar 1st class ; Dannebrog 
3rd class ; French Medal for Valour 
Egyptian Medal ; Khedive's bronze 
star ; South African Medal with 
clasp ; Rhodesian Medal. Publi- 
cation* : "In Zululand with the- 
British " ; " With the Boers in the 
Transvaal " ; " The Basuto and their 
Country" ; " South African Stories"; 
" Matabeleland." Recreations: Rid- 
ing, shooting, philately. Address: 
Tientsin, North China ; Royal 
Geographical Society, London ; 12, 
Perham Road, West Kensington, 

NORTHCOTE, Mowbray Stafford. 

(HONGKONG), b. 1860 ; Secretary, 
Hongkong Land Reclamation ;: 
Lieut. Hongkong Volunteer Com- 
pany ; Hon. Secretary, Volunteer 
Rifle Association ; Hon. Secretary, 
Hongkong Society for Prevention 
of Cruelty to Animals ; Hon. Sec- 
retary, Hongkong Devonian Soc- 
iety ; Hon. Treasurer, Hongkong 
Amateur Di-amatic Club. Arrived in 
Hongkong, May, 1892 ; Club : 
Hongkong. Address : 5, Macdonell 
Road, Hongkong. 

NOVAL, Rev. Francisco R. (HONG- 
KONG), Catholic Priest of the 
Dominican Order ; b. Oct. 3, 1871. 
From May 6, 1896, Vice Procurator, 
and from Feb. 14, to present, Pro- 
curator for the Spanish Dominican 
Missions in the Far East. Address . 




Spanish Dominican Procuration, 
32, Caine Road, Hongkong. 

INO YES, Rev. Henry V. (CAM ON), D.D.; 
Minister and Missionary ; b. April 
24,1836; HI, Jan. 29, 1876. Educ. : 
Western Reserve University, Ohio ; 
U.S.A. Has been at Canton since 
May 23, 1866; spent first 19 years 
in itinerating work in regions of 
San-Ui, San-Ning, Yan-Ping and 
Hir-Ping; during this period 
established six out -stations and 
two churches in those districts ; 
for past 20 years has been engaged 
in educational work and was large- 
ly instrumental in establishing 
Presbyterian High School and 
Theological Seminary at Canton. 
J'ublicalions : Concordance of New 
Testament (Chinese); was one of 
each of the committees who pre- 
pared respectively a commentary 

upon the whole of the New and 
the Old Testament. Address : 
Canton, China. 

NUNN, Bernard (MALACCA), Federated 
Malay States Civil Service. Cadet, 
Straits Settlements, Nov., 1900 ; 
acting 4th Magistrate, Singapore, 
July, 1904; acting District Officer, 
Alor Gajah, Malacca, Straits Settle- 
ments. Address : Alor Gajah, 
Malacca, Straits Settlements. 

NYE, Percival H. (HONGKONG), 
Electrical Engineer; Manager 
Electrical Department, Wilks and 
Jack ; b. Surrey, England. Educ. * 
Brighton Grammar School. Was 
on staff of General Electric Co. of 
England for eight years; came to 
Hongkong, March, 1906. Address : 
Robinson Road, Kowloon, Hong- 

O'BRIEN-BUTLER, Pierce Essex 
(AMOY) H.B.M. Consul, Hang- 
chow ; at present officiating at 
Amoy, b. Nov. 15, 1858 ; m. Mary 
Millicent, d. of late Thomas J. O. 
Weatherston of Barwick-on-Tweed, 
and Chiukiang. Educ. : Germany. 
Joine J H.M. Consular Service, 
China, in 1880, as a student interpre- 
ter ; promoted to Consul, 1899 ; 
called to the Bar, Middle Temple, 
1895 ; Consul at Chefoo until April, 
1906, when transferred to Amoy. 
Address : H.B.M. Consulate, Amoy, 

O'BRIEN, Frederick (MANILA), Journa- 
list and Lawyer ; b. 1839 ; m. 1897. 
Educ. : Loyola College, Baltimore, 
Mil., U.S.A. ; University of Mary- 
land. After leaving college spent 
two years in travelling about world ; 
news Editor, lIonolidu"Advertiser," 
1900; Western ! Editor, New York 
"Commercial," 1902; travelled 
through Orient for New York 
"Commercial": Editor and Pub- 
lisher, " The Cablenews," Manila, 
P.I., since 1902 ; Correspondent of 
New York "Herald" in Orient for 
past tlu - ee years ; has been connect- 
ed with journalism since 1891. 
rublications : Magazine articles 
and contributions to local journa- 

lism. Club*: University, Manila : 
Array and Navy, Manila ; Olympic 
Club, San Francisco, California,. 
U.S.A. Ad tress: University Club,. 
Manila, Philippine Islands. 

O'CONNELL, Hugues Eustache 
Joseph (THANH-PHO), Resident : 

Administrator, 2nd class ; b. March 
16, 1864. Joined Indo-China Civil 
Service, Nov. 28, 1885 ; Adminis- 
trator, 4th class, July 1, 189S : 
Administrator, 3rd class, Sept. 1, 
1898 ; Administrator, 2nd c 1 a s s, 
July, 25, 19J4. Address: Thanh- 
pho, Gocong, Cochin-China. 

0-ERH-K'O-MU, General (Ir,i) r 
Commandant of Sibe V o r c e s , 
native of Manchuria. Appointed, 
Commandant of Sibe Forces, M ay r 

OGATA, Gekko (TOKYO), Artist ; b. 
Sept., 1855. Address : Tok y o, Japan.. 

OGATA, Prof. Masanori ( T o K v o),. 
Doctor of Medicine;?*. Nov., 1853, in 
Kumam o t o -ken. Ed tic. : in 
Germany, 1831-1834. Professor of 
Tokyo Imperial University. Ad- 
dress : Tokyo, Japan. 

OGAWA, General Baron (TOKYO); />.. 
July, IS'iS, at Kokura. Was Chief 
of Staff with 1st Japanese Army in 




Chino - Japanese War ; had com- 
mand of Division of 2nd Army 
in recent Russo-Japanese War ; 
wounded at Liaoyang and invalid- 
ed home ; created Baron, 1895. 
Decoration : 3rd class of Golden 
Kite. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

, James Frederik (PAKHOI), 
Commissioner of Customs ; b. Oct. 
17, 1857. Educ. : in Denmark. 
Appointed Assistant in Imperial 
Chinese Customs Service, 1877 ; 
Commissioner of Customs in Corea, 
from 1889 to 1900 and at Chinese 
ports, from 1900 to 1904 ; Chief 
Secretary, Inspectorate General of 
Customs, Peking, from 1904. British 
I'ro-Consul, and in charge of Chin- 
ese interests at Won.san, Corea, 
from 1894 to 1900. Holds Chinese 
civil rank of third class and Corean 
patent of nobility of third class. 
Clubs: Royal Societies (Lond.); 
Peking ; Shanghai. Decorations : 
Double Dragon ( China ), 2nd 
division ; Corejin patent of nobility 
3rd class. Address : Inspectorate* 
General of Customs, Peking, China. 

DI8HI, Masami (TOKYO), M.P. ; b. 
April, 1855, in Tosa. Minister Re- 
sident to Corea, 1892-1893; Vice- 
Minister of Agriculture and Com- 
merce, 1896-1897 ; again, 1898. Ad- 
dress: Tokyo, Japan. 

OKA, Genkei (TOKYO), Doctor of 
Medicine. Educ. : Tokyo Imperial 
University, Germany. Is Chief 
Physician-in-Waiting to the Em- 
peror. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

OKABE, Viscount (TOKYO), Formerly 
Daiinyo of Kishiwada ; Member of 

House of Peers; b. Nov., 1851. 
Educ. : America and England, 187."- 
1883. Appointed Councillor of 
Japanese Legation at London, 1886 ; 
Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, 
1889-1890; Minister Plenipotentiary 
unattached, 1891; Governor of 
Tokyo-fu, 1894-1896; created Vis- 
count, 1884 ; has fiuanicial interest* 
in Corea. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 


OKAMURA, Teruhiko (TOKYO), 
LL.D., Solicitor; b. July, 1355, 
at Osaka. Educ.: London, 1878- 
1881. Appointed President of 
Yokohama Local Court ; since, 1891, 
has practised privately; was de- 
spatched to London by Govern- 
ment in connection with Chishiroa- 
Ravenna collision case, which was 
decided by Privy Council in favor 
of Japan. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

WAN), Commissairo principal de 2e 
classe, Sous-Directeur du Com- 
missariat. Decoration : Chevalier 
de la Legion d'Honneur, Address : 
Quang-Tcheou-Wan, Kwaugsi Pro- 
vince, China. 

I OKU, General Baron (TOKYO); 6. Nov., 
1844. Entered Army, 1871 ; distin- 
guished for bravery in Civil War of 
1S77, when was Major ; commanded 
5th Army Division (Hiroshima) in 
China-Japanese War ; was ap- 
pointed Commander of Tokyo Bay 
Defences, Commander of the 
Eastern Military Districts and 
other high commands, promoted 
General, 1933 ; attended Dm bar at 
Delhi ; Commander in Chief of 
Second Army during War with 
Russia. Decorations: 3rd class of 




Golden Kite, etc. Club: Nobles, 
Tokyo. Adding: Tokyo, Japan. 

OKDDA, YoEhindo (TOKYO), M.P.; 
LL.D.; b. June., 1860, inTottori-ken. 
Educ. : Tokyo Imperial University, 
lu 1884 appointed official of Depart- 
ment of Agriculture anil Commerce; 
promoted Director of Patent Bur- 
eau of same Department, 1890 ; later 
appointed Director of Official 
Gazette Bureau ; Chief Secretary of 
Lower House, 1896 ; Vice-Minister 
of Agriculture and Commerce, 
Vic e-Miuister of Education, 1899 ; 
Director of Legislative Bureau, 
1900-1902 ; has sat in House since 
1903; one of the founders of 
Hogaku-in (Private Law College). 
Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

OKUMA, Count Shige-nobu (TOKYO), 
M.P. ; Leader of Progressive Party ; 
b. 1838. In charge of Treasury 
Department, 1873-81; Minister for 
Foreign Affairs, 1888; was entrusted 
with duty of revising Treaties con- 
cluded before Restoration ; upon 
terras of these treaties being pub- 
lished attempt at assassination was 
made which resulted in loss of one 
leg ; after sitting in opposition 
several years was appointed Minis- 
ter of Foreign Affairs and of 
Agriculture and Commerce, 1896 ; 
has practically led the Opposition in 
Lower House since 1898; renowned 
horticulturist ; has never been out 
of Japan ; created Count, 1887. 
Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

OKUEA, Kihachiro (TOKYO), Mer- 
chant; b. Sept., 1873, at Echigo ; 
early in Meiji era started business 
in arms and ammunition ; opened 

branch in London, 1874 ; in 1890, 
founded private Business School 
endowing it with half a million 
yen (50,000). Decoration: ! 3rd 
Order of Rising Sun. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

ONO, Kozan (TOKYO), Chinese 
Scholar ; b. 1813, at Hikone. Noted 
for Chinese verses and caligraphy , 
was granted "court title" 1890. 
Address: Tokyo Japan. 

ONO, Kwokei (YOKOHAMA), Merchant ; 
b. March, 1845, at Shinano. Raw 
silk exporter ; one of the promoters 
of Yokohama Specie Bank ; is con- 
nected with several important 
undertakings at Yokohama. Ad- 
dress: Yokohama, Japan. 

0-OKA, Ikuzo (TOKYO), M.P. ; b. June, 
1856, atChoshu. Formerly practised 
law in Tokyo ; Chairman of City 
Council, Tokyo ; proprietor of 
" Chu-o " ; has been in Lower House 
since first session, 1890. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

OLDORP, K (HONGKONG), Manager of 
local branch of Hamburg Amerika 
Linie. Clubs: Germania; Hong- 
kong. Address: King's Buildings, 

0-LO-CHING-O, Lieut. -General (MER- 
GUEN), native of Manchuria. Taotai, 
Tientsin, June, 1882 ; Salt Comp- 
troller, Chihli ; Judge, Kwangtung, 
Dec., 1891; Treasurer, Honan, Dec., 
1894; compulsorily retired, Nov., 
1898; Deputy Lieut.-General, Hei- 
lung-ching, Sept., 1901; ordered to 
retire, 1902; Deputy Lieut.-General, 
Mo-erh-ken (Merguen) May, 1904. 




O-LO-CHUN, Lieut. General (NAN- 
KING), native of Manchuria. As- 
sistant agent, Ko'obdo, May, 1892 ; 
vacated post through illness, Jan., 
189G ; Deputy Lieut-General, Nan- 
king, May, 1897 ; do Blue Banner 
Corps, Dec., 1904. 

OMMANNEY, Captain Robert N. 
( HONGKONG ), B.N. ; Captain of 
H.M. first class cruiser "Andro- 
meda." Promoted to present rank, 
June 30, 1899 ; appointed to com- 
mand, March 1, 1904. Club : Hong- 
kong. Address: H.M.S. "Andro- 
meda," Hongkong. 

M.I.M.E., M. Amer. Soc. O.K. ; 
Civil Engineer and Architect. 
Senior partner in firm of Leigh and 
Orange. Resident in colony over 
23 years. Club: Hongkong. Ad- 
dress; 1 Des Vieux Road Central, 

ORME, Geoffrey Norman (HONG- 
KONG), B.A. Oxon. Civil Service; b. 
April 14, 1878. Educ. : Cheltenham 
College; Hertford College, Oxford. 
Arrived in Colony, Jan. 1, 1902 ; 
assistant Secretary to Sanitary 
Board, Aug. 29, 1904 ; Acting Sec- 
retary, Sanitary Board, April, 1906 ; 
Acting 2nd Police Magistrate, 
April 13, 1905 ; Acting assistant 
Superintendent of Police and 
Police Magistrate, New Territories, 
since Dec. 22, 1905. Club: Hong- 
kong. Address: Hongkong. 

OSAKA, Bishop of (*-< Foss, RT. Ri:v. 

CSAWA, Prof. Kenji (TOKYO), Doctor 
of Medicine: Member of House of 

Peers ; b. July, 1852; at Mikawa. 
Educ.: Germany, 1870-1874, an il 
1878-1882. Since 1882 has been Pro- 
fessor of the Tokyo Imperial Un i- 
versity. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

Secretary, Hongkong and Kowloon 
Wharf and Godowu Co.; Member of 
the Legislative Council ; ft. Jan. 21. 
1861 ; w. Feb., 1904, Phyllis Eliza, ('. 
of G. Whettey, of Weybridge. Educ. : 
St. Anne's, Streatham Hill. Was 
in Solicitor's Office at Durham, 
1879-1880 ; P. and O., London Office. 
1880-1882 ; P. and O., Hongkong 
Office, 1882-1889 ; Member of the 
Hongkong Sanitary Boaul, 19GO- 
1903 ; Director of Hongkong Hotel, 
Dairy Farm, Steam Laundry, and 
on the Consulting Committee of 
A. S. Watson and Co. and China 
Borneo Co. ; appointed member of 
Legislative Council, May, 19C6- 
Clitb : Hongkong. Address: The 
Peak, Hongkong. 

Secretary, S. C. Fariiham, Boyd 
and Co., Ltd.: b. Nov. 9, 1853. 
Hditc.: Privately. Been in China 
(Shanghai) over a quarter of 
a century and witnessed several 
stirring events, among others 
the late riot, where served 
with reserves -. Masonic : P.M. 1027. 
E.C., Senior Installed P.M. M.M. 
ill Shanghai ; P./. 129 S.C. and pro- 
moted Grand Master of the Royal 
Order of Scotland for China and 
Colony of Hongkong ; one of the 
founders of the Masonic School, 
now the Shanghai Public School ; 
President of the Executive Com- 
mittee of the Masonic Hall. 




Decorations : Medal for active 
.service with Shanghai Volunteers. 
Clubs : Shanghai, Race, Masonic, 
and most sporting clubs. Address : 
108, Range Road, Shanghai, China. 

OSWALD, John C. (FOOCHOW), Mer- 
chant, and Consul for The Nether- 
lands ; b. 1857 ; w. 1896, Nina L., d. 
of Rev. A. B. Day, Vicar of Fish- 
ponds, near Bristol. Educ. : Lon- 
don and Heidelberg. Decoration : 
Double Dragon, first class, third 
grade. Club: Foochovv. Address: 
Foochow, and Croydon, Surrey, 

OTANI, Kahei (YOKOHAMA), Merchant; 
b. Dec., 1844, at Ise. Was clerk in 
foreign tea firm at Yokohama ; 
commenced tea exportation on 
his own account many years ago ; 
is now chairman of Japan Tea 
Guild and President of 4th Bank, 
Yokohama. Address: Yokohama, 

OTANI, Count Kokei (KYOTO), Abbot ; 
b. July, 1851, at Kyoto. Is Lord 
Abbot of East Hong wan Temple ; 
created Count, 1896. Address : 
Kyoto, Japan. 

OTANI, Count Kozui (KYOTO), Abbot ; 
b. Dec., 1876 at Kyoto. m. Jan., 
1898, Piincess Kadzu-ko, e. sishr of 
Japanese Crown Princess and d. of 
Piince Kujo. Educ.: in Europe. 
Lord Abbot of Western Hong wan 
Temple ; created Count, 1903. Ad- 
dress : Kyoto, Japan. 

OTORI, Baron (TOKYO), Privy Coun- 
cillor ; b. Feb., 1833, at Harima. 
Fought for the Shogunate during 
Civil War ; after surrendering was 


imprisoned for two years ; was 
appointed an official of Hokkaido 
Colonization Board; later Secretary 
of the Public Works Department 
(since abolished) ; was President 
of Peers' School ; was Minister at 
Seoul when Chino-Japanese War 
broke out ; appointed to Privy 
Council soon after ; is President of 
Tokyo Businessmen's Corporation ; 
created Biron, 1900. Address : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

OTTEWILL, Herbert Allan (PEKING), 
1st class Assistant H.B.M. Consular 
Service. Appointed Student Inter- 
preter in China, Aug. 29, 1894 ; 
acting Vice-Consul at Chemulpo, 
Corea, 1898; 1st class Assistant, 
April 5, 1902; Vice - Consul at 
Tientsin, Oct. 16, 1902 ; discharged 
duties of Accountant at Peking, 
1902. Address: H.B M. legation, 
Peking, China. 

OUGH, Arthur Hanry (HONGKONG), 
A.M.I.C.E., A.R.I.B.A.; architect; 
b. June 11, 1863, e. s. of Henry Ough, 
A.M.I.C.E., and Anna William s 
Bartholomew, his wife ; m. 1897 to 
Annie, d. of J. M. Goldie. Educ. : 
Stepney Grammar School. Member 
of the Architects' Association, 1878 ; 
associate R.I.B.A., 1891; A.M. I.C.E., 
1901 ; Assistant, Metropolitan 
District Railway, 1881 ; Great 
Eastern Railway, 1884; arrived 
Hongkong, 1888, joined Danby and 
Leigh ; partner Henry Ough and 
Son, 1891, and joined Leigh and 
Orange,1901, and made partner, 1905; 
examiner, Royal Sanitary Institute 
(Hongkong Branch) ; lecturer on 
engineering subjects. Publi- 
cations : Several publications on 



drainage, building construction, 
sewage disposal, and sanitation. 
Recreations : Sailing, and model 
yacht building. Clubs: Hongkong; 
Royal Hongkong Yacht. Addrets : 

OURA, Kanetake (TOKYO), Member of 
House of Peers ; b. at Satsuma, 
May, 1850. Appointed Governor of 
Shimane - ken, 1893 ; subsequently 
Governor of several Prefectures ; 
Inspector-General of Metropolitan 
Police, 1898-1900 and 1901-1903 ; 
Minister of Communications from 
Sept., 1901 to Jan., 1996. Address : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

Acting Assistant, Land Revenue 
Office ; b. Jan. 1, 187S. Passed in 
Law and Malay ; cadet, Federated 
Malay States Civil Service, 1900 ; 
acting assistant District Officer, 
Tanjong Malim, 1903 ; acting 
Financial Assistant, Krian, 1904 ; 
acting Inspector of Schools, Perak, 
1905 ; present post, 1906. Address : 
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Fede- 
rated Malay States. 

OUTRE Y, Ernest Amedee Antoine 
Georges (THUDAUMOT), Resident ; 
Administrator, 1st class ; b. April 
11, 1863. Joined Civil Service of 
Indo-China, Oct. 10, 1884 ; Adminis- 
trator, 4th class, Aug. 1, 1889 ; Ad- 
ministrator, 3rd class, Feb. 4, 1891 ; 
Administrator, 2nd class, Sept. 1, 
189S ; Administrator, 1st class, Feb. 
4,1901. Decoration: Chevalier de 
la Legion d'Honneur ; O ffi c i e r 
d' Academic. Address : Thudaumot, 
Province de Thudaumot, Cochin- 

OWEN, John Fortescue (KUALA- 
LIPIS), Acting District Officer; 
b. July 28, 1889. Entered Federated 
Malay States Civil Service as 
Junior O ffi c e r , Pahang, 1889 ; 
acting assistant Collector and 
Magistrate, Kuala Pahang, Oct., 
1889; acting Collector and Ma- 
gistrate at Rompin, Temerloh, 
Kuantan, Kuala Pahang, 1889-1893 ; 
Collector and Magistrate, Kuantan, 
Aug., 1893 ; Superintendent, Ulu 
Pahang, 1896 ; District Officer, 
Coast of Negri Sembilan, 1899; 
acting Secretary to Resident, 
Senior Magistrate, Warden of 
Mines, and Protector of Chinese, 
Pahang, 1901 ; acting District 
Officer, Kuala Lipis; Senior Ma- 
gistrate, and Registrar of Titles, 
Pahang, since 1903. Address: 
Kuala Lipis, Pahang, Federated 
Malay States. 

OYAMA, Marquis Marshal (TOKVO), 
O.M.; ex- Commander in Chief of 
Mauchurian Army ; 6. Oct., 1842, 
at Satsuma. Fought with the Im- 
perialist forces during war prece- 
ding Restoration ; commanded 
Brigade in Civil War of 1877 : 
promoted Lieut. - General, 1878 ; 
promoted full General, 1891 ; Com- 
mander in Chief of Second Army 
which took Port Arthur and Wei- 
hai-wei in Chino - Japanese War 
1894-1895; created Marquis, 1895; 
promoted Marshal, 1898 ; Chief of 
General Staff, 1898 ; resigned early 
in 1904 to become Commander in 
Chief of Manchuriau Army, Japan- 
Russia War, 1904-1906 ; was largely 
instrumental in bringing the Japan- 
ese army to present .state of 




< ffi; iency ; was accorded the Order 
of Merit by His Majesty, King Ed- 
ward, May, 1906. Decorations: 2nd 
class Golden Kite ; Grand Order ; 
Order of Merit. Address: Tokyo, 

OYAMA, Tsunasuke (TOKYO), Minis- 
ter at Rome; b. Jan., 1853, at 
Kagoshima. Appointed Legation 
Councillor at Rome and Paris, 1878- 
1879 ; promoted Secretary of Lega- 
tion at London, 1884 ; Private 
Secretary 'to Foreign Minister, 
1886 ; Secretary of Legation at 
Paris, 1838 ; appointed Minister at 
the Hague, 1892; later at Vienna; 
finally at Rome, 1899. Address : 
Japanese Legation, Rome, Italy, 
and Tokyo, Japan. 

OZAKI,YukiO (TOKYO), M.P.; Mayor 
of Tokyo ; b. Nov., 1859; m. 1905, d. 

of Baron Sabnro Ozaki. Formerly 
a journalist ; was one of politicians 
who brought about present system 
of party Government; was expelled 
from Tokyo by reactionary Govern- 
ment, 1887, and visited England ; 
has sat in Lower House since first 
session of Diet ; appointed Chief 
Councillor, Foreign Office, 1896 ; 
Minister of Education, June, 1898 ; 
elected Mayor of Tokyo 1904. 
Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

OZAKI, Baron Saburo (TOKYO), Mem- 
ber of House of Peers ; b. Jan., 
1842, in Kyoto-fu. Formerly in 
Japanese Government Service ; 
was one of the promoters of Seoul- 
Fusan Railway ; rendered dis- 
tinguished service in connection 
with Restoration ; was created 
B-*ron, 1896. Address : Tokyo, 

PAHANG, Sultan of O<-: MAATHO.N, 

PAGET, Ralph Spencer (BANGKOK), 
C.M.G.; H.B.M. Minister; b. Nov. 
26, 1864 ; . of Sir Augustas Berkeley 
Paget, G.C.B. Educ. : Eton. 
Nominated Attache, 1888 ; appoin- 
ted to Vienna, 1888 ; to Cairo, 1889 ; 
employed at Zanzibar, 1891 .-92 ; 
transferred to Washington, 1892 ; 
to Tokyo, 1893 ; promoted, 2nd Sec- 
retary, 1895 ; transferred to Cairo, 
1899; to Munich, 1900; to Con- 
stantinople, 1901 ; to Guatemala, 
1901 ; to Bangkok, 1902 ; has been 
Minister at Bangkok since 1904. 
Club: St. James. Address: H.B.M. 
Legation, Bangkok, Siam. 

PAINTER, Major Arnaud Clarke 
(HONGKONG), Officer Commanding 
Hongkong Co., Royal Engineers ; 
b. Sept. 2, 1863. Lieut. R.E., July 
28, 1883 : Capt., Get, 18, 1891 ; Major, 
April 1, 1900. Club: Hongkong, 
Address: Military Headquarters, 

P'AN'HSIAO-SU (KANSU), ex-Governor; 
native of Hunan. Prefect of 
Ti-hua, Kansu ; Chen-ti Tao, do., 
1896; Judicial Commissioner, do. 
spring, 1901 ; Financial Com- 
missioner, New Dominion, Jan., 

1901; Governor, do., Oct., 1902r 
degraded | and sent to work on roads 
for peculation, Sept., 1905. 

Journalist : b. Turnchapel, South 
Devon, 1873, 4th s. of John Pardon, 
of Portsmouth : m. to Eva, .//. e/. 
of late John Evans, of Milford 
Haven. Educ. : Portsmouth. Came 
East in 1903; Editor of " Nagasaki 
Press," since Jan., 1904. Addn-**: 
Nagasaki, Japan. 

M.I.M.K., Manager, Hongkong Ice 
Co., Ltd. ; b. 1845, at Glasgow, 
Scotland. Served apprenticeship 
as Mechanical Engineer at Dal- 
mouach and with Messrs Denny and 
Co., Dumbarton ; in 1867 and 186S T 
was chief Engineer in the Argentine 
Navy, and as a spectator was several 
times under fire in Paraguay in the- 
war between the allied Brazilian 
and Argentine forces against the 
Paraguayans ; in 1869 came to- 
China round the Cape of Good 
Hope as Chief Kngineer of one of 
Jardine, Matheson &('o.'s steamers; 
has been Manager of the Hong- 
kong Ice Co. from 1884. Add*'** : 
East Point, Hongkonjr. 

PARLETT. Harold George (NAGASAKI), 
1st class Assistant, H.B.M. Con- 




sular Service. Appointed Student 
Interpreter in Japan, Aug., 21, 
1890; acting Registrar in Court, 
Yokohama, 1898 ; acting Consul at 
Nagasaki, 1898 ; acting Registrar in 
Court, Yokohama, 1898 to 1899; 
employed as assistant in Japanese 
Secretary's Office, Tokyo, 1899 ; 
acting Japanese Secretary, 1902 to 
1903 ; promoted 1st Assistant, May 
21, 1903; acting Consul at Nagasaki, 
1906. Address: H.B.M. Consulate, 
Nagasaki, Japan. 

PARR, Cecil William Chase (BATANG 
PA DANG), Acting District Officer; 
b. Dec. 4, 1871. Entered Federated 
Malay States Civil Service as 
Junior Officer, 1889; acting assis- 
tant Protector of Chinese, Kinta, 
1890 ; Officer in Charge, Sungei 
Sitiawan, 1892 ; Land Officer, Krian, 
April, 1892; assistant Collector of 
Land Revenue, Krian, 1893; acting 
assistant Magistrate, Gopeng, and 
assistant Magistrate, Ipoh, 1894 ; 
acting Collector of Land Revenue, 
Kinta, 1895 ; assistant Magistrate, 
Selama, and acting assistant Dis- 
trict Magistrate, Lower Perak and 
Gopeng, 1896; District Officer, 
T ampin, 1897 ; acting District 
Officer, New Territory and Lower 
Perak, 1904 ; acting District Officer, 
liatang Padang, 1906. Club : 
Sports, London. Address: Batang 
Padang, Perak, Federated Malay 

PARR, William Randall M'Donnell 
(HONGKONG), Commissioner of I. M. 
Customs; b. May 7, 1865; ?. 1902, 
Mollie. only d. of Rev. Canon 
White-Bell, M.A., Doone House, 
Doone, Co. Limerick. Educ. : 

Privately. Assisted in defence of 
Foreign Settlement, Wuhu, during 
Yangtze Riots, 1891 ; on special 
service with Chinese Forces during 
Chino-Japanese war, 1894 ; com- 
manded services Coy. 3, R. I. 
Rifles and subsequently served 
with llth Battn. M.I. during Boer 
War, 1900-3 ; was Chinese Joint 
Commissioner with Tibet Frontier 
Commission ; member Royal Socie- 
ty ; eldest son ( Randal Robert 
M'Donnell) b. 1903 at Yatung, 
Tibet, elevation 10,000 ft., is 1st 
British subject born on Tibetan 
soil. Decorations: Civil Rank of 
the 3rd class, China ; I.C.O. of the 
Double Dragon, 3rd division. 
Clubs : Junior Naval and Military ; 
Hongkong. Address. Mount 
Gougli, The Peak, Hongkong. 

L. PARRY-). 

PART, Dr. John Shepley <SKIU-:MHAN), 
M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., L.S.A., London, 
M.D., Brussels; District Surgeon; 
b. Oct. 27, 1864. District Surgeon, 
Ulu Selangor, 1899; Surgeon in 
Charge, Kajong-Seremban Railway- 
Extension, 1901; District Surgeon, 
Seremban, and assistant Protector 
of Labour and Immigration Agent, 
1902; acting State Surgeon, Negri 
Serabilan, 1903; District Surgeon, 
Seremban, 1906. Address: Serem- 
ban, Negri Sembilan, Federated 
Malay States. 

PATRICK, Dr. Henry Cowper 

(SHANGHAI), M.B., C.M., Glasgow ; 

Medical Practitioner; b. Aug. 12, 
1871. Educ. : Glasgow High School ; 
Glasgow University ; at Paris ami 




Vienna. Secretary of State's Medi- 
cal Officer for Plague and Famine, 
Bombay Presidency, 1898 - 1901. 
Club: Shanghai. Address: 1, Nan- 
king Road, Shanghai, China. 

Straits Settlements Civil Service. 
Educ.: Trinity Hall, Cambridge. 
Cadet, Straits Settlements, Nov., 
1898 ; passed final examination in 
Chinese, June, 1901 ; acting 2nd 
assistant Protector of Chinese, Pe- 
nang, July, 1901 ; acting District 
Officer, Christmas Island, Dec., 
1902 ; acting 3rd Magistrate, Singa- 
pore, June, 1903 ; appointed to 
Class V., Sept., 1903. Address: 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

PEARCE, Rev. Thomas William 
(HONGKONG), Missionary of London 
Miss. Soc. ; b. 1855. Arrived at 
Canton, 1879 ; was connected with 
missionary work at Canton until 
5893, when was transferred to 
Hongkong ; acting Inspector of 
Schools, Hongkong, 1898 and 1900 ; 
examiner at Queen's College, 1897 
and 1898 ; member of committee on 
interpretation, 1899-1900 ; appointed 
to board of examiners in Chinese, 
Jan. 14, 1897. Addrens: London 
Mission, Hongkong. 

PEARSE, Dr. Wilfred William (Ho.\<;- 
KONG), M.B., C.M., D.P.H., Dm., 
M.D., Aberdeen, 1906 ; Assistant 
Medical Officer of Health ; &. Sept. 
16, 1870. Arrived in Colony, 1901 ; 
acting Medical Officer of Health, 
Sanitary Superintendent and Su- 
perintendent of Statistics, 1903. 
Club: Hongkong. Address: Health 
Department, Hongkong. 

PEART, Dr. Stuart Patrick (TUMID, 
M.B., C.M. Kdin. ; District 
Surgeon ; b. June 21, 1865. District 
Surgeon, Krian, Lower Perak and 
Gopeng, 1896-1900; acting District 
Surgeon, Larut, 1900 ; District 
Surgeon, Batang Padang, 1908 ; ap- 
pointed to present post, 1900.- Ad- 
dress: Tapah, Perak, Federated 
Malay States. 

PEDLEY, Rev. Hilton (MAEMASHJ.), 
Missionary and Minister; b. June 
14, 1862 ; ?/. Martha Johnson Clark. 
Educ. : Ontario Public Schools ; 
McGill University, Montreal (gold 
medallist). After graduating came 
to Japan a* a missionary in 1889 . 
was stationed at Nugata for 11 
years and subsequently at 
Maebashi ; in 1897-98 was a graduate 
student at Yale University. Ad- 
dress : Maebashi, Joshu, Japon. 

PEDLEY, Major Stanhope Humphrey 
( HONGKONG ), 2nd Queen's Own 
(Royal West Kent) ; b. Oct. 2, 1865 ; 
Lieut., Royal West Kent Regt., 
1886; Capt,, Sept., 1895; Major, 
Mar., 1904 ; took part in operations 
on N. W. Frontier of India, 1897-8. 
Ue co rat ions : Medal with clasp. 
Club: Hongkong. Address: Mili- 
tary Headquarters, Hongkong. 

M.I.C.K.; Municipal Engineer; b. 
Jan. 21, 1863. Edvc. : Manchester, 
England. During 1880-1891 engaged 
on construction of Drainage, Water 
Works, Bridges and Tramways 
in Lancashire, Worcestershire, 
Warwickshire and Herefordshire, 
notably Nelson Waterworks 
(Lanes.), Birmingham Cable and 



K lee trie Tramways; Barrow in 
Furness Tramways ; Kidderminster 
Waterworks and Sewerage Works, 
and Hereford Sewerage ; prepared 
scheme and despatched all ma- 
terials and plant for Water Supply 
of Pretoria, South Africa ; prepared 
scheme for Sewerage of Cape 
Town, Woodstock, \Vynberg, Ron- 
debosch and for K imberley, South 
Africa ; appointed Municipal En- 
gineer, Penaug, by General Sir 
Andrew Clarke, in 1891 ; resigned to 
take up appointment of Municipal 
Engineer, Singapore, in 1901 ; during 
service in Straits Settlements has 
designed and constructed Roads, 
Bridges, Sea Walls, Reservoirs, 
Drains, Abattoirs, Sewerage Sys- 
tems and Jetties ; last work being 
the raising of dam of Impounding 
Heservoirs : is a Member of In- 
corporated Association of Muni- 
cipal and County Engineers ; 
British Association of Water Works 
Engineers, and Society of En- 
gineers. Club : Sports, London. 
Address: Municipal Office, Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 

PENNEFATHER, Lieut. -Colonel Ed- 
ward Graham (SINGAPORE), In- 
spector-General of Police ; b. Felt. 
12, 1850 ; ni. Nov. 19, 1885, Mary, d- 
of Rev. J. L. Crompton. Kdttf. : 
Harrow ; Exeter College, Oxford. 
Gazetted sub. - Lieutenant, 6th 
(Inniskilling) Dragoons, April 23, 
187.S ; on special service in Zulu 
War, 1879 ; commanded advanced 
posts in operations in Zululand, 
1888 (honourably mentioned, 
brevet Lieutenant - Colonel) ; As- 
sistant Commissioner and Pre- 

sident Magistrate, Ngutu District 
of Zululand, Nov., 1888, to April, 
1889 ; appointed to command 
pioneer expedition which took 
possession of Mashonaland, 1890, 
and in command of B.S.A. Co.'s 
Police to Dec., 1892 : Inspector 
General of Police, Straits Settle- 
ments, since March, 1895. Club : 
Army and Navy, Pall Mall, S.W. 
Address: Singapore; Straits Settle- 

PENNEY, Clifford Ernest (BANGKOK), 

Solicitor ; b. Oct. 28, 1881, at Graves- 
end, s. of Stephen Penney, J.P. ; 
1 . -in. Oct. 26, 1965, Cecil Georgina 
Frances, d. of William Rowdstone. 
Edwf. : Cumberland House school, 
Milton, near Gravesend, Kent. 
Admitted a Solicitor to Supreme 
Court in England, March 25, 1904 \ 
appointed Judicial Assistant at 
Ministry of Justice, Siam, March 
26, 1904 ; Judicial Adviser to Police 
Courts in Bangkok Province, Nov. 
5, 1904 Judicial Adviser to Mon- 
thon Pyap (Northern Siam), Dec. 8 
1905. Club : British, Ban gkok . 
Address: Bangkok, Siam. 

j PENNEY, Hon. Frederick Gordon 
(SINGAPORE), M.A. ; Treasurer, 
Straits Settlements, and Resident 
Councillor, Malacca ; . of late 
Lord Kinloch, of Scottish Bench 
Edue. : Trinity College, Gleual- 
iiidiiil ; Edinburgh University. 
Appointed Cadet in service of 
Straits Settlements Government, 
1876 ; Resident Councillor, Malacca, 
since 1904. Clubs : W i n d h a m ; 
Sports; Conservative, Edinburgh. 
Address : Treasury, Singapore 
Straits Settlements. 



PENNEY, William Hughes (LABI AN), 
Deputy Governor. Educ. : Hymer's 
College, Yorkshire. Appointed to 
Treasury Department, British 
North Borneo, July, 1888 ; acting 
Treasurer-General, 1891 ; Postmas- 
ter General, 1895; District Magi- 
strate, 1896 ; acting Resident, Pro- 
vince Alcock, 1898; Protector of 
Chinese and Member of Council, 
1901; Superintendent of Customs, 
1902 ; Resident and Deputy-Govern- 
or, Labuan, Jan., 1903. Address : 
Labuan, Borneo. 

PENROSE, Frank Philip (MALACCA), 
Straits Settlements Civil Service. 
Acting Superintendent of Works, 
and Surveys, Malacca, Straits 
Settlements, Aug. 2, 1894 ; assistant 
Superintendent of Works, Province 
Wellesley, Oct. 18, 1897; Super- 
intendent of AVorks and Surveys, 
Malacca, Oct. 1, 1903. Address: 
Malacca, Straits Settlements. 

PERAK, Sultan Of (see: SHAM, His 

PEREIRA, Major George Edward 
(PEKING), D.S.O. : Military Attache, 
H.B.M. Legation ; b. Jan. 26, 1865. 
Entered Grenadier Guards, as 
Lieutenant, Aug. 23, 1884 ; pro- 
moted to Captain, Nov. 4, 1896; 
Major, May 2, 1900 ; was on special 
service in China, Nov. 20, 1900, to 
Feb. 2T, 1902; temporary Military 
Attache", Seoul, Jan. 19, 1904, to 
March 16, 1905; attached to 
Japanese Army in Manchuria, 
March 17, 1905, until close of war ; 
Military Attache, Peking, 1905 ; was 
slightly wounded in the Boxer 

Campaign, near Tientsin, 1900 
(mentioned in despatches, and 
D.S.O.) ; took part in operations 
in Transvaal and Cape Colony in 
May, 1902. Decorations : China 
Medal with clasp ; Queen's Medal 
with three clasps. A d d r e * * : 
H.B.M. Legation, Peking, China. 

PEREIRA, M. C. Goncalvea (TOKYO), 
Minister Resident for Brazil. Ad- 
dress: Brazilian Legation, 3, 
Aoicho, Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan. 

A.M.I.C.E. ; Executive Engineer, 
Public Works Department ; b. Sept. 
21, 1867. Divisional Engineer, 
Corporation of Bristol, 1892-1899; 
Divisional Engineer, County of 
Middlesex, 1899-1904 ; arrived in 
Colony, 1904. Club: Hongkong. 
Address: Public Works Depart- 
ment, Hongkong. 

PETER, J. C. (HONGKONG), Banker ; 
sub -Manager of Hongkong and 
Shanghai Banking Corporation, 
Ltd. Resided in the East over 20 
years. Club: Hongkong. Address: 
Peak Road, Hongkong. 

PETTEE, Dr. James H. (OKAYAMA), 
Clerical Missionary ; b. July 16, 
1851, at Manchester, U.S.A. ; in. 
Aug. 1, 1878, Belle Wilson. Educ: 
Dartmouth College, New Hamp. ; 
Andover Theological Seminary, 
Mass. Missionary of A.B.C.F.M. in 
Japan, since 1878 ; residence, since 
1879, Okayama, where has been 
senior Missionary since 1888; Pastor, 
since 1889 of Mission Church of 
Christ in Japan ; closely associated 
with Mr. J. Ishii, founder ;md 




present Superintendent of Oka- 
yaina Orphanage ; oldest and 
largest Protestant Orpha,nge in 
Japan, 378 children at present ; one 
of three foreigners on Board of ten 
trustees ; Treasurer, Japan Union 
of Christian Endeavour; English 
editor of "Japan Endeavour;" 
regular Japan correspondent of 
"Congregationalist" and "Christian 
World," of Boston, Mass. ; chair- 
man, during 1905, of Missionary 
Association of Central Japan ; 
chairman for 1906 of Japan Mission 
of the A.B.C.F.M.; life mem. Asiatic- 
Society of Japan ; mem. Red. Cross 
Society. Publications: " A Chapter 
of Mission History in Modern 
Japan," " Mr. Ishii and His 
Orphanage." Address : Okayama, 

PFOUNDES, Capt. C. J. W. (KOBK), 
Agent, Merchant Service Guild ; b. 
1823. Served in British navy ; ar- 
rived in Japan, 1864 ; attached to 
British Consulate at Nagasaki; 
British Legation at Tokyo; held 
other official positions ; after re- 
maining in England for some time, 
during which lectured extensively 
upon Japan and founded Japan 
Society in London, returned to 
Kobe, 1903. Address: Kitano-cho, 
Kobe, Japan. 

PHELIPS, Hugh Richard (HONG- 
KONG), Local Auditor; b. Jan. 6, 
1869; m. Feb. 24, 1903, Jacquette 
Edith, i/. d. of Rev. George Lambe, 
of Highlands, Ivy Bridge, Devon. 
Educ. : Weymouth College; Queen's 
College, Oxford. Local Auditor, 
Niger Coast Protectorate, West 
Africa, Oct. 27, 1894 ; assistant 

Auditor, East Africa Protectorate, 
Dec. 4, 1896 ; Local Auditor, 
Uganda, April 29, 1897 ; Local 
Auditor, East Africa Protectorate, 
Dec. 2J, 1901 ; Local Auditor, 
Hongkong, Nov. 1, 1904; arrived in 
Colony Dec. 23, 1904 ; appointed 
J.P., 1905. Decoration : Uganda 
Mutiny Medal and clasp, 1897-98 ; 
Clubs: Sports, London; Hongkong. 
A dili-ess: 72 Mount Kellet, Hong- 

PHILLIPS, Thomas Morgan (SHANG- 
HAI), Barrister - at - Law. Educ. : 
Privately ; Trinity Hall, Cambridge. 
Called to Bar, Middle Temple, 
June, 1883 ; arrived in Shanghai, 
June, 1898, and became member of 
firm Drummond, White, Cooper 
and Phillips ; practised at Hong- 
kong Bar from Dec., 1901 to Nov., 
1903, when returned to Shanghai. 
Club : New Oxford and Cambridge. 
Address: 11, Peking Road, Shang- 
hai, China. 

PIGOTT, Francis Joseph (PKNANG), 
A.M.I.C.E. ; Deputy Surveyor 
General ; b. June 27, 1865. Tracing 
Officer, Ceylon, 1887 ; District En- 
gineer, Maradankadawila, 1888 ; 
District Engineer, Amradhapura, 
1892 ; District Engineer, Batticaloa, 
1893 ; 2nd assistant Financial Office, 
Ceylon, 1895; seconded as Acting 
Municipal Engineer, Colombo, 
1986; District Engineer Kalutara, 
1897 ; District Engineer, Matale, 
1899; Acting Provincial Engineer 
Southern Province, 1902; Acting 
Provincial Engineer, Eastern Pro- 
vince, 1903 ; Provincial Engineer, 
1904; Acting Assistant Director of 
Public Works Department, Ceylon, 



1904 ; Deputy Colonial Engineer 
and Deputy Surveyor General, Pe- 
nang, 1905. Address : Penally, 
Straits Settlements. 

PIGGOTT, Sir Francis Taylor (H..MJ- 
KONK). Kt., M.A., LL.JI. ; Chief 
Justice, Supreme Court of Hong- 
kong ; b. April 25, 1852, X. of Key. 
Francis Allen Piggott, of Worthing ; 
n>. Mattel Waldron, e. (/. of Jasper, 
Wilson Johns, J.P., D.L. Kduc.: 
Paris; Worthing College ; Trinity 
College, Cambridge. Called to the 
Bar, 1874 ; special mission to Italy, 
1887 ; Legal Adviser to Prime Minis- 
ter of Japan, 1887-1891; Secretary 
to the Attorney - General, Sir 
Charles Russell, M.P., on the 
Bearing Sea Arbitration, 1893 ; act- 
ing Chief Judge, Mauritius, 1895- 
1897 ; Procureur and Advocate- 
General, Mauritius, 1894-1905; pre- 
sent position since 1906. Decoration : 
* Kt. (1905). Publication*: Foreign 
Judgments, Vol. I., 1879; Vol. II., 
1881 ; 2nd Ed., I Vol., 1884; Princi- 
ples of Law of Torts, 1885; Ex- 
territoriality and Consular Jurisdic- 
tion, 1892 ; Service out of the Juris- 
diction, 1892 ; Behring Sea Letters. 
1893 ; Revised Edition of Laws of 
Mauritius, 6 Vols., 2nd Ed., 1894; 
Nationality and Naturalisation, 
and the English Law on the High 
Seas, and Beyond the Realm, 1904 ; 
The Garden of Japan, 1892; Music 
and Musical Instruments of the 
Japanese, 1893. Recreations: Golf. 
Club : Thatched House, Hongkong. 
Address: Hongkong; Kw hurst, 

PINCKNEY, H. (HowiKO.Mi), Banker, 
Manager, International Banking 

Corporation. Resided iu Colony 
over 14 years. Club : Hongkong, 
Address: 9, Queen'* Roa'd Central, 

PITZIPIOS, G e o r g e Demetrius 
(SHANGHAI), II. BM. Vice-Consul. 
Appointed Student Interpreter in 
China, July 26, 188S ; 1st Assistant, 
Sept. 27, 1897 ; acting Vice-Consul 
at Shanghai, 1896 to 1897 ; acting 
Consul at Chinkiang, 1897 ; acting 
Consul at Canton, 1898 ; Vice- 
Consul at Canton, May 10, 1898; 
Vice-Consul at Shanghai, since 1900. 
Adtlre** : H.B.M. Consulate, Shang- 
hai, China. 

PLAYFAIR, Frank William Walter 
(NAGASAKI), H.B.M. Consul ; b. 
April 8, 1858, f. *. of late General 
Elliot Minto Playfair, R.A. ; >/. 
1893, Jane, d. of late Major General 
J. Orr. Appointed Student Inter- 
preter in Japan, March 30, 1880; 
acting Consul at Nagasaki, 1884 
and 1885 ; acting Consul at Hyogo> 
1887 ; promoted 1st class Assistant, 
Nov. 9, 1887 ; acting Consul at 
Hyogo, 1888 and 1889 ; acting Consul 
at Hakodate, 1889 to 1890; acting 
Vice-Consul at Tokyo, 1891 to 1892 ; 
acting Consul at Hyogo, 1894-5-6, 
1897 and 1898 ; promoted Consul for 
Consular District of Hakodate, 
Aug. 4, 1898 ; transferred t< 
Shimonoseki as Consul fur Consular 
District of Shimonoseki ; was also- 
in charge of Austro-Hungariau 
interests at Shimonoseki; transfer- 
red to Tamaui, May 21, 1903; Consul 
at Nagasaki, 1904. Recreation*: 
Riding, cycling, boating. Addiv** 
H.B.M. Consulate, Nagasaki. Japan; 
c.> Chartered Bank of India. 


WHO'S WHO IN THE FAR EAST (Jus*:) 1906-7. 


Australia and China, Threadneedle 
Street, London, TC.C. 

PLAYFAIR, George Macdonald Home 
(PEKING), M.A. ; H.B.M. Consular 
Service. Appointed Student In- 
terpreter in China, July 16, 1872; 
acting assistant Chinese Secretary, 
Peking, 1875 : acting Consul at 
Taiwan, 1877 ; at Pakhoi, 1881, 1883; 
promoted 1st class Assistant, July 
1, 1886; acting Vice-Consul at 
Shanghai, 1885 to 1886; acting 
Consul at Tainan, 1888 to 1889; 
at Taiusui, 1889 to 1890; at Chin- 
kiang, 1890, acting Shipping Vice- 
Consul at Shanghai, 1890 to 1891 ; 
-promoted Vice-Consul, in charge of 
shipping business, at Shanghai, 
April 1, 1891 ; Senior Vice-Consul 
at Shanghai, Aug. 20, 1892; pro- 
moted Consul at Pakhoi, June 15, 
1893 ; transferred to Ningpo, April 
23, 1894 ; acting Consul, Swatow, 
from March 27 to June 21, 1899; 
transferred to Foochow, May 13, 
1899; acting Consul General at 
Hankow, 1903 to 1904. Address: 
H.B.M. Legation, Peking, China. 

M.A., Durh. ; Chief Assistant, 
Observatory ; It. Feb. 5, 1845. Chief 
Assistant, Glasgow Observatory, 
1865 ; Observer, Durham University, 
1867 ; Astronomer, Orwell Park 
O b s e r v a t o r y, 1874 ; arrived in 
Colony, 1891 and lias held present 
position since. Club : Hongkong. 
AdilreM : Observatory, Kowloon, 

POATE, W. H. (SHANGHAI), Managing 
Director, Mackenzie and Co., Ltd. ; 
member of Municipal Council. 

Clu b. -Shanghai. Atldre** : 22 S/*-- 
chuen Road, Shanghai. 

Extraordinary and Minister Pleni- 
potentiary for Russia. Appointed,. 

1905. Address: Russian Legation, 
Peking, China. 

POLLOCK, Hm. Henry Edward: 
(HONGKONG), K.C. ; Barrister-at- 
law ; b. 1865 ; m. March 5, 1906, Lena 
Oakley. Educ. : Charterhouse 
School. Called to the Bar at the 
Inner Temple, Nov., 1887 ; admitted 
to practise in Hongkong, April, 
1888; acted as Police Magistrate, 
Hongkong, from Sept., 1888, to- 
April, 1889 ; as Puisne Judge from 
June to Dec., 1892; received gold 
medal for services in plague 
epidemic, 1894; acted as Attorney 
General for nearly three years 
between 1898 and 1901 ; appointed 
Queen's Counsel, 1900; proceeded 
to Fiji as Attorney General arriving 
there, Jan., 1902; left Fiji, April, 
1902, and resigned as Attorney 
General, June, 1902 ; returned to 
Hongkong, Oct., 1902 ; elected tem- 
porary representative of Chamber 
of Commerce in Legislative Council 
1903; elected representative of 
Justices of Peace on Legislative 
Council in December, 1905; Member 
of Sanitary Board from March, 
1903 to Jan., 1906 ; President Hong- 
kong branch of the Navy League 
and Chess Club ; Secretary of the 
Odd Volumes Society ; Commodore, 
Royal Hongkong Yacht Club. Club: 
Hongkong. Address : Peak, Hong- 




ing President of the Municipal 
Body ; b. Jan. 3, 1854 ; m. July 1, 
1882. Educ. : Privately. Assistant 
Municipal Secretary, Singapore, 
March 1, 1882 ; additional duties as 
Paymaster, 1885 ; acting Municipal 
Secretary, 1891 ; Municipal Secre- 
tary and Assessor, 1892 ; acting 
President of the Municipal Body, 
1906. Club: Singapore. Address: 
" Tolcarne," 6, Tanglin Hill, Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 

PONSONBY, Richard Arthur 
Brabazon (HONGKONG), Private 
Secretary to the Governor; b. Jan. 
8, 1878. Educ. : Harrow. Assistant 
Private Secretary to Governor of 
Natal, Oct., 1895, to April, 1896; 
Private Secretary to Governor of 
Trinidad, Sept., 1898, to June, 1899 ; 
to Governor of Ceylon, Feb., 1900, 
to Nov., 1903; to Officer Adminis- 
trating Government of Hongkong, 
Dec., 1903, to July, 1904; to Governor 
of Hongkong, July, 1904, to date. 
Clubs : St. James ; Bachelors ; 
M.C.C., London ; Hongkong. Ad- 
dress: Government House, Hong- 
kong ; 15, Chesham Hall, London. 

POST, Dr. Albert T. (YOKOHAMA), 
M.D. ; Medical Director for the 
Kast, Equitable Life Assurance 
Society of U.S.A. ; b. Jan. 1, 1872 ; 
in. Edith, d. of Elisha Mulford, 
LL.D., of Cambridge, Mass. 
Educ. : Jefferson Medical College, 
Philadelphia, Pa. Clubs : Yoko- 
hama United; Nippon Race, etc. 
Address : 24, Water St. and 67 Bluff, 
Yokohama, Japan. 

POST, Nicholas (HONGKONG), Consul 

for Austria - Hungary ; b. 1S70. 

Educ. : Gymnasium of the T. K. 
Theresianum, T. K. Oriental Ac- 
ademy, Yienna. Commercial At- 
tache, 1894 , transferred to Con- 
sulate-General, Shanghai, 1898 ; 
Yice-Consul, 1898 ; appointed Act- 
ing Consul at Hongkong, 1900; 
Consul, 1906 ; appointed Consul at 
Rio Janeiro, Brazil, May, 1906. 
Decoration: Chevalier of Italian 
Crown. Publication: " Trade and 
Industry in the Far East," 1900. 
Club: Hongkong. Address: Austria- 
Hungary Consulate, Hongkong. 

POTT, Rev. Francis Lister Hawks 
(SHANGHAI), D.D. ; President of St. 
John's College, Shanghai ; b. Feb. 
22, 1864 ; m. in 1888. Educ: Columbia 
University, N.Y.; General Theologi- 
cal Seminary, N.Y. ; has worked as 
an educationalist in China for 19 
years; has been President of 
American Association of China ; 
member of International Com- 
mittee, Y.M.C.A. ; is Chairman of 
Shanghai Chinese Public School. 
Publications : .Translated several 
books religious and scientific 
into Chinese , "The Outbreak in 
China," 1900 ; <! A Sketch of Chinese 
History," 1933. Club : American 
University. Address: St. John's 
College, Shanghai, China. 

POTTS, W. H. (HONGKONG), Merchant. 
Member of firm, Linstead and 
Davis. Been in Colony over 14 
years. Club: Hongkong. Address: 
Alexandra Buildings, Hongkong. 

POUNTNEY, Arthur Meek (SINGA- 
PORE.), B.A. ; 2nd Assistant Protec- 
tor of Chinese; b. Dec. 30, 1873. 
/;</*',-. .- Oxford University. Cadet, 




Federated Malay States service, 
1897 ; studied Chinese at Canton ; 
Assistant Secretary, Chinese 
Affairs, 1900; Secretary, Central 
Census Committee, 1901 ; Assistant 
District Officer, Kuala Lipis, 
Pahang, 1903 ; acting Protector of 
Chinese, Selangor, 1903 ; acting 
District Treasurer, Batu Gajah, 
Perak, 1903 ; acting Assistant 
Protector of Chinese, Singapore, 
1903; acting Protector of Chinese, 
Perak, 1904; appointed 2nd As- 
sistant Protector of Chinese, 
Singapore, 1904; Magistrate at 
Singapore. Address: Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

POZZONI, Rt. Eev. Bishop Dominico 
( HONGKONG ), R. C. Bishop of 
Victoria ; b. Dec., 1861, at Paterno, 
near Milan, Italy. Arrived in 
Hongkong as missionary, 1884 ; 
engaged in mission work in Kwang- 
tung, 1884-1905 ; elected Bishop and 
Vicar Apostolic, 1905, in succession 
to late Mons. Piazzoli ; consecrated 
Oct. 1, 1905. Address : Caine Road, 

PRATT, Frederick Lionel (HONG- 
KONG), Journalist; b. Oct. 17, 1872, 
at Sydney, New South Wales, 
Australia, s. of late Edward 
Pratt (9th Wrangler, Cambridge, 
1864). Educ. : Highbury House* 
St. Leonards on Sea ; Mannamead 
School, Plymouth ; Sydney Gram- 
mar School ; St. George's College, 
Mossvale, New South Waljs ; 
graduated in the University (if 
Experience. Spent earlier portion 
of a mis-spent career at sea in 
Devitt and Moore's clippers " Der- 
went" and "Rodney" (1888-92); 

drifted into journalism, H)()4, as 
junior on Sydney "Daily Tele- 
graph " ; through lack of discern- 
ment on part of management of 
that journal attained senior posi- 
tion ; was sent out as special in 
pursuit of bushrangers in 1900 ; 
didn't catch them ; went to Peking" 
Dec., 1900, and did catch small-pox ;: 
was adrift for two days on an 
ice-pack in the Gulf of Pechihli r 
Feb., 1901; associate correspondent 
for Renter at Peking, 1901 ; return- 
ed to Australia and was connected 
with " Age " ( Melbourne ) and' 
" Sydney Morning Herald," 1901- 
1904 ; sent to Russo-Japanese war 
as special correspondent by latter- 
paper ; present at battles of Shou- 
shanpu, Liaoyang, Shiho and a^ 
number of minor engagements ; 
leader writer for the " China Mail "" 
since Nov., 1905; in a thoughtless 
moment consented to edit " Who's- 
Who in the Far East." Club : 
Hongkong. Address : c/o China 
Mail, Hongkong. 

PRETRE, Charles Emile Pierr e- 
(HAil'HONG), Resident; Administ- 
rator , 2nd class. Joined Intlo- 
China Civil Service, Oct. I, 1894; 
Administrator, 4th class, Aug. l r 
1889 ; Administrator, 3rd class, OcU 
1, 1894; Administrator, 2nd class, 
Aug. 2, 1900. Decoration: Officier 
d' Academic. Address : Haiphong- 
Tonkin, Indo-China. 

PRICE, Lieut-Col. Charles Henry 
Uvedale (HONGKONG), D.S.O. ; in 
Command 129th (Duke of Con- 
naught's Own) Baluchi*; b. June 16, 
1862. Lieut. Welsh Regt., Oct. 22, 
1881 ; Ind. S.C., June 16, 1883 ; Capt. r 




Oct. 28, 1892 ; Major, July 10, 1901 ; 
Lieut.-Col., Indian Army, Mar. 1, 
1905; D.A.A.G., Ind. 1900-1905; 
severely wounded in Burmese Ex- 
pedition 1886-88 ; in command of 
Singo Field Force (Uganda, 1898-9) 
of operations in Ankole, i n 1, for 
some time, of troops in Unyoro ; 
commanded column against 
-Soudanese mutineers, including 
Action at Jeruba, and several other 
engagements, mentioned in De- 
spatches ; brer, of Maj. (D.S.O.) 
Decorations : Medal with two 
clasps, Burmese Exped. ; D.S.O. 
and Medal with two clasps, 
Uganda. Club : Hongkong. Ad- 
dress : Headquarters, Hongkong. 

PR ICE, Right Rev. Horace McCartie' 
Eyre (FOOCHOW), M.A. ; Bishop of 
Fukien. Educ. : Trinity College, 
Cambridge. Ordained D e a c o n > 
London, 1886 ; Priest, Sierra Leone, 
1888 ; Vice-Principal, Fourak Bay 
College, Sierra Leone, 1887-1889; 
Curate of VVingfield, Suffolk, 1889- 
1890 ; Examining Chaplain to Bis- 
hop, 1899; Principal (C.M.S.) Boys 
School, Osaka, 1890-1901; Arch- 
deacon of Osaka, from 1901; con- 
secrated Bishop of Fukien, China, 
by the Archbishop of Canterbury, at 

* Westminster, Feb. 2, 1906 ; arrived 
Foochow, May, 1906. Address : Foo- 
cho',v, Fukien, China. 

PRICE, William Thomas (SHANGHAI), 
Superintendent and Headmaster, 
Thomas Hanbury School ; b. 1875 ; 
Educ. : St. Mark's College. Clubs : 
Shanghai, Cricket, Football, and 
Golf. Address: Thomas Hanbury 
School, Boone Road, S h a n g h a i, 

PRINGLE, Alfred Ernest (MAL.ICC.O, 
Sub. Inspector of Schools ; b. 
March 14, 1860. Entered Strait* 
Settlements Service as Master in 
High School, Malacca, 1885; Head 
of Training College for Native 
Teachers, 1890; Sub.-Inspector of 
Schools, Malacca, since 1896; 2nd 
Lieut., Singapore V.E. ; J.P. for 
Malacca. A ddrexg : Malacca , 
Straits Settlements. 

PRITCHARD, Major Clive Gordon, 
(HONGKONG), R.G.A.; Commandant, 
Hongkong Volunteer Corps ; b. 
August 10, 1871. First Commis- 
sion, Royal Artillery, Nov., 1891 ; 
promoted Captain, 1899; appoint- 
ed Commandant, local Volunteer 
Corps, 1901 ; speaks Hindustani. 
Club : Hongkong. Address : Vol- 
unteer Headquarters, Hongkong. 

P'U-CHUN, Duke (PEKING); . of 
Prince Tuan ; Imperial Clansman ; 
appointed Heir Apparent with 
status as successor to Emperor 
T'ung-chih, Jan., 1900 ; disinherited, 
Nov., 1001, with rank of Imperial 

P'U-HSING (MONGOLIA), President, 
Board of Punishments ; Imperial 
Clansman. Sub - Director, Grand 
Court of Revision, Jan., 1899; sub- 
Chancellor, Grand Secretariat, Dec., 
1899; junior Vice-President, Board 
of Works, April, 1900; Minister, 
Tsung-li Yamen, June, 1900 ; Deputy 
Lieut.-General, Plain Blue Banner 
Corps, Jan., 1901 ; ceased to be 
Minister of Tsung-li Yamen on 
re-organisation, July, 1901 ; Presi- 
dent Mongolian Superintendence, 
Oct., 1903; President, Board of 
Punishments. July, 1905. 




P'U-HSU, otherwise Prince Ting 
(I'KKING), Imperial Clansman. 

P'U-LUN, Prince (PEKING), Impeiial 
Clansman, Pei-tzu (Prince of the 
4th order). Deputy Lieut. -General, 
Bordered Yellow Banner Corps, 
Dec., 1896; do., Plain Red Banner 
Corps, July, 1900; Vice-President, 
Imperial Clan Court, Sept., 1900; 
Lieut. - General, Bordered Yellow 
Banner, Feb., 1901 ; Imperial Com- 
missioner to St. Louis Exposition, 

P'U-SHAN (PEKING), Deputy Superin- 
tendent, Octroi ; native of Man- 
churia. Sub. Dii'ector, Court of 
State Ceremonial, Dec., 1891 ; do., 
Court of Sacrificial Worship, June, 
1892 ; Director, Court of Sacrificial 
Worship, Nov., 1892; sub-Chancel- 
lor, Grand Secretariat, March, 
1894 ; junior Vice-President, Board 
of Ceremonies, Dec., 1894; senior 
Vice - President, Board of Cere- 
monies, Dec., 1895; Dep.-Lieut- 
General, Plain Red Banner Corps, 
Jan., 1896; junior Vice-President, 
Board of Civil Office, Jan., 1897 ; 
senior do., July, 1900 ; Deputy 
Superintendent, Peking Octroi, 
June, 1904. 

P'17-TING (PEKING), Military Lieut.- 
Governor ; Imperial Clansman. 
Sub-Director, Court of State Cere- 
mony, March, 1894 ; Director, Court 
of State Ceremonial, March, 1895; 
sub-Chancellor, grand Secretariat, 
June, 1895; junior Vice-president, 

Board of Ceremonies, Jan., 1896; 
cashiered, Sept., 1898; sub- 
Chancellor, Grand Secretariat, 
Oct., 1898; Vice-president, Board of 
Ceremonies, Dec., 1898; do., Board 
of War, Jan., 1899; do., Board of 
Punishments, Feb., 1899; do., Board 
of Punishments, Mukden, Nov., 1899; 
do., Board of Revenue, Mukdeii, 
Feb., 1903; President, Censorate, 
do., Nov., 1904; Chahar Military 
Lieut-Governor, Feb., 1905. 

PUTNAM, George Rockwell (MANILA), 
Civil Engineer; Director of Coast 
Surveys, Philippine Islands ; b. May 
24, 1865. Educ. : Rose Polytechnic 
Institute, Terre Haute, Ind. Enter- 
ed field service, IT.S. Coast and 
Geodetic Survey, 1890; was on 
Mexican and Alaskan boundary 
surveys ; accompanied expedition 
to Greenland, 1896 ; survey of delta 
of Yukon River, 1898-99; since Oct., 
1900, in charge of first work of Coast 
and Geodetic survey in Philippine 
Islands ; member of American 
Society of Civil Engineers. Publi- 
cations : Various Government re- 
ports. Clubs : University, Army and 
Navy, Manila; Cosmos, Washing- 
ton. Address : Coast and Geodetic 
Survey, Manila, Philippine Island. 

PYKETT, Rev. G. F. (PENANG), Prin- 
cipal, Anglo - Chinese School ; b. 
Dec. 20, 1864. Arrived in Singapore 
as teacher, Anglo-Chinese School, 
Feb., 1901; Penang, March, 1893. 
Address : 340, Anson Rr>ad, Peuang, 
Straits Settlements. 



RADCLIFFE, Lieut. Charles Amyas 
(SINGAPORE), R.X. (retired), Deputy 
Master Attendant ; I. Aug. 27, 1861. 
Appointed Deputy Master Atten- 
dant, Singapore, 1903 ; acting 
Harbour Master, Penang, 1903: 
acting Master Attendant, Straits 
Settlements, 1903; Deputy Master 
Attendant, Singapore, 1904 ; Magi- 
strate for Singapore; Member of 
Board of Visiting Justices ; Member 
Examining Board for Masters and 
Mates. Address: Singapore, Straits 

Journalist and Consul General for 
U.S.A. ; b. Feb. 12, 1848. Edu. : 
Cornell College, Iowa. Served as 
an officer in U.S. Army during civil 
war ; representative in Legislature 
of California, U.S.A. for two years 
and in Senate for four years ; ap- 
pointed U.S. Consul at Tientsin, 
Sept. 17, 1897 ; promoted to Consul 
General, Feb. 7, 1903 ; was in Tien- 
tsin during siege of 1900. Club: 
Tientsin. Address : U.S. Consul 
General, Tientsin, North China. 

RAJA CHULAN bin, ex-Sultan Ab- 
dullah ('UPPER PERAK), District 
Officer; b. May 1, 1869. Appointed 
Settlement Officer, Krian, acting 
Collector of Land Revenue, Larut, 

1892 ; Settlement Officer, Krian am: 
Kinta, and acting Collector of 
Land Revenue, Kuala Kangsar, 
1893-1896; assistant District Magi- 
strate, Selama, 1897 ; acting District 
Magistrate, Matang, 1901 ; accom- 
panied H.H. the Sultan of Perak 
to England, 1902; District Officer, 
Upper Perak, 1903. Address : Uppei- 
Perak, Federated Malay States. 

RAJKITCH, Phya Narisra (TOKYO), 
Envoy Extraordinary and Minister 
Plenipotentiary for Siam. Addiv** : 
Siamese Legation, Tokyo, Japan. 

RALPHS, Edwin ( H o x K o N G ) r 
F.U.G.S., F.C.S., F.E.I.S., A.C.P., 
M.R. San. I.; Senior Assistant Mas- 
ter Queen's College ; b. Sept. 17, 
1872; in. 1905, May, d. of Thomas 
Witter, Appley Bridge, England. 
Educ. : Central Science School, 
Bolton and St. Mark's College, 
Chelsea, London. 1st class in 
Queen's Scholarship Exam., in 
final Teachers' Exam. (Education 
Department, England), and in final 
Archishops Divinity Exam. ( Eng- 
land) ; honours in science, South 
Kensington Exams. ; Associate of 
the London College of Music, etc. ; 
acting Second Master, Queen 1 !* 
College, 1903-4 ; Hon. Examiner in 
Botany and Chemistry to Hong- 


WHO'S WHO IK THE FAR EAST (Jess) 1006-7. 


kong College of Medicine for Chin- 
ese, '1901-3; Hon. Secretary, since 
1805, of the Hongkong Centre of 
the London College of Music ; 
Member of Government Committee 
on History nnd Geography, Hong- 
kong, 1903. Address : " Craigmia 
West," Magazine Gap, Hongkong. 

RAM, Edward A. (HONGKONG), 
F.R.I.B.A.; Architect; partner, firm 
Denison. Ram and Gibb.s ; b. Apiil, 
1858. Educ. : Private School. 
Articled pupil in office of late J. S. 
Clarke, F.B.I.B.A., of Cockspur 
Street, Pall Mall, 1877 ; came to 
China, 1889 ; went into partnership 
with A. Denison, M.I.C.E., 189G, 
new firm known as Deniton, Ram, 
and Gibbs. Clubs : Hongkong ; 
Sports, Lond. JfW/v.*:17, Queen's 
Road Central, Hongkong. 

RAMKAMHENG, Major General Phya 
(BANGKOK), Siamese aimy;&. Oct. 
J4, 1864; rn. 1892. Editf. : Germany 
and Austria. Went to Europe in 
1877, spent most time in Austiia, 
where began general ami military 
education ; joined Military C< liege, 
Vienna; received Commission as 
Lieut, in Austiian Army, 1888; 
served in different Regiments both 
Infantry and Cavalry ; became Cap- 
tain of Royal Horse Guard in 
Siamese Army on returning to 
Bangkok, 1891 ; in 1882 went to 
Europe as Military Attache in Ger- 
many, Austria, Denmark, Sweden 
and Norway, and was attached to 
H.R.H. the Prince of Nakonchaisi, 
who was then studying in Denmark; 
appointed Aide-de-Camp to His 
Majesty the King of Siam during 
Ms tour in Europe, and accom 

panied His Majesty back to Siam ; 
appointed Honorary Aide-de-Camp 
and afterwards assistant Chief of 
General Staff with Rank of Lieut- 
Colonel ; promoted to present rank, 
1905 ; is officer Commanding 
Troops in Bangkok District. De- 
corations: 3rd Class of White 
Elephant and Crown of Siam, and 
many foreign orders. Address : 
Bangkok. Siam. 

RAMSAY, William Lei-lie (SIN- 
GAPORE), Accountant, Chartered 
Bank of India, Australia, and 
China : 6. July 8, 1869. Educ.: Gor- 
don's College, Aberdeen. Served 
for above five years in North of 
Scotland Bank, Aberdeen ; arrived 
in Singapore in service of Chartered 
Bank of India, Australia and China 
early in 1893 ; in charge of Kuala 
Lumpur Agency, 1895 an,. 1896-98 ; 
in charge of Taiping, Perak, 
Agency, 1901-02. Address: Chartered 
Bank of India, Australia, andChina, 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

Medical Practitioner; b. July 14, 
1870. Ed ue. : Public Schools and 
University of Georgetown, D.C., 
U.S.A.; Surgeon U.S., R.C.S., Sani- 
tary Inspector, U.S. Army Tran- 
sport Service, U.S., M.H.S. ; United 
States Quarantine Officer, Shang- 
hai ; Medk-al Officer, United States 
Consulate General, Shanghai. 
Clubs: Shanghai Race Club. Ad- 
dress: 23, North Szechuen Road. 
Shanghai, China. 

RATTENBURY, Rev. Harold Bur- 
goyne (WUCHANG), B.A.; London.- 
Wesleyan Methodist Minister ; 1>. 

\ 18 



Feb. 15, 1878. Educ. : Woodhouse 
Grove School, near Bradford ; 
Headingley College, Leeis. Publi- 
cations: Editor of Central China 
Prayer Union Letter. Address: 
The High School, Wuchang, Central 

RAY, E. C. (HONGKONG), Ship, share 
and general broker. Resident in 
the East for 43 years, arriving in 
Hongkong in 18t>3. Club: Hongkong. 
Address: 4, Alexandra Buildings, 

BEADY, Oliver George (CIIANGSHA), 
B.A., Cantab. ; Actg. Commissioner 
of Customs ; b. Dec. 16, 1864 ; m. 
1897, Isabel, e. d, of Henry Janson, 
of Westbourne Terrace, London, W. 
Educ.: Jesus College, Cam bridge and 
at Paris. Publications: " Life and 
Sport in China" ; " Through Siberia 
and Manchuria by Rail " ; " Ch'un- 
Kwang " (a Chinese novel). De- 
corations: Mandarin of 4th rank. 
Address: Changsha, China. 

Lewis Charles ( HONGKONG ), 
Principal L.uid Surveyor; b. July 
12, 1876. Arrived in Colony, Jan. 4, 
1902 ; appointed Principal Land 
Surveyor, Oct. 1, 1901. Address: 
Public Works Department, Hong- 

BETD, George Elliott (LARUT), Su- 
perintendent of Prisons. Passed 
in Hindustani ; Wiug Officer, 
Malay States Guides, 1902 ; acting 
Superintendent of Prisons, Tai- 
ping, 1904 ; Company Commander, 
Malay States Guides, July, 1904; 
Superintendent of Prisons, Larut, 
Perak, 1906. Address : Larut, 
Perak, Federated Malay States. 

BEIFSINDEB Bev. Charles Shriver 
(Fuxui), B.D., M.A.; Clergyman of 
American Protestant Episcopal 
Church ; b. Nov. 27, 1875 ; m. Mary 
Duke Gordon, of Kyoto, Japan. 
Educ. : Kenyon College, Gambier, 
Ohio, U.S.A. ; Baxley .Theol. 
Seminary, Gambler, Ohio, U.S.A. 
Minister in charge of churches in 
Cardington and Mt. Gilejul, U.S.A.. 
1898-1900 ; Minister in charge of 
churches in Peninsula and Hudson, 
U.S.A., 1900-01; Protestant Epis- 
copal Missionary in Japan, since 
1901 ; resided in Nara, Yamato. 
Japan, 1901-03; resided in Fukui. 
Echizen, Japan, since 1903. Ad- 
dress : 19, Edo Shimo-machi, Fukui, 
Echizen, Japan. 

BEMEDI03, Lulz Augusts Lopes 
(MACHO), Postmaster General. 
Macao ; b. July 6, 1874 ; m. Lydia 
Maria Ribeiro Remedies. Educ : 
St. Joseph's College, Macao ; Raffles 
School, Singapore. Club : Macao. 
Address: No. 3, Travessa da Paiva, 

BENNIE, Alfred Hsrbert (HONG- 
KONG), J.P.; Merchant; 6. NOT. 17. 
1857. Educ. : Hamilton Grammar 
School, and Upper Canada College, 
Toronto ; confidential clerk to 
Hon. John Norquay, premier and 
province treasurer, Manitoba, 1885 
to 1889; delegate to England and 
New York to negotiate a loan for 
Manitoba, 1887 ; correspondence 
clerk, Public Works Department, 
Hongkong, 1890; acting assistant 
Harbourmaster and acting Su- 
perintendent, Water Police, 1892 ; 
acting Sanitary Superintendent, 
and Secretary, Sanitary Board, 



Hongkong, 1893 ; retired from 
Civil Service, Hongkong. Publica- 
tions : Twenty yej,rs in Hongkong. 
Club: Hongkong. Address: "The 
Firs," Hongkong, and " Crawfov- 
din," Brockville, Canada. 

BENNIE, James Stuart Macready 
( S I x G A P o R K ), F.C.I.S., A. I.E., 
F.R.S.S. ; Chartered Secretary and 
Accountant ; b. 1875. Educ. : Pri- 
vately and Hyde's Commercial Col- 
lege, Edgbaston ; King Edward 
Vlth's School, Camp Hill, Birming- 
ham. From 1892 to 1901 assistant 
Accountant at Metropolitan Bank 
of England and Wales, Ltd., at Bir- 
mingham ; resigned to proceed to 
Singapore ; 1901 to 1904, assistant to 
<r. A. Derrick, Accountant, Singa- 
pore ; acted for time as Secretary 
to Kadana Gold Mines ; Belat Tin 
Co., Ltd. ; Raub Australian Gold 
Mines ; Sipiau Tin Co. ; Bersaw at 
<4old Mines ; Liquidated Malay 
States Salt Company ; Sudu Serem. 
ban, Ltd.; resigned in 1904; Oct., 
1904, appointed assistant Secretary 
to Tanjong Pagar Dock Company, 
Ltd. ; appointed Secretary to Com- 
pany to assist in preparing case 
for arbitration, prepared revised 
and amended accounts for the Ac- 
countants, Price, Watei-house and 
Co., London; acted throughout the 
Arbitration held in Singapore, Oct. 
16 to 27, 1905 ; appointed Secretary 
to Tanjong Pagar Dock Board 
<new Government authority) Jan., 
1906. Clubs : Tanglin, Singapore, 
Camp Hill ; Old Edwardians, 
Birmingham. Recreations : Rugby 
football, cricket, tennis, and 
\walking ; Captain of " B " team 

at School and afterwards played in 
Midland Counties trial matches ; 
did 100 yards in 10 4/5 at School ; 
present day sport, pig, crocodile 
and wild bird shooting. Hobby: 
Entomology. Address : Raeburn 
Estate, Singapore, Straits Settle- 
ments ; c/o James Reiinie and Co., 
Metal Exchange Building*, Bir- 
mingham, England. 

RENNIE, Dr. Thomas (Foocnow), 
M.D., M.B., C.M.; Medical Practi- 
tioner; b. July 28, 1850, *. of late 
James Rennie, Western Fintray, 
Aberdeenshire ; m. 1833, Helen, d. 
of Rev. W. Ogilvie, Fintvay, Aber- 
deenshire. Educ. : Gymnasium, Old 
Aberdeen and Aberdeen University; 
took M.B. and C.M. degrees with 
highest honours, 1872. Commenced 
practice at Strathpeffer, Scotland.; 
in 1873, appointed Medical Officer, 
H.B.M. Consulate, I.M. Customs 
and lion. M.O., Native Hospital, 
Tahow, Formosa; in 1879, appointed 
Medical Officer, H.B.M. Consulate 
and I.M. Customs and Hon. 
Medical Officer, Native Hospital, 
Foochow ; medical examiner for 
several insurance companies ; mem- 
ber of B.M. Association, Royal In- 
stitute of Public Health, Medical 
Graduates College, London. Publi- 
cations : Contributions to I.M. 
Customs Gazette, B.M. Journal, 
and Foochow Native Hospital 
Reports. A ddress: Foochow, China. 

RIARIO, Count De Bondy- (see : DE 


RICHARDSON, Edward Robert 

( SEREMBAN ), Federated Malay 
States Civil Service; b. Nov. 22, 




1873. Contract Surveyor, Victoria, 
Australia, 1902 ; District Surveyor, 
Negri Sembilan, since 1908. Ad- 
dress: Seremban, Negri Sembilan, 
Federated Malay States. 

RICHARDSON, Thomas William 

. (SWATOW), Merchant; b. Edinburgh, 
Nov., 1834 ; m. Aug., 1861, Ellen M. 
Porter, of Salem, Mass. Edu<.\: 
Scottish Naval and Military Ac- 
, ademy; Edinburgh University. Ar- 
rived in Hongkong, April, 1855, and 
went same year to Canton ; in 1856, 
was sent to Takow, For.nosa ; in 
1857, joined firm of 'fait and Co., of 
Amoy ; in 1860, commenced business 
at Swatow in conjunction with C. W. 
Bradley, under the style of Bradley 
and Co., and has since been con- 
nected with that port. A (/(/<<--.>: 
Swatow, China; Richardson's, Billi- 
ter Square Buildings, London, E.C.; 
27, Roland Gardens, London, S.W. 

RIDDEL, Rev. William (\V\KI>GH>, 
M.A., Aberdeen, 1874, M.B., C.M., 

1881, M.T). 1860 I. March r v 1853: 
>it. to Frances Spark. Nov. 27. 188-'. 
Ed(: : Public Scliool, Leochel- 
Cnshaie ; Grammar School, Old 
Aberdeen, and University. Since 
completion of education has been 
in the service of English Presbyte- 
rian Church as Missionary to the 
Hakka Chinese in Chaochow and 
Hweichow, and at present is in 
charge of the Mission Hospital at 
Wukingfu, about sixty miles in- 
land from Swatow. Publication . 
Map of the neighbourhood of 
Swatow. Addrc** : K.P. Mission, 
Swatow, China. 

RIDGE. William Sheldon <SH VMJIIAI >. 

B.A., F.G.S., F.R.G.S.; School 
master ; b. Jan. 10, 1875 ; m, Mar> 
Louisa, e.'l. of J. Craven, of Selby, 
Y o r k s h i r e. Ednc. : 
Grove ; University of Leeds. First 
Head Master, Chinese Public 
Scliool ; Hon. Librarian and Mem- 
ber of Council, N.C.B.R.A.S. ; hou. 
assistant Secretary, International 
Red Cross Society, Shanghai, 
1'ublications : Magazine Articles 
on Geography, Geology, and An- 
t hropology . Address: Chinese 
Public School, Shanghai, China.. 

R IDLER. Rev. Herbert Buller (Foo- 
CHO\v), Minister and Missionary 
b. 1872. Ed tit: : Modern School, 
Woking; C.M. Society's College, 
London, N. Is associated with the^ 
C.M. Society. Addre** ; Foochow, 

RIDLEY, Henry Nicholas (Six.M- 
1>ORK), M.A., F.L.S., F.K.U.S., 
F.S.A. ; Director of Gardens ; />- 
Dec. 10, 1855. Edtn: : llaileybury. 
Kxeter College, Oxford. Held Bur- 
dett-Coutts Geological Scholarship, 
Oxford ; entered British Museum. 
Botanical Department ; Expedition 
to Fernando de Norouha. Brazil, 
for Royal Society, 1886; been me- 
Director of Gardens and Forests, 
Straits Settlements, 1888; lion. 
Secretary, Straits branch, Royal 
Asiatic Society; visited Christina > 
and Cocos Islands as cominissioner 
for Straits (iovernmeul, !S9i, made 
collecting expeditions to various- 
parts of Malay Peninsula, Sumatra. 
Borneo, .lava, and Christinas Island,. 
1904 ; corresponding Member Phar- 
maceutical Society and Zoological 
Society; Member of Society for 1'hy- 



sehieal Research ; Corresponding 
Member, Ethnological Society of 
Moscow. Address: Botanic Gar- 
dens, Singapore, Straits Settle- 

RIDOUX, Capt. C. X. (SAIGON), Com- 
mamlaut de valsseau "Gueydon". 
Ib'.i'.mttwHs: Officer de la Legion 
.rilonneiir. Address: Saigon, 

Estate Agent ; Manager of the 
China Land and Finance Co. ; b. 
Sept. 21, 1875. Educ. : Calday 
Grange Grammar School, West 
Kirby, Chesliire. Club : Shanghai. 
Address : 59, Bubbling Well Road, 
Shanghai, China. 

RIGBY, Rev. Arch Edward (NAGA- 
SAKI), A.B., Minister and Teacher ; 
b. June 7, 1871 ; m. Aug. 25, 1897. 
Educ.: Cornell College, Mount Ver- 
uon, Iowa ; Principal of High 
School, Manchester, Iowa, 1896-99 ; 
in Chinzei College, Nagasaki, 
Japan, since 1900. Address: 12r., 
Higashiyama, Nagasaki, Japan. 

M.B., F.R.C.S. Edin. ; Royal Army 
Medical Corps, Straits Settlements, 
Assistant Municipal Health Officer; 
b. Nov. 2, 18G2. Educ. ; Edinburgh. 
Captain, Royal Army Medical 
Corps, Feb., 1887 ; Major, Feb., 
1899 ; war service : West Africa, 

1898 ; operations Sierra, Leone, 1898 

1899 ; South African War, 1900-02. 
Decoration* : Queen's and King's 
medals. Publications: Papers in 
Medical Journals. Address : Tanglin 
Barracks, Singapore, Straits Settle- 

ROACH, Cornelius Edward (SHANG- 
HAI), B.A. ; Paper Manufacturer ; 
b. Feb. 8, 1867 ; m. Alice Marie, </. 
of J. G. Hamlyn. Educ.: Univer- 
sity of New York. Formerly con- 
nected with Paper Mills in America; 
Managing Director of the Shanghai 
Pulp and Paper Works. Clubs: 
Shanghai. Address. : 187, Bubbling 
Well Road, Shanghai, China. 

ROBERTS, James H. ( K A L <; A \ , 
Clergyman, b. 1861. Educ. : Yale 
College ; Yale Divinity School. 
Publications: "A Flight for Lifo 
and an Inside View of Mongolia." 
Address: Kalgan, Chihli, North 
China; 12 Will-mi St., Hartford, 
Conn, U.S.A. 

of Buttertield and Swire ; was for a 
period in establishment at Hong- 
kong. Club: Shanghai. Address: 
French Bund, Shanghai, China. 

ROBERTSON, Dr. Thomas Murray 

(S I N G A P R E), M.D. ; Doctor of 
Medicine ; &. Sept. 14, 1860. Educ. : 
George Watson's College, Edin- 
burgh ; Edinburgh U n i v e r s i t y. 
Municipal Commissioner for Singa- 
pore ; Justice of Peace and Visitor 
at Lunatic Asylum. Clv.b : Singa- 
pore. Address: Balado, Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

i ROBINSON, Henry 0. (Ui.u SKLANGOK), 
Acting Executive Engineer ; b. 
March 18, 1873. Assistant Engineer, 
1 '.-lining Trunk Road, and at Klang, 
1896-1897 ; assistant Engineer, 
Public Works Department, Kuala 
Lumpur, 1898 ; acting District En- 
gineer, Ulu Selangor and Kuala 
Selangor, 1899; Executive Engineer, 



1901 ; assistant Engineer, Selangor, 
1903 ; acting Executive Engineer, 
Ulu, Selangor. Address : Ulu 
SeUngor, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

ROBINSON, Charles Surtees (KI.NTA), 
Acting Deputy Chairman and Sec- 
retary, Sanitary Board ; b. Sept. 27, 
1873. Settlement Officer, KiUn, 
1900 ; Secretary to Sanitary Board, 
Kinta, Sept., 1900; 2nd assistant 
Secretary to Resident of Perak, 
and acting Deputy Chairman and 
Secretary, Sanitary Board, Kinta, 
1905. Address : Kiuta, Perak, 
Federated Malay States. 

ROBSON, John Henry Matthews 
(KUALA LUMPUR), Investment 
Agent ; I. May 8, 1870. Edttc. : 
Christ College, Finch ley, and pri- 
vately. On a Ceylon tea estate, 
1889; Selangor Government Service, 
1889-96, during which time was in 
charge of Rawang Sub-district, 
Klang district, and Ulu Lingat 
district (Collector and Magistrate), 
and subsequently acting Collector 
of Land Revenue and Registrar of 
Titles ; edited the " Malay Mail," 
1896-1904, and is now Managing 
Director of " Malay Mail " Press 
Co., Ltd. ; carries on business as 
investment agent ; Hon. Secretary 
of Kualci Lumpur Town Club ; 
unofficial European Member of 
Kuala Lumpur Sanitary Board. 
Publications : Selangor Laws, 1896; 
" People in a Native State." Ad- 
dress: Kuala Lumpur, Federated 
Malay States. 

BOCKHILL, William Woodville (PE- 
KING), Minister of the United 

States to China; b. April 1, 1851; 
7/1. Edith Howell Perkins. Eihic. : 
at Paris, France. Appointed 2nd 
Secretary of Legation, Peking, 
April 9, 1884 : Secretary of Lega- 
tion, Peking, July 1, 1835; Charge^ 
d' Affaires, Corea, Dee.. 1886, to 
April, 1887 ; with two scientific 
missions to China, Mongolia and 
Tibat undjr auspices of Smith- 
sonian Institution ; received Vic- 
tori i gold med il, Royal Geographi- 
cal Society, 1893 ; Chief Clerk, 
Department of State, Washington, 
April, 1893 ; 3rd Assistant Secretary 
of State, April, 1894; Assistant 
Secretary of State, Feb., 1896 ; 
Minister of the U.S. to Greece. 
Roumania and Servia, July, 1897 ; 
Director of International Bureau 
of American Republics, Washing- 
ton, May, 1899; Special Commis- 
sioner of U.S. to China, July 20, 
19JO; Plenipotentiary of U.S. for 
settlement of Baxer troubles, Feb., 
1901 ; signed Protocol, Sept. 7, 
1901 ; resumed duties at Washing- 
ton, Oct., 1901 ; Minister of U.S. to 
China since March, 1935. Publica- 
tions : Various oriental and geogra- 
phical works. Clubs: Metropolitan, 
Washington; Comos, Washington. 
Address: American Legation, Pek- 
ing, North China. 

RODGERS, Dr. Jamss B. ^MANILA), 
D.D., Clergyman ; b. 1866 ; . 1889. 
Educ. : Hamilton Colleg3 ; Auburn 
Theological Seminary. Appointed 
to Brazil by Presbyterian Board of 
Foreign Missions of U.S.A. in 1889 ; 
in 1899 appointed 1st ordained Pro- 
testant missionary to Philippine 
Islands. PtiMicah'oHS : A number of 




articles upon Brazil and the Philip- 
pines published in missionary and 
other publications. Address Box 
437, Manila, Philippine Islands. 

General for United States; arrived 
in Shanghai, 1905. Club : Shanghai. 
Address: 36, Whangpoo Bo ad, 
Shanghai, China. 

ROESE, Dr. George (HANKOW), Sur- 
geon ; b. March 22, 1872. Educ. : At 
Bremen, Kiel, Greifswald, Freiburg, 
and Leipzig, Germany. Voluntary 
assistant at Pathological Institute 
at Leipzig Univeuily, 1878 ; Assis- 
tant Surgeon, to State. Hospital of 
Bremen, 1898-1902 ; Surgeon at Han- 
kow, since 1903. Ad-drew : Hankow, 

ROGGE, Carl Heinrich (HONGKONG), 
Partner in firm of Lamke and 
Bogge, >!;'i)brokers ; b. Bremen, 
Germany, July 22, 1861. First came 
to China in 1883, with Melchers and 
Co. ; remained with that firm until 
1889, when joined with Mr. Lamke. 
Clubs: Hongkong and Germania. 
Address: Hongkong. 

ROMANO, Agostinho Guilherme 
(HONGKONG), Consul General for 
Portugal and Consul for Brazil; 
Merchant, head of J. J. Remedies 
and Co. ; f>. June 25, 1831, at Macao; 
m. Guilhermina, 3rd d. of late J. J. 
dos Remedios. Educ. : Royal Col- 
lege and Seminary of St. Joseph, 
Macao. Is a Privy Councillor of 
Portugal and'Gentleman of King of 
Portugal's Household ; Fellow of 
Geographical Society of Lisbon. 
Decorations: Knight Commander 
of Order of Lady Conception of 

Portugal ; Knight Commander of 
Orders Carlos III and Isabella 
Catholica of Spain ; Companion of 
Orders of Lady Conception and 
Jesus Christ of Poitu^al. Clubs: 
Catholic Union : Hongkong; Hong- 
kong Cricket ; Hongkong Jockey; 
Victoria Recreation. Address : 
"Duart," 15, Arbuthcof Eoad, 

ROSS, Rev. Jchn ( MUKDEN), D.D. ; 
Clergyman, United Free Cl urch of 
Scotland ; b. 1842. Educ. : Glasgow 
University; Theological Hall, Edin- 
burgh. Arrived in Manchiuiaasa 
Missionary in 1872 : went to Muk- 
den in 1875 ; from Mukden travelled 
in all directions instituting a large 
number of congregations between 
Mukden and the Sungari ; during 
this peiiod occurred the Japanese 
invasion of Manchuiia duiingwar 
with China, the Boxer uprising and 
Russo - Japanese war, when the 
Christian missions suffered very 
severely. Publications : " History 
of Corea " ; " History of the Man- 
chus " ; Mandarin Primer ; Corean 
Primer, and several works in 
Chinese. Address : Mukden, via 
Newchwaug, Manchuria. 

ROSS, 0. B. (SINGAPORE), B.A.- Magi- 
strate. Educ. : Owen's College, 
Manchester, Cadet, Straits Settle- 
ments, Oct., 1897 ; acting 3rd Magi- 
strate, Penan g, Jan.-Nov., 1900 ; 
and from Feb., 1901 ; passed final 
examination in Chinese, Jan., 1901 ; 
4th Magistrate, Singapore, Jan., 
1902 ; acting District Officer, Pe- 
nang, Sept., 1902; passed Cadet, 
Feb. 11, 1901 ; 4th Magistrate, Singa- 
pore, Jan. 1, 1902 ; acting 2nd as- 



WHO'S WHO is THE FAR EAST (JrxEj 1000-7. 

sistant, Protector of Chinese, Pe- 
nang, 1903 ; Magistrate, Singapore, 
since 19J5. Club: Singapore. Add*-**: 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

ROSS, Stewart Buckle Carne Uio.\<,- 
KONG), B.A., Vic. ; passed cadet ; 
>/. Jan. 18, 1875. Attached to 
Federated Malay States Civil 
Service in 1899; transferred to 
Hongkong, J901 ; Registrar of Land 
Court, New Territory, 1902 ; acting 
Postmaster General, 1903; acting 
assistant Colonial Secretary and 
Clerk of Councils, 1904. Club; 
Hongkong. Address: Coloui il Sec- 
retary's Office, Hongkong. 

Envoy Extraordinary and Minister 
Plenipotentiary for Austria-Hun- 
gary. Address: Austria-Hungary 
Legation, Peking, China. 


ROWLAND, Dr. George Miller (SAP- 
POHO), A.M., D.D.; Missionary; b. 
Dec. 11, 1859; m. June 30, 1886. 
Educ. : Middleburg College ; Hart- 
ford Theological Seminary. Arrived 
in Japan in 1885 and commenced 
work as evangelistic missionary; 
has also incidentally done some 
educational work. Address: 
Sapporo, Japan. 

ROZA, Daniel da (MACAO), Consular 
Agent for France ; b. May, 1850 ; /. 
Feb., 1875. Educ. : Privately. Is 
associated with Herbert Dent and 
Co., Macao. Address : Macao. 

Merchant; b. Hongkong, May 16, 
1863. Educ. : Government Central 
School; won Morrison scholarship 

in 1882. Started business as land 
and commission agent ; founded 
Curreem and Co., subsequently 
changed to Rumjahn and Co. ; 
proprietor of H. Price and Co. : 
Member, Sanitary Board, 1903-5 : 
took an active part in getting 
amendments of the Public Health 
and Buildings Ordinance of 1933, 
when first introduced by the Go- 
vernment; prime mover in bringing 
about the introduction of the rider- 
main system when the Water 
Supply Ordinance of 1902 was 
introduce:! ; raada a J. P. in 1903. 
Address : 2, Pedder St., Hongkong. 

i RUSSELL, Wilmot Peregrine Mait^ 
land (CHUNGKING), B.A.; H.B.M. 
Acting Consul ; b. June 6, 187,4. 
Kditc. : Rugby School; Exeter Coll., 
Oxford. Appointed a Student In- 
terpreter in China, March 1, 1898 ; 
was at Peking during siege of 
Legations 1900 ; acting Consul at 
Wuhu, 1903 ; acting Consul, at Han- 
kow, 1903 ; acting Consul at Chung- 
king, since Nov. ll, 1904. De- 
coration: China Medal and clasp 
for the Defence of the Legations. 
Peking, 1900. Club: New Univer- 
sity, St. James, London, S.W. 
Addi-en* : H.B.M. Consulate Gen- 
oral, Shanghai, China. 


B.A.; General Secretary, Y.M.C.A.; 
b. 1876. Midshipman, U.S. Navy, 
1893-5; 1st Lieutenant, U.S. Vol- 
unteers, Spanish - American War, 
1898-9 ; B.A., Ohio Wesleyan Uni- 
versity, 1931; Intercollegiate Sec- 
retary, Y.M.C.A., of Philadelphia, 
1901-3. Address : Y.M.C.A., Alex- 
andra Buildings, Hongkong. 



SA, or SAH, Admiral (see: $\. CHEN- 

Commander-in-Chief, Peiyang ami 
Nanyang Squadrons ; b. ^larch 21, 
1849; native of Fukien. P.rigade 
General, Nan -Ao- Chen, Kwaug- 
tung, 1902; Admiral commanding 
the Peiyang Squadron, 1903; com- 
manding the Kwangtung naval 
forces (flagship " Haiehi"), 1906. 
Afi'.irvsg: Admiralty, Shang- 
hai, China. 

flAIONJI, Marqtuis Kinmochi(ToKvoi 

G.Q.M.a.; Prime Minister of Japan; 
b. Oct., 1849. Educ. : in Paris, 1870- 
80. During war at time of Restor- 
ation was appointed to Imperial 
Advisory Council ^ Commander-in- 
Chief of Army for subjugation of 
Sanin, 1868 ; after defeat of rebels 
resigned and established School at 
Kyoto ; studied in France between 
1870 and 1880 ; upon return estab- 
lished Toyo Jiyu Shimbun (Oriental 
Liberal Journal) and attacked Clan 
System of Government then 
prevailing ; visited Kurope with 
Marquis I to, 1 882 ; appointed 
Minister to Austria, 1885 ; Minister 
to Berlin, 1887 ; President of Board 
of Decorations ; and Minister of 
Education, 1894-1896 ; latt-r l'iv- 

si, lent of Privy Council ; became 
leader of "S'iyukwai," 1903; Prime 
Minister,- Jan p 19.K5 ; cr. G.G.M.G., 
May, 1903. Address .-Tokyo, Japan. 

SAITO, Vice-Admiral Mlnoru (TOK- 
YO), G.C.B. ; Minister of Navy ; b. 
Oct., 1853. Sub-Lieut,, 1882; Com- 
mander at time of Chino-Japanese 
War ; appointed naval Aide - de- 
j Camp to His Majesty the Emperor ; 
promoted Vice Commander of 
cruiser "Izumi"; appointed to 
Naval Staff Board; Vice-Minister 
of Navy, 1898 ; Rear- Admiral, 1900 ; 
Vice- Admiral, 1904 ; appointed to 
present post, 1906 ; G.C.B. confer- 
red May, 1906. Address : Tokyo, 

I SAKATANI, Yoshiro (TOKYO), LL.D. ; 
Minister of Finance ; 6. Jan., 1860. 
Educ. : Tokyo University. Entered 
Department of Finance, 1887 ; ap- 
pointed Vice-Minister, 1901 ; Minis- 
ter, 1906. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

SAKUMA, Viscount General Samada 
(TAH'EH), Governor-General of For- 
mosa ; b. Dec., 1844, at Choshu. 
Took part in Civil War of Restora- 
tion ; commissioned as Lieut., 
1872; Major-General, 1881; Lieut. - 
General, and Commander of the 
2nd Division (Sendai), 1886 ; order- 
ed to front in Chino - Japanese 




War ; was afterwards appointed 
Military Commander of Districts of 
Occupation ; was promoted full 
General, 1898. and appointed Com- 
mander-in-Ohief of Tokyo Garri- 
son; Governor-General of Formosa, 
1906; created Viscount, 1895. Ad- 
dress : Taipeli, Formosa. 

SALAEELLE, Pierre rtaphane (VIEN- 
TIANE), Resident; Administrator, 
2nd eliss : b. June 20, 1857. Joined 
ludo-China Civil, Service, Oct. 6, 
1886 ; Administrator, 2nd class, Jan. 
1, 19u2. Address : Vientiane, Pro- 
vince of Vientiane, Laos, Indo- 

SA-LIEN (MUKDEN), Vice-President, 
Boaid of Ceremonies; native of 
Manchuria; metropolitan graduate, 
1880. Chief Supervisor of Instruc- 
tion, Jan., 1896; Vice-Pres., Board 
of Ceremonies, Sept., 1898 ; do., 
Board of War, Mukden. Jan.. 1899 ; 
Vice-Pres., Board of Revenue, do., 
Ojt., 1901 ; Vice-Pres., Board of 
Ceremonies, Dec., 1904. 

Merchant ; b. July 17, 1853. Arrived 
China (Canton) June, 1881 ; pro- 
ceeded thence to Shanghai, April, 
1902; Hongkong, Oct., 1904, since 
which time in charge Reiss and 
Co.'s buMiiess. Clubs: Hongkong; 
Thatched House, Loud. Address.: 

SANKEY, Lieutenant-Colonel Albert 
Robert (SINGAPORE), Officer Com- 
manding Royal Engineers ; b. Dec. 
19, 1857. Lieutenant, Royal En- 
gineers, June 19, 1877; Hon. Captain, 
Nov., 188*3 ; Captain, April, 1888 ; 
Major, Oct., 1895; Lieut.-Colonel, 

July, 1903 ; Volunteer Adjutant, 
189M893 ; now Commanding Royal 
Engineers, Straits Settlements, 
Address: Pulo Bra in i. Singapore-, 
Straits Settlement*. 

SARAWAK, Ra'ah of (see BROOKE. H. 

S\SSA, T^mofusa (TOKYO*, M.P. , 
Leader of the Tmperi il Party ; l>. 
Jan.. 1854, in K u m a m o t o - k e n . 
Joined rebels in Civil War, 1877, and 
was imprisoned for several years 
on suppression of rebellion ; has 
sat in. Lower House since first 
session. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

SATCHELL, Thomas (Y o K o H A M A), 
Editor, " Japan Daily Herald " ; b. 
1867. Educ. : Privately. Afterhol- 
ding various positions on London 
and provincial journals arrived in 
Japan in 1899, to take up Sub-Editor- 
ship, " Japan (Kobe) Chronicle " ; 
in 1902 obtained similar position on 
" Japan Herald" ; six months later 
was appointed Editor and has since 
held that position. A ddress : 
"Herald" Office, Yokohama, Japan. 

SATO, Susumu (HIROSHIMA), Doctor 
of Medicine ; b. Nov., 1845. Educ. : 
In Germany. Was Chief Surgeon 
of Hiroshima Military Hospital 
during Chino-Japanese War; under- 
took operation on Li Hung-chang 
when late Chinese statesman was 
shot by a fanatic at Shimon oseki ; 
supervised Hiroshima Military 
Hospital dining War with Russia. 
Address: Hiroshima, Japan. 

B.A. ; Official Assignee. Ed^' 
Merchant Tavlors and St. John's* 



College, Oxford. Cadet, Straits 
Settlements, 1891 ; passed final ex- 
amination in Chinese, F^b., 1895; 
acting 3rd Magistrate, Singapore, 
May, 189f> ; after filling various 
other positions was appointed 
Municipal Commissioner, Singa- 
pore, Sept., 190C; assistant Pro- 
tector of Chinese, Penang, but con- 
tinued to act as Offici il Assignee, 
Singapore, May, 1904. Club : Singa- 
pore. Address: Singapore Straits 

SAUNDERS, Rev. J. Roscoe (YIXG- 
TAK), Missionary to the Hakkas; 
b. July 18, 1873 ; m. Nov. 8, 1901. 
JEduc. : Commercial Academy and 
Louisville Baptist Theological Se- 
minary ; Superintendent of Preston 
St. Mission, Louisville, and 8th and 
Clay St. Mission, Waco, Texas; 
missionary at Paris, Texas, and 
surrounding country ; thence ap- 
pointed missionary to work among 
the Hakkas in South China : in 
three years has baptised 350 of 
these people ; has made several 
extensive tours into the interior, 
on one occasion being robbed by 
bandits. Publications: A Tract on 
the Hakka Field ; many newspaper 
articles. Address: Yingtak, via 
Canton, China. 

retary, Union Insurance Society 
of Canton, Ltd. Resident in Colony 
over 19 years. Club : Hongkong. 
Address : 1 Queen's Buildings, 

SAUSMAREZ, Sir Havilland Walter 

dc (SHANGHAI;, Judge of H.B.M.'s 
Supreme Court for China and 

Corea ; b. May 30, 1861, 2nd x. of 
Rev. Havilland de Sausmarez ; m. 
1st, Dora Beatrice (d. 1893), 2nd 
d. of Lite Major-General Gother 
Mann, C.B. ; 2nd, 1893, Annie 
Elizabeth, y. d. Rev. F. W. Mann. 
Educ. : Westminster- Trinity 
College, Cambridge ; 9th Senior 
Optime, 1883. Called to Bar at 
Inner To-mple, 1884 ; after being in 
private practflfe in Lagos, As- 
sistant Judge -in H.M.'s Consular 
Court for Zanzibar, 1892-1897 ; 
Assistant Judge, Ottoman 
Dominions, 1897-1903 : Judge, Supre- 
me Court, 1903-1905; present post, 
since 1905. Clubs: Oxford and 
Cambridge ; Savile. Address: 
Supreme Court, Shanghai, China. 

SAVORY, Captain Herbert W, 
(H O N G K O N G), R.N. ; Captain of 
H.M. first class cruiser "Diadem." 
Promoted to present rank, June 30, 
1901 ; appointed to command, 1906. 
Clv-b : Hongkong. Address : H.M.S, 
" Diadem," Hongkong. 

chant ; b. Feb. 15, 1836. Educ. : 
Royal Gymnasium, Brieg ; Com- 
mercial Academy, Gera, Germany. 
Started commercial career in 
London, 1884; arrived in China, 
1888, started business on own ac- 
count in 1895 ; in 189G introduced 
modern milling into China by 
the formation of the China Flour 
Mill Co., Ltd., which Company 
built and worked the first flour 
mill plant; General Manager and 
Director of the C.F.M. Co., Ltd. 
Clubs: Concordia ; Race. Address : 
Walter Scharff &. Co,, Shanghai, 



SCHILLER, Rev. Karl Emil (KYOTO), 
Pastor and Missionary ; b. Oct. 16, 
1895, at Husum, Schles\vig,Germany ; 
m. April, 1898. Educ. : Bonn and 
Berlin Universities, Germany. Was 
fr several years pastor at Siegburg 
and Terbelenburg, (Termany, and 
teacher at Middle School of latter 
city ; came out to Japan as Mis- 
sionary of General Evangelical 
Protestant Missionary Society of 
Berlin, 1S95 ; worked the years in 
Tokyo before coining to Kyoto. 
Publications: Numerous pamph- 
lets and contributions to religious 
press of Germany and Japan, Ad- 
dress : 10, Shogoin cho, Kyoto, 

SCHOLES, Rev. Ernest F. P. (CIIK.V 
CHOW), Wesleyan Missionary ; b. 
July 28, 1868 : in. Janet Jameson, of 
Birmingham. Educ. : Leeds Gram- 
mar School. Handsworth College, 
Birmingham. Arrived in China, 
1895 ; station'ed at Lung-ping ; Han- 
kow and Kuangchi ; in England, 
19D4-05; returned to China, 1906. 
Address : Chen-chow, II u n a M, 

Councillor of Legation ; Acting 
German Consul General ; b. 1868, at 
Goerlitz, Silesia. Educ. : Berlin 
University. German Vice -Consul 
at New York, 1898-1900 ; Foreign 
Office, Berlin, 1900-04 ; Consul at 
Hankow since 1904. Clubs: Han- 
kow ; Shanghai ; Coneordia. Shang- 
hai. Decoration: Royal Prussian 
Order of Red Eagle, 4th class. 
Address : German C o n s u 1 a t o 
General, Shanghai, China. 

prietor and Editor "Eastern 
World"; />. Oct. 18, 1846; ??. in 
Tokyo, 1887. L'duc. ; Koenigsberg, 
Prussia; Burg C jllege. Chief 
Officer, British mercantile marine 
up to 1873; Government service, 
Berlin, to 1878 ; Government .service, 
Koenigsberg to 1880; sub-editor, 
"Japan Uerald," 1S81-84 ; wholesale 
bookseller, Tokyo, 1885-92; in Sept., 
1899, established " Eastern World." 
weekly paper and printing office, of 
which is still editor and .sole pro- 
prietor. Publications i Commen- 
taries on Japanese books and 
numerous pamphlets on .social, 
financial, and economic matters in 
Japan ; notes on Commercial Codes 
of Japan. Address: No. 73 r>, 
Yokohama, Japan. 

ISCHULE, OttD (PEXANG), American 
Consular Agent ; b. 1871 . Director, 
Katz Brothers, Ltd. Address: 
Katz Brothers, Ltd., Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

SCOTT, Rt. Rev. Charles Perry 
(PEKIN)> !>.!> : Bishop of North 
China ; b. 1847 ; *. of Rev. J. Scott, 
Hull; m. 1889, Frances (d. 1900), 
<7. of late Captain Montagu Bar- 
rows, M.A., Chichele Professor of 
Modern History, Oxford. Educ. : 
Charterhouse and Jesus Colleges, 
Cambridge (B.A.). Ordained, 1870 ; 
Missionary at Cliefoo, 1874-80; Con- 
secrated Bishop, 1S8X AiWr.'t* : 
Peking, China. 

| SCOTT, Rev. F. N. (KAGOSHIMA), A.B., 
B.D.; Missionary ; b. June 20, 1870 ; 
JH. Pec. 7, 1899, Annie McClellan. 
Educ.: llamliue University. St. 



Paul, Minn.; Drew Theol. Seminary, 
Madison, N.J. Served as pastor of 
Methodist Episcopal Ch. in Minn. : 
arrived in Japan, Dec. 14, 1900 : 
presiding-elder, South Kyushu Dis- 
trict. Address: Kagoshima, .Japan. 

SCOTT, George D. ( S M A x <; u A i ) . 
Renter's Agent ; arrived in the East 
in 1881. Club: Shanghai. Addres* : 
4, The Bund, Shanghai, China. 

SCOTT, Henry George (BANGKOK), 
A.R.S.M., F.G.S. ; Mining En- 
gineer; b, Nov. 7, 187."i. Editc. : 
Bradfield College, Berks; Royal 
School Mines, London. Joined 
Dept. of Mines, Siani, 1897 ; acting 
Director, 1898 ; Director, since 1899. 
Club*: local. Addi'e**: Bangkok. 

SCOTT, J. Gray (HOXKOXJ), A.M.]. 
K.E. ; General Manager and Chief 
Engineer, Hongkong Electric Tram- 
ways ; b. 1874. Served ail Engineer- 
ing apprenticeship, during which 
period gained highest honours for 
three successive years at Glasgow 
Technical College under Professor 
.Jamieson in evening classes ; then 
qualified for Central Station work ; 
First position of importance, that 
of Engineer in charge of Power 
Station Bradford Corporation for 
the supply of lighting and tramways 
in that city. Subsequently held 
appointments of Chief Electrical 
Engineer to the Corporations of 
Whitehavun, Leitli and Croydon, all 
gained in competition ; last men- 
tioned relinquished when present 
appointment was obtained in Hong- 
kong. Club: Hongkong. Addrexa : 
Tramway Co.. Hongkong. 

SCOTT, Rev. J. H. (OSAKA), B.D., 
B.A. ; Missionary; b. July 31, 
1852 ; m. June 28, 1882, to Carrie R. 
Vaughan. Educ. : Michigan Uni- 
versity ; Baptist Theol. Seminary, 
Chicago. Was Supt. of City School* 
in Waiisen and Perrysburg, Ohio, 
for three years after leaving Uni- 
versity ; after completing Seminary 
course held two pastorates in 
States of Iowa and Washington 
respectively ; came to Japan as 
Missionary in 1892. Addrcs*: 14 v, 
Kawaguchi-mnchi, Osakn, Japan. 

SCOTT, Walter Dare (Run), District 
Officer; b. July 10, 1870. Clii-f 
Clerk, Ulu Selangor, 1891; assistant 
District Oih'cer and acting assis- 
tant Magistrate, Kuila Lumpur, 
1893-1834 ; assistant Government 
Secretary and acting District 
Officer, Kuala Selangor, 1896 ; after 
acting in various Ccipacities was 
appointed District Officer, Raub r 
Pa hang, 1906. Add res* : Raub. 
Paluxng, Federated Malay States. 

SCOTT, W. Murray (; >. 
Manager of Taikoo Sugar Refining 
Co. Club : Hongkong. Ad<lr<'x.< : 
(Quarry Bay, Hongkong. 

SCRANTON, Dr. William Bentan 
(SKOUL), B. A., M.D. ; Medical 
Missionary ; b. May 29, 1856. Ed tic. : 
Yale University ; Columbia Univer- 
sity. Arrived in Corea, May 3, 1883, 
and established a hospital ; practis- 
ed medicine until 1892; since then 
(with an intermission of H years) 
has been Superintendent of Corea 
Mission of Methodist Episcopal 
Church. Address : Seoul, Corea. 

SCRIVENOR, John Brooke (Ki u.\ 




LUMPUR), Federal Geologist; b. 
Dec. 7, 187d. Geologist of H.M. 
Geological Surveys, Great Britain, 
1901 ; appointed Federal Geologist, 
1903. Address : Kuala Lumpur, 
Selangor, Federated Malay States. 

JSEARLE, Rev. Gustavus (HONGKONG), 
M.A. ; Chaplain to Forces. Educ. : 
Pembroke College, Cambridge. 
Deacon, 1893 ; Curate of St. Luke, 
Cheltenham, 1893-5; St. Colomb. 
Minor, Cornwall, 1896; Feltham, 
Middlesex, 1897-1900; Bude-Haven, 
Cornwall, 1900-1; Chaplain, field 
force, South Africa, 1902 ; chaplain 
of 4th class, from 1933; Woolwich, 
1904; Hongkong, from 1904. Ad- 
dress: Hongkong. 

SEITZ, Carl Ludwig (SHANGHAI), 
Merchant; 6. Oct. 19, 1879. Educ. : 
at Shanghai. Served apprenticeship 
with H. Sylva and Co., share and 
ship brokers ; joined Snethlage and 
Co., 1897 ; became Managing 
^Partner, 1905 ; Managing Director, 
-China Import and Export Lumber 
Co., Ltd., 1905. Clubs: Shanghai; 
Concordia, Shanghai. Address : 
2, Yinkee Road, Shanghai, China. 

SELANGOR, Sultan of (tee: SULIE- 


M.T.X.A.; Manager, Tanjong Pagar 
Docks ; ft. O ;t. 22, 1861 ; m. Maggie, 
d. of W. Ritchie, of Buxburn and 
Balcairn. Educ. : Aberdeen Public 
School and Gordon's College. Ar- 
rived in Singipore, 1886; acting 
Manager, New Harbour Dock, 1891; 
Manager, Prye River Dock, Penang, 
1894-95 , Manager, N. H. Docks, 
1895-93; Manager, Tanjong Pagar 

Dock Co., Ltd., 1<JJJ, to date of 
expropriation by .Government. De- 
corations: Comm imler of the Dra- 
gon (Aniiam), receive 1 decoration 
for services rendered to transports 
when stranded near Singapore. 
Address: Bukit Cherinin, Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 

SELLS, H. C. (MALACCA), B.A., Oxon. ; 
Head of M day College. Cadet, 
Straits Settlements, Oct., 1897; 
acting Private Secretary to Go- 
vernor, Nov., 1893, to Nov., 1899; 
acting 4th Magistrate, Singapore, 
Jan., 1900; passed final examination 
in Malay, April, 1900 ; acting Dis- 
trict Officer, Province Wellesley, 
May, 1901; Superintendent of 
Money Order Branch and Govern- 
ment Saving B ink, Siugxpore, 
May, 190<2 ; Head of Malay College. 
Malacca, July, 1904. Address: 
Malacca, Straits Settlements. 

SENGE, Baron Toka^omi (TOKYO). 
Governor of Tokyo-f u ; Member of 
House of Peers; b. Aug., 1845. 
Member of an ancient family who 
hereditarily acted as Grand Custo- 
dian to Great Shrine of Izumo ; 
appointed Director of Ordinary 
Education Bureau, 1892 ; Governor 
of Saitama, 1894 ; of Shizuoka, 1897 ; 
has occupied present post since 
1898 ; created Baron, 1884. Address : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

SETH, ArathDon (HONGKONG), I.S.O.; 
Civil Service ; &. 1852. Called to the 
Bar, Lincoln's Inn, June, 1893 ; 
Hindustani Interpreter, Mxgi- 
stracy, Hongkong, Feb., 1868, to 
Dec., 1869 (in the service of the 
I*, it O. Co., in the interim); re. 




entered Magistracy as 3rd Clerk, 
Sept., 1872 ; 2nd Clerk, Sept., 1873 ; 
1st Clerk, Feb., 1875 ; Clerk of 
Councils, and Chief Clerk, Colonial 
Secty's Office, Feb., 1881 ; Valuer 
under the "Rating Ordinance, 1875," 
June 25, 1881, to March 19, 1883; 
J.P., Jan., 1882 ; Superintendent of 
the Opium Revenue, Aug., 1883, to 
Feb., 1885 ; ditto, Imports and Ex- 
ports, June to Oct., 1887 ; Secretary 
to Board under "Taipingshan Re- 
sumption Ordinance," 1894 - 1895, 
<received thanks of Government), 
Secretary to Insanitary Properties 
Commission, July, 1896; acting 
Deputy Land Officer, Nov., 1894, to 
Jan., 1895 ; ditto, March, 1895, to 
Nov., 1893; Deputy Registrar and Ap- 
praiser, Supreme Court, and Com- 
missioner for Oaths, March, 1895 ; 
Commissioner for taking Acknow- 
ledgments of Married Women, Oct., 
1893 ; Secretary, Squatter's Board , 
Official Receiver in Bankruptcy, 
March, 1895, to Nov., 1896 ; acting 
assistant Registrar-General, July, 
to Sept., 1897 ; acting Registrar, 
.Supreme Court; acting Land Officer; 
acting Registrar of Companies ; 
Official Administrator, and Official 
Trustee, Dec. 15, 1888, to Jan. 26, 
1900 ; Member of Board of Ex- 
aminers, 1902 ; Registrar of Supreme 
Court, Oct., 1903 ; Companion of 
the Imperial Service Order, June, 
1905. Club: Hongkong. Address: 
"Norman Cottage," Peak Road, 

SETH, G. G. (SINGAPORE), B.A.; 3rd 
Magistrate. Educ. : Calcutta. 
Cadet, Straits Settlements, Nov., 
1901; ag. Sheriff, Singapore, Jan., 

1903; passed final examination, in 
Malay, Jan., 1903 ; 3rd Magistrate, 
Singapore. Club: Singapore. Ad- 
dress : Singapore, Straits Settle- 

SEWELL, C. A. Seymour (BANGKOK), 
B.A.; Siamese Educational Service. 
Educ. : St. Catherine's College, 
Cambridge. .4 dd re ss : King's Col- 
lege, Bangkok, Siam. 

SEYMOUR, John Nicholson, (KANA- 
ZAWA), B.A., M.B. ; E iucationalist; 

b. 1858 ; ;//. Tsuru, d. of Nagai 
Yo.suke, of Yokohama. Educ. : 
Dublin University. Surgeon, R.N., 
1833-83; resigned 1836; Instructor 
in English and Latin, Higher 
Normal School, Tokyo, 1886-91 ; 
Higher School, Sandai, 1896-1903; 
Kanazawa, since 1904. Decoration : 
5th class, Rising Sun, Japan. 
Publication* : Several works for 
use of Japanese students in study 
of English. Club : Tokyo. Address: 
Kanazawa, Kaga, Japan. 

SEYMOUR, Dr. Walter Frederick 

(TENGCHOWFU), B.S., M.D.; Doctor 
of Medicine : b. Oct. 11, 1862 ; m. 
1894. Educ. : University, Wisconsin, 
U.S.A. First Sec., Intercollegiate 
Y.M.C.A., Chicago, 111., U.S.A. 
Physician in charge of Presbyterian 
Hospital Tengchowfu ; since 1893 , 
in Tengchow during bombardment 
of that city, Feb., 1895. Address: 
Tengchowfu, Shantung, China. 

SHAM, His Highness Sir Idris 
Mersid-el- Aazam (PERAK), 
G.C.M.G ; *. of Rajah Bendahara. 
Installed Sultan of Perah, April 5, 
1889. Address: Perak. Federated 
Malay States. 



SHAN-Cfl'I(PKKLNG), Commandant at 
Summer Palace ; native of Man- 
churia. Prince Su (eight princely 
families) : Deputy Lieut. -General, 
Bordered Bed Manner Corps. Jan., 
1897 ; Supt. of Customs and Octroi 
of Peking, Dec., 1900 ; General 
Commanding, Peking Gendarmerie, 
May, 1902 ; Capt.-General, Bordered 
Blue Manchu BaTiner Corps, July. 
190;"; Comptroller General Mon- 
golian Superintendeney, Nov., 190."> ; 
Comma mlt.. Eight Banner Corp- 
stationed at the Summer Palace 
and also of the Rifle Corps of the 
Imperial Guards, Feb., 1906. 


Chinese B a n n e r m a n ; metrop. 
graduate. Grain Taotai, Shantung, 
Nov., 1898 ; Judge, Shantung, Dec., 
190(1 ; Treasurer, do., Jan., 1905 ; 
delegated to go abroad to inves- 
tigate foreign constitutional go- 
vernment, Nov., 1905, and was one 
of those at bomb outrage at Puking 
when attempt was made to murder 
the d e p a r t i n g Commissioners ; 
esi-aped uninjured ; degree of LL.D. 
conferred by Cambridge University. 
May, IVMC,. 

SHAO-CH'ANG <lKKixi). 
Board of Punishments; native of 
Manchuria ; metrop. graduate. Ap- 
pointed Sec., Board of Foreign 
Affairs, Dec.. 19(11, Sub-Chancellor, 
Grand Secretariat, Oct., 1905; sen. 
Yice-Presdt.. Board of Punish- 
ments, Feb., 1906. 

SHARP, Ernest Hamilton ( Ho.\<;- 
KU\<;), K.C., M.A., B.C.L.; Banis- 
ter-at-law. Kduc. : Lincoln Col- 
lege, Oxfonl. Called to tlie Bn 

at the Inner Temple, 1891 ; Mill- 
land Circuit : King's Counsel, 190t! 
acted as Attorney - General of 
Hongkong, 1904-190f. Club* : New 
Oxford and Cambridge ; Ilong- 
kong. Addr<.'*!> : The Peak, Hong- 

SHARP, Rev. Arthur Frederick 

(KfCluxr.), M.A. ; Missionary ; t>. 
Oct. 30, 1806, nt Holloway, 4th *. of 
William Sharp and Maria Louisa 
Perkins Chanmey ; ,t. 1893, Viva 
Bertha, . </. of Captain Augustus 
Tabutjau, R.N. Edn.c. : Queen 
Elizabeth Grammar School ; St. 
Mary Magdalene ( Paddington 
Choir College ; Queen's College, 
Oxford ; Matriculated, Queen's Col- 
lege. Oxford, ' 188S ; B.A., 1891; 
M.A., 1896; Deacon, 1891: Priest, 
139-2 ; assistant Curate, Chard. 
Som. ; Madiera, Teneriffe. 1S1H- 
1892; Singapore, 1892-1 S97 ; Hong- 
kong and Japan, 1807; Yiear and' 
Missionary in charge of Kiu-hing ; 
Surrogate ; Diocesan Registrar, 
since 1S!7; Archdeacon of Sarawak, 
since 1900. Jiri-ivatioa* : Rowing, 
tennis, cricket. Clnb: Sarawak. 
Knelling. Add iv** : Tlie Vicarage. 
Knelling, Sarawak, North Borneo. 

SHAW, Harry Redf earn (K i u.v LIM- 
IT u\ F.R.G.S. ; Superintendent of 
Revenue Surveys; l>. May -". 18;. 
Boundary Division Surveyor, Great 
Britain, 1880; Mining Surveyor. 
Per.ik, 189:.) ; Disti iet S u r v e y o r . 
Perak. 1S9:8 ; Superintendent of 
Revenue Surveyor, Sel.ingor, ln'i', 
Add re** : Kuala Lumpur, Sel.ingor r 
Federated Malay States. 

SHEFFIELD. Rev. Develloz .Ti N, 

WHO'S WHO ix THE FAR EAST (tot:) 1JKX5-7. 


mow), D.D.; Missionary of Ameri- 
can Board ; b. Aug. 13, 1841 ; in. 
1869. Educ. : Auburn Theol. Semin- 
ary. Enlisted as volunteer in 
Northern Army in American Civil 
War, 1861, and served two years; 
Principal of High Sch. Castile, N.Y ; 
studied theology at Auburn Theol. 
Seminary ; joined North China 
Mission of A.B., C.F.M. ; at present 
Presdt., North China Union College 
of Liberal Arts. Publications: 
Works iu Chinese on Universal 
History; Church History; Theology; 
Ethics and Political Economy. 
Address: Tengchow, near Peking, 
North China, 

SHELFORD. Hon. William Heard 
(SINGAPORE), Merchant; partner of 
Paterson, Simons and Co. ; b. 
Dec. 1, 1868 ; in. Jan. 27, 1904, Maud 
Kthel, d. of C. Movley, of Co. 
Waterford. Educ.: Clifton College. 
Chairman, Chamber of Commerce, 
190506; Member, Tanjong Pagar 
Dock Board; acting M.L.C., 1905; 
appointed unofficial member of the 
L.C. March, 1906. Clubs: Singa- 
pore; Sports, London. Address: 
Broadfields, Singapore, Straits Set- 

SHELLIM, E. (HOXGKON(J), Merchant ; 
Manager, David Sassoon and Co., 
Ltd. : Director of Hongkong and 
Shanghai Bank ; resident in Colony 
several years. Club: Hongkong. 
Address : Peak Road, Hongkong. 

Vice-President, Board of Punish- 
ments ; native of Chekiang ; inetrop. 
graduate. T'ung-Wung Tao, Chihli, 
June, 1900; Judge, Shansi, Sept., 

1900 ; Director, Banqueting Court, 
Aug., 1901 ; jun. Vice-President, 
Board of Punishments, Nov., 1901 ; 
senior, do., Feb., 1902. 

Director, Imperial Bank of China ; 
native of Kiangsu. Taotai, Chefoo, 
July, 1886; Director of Chinese 
Telegraph Administration ; has 
supreme control of China Mer- 
chants' Steam Navigation Co. ; 
Customs Taotai, Tientsin, June, 
1892; apptd. Minister of 4th rank 
and Administrator-General of the 
Lu-Han and Southern Railways, 
Oct., 1896; sub-Director, Court of 
Sacrificial Worship, Nov., 1896 ; do., 
Grand Court of Revision, Dec., 
1897 ; Vice-Director, Imperial Clan 
Court, June, 1901 ; jun. Guardian of 
Heir Apparent, Dec., 1. 1; sen. 
Vice-President, Board of Works, 
Feb., 1902 ; sen. Comm. for Treaty 
Revision, 1902 ; Director, Imperial 
Bank of China, 1905; granted 
privilege riding on horseback within 
" Forbidden Vermillion City," 1905. 

SHEPPARD, Dr. Walter Sidney 


B. Ch., Cantab ; Surgeon, Colonial 
Sarvice ; 6. Feb. 27, 1871 ; m. Edith, 
d. Lionel Hearsey, g. d. Sir Richard 
Hearsey. Educ. : Christ's College, 
Cambridge ; Charing Cross Hosp. 
Held posts of House Physician 
and Res. Obstetric Physician, 
Charing Cross Hosp., 1895-96; ap- 
pointed Civil Surgeon in charge of 
H.M. troops N.E. District, England, 
1897-98 ; special plague Medical 
Office India, 1898-99; Colonial 
Surgeon, Straits Settlements, since 
1900 ; sent on special service to 



Sultanate of Brunei, Aug., 1904. 
Club: Singapore. Add seat ; IJut- 
terworth, Province W e 1 1 e s 1 e.y, 
Straits SjttlenuMits. 

SHEWAN, Robert Gordon < Hoxw- 
KONO), Merchant ; .senior p.irtner 
in the firm Shewau, Tomes and 
Co.; b. 1880. Arrived in Hongkong 
.in .1881 ; was connected with the 
now defunct tirin of Russell and 
Co., then one of the largest mer- 
cantile firms in East ; subsequently 
took over the business of the firm 
o-nd founded the existing establish- 
ment of Shewan, Tomes and Co.; 
was elected a member of the Legis- 
lative Council in the interests of 
the. Chamber of Commerce in 1902 
and sat until April, 1906, when 
resigned in order to go abroad ; is a 
director in several local companies. 
Clubs: Hongkong; Jockey, and 
most sporting clubs. Address: St. 
George's Building, the Pray a, 

SHIBATA, Kamon a'oioo), Chief 
Secretary of Cabinet ; b. 1851, at 
Kanazawa. Educ. : Tokyo Univ. 
Appointed Councillor of llome 
Office, 1886: Secretary of Cabinet, 
1889; Director of Local A dm. 
Bureau, Home Office, 1895; trans- 
ferred to present post,- 19*33. Ad- 
dress : Tokyo, Japan. 

SHIH-H3U (PKKIMO), Grand Secretary; 
native of Manchuria. Director of 
Imperial Armoury, March, 1895 ; 
Comptroller of the Household, July, 
1890; Sub-Chancellor, Grand Secre- 
tariat, Nov., 1899 ; junior Vice- 
Preadt. Board of Works, Feb., 1900 ; 

Feb., 1901 ; l*resdt., Board of Cere- 
monies, March, 1901; Lieut.-General, 
I Ma in Red Banner Corps, spring. 
1901 ; Presdt., Board of Civil Office. 
Oct., 1903; Yice-Comm., Peking 
Octroi, Sept., 1904; Asst. Grand 
Secretary, Nov., 1904; Grand S*--.. 
July, 1905. 

SHIH-TO (fee : Ll, PlUNCK). 

'sHIMADA, Saburo (TOKYO), M.P.; 
Kditor and proprietor of "Maini- 
chi " ; b. in Tokyo, Oct., 1852. W,i* 
connected with a daily journal 
published in Tokyo, 1874 ; for some 
years was in Japanese Govern- 
ment service ; has sat in Lower 
House since 1st session ; was for- 
merly Vice-Pres. of House. J'ub- 
tications : " How Japan was 
opened to Foreign Intercourse.'' 
etc. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

SHIMAMURA, Rear-Admiral Hayao 
(TOKYO), Commander-in-chief of 
Training Squadron ; &. Sept., 1858, 
at Tosa. Was a staff Lieutenant 
in Chino-Japanese War ; promoted 
to a command on its termination : 
attached to Italian Legation, 189G ; 
Commander of " Suma " and saw 
.service during Boxer trouble ; on 
outbreak of war with Russia was 
chosen by Admiral Togo as his 
chief of staff, with rank of Rear- 
Admiral ; in Battle of Tsushima 
commanded detatchment of arm- 
oured cruisers ; visited Australia in 
command of training squadron, 
1906. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

SHIMOSE, Masucliika (TOKYO), Prof, 
of Applied Chemistry ; 6.. Dec. 1C, 
1859 ; m. Katsuchiyo Numi. Educ. : 
Imperial College of Engineering-, 



Tokyo. Was associated with Im- 
perial Printing Department, 1884-87 
and greatly improved methods of 
manufacturing printing ink and 
pigments ; transferred to Naval 
Arsenal, 1887, where remained as 
Superintendent of Ammunition 
Department *ntil 1990 ; meanwhile 
completed researches in connection 
with explosives, and his compound 
was adopted in June, 1893, by Ja- 
panese Navy which gave it name 
ishimose Powder ; for his services 
was granted a decoration and sum 
of money ; travelled through 
Europe and America, 1898 ; receiv- 
ed the title of " Kogakuhakushi " 
from Minister of Education, 1899 ; 
Shimose Powder Factory was 
established at Takinogawa near 
Oji, and was appointed Superinten- 
dent, 1899 ; has been granted gold 
medal by Kogakukai (Engineering 
Soc.) for his invention ; frequently 
appointed Commissioner for Do- 
mestic Exhibitions. Decorations : 
4th Order Rising Sun. Address : 
110, Ilakusan-Gotenmachi, Koishi- 
kawa, Tokyo. 

SHOEMAKER, Rev. Jonathan Evans 
( Y u - Y I A O ), M. A. ; Missionary 
and Minister ; b. Aug. 23, 1868, at 
Lawrence Co., Pennsylvania, 
U.S.A ; m. July 11, 1894, Pearl Con- 
dit. Educ. : Parson's Coll., Iowa ; 
McCormick Theol. Seminary, 
Chicago. Ordained 1893; came to 
China, 1894 ; member of Board of 
Union Presb. Theol. Seminary, 
Nanking. Address: Yu-yiao, via 
Ningpo, China. 

SHORROCK, Arthur Gostick (HSIAN- 
FU), B.A. ; Missionary ; b. 1861 ; m. 

1900. Educ.: London Univ.; Re- 
gent's Park Coll. Arrived in China, 
1887 ; first stationed at Taiyuan-fu; 
remeved to Shensi, 1890 ; at present 
in charge of important educational 
work in Hsian-fu. Address : Hsian- 
fu, Shensi, China. 

SHORTT, Rev. Charles Harper (TOK- 
YO), M. A.; Minister and Missionary ; 
b. 1858. Educ.: Trinity Coll. Toronto. 
Incumbent of Woodbridge, Ontario, 
1886; Rector of St. Cyprian's Church, 
Toronto, 1891; Vicar of St. Thomas's 
Church, Toronto, 1897 ; Missionary 
in the Nippon Sei Kokwei, since 
1900. Address : 4, Ichome, Kobinata 
Daimachi, Koishikawa, Tokyo, 

SHOU-YIN, Tartar General (CANTON), 
Imperial Clansman. Director, Im- 
perial Stud Court, July, 1888; Sub- 
Chancellor, Grand Secretariat, 
Nov., 1892; Vice-President, Board 
of War, June, 1893 ; Vice-President, 
Board of Civil Office, Oct., 1893; 
Lieut. - General, Peking Gendar- 
merie, March, 1894 ; Vice-President, 
Board of War, Mukden, Sept., 1894; 
Lieut.-Governor, Jehol, Oct., 1895 ; 
Tartar General, Canton, 1905-6 ; 
granted privilege riding on horse- 
back within precincts of the " For- 
bidden Vermillion City," 1905. 


Collector of Customs, Philippine 
Islands. Educ. : High Schools; 
Columbia University, Washington, 
D.O. Clubs: Army and Navy, 
Manila ; Tiro de Pichon, Manila. 



WHO'S WHO is THE FA 14 EAST (.JUXE) 3006-7. 

Address : Manila, Philippine 

SIAM, King of (BANGKOK), Chulalong- 
korn (Somdetch Phra Paramindr 
Malm), b. Sept. 21, 1853 ; e. s. of the 
late King, Maha Mongkut, and of 
<Jueen Bainphiiy (Krora Somdetch 
Pratape Sirindr); succeeded to 
throne on death of his father, Oct. 
1, 1868. Residence : The Palace, 
Bangkok, Siam. 

SIAM, Crown Prince of (we : CHOWFA 

Oriental Telephone and Electric 
Co. Address: Hill St., Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

SIEBS. N. A. (HONGKONG), Merchant ; 
partner in Siemssen and Co. Re- 
sident in East over 45 years. Club: 
Germania ; Hongkong. Address : 
Peak Road, Hongkong. 

r, Gustav Theodor (Foo- 
CHOW), Consul for Germany ; b. 
March 23, 1857. Educ.: at Ham- 

1 burg. Went to London to study tea 
trade, 1879-81; arrived in China 

' (Foochow) as tea-taster for Siems- 
sen and Co., 1881 ; took over Foo- 
eliow branch of that firm, 18S7 ; took 
Werner Krohn as partner; 
(Siemssen and Krohn), 1895 ; is now- 
sole proprietor ; appointed German 
Consul, 1894. Decorations : Red 
Eagle, 4th class ; 1st class, 3rd 
degree, Order of Dragon (China). 
Clubs : Foochow ; Thatched House, 
London. A ddress : Foochow, 

Manager; local branch, Pacific Mail 

s.s. Co. ; b. March 12, 1807. K<lv. . 
America. Joined Occidental and 
Oriental s.s. Co., Oct. 19, 1875; 
assumed agency, Pacific Mail s.s. 
Co., Occidental and Oriental s.s. 
Co., Toyo Kisen Kaisha, May 2-1, 
1905; assumed general agency, Port- 
land and Asiatic s.s. Co., 1905. 
Address: Pacific Mail s.s. Co.. 

SIMONIN, Lieut-Colonel Ernest J.T. 

(HANOI), Commandant 5e Regiment 
de Tirailleurs Tonkinois. 7>r, ..,- 
tion : Chevalier de la Legion 
1 d'Honneur. Address : Hanoi, Ton- 
kin, Imlo-China. 

SIMSON. Lieut-Commander Geoffrey 
B. Spicer- (SHANGHAI),. R.N.; in 
command of H.M. river gunboat 
"Widgeon." Lieutenant, Sept. :jo, 
1898 ; appointed to command, March 
12, 1905. Club : Shanghai. A dd-** 
H.M.S. ' Widgeon," S h a n g h a i . 

SINGAPORE, Bishop of t*': HOSK. 

SKINNER, Charles James (SAN DA- 
KAN), Acting Judicial Commis- 
sioner ; b. Dec. 20, 1854; n>. Kditli 
Wilhelmina Velge. Edue.: Chatham 
House School, Ramsgate ; Univei- 
_sity College, Bath; studied at 
Walter Wren's Co.iching Estab. for 
Indian Civil Service; Cadet Civil 
Service, Straits Settlements, 187tf ; 
held posts as Collector of Land. 
Revenue, Police Magistrate, Su- 
perintendent of Education, Deputy 
Commissioner of Lands and in 
Secretariat in that service ; acting 
Chief Magistrate, Singapore, 1888;. 
re.Mgned, Sept., 1889 ; was lent twice- 



^1377-78 ;uil 1882-83), to British 
Resident, IVrak ; abridged the 
Straits Settlements Penal Code and 
translated it into Malay for use of 
native chiefs and headmen ; spent 
1889-99, in private ventures, in 
course of which acted as Editor of 
*' Pinang Gazette," 1890-92, and by 
turning that paper from tri-weekly 
into daily gave Penang its first 
<laily paper; in 1899, joined the 
service of Chartered Co. of British 
North Borneo and .served as Magi- 
strate and Treasurer, Labuan ; 
Magistrate in Charge and Deputy 
Governor, Labuan, 1901-03 ; acting 
Judicial Commissioner, British 
North Borneo since 1903. Club : 
Saudakan. Address : Sandakan, 
British North Borneo. 

SKOTT, H. ( HONGKONG ), Merchant ; 
Head of firm, Skott and Co. Club : 
Hongkong. Artdnss : 10, Des V<eux 
Road, Hongkong. 

perintendent, Eastern Extension 
Telegraph Company. Cltib : Hong- 
kong. Address : Connaught Koad, 

SLADE, Henry Adolphus Warre 
( HONGKONG ), Merchant; Senior, 
Oilman and Co. ; b. 1869. Chairman 
Hongkong and Shanghai Banking 
Corporation, 1905 ; interested in 
several other companies. Club : 
Hongkong. Addreas : Hongkong. 

SLADE, Marcus Warre (HONGKONG) 
Barrister-at-law ; b. 1865; m. 1901. 
/;.?/<.: Clifton College; New Col- 
lege, Oxford. Called to the Inner 
Temple, 1891 ; practised in London, 
1891 to 1896, and in Hongkong from 

1897. Clitbg : United University ; 
Hongkong ; Royal Hongkong 
Yacht. Addres* : Prince's Build- 
ings, Hongkong. 

SLOAN, Dr. R. J. (SHANGHAI), Medical 
Director of Equitable Life 
Assurance Co. ; arrived in Shanghai, 
1869. Address: 14, Szechuan Road, 
Shanghai, China. 

SLY, Henry Edward (( HUNGKI>), 

2nd Class Assistant, II.B.M. Con- 
sular Service. Appoined Student 
Interpreter in China, Feb. 1, 1897 ; 
acting Vice Consul at Canton, 1902 
to 1903 ; acting Consul at Wuchow, 
1903; acting Consul, Chunking, 
1904. Addretoi: H.B.M. Consulate, 
Chungking, China. 

Manager of Hongkong and Shang- 
hai Bank. Club: Shanghai. Ad- 
dress: 12, The Bund, Shanghai, 

SMITH, Colonel Abiel Leonard 

(MANILA), Colonel .and Assistant 
Commissary General, U.S. Army ; &- 
July 14, 1857. Kduc. : U.S. Military 
Academy, West Point. Graduated 
at the United States Military Ac- 
ademy in 1878 ; served with; 4th 
United States Cavalry in operations 
against hostile Indians for ten 
years ; after a year's visit to Europe 
was assigned to Administrative 
Staff in War Department, .and 
served on Staff of Governor General 
as Chief Commissary during the 
occupation of Porto Rico and Cuba 
at close of Spanish American War ; 
was present and participated in the 
transfer of Government of Cuba to 
United States' by Spaniards ; was 


brevetted for gallant conduct in 
campaign against Indians in Sonora, 
Mexico. Club: Army and Navy, 
Manila, Address: Chief Commis- 
sary, Philippine Division, U.S. 
Army, Manila, Philippine Islands. 

SMITH, Frank (SWATOW), Acting 
Commissioner, I.M.C. ; b. Nov. 6, 
1857, 2nd s. of late J. Mackrill 
Smith, one of earliest pioneers of 
China trade, latterly of Stodham 
Park, Hampshire ; m. April, 1887, 
Florence Annie Sentance. Ed-uc. : 
Private Schools in England ; joined 
I.M.C. service, June, 1876; Deputy 
Commissioner, May, 1898 ; acting- 
Commissioner, Oct., 1903. He- 
creations: General field sports. 
Cluls : Thatched House, London ; 
Country, Shanghai. Address: Swa- 
tow, China. 

SMITH, Horace Percy (HONGKONG), 
F. Inst. Ch. Arcts.; Accountant; 
b. April 28, 1862. Educ. : Wolver- 
hampton Grammar School. Articled 
to Lawley T. Smith a brother- 
later in partnership with him ; 
partner in firm of Allen Edwards 
and Smith, Birmingham and Wol ver- 
hampton, chartered accountants, 
from 1893-1904 ; arrived Hongkong, 
June, 1904 ; partner in firm, Percy 
Smith and Seth ; a distinguished 
Mason, Past Master and Founder 
of several Lodges and Chapters ; a 
member of the 30th deg. Publica- 
tions : Several pamphlets on Japan- 
ese Art,, etc. Clubs : Hongkong ; 
and Constitutional ; Authors ; the 
New Vagabond, Lond. Address: 
Craigieburn, The Peak, Hongkong. 

SMITH, J. Grant (HONGKONG), Mer- 

chant ; head of J. G. Smith and Co. 
Has been in the Colony over 42 
years and has served on juries the 
full period of 39 years. Aihlw* : 
Des Vceux Road, Hongkong. 

SMITH, J. R. M. (HONGKONG) Hanker. 
Manager of Hongkong and Shang- 
hai Banking Corporation, Ltd. 
Resided in the East over 25 years 
Club : Hongkong. Address : l r 
Queen's Road Central, Hongkong. 

I SMITH, John Langford (HAXGCHOW), 
Acting H.B.M. Consul. Appointed 
Student Interpreter in China, 
March 18, 1897 ; acting Consul- 
Gen era! at Tientsin, 1900 ; acting 
Consul, Hangchow, 1906. Decora- 
tions : China Medal with Relief of 
Peking Clasp, 1900. Jddi-m:H.P..M 
Consulate. Hangchow, China. 

SMITH, Hon. Thomas Sercombe 
(HONGKONG) B.A., LL.B. ; Acting 
Colonial Secretary ; b. Feb. 4, 1859. 
Entered the service as a cadet in 
1882, and passed in 1886. Held ap- 
pointments of acting Registrar Gen- 
eral and acting Police Magistrate ; 
was called to the bar at the Middle 
Temple in Nov., 1893; appointed 
acting Police Magistrate in 1895 r 
and acting Puisne Judge in 1896: 
acting Colonial Treasurer, 1897; 
acting Colonial Secretary in 1898 ; 
Police Magistrate from July, 1898 ; 
held positions of acting Puisne 
Judge, Acting Colonial Secretary, 
during 1899 and 1901 ; resumed duty 
as Police Magistrate in 1908, aud 
was appointed Puisne Judge iu 
1904, which position he held until 
1904 ; is at present Acting Colonial 

i Secretary. Rccreotiw*: Cricket; 


WHO'S WHO ix THE FAR EAST (JvxF.) 19CG-7. 


frequently played in Interpoit 
Mate-lies. Club: Hongkong. Ad- 
dress : Peak, Hongkong. 

SMITH, William Gecrge (TOKYO), 
Professor of English language ar.d 
Literature, Has been teaching 
English language anil literature in 
Tokyo, in the' Naval Medical 
College, in the Nobles' School, and 
in the School of Foreign Languages. 
Decoration: Order of the Sacral 
Treasure. Address; 2, Hiroo Cho, 
Azabu, Tokyo, Japan. 

SONE, Baron Arasuke (TOKYO), Privy 
Councillor; 6. atChoshu, Jan., 1849. 
Educ. : Fraiice, 1872-1877. Con- 
nected with Civil Seivice, 1881-1890 ; 
Chief Secretary of Lower House, 
1890 ; Vice-president, 1892 ; Minister 
at Paris, 1FGC-1897 ; Minister of 
Justice, U18; Minister of Agri- 
culture and Commerce, 1SP8-1900; 
Minister of Finance, July, 1908, to 
Jan., 1906 ; appointed Privy Coiui. 
cillor, April, 19C6. Address : Tokyo, 

SOLLY, William John (SHANGHAI), 
Postmaster ; b. Oct. 4, 1870. Joined 
Colonial Service, 1890 ; Senior 
Clerk, G.P.O., Hongkong, 1894; 
appointed P.M., Shanghai, June 9, 
1900. Speaks Cantonese. Club : 
Shanghai. Address: Shanghai. 

LL.M. ; Advocate and Solicitor ; b. 
June 14, 1871. Editc. ; Raffle's 
School, Singapore ; Downing Col- 
lege, Cambridge ; Guthrie Scholar, 
1883-1888, entered Middle Temple, 
London, in Hilary Teini, 1889, 
winner of 100 guineas Scholarship 

in Constitutional Law and Inter- 
national Law, June, 1389 ; winner 
of ICO guineas Studentship of tlx> 
Inns of Cc-uit, in Jurisprudence 
and Roman Law, June, 1890 ; 
entered Do wiling College, Cam- 
bridge, in Michaelmas Term, 1890, 
2ud Class Law Tripos, Parts 1 and 
2 ; called to the Bar, June 14, 
1898; graduated B.A., LL.B., 1893 ; 
M.A., LL.M., 1900. President 
Chinese ChriVAian Association 
since 1893: Hon Secretary, Straits 
Chinese Britis-h Association; since 
1900 ; one of the representatives of 
the No. 2 Co. (Chinese) Singapore 
Volunteer Infantiy in the Straits 
Coronation Contingent, 19C2. Pub- 
Hftttiont : Joint Editor, Straits 
Chinese Magazine, since Ib97. 
Club*: Chinese Volunteer, Singa- 
pore. Address : 0, Battery Road, 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

SOKODA, Baron Yatukata (TOKYO), 
Governor of Hokkaido, Member of 
House of Peers; &. Sept., 1860, at 
Satsuma. Held post of Inspector 
General of Police, Tokyo, twice : 
appointed Goveinor of Hokkaido, 
1899 ; created Baron, 1897. Address : 
Tokyo. Japan. 

SOCTHILL, Rev. William Edward 
(WENCHOAV), Missionary; b. Jan., 
1861 ; m. Dec., 1884, Lucy Farrar, 
rf. of Charles Farrar, of South- 
ouram. Educ. : Privately ; passed 
legal'prelimiuaiy, and. matriculated 
at London University, but did not 
go on to degree. Arrived in China, 
1882 ; was present during Wenchew 
.riot, 1884 ; head of Meth. Mission, 
Wencbow, which consibts of 8,CCO 
members and adherents; instituted 



WHO'S WHO is Tin; FAR EAST (Jus*:) 1906-7. 

and built Coll. for Chinese young 
men, which has now nearly 200 
pupils, also many elementary 
schools, the largest of which has 
over 800 pupils; built Dingley 
Hosp., and in 1906 built large Blyth 
Hosp., which contains 150 beds; 
was visiting Peking in 1898 at the 
time of the Empress-Dowager's 
f.nitp d'etat. Publications: Students' 
Pocket Dictionary; Wen chow 
Romanised System ; Wenchow New- 
Testament, etc., etc. A d d r c * * : 
Wenchow, China. 

SOPER, Rev. Julius (TOKYO), A.B., 
A.M., D.D. ; Dean of Aoyama 
Theol. Sch.; b. Feb. 15, 1845, at 
Poolesville, Maryland ; m. May 20, 
1873, Mary Frances Davison. Educ.: 
Georgetown Coll., D.C.;Drew 
Theoi. Seminary, N.J., U.S.A. 
Arrived in Japan in 1873, and pro- 
secuted evangelistic work in con- 
nection with Meth. Epis. Ch. until 
1895; closely identified with national 
temperance movement in Japan 
since 1890 ; from 1895 to the present 
time has been engaged in educa- 
tional work ; witnessed the great 
procession headed by the Emperor 
and Empress when the new Con- 
st itution of Japan was promulgated, 
Feb. 11, 18S9 ; present on the 
platform at Uibiya Park, Tokyo, 
when Admirals Togo and Kami- 
mura were publicly welcomed, 
autumn of 1905 ; twice ministerial 
delegate from Japan Annual Conf. 
to CJen. Conf., U.S.A., 1892 and 
1900; present at Ecumenical Miss. 
Conf. at New York, April, 1900; 
haa shaken hands with five Pre- 
sidents of U.S.A.: B u c h a n a n , 

Lincoln, Grant, Cleveland and 
McKinley. Publication a: Nume- 
rous translations of religions works 
into Japanese. Addrest: No. 4, 
Aoyama Gakuin, Aoyama, Tokyo, 

SOWERBY, Rev. Arthur (TAIVV KM i ), 
Missionary ; 6. Oct. 15, 1857; in. 
Louisa Clayton, d. of J. Clayton, 
of Maidenhead. Educ. : St. John's 
Wood, Collegiate Sch.; Regent* 
Park Coll., London. Missionary in 
Shansi, North China, since 1881 ; 
sole survivor of Eng. Bap. Miss., 
in Shansi, after the massacre of 
1900. Address : Taiyuenfu, Shansi, 

President of Industrial Bank; b. 
Aug., 1SG4, in Fuknoka-ken. 
Educ.: Tokyo Imp. Univ.; Cam- 
bridge, England. Was loug in Jap. 
Gov. Service ; appointed President 
of Formosan Bank, June, 1S99; 
appointed chairman of Organisa- 
tion Committee of Japan Industrial 
Bank and appointed its president 
when formally started, 1 90-2 ; took 
active part in work of monetary 
reform in Japan. Address : Tokyo, 

SPARHAM. Rev. Charles George 
(HANKOW), B.A.; Clergyman and 
Missionary; ft. Jan. 1, I860, at 
Brighton, Eng.; . Mary B. L., 
o. s. d. of Rev. Griffith John, D. D. 
Educ.: Cheshtint College, Herts ; 
University College, London ; Lon- 
don University. Appointed to Cent. 
China Miss, by London M. Soc., 
1884; travelled extensively in pro- 
vince of Uupeh, and estMbHslu-d 




mission centres in cities of Yiin 
Meng and Yeiig.shan, lS34-9:> ; 
Collaborated with Rev. (Griffith 
-John in pioneer work in Hunan, 
.and the establishment of misMon 
-centres at Uengehow, Siangtan and 
<'hangsha, 1897-1902; Superintended 
the districts of Hwang-pi, Hwang- 
an and Hwang-kang in Hiipeh, 
1897-190(5 (during this period over 
tU churches were established and 
about 2000 persons baptised) ; with 
jive others explored the higher 
valley of the Lii-shan range near 
Kiukiaug, the exploration resulting 
in the founding of the Killing 
Sanatorium, 1894 ; member of 
Kuliug Council, 1S99-1905 (Chair- 
man 1902-05) ; member of spec, com- 
mittee which secured extension of 
Kuliug Estate, 1904 ; Principal of 
London Mission Normal School, 
Hankow. Publications: "Chris- 
tianity ami the Religions of China," 
''Outline life of Christ," etc. .!/ 
dress: London Mission, Hankow, 

SPICER-SIMSON, Lieut-Commander 


(JKOI'KRF.V U. Sl'K KK-). 

SPOONER, Charles Edwin (Kiu.v 
LUMPUK), C.M.G., M.I.C.K. ; Gen- 
eral Manager, Federated Malay 
States Railways; b. Nov. 22, 1S.">;:. 
Connected with Survey and Public 
Works Department, Ceylon, 1875- 
1892; seconded as State Engineer, 
Solangor, 1891 ; appointed State 
Engineer, 1892 ; (General Manager 
of Federated Malay States Rail- 
ways, since 1901. Address: Kuala 
Lumpur, Selangor, Federated Malay 

SPROULE, Percy Julian (SIMJA- 
I'ORK), B.A., Cambridge; F.M.S. 
Civil Service. Barrister-at-law, 
Middle Temple ; cadet, Straits 
Settlements-, Nov., 1896 ; acting 
Deputy Registrar of Supreme Court, 
Penang, March, 1897 ; passed final 
examination in Malay, March, 1899; 
after filling various positions was 
appointed Deputy Public l*ro- 
secutor, Singapore, 1906. Club : 
Singapore. Address : Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

SQUIBBS, Dr. Walter (MJE>JUII), 
L.R.C.P., Edinburgh, L.R.C.S., 
Edinburgh, L.F.P. and S., Glasgow; 
Medical Missionary ; b. Oct. 19, 
1873 ; m. 11) il, Meriel Catherine, e. d. 
of Rev. CJowan (Ulmour, Arehclea- 
(ii of Rousseau, Ont., Canada, 
and fj. d. of Sir Nicholas Aylward, 
of Shankhill Castle, Co. Kilkenny. 
Educ. : Dr. Morgan's , Grammar 
School, Bridgwater ; London "Uui- 
versity, (Jold Medallist and Sen. 
Scholar in Anatomy, Edinburgh, 
School of Medicine, 1893 ; Pattison 
Bursar. Royal College of Surgeons, 
Edinburgh, 1894. Demonstrator, 
Edinburgh School of Medicine, 
1894 ; Prosector, Royal College of 
Surgeons, Edinburgh, 1894 ; joined 
Church Mission Society, 1890 ; 
ordained Deacon by Bishop of 
London, 1901; ordained Priest by 
Bishop of West China, 1903. Ad- 
dress : Church Mission Society 
Mienjuh, Chungking, China. 

I STANLEY, Rev. Charles A. (TIEN- 
TSIN), M.A., D.D. ; Clergyman and 
Missionary; b. June 24, 1835; m. 
Feb. 19, 1862. Educ.' : Marietta 




College, Marietta, Ohio, U.S.A. 
Arrived at Shanghai, Dec. 24, 1862 ; 
had charge of several station 
schools at various times but chiet 
work evangelistic ; has done much 
touring in country districts ; at 
Tientsin has been occupied in 
streets, chapel, and church work. 
Pitbl icat ions: A few tracts in Chi- 
nese ; " Terms for God and Spirit in 
Chinese." A ddress : Tientsin, 

ST. CLAIE, William Graeme (SINGA- 
PORE), Journalist; I. March 27, 
1844, a. of late John St. Clair, 
F.R.O.S., F.E.I.S. Educ.: Royal 
High School, Edinburgh ; Edin- 
burgh Institution; Ewart Institu- 
tion ; Edinburgh University. Head 
Master, Mouhnein Town School, 
Burmah, 1874 ; original member 
Moulmein V.R., 1877 ( shot for 
India, Kolapore Cup Team, at 
Wimbledon, 1885); Editor, Singa- 
pore "Free Press," since Feb., 
1867 ; personally interested in 
formation of Singapore V.A., 1887 ? 
ajid Straits Settlements Associa- 
tion, Singapore branch, 1889, 
Singapore Philharmonic Society 
1891, Hongkong-Singapore-Shang- 
hai Rifle matches (shot for Singa- 
pore team for 10 years, five as 
Captain) ; arranged Burmese me- 
lody," " Kayathan " (subsequently 
adopted by Imperial Government 
as Burmese National Anthem), 
during occupation of Upper Bur- 
mah, 1886, for which received 
thanks of India office; during 
Pahang disturbances, 1802, served 
from July 11 to Nov. 4, as acting 
assistant Commissioner, 1st Perak 

, Hikhs, with Pahang Expeditionary 
Force under Lieutenant-Colonel 
R. S. F. Walker, C.M.G. ; was in 
executive charge of Raub district 
and chief transport and com- 
missiariat officer to expedition ; 
also led expedition from Raub into 
almost unknown and difficult coun- 
try and captured large body of 
rebels ; received thanks of H.E. the 
Governor for services; at request 
of Government carried out organi- 
sation and equipment, Singapore 
V.R., 1901. Clubs : Singapore ; 
Sports, London. Address: "Clay 
more," Orchard Road, Singapore, 
.Straits Settlements. 

STEDMAN, Dr. Frederic Osmund 
(HONGKONG), M.D., B.S., London 
University, M.R.C.S., Eng., J.P. 
Hongkong; b. Dec. 31, 1862. Late 
House Surgeon, House Physician, 
and Surgeon Registrar, Charing 
Cross Hospital ; House Physician, 
National Hospital for Paralysis and 
Epilepsy, London ; clinical assis- 
tant, Moorefield's Eye Hospital. 
Club : Hongkong. Address : " For- 
mosa," Peak, Hongkong. 

i STEENBUCH, Rev. H. T. C. 

Priest; b. Nov. 7, 1876; in. 1900. 
Educ.: Copenhagen Univ. ; Dorches- 
ter Coll. (near Oxford) ; matricu- 
lated Copenhagen Univ., 1895, and 
obtained degrees in Philosophy and 
Hebrew ; passed theol. examination 
in London, 1900. Ordained Deacon 
by Bishop of Corea, 1900; Priest, 
1902 ; appointed Rector of Awaji 
Island, 1904. Clubs: Cosmopolitan 
Correspondence, No. 2573; Ksper- 
antist No. 105".o. Address : Sunioto, 
Awaji, Japan. 



STELLE, Eev. William B. (PEKI.MS), 
B.A., B.D.; 6. Feb. 28, 18CC; in. June 
10, 1908. Educ. : Colgate Univer- 
sity ; Yale University (Divinity 
School). Came to China, 1898. 
Address: Peking, China. 

STEPHENSON, Prof. Edward Stantey 
(TOKYO), Teacher of English ; 6. 
April 22, 1871. Educ. : King Williams 
Coll., Isle of Man ; Dulwich Coll., 
London, etc. Lecturer in English, 
Waseda University, Tokyo ; Lectur- 
er, Imp. Eug. Coll., Yokosuka, etc. 
Address : Dzushi, Kanagawa-keu, 

STEVENS, Frederick O. (KUALA LUM- 
PUR), B.A., Oxon, ; Civil Service. 
Educ.; Winchester and New Col- 
lege, Oxford. Cadet, Straits Settle- 
ments, Oct., 1902; Demarcation 
Officer, Singapore, June l. r >, 1903 ; 
Deputy Collector of Deeds, Singa- 
pore, Oct., 1903 ; passed final ex- 
amination in Malay, July, 1904 ; 2nd 
acting assist. Secretary to Resident, 
Federated Malay States. Address : 
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

STEVENSON, Lieut. - Commander 
Ernest (HONGKONG), R.N. ; in 
command of H.M. torpedo boat 
destroyer " Virago." Lieutenant, 
April 1, 1897; appointed to com- 
mand, Oct. 11, 1904. Club: Hong- 
kong. Address: H.M.S. "Virago," 

STEWART, Hon. Gershom (HONG- 
KONG), Exchange Broker; Member 
Legislative Council ; Chairman, 
China Association, and President 
St. Andrew's Society, 1905-1906 ; b. 

1858. Came out to Hongkong Hank, 
Jan., 1883 ; active in .sporting ami 
social matters ; opposed Hongkan? 
having a gold currency while China 
remained silver ; went into Kwangsi 
as Secretary to Famine Relief 
Fund, 1903; keenly interested in all 
matters, political and otherwise, 
pertaining to welfare of Colony ; 
strong advocate of establishment 
of railway from Kowloon to Can- 
ton, now in course of construction, 
Clubs: Hongkong; Conservative and 
Caledonian, Loud. Address: The 
Peak, Hongkong. 

Broker. Joined, Hongkong Bank 
in London, 1887 ; came to Far K;ist, 
1890; for two years stationed nl 
Shanghai ; was at Tientsin in ll2 ; 
served in North China for three 
years ; was at Peking during Chiuo- 
Japan war; went Home 1895, and 
returned to Hongkong in April. 
1896, remaining in sen-ice of Bank 
at Head Office until the spring of 
1900, when joined Mr. Gershom 
Stewart in firm of Stewart Brothers. 
Club: Hongkong. Address: The- 

STILWELL, E. A. (BAU), Resident. 
Sarawak Civil Service, Roads and 
Bridge Department, March, 1888 ; 
assistant Resident, Baran, Oct., 
1894; of Sadong, May, 1895; Resi- 
dent, 2nd class, Jan., 1897; Resident, 
Bau, 1905. Address: Ban, Sarawak, 
North Borneo. 

STOCKLEY, Captain Henry Hudson 
Fraser (SINGAPORE), Captain Royal 
Marine Light Infantry ; b. Oct. 80, 
1878. E<1vc. : Uaileybury College. 


2nd Lieut., R.M.L.I., Jan. 1, 1897; 
Lieut.. Jnn. l, 1898; Capt., Sept. 1, 
19-03; nerved in H.M.S. "Niobe" 
during South African War, 1899- 
1900; served in H.M.S. "Ophir" 
throughout the commission, taking 
T.R.H. the Duke and Duchess of 
Cornwall and York to the Colonies ; 
seconded as A.D.C. to H.E. the 
Governor of Straits Settlements, 
March 24, 1904. Decoration : South 
African Medal, Cape Colony clasp. 
Club: Sports, London. Address: 
Government House, Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

STOKOE, Edward Richmond (KUALA 
LUMPUR), A.M.I.C.B., F.Z.S.; State 
Engineer; b. July 20, 186!}, at Clifton, 
K n g 1 a n d. Educ. : Marlborough 
College ; King's College, London. 
Three years on City of Buenos 
Ayres Improvement Works ; two 
years on Manchester Ship Canal ; 
]6 years in Federated Malay States. 
Club : United Empire. Address : 
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Federat- 
ed Malay States. 

STRATTON, George Bernard (SINGA- 
PORE), Civil Service. Educ. : War- 
wick, and Durham University. 
Cadet, Straits Settlements, Nov., 
1899 ; passed final examination in 
Malay, Dec., 1900 ; acting 2nd As- 
sistant Colonial Secretary, April, 
1904. Club : Singapore. Address: 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

STRINGER, Charles Edward Wolfe 

(CiHENUMAi), H.B.M. Consul; b. 
April 8, 1866, at Hongkong; in. 
Sept. 27, 1898, Mabel, d. of Rev. 
II. Barber, M.D. Educ. : Weymouth 
Coll., Dorset. Appointed Student 

Interpreter in Siam, Feb. 10, iss<i; 
acting Vice -Consul, Chiengraai, 
Oct. 16, 1889, to April 27, 1894 ; 
promoted Vice-Consul, Bangkok, 
Jan. 1, 1896 ; acting Consul, Bang- 
kok for short periods in 1896, 1897, 
1898, 1899, 1900 and 1902 ; acted as 
Charge* d'Affaires, Bangkok, Dec. 
22, 1899, to July 3, 1900 ; called to 
Bar at Middle Temple, Jan. 29, 
1902 ; promoted Consul for Consular 
District of Chiengmai, Aug. 13, 1903. 
Clubs: Jun. Constitutional, London; 
British, Bangkok; Gymkhana, 
Chiengmai. A ddress : II.B.M. Con- 
sulate, Chiengmai, vai Moulmein, 

chant. Partner in tirrn, Siemssen 
and Co. Club: Germania ; Hong- 
kong. Address: 2 Pray a Central, 

SU, Prince (see : SIIAN-CH'I). 

Consul General ; b. 1866; in. Shuh 
Shi, of Province of Kangsu, China. 
Educ. : Chinese Academies. Is 
Prefect of Sub-Prefecture of Chihli. 
Decoration: Peacock Feather by 
Imp. Order. Address : Imperial 
Chinese Consulate General, Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 

SUFU, Kimihira (TOKYO), Gov. of 
Kanagawa-ken ; Member of House 
of Peers ; b. Dec., 1848, at Choshu. 
Appointed Secretary of Justice 
Dept., 1876; Chief Secretary of 
Cabinet, 1976 ; Councillor to Lega- 
tion, Italy, 1887 ; later tiov. of 
Ilyogo-ken; has been Member of 
House of Peers since 1800. Ad- 
dress : Tokyo, Japan. 




SUGDEN, Frederick Arthur (TAI- 
JMNG), F.M.S. Civil Service; b. Jan. 
20, 1862. Boundary Division Sur- 
veyor, Ordnance Survey Depart- 
ment, Great Britain, 1881; Field 
Examiner, 1891 ; Office Examiner, 
1896 ; Chief Draftsman, Perak, 1901 ; 
acting Office Assistant, Revenue 
Survey Department, 1902; Office 
Assistant, Revenue Survey Depart- 
ment, 1904. Address : T a i p i n g , 
Perak, Federated Malay States. 

SUGI, Viscount Magshichiro (TOKYO), 
Privy Councillor; b. Jan., 1835, iu 
(' h o s h u . Took active part in 
Restoration ; was Lord Steward of 
late Empress Dowager's Household ; 
later Treasurer of Imp. Household ; 
appointed to present position, 1897, 
created Viscount, 1887. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

SUGIMURA, Fukashi (TOKYO), Minis- 
ter at Rio Janeiro ; b. Feb., 1853, at 
Morioka. Appointed Clerk at Fu- 
san, 1879; Consul at Vancouver, 1889; 
Secretary of Legation at Seoul, 
189'") ; Commissioner of Formosan 
Governor General's Office, 1896 ; 
Director of Comm. Bureau, Foreign 
Office, 1898-1903 ; Minister Resident 
to Brazil, 1904. Address : Tokyo, 
Japan. (Died, May 20). 

SUGIMURA, Toraichi (TOKYO), Minis- 
ter at Mexico ; b. 1857, at Kana/a- 
wa. Associated with Justice De- 
partment, 1875 ; removed to Foreign 
Office, 1885 ; Secretary of Legation 
at Borne, 1887 ; removed to Paris, 
1891 ; St. Petersburg, 1892 ; Vienna, 
1894-1898, to St. Petersburg, 1898- 
1902; promoted to present post 
1902. Addivs* : Tokyo, Japan. 

SUGITA, Tei-ichi (TOKYO), President 
of the Lower House ; b. June, 18">l r 
in Fukui-ken. Has held a sent iu 
Lower House almost without a 
break since 1st session ; appointed 
Gov. of Hokkaido, 1898; elected 
Vice - President of Lower House 
1902-1903 ; President 1906 ; is a 
leader of " Seiyukai." Addrex* ; 
Tokyo, Japan. 

Highness Rajah ( 8 E i. A N o o n ), 
Sultan of Selangor. Succeeded his 
grand-father, late Abdul S.xmad, 
K.C.M.G, and came to throne, 
Feb., 1898; installed as Sultan, 
Nov. 5, 1903. Address : Kuala Lum- 
pur, Selangor, Federated Malay 

SUN CHA-NAI (PEKING), Member of 
Government Council ; native of 
Anhwei, metropolitan graduate, 
1859, optimus. Vice-Presdt., Board 
of Revenue, July, 1883; do., Board 
of War, March, 1887 ; do., Board of 
Civil Office, Feb., 1889 ; Presdt. of 
Censorate, Dec., 1890; do., Board 
of Works, Oct., - 1S92 ; Governor 
adjoint of Shunfien-fu, Oct., 1892 ; 
Presdt., Board of Ceremonies, 
Dec., 1896; do., Board of Civil 
Office, Aug., 1897; Asst. Grand 
Secretary, June, 1898 ; Principal of 
new Imperial University, July, 
1898; Presdt., Board of Ceremonies- 
Dec., 1900 ; Chancellor of Hanlin, 
Jan., 1901; Presdt., Board of Civil 
Office, June, 1901 ; Grand Secretary 
June, 1902 ; Supervisor, Board of 
Civil Office, Feb., 1902; member 
Government Council, Nov., 1903; 
Grand Sec., Wenquanko, Throne- 
hall, July, 198;-.. 



WHO'S WHO is THE FAR EAST (fet;,) 1900-7. 

.SUNDIUS, Ambrose John OVniu), 
EI.B.M. Consul. Appointed Strident 
Interpreter in Cliina, Feb. 16, 1886 ; 
acting Vice-Consul at Pagoda Is- 
land, 1891, and 1892 to 1893 ; acting 
Consul at Tainan, 1893 ; promoted 
1st Class Asst., Sept. 27, 1897 ; ag. 
Consul at Haugchow, 1896 to 1898; 
ng. Vice-Consul at Chemulpo, 
Corea, 1898 to 1899 ; ag. Consul at 
Chefoo, 1899 to 3900; promoted 
Consul at Yochow, 1900 ; transfeired 
to Nanking, 1901 ; Consul at Wuhu, 
1906. Address: H.B.M. Consulate, 
Wuhu, China. 

SUNG-KUEI, General Ulsi AN), native 
of Manchuria ; nietrop. graduate, 
1860. Imperial Resident, Tibet, 
1874 ; Vice-Presdt., Board of Civil 
Office, April, 1884 ; Supt. of Live 
Stock and House Duty, Feb., 1891; 
lredt., Board of Works, Oct., 1892; 
Lieut. -General, Bordered Red Ban- 
ner Corps, Aug., 1893 ; Presdt., 
Board of Punishments, Oct., 1893 ; 
do., Board of Works, Aug., 1897 : 
Tartar-General of Hsian, Feb., 1906. 

( JKHOL). Maiichu Presdt. 
Board of War; native of Man- 
churia. Grain Intendent, Shensi, 
Oct., 1890; Judge, Kiaugsi, May, 
1S96; Treasurer, Nanking, Oct., 
1896 ; Governor, Kiangsi, July, 1898; 
do., Kiangsu, Nov., 1900; do., Ho- 
uan, 1901; degraded and left post, 
April, 1901 ; actg. Military Go- 
vernor, Jehol, July, 1902 ; Military 
Governor, do., April, 1903; Manchu 
Presdt. Board of War, Dec., 1905. 

SUTEE, Hugo (HONGKONG), Manager 
Deutsch Asiatische Bank ; b. Sept. 
12, 1872. Represented bank in 
Berlin, 1982-96 ; India 1897-1901 ; 

arrived Hongkong, 19i)l. Club : 
Hongkong. Address : " Hather- 
leigh," Conduit Road, Hongkong. 

SUTTOR, John Bligh ( KOHK ), 
A.M.I.C.E. ; Commercial Repre- 
sentative in the Far East of the 
Govt. of New South Wales ; &., 
Bathurst (N.S.W.), Dec. 10, 1859. 
4th .. late Hon. John Bligh Suttor. 
whose family have always been 
closely identified with the develop- 
ment of N.S.W., and is looked- 
upon as one of the oldest pioneer 
families. Educ. ; Bathurst and 
Sydney. Was appointed to the 
Public Service of New South 
W:tles ou Dec. 15, 1879, and adopted 
profession of Surveying and En- 
gineering'; for many years served 
as Resident Engineer on the State 
Railways of New South Wales; one 
of the last works completed by Mr. 
Suttor was the duplication of the - 
Great Western Railway line over 
the Blue Mountains ; also conduc- 
ted large works for the improve- 
ment of grades "and curves on the 
State railways ; after serving for 
over 25 years on engineering work* 
was appointed by Government of 
New South Wales as Commercial 
Representative in the Far East with 
a view of extending N.S.W. 'Com- 
merce; was elected to thelnstitution 
of Civil Engineers, Lond., Dec. 3, 
1895 ; was recommended by Govern- 
ment of Japan in 1906 to be decor- 
ated with the Order of the Sacred 
Treasure of Japan, as a reward for 
his services in promotion of com- 
merce between Japan and Australia. 
Clubs : Hongkong : Manila ; Kobe. 
Address: Kobe, Japan. 


SUYEMATSU, Barcn Kencho (TOKYO), 
M.A., Cantab; Doctor of Literature ; 
Member of House of Peers ; b. Aug., 
1865, in Fukuoka-keu ; m. only d. 
of Marquis Ito. Educ. : Cambridge, 
England. Sat as M.P., 1890-1895; 
appointed Director of Legislative 
Bureau, 1892-1896; during Japan- 
China War was sent to Seoul on 
important diplomatic mission which 
procured for him patent of Barony ; 
appointed Minister of Communica- 
tions, 1898 ; Minister for Interior, 
1900-1901; on outbreak of resent war 
was sent to England on diplomatic 
mission. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 


Ministerial Professor ; b. 1854 ; m. 
1876, and 1889. Educ. : State Normal 
Sch., Wis., U.S.A. ; Principal, Loue 
Rock H.S., 1874; Principal, Rich- 
land Centre City Schools, 1877 ; 
Supt. of County Schools, 1882; 
Prof, of Science, Wayland Academy. 
1888 ; Pastor, First Baptist Church, 
La Crosse, Wis., 1890; Founder of 
Wayland Academy, Hangchow, 
1900. A d-d rcss: Hangchow, China. 

SWIFT, Pro Jolm Trumbull (TOK- 
YO), M.A. ; Prof, of English and 
Correspondent ; 6. 1861, at Colches- 
ter, Conn. ; m. 1889, Isabel Wallace, 
rf. ,of Geo. A. Newman, East 
Orange, N. J. Educ. : Yale Uni- 
versity. Since 1900, Prof, of English 
in Tokyo Higher Normal Sch., and 
Lecturer on English Language in 
Imp. University; Correspondent of 
New York "Sun." Club: Tokyo. 
Address : 5, Tsukiji, Tokyo, Japan. 

SWINDELL, Rev. Frank Guthrie 
(KUALA LUMPUR), M.A. ; Clergy- 

man ; b. 1874. Educ. : Pocklington 
School, Yorkshire; Oxford Univ. 
Curate of Baxley, near Maidstone, 
Kent, 1898-1902 ; Chaplain of Kuala 
Lumpur, since 1902. Address : The 
Parsonage, Kuala Lumpur, Seian- 
gor, Federated Malay States. 

SYMONDS, Jennyn d'Arcy Travers 
(SINGAPORE), Asst. Supt. of Police, 
.Straits Settlements and Lient. 
(late 16 Lancers), Army Reserve ; b. 
Oct. 20, 1865, s. of late General 
Jermyn Charles Symonds, Royal 
Marines. Educ.: Royal N^val 
Sch., New Cross; Victoria Coll., 
Jersey. Joined 5th Royal Irish 
Lancers, 1876 ; volunteered to 17th 
D.C.O. Lancers in 1879, for service 
in Zulnland ; took part in actions 
of Krzangayan and Ulundi; 
volunteered for service to 9th 
Lancers, in Afghanistan, 1880; 
services in India, 1880-86 ; Commis- 
sioned to 16th Queen's Lancers, 
March, 1887 ; in command Civil 
armed police on West Coast of 
Africa, 1890; invalided home and 
resigned appointment, 1891 ; ap- 
pointed Asst. Supt. Police, Straits 
Settlements, by Sec. of State, May 
23,1891. Decorations: Zulu Medal, 
1879, with clasp. Addrt## : Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlement*. 

SYMONDS, William North (SHAMG- 
HAI), B.A. ; Barrister at Law, Inner 
Temple and Northern Circuit ; b. 
1872, s. of Rev. Canon Symonds, 
Rector of Stockport ; m. Hilda B. 
Drabble, of. of late Chas. Drabble, 
Manchester. Educ. : Eton and 
Cambridge. Address : 11 Peking 
Road, Shanghai, China. 


TA1 HUNG-TZ'U (PEKING), native of 
Kwangtung ; metrop. graduate, 
1876. Asst. Supervisor, Instruction, 
May, 1899 ; Sub-Chancellor, Grand 
Secretariat, Dec., 1900; .senior Vice- 
Presdt., Board of Punishments, 
Feb., 1901 ; junior, do., Board of 
Revenue, Feb., 1902; sent abroad 
to investigate foreign governments, 
190f>-6 ; accorded order of Black 
Kasrle (Russia) May, 1906. 

T'AI-PU (PKKINU), Vice-President of 
Censorate ; Imperial Clansrcair ; 
provincial graduate. .Sub-Director, 
Court of State Ceremonial, July, 
1896 ; Director, Court of Imperial 
Stud, spring, 1901 ; Acting Director, 
Court of Sacrificial AVorship, Jan., 
1905; Vice-president, Censorate, 
Jan., 1905. 

TAJIRI. Baron Inajiro (TOKYO), 
Doctor of Law, Chief of Board of 
Audit ; b. June, 1850, at Kyoto. 
Edi'c.: Yale Univ., U.S.A. Appoint- 
ed Councillor of Finance Dept., 
1881 ; later, Director of Loan and 
other Bureaux ; was twice Vice- 
Minister of Finance, 1892-1897, and 
1898-1901 ; is teacher at Imp. Univ., 
Tokyo, and other institutions ; 
t-reated Baron, 1896. PvMicatin/t* : 
Several works on political economy. 
A d Irene : Tokyo. Japan. 

i TAKAGI, Baron Kenkwan < TOKYO) 
Dr. of Med.; b., Hatsuma, Sept., 
1849. Educ. : England. "Was Jsaval 
Surgeon until 1892 having held 
post of Surgeon-General ; during 
his tenure of office, the barley-rice 
mixed ration was adopted on his 
suggi ' lV -u in place of rice alone 
for Meet as a preventive against 
beri-beri, which hid prevailed 
extensively among men and officers, 
and this provision succeeded in 
putting a stop to this disease ; on 
retiring from service, with help of 
persons charitably disposed, 
organised Tokyo Charity Hospital. 
one of most perfectly arranged 
medical institutions in Japan ; 
several years later opened the Tokyo- 
Hospital as his own private enter- 
prise; has been Member of House 
of Peers since 1892 ; cr. Baron, 1905. 
; Tokyo. Japan. 

| TAKAHASHI, Sninkichi (TOKYO), 
President of Hypothec Bank of 
Japan; Member of House of Peers ; 
l>. Aug., 1847, at Satsuma. Appointed 
Secretary of Treasury, 1874, has 
been Chief of Customs atNagas.-iki. 
Kobe, Osaka, etc. ; Consul at New 
York ; recalled to be Bureau 
Director in Dept. of Agric. anil 
Cumin. ; was President of Kyushu 




Illy. Co. in its inauguration ; has 
held present position since 10; IP. 
A<f 'Ire**: Tokyo, Japan. 

TAKAH1RA, Sir Kogoro ( TOKYO), 
K.C.M.G.; Minister at Washington ; 
b. Jan., 1854, in Iwate-ken. Ap- 
pointed translator in Foreign Office, 
1876 ; Legation Secretary at Wash- 
ington, 1879-1S84*; removed to Seoul, 
1884 ; Consul at Shanghai, 1887-1890; 
Consul-Gen, at New York, 1891 : 
Minister Resident at the Hague, 
1892; Minister at Rome, 1894; 
transferred to Vienna ; Vice-Minis- 
ter of Foreign Affairs, 1899 ; Minis- 
ter at Washington, 1900 ; was ap- 
pointed junior Peace Plenipoten- 
tiary, 1905; cr. K.C.M.G., May, 1906. 
Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

Manager of local % branch Yoko- 
hama Specie Bank ; b. 1881. Educ. : 
At Marquis Hosokawa's Kng. Sell, 
under Capt. L. L. Janes. The Saigo 
Rebellion in 1877 interrupted his 
education as he joined the Commis- 
sariat of the Imp. Army as private 
attach to Baron H. Noda, then in 
charge of Commissariat of second 
division ; retained this position 
during the war ; in 1879, was 
entrusted by the Baron to the late 
Mr. Y. Iwasaki (founder of the 
Mitsu Bishi S.S. Company) to be 
educated at his private Commercial 
Sch. ; was in the service of Mitsu 
Bishi and Nippon Yusen Kaisha, 
1881-93 ; joined Yokohama Specie 
.Bank, Ltd., in 1894, and has held 
important positions at Shanghai, 
Bombay, and Tokyo before being 
promoted to position of Manager 
at Hongkong ; is of a family famous 

since 1200 A.D., the successive heads 
of the family being entitled from 
1200 to 1870, to be ruler of the 
village of Takamichi, in province of 
Higo, Kyushu. Addrexs: Yoko- 
hama Specie B:xuk, Hongkong. 

TAKASAKI, Baron Masakaze (TOK- 
YO), Privy Councillor ; b. July, 1836, 
at Satsuma. Took part in Restora- 
tion ; despatched early in Meiji era 
to Europe on official mission ; i* 
chief of Poetry Section at Court. 
Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

TAKASHIMA, Viscount Tomonosuke 
(TOKYO), Privy Councillor, Lieut.- 
Gen. (retired); b. Nov., 1844, at 
Satsuma. Appointed Colonel, 1874 ; 
Major-Gen., 1877 ; took active part 
in Civil War as Brigade Comman- 
der ; Commander of Kumamoto 
Army Division, 1883, and later at 
Osaka ; Minister of War twice, 
1891-1892, and 189o-1897 ; was A! mis- 
ter of short-lived Colonial Dept. 
created after Japan-China War but 
soon abolished ; created Viscount, 
1884. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

TAKATA, Sanai (TOKYO), Doctor of 
Law., Vice-President of Waseda 
Private Univ. ; b. March, 1860, at 
Tokyo. Educ. : Imp. Univ., Tokyo. 
Appointed Director of Commercial 
Bureau, Foreign Office, 1896-1897 ; 
Senior Councillor of Education, 
1898 ; has repeatedly been returned 
to Lower House ; is a leading 
member of Progressive Party. Ad- 
dress ; Tokyo, Japan. 

TALBOT, Captain Henry Lynch 
OVUALA. LUMPUR), Chief Commis- 
sioner of Police, Federated Malay 
States ; 6. Oct. 2, 1863, e. s. of late 
305 20 



Lieutenant Colonel H. L. Talbot, 
Royal Artillery ; . Edith dementi 
Smith, d. of Sir C. C. Smith, G.C. 
M.G. Educ. : Wellington College; 
B.M. College, Sandhurst. Lieute- 
nant, Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 
March 10, 1883; Captain, the 
King's Own (Royal Lancaster 
Regiment), May 2, 1894 ; resigned, 
Nov. 2, 1895 ; served in Bombay 
Staff Corps, 1885-1887 ; served con- 
tinuously in Federated Malay States 
and Straits Settlements, since Nov., 
1889 ; severely wounded during 
Pahang disturbances, 1894. Club : 
Naval and Military ; Sports; M.C.C. 
Address : Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, 
Federated Malay States. 

Straits Settlements Civil Service. 
Educ : Christ's College, Cambridge, 
14th Wrangler, mathematical tripos, 
1895. Cadet, Straits Settlements, 
Nov., 1896 ; ag. assistant Protector 
of Immigrants, Penang, 1897-1898, 
confirmed, Jan, 1901 ; passed final 
examination in Tamil, 1889 ; acting 
assistant Postmaster General, 
Penang, April, 1902 ; assistant 
Superintendent of Immigrants, 
Nov., 1903; Deputy Registrar, 
Supreme Court, Singapore, July, 
1904. Address : Singapore, Straits 

TANAKA, Viscount Fujimaro (TOK- 
YO), Privy Councillor ; b. June, 
1845, at Nagoya. Appointed to 
Education Dept. soon after Re- 
storation ; Minister of Justice, 1880- 
1881 ; despatched to Rome as 
Minister, 1884 ; Minister at Paris, 
1887-1890 ; Minister of Justice, 1891; 
resigned portfolio upon appoint- 

ment to Privy Council ; created Vis- 
count, 1887. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

TANAKA, Viscount Mitsu-aki (TOK- 
YO), G.C.V.O.; Minister of ilmp. 
Household ; b. Sept., 1843, at Tosa. 
Was connected with Army till 1881, 
when held office as Quarter-Master 
Gen. ; Appointed Chief Commis- 
sioner of Metropolitan Police, 1889- 
1891 ; appointed President of Peers' 
School, 1892 ; shortly afterwards 
appointed Vice-Minister of Imperial 
Household ; Minister, since 1898 ; 
created Viscount, 1887. Address : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

TANAKA, Shohei (TOKYO), Dr. of 
Science; b. May, 1862, at Awaji. 
Educ.: Berlin. 1884-1898. Formerly 
an official in service of Nippon 
Rly. Co. ; at present engaged in 
scientific research. Address : Tok- 
yo, Japan. 

of Mines; native of Kueichou ; 
Provincial graduate. Chien-Ch'ang 
Tao, Szechwan, 1879; Treasurer, 
Yunnan, July, 1883 ; dismissed, 
April, 1884 ; sentenced to death, 
1885 ; penalty remitted aud sent to 
Yunnan, Dec., 1886 ; Director of 
Mines with brevet of Governor of 
Yunnan, March, 1887 ; deprived of 
brevet but given 3rd rank, Nov., 

T'ANG SHAO-YI (PEKING), Minister of 
Wai - wu - pu ( Board of Foreign 
Affairs ), native of Kwangtung. 
Formerly Sec. to Yuan Shih-kai 
when Resident in Corea ; Consul- 
General in Coren after Japanese 
war : since employed in Northern 
Railways Administration ; in Shaii- 




tung with Yuan Shih-kai, winter, 
1900 ; Customs Taotai, Tientsin, 
Feb., 1902 ; Expectant Metrop. 
Official of 3rd rank with brevet of 
Deputy Lieut.-General to proceed 
as Special Coinm. to Tibet, Sept., 
1904; returned from Tibet, winter, 
1905; Minister of Wai-wu-pu, 1905-6 ; 
appointed assistant Superintendent 
of Taxes with control over Cus- 
toms, May 10, 1906, but appoint- 
ment cancelled after protest by 
British Government. 

TANI, Viscount Tateki (TOKYO), 
Lieut.-General (retired) ; Member of 
House of Peers ; b. at Tosa, Feb., 
1837. Took part in War of Re- 
storation ; was Commander of 
Kumamoto Garrison as Major- 
Gen, in Civil War of 1877 ; Minister 
of Agric. and Comin, 1885-1887; 
created Viscount, 1884 ; Member of 
House of Peers since opening of 
Diet. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

TANNER, Bertram (HONGKONG), Sen. 
Asst. Master, Queen's Coll. ; b. 
Oct. 19, 1870. Arrived in Colony 
and attached to Diocesan Sch., 
March 19, 1898 ; jun asst. Master, 
Queen's Coll., Jan, 13, 1900; sen. 
asst. Master, since Oct. 20, 1901; 
Normal Master, March, 1904. Ad- 
dress : Queen's College, Hongkong. 

TATSUNO, Kingo (TOKYO), Doctor of 
Engineering ; b. Aug., 1856, at 
Karatsu. Educ. : Imp. Univ. Tokyo; 
in England, 1880-1883. Designed 
and supervised building of Nippon 
Ginko (Bank of Japan), Parliament 
House, and other large edifices ; 
now practises privately and is con- 
sulting architect to many large 
businesses. .-1 ('dress : Tokyo, Japan. 

TAYLOR, Basil Reginald Hamilton 
(HONGKONG), F.R.A.S.; Civil Ser- 
vice; b. April 8, 1865; m. 1903, 
Harriett, rf. of Col. H. G. Osgood, 
U.S. Array, and widow of late 
Major Paul Clendennis, U.S. Army. 
Entered R.N., 1878 ; served in 
Egyptian War, 1882 ; present at 
bombardment of Alexandria, July 
11, 1882; lieut., 1888; served in 
Mediterranean, North American, 
China and Home Stations ; resigned 
comm. 1898; Asst. Harbour, Master, 
Hongkong, 1899 ; ag. Harbour 
Master and M.L.C., 1900, 1903-4-5; 
ag. Assistant Superintendent of 
Police in charge of Water Police, 
1904-5. Decorations: Egyptian 
Medal, Alexandria clasp, and 
bronze star. Clubs : Carlton ; Bath; 
Hongkong. Address: Hongkong. 

TAYLOR, Charles Henry Brewitt 
(MENGTSZ), F.R.A.S.; Acting Com- 
missioner of Customs ; b. Dec. 11, 
1857 ; m. 1894, Ann, d. Alexander 
Michie. Edue. : Privately. Came 
out to Foochow in 1880, as Prof. 
of Mathematics and Navigation in 
the Schools at Foochow Arsenal ; 
left in 1891, and joined I.M.C. as 
Asst.-Acting Chinese Sec. to In- 
spector General of Customs, 1898- 
1900 ; acting Commissioner of 
Customs at Swatow, 1900-01 ; Dis- 
trict Postmaster, Shanghai, 1903-5 ; 
in Peking during siege of Legations, 
1900 (mentioned in Brit. Minister's 
despatches for good services). De- 
corations : China War Medal, 1900, 
clasp "Defence of Legations''; 
Double Dragon, 3rd class. Publi- 
cations: " Problems and Theorems 
in Navigation"; "Chat* in Chinese." 



Clubs'; Shanghai ; Royal Societies. 
Address: I.M. Customs, Mengtsz, 
Yunnan, China. 

TAYLOR, Frederick Edward (KUALA 
LIPIS), B.A., Cautab. ; Federated 
Malay States Civil Service ; b. Mar. 
4, 1877. Passed in Malay arid Law; 
cadet, Selangor, 1900; acting as- 
sistant District Officer, Kuala Lan- 
gat, 1901 ; acting assistant District 
Officer, Klang, 1902; acting as- 
sistant Secretary to Resident, 1903 : 
acting assistant District Officer, 
Kuala Lipis, Pahang, June, 1903. 
Address: Kuala Lipis, Pahang, 
Federated Malay .States. 

TAYLOR, Dr. F. Howard (SHANGHAI), 
M.D., B.Sc., London, M.R.C.P., 
F.R.C.S.; Medical Missionary; b. 
Nov. 25, 1862, 2nd s. of Rev. J. 
Hudson Taylor, M.R.C.S., F.R.G.S., 
founder and Director of China 
Inland Miss.; in. April 24, 1894, Mary 
Geraldiue Guinness, e. d. of Rev. H. 
Grattan Guinness, D.D., F.R.G.S. 
Educ. : At London. Arrived in 
China as member of C.I.M., 1890; 
has done much deputation and 
liteiary work for mission in 
Australasia, North America ami 
British Isles. Publications: "These 
Forty Years," a short history of the 
C.I.M. Address; China Inland Mis- 
sion, Shanghai, China. 

TAYLOR, Dr. Harry Baylor (GANKIN), 
M.D. ; Med. Missionary ; b. Jan. 25, 
1882. Educ. : University of Vir- 
ginia, U.S.A., M.D., 1902. Address : 
St. James' Hospital, American 
Church Mission, Gankin, China. 

TAYLOR, William Sansom (KoitE), 
Merchant ; 1. 186fi. In 1882 joined 

Russell and Co. (of China) in 
London ; appointed to Hongkong 
Office, 1888; assistant secretary 
Yangtsze Insce. Assn. in Shang- 
hai, 1891-2 ; manager, Shewan,. 
Tomes and Co. in Kobe, 1892-1900 ; 
established. Taylor, Cooper and 
Co., Kobe, 1900, the firm becoming 
a Ltd. Co. in 1905. Clubs: Kobe; 
Shanghai ; Hongkong. Address : 
39, Akashi Machi, Kobe, Japan ; or 
Taylor, Cooper, and Co., Ltd., 
Kobe, Japan. 

TAYLOR, Sir William Thomas 
(SINGAPORE), C.M.G. ; acting Go- 
vernor ; b. Nov. 10, 1848. Collector 
of Customs and Excise, Larnaca, 
1879 ; Chief Collector of Customs, 
Cyprus, 1882 ; at-ting Receiver- 
General, Nov., 1883, to Feb., 1884 ; 
acting Commissioner, Larnaca, in 
addition to his own duties, 1S8& 
and 3885; Receiver-General, Chief 
Collector of Customs and Excise, 
1891 ; Auditor - General, Ceylon, 
1895, and at intervals, to Dec., 1896; 
acting Colonial Secretary, 1895 to 
Mar., 1896, and Mar., 1899 ; 
Colonial Secretary, Straits, 1901 ; 
administered Government, Oct., 
1903, to April, 1904 ; acting Resident 
General, Federated Malay States, 
Sept., 1904; administrating Govern- 
ment, Straits Settlements, Mar., 
1906. Club: Singapore. Addr-** 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

EARLE, William (sixu A POKK). 
Manager, Singapore and Kranji 
Railway ; b. 1852, Was 21 years on 
Great Northern Railway of Eng- 
land ; S years Traffic Superinten- 
dent on Selangor Government Rail- 
way ; Manager of Singapore and 




Kranji Railway, since 1903. Pub- 
lications : " Railways and Railway 
Men," 1889. Address ; Fort Canning 
Koad, Singapore, Straits Settle- 

LL.D. ; Teacher ; 6. June 29, 1857. 
Educ. : Dartmouth Coll., U.S.A. 
Principal, Anglo-Chinese School, 
Tientsin, 1886-95 ; U.S. Vice-Consul, 
1888-1896 ; Tutor in family of Li 
Hung Chang, 1887-92; Pies., Pei- 
yang Univ., 1895-1900 ; Chinese Sec., 
Tientsin Provisional Govt., 1900-02 ; 
Pres., Peiyang Univ., 1902-1906. 
Decorations : Brevet Chinese 2nd 
rank ; Double Dragon 3rd of 2nd 
rank. /' u blications; " English 
Lessons " ; " English Grammar" ; 
"Geography of Asia". Address : 
Tientsin, North China. 

TERA-UCHI, Lieut. -Gen. Seiki 
(TOKYO), G.C.B. ; ex-Minister of 
War ; 6. 1850, in Choshu. Formerly 
attache* of Japanese Legation at 
Paris ; supervised transport in 
China -Japanese War; appointed 
Insp.-Gen. of Military Education 
after War; later Vice-Chief of 
General Staff; Minister of War 
1902-06 ; has frequently been sent 
abroad on official missions ; created 
O.C.B., May, 1906. Address : Tokyo, 
Japan . 

TERRY, Prof. Henry Taylor (TOKYO), 
Counsellor at Law, Prof, of Law 
in Imp. Univ. ; b. Sept. 19, 1847, at 
Hartford, Conn., U.S.A. ; m. 1899, 
Emily Verbech, d. of Rev. Guido F. 
Verbech of Tokyo. Educ. : Yale 
Univ., class of 1869. Admitted to 
bar of Connecticut, 1872 ; practised 

there until 1876 ; became Prof, of 
Law in Tokyo Univ. in Jan., 1877 ; 
returned to U.S. in 1884 ; admitted 
to bar in New York in 1884 ; 
practised in New York until 1894 : 
returned to Japan, 1894 and became 
Prof, of Law at Imp. University ; 
P.M. of Tokyo Lodge, 2015 E.C.F. 
and A. Masons ; P.D.G.D. Publica- 
tions: "First Principles of Law"; 
" Leading Principles of Anglo- 
American Law " ; " The Common 
Law." Decorations : 3rd of Sacred 
Treasure, Japan ; 4th of Rising Sun, 
Japan. Clubs : Yokohama Unitad ; 
Tokyo. Address: 13, Reinanzaka- 
Machi, Akasuka, Tokyo, Japan. 
T'ET'USHEN (PEKING), President of 
Censorate ; native of Mongolia ; 
Hon. Deg. Tutor, Imperial Ac- 
ademy, 1898; Director of Court of 
State Ceremonial, May, 19(K) ; Vice- 
president, Board of Ceremonies, 
Mukden ; Senior Vice-President, 
Board of Ceremonies, March, 1902 ; 
Dep. Lieut-General, Plain Yellow 
Banner Corps, March, 1902 ; Vice- 
Presdt,, Board of Civil Office, Dec., 
1904; President, Censorate, Feb., 

TEUSLER, Dr. Rudolf Boiling (TOK- 
YO), Physician and Surgeon ; &. 
Feb. 25, 1876, s. of Rudolf Tetisler 
and Mary Jeffers Boiling, of Boiling: 
Hall, Virginia; m. Mary Stuart 
Woodward, Richmond, Virginia, 
1898. Educ : At Richmond, Va., 
Private Schools ; graduated Medical 
College of Virginia, 1894; P. G. 
Medical courses, New York and 
Baltimore. Surgeon, 1st Reg. Inlty. 
Va. Vols. ; Lecturer on Pathology 
and Bacteriology, Medical College, 



Virginia ; Surgeon, Richmond City 
Dispensary ; Fellow, Richmond 
Academy of Medicine and American 
Medical Association, Sei-I-Kwai, 
etc. ; Surgeon in charge, St. Luke's 
Hospital, Tokyo. Address: St. 
Luke's Hospital, 37, Tsukiji, Tokyo, 

THANK THAI, King (HiK), King of 
Annum ; proclaimed King on Jan. 
31, 1889. 

THOMAS , Lieut. -Commander Charles 
E. L. (HONGKONG), R.N.; in com- 
mand of H.M. torpedo boat de- 
stroyer " Whiting." Lieutenant, 
April 1, 1899; appointed to Com- 
mand, March 25, 1905. Club : Hong- 
kong. Address: H.M.S. " Whiting," 

THOMAS, Christopher Bos wood 
(HONGKONG), A.R.I.B.A.; Architect 
and Surveyor ; b. Oct. 7, 1875. For 
last five years has been managing 
assistant for Mr. William Danby, 
M.I.C.E. iClitbs : Hongkong and 
Canton. Address : Hongkong Club, 

THOMAS, George Ernest Yenning 
(SjNGAPOUK), M.I.E.E., A.M.I.C.E.: 
Electrical Representative, Howarth 
Erskine and Co., Ltd. ; b. July 
17, 1870. Electrician, Government 
House, Singapore, 1893. Recrea- 
tions : Riding, Polo, etc. Address : 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

THOMSON, Hon. Alexander Mac- 
donald (HONGKONG), M.A., Aber- 
deen, Colonial Treasurer and 
Member of Executive and Legis- 
lative Councils ; b. Sept. 27, 1863, 
at Tuvriff, Scotland, 2nd *. of J. W. 

Thomson, M.A., schoolmaster, and 
Isabella, e. d. of late Alexander 
Macdonald, of Kindrought, Port- 
soy, N.B. Edvc. : Aberdeen Uni- 
versity (M.A., with 1st class in 
Mathematics, 1883). Lecturer in 
Mathematics, Nairn Tal College, 
N.W.P., India, 1884-1885; assistant 
Professor of Mathematics, Aber- 
deen, 1887 ; appointed Cadet, 
Hongkong Civil Service, Nov. 5, 

1887 ; arrived in Colony, Oct. 15. 
1888; Bacon's Scholar, Gray's Inn, 

1888 ; passed examination in Chin- 
ese, 1890; acting Chief Clerk, 
Colonial Secretary's Office, Oct. 21, 
1890 ; acting Clerk of Councils, Jan. 
1, 1891 ; acting Superintendent, 
Victoria Gaol, April 1, 1891 ; act- 
ing assistant Colonial Secretary, 
March 30, 1892; acting Registrar- 
General, June 14, 1893 ; acting 
Colonial Treasurer, March 6, 1895 > 
acting P.M.G., April 7, 1896; 
P.M.G., Oct. 17, 1896 ; Colonial 
Treasurer and Member of Executive 
and Legislative Councils, since 
July 26, 1898. Recreations : Novels, 
cards, billiards, rifle - shooting, 
alley - bowling, cricket, and hill- 
walking. Club : Hongkong. Ad- 
dress: Treasury, Hongkong. 

THOMSON, Dr. John Christopher 

(HONGKONG), M.A., M.B., C.M., 
D.P.H. ; Government Medical 
Officer ; b. Lockerbie, Scotland, 
June 5, 1863. Educ. : Edinburgh 
University ; M.A., 1884; M.B., C.M. 
(with second class Honours), 1888 ; 
M.D., 1892; Kdin. Uni. Certificate 
in Diseases of Tropical climates. 
1904 ; Diploma in Tropical Medicine 
ami Hygiene, Cambridge, V.HI4 ; 



D.P.H., Edinburgh and Glasgow, 
1904. Formerly Superintendent of 
Alice Memorial and Nethersole 
Hospitals, Hongkong ; Lecturer on 
Tropical Diseases, and Sec., Hong- 
kong College of Medicine for 
Chinese ; entered Hongkong Civil 
Service, Jan., 1897 ; J.P., 1898 ; 
President, Hongkong and China 
Branch of British Medical As- 
sociation, 1 899. Publications : 
Author of Reports on Malaria 
and on Hongkong Mosquitoes, in 
Government Gazette. Club : 
Hongkong. Address: Barker Road, 

THOMSON, Oswald Dykes (HONG- 
KONG), Solicitor; b. July 25, 1870. 
Educ. : University Coll. Sell., Lond. 
Admitted Solicitor in Lond., 1892; 
Address : Ice House Street and The 
Peak, Hongkong. 

THOMSON, Rev. Robert Austin 
(KOBE), F.R.G.S., M.J.S.; Clergy- 
man ; b. 1860 ; >. Jan. 3, 1889, Gazelle 
M. Rulofson, of New Britain, Conn. 
Educ. : Edinburgh and London. 
Appointed Agent, National Bible 
Society of Scotland to Japan, 1884 ; 
resigned in 1888; appointed Mission- 
ary of the American Baptist 
Missionary Union at Kobe, 1888 
and has remained there ever since ; 
Sec. of the Mission in Japan, from 
1897 to 1903 ; served on Literary 
Committee for Decennial Confer- 
ence of Missions, 1900, in Japan; was 
appointed first Sec. of that body 
during sessions of Conference at 
Tokyo : was first missionary to re- 
open Christian work in Liu-Chiu 
islands after Dr. Bettleheim, who 
left Islands in 18;Vi ; was instrumen- 

tal in opening of Mission work 
among islands of Inland Sea of 
Japan by securing funds for build- 
ing and equipment of a small vessel 
which is now being used with 
remarkable success. Publications : 
Papers on Liu-Chiu. A dd res* : 
" Kakinoki," Kitano, Kobe, Japan. 

THOMPSON, Charles Cartheir 
( KUALA LUMPUR), Assistant Trea- 
surer; b. April 2, 1861. Extra Clerk, 
Audit Office, Selangor, 1S96 ; acting 
assistant Auditor, 1897 ; assistant 
Treasurer, Federated Malay States, 
Kuala Lumpur, 19C6. Address: 
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Fede- 
rated Malay States. 

THORNICRAFT, Dr. Thomas Charles 
(KOBE), M.D.; Physician ; b. Sept. 
14, 1845. Edttc. : London. De- 
corations : Uffiziale Dell' Online 
Corona d'ltalia. Clubs: Kobe; 
Thatched House, Lond. Aihlr>-** : 
Kobe, Japan. 

THORNTON, BCaxvrell Rethven (PR- 
NANG), Solicitor of Supreme Court 
of ; Judicature in England, and 
Advocate and Solicitor of Supreme 
Courts of Straits Settlements and 
Federated Malay States ; b. July 11, 
1878, s. of late Rev. G. R. Thornton, 
M.A., and g. s. of late John 
Labouchere, of Broome Hall, 
Surrey, . of Right Hon. Henry 
Labouchere. Admitted to practise, 
1901. Clubs: Penang ; Lake. Ad- 
dress : 27, Beach St., Penang, Straits 
Settlements, and Kuala Lumpur, 
Selangor, Federated Malay States. 

THORNTON, Swinfcrd Leslie (SINGA- 
PORE), B.A.; Puisne Judge. Edttc. : 
Lincoln College, Oxford. Called 




to the Bar, Lincoln's Inn, Nov., 

1877 ; admitted to the Bar, Straits 
Settlements, Nov., 1886 ; Registrar 
of Supreme Court ; Commissioner, 
Court of Requests and Collector 
of Stamps, Malacca, June, 1887; 
acting Senior Magistrate, Singa- 
pore, July, 1888 : Registrar of 
Supreme Court and Magistrate, 
Malacca, July, 1892 ; Attorney- 
general, St. Vincent, 1894 ; acting 
Administrator, Nov., 1894 ; to Mar., 
1895 ; acting Chief Justice, Nov., 
1895 ; Resident Magistrate, Jamaica 
1896; Member of Committee to 
revise rules and form Resident 
Magistrate Courts, 1897 : Member, 
Parochial Boards Commission, and 
Chairman, House and Laud Tax 
Committee, 1899; acting Puisne 
Judge, 19J1 ; Puisne Judge, Singa- 
pore, 1906. Club: Singapore. Ad- 
dress: Singapore, Straits Settle- 

THSRSBY, Captain Cecil F. (HONG- 
KONG), R.N.: Captain of H.M. first 
class cruiser " King Alfred." Pro- 
moted to present rank, Dec. 31, 
1901 ; appointed to command, Dec. 
12, 1905. Club: Hongkong. Ad- 
dress: H.M.S. "King Alfred,"- 

TICKELL, George Templer (TAIPING), 
A.M.I.C.E. ; Executive Engineer, 
Public Works Department ; b. Aug. 
28, 1858. Survey Department, South 
Australia, 1876-1878 ; Imperial Mari- 
time Customs, China, 1889-1883 ; 
Recorder of Lands, British North 
Borneo, 1883 ; after occupying 
other positions appointed President 
Sanitary Board, Kuala Lumpur, 
1902; Executive Engineer, Public 

Work* Department, Perak, 19u4. 
Address: Taiping, Perak, Fede- 
rated Malay States. 

Councillor; native of Manchuria. 
Director, Grand Court of Revision, 
1901 ; Sub-Chancellor, Grand Sec- 
retariat, 1901 ; Vice-Presdt., Board 
of Revenue, Nov., 1903 ; Asst. 
Member of Army Reorganisation 
Council, Nov., 1903 ; Vice-Presdt., 
Board of War, May, 1904 ; special 
mission to Central Provinces, July. 
1904 ; Seuior-Pre.sdt., Board of War, 
1935; Senior Vice-Presdt., Board of 
Revenue, July, 1935 ; Grand Coun- 
cillor, Jan., 1936 ; appointed Supt. 
of Taxe.3 with supreme control of 
Customs Department, thereby su- 
perseding Sir Robert Hart, May In, 
1906; appointment cancelled, June, 

TILLEKE, William Alfred Goone 
(BANGKOK), Director of Public Pro- 
secutions and Acting Attorney 
General for Siam ; b. Aug. 21, 186't. 
Ed\ic. : St. Thomas Coll., Colombo. 
Enrolled as Proctor of Ceylon Bar. 
1884; Municipal Councillor and Mag., 
Municipal Court, Kandy, 1886-87; 
admitted to practise in Siam, 1891. 
defended Phra Yot, the Siamese 
Commissioner charged with murder 
of his French escort, before spec. 
Siamese Court and before Mixed 
Siamese-French Court, 1893-1894 ; 
with late G. W. Ward established 
first daily newspaper, the " Siam 
Observer," in English and Siamese, 
1894 ; appointed Acting Attorney 
General for Siam, 1897; acted for 
six months as Judge of Court of 
Appeal, 1902. Club: Royal Bang- 




kok Sports. Decoration: 3rd class, 
Crown of Siam. Addren* : Bangkok, 

TILLET, Roch Auguste F.A.E. (HANOI), 
Conseiller, Cour d'Appul : b. Oct. 20, 
1858. Entree rAdininislration de 
la Justice, Sept. 19, 1887. Address: 
Hanoi, Tonkin, Indo-Ohina. 

TILLOT, Marcel (SHANGHAI), Legal 
Adviser and Merchant, head of firm, 
M. Tillot and Co. ; Feb. (5, 1807 ; m. 
June 4, 19C2. Educ. : in Lyons. 
After spending 3 years in Germany 
and England returned to France, 
1889 ; edited there " La Revue 
Phil a'.t clique" and was one of 
organisers of 1-st international 
exhibition of postage stamps in 
Paris; was Sec. of Socie'te Phi- 
latilique ; arrived in 
Shanghai, 1895, and commenced 
business; staited " L'Echo de 
Chine," daily newspaper, which 
afterwards became property of a 
company and remained director of 
Co. and paper until 1901 : founded, 
in 1901, " La Revue de L'Kxtreme 
Orient, " weekly newspaper and 
was proprietor and editor until it 
ceased publication, Oct., 1902 ; for 
ix years member of French Muni- 
cipal Council in Shanghai; 
Chairman, 1899 ; Conseille"r du 
Commerce Exte'rieur de la France, 
since 1899 ; member of local Soc. for 
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, 
Publications : " Notes sur la 
Monuaire en China," 1898 ; " Notes 
<}ommerciales sur la Chine, " 1901. 
Club: Shanghai ; Sportif Francais, 
Shanghai. Address}: 79-81, Rue du 
<Joneulat, Shanghai, China. 

TING CHEN-TO(Yu.N-KUKi), Governor 
General ; native of Houan 
metrop. graduate, 1871. Chen-Ti 
Tao, Urumtsi, Dec., 1893. Treasurer, 
New Dominion, NOT., 1896 ; 
Governor, Yunnan, Nov., 1898; do., 
Kwangsi, June, 1901 ; Shansi, June, 
1902 ; acting Governor - General, 
Yun-Kuei, Dec., 1903 ; substantive, 
Dec., 1904. 

TODA, Count (TOKYO), G.C.V.O. : Vice- 
Chief of the Board of Ceremonies, 
Imperial Household. Educ. : in 
America, 1871 - 1876. Appointed 
Legation Councillor 1886 ; Minister 
to Vienna ; promoted to position of 
Vice-Chief of Board of Ceremonies, 
Imp. Household Dept. ; cr. Count, 
1884 ; created G.C.V.O., May, 1906. 
Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

TOMI-I, Masa-akira (TOKYO), Member 
of House of Peers; b. Sept., 1858, 
at Kyoto. Educ.: Lyons Univ., 
France. Was Prof of Imp. Univ., 
Tokyo, 1885-1903 ; took part in work 
of codification of statutes. Pub- 
lications : Several works on law. 
Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

TOMITA. Tettsunosukes (TOKYO), 
Member of House of Peers ; 6. Oct., 
1835, at Seudai. Appointed Vice- 
Consul at New York, 1873 ; Sec- 
retary to Legation at London ; 
Secretary of Finance Dep., 1881; 
Vice-Gov. of Bank of Japan, 1883 ; 
promoted Gov., 1887 ; Gov. of Tokyo 
Prefecture, 1891-1893 ; is now con- 
nected with several business 
establishments. Address : Tokyo, 

TOGO, Admiral Hsihachiro (TOKYO), 
O.M. ; Commander in Chief of 




Japanese fleet; b. Dec., 1847; in. 
d. of Viscount Kaiyeda. Educ. : 
Chiefly in England. Joined navy of 
Daimyo of Kagoshima, 186:3 ; was 
apptd. to " Kasuga" of the Imperial 
fleet, 1868, and was on board when 
she defeated rebel vessel " Kuai- 
ten ; " was in England studying 
naval matters, 1871-78, and returned 
to Japan on " Hiyei," one of first 
war vessels built in England 
to order of Japanese Government ; 
precipitated China- Japanese war 
by sinking Chinese transport 
" Kowshing" although that vessel 
flew British flag and negotiations 
between China and Japan were 
still proceeding ; was at that time 
in command of cruiser " Naniwa," 
a,nd retained command until end 
of war ; promoted Rear Admiral, 
1895; Vice-Admiral, 1900; was 
given command of the combined 
Japanese Fleet, 1904, with rank of 
full Admiral ; had the distinction 
of effectively blockading Port 
Arthur and defeating Russian fleet 
in every engagement during Russo- 
Japanese war; finally broke mari- 
time power of Russia in Eastern 
waters in May, 3905, when practi- 
cally annihilated Baltic Fleet; 
upon return to Japan in flag-ship 
" Mikasa " was given honour of 
national welcome and Imperial 
message of thanks. Decorations : 
4th order Golden Kite; Order of 
Merit (British). Address : Depart- 
ment of the Navy, Tokyo, Japan. 

TOKUDAIJI. Marquis Sanenori (TOK- 
YO), G.C.V.O. ; Grand Chamberlain 
and Keeper of Privy Seal ; b. Dec., 
1839, at Kyoto. Has been con- 

nected with Imp. Household since 
inauguration of Imp. Gov. ; for- 
merly Minister of Imp. Household 
Dept. ; created Marquis, 1884 ; given 
'G.C.V.O., May, 1906. Addre** : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

TOKUGAWA, Prince Iyesat3(ToKYo) r 
President of House of Peers ; b, 
July, 1863, at Tokyo. Ediic. : in 
England, 1873-1877. Is adopted sou 
of last Tokugawa Shogun ; elected 
President of Upper House, 1903; 
created Prince, 1884. Add re* f r 
Tokyo, Japan. 

TOKUGAWA, Prince Keito (TOKYO), 
Last of the Phoguns ; 6. 1837, 7th s, 
of Prince of Mito, one of Head' 
Branches of Tokugawa family; 
after Restoration, retired from all 
public positions and resigned title- 
of Prince ; in 1902, was restored to 
princely rank, holding title in- 
dependently of that of other branch 
of Tokugawa family. Address r 
Tokyo, Japan. 

TOKUTOMI, lichiro (TOKYO), Chief 
Editor and Proprietor of " Koku- 
min" newspaper; b. Jan., 1863, at 
Kumamoto. Educ. : Christian Sell.,. 
Do-shi-sha, Kyoto. Publications : 
"The Future Japan," 18S6, etc.. 
Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

TOKYO, Bishop of (see : AWDUY, Riv 
REV. W). 

fessor of Imp. Univ., Tokyo; b. 
June, 1861, at Kanaxawa. Ednc. : 
in England and Germany. Under- 
took tour through Manchuria 
shortly before outbreak of Russo 
Japanese War ; compelled to 


resign from Imp. Univ., Tokyo, in 
consequence of opposition to Peace 
Treaty, 1905; rejoined, 1906. Ad- 
dress : Tokyo, Japan. 

TOMKINS, Herbert Edmund (HONG- 
KONG), Merchant ; head of Reiss 
and Co., Hongkong, since 1901. 
Club : Hongkong. Address : c/o 
Reiss and Co, Hongkong. 

China Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. 
Club: Hongkong. Address : 3, 
Queen's Road Central, Hongkong. 

mental Magistrate, Editor, and 
Secretary of Anhwei Railway Co. ; 
b. Nov. 4, 1860; w. 1887, at Hong- 
kong. Educ. : Public High School, 
Northampton, Massachusetts, 
U.S.A. ; Yale University, New 
Haven, Connecticut. Foreign Sec- 
retary to Chinese Engineering and 
Mining Company at Tongshan, 
1891-99 ; Secretary to Imperial 
Chinese Railways at Newchwang, 
1899-1900 ; Chinese Comptroller, 
Canton-Hankow, Railway, 1903- 
1905 ; Secretary to Anhwei Railway 
Company, since 1905 ; English 
Editor of " Nanfangpo," 1906. De- 
coration ; Civil grade, 5th rank. 
Publications : " History and Out- 
come of Chinese Educational Mis- 
sion to the United States." Address : 
Imperial Chinese Telegraph Office, 
Foochow Road, Shanghai, China. 

TOOKER, Hugh Pollock (HONGKONG), 
B.E., A.M.I. C.E.. M.S. A.; Civil 
Service ; b. July 18, 1857 ; m. 1892, d. 
of Dr. Wright, of Birkenhead, 
Cheshire. Educ. : Queen's Univer- 
sity, Dublin; served articles 

with Arthur Jacob, B.A., Borough 
Eng., Salford ; appointed assist. 
eng., Corporation of Birken- 
head, 1883 ; appointed exec, eng, 
P.W.D., Hongkong, 1890; elected 
A.M.I.C.E., 1892. Club: Hongkong, 
Address : " The Kennels," Magazine- 
Gap, Hongkong. 

TOURS, Berthold George (CHIN- 
KIANG), H.B.M. Consul. Appointed 
Student Interpreter in China, Mar. 
7, 1893 ; 1st class Asst., Feb. 24 r 
1900 ; discharged duties of Ac- 
countant at Peking 1899 to 1900; 
was at Peking during Siege, 1900 ; 
Asst. in Shipping Office, Shanghai. 
1902; Consul at Chinkiang, 1906. 
Decorations: China Medal and 
clasp. Address: H.B.M. Consulate, 
Chinkiang, China. 

Asst. Supt. of Works; b. Jan. 24, 
1876. Graduate, Municipal and. 

, County Engineers Association, 
Has held post of Assistant Superin- 
tendent of Works since March 9, 
1901. Address : Singapore, Straits 

TOZER, Edgar Maber ( PKNANG ) r 
Solicitor;^. May 2, 1866; s. of -Edgar 
Tozer, formerly of Exeter, Devon., 
and of Eastbourne, Sussex ; i/f. 
Elizabeth Kathleen; (/. of J. M, 
Anthony of Penang. Educ. : Bud- 
leigh Salterton, Crediton and 
Exeter. Served articles w ith Tozer, 
Geave and Mathew, of Exeter, and 
Geave, Son and Pease, of London ; 
passed final law examination, 1889 ; 
admitted Solicitor, 1890 ; is also 
Advocate and Solicitor of Supreme 
Courts of S.S., F.M.S. and Hong- 




kong. Address : Norwood, Penang, 
Straits Settlements. 

TEACEY, James F. (MANILA), Justice, 
Supreme Court ; b. May 30, 1845 ; 
m. May 10, 1893. Educ. : Acad., 
Albany, X.Y.; Rome Italy; George- 
town Univ., U.S.A. Clubs : Univer- 
sity, Manila ; University, Catholic 
and Reform, N.Y., Fort Orange, 
Albany, N.Y. Address: Manila, 
Philippine Islands. 

TRAVERS, Dr. Ernest Aston Otho 
L.R.C.P.; State Surgeon ; b. June 2, 
1864. Residency Surgeon, Negri 
Sembilan, 1887 ; acting Magistrate 
etc., 1890; Residency Surgeon, 
Selangor, 1891; Health Officer, 
Kuala Lumpur, etc., 1894; State 
Surgeon, since 1897. Address: 
Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Federat- 
ed Malay States. 

TRIPP, Henry John Howard (SHANG- 
HAI), Broker; b. March 15, 1832. 
Educ. : King William's Coll., Isle 
of Man; King Edward's Sch., 
Ilminster. Arrived at Hongkong, 
June 10, 1861 ; was in service of 
P. and O. Co. for 11 years ; left 
Hongkong for Shanghai, March 10, 
1898. Address : Shanghai, China. 

TROTTE, H. B. Noel Cortlandt 
(SINGAPORE), Postmaster General. 
Chief Clerk of General Office, and 
Secretary to Government Savings 
Bank, Singapore, 1877 ; acting as 
Postmaster, Peuang, 1880 ; acting 
Postmaster General of Straits 
Settlements, 1883, and 1884 to 1888 ; 
J.P.; assistant Postmaster General, 
Penang, 1884; passed in Tamil; 
temporarily attached to General 

Post Office, London, 1889 ; Magis- 
trate, 1890; Postmaster General, 
1895 ; also Manager, Government 
Savings Bank, Straits Settlements ; 
temporarily attached to General 
Post Office, London, 1897-1898 ; 
Postmaster General, Straits Settle- 
ments, 1906. Club: Singapore. Ad- 
dress : Singapore, Straits Settle- 

Weeks and Co., Ld. ; Capt. B. Co., 
S h a n g h a i Volunteers. Address: 
Nanking and Kiangse Roads. 
Shanghai, China. 

M.I.C.E. ; Acting Director of Public 
Works ; b. Feb. 13, 1858. Attached 
to Ceylon Public Works Depart- 
ment, 1878 : Officer Commanding 
Ceylon Pioneers, Perak, 1883; 
District Engineer, Kinta, 1886; 
acting and Deputy State Engineer, 
1886-1900 ; State Engineer, P.W.D. ; 
1901; acting Director of Public 
Works, Federated Malay States, 
since 1904. Address: Kuala Lum- 
pur, Selangor, Federated Malay 

TSAI-CHEN (PEKING), Minister of the 
Presence ; Imperial Clansman ; x. 
of Prince Ching. Lieut.-General 
Bordered White Banner Corps, 
1901 ; Special Ambassador to Eng- 
land (Coronation), April, 1902; 
Presdt., Board of Commerce, Sept., 
1903 ; Minister of the Presence, 
Jan., 1904. 

TSAI-FENG, General (PEKING), Im- 
perial Clansman ; s. of Prince Ch'uu 
and brother of the Emperor ; 
succeeded to his father's title, 




January, 1891 ; Lieut. - General, 
Plain White Banner Corps, June, 
1901 ; Special Embassy to Germany, 
July, 1901 ; Commandant, Chienju 
Kegt. of the Imperial Guards, Feb., 

TSAI-HSUN, Duke (PEKING), Imperial 
Duke of the first degree ; brother 
of the Emperor; Imperial Clans- 

Mag., Mixed Court, Shanghai, 1896; 
attache", Treaty Comm., 1903 ; 
Tientsin, 1904; Taotai, Chefoo, 
Shantung, Oct., 1905. 

D.C.L. ; Imperial Clansman. 
Deputy Lieut.-General, Plain Blue 
Banner Corps, March, 19U1 ; mem- 
ber of the Travelling Commission 
for the investigation of foreign 
Parliamentary Government, 1905-6; 
was slightly hurt by the bomb 
outrage at Peking, 1905, as Commis- 
sion was leaving ; his family urged 
his resignation from the Commis- 
sion but he stated that he would 
willingly die if death would give to 
China Constitutional Government ; 
Capt. - General, Bordered Yellow 
Hanchun Banner Corps, Nov., 
1905 ; received by King Edward at 
London, May 10, 1906 ; received 
honorary degree of LL.D. from 
Cambridge University, May 1906; 
D.C.L., Oxford, May, 1906. 

TSAI-YI (PEKING), Imperial Clansman. 
(Prince Tuan) Prince of 3rd order ; 
a. of Prince Tuan ; Supt. of 
Customs, Peking, Sept., 1892 ; 
Director, Imperial Clan Court, 
Oct., 1893 ; Grand Chamberlain, 

Oct., 1893 ; adopted by Prince Jui, 
and given title of Prince Tuau, 
Feb., 1894 ; Supt,, Peking Field 
Force, Aug., 1894 ; do., Hu-Shen 
Ying ( Tiger Spirit Force ), 1894 ; 
Joint Presdt., Tsung-li Yam en r 
June, 1900; Grand Council, Aug., 
1900 ; degraded and handed over to- 
Imperial Clan Court for penalty, 
Sept., 1900 ; sentenced to banish- 
ment and life imprisonment in 
Manchuria, Dec., 1900 ; sentenced 
to death ; commuted to exile to- 
New Dominion, 1901 ; in 1905 was 
reported back in Peking in dis- 
guise; was in secluded village in 
Shansi in poverty, Sept., 1905. 

TSAI-YING, Prince (PEKING), Im- 
perial Clansman ; *.of late Prince 
Tuan. Deputy Lieut. General, 
Bordered Blue Banner Corps, Dec., 
1898; Senior Lieut.-General, Pek- 
ing Gendarmerie, Aug., 1899 ; Supt., 
Live Stock and House Duty at 
Peking, Nov., 1900; in charge- 
Eastern Mausoleum, July 1905. 

vernor; native of Shantung; 
metrp. graduate, 1876 (optimus). 
Compiler, Hanlin ; formerly Liter- 
ary Chancellor, Hunan ; I-yuug 
Tao, Yunnan, March, 1899 ; Judge, 
Kueichou, May, 1901 ; Treasurer, 
K u e i c h o u , March, 1903 ; do., 
Yunnan, Feb., 1905; Governor, 
Shensi,- Feb., 1906. 

Acting Governor-General; known 
as Shum Chun ; native of Kwangsi ; 
s. of late Ts'en Yu-ying, Viceroy of 
Yunnan, who crushed out the 
Mahomedan rebellion and caused 



a reign of terror in Yunnan. Sub- 
Director Court of Imperial Enter- 
tainments, June, 1892 ; do., Im- 
perial Stiul, Jan., 1893; Treasurer, 
Kwangtung, Sept., 1898 : Treasurer, 
Karisa, Dec., 1898; Governor. 
Shensi, Sept., 1900; do., Shensi, 
March 1901 ; owing to popularity 
was invested with Yellow Jacket, 
Jan. ,1902; Governor, Kwangtung, 
May, 1902; acting Governor Gen- 
eral, Liang Kwang, Nov., 1903 ; 
personally led an army to suppress 
Kwangsi rebels, 1903-4 ; was award- 
ed Junior Guardian of Heir Ap- 
parent, 1905, in recognition of 
services rendered ; pro-boycotter 
against American goods, 1905-6 ; 
was respected, but afterwards 
denounced by people of Canton for 
amjustly arresting representative 
of the people (Lai Kwai Pui) at 
meeting connected with Hankow- 
Canton railway, 1906 ; was at one 
time considered a man of enlighten- 
ment and intelligence, and in 
.Shensi was popular as a vigorous 
administrator, and was partial to 
reform ; a change was manifested 
after he went to Canton until now 
foreigners deem his occupancy of 
office as dangerous ; has frequently 
unsuccessfully appealed to Throne 
for relief from office. 

'TSENG KUANG-CH'UAN (Asiov), Tao- 
tai ; native of Hunan. Second 
class Secretary in Board of War ; 
.-'. by adoption of Marquis Tseng ; 
interpreter to Li Hung Chang, 1900 ; 
Expectant Metrop. Official of 5th 
rank; Minister to Corea, Nov., 
1904 ; withdrawn from Seoul, 1905. 
upon Japanese Protectorate being 

proclaimed ; Minister designate to 
France, Dec., 1905; Minister de- 
signate to Belgium, 1906; appointed 
substantive Taotai at Arnoy, May, 

Director of Banqueting Court ; 
native of Hunan ; g. s. of late 
Viceroy Tseng Kuo-ch'uan ; inherits 
title of third degree of nobility. 
Sub-Director, Court of Sacrificial 
Worship, Jan., 1895; Deputy Comra., 
Office of Transmission, Sept., 1895; 
Director Court of Imperial Enter- 
tainments, March, 1896 ; do. of 
Sacrificial Worship, March, 1898.; 
Vice-Director, Imperial Clan Court, 
June, 1898 ; Vice-Presdt., Censorate, 
June, 189S : acting Vice-Prestlt., 
Board of Ceremonies ; cashiered 
Sept., 1898; acting Vice-Presdt., 
Board of Revenue, Oct., 1898 ; 
Director, Banqueting Court. 

KING), Native of Hunan. Hon. 
graduate ; s. of the Marquis Tseng ; 
inherited title. Second Class Sec., 
Board of Punishments, Oct., 1895; 
Sec., Office of Transmission, March, 
1898 ; Vice-Presdt. of Censorate, 
Sept., 1898; retired Nov., 1900. 

TSUBOUCHI, Yuzo (TOKYO), Dr. of 
Literature; Educationalist; b. May, 
1859 in Gifu-ken. Educ.: Imp. 
Univ., Tokyo. Has been connected 
with Waseda Univ. since its incep- 
tion ; has been devoting time to 
reformation of Japanese drama. 
Publications : " Student's Life " ; 
several dramas , also some works on 
ethics. Address . Tokyo, Japan. 




T3URAHARA, Osamu (TOKYO), Journa- 
list and novelist; b. Mar. 1848 at 
Tokyo. Has been connected with 
" Niclii Nichi," since 1878. Address : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

TSUNEHISA, Prince (TOKYO), Lieut, 
of Cavalry : b. Sept. 22, 1882 ; e. s. of 
late Price Yoshihisa. Was attach- 
ed to staff of General Kuroki during 
Ru.sso-Japanese war. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

TSURUHA.RA, Teikiehi (SEOUL), Vice- 
Gov.-Gen. of Corea; b. 1855. Educ. : 
Imp. Univ., Tokyo. Was Consul 
at Shanghai and later at London ; 
afterwards Director of Banking 
Bureau, and of the Bank of Japan ; 
appointed Mayor of Osaka, 1902 ; 
appointed to present post, 1900. 
Address : Seoul, Corea. 

TSTJZUKI, Keiroku (TOKYO), Chief 
Secretary of Privy Council, Member 
of House of Peers ; b. at Tokyo, 
Dec., 1862. Educ. : Imp. Univ., 
Tokyo ; in Germany, 1882-1885. Ap- 
pointed Sec. of Legation and Priv. 
Sec. to Foreign Minister, 1886 ; 
Director, of Public Works Bureau, 
Home Office, 1894 ; Vice-Minister of 
Educ., 1897 ; Minister Plen., un- 
attached, 1898; Vice-Minister of 
Foreign Affairs, 1899 ; appointed 
to present post, 1903. Address : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

TUAN, Prince (see : TSAI-YI). 

TUAN - FANG ( PEKING), Travelling 
Commissioner ; native of Man- 
churia; provincial graduate. Senior 
Sec., Board of Works ; Ta-ch'ang 
Tao, Chihli, April, 1898 ; given rank 
of Minister of 3rd grade and ap- 

pointed Administrator General of 
Trade and Agriculture, Aug., 1898 ; 
brevet of Judge, Oct., 1898 ; Judge, 
Shensi, Nov., 1898; Treasurer, do., 
Oct., 1899 ; do., Honan, Feb., 1901 ; 
Governor, Hupei, May, 1901 ; do., 
Kiangsu, May, 1904; do. Honan f 
Dec., 1904 ; member of Travelling 
Commission to investigate foreign 
governments, 1905-6 : Viceroy of 
Mingche provinces, Jan., 1906 ; 
accorded the order of the Black 
Eagle (Russia), May, 1906 ; pro- 
spective Viceroy at Canton. 

TUKE, Captain J. A. (HONGKONG), 
K.N. ; in command of H.M. 
armoured cruiser " Monmouth." 
Joined navy, July, 1S70 ; promoted 
Lieutenant, 18S1 ; Commander, 
1895 ; Captain, Dec. 31, 1901 ; served 
as sub - Lieutenant on K.M.S. 
"Pioneer" in Niger Expedition, 
1879 ; was with expedition to 
capital of Emir of Nnssn ; 
participated in operations round, 
and bombardment of, town of 
Nutcha ( mentioned in despat- 
ches); was Lieutenant on II. M.S. 
"Northumberland" during Kgyptian 
War of 1882 (medal and Khedive's 
star) ; was on China Station as 
Commander and Navigating Officer 
of H.M.S. " Centurion," .flagship of 
Sir E. II. Seymour, 1898-1901 ; 
Master of the Fleet for Coronation 
Naval Review, 1902 ; commanded 
gunnery ship "Undaunted" and 
H.M.S. "Theseus" prior to ap- 
pointment to present command. 
Club : Hongkong. AddM** . H.M.S. 
" Momnouth," Hongkong. 

(NEGin SEMBILAN), C.M.G., Yang- 



di-Pertuaii Besar. Was originally 
the Yam-Tuau of Sri *ienauti ; was 
installed " Chief Man " of the nine 
states (Negri Sembilan) at Sri 
Menanti, June, 1898. Address : 
Negri Sembilau, Federated Malay 


Architect ; Partner of the firm 
Palmer and Turner ; b. 1858. J'Juc.: 
in London. Came to the Colony, 
June 1, 1883, and joined the firm of 
Bird and Palmer, which was 
succeeded by existing firm. Club : 
Hongkong. Address: " Egesford," 
The Peak, Hongkong. 

TURNER, Rt. Rev. Arthur Beresford 
(SEOUL), M.A. ; Bishop of Church 
of England in Corea ; b. Farley 
Hospital, near Salisbury, Aug. 24, 
1842, 8. of Rev. Charles Beresford 
Turner, for -2-2 years Vicar of St. 
Mary's North Eling, Southampton. 
Educ.: Marlborough; Keble College, 
Oxford. Tutoring, 1885-8t5 ; Cuddes- 
don Theological College, 1886-87 ; 
ordained Deicon, 1887, to Oxford 
Curacy, Watlington, Oxon. priest, 
1888; curate, Down ton, Salisbury, 
1889-92 ; senior curate, St. Nicholas 
Cathedral, Newcastle-on-Tyne, 189L'- 
96; S.P.Cr. missionary to Corea, 
1896 ; consecrated Bishop at West- 
minster Abbey on St. Paul's Day, 
1904. Recreations: Captain of the 
cricket eleven at Marlborough, 
1881 ; Rugby Union football blue, 
Oxford, 1884. Club: New West- 
minster. Address : Chong Donj, 
Seoul, Corea. 

TURNER, Dr. G. Reynolds (AMOY), 
M.B., Ch.B. ; Medical Missionary; 

&. Dec. 23, 1873; m. in 1899, Anne- 
Urquhart, d. of Robert Somervillfr 
J.P., " Glencairn, " Dalkeith, 
Scotland. Educ. : Private Schools, 
Scott. Cong. Theol. Hall, 1892-4;. 
graduated Edin. University, 1900. 
Appointed to Hui-An, Amoy, by the 
L.M. Soc. in 1900; began work 
there, 1901. Address: Lond. Mis- 
sion, Hui- An, Amoy. 

TURNER, Skinner (BANGKOK), Judge,. 
H.B.M. Court for Siam ; b. June 2, 
1868, 4th s. late Frederic Turner, of 
Nizels near Tunbridge, Kent ; m~ 
Millicent H., 2nd d. of late Rev. 
W. H. Hewett, of 7, Kingsgate St., 
Winchester. Educ. : King's Coll. 
Sch., London. Called to at 
Middle Temple, June, 1890 ; went 
on Western Circuit ; appointed 
Registrar of Court in East Africa 
Protectorate, Oct., 1900; Magi- 
strate, Mombasa, Nov., 1901 ; '2nd 
Asst. Judge, H.B.M. Court for 
Zanzibar, Oct., 1902 ; Asst. Judge, 
H.B.M. Court for Zanzibar, Feb. r 
1904; Judge H.B.M. Court for Siam, 
since March, 1905. Club*: St. 
Stephen's, London ; British, Bang- 
kok. Address : Bangkok, Siam ; 3, 
( North ) Kings Bench Wnlk r 
Temple, London, E.C. 

TUTCHER, William James (Uox; 
KONG), Asst. Supt., Botanical and 
Afforestation Dept. ; b. Nov. 22, 
1867. Edav. : Merchant Venturer's 
Sch., Bristol. Entered Royal Gar- 
dens, Kew, 1888, and was apptd. 
asst. at Hongkong, 1891, since 
when has acted as Supt. on several 
occasions ; hon. lecturer on Botany 
at Coll. of Medicine for Chinese. 
Address : Hongkong. 



TUXFORD, Alfred Stanley (HOMS- 
KOXO ), Ophthalmic Optician; b. 
1875. Educ. : King Edward VII 
Commercial Sch., Norwich, Eng- 
land. Graduated in Ophthalmology 
at N. Illinois Coll. of Ophthal- 
mology and Otology. Club : St. 
Georges. A ddress : " East Anglia/ 
74, Caine Road, Hongkong. 

TWYMAN, Bertie (SHANGHAI), Mixed 
Court Assessor. Appointed Student 
Interpreter in China, Sept. 24, 1895; 
ag. Consul at Chinking, 1898 ; Vice- 
Consul at Canton, 1901 ; promoted 
1st class Asst., Nov. 4, 1902; ag. 
Consul at Swatow, 1902, to 1903; 
Mixed Court Assessor, Shanghai ; 
1906. Add if fit: H.B.M. Consulate, 
Shargliai, China. 

TYLER, William Ferdinand (SHANG- 
HAI), A.I.C.E., F.R.Met.S.; Chinese 
Govt. Service; b. Dec. 11, 1865. 
Service in Chines- e Navy during 
China-Japanese war, 1894 ; was 
executive officer (Commander) of 
Flagship "Tingyuen" at Yalu 
Battle and at Siege of Weihaiwei ; 
holds positions of Naval Sec. of 

Peiyang and Nanyang Naval Ad- 
ministrations and of Coast Inspec- 
tor in Imp. Maritime Customs. 
Decorations : Peacock's Feather ; 
Double Dragon, 3rd div., 1st class. 
Club: Royal Societies. Address: 
53, Bubbling Well Road, Shanghai, 

TZU-HSI, Dowager Empress of China 
(PEKING), b. 1834, at Peking ; d. of 
Government official. Became one 
of the secondary wives of Emperor 
Hienfung, 1851 ; upon giving birth 
to a son was raised to rank of 
Empress ; after death of Emperor 
reigned as Joint Regent with first 
wife, who died in 1880; from 1880 
to 1887 ruled as sole Regent ; in 
1898 practically deposed the present 
Emperor, Kuang-hsu, owing to his 
leaning towards reform, and has 
since administered the Govern- 
ment ; is a woman of great sti e-gth 
of character but opposed to innova- 
tion and is more than suspected of 
having given countenance to the 
Boxer Rising in 1900. Residence : 
The Forbidden City, Peking, China. 



UCHIDA, Yasuya (TOKYO), Vice-Minis- 
ter of Foreign Affairs ; b. Aug., 1865, 
in Kumamoto-ken ; m. 1899, Masa 
Dogura, d. of S. Dogura. Educ. ; 
Imp. Univ., Tokyo. Appointed 
Attach^ of Legation at Washington, 
1888 ; Private Sec. to Minister of 
Agric. and Comm., 1890 ; 2nd Sec. 
of Legation, at London, 1893 ; 
Charg^ d'Affaires during Japan- 
China War; 1st Sec. at Peking, 
1895-1897 ; Spec. Mission to Ha- 
waiian Islands, 1897 ; Director of 
omm. Bureau, Foreign Office, 
1897 ; Director of Political Bureau, 
Foreign Office, 1898; Vice-Minister 
of Foreign Affairs, 1930 ; appointed 
to present post, 1931 ; appointed 
one of 1I.I.J.M. Plenipotentiaries 
who concluded treaty with China 
regarding Manchurian affairs, Dec. 
12, 1905; Vice-Minister of Foreign 
Affairs, May, 1906. Address; 
Tokyo, Japan. 

UME, Kenjiro (TOKYO), LL.D. ; Prof. 
of Imp. Univ., Tokyo ; b. June, 
1880, in Shimaue-ken. Educ. : Imp. 
Univ., Tokyo ; in France and Ger- 
many, 18S6-1889. Has been Prof, 
of Imperial Univ. since 1890; ap- 
pointed Director of Legislative 
Bureau, 1897 ; Vice - Minister of 
Educ., 1898. Address : Tokyo, 
Japan . 

UNDERWOOD, Rev. Horace Grant 

(SEOUL), A.M., D.D. ; Missionary ; 
b. July 19, 1859, at London, s. of 
John Underwood, F.B.S.A. ; m. 
Lillian Sterling Horton, March 
1889. Educ. : St. John's Coll. Inst., 
London ; N.Y. University ; Rutgus 
Theol. Seminary. Came to Corea 
in 1885 and was first Protestant 
Ministerial Miss, to settle there ; 
received the Honorary Degree of 
Doctor of Divinity from University 
of City of New York, 1892; ha8 
been Chairman of Board of Trans- 
lators at work on the Bible since 
its organization ; is President of the 
Educational Association of Corea, 
founded the Corea Christian News. 
Publications: Corean-Kng. and 
Eng.-Corean Dictionary ; Gramma- 
tical Introduction to the Corean 
Language, and numerous tracts and 
books in Corean. Club : Seoul 
Union. Address : Seoul, Corea. 

! UNDERWOOD, Dr. LiUias Stirling, 
(SEOUL), M.D. ; b. at Albany, N.Y. ; 
m. March 13, 1889, Rev. Horace 
Grant Underwood (q.v.) Educ. : 
Women's Medical Coll. of Chicago, 
111. ; obtained M.D. degree and 
special diploma of merit. Arrived 
in Corea, March, 1888, and took up 
duties as Physician in Charge, 
Women's Dept., Royal Corean Hosp.. 




following month was appointed 
Physician to Her Majesty the Em- 
press, and maintained intimate 
' relations with Her Majesty until 
her death. Publications: "Fifteen 
years among the Topknots " ; " With 
Tommy Tompkins in Korea"; 
"Korean Stories." etc., etc. Ad- 
dress: Seoul, Corea. 

TJEYU, Vice-Adm. Sotokichi (TOKYO), 
b. 1854, at Kanazawa. Educ.: An- 
napolis, America. Captain, 1891 ; 
naval attache at Legation at Paris 

until 1896; subsequently appointed 
Commander of " Akitsushima," 
" Fuso," "Yashima," and other 
vessels ; promoted Bear-Adm., 1900, 
and attached to Naval Staff Board ; 
on outbreak of Russo-Japanese war 
was Commander of detachment 
under Adm. Togo ; sank " Varyag" 
and " Corietz " near Chemulpo, Feb. 
9, thus striking the first blow ; took 
part in Battle of Aug. 14 and Battle 
of Tsushima, meanwhile promoted 
Vice- Admiral. Address: Tokyo, 


VACLE, Joseph, (LAOS), Resident; 
Administrator, 1st class; b. Jan. 
20, 1857. Joined Indo-China Civil 
Service, June 1, 1895; Administrator, 
1st class, Feb. 12, 1899. Decoration : 
Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur. 
Address : Laos, Indo-China. 

VAN BUREN, Joseph Sheffield (HONG- 
KONG), Merchant ; b. May 25, 1854. 
Editc. : Phillip's Academy, Andover, 
and Yale University. Entered the 
service of the Pacific Mail Steam- 
ship Company, August, 1874; was 
Agent in Hongkong from 1891 to 
end of 1902 ; at present General 
Agent for the Great Northern 
Steamship Company with head- 
quarters at Hongkong. Clubs : 
Calumet, New York ; Pacific Union, 
San Francisco ; Yokohama United ; 
Hongkong. Decoration: "Loyal 
Legion." Address: 129, Barker 
Road, The Peak, Hongkong. 

VAN CITTERS, Jonkheer A. J. 
(PEKING), Envoy Extraordinary 
and Minister Plenipotentiary for 
the Netherlands. Address; Nether- 
lands Legation, Peking, China. 

VAN DER BECK, Joseph Nicholas 
(SINGAPORE), I.S.O. (1903); Clerk 
to Governor, Straits Settlements ; 
6. April 8, 1855, s. of F.C.' Van Dei- 
Beck ; m. 1876, Maria Ida, d. of 

Commandant Polman, of Java; five 
s., four d. Educ.: Raffle's Institu- 
tion, Singapore. Extra Clerk, 
Colonial Secretary's Office, Singa- 
pore, Sept., 1871 ; 8th Clerk, Jan., 
1873, and attached to Government 
House ; 6th Clerk, Dec., 1875 ; 
Guardian of Government House, 
May, 1877; 5th Clerk, Colonial 
Secretary's Office, April, 1879; 4th 
Clerk, 1879; Crd Clerk, June, 1880; 
Clerk, Government House, Dec., 
1883 ; Financial Assistant of Police, 
Singapore, 1905. Club: Singapore 
Recreation. Address ; Govern- 
ment House, Singapore, Straits 

VAN HORN, Rev. G. W. (OSAKA). 
A.M. ; Minister and Missionary ; I. 
March 19, 1846, at Alleghany, Pa.. 
U.S.A. ; m. 1878, Frances M. Dor.-ey. 
of Kentucky. Educ. : Cumberland 
Univ. ; Depauro Univ., Ind., U.S.A. 
Served in U. S. Army during Civil 
War from 1861-65; founder and 
proprietor of Van Horn Institute, 
Slaughtersville, Ky., U.S.A., 1881 ; 
Pastor C. P. Church, Brownsville,. 
Pa., 1886-1888; arrived in Japan as 
Missionary, 1888. Address: Osaka,. 

VANRENEN, Major Arthur Saunders 

(TAll'lNG), 2nd in Command, Malay 



States Guides ; b. Dec. 14, 1862. 
Lieutenant, 2nd Battalion Lincoln- 
shire Regiment, 1883; Capt., 1893; 
Wing Commander, Malay States 
Guides, 1897: 2nd in Command, 1898; 
retired from Army, 1902 ; acting 
Superintendent of Prisons, etc., 
Perak, 1903; 2nd in Command, Malay 
States Guides, 1906. Address : Tai- 
ping, Perak, Federated Malay 

VASSAL, Dr. Joseph Marguerite 
Jean (NHATRANG), M.D., Bor- 
deaux ; Surgeon-Major of Colonial 
Troops ; b. Aug. 5, 1867, at Talence 
( Gironde ) ; m. Dec. 29, 1903, 
Gabrielle Maud Candler, of Lon- 
don. Ecluc.: Tivoli and National 
Lyceum, Bordeaux Faculty of 
Medicine, and Principal School of 
Naval Health Board. Served in 
3rd Regt. of Marine Infantry at 
Rochefort sur mer, Sept. 29, 1888, 
became Corporal and Sergeant 
in same regiment ; left army to 
study medicine ; obtained doctor's 
degree 1894 ; sent as auxiliary 
doctor to Toulon ; apptd. on Jan. 
10, 1895, to Cochin-China, where 
.served at Saigon, Clandoe and 
Vinh-Long; other Colonial Ser- 
vices : Senega], two years, Reunion, 
3 years, 2nd class Surgeon Major 
since July 27, 1877 ; sent on a 
mission to La Reunion by In- 
stitute Pasteur of Paris to combat 
bubonic plague; went to Maurice 
{Mauritius) in 1903 to study plague, 
And the "Surra" of that island; 
in 1903 attended Univ. of Liverpool 
and obtained diploma of " School 
of Tropical Medicine"; has been 
.at Pasteur's Institute of Nhatrang 

since April 2, 1904. Publications: 
Several works on " Un nouvel 
Henintyoaire d'un Mamifere " 
(which was called " Hemamceba 
Vassali "), a parasite in the blood 
of a pheasant in Annam, Try- 
pan osoma Polyplectri (Vassal) ; 
also on a disease of horses, Annals 
of Pasteur Institute of Paris, G. R. 
Society of Biology, etc. ; Pamphlet 
on Economics of Indo-China, Oct., 
1905 ; . " Study of the Sang-Bian 
Plateau," a sanatorium in Indo- 
China, and other works. Address: 
Pasteur Institute, Nhatrang, An- 
nam, Indo-China. 


VAUGHANSMITH, Alice Mildred 

(TIENTSIN), Journalist ; b. 1861. 
Educ. : Privately. Commenced 
literai-y career in 1889, as leader 
writer, " Japan Gazette," and cor- 
respondent, "N.C. Daily News," 
(Shanghai) and "Japan Mail"; 
became Editor of "Japan Gazette," 
1891, and remained so nearly three 
years ; visited India in 1893-4, 
corresponding meanwhile for " N.C 
Daily News," " Chicago Daily 
News," etc. ; came to China, 1894, 
acted as war correspondent for 
"Civil and Military Gazette," 
Lahore, through China-Japan War, 
and as political leader writer for 
"N.C. Daily News " during Editor's 
absence ; edited " Shanghai Times," 
1896 ; went to Tientsin, 1897, and 
was appointed Editor, " Peking and 
Tientsin Times," then a weekly ; 
appointed sole representative in 
N. China of London "Standard," 
1898, and remained so until that 



paper was sold in 1904 ; was present 
in Tientsin throughout the siege 
of 19CO, acting for " Standard," 
" N.C. Daily News," Hongkong 
" Telegraph"; 1901, acted also as 
Keuter's agent for six months ; 
became sole Editor of " Peking 
and Tientsin Times," daily, in 1903, 
and still holds this position. Publi- 
cations ; " Children's Japan," "Ver- 
dant Simple in Japan." Clubs : 
Lyceum and Wiiters. Address: 8, 
Victoria Terrace, Tientsin, China. 

Accountant and Journalist; b. 
March 4, 1845; m. 1880, Alice 
Mildred Grenon. Edvc. ; Priv. 
Schools at Portsmouth, London, 
and Devizes. In Natal Civil Service 
Magisterial Dept., 1870-79; was 
Native Levy Leader, gazetted with 
rank of Captain, during Zulu War 
and was at front 1?> years ; was in 
Tientsin during siege, 1900 ; was 
Sen. Asst. Judge and Auditor of 
Tientsin Provisional Govt., 1900-02 ; 
at present manager at Peking of 
Imp. Chinese Telegraph Admin- 
istration, Telephone Dept. De- 
corations : Zulu War Medal, 1878 ; 
Tientsin Prov. Govt. Medal, 1902. 
Club : Tientsin. Address ;8, Victoria 
Terrace, Tientsin, North China. 

VENAELE, Dr. Wade Hampton 

(HASHING), M.D. ; Medical Mis- 
sionary; b. Jnne 18, 1867. Educ.: 
Univ. of Virginia; Coll. of Phys. 
and Surg. N.Y.; graduated with 
the M.D. degree at Univ. of 
Virginia, 1899 ; took an extra course 
at Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons 
in N.Y. City. Later served on 
resident staff of General Hosp,. 

Hartford, Conn., Slasne M;ttermty 
Hosp., N.Y. City, and Manhattan 
Eye and Ear Hosp., N.Y. City; 
arrived in China in 190S ; now in 
charge of Kashing Hosp., Southern 
Presb. Mission, and is also serving 
an Customs Physician at Kashinu. 
Address: Kashing, China. 

VENABLES, Major Edward Frederick 

(HONGKONG), 2nd Batt. the 
Queen's Own (Royal West Kent 
Regt.), b. May 8, 1863; Lieut., 
R.W.K. Regt., March 23, 1887; Capt., 
May 16, 1896; Major, Aug. 19, 1905; 
saw active service on N.W. Frontier 
of India, 1897-8 ; Malakand, opera- 
tions in Bajaur and in the Manund 
Country; Buner ; attack and 
capture of the Tanga Pass; S. 
African War, 1902, operations in 
the Transvaal and Cape Colony 
Jan., 1902; operations in Orange 
River Colony, Jan. to May 31, 1902. 
Decorations: Medal with clasp, 
India ; Queen's Medal with 4claspn, 
S. Africa. Clv.1f: Hongkong. Ad- 
dress: Military Headquarter*. 

YENNING, Alfred Reid (KUALA 
LUMPUK), Secretary, Federated 
Malay States; b. May 18, 1846. 
Unofficial J.P., and Deputy Coron- 
er, Matale District, Ceylon, 1876; 
Treasurer and Collector of Customs, 
Selangor, Oct., 1884; also Chair- 
man, Sanitary Board, Kuala Lum- 
pur, June, 1890 ; Special Commis- 
sioner to report on Cocos Kee- 
ling Islands, 1893 ; acting Govern- 
ment Secretary, Selangor, Oct., 
1893, to July, 1894; acting Chief 
Magistrate, Selangor, March, 1897 ; 
Secretary to Government, Perak, 




Sept., 1897 ; Federal Secretary, 
Federated Malay States, Aug., 1003. 
Club : Royal Societies, London. 
Address : Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, 
Federated Malay States. 
VENTBIS, Major-General Francis 
(TIENTSIN), Commanding troops in 
North China, 2nd s. of Rev. 
F. F. Ventris, of Church Aston, 
Salop ; m. 1883, Helen Maml, d. of 
Major- General Horatio Nelson 
Davies; two s. Educ.: Newport 
Grammar School ; passed Staff 
College, 1890. Entered Army, 1875 ; 
Colonel, 1889; served Nile Ex- 
pedition, 1884-18S5 (mentioned in 
despatches, Brevet Lieutenant- 
Colonel) ; with Egyptian Field 
Force, 1885-1886, as D.A.A. and 
Q.M.G., Intelligence Department ; 
A.A.G., India, 1895-1897; Brigade- 
General, 1897 ; commanded Bombay 
District ; Major - General, 1903. 
Clubs : United Service, Grosvenor. 
Address : Tientsin, China. 

VICTORIA, Bishop Of (see: HOAHK, 

VINCENT, Rev. Howell Smith 
(CHIENG RAI), Clergyman ; b. Sept. 
25, 1877, Delroy, Ohio, U.S.A. ; m. 
1901, Nellie, d. of William M. Nesbit. 
Educ.: Col College, Bear Rapids, 
la. ; Omaha Theological Seminary ; 
3rd prize Interstate Oratorical Con- 
test, Iowa, 1899 ; Demonstrator 
Vivisection in Psychology and Zoo- 
logy, Col College, 1899-1900. Grew 
up with the " Great West " ; took 
part in Union Pacific Geological 
Expedition in Wyoming, 1899. 
Publications : short stories, etc., 
in College Papers and periodicals. 
Address : Chieng Rai, Siam. 

VINCI, Count G. V. (TOKYO), Envoy 
Extraordinary and Minister Pleni- 
potentiary for Italy. Address: 
Italian Legation, 4, Sanuen-cho, 
Tora-no-mon, Tokyo, Japan. 


Consul General for Italy ; b. 1856. 
Educ.: Polytechnic, Naples; Royal 
Oriental Institute, Naples. Univ. 
of Naples ; Received Diploma of 
Physico-Math. Section, Polytech- 
nic, Naples 1876 ; 1st Bursary, 
Royal Oriental Institute of Naples, 
1878 ; passed two months at Bey- 
rout to improve practical know- 
ledge of Arabic, 1880 ; passed 1st in 
final exam, of Royal Oriental 
Institute ; obtained Diploma for 
Consular and Diplomatic studies 
at Univ. of Naples ; during absence 
of Prof, occupied Chair of Arabic 
at Royal Oriental Institute, 1881 ; 
joined Imp. Maritime Customs and 
came to China, 1881 ; swam round 
Kulangsu Island, near Amoy, 1883 ; 
served as Interpreter with Diplo- 
matic Mission which concluded 
Treaty of Commerce between Italy 
and Corea, and was decorated with 
Crown of Italy, 1884 ; was one of 
Imp. Chinese Commission which 
traversed Tonkin up to outposts of 
Chinese Army, bearing official 
confiimation of armistice concluded 
between France and China which 
ended hostilities ; joined Italian 
Consular service, 1898; appointed 
Consul for Italy in Hongkong and 
Canton, with jurisdiction over 
whole Southern China, 1899; had 
many conferences with late Li 
Hung Chang (then Viceroy at Can- 
ton) in regard to Boxer rising, 



1900 ; appointed Consul General for 
Italy in Hongkong and Canton, 
with jurisdication over Southern 
China 1932 ; under auspices of 
H.B.H. the Duke of the Abruzzi 
and with assistance of several 
prominent residents of Hongkong 
was associated with starting of 
propaganda for abolition of 
judicial torture, Dec. 12, 1904 ; 

studied question of use of sub- 
marine mines in warfare in view of 
great danger they constitute to 
neutral shipping, 1905. Publica- 
tions : Numerous articles on 
oriental and historical subjects. 
Decorations : K.C. of Crown 
(Italy), Stanislaus (Russia), Franz 
Josef (Austria). Address : Italian 
Consulate-General, Hongkong. 


WADA, Hikojiro (TOKYO), M.P.; ex- 
Vice-Minister of Agric. and Comm.; 
b. June, 1859, in Hiroshima-ken. 
Wa Director of Agric. Bureau, 
Agric. and Comm. Dept., 1897-1903; 
subsequently appointed Vice-Minis- 
ter; has sat in Lower House 
without-break since 1892. Address: 
Tokyo, Japan. 

WAINRIGHT, Prof. Samuel Hayman 
(KOBE), M.D., D.D. : Prof, of 
Philosophy in Kwansei Gakuin, 
Kobe, and Principal of Academic 
Dept. of that institution ; It. April 
15, 1863, at Columbus, 111., . of 
Rev. D. T. \Vainright; m. 1886, 
Margaret Miller, d. of Rev. J. S. 
Todd. Educ.: Missouri Med. Coll.; 
Central Coll. Mo. Appointed Mis- 
s : onary, M.E. Ch. South, to Japan, 
1888; elected Pres., Japan Annual 
Conf., M.E. Ch. South, 1903, and 
1905 : elected delegate to Gen. Conf. 
in America, 189*, 1902 and 1905; 
temporary pastor of Union Church, 
Hongkong, in 1899; pastor of Union 
Church, Kobe, 1900 ; has been 
Principal of Academic Dept. of 
Kwansei Gakuin for last 16 
years. Publications : Editor and 
translator into Japanese of Wesley's 
Sermons ; J. W. Lee's " Making of 
:i Man," and " Methodist Dis- 

cipline " ; numerous contributions 
to " Chinese Recorder," " Japan 
Evangelist," " Methodist Quarterly 
Review," Xew York "Daily Herald" 
on foreign missions and religious 
and educational problems in Japan. 
Adilivisis: Kobe, Japan. 

WAKEMAN, George Herbert (HONG- 
KONG), Land Officer and Official 
Receiver in Bankruptcy ; b. June 15, 
1866. Appointed Asst. Land Officer, 
June 29, 1900; J.P., Dec. 28, 1900; 
acting Land Officer and Official 
Receiver in Bankruptcy, Jan. 28, 
1905; Land Officer and Official 
Receiver in Bankruptcy, since Aug. 
26, 1905 ; Hon. ' Sec., Volunteer 
Reserve Assn. Club : Hongkong. 
Address: Hongkong. 

WALKK, Rev. Roger Atkinson 
(TOKYO), M.A. ; Clergyman ; If. 
March 19, 1877. Educ. : Episcopal 
High Sen., Virginia, 1893-97; Univer- 
sity of Virginia, 1898-1902 (M.A., 
1902). Graduated, Va. Theol. 
Seminary, 1904 ; ordained Priest, 
1905. Address: 58, Tsukiji, Tokyo, 

WALKER, Rev. Joseph Elk an all 
(SHAOWU), D.D. ; Clergyman, Mis- 
sionary, A.B.C.F.M.; b. Feb. 10, 
1844, at Walkers' Frairie, Washing- 



ton; m. May 21, 1873; wife died, 
Feb. 22, 1896. #dwc : Tualatin 
Academy and Pacific University 
Ore.; Banger Theol. Sem., Me. 
Parents were missionaries among 
Shokarre Indians in Eastern Was- 
hington, U.S.A. 180 miles north Wal- 
la Walla, where Whitman massacre 
occurred Nov., 29, 1847; came to 
Foochow, China, Oct, 16, 1872; 
moved to Shaowu, Nov., 1876, to 
open a new station ; was there at 
time of Fiuasang Massacre, and 
was on .Sharp Peak Island at the 
time the French attacked the 
Arsenal at Pagoda Anchorage ; 
witnessed duel between French 
warships and Kingpai forts ; has 
made forty odd 250 mile trips 
between Foochow and Shaowu, 
and has toured about in the 
interior for thirty odd years and 
has never yet received a scratch ; 
house was looted in summer of 
1900, but was in Kuliaiig at the 
time ; never faced a mob but once 
but has never yet had to run or 
hide. Publications: Various ar- 
ticles in religious papers and 
magazines. A fldress : Shaowu, 
Fukien, China. 

WALKER, Robert SandO ands Fro wd 
(PERAK), C.M.G. ; F.M.S. Civil 
Service ; b. May 13, 1850 : m. 1896, 
Beatrice, d, of late T. J. Ireland, 
M.P. Ed.uc. : R.M.C., Sandhurst. 
Ag. Commissioner of Police, Perak, 
1879-1881 ; ag. assist. Resident, 
Perak, 1882 ; Commissioner of Arm- 
ed Police, Perak, 1882; Comman- 
dant, 1st Perak Sikhs, 1884 ; local 
rank of Major, Sept., 1884 ; acting 
assist. Resident, 1885; Hon. Lieut.- 

Colonel, 1889 ; n#. Secretary to 
Government, Perak, 1894 ; Com- 
mandant of Malay States Guides, 
and Inspector of Prisons, 1896 , 
acting British Resident, Perak, 
1899 ; local rank of Lieutenant' 
Colonel \vhiLst commanding Malay 
States Guides, 1902. Clvb* : Naval 
and Military ; Ranelagh ; Welling- 
ton ; Sports. Addu't* : Taiping^ 
Perak, Federated Malay States. 

WALLACE, Rev. George (TOKYO), 
A.M., B.D. ; Clergyman of Amer. r 
Prot. Epia. Ch. ; b. June 1, 1845. 
Ednc. : Racine Coll., Wisconsin ; 
Nashotah Theol. Sch., Wisconsin. 
Asst. Minister, All Saints Cath. r 
Milwaukee, 1868-69; Asst. Minister, 
St. Paul's Ch., Marquette, Mich., 
1869-70 ; Rector of Ch. of the- 
Redeemer, Elgin, 111., 1870-71; 
Rector of Trinity Ch., Jaiie^ville, 
Wisconsin, 1871-78; Rector of St. 
Paul's Ch., New York, 1878-82; 
Rector of St. Andrew's Cath. Ch. r 
Honolulu, Hawaiian Is., 1882-89; 
Pastor of Calvary Cath., Sioux 
Falls, South Dakota, 1889-02 ; Rector 
of St. Margaret's Sch., Cal., 1892-99 ; 
Prof, of Eccles. History in Trinity 
Divinity Sch., Tokyo, since 1899. 
Add re**: No. 7, Tsukiji, Tokyo, 

WALLER, Rev. John Gage (NA<;ANO), 

Clergyman and Missionary ; b. Jan.. 
26, 1863 ; w. Sept. 22, 1889, Lydia 
Susannah Budgeon. E<lin\ : Col- 
legiate Tnst., Hamilton, Canada 
and Toronto University. Arrived 
in Japan, 1890, first foreign mis- 
sionary of Canadian Church 
(Domestic and Foreign Miss. Soc.); 
was stationed first at Fukushima ; 



on division of Japan into English 
and American dioceses in 1892 
removed to Nagano as Fnkushima 
was part of an American diocese. 
Addrens: Nagano, Shinano, Japan. 

WALLICH, Edward Henry (SKUEM- 
BAN ), A.M.T.O.K. ; F.M.S. Civil 
Service ; b. Nov. 22, 1856; 1st assist- 
Engineer, Perak, 1388 ; District 
Engineer, Batang Padang, 1889 ; 
ag. District Engineer, Kinta, 1890 ; 
District Engineer, Larut and 
Matang, 1893 ; ag. Superintendent 
of Prisons, Perak, 1898 ; Executive 
Engineer, 1901 ; ag. Executive En- 
gineer, Selangor, 1902 ; ag. State 
Engineer, Perak, 1903 ; ag. State 
Engineer, Negri Sembilan. Dec., 
1903 ; State Engineer, P.W.D., 
Negri Sembilan, 1904. Address : 
Serein ban, Negri Sembilan, Fede- 
rated Malay States. 

WALSH, Rev. W. S. Pakenham- 
(FOOCHOW), M.A. ; Clergyman ; m. 
Gertrude Maud Harmar of Ch. 
Miss. Soc. Ed >tc. : Trinity Coll., 
Dublin. Curate of Derriaghy, 
Antrim, 1894-96 ; joined Dublin 
Univ. Fukien Miss. ; has been 
working in connection with Ch. 
Miss. Soc. since 1897. Publication: 
" Some Typical Christians of South 
China." Address: C.M.S. College, 
Foochow, China. 

chant ; partner of Siber, Wolff and 
Co., Zurich, and Yokohama; b. Nov. 
19, 1846 ; m. 1887, Harriet Louise 
Winn. rt. of late Rev. John YA'iim of 
Georgia, U.S.A. Edite. : Kensing- 
ton Grammar Sch. ; Christ's Coll., 
Finchley, Middlesex. Chairman, 

Chamber of Commerce, Yokohama, 
Vice-Pres., Japan Branch, Brit- 
Navy League ; Pres., St. George's 
Society, Yokohama. Clubs: Yoko- 
hama United ; German ia ; Social ; 
Tokyo. Address : 90, Yamashita- 
cho, Yokohama, Japan. 

Minister of Grand Council ; native 
of Chekiang ; metrop. graduate. 
1852; Second Class Sec., Board of 
Revenue, 1857 ; Taotai, Hupeh, 
Oct., 1864; Taotai, Hankow, 1806; 
Treasurer, Hunan, June, 1869 ; Go- 
vernor, Hunan, June, 1872; Vice- 
Presclt., Board of War, March, 1878; 
Minister, Tsung-li Yamen, Aug., 
1878; Minister, Grand Council, 
Jan., 1879 ; retired to attend on his 
mother, Dec., 1882 ; Governor, 
Hunan, April, 1888 ; Viceroy, Yun- 
nan and Kueichou, June, 1889;: 
Viceroy, Chihli, Aug M 1895 ; Presdt., 
Board of Revenue ; Minister, Grand 
Council and Minister, T.sung-li 
Yamen, June, 1898; Comptroller 
General of Mines and Railways, 
JMly, 1898; Asst. Grand Sec., Dec., 
1899 ; Grand Sec., Jan., 1901 ; 
Council of Government Reform, 
April, 1901 ; Supervisor, Board of 
Revenue, 1901 ; Minister, (Hui-tan- 
ta-ch'en), Board of Foreign Affairs, 
July, 1901 ; order of Yellow Riding 
Jacket, Sept., 1901 ; acting Plenipo- 
tentiary, (on death of Li Hung 
Chang), Nov., 1901 ; order of two- 
eyed peacock feather, Dec., 1901 ; 
Director-General of Railways and 
Mines, Jan., 1902 ; accompanied 
their Majesties the Emperor and 
Empress Dowager in their escape 
to Hsian-fu from Peking during th^ 




Boxer outbreak in 1900 ; Prime 
Minister of the Grand Council, 
1905 : relieved of Office as Grand 
Councillor, July, 1905, owing to 
great age, 70 odd years. 

KANGSAR), I.S.O. ; F.M.S. Civil 
Service ; b. 1861. Malay Writer, 
Perak, 1881 ; Orang Kaya Kaya Sri 
Adika Raja, 1892; Superintendent 
of Penghulns, Ulu Knala Kangsar, 
1900 ; acting Collector of Land Re- 
venue, Kuala Kangsar, 1902. Ad- 
dress : Kuala Kangsar, Perak, 
Federated Malay States. 

WANSEY, Rev. Henry Raymond 
(KAGOSHIMA), M.A. ; Minister and 
Missionary; b. Oct. 16, 1873; m. 
1905, B. M. Nottidge, of C.M. Soc. 
Educ.: Clifton Coll.; University 
Coll., Oxford ; studied with late 
Bishop Westcott for holy orders. 
Curate of St. Hilda's, Sunderland ; 
Curate of Darlington ; Assistant- 
Chaplain, Missions to Seamen Soc., 
Hartlepool, Durham ; subsequently 
became Missionary, C.M. Soc. 
Publications : " Tenro no Shichi 
Hyo " (Seven Steps Heavenwards). 
Address: Kagoshima, Kyushyu, 

WARD, James (KRIAN), F.M.S. r.ivil 
Service ; b. Sept. 14, 1856. Royal 
Engineers, 1875; selected for De- 
fence Works in Singapore, Straits 
Settlements, 1878 ; P.W.D. 1882- 
1885 ; Inspector of Works, Lower 
Perak and Batang Padang, Perak, 
1886 ; assist. Engineer, Lower 
Perak, 1889 ; assist. Engineer, P.W. 
D. Krian, 1906. Address: Krian, 
Perak, Federated Malay States. 

F.Z.S. ; American Consular Agent, 
Supt. of Civil Police; b. April 17, 
1866. Educ: Privately and Liver- 
pool Collegiate. Straits Settlements 
Police, 1880-90: joined British 
North Borneo Constabulary, 1890; 
seconded to Customs as Customs 
and Harbour Officer, 1893 ; in charge 
of Gov. Printing Office and P.W.D., 
1894; 2nd in Command, Dyak Jubilee 
Contingent, 1897 ; resigned, 1898; 2nd 
in Command, Dyak Coronation Con- 
tingent, 1902 ; served as Capt. in 
Scottish Horse during South African 
\Var ; Officer in Charge of Scouts, 
Columns of General W. Kitchener, 
Colonel Campbell and Colonel 
Parks; wounded and shot four times; 
received thanks of American GOT. 
for services rendered in Spanish- 
American and American-Filippino 
Wars. Decorations : South African 
Medal, five clasps ; Bronze medal, 
saving life; Jubilee and Corona- 
tion Medals; Brit. North Borneo 
Medal, Mat Salleh Expdu. clasp 
"Punitive". Address: Sandakan, 
North Borneo. 

WARREN, Sir Pelham Laird (SHANG- 
HAI), G.C.M.G. ; H.B.M. Consul 
General ; b. 1845, s. of Admiral 
Richard Laird Warren ; //. 1875, 
Mary Donnithorne Humfridge. 
Student Interpreter, China, 1867 ; 
Vice-Consul, Pagoda Island, 1883 ; 
acting Consul, Taiwan, 1883-1884, 
and 1886 ; Consul, Taiwan (now Tai- 
nan), 1883; Consul, Hankow, 1803 ; 
Consul-General, Hankow, 1899-19<H; 
Consul-General, Shanghai, since 
1901. Address: H.B.M. Consulate- 
General, Shanghai, China. 



Treasurer and Director of Estate 
Bureau of Imp. Household ; b. May, 
1843, in Nagano-ken. Took active 
part in Restoration, being Sec. at 
Kagoshima, at outbreak of war ; 
subsequently appointed Gov. of 
various prefectures ; created Baron, 
1900, Vice-Minister of Home Office, 
1892. A ddress: Tokyo, Japan. 

WATANABE, Viscount Kunitake 
(TOKYO), Ex-Minister of Finance ; 
b. May, 1846. Was Vice-Minister of 
Finance, 1889-1892 ; Minister, 1892- 
1894 ; later Minister of Communica- 
tions ; again Minister of Finance ; 
resigned, 1895 ; created Viscount in 
consideration of services during 
Japan-China War, 1895 ; Minister of 
Finance, 1900. Publicaticn: Work 
on Indian philosophy. Address : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

WATSON, Major C. J. (NIXGPO), 
Chinese Army; Supt., Taotai's 
Police. Came to China, 1862. Ad- 
dress : Ningpo, China. 

WATSON, Dr. James Russell (Cmxo- 
CIIOU-FU), M.B., Durh., M.R.C.S., 
Eng., D.P.H., Cantab; Medical Mis- 
sionary ; b. July 28, 1855. Educ. : 
Charing Cross Hosp. ; Durham and 
Cambridge Universities. Arrived 
Shantung, March, 1885, and in 
charge Mission Hosp. ever since. 
Address : Eng. Baptist Mission 
Hospital, ChingChou-fu, Shantung, 

WATSON, Dr. Malcolm ( KLAXO ). 
M.B., C.M., Glaeg., D.P.H., 
Cantab., M.D. ; District Surgeon ; 
b. Aug. 24, 1873. Educ.: Glasgow ; 

Cambridge. Dist. Surgeon, Selan- 
gor, 1900; do., Klang, 1902. Ad- 
dress : Klang, Selangor, Federated 
Malay States. 

WATSON, Reginald George (KUALA 
LUMPUR), Commissioner of Lands 
and Mines. Educ. : at Haileybury. 
Cadet, Straits Settlements, 1883; 
Priv. Sec. to Sir C. C. Smith, 1884- 
1885; attached to Land Office, 
Malacca, 1887 ; ag. 2nd assist^ 
Protector of Chinese, Singapore,. 
1888 ; Senior Magistrate, Selangor r 
July, 1896 ; acting Senior Magi- 
strate, Perak, June, 1899; Senior 
Magistrate, Sept., 1901; Commis- 
sioner of Lands and Mines,. 
Federated Malay States, Feb. 27, 
1904. Address : Kuala Lumpur, 
Selangor, Federated Malay States.. 

WATSON, Lieut.-Col. W. M. (H 

HAI), Commandant, Shanghai 
Volunteers, Major, West Riding 
Regt. Was on active service in 
Matabeleland, 189J-4 ; South Africa,. 
1896 ; in command of Chinese Regt. 
July 28 to Dec. 1, 1900 ; present at 
relief of Tientsin and relief of Pe- 
king (mentioned in despatches.) 
Decorations ; Matafceleland, South 
African and China Medals. Club : 
Shanghai. Address : Volunteer 
Headquarters, Shanghai, China. 

WATTS, Lieut. -Colonel Charles New- 
comen (SINGAPORE), Headquarters 
Staff; b. Feb. 9, 1860. Lieut., 17th 
Foot, Jan., 1881 ; Lieut., Derby 
Regt., Feb. 19, 1881; Capt., June, 
1895; Major, Notts and Derby Regt., 
Oct., 1896; Brevet Lieut.-Colonel, 
Aug., 1902; Lieut.-Colonel, 1904; 
Staff service, D. A. A. G., Natal, 1893- 




98; Stn. Staff Officer (graded D.A. 
A.G.) South Africa, April to Nov., 
1900 ; grad. Staff College, 1888 ; on 
active service, South Africa, 1896 ; 
Mataheleland Relief Force (men- 
tioned in despatches); on Staff, 
Natal and Transvaal, 1899-1902 (men- 
tioned in despatches.) Decorations : 
Queen's and King's Medals. Ad- 
dress; Singapore, Straits Settle- 

"WEI YUK, Hon. (HONGKONG), L T n- 
official Member of Legislative 
Council ; b. 1849, at Hongkong ; 8. 
of late Wei Kwong, banker; m. 
1872, e. d. of Hon. Wong Shing, the 
2nd Chinese appointed to Hong- 
kong Leg. Council. Educ. : Priv. 
Tutors ; Govt. Central Sch., Hong- 
kong ; Stoneygate Sch., England ; 
Dollar Institution, Scotland. After 
European tour returned to Hong- 
kong in 1872, and entered service 
of Chartered Mercantile Bank of 
India, London and China, now 
Merc. Bank of India, Ltd.; on death 
of his father, compradore of bank, 
retired from its service for three 
years ; rejoined as compradore, 
1875, and has since held that posi- 
tion ; J.P., 1883 ; Unofficial Member 
of Leg. Council, representing Chin- 
ese, since 1898 ; Chairman, Tung 
Wah Hosp., 1881-83, 1888-90; one 
of founders of Po Leung Kuk (Soc. 
for Protection of Women and 
Children) ; associated with numer- 
ous bodies having for their object 
the well-being of Colony ; has 
served on all commissions ap- 
pointed by Govt. to enquire into 
matters affecting Chinese, since 
commencement of public career; 

has rendered much service in con- 
nection with' negotiations be- 
tween Hongkong and Chinese 
Governments and was instrumental 
in pacifying his fellow countrymen 
during riots in connection with 
British acquisition of Kowloon 
hinterland ; for services rendered 
during plague epidemic of 1894 
was presented with gold medal 
and letter of thanks by general 
public and address of thanks from 
Chinese community ; was origina- 
tor, 17 years ago, of idea of railway 
from Kowloon to Canton, thence 
to Peking, and spent large sums 
furthering scheme ; failed owing 
opposition Chinese officials. Ad- 
dress: Hongkong. 

WELD, Frederick Joseph (SEKEMBAN), 
District Officer; F.M.S. Civil Ser- 
vice ; b. June 6, 1870. Ag. assist. 
Collector of Land Revenue, Kuala 
Kangsar, 1890; Collector of Land 
Revenue, Kinta , and Registrar of 
Titles, South Perak, 1899; District 
Officer, Kuala Selangor, Nov., 
1899 ; Secretary, Commissioner, 
F.M.S., 1900; ag. Secretary to Re- 
sident General, 1901; Registrar of 
Titles, Collector of Land Revenue, 
Seremban, 1901 ; ag. British Re- 
sident, Negri Sembilan, 1903 ; 
District Officer, Kuala Kangsar, 
and Collector of Land Revenue, 
Registrar of Titles, Seremban, 1906. 
Address: Seremban, Negri Sem- 
bilan, Federated Malay States. 

WELHAM, Herbert (PENANG), M.J.I.; 
Editor "Piuang Gazette" ; b. Dec. 
3, 1880; in. Elsie, 3rd d. of James 
Chandler, of Berkshire. Educ. : 
Cranleigh Sch. ; Moravian Sch. ; 




Universities of Bonn, Munich and 
Pan*. Foreign Editor, " Galignani'a 
Messenger, " Paris, 1901-02 ; London 
Correspondent, " L'Bclair, " Paris, 
1902-03 ; Foreign Editor, " The Car," 
London, 1903-04. Clubs? Penaug ; 
London Press. Address: 14, Scot- 
land Road, Penaug, Straits Settle- 

Editc. : Hongkong. Interpreter for 
Chinese Treaty Commissioners dur- 
ing Tariff negotiations with Sir 
James Mackay at Shanghai in 1903; 
director, Canton Bureau of Foreign 
Affairs, 1905-6. 

WERNER, Edward Theodore Chal- 
mers (KEWKIANG), H.B.M. Consul. 
Appointed Student Interpreter in 
China, April 7, 1884; discharged 
duties of Accountant to Legation 
at Peking, 1888 and 1889 ; ag. Vice- 
Consul at Macao, 1894 to 1896; 
promoted 1st Asst., Sept. 27, 1S97 ; 
Vice-Consul at Pagoda Island, May 
13, 1899 : ag. Consul at Hangchow, 
1898 to 1899; promoted Consul at 
Kiungchow, Feb. 24, 1900 ; in charge 
of Consulate, Pakhoi, 1901 to 1902 ; 
promoted Consul for Kiungehow 
and Pakhoi, May, 1904 ; Consul at 
Kewkiang, 1906. Address: H.B.M. 
Consulate, Kewkiang, China. 

WEST, Dr. Benjamin Franklin 
(SINGAPORE), M.D. ; Doctor of Me- 
dicine, Presiding Elder, Mission- 
ary to the Chinese ; Editor " Ma- 
laysia Message "; b. April 22, 1858, 
at Montgomery Co., Indiana, 
U.S.A. ; m. May 15, 1 1886, Letty 
Graham. Educ ; Stabash College, 
Miami Med. Coll. Graduated in 

medicine at age of 21 ; after practi- 
sing for six years called to ministry 
of Meth. Episc. Ch. ; sent to Singa- 
pore as Missionary, 1887 ; presiding 
elder in charge of P e n a n g 
District, 1890-1901 ; presiding elder 
in charge of Singapore District, 
since 1901. Publications: Transla- 
tions into Hokkien Chinese ; " His- 
tory of Malaysia Mission of the 
Methodist Episcopal Church" (in 
preparation). Address: Singapore, 
Straits Settlements. 

WEST, Charles Dickinson (TOKYO), 
Professor of Mech. Eng. in Eng. 
Coll. of Imp. University, Tokyo ; b. 
Dublin, 1847. Educ ; Trin. Coll. 
Dub., graduated 1869. Served for 
some time in Eng. Dept. of Birken- 
head Iron Works ; came to Japan, 
in 1882, as Prof, of Mech. Eng. in 
Imperial Coll. of Engineering 
(KpbuDai Gaku), Tokyo; continued 
to hold same post after that institu- 
tion was incorporated with Imp 
University. Decorations : 3rd Order 
of the Sacred Treasure ; 4th order 
of the Rising Sun. Club: Tokyo. 
Address; Coll. of Eng., Imperial 
University, Tokyo, Japan. 

WESTWATER, Dr. A. Macdonald 
( LIAOYAXG ), L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., 
Edin. ; Medical Miss., Uu. Free Ch. 
of Scotland; b. April 30, 1854. 
Editc. : at Edinburgh. Appointed 
Med. Miss, of United Presb. Ch. of 
Scotland (now United Free Ch. of 
Scotland) 1881 ; Superintended 
relief work in Liaoyang district 
during floods of 1888, and distributed 
relief in 50 villages to 20,000 people ; 
surgeon to Russian Red Cross Soc. 
during Boxer campaign, 1900-01; 




present at engagements at New- 
chwang, Slia-ho and Liaoyang; at 
request of Russian Commander 
entered Liaoyang with message 
regarding terms of occupation ; 
entered Mukden with Russian army, 
Oct. 2, 1900 ; resident in city during 
battle of Liaoyang in Russo- 
Japanese war and received over 
300 wounded Chinese (non-combat- 
ants) into Mission Hosp. ; iiiper- 
intended relief work of Internation- 
al Red Cross Soc. during Russo- 
Japanese war, relief distributed 
to 32,691 individuals. Decorations: 
Russian medal for China Campaign, 
1900-01 ; gold snuff-box presented by 
H.I.M. the Emperor of Russia. Ad- 
dress : Liaoyang, Manchuria. 

WHERRY, Prof. John (PEKING), M.A., 
D.D. ; Professor of Theology, and 
Missionary ; b. May 23, 1837, near 
Shippensburg, Penn., U.S.A., s. of 
Hon. Samuel Wherry, State Senator 
of Penn. and Assoc. Judge of 
Cumberland County ; in. 1863, Sara 
E. Brandon. Editc.: Franklin Acad., 
Pa. ; Princeton University ; Prince- 
ton Theol. Seminary. Instructor 
of Latin in Princeton University, 
1860-61 ; with Pennsylvania militia 
in civil war, 1862; arrived at Shang- 
hai as Missionary of the Presby- 
terian Church, 1864 ; superintendent 
of the Presbyterian Mission Press, 
1869-70 ; removed to Chefoo, 1870, 
and to Peking, 187^ ; pastor of 1st 
Presbyterian Church, Principal of 
Peking High School ; Principal of 
Shantung College, 1878-80; Secre- 
tary of Publication Committee of 
North China Tract Society ; Chair- 
man of China Tract Society ; 

Joint Editor of Chinese Sunday 
Lesson Papers ; Moderator of the 
Synod of China ; three times Com- 
missioner to the Presbyteiian Gen- 
eral Assembly in U.S.A. ; appointed 
by Shanghai Conference with Drs. 
Chalmers, Edkins, Sheffield and 
Schaub on Committee to translate 
the Bible into High Wen-li ; in the 
siege of the Legations, 1900 ; ap- 
pointed by the North China 
Educational Union Professor of 
New Testament Exegesis in the 
North China Union Theological 
College. Member of Peking Mis- 
sionary Association and of Peking 
Oriental Society. Publication* 
Biographical Sketch of William 
Gamble, originator of the modern 
typefoundry and press for Chinese, 
Japanese and Corean printing ; 
History of the Translation of the 
Bible into Chinese ; various articles 
in English and Chinese periodicals; 
conjointly with others, about CO 
vols. of Sunday Lessons in Chinese; 
and the New Testament in High 
Wen-li. A ddre .>,<: Presbyterian Mis- 
sion, Peking, China. 

WHITE, Prof. Frank Johnstone 
(SHAOHSlNG), A.M.; Missionary, 
A.B.M.U. ; b. Sept. 24, 1870, at Deca- 
tur, 111., U.S.A.; HI. Aug. 7, 1901. 
Editc.: Ottawa Univ., Ottawa. 
Kans.; Rochester Theological Sem.. 
N.Y. Was Captain in Kansas 
State Militia; is Prof, in Shaoh- 
sing Theological Coll. conducted 
under auspices of American Baptist 
Missionary Union. Publication* ; 
Editor "The New Kast " Magazine, 
published at Canton. 
Shaohsing, China. 



WHITING, Dr. Joseph L. (PEKING), 
A.M., D.D. ; Missionary of Amer. 
Presb. Miss. North ; 6. Jan. 30, 1835; 
w.. July 28, 1869, Lucy E. Jackson. 
Kdiic; Auburn Theol. Seminary. 
Graduated from Coll., 1866; from 
Theol. Seminary, 1869 ; arrived in 
China as Missionary, 1869 ; has 
resided chiefly in Peking, but as- 
sisted in opening work of Presb. 
Miss, at Paotingfn, 1893-94 and at 
Shimtifu, 1904-05; was through 
siege at Peking, 1900. Publications: 
"Commentary on Roman Moral 
Philosophy"; "Evidences of 
Christianity"; Natural Theology, 
etc., etc. Address: Peking, China. 

WHITEHEAD, Charles Basil ( PK- 
NAN), Asst. Supt. of Police ; b. 
Apiil 4, 187S. Assist. Supt. of 
Police, Singapore, 1900 ; assist. 
.Supt. of Police, Penang, since 1904. 
Address : Penang, Straits Settle- 

WHITMAN, Rev. George Ernest 

(KiA-vlN(i), Missionary; b. Oct. 9, 
1862. Edu.c. : Arcadia Coll., Nova 
.Scotia (graduated 1887); Newton 
Theological Inst., Newton Centre, 
Mass., U.S. ( graduated 1892 ). 
Missionary under American Baptist 
Missionary Union, Boston, Mass., 
1892. Address : Kia - ying, via 
Swatow, China. 

WHITNEY, Dr. Willis Norton 
(TOKYO), M.D., M.R.C.S., Kng., 
L.R.C.P., Lond. ; Doctor of Medi- 
cine and Ophthalmic Surgeon ; b. 
Oct. 18, 1855, at Newark, N.J., 
U.S.A. ; x. of William C. Whitney 
M.A. ; HI. Dec. 29, 1885, Man- C. d. 
of .1. Bevan Braiihwaite, Barrister, 

of Lond. Educ. : University. 
Tokyo ; University, Penna ; Lond. 
Hosp. Accompanied parents to 
Japan in 1875 ; studied medicine at 
Tokyo University ; teacher of Eng. 
Physiology and Chemistry, Middle 
Nonnal School, Kanagawa ; founder 
and Foreign Director, Akasaka 
Eye and General Hosp., Tokyo, 
1886 to date ; United States Inter* 
preter of Legation, Tokyo, 1883-95 ; 
Vice-Pres., Soc. for Advancement 
of Med. Science in Japan, 1898 to 
1906. Publication* : Thesis : Blood 
Changes in Erysipelas, 1881 ; Dic- 
tionary, roads, chief towns, etc. of 
Japan, with statistical appendix, 
1885 ; Notes on the Medical Histovy 
of Japan, Asiatic Soc. Trans., 1885 ; 
Index of Chinese Characters in 
Hepbui n's Diet, of Japanese, 1888 ; 
Editorials in English part of Sei 
I Kwai Med. Jour. ; correspondence 
and contributions from Japan to 
Phila. 'Med. Times"; New Y >rk 
"Med. Record,' 1 etc. Jr/7/v.v.v; 
Akasaka Eye and Gen. Hosp., 17, 
Hikawa - cho, Akasaka, Tokyo, 

WHITTALL, Lieut.-Cclonel Francis 
Vaughan (SINGAPORE), O.C. 95th 
Russell's Infantry; b. March 23, 
1801. 2nd Lieut., 49th Foot, Jan. 22, 
1881 ; Lieutenant, Berks Regt., July, 
1881 ; Leinster Regt., 1881 ; Indian 
Staff Corps, 1883 ; Capt,, 1892 ; 
Major, Indian Army, 1901 ; Lieut. - 
Colonel, 1904 ; qualified interpreter 
in Russian ; on active service with 
Burma Expedition, 1837-88, and in 
China, 1900 (mentioned in des- 
patches). Decorations : Burma an d 
China Medals. Address : Alexandra 
8S7 22 



Barracks, Singapore, Straits Settle- 

China Traders Insurance Co, Ltd. 
Arrived Hongkong, 1883. Clubs: 
Thatched House, London ; Hong- 
kong ; Shanghai ; Country Club, 
Shanghai. Address : Hongkong. 

WHITTON, Rsv. Robert Young (PE- 
NANG), M.A. ; Minister of Presby- 
terian Ch. ; b. 1874, . of Rev. D. 
Whitton, Principal of Hislop Coll., 
Nugpur, C.P., India. Educ. : Edin- 
burgh Institution ; Edinburgh Uni- 
versity ; New Coll., Edinburgh. 
Licentiate of United Free Ch. of 
Scotland, and Assistant Minister, 
South Oh., Elgin, 1902 ; ordained 
and inducted Minister of Penang 
Presb. Ch., 1903. Address: 25, An- 
son Road, Penang, Straits Settle- 

WHYTE, Dr. George Duncan 

(SwA'row), Physician; 1. 1879. Educ.: 
George Watson's College, Kdin., 
Matriculated, Edin. Univ., 1895 ; 
joint Mackenzie Bursar, 1897 ; Grad- 
uated M.B., Ch.B., 1900, House Sur- 
gon, Royal Infirmary, Edin., 1901-2 ; 
House Physician, Royal Infirm., 
Edin., 1902; London School of 
Tropical Medicine, 1902. Came to 
China, associated with English 
Presbyterian Mission, in 1903. Ad- 
dress ; Swatow, China ; 51, King 
Henry's Road, London, N.W. 

WICKHAM, William Henry (HONG- 
KONG), A.M.I. C.E., A.M.I.E.E. ; 

Manager, Hongkong Electric Com- 
pany, Ltd. ; b. 1867. Arrived in 
Hongkong in 1888 ; became 
Manager, Electric Company, 1890. 

Chtb ; Hongkong. Address: Hong- 

erican Consul General ; b. Dec. 7, 
1859 ; m. April 23, 1903, Pauline V. 
Jenkins, of X.J., U.S.A. Educ : 
Class of 1879, Cazenovia, New 
York. Represented 21st District of 
New York in Congress of United 
States, 1895-99 ; appointed American 
Consul at Barbados, West Indies, 
1903 ; transferred to American Con- 
sulate, Singapore, 1905. Address : 
American Consulate, Singapore, 
Straits Settlements and Brooklyn, 
New York, U.S.A. 

WILDER, Amos Parker (HONGKONG), 
Consul General for U.S.A. Educ. : 
Yale Univ. Was for many years 
prominent in American politics; 
edited state Journal of Wisconsin ; 
appointed Consul General at Hong- 
kong, 1906. Address : American 
Consulate General, Hongkong. 

WILDER, Rev. George Durand 
(TUNG CHOU), B.A., B.D. ; Minister 
and Missionary; b. June 29, 1869; 
tn. May 24, 1895, Gertrude Williams 
Stanley, of Tientsin. Educ. ; Yank- 
ton Coll., South Dakota; Oberlin 
Coll., Ohio ; Yale Divinity School, 
New Haven, Conn. In China since 
1894; went through Tientsin siege 
in 1900. Recreations : Ornithology, 
shooting, Chinese numismatic?. 
Address; North Tung Chou, China. 

WILEMAN, Alfred Ernest (TAINAN), 
H.B.M. Consul. Appointed Student 
Interpreter in Japan, July 4, 1882 
1st class Asst., Sept., 28, 1889 ; 
Asst. Japanese Secretary, Tokyo, 



1891 to 1892 ; ag. Japanese Secre- 
tary, 1892 to 1894; employed as 
Asst. in Japanese Secretary's Office 
1894 to 1896 ; ag. Registrar to Court 
for Japan, 1896 to 1897; promoted 
Vice-Consul for Hyogo and Osaka, 
Dec. 28, 1896 ; ag. Consul at Hyogo, 
1898 ; transferred to Hakodate as 
Vice-Consul for Consular District 
of Hakodate, April 1, 1901 ; promot- 
ed Consul for Consular District of 
Tainan, May 21, 1903. Address; 
H.B.M. Consulate, Tainan, 

WILFORD, Francis Cuming (HONG- 
- KONG;, Partner of Messrs. Lane, 
Crawford and Co. ; b. 1859. Educ. : 
Privately. Arrived at Hongkong 
1881 ; joined the firm of Lane, 
Crawford and Co., 1884 ; became a 
partner, 1901 ; appointed J.P. for 
Hongkong 1903. Clubs: Primrose 
Club, Lond. ; Conservative Club, 
Cardiff. Address: College Cham- 
bers, Hongkong. 

WILKIN, Commander Henry D. 
( SHANGHAI ), R.N., D.S.O. ; in 
command of H.M. Sloop " Clio. 
Promoted to present rank, Dec. 31, 
1900 ; appointed to command, Jan. 
19, 1904. Club : Shanghai. Ad- 
dress : H.M.S. "Clio," Shanghai, 

WILKINSON, Charles David (.HONG- 
KONG), Solicitor ; partner in firm 
Wilkinson and Grist; b. June 21, 
1860. Admitted Solicitor, Supreme 
Ct. of Judicature, Eng., 1882 ; 
practising in Hongkong since 1886 ; 
notary public and commissioner to 
take acknowledgments of married 
women. Clubs: Hongkong ; Thatch- 

ed House, Lond. Address: "The 
Fall," Peak, Hongkong. 

WILKINSON, Frederick Edgar (Wu- 
CHOW), Ag. H.B.M. Consul. Ap- 
pointed Student Interpreter in 
China, March 7, 1893 ; ag. Consul afc 
Chefoo, 1899; promoted 1st class 
Asst., 1900 ; ag. Consul at Soochow, 
1900 and 1901; ag. Vice-Consul at 
Shanghai, 1901 ; Asst. in Mixed 
Court, Shanghai, 1901 to 1902; ag. 
Consul at Nanking, 1902 to 1903; 
Asst. in Chinese Secretary's Office, 
Peking, 1903; ag. Consul at Wuchow, 
1904. Address: H.B.M. Consulate, 
Wuchow, China. 

A.M.I.C.E.; Assist. Supt. of Works; 
b. March 8, 1879. Appointed to 
present position, 1904. Address : 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

WILKINSON, Richard James (SINGA- 
PORE), Inspector of Schools. Educ.: 
Trinity College, Cambridge (ex- 
hibitioner). Cadet, Straits Settle- 
ments, Oct., 1899; passed final ex- 
amination in Malay, July, 1891 ; ag. 
District Officer, Bftkit Mertajam, 
Dec., 1890, Aug., 1891 ; Superinten- 
dent of Education, Penang, Aug., 
1900 ; ag. 2nd assist. Colonial Sec- 
retary, Sept., 1900, to Jan., 1901; 
District Officer, Dindiugs, Jan., 
1902 ; ag. 2nd Magistrate, Singapore, 
April, 1903 ; Inspector of Schools, 
Federated Malay States, Oct., 1903. 
Club : Singapore. Address : Singa- 
pore, Straits Settlements. 

WILKINSON, William Hsnry (SZE- 
MAO), B.A.; H.B.M. Consul General; 
b. 1858, e. s. of late Chas. Wilmot 
Wilkinson, of Belper ; m. 1st, 1883, 



Emily ( d. 1892), d. of Thos. 
Allen, Thurmaston Manor, Leices- 
ter ; 2nd, 1899, Maud (d. 1902), d. 
of late Rev. Frank Dickson, Rector 
of Ribchester. Edttc. : Wolver- 
hampton ; Balliol College, Oxford. 
Appointed Student Interpreter in 
China, March 30, 1880 ; discharged 
duties of Accountant to Legation 
at Peking, 1885 and 1886 ; ag. Con- 
sul at Swatow, 1887, 1888 and 1893 
Tamsui, 1889; ag. Consul at Wen- 
chow, 1892 ; ag. Consul-General in 
Corea, 1893 to 1894 ; ag. Vice-Consul 
at Chemulpo, 1894 to 1897 ; promo- 
ted 1st class Asst., April 23, 1894; 
ag. Consul at Pakhoi, 1897 ; promo- 
ted Consul at Ningpo, 1899; C'onsul- 
General for Yunnan and Kwei- 
chow, April 5, 1902 ; Consul-General 
at Szemao, 1906. Publications : 
The Corean Government; Chinese 
Origin of European Playing Cards ; 
Manual of Chinese Chess, etc. lie- 
creatians : Chinese and Corean 
chess, coins and cards (medallist 
Chicago Kxposition, 1893). Add re** : 
H. B.M. Consulate, Szemao, China. 

A.M.N. A. ; Consulting Engineer and 
Surveyor. Edue. : Lapford Sch., 
Devon. Served apprenticeship at 
Dos Works, Newport, Monmouth- 
shire ; went to sea, obtained 1st 
class certificate, B.T. ; sailed as 
chief, 1880-87 ; left sea and started 
Atlantic Engineering Works, New- 
port, Monmouthshire, ship and 
engine repairs, building colliery 
and mill engines ; sold out in 1892 ; 
was appointed Chief Eng. to Sir 
Raythim Dixon's Ship-yard, Mid- 
illesbro; left Middlesbro for Hong- 

kong and was there appointed 
Superintending Eng. to Hongkong 
and Whampoa Dock Co., 1896; left 
Dock Co., and started business as 
Consulting Eng. and Surveyor, 1901; 
went to Europe, 1902 and superin- 
tended construction of two Canton 
River passenger steamers ; has been 
member of Engineers and Ship- 
builders Institution of Hongkong 
for six years. Address: Queen's 
Road, Hongkong. 

WILLIAMS, Arthur John (HONG- 
KONG), A.M.I.C.E.; Civil Engineer, 
Chief agent and engineer for 
Messrs. Punchard, LowtherainlCu., 
contractors for Naval Extension 
Works ; b. Nov. 30, 1869. Ednc. ; 
Engineering education at Royal 
Indian Engineering College, 
Cooper's Hill and at Walker's Eng- 
ineering Laboratories, Liverpool. 
Engaged in professional duties on 
Manchester Ship Canal, .1889-98 ; 
Admiralty Harbour Works, Gibral- 
tar, 189^-99; extension, Don^nl 
railway, Ireland, 1899; new south 
dock, Cardiff Ry. Co., Cardiff, 1900-2; 
came to Hongkong in connection 
with Naval extension construction, 
new naval dock and harbour im- 
provement works in 1902. Club : 
Hongkong. Address: H.M. Naval 

yard Extension, Hongkong. 

WILLIAMS, Commodore Hugh P. 
(HONGKONG), R.N. ; Commodore 
and Naval Officer in charge. Ap- 
pointed present rank, June 30, 189b: 
arrived in Hongkong, 1!M .">. Aildre**: 
The Peak, Hongkong. 

WILLIAMS, Rev. John Elias (NAN- 
KING), Missionary of Fresh. Cli. ; 

:;4 .1 



I. June 11, 1871 ; m, Aug. 2, 1899, to 
Lilian Caldwell. Educ.: Marretta 
Coll. ; Auburu Theol. Seminary ; 
graduated from Marretta Coll. with 
1st honours of class. Prin. of Presb. 
Acad., South Salem, Ohio ; 1894-96 ; 
studied at Auburn, 1896-99 ; arrived 
in China, Sept., 1899: in charge of 
Presb. Acad., Nanking, since 1901 ; 
member of Killing Council, since 
1902 ; has taken an active interest 
in development of Killing and Mis- 
sionary work at Nanking. Address : 
Nanking, China. 

WILLIAMS, William Henry (HONG- 
KON(i), Head Master, Victoria Brit. 
Sch. ; b. April 18, 1876. Asst. 
Master, Council Schools, Sheffield, 
and at Springfield Evening Comm. 
Schools, 1898-99; Asst. Lecturer, 
Eng. and Mathematics, Municipal 
Tech. Sch., Birmingham, 1899-1903; 
appointed English Teacher and Su- 
pervisor, Hongkong, 1903 ; arrived in 
Colony, Jan. 31, 1903 ; Head Master, 
Victoria Brit. Sch., Jan. 1, 1905. 
Club : Hongkong. Address: Victoria 
British School, Hongkong. 

WILLS, Alexander William (SHAN- 
TUNG), Missionary, English Baptist 
Society ; 6. March 30, 1854. Educ ; 
Spurgeon's Coll., London. Arrived 
in China, 1876 ; voluntarily render- 
ed medical services during Summer 
of 1900 at Wei-hai-wei when, owing 
to Boxer outbreak, a large Hospital 
was suddenly required and had to 
be improvised to accommodate 
sick and wounded officers and men 
of Royal Navy. Decoration: 
China Medal. Publication: 
"Life of St. Paul," in Chinese 
Mandarin. Address: Baptist Mis- 

sionary Society, Tsou-ping, Shan- 
tung, N. China. 

WILLIS, Robert (SWATOW), H.B.M. 
Ag. Consul. Appointed Student 
Interpreter in China, Aug. 26, 1891 ; 
ag. Vice-Consul at Chemulpo, 
Corea, 1897; ag. Vice-Consul at 
Canton, 1898 ; promoted 1st class 
Asst., May 13, 1899 ; ag. Consul afc 
Chinkiang, 1899 to 1900 ; discharged 
duties of Accountant at Legation, 
Peking, 1900 to 1901 ; ag. Consul at 
Ichang, 1901 to 1903 ; ag. Consul at 
Swatow, since Jan. 22, 1903; on 
leave, 1906. Address: H.B.M. Con- 
sulate, Swatow, China. 

WILSON, Ernest Colville Collins 
(CHI NG-YING), C.M.G.; H.B.M. Vice 
Consul. Appointed Student Inter- 
preter in China, Aug. 21, 1890 ; ag. 
Vice-Consul at Pagoda Island, 1893 ; 
ag. Vice-Consul at Macao, 1897 to 
1898 ; promoted 1st class Asst., 
May 13, 1899; ag. Consul at 
Ichang, 1899 to 1900 ; at Chungking, 
1901 to 1902 ; Vice-Consul at Chung- 
king, 1903; employed with mission 
to Tibet, 1903 to 1904 ; C.M.G. Dec., 
1904; Vice -Consul, Chung -ying. 
Address : H.B.M. Consulate, Chung- 
ying, China. 

WILSON, Major Frederick Maurice 
(SINGAPORE), Officer Commanding 
Army Service Corps, Straits Settle- 
ments ; b, Nov. 19, 1868. 2nd Lieut., 
Royal Lancaster Regiment, 1890 ; 
Lieut., July 1892 ; joined Army 
Service Corps, Jan., 1893 ; Captain, 
April, 1897 ; Major, April, 1903 ; was 
on active service with Ashanti 
Expedition Decoration : Ashanti 




Star. Address: Taiiglin Barracks, 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

WILSON, G. Gordon (Penang), Assist- 
ant P.M.O. Cadet, S.S., Nov. 1899; 
ag. 4th Magistrate, Singapore, 
April., 1902 ; passed final examin- 
ation in Chinese, Aug. 1902; ag. Supt. 
of Money Order Branch and Saving 
Bank, Singapore, May, 1903; ag. 
assist. P.M.G., Penang, Oct. 2, 1903, 
Supt. of Money Order Branch and 
Saving Bank, Singapore, but 
continued to act in Penang. Ad- 
dress : Penang, Straits Settlements. 

WILSON, William (HONGKONG), Actg. 
Chief Manager, Hongkong and 
"VVhampoa Dock Company, since 
Oct., 1905 ; previously Supt. Eng. ; 
b. 1853. Address : Kowloon Dock, 
Kowloon, Hongkong. 

M.I.N.E. ; Engineer; b. Whitby, 
Yorks, 1862 ; wi. 1894, Elizabeth, rf. 
of Thomas Watson, Toronto, Cana- 
da. Passed extra 1st class Board 
of Trade exam, in engineering at 
Glasgow, 1887 ; Japanese first eng. 
of first grade, Tokyo, 1889 ; came to 
China, 1887 ; gained Gillies' gold 
medal for competitive paper read 
before Hongkong Inst. Engineers 
and Shipbuilders, 1895 ; several 
silver medals and diplomas for 
articles in technical journals ; 
Vice-Presdt. Institute Marine En- 
gineers, Lond. Address: c/o Geo. 
Fenwick and Co. Ld., Hongkong. 

WISE, Alfred Gascoigne (HONGKONG), 
LL.B. ; Puisne Judge, Supreme 
Court , b. Aug. 15, 1854, at Colombo, 
Ceylon, s. of late Alfred Wise; //<. 

Augusta Frances, d. of A. N. C. R. 
Nugent. Educ. : Repton ; Trinity 
Coll., Cambridge. Called to Bar, 
Lincoln's Inn, 1878 ; Pol. Mag., 
Hongkong, 1884 ; Registrar, Su- 
preme Court, etc., 1892; Puisne 
Judge, since 1895. Clubs : Con- 
servative ; Thatched House ; Hong- 
kong. Address: The Peak, Hong- 

WISNER, Rev. C. F. ( CANTON .), 
M.A., D.D. ; President of Can- 
ton Christian College ; b. Sept. 
25, 1858 ; m. July 29, 1889. 
Educ. : University of Wooster, 
Ohio; Presb. Theol. Seminary, 
Allegheny, Pa. : Princeton Theol. 
Seminary, Princeton, N.J. Address: 
Canton Christian College, H<mg- 
lok, Canton, China. 

WODEHOUSE, Philip Peveril John 
(HONGKONG), Asst. Supt. of Police ; 
b. Sept. 26, 1877. Educ. : Elizabeth 
College, Guernsey. Joined the Col. 
Service in 1897; was Chief Clerk 
and Dep. Reg. of marriages in Reg. 
Genl.'s Dept. until March, 1901, 
when transferred to police for ser- 
vice with Indian contingent ; was 
attached to Punjaub police for 
one year (1901-2) and served iu 
various stations in that province ; 
was officer in charge of general 
census of Colony, 1900. Clubs : 
Grosvenor, Piccadilly; Hongkong. 
Address : Central Police Barracks, 

WOLFE, Edward Dudley Corscaden 
(HONGKONG), B.A., Cantab.; Hong- 
kong Civil Service; f>. May 3, 
1875. Educ. : Tollbridge Sch. ; 
Cains Coll., Cambridge. Appointed 




cadet, Federated Malay States, 
1898 ; transferred to Hongkong. 
1901 ; Registrar, Land Court, New 
Territory, Nov. 19, 1901 ; acting 2ml 
Police Mag., Oct., 1902 ; acting 
asst. Reg. and Dep. Reg. of Mar- 
riages, Nov. 14, 1902; acting asst. 
Supt. of Police and Mag., New 
Territory, Dec. 1, 1903 ; seconded as 
Transvaal Emigration Agent at 
Chefoo, March 8, 1905 ; speaks Can- 
tonese. Address: Hongkong. 

WOLFE, Samuel Williamson (SINGA- 
PORE), General Manager of Dr. 
Williams Medicine Co. in the Far 
East ; b. Jan. 9, 1872. Edue. : 
Cork, Ireland, and London, Eng- 
land. General Manager to Dr. 
Williams Medicine Co. in South 
Africa, 1894-1904 ; tranf erred to Sin- 
gapore, Oct., 1903 ; M.M. British 
Lodge, 334, Capetown. Address: 
Cavanagh Bridge, Singapore, Straits 

WOLFERSTAN, Littleton Edward 
Pipe (SlNGAPOUK), B.A., 1888; 
Official Assignee. Edtic. : Eton, 
and Clare College, Cambridge. 
Cadet, Straits Settlements, Oct., 
1889, passed final examination in 
Malay, July, 1891 ; acting Private 
Secretary to Sir C. Smith, Jan., to 
April, 1890; after filling various 
other positions was appointed 
Collector of Land Revenue and 
Registrar of Deeds, Penang, Aug., 
1902; Official Assignee, Straits 
Settlements, Sept., 1903. Address: 
Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

WOOD, Alexander George (HONG- 
KONG), Merchant ; partner in Gibh, 
Livingston and Co., Hongkong and 

China; b. 1841. Edue:- Privately. 
Chairman of Shanghai Municipal 
Council, 1885-88. Clubs : Hongkong ; 
Shanghai; Reform and City of 
London. Address: St. George's 
Building, Hongkong. 

WOOD, David (HONGKONG), J.P. ; Civil 
Service ; b. Aberdeen, Scot., Sept. 
3, 1865. Educ. : Gordon's Coll., 
Aberdeen. Ch. Acct., P.W.D., 
Hongkong, 1891 ; supt. accts., cor- 
respondence and stores, 1894 ; Sec. 
to Commission on Housing Chinese 
during plague, 1894 ; ag. (jovt. 
Assessor of Taxes, on several 
occasions ; Hon. Sec., Jubilee Com. 
(Jubilee Road and Victoria Hos- 
pital) from July, 1900, to April, 
1903. Club : Hongkong. Address: 
Magazine Gap, Hongkong. 

WOOD, John Roskruge (HONGKONG). 
B.A., Cantab ; Asst. Land Officer, 
New Territories; b. Nov. 17, 1877. 
Educ. : City of London Sch. ; Jesus 
Coll., Cambridge. Appointed Cadet, 
Hongkong Civil Service, Oct. 12, 
1899 ; Reg. of Land Court, New 
Territories, Nov. 21, 1900; acting 
Pol. Mag., New Territories, May to 
Aug., 1902 ; asst. Land Officer for 
New Territories, Jan. 1, 1905 ; has 
passed exams, in Hakka and Can- 
tonese. Address : Hongkong, 

WOOD, William Alfred Rae (BANG- 
KOK), 1st class Asst., H.B.M. 
Consular Serv ice. Appointed 
Student Interpreter in Siam, June 
3, 1896 ; Vice-Consul for Districts of 
Pailin, Nawong, and Chantaban, 
1902; 1st Asst. at Bangkok, 1906. 
Address: H.B.M. Consulate, Bang- 
kok Siam. 




WOODBRIDGE, Rev. Samuel Isett 
(SHANGHAI), Editor-in-Chief of the 
" Chinese Christian Intelligencer ;" 
b. Oct. 16, 1846, 8. of Rev. Jahleel 
Woodbridge, who represented the 
9th generation in a direct line of 
Presb. Ministers ; m. Jeanie Wilson 
Woodrow, d. of distinguished geolo- 
gist, James Woodrow. Editc. : New 
Brunswick, N.J. ; and Princeton, 
N.J. Came to China as Missionary, 
and after 18 years' service was 
elected by Pan Presb. Conf., which 
met in Shanghai, Oct. 1901, Editor- 
in-Chief of the " Chinese Christian 
Intelligencer, " a (v e r n a c u 1 a r) 
church and family newspaper, 
which he now conducts ; has been 
thrice chairman of the Landrenters' 
annual meeting in Killing. Publi- 
cations: "China's only Hope," a 
translation of Viceroy Chang Chih. 
Tung's famous book, and works in 
Chinese. Address : 18 Peking Road, 
Shanghai, China. 

WOODCOCK, George Albert (HONG- 
KONG), Sec. to Sanitary Board ; b. 
Aug. 6, 1865. Educ. ; St. John's 
Coll., Battersea. Asst. Master, 
Queen's Coll., Hongkong, March 
15, 1890; Sec. to Sanitary Board, 
July 19, 1901; J.P. March 13, 1902; 
called to Bvr, July 5, 1905. Ad- 
dress : Sanitary Board, Hongkong. 

WOODD, Rev. Charles Hampden 
Basil (OSAKA), M.A.; Principal of 
Moraoyama Middle Sch. for Boys ; 
b. Feb. 2, 1869; m. Jan. 5, 1903, 
Elfrida Mary Hose, d. of Bishop of 
.Singapore and Sarawak. Educ : 
Harrow and Trinity Coll., Cam- 
bidge. Address : Momoyaraa Sch., 
Osaka, Japan. 

WOOD, Dr. Andrew H. (CANTON), B.A., 
M.D.; Physician and Professor ; b. 
Aug. 25, 1872 ; in. Fanny S. Sinclair. 
Educ: Pantops Academy, Was- 
hington ; Lee University ; Penna. 
University. Address: Christian 
Coll., Canton, China. 

WOODWARD, Dr. Edmund Lee (NGAN- 
KIN), M.A., M.D.; Med. Missionary : 
b. Jan. 29, 1873. Educ. : University 
of Virginia, U.S.A. (M.A. and M.D. >; 
Postgraduate Diploma of Polyclinic 
Postgraduate School, Philadelphia. 
Came to China in 1899 as Medical 
Missionary ; after short stay in 
Hankow went to Ngankin to 
establish Mission Hospital there; 
is now superintending there the 
erection of what promises to be one 
of the largest hospitals in the Far 
East. Publications : Contributions 
to current Medical and Missionary 
literature. Address : St. James' Hos- 
pital, American Church Mission, 
Ngankin, China. 

WOODWARD, Rev. Harry (BINGO), 
Clergyman of Ch. of Eng. and Mis- 
sionary ; b. Feb. 1, 1869 ; in. Marga- 
ret Poynter, d. of late Samuel Carr, 
1902. Educ. : Islington Theological 
College. Clapham C.M.S. Training 
Institution, 1891 ; Islington Theolo- 
gical College, 1892. Curate, Seaton 
and Camerton, Cumberland, 1895 ; 
C.M.S. Missionary to Japan; located 
first in Tokyo, 1895 ; Tokushiraa, 
Shikoku, 1898 ; went to England on 
furlough and apptd. curate of 
Christ Church, Paignton, Devon, 
1901 ; returned to Japan and located 
at Fukuyama, Bingo. Address: 
Fukuyama, Bingo, Japan. 



WOODWARD, Lionel Mabbott 
(PERAK), M.A. ; Judicial Commis- 
sioner, F.M.S. ; ft. Sept. 9, 1864. 
Educ. : Harrow ; Trinity College ; 
Cambridge. 1st class, Class. Tripos, 
1886; M.A., 1892. Cadet, Straits 
Settlements Civil Service, 1888 ; 
Magistrate, Singapore, 1890 ; Magi- 
strate, Penang, 1892; Deputy Re- 
gistrar, Supreme Court, 1895 ; ag. 
Official Assignee, Singapore, 1898 ; 
Senior District Officer, Province 
Wellesley, 1900 ; Registrar, Supreme 
Court, Penang, 1902 ; acting Solici- 
tor General, Straits Settlements, 
19J3 ; Member of Committee ap- 
pointed to revise Criminal Proce- 
dure Code, 1892 ; Member of Com- 
mittee appointed to report upon 
Moslem Trusts in Penang, 1903; 
Junior Counsel for Government of 
Straits Settlements in Tanjong 
Pagar Dock Co. Arbitration, 1905 ; 
Judicial Commissioner, Federated 
Malay States, since 1936. Club: Con- 
stitutional, London. Address: Ipoli, 
Perak, Federated Malay States. 

WORCESTER, Dean Conant 
(MANILA), F.R.G.S. ; Sec. of In- 
tevior, Philippine Islands ; b. Oct. 
1, 1836, at Thetford, Vermont; 
in. April 27, 1893, at Pasadena, 
California, Nanon Fay Leas. 
Educ. : Newton High School, New- 
ton, Mass. ; Univ. of Michigan, 
degree of A.B. in 1889. Member of 
Steere Expedition to Philippine 
Islands during 1887-88, when spent 
a year making zoological collec- 
tion, visiting all larger islands of 
Archipelago; assistant in Botany, 
University of Michigan, 1889-1890 ; 
one of two men to conduct and 

manage Scientific Expedition to 
Philippines, 1890-93, when all 
larger islands of Philippine group 
and many small ones were visiteil 
for purpose of making zoological 
collections ; Instructor of Zoology 
at University of Michigan, 1893-94 ; 
in 1895 appointed Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Zoology and Curator of 
Zoological Museum of University 
of Michigan ; served as member of 
first Philippine Commission, of 
which President Schurman of Cor- 
nell University was president, from 
Jan., 1899, to April, 1900, when 
appointed member of second 
Philippine Commission ; Secretary 
of Interior of Philippine Insular 
Government since Sept. 1, 1901. 
Fellow of the American Ornitho- 
logists' Union ; Member of the 
American Association for the 
Advancement of Science ; Member 
of the Washington Academy of 
Science ; Member of the Ameriaan 
Geographical Society. Publica- 
tions: "The Philippine Islands and 
their People," 1899 (Macmillan Com- 
pany) ; also various papers on birds 
and mammals of Philippines. Ad- 
dress: Manila, Philippine Islands. 

WORTHINGTON, Arthur Furley 
(KUALA LAXGAT), B.A. Cantab. ; 
District Officer ; b. June 22, 1874. 
Passed in Law and Malay ; act- 
ing Collector of Land Revenue, 
Kuala Kangsar and Lower Perak, 
1898-1900 ; acting Collector of Land 
Revenue, Lower Perak, April, 1902; 
acting District Officer, Kuala Pilah, 
1934; District Officer, Kuala Lan- 
gat, 1906. Address : Kuala Langat, 
Selangor, Federated Malay States* 




WRAY, Cecil (PAHANG), British Re- 
sident, F.M.S. : &. Aug. 18, 1853, e. *. 
late Leonard Wray : m. Aug., 1894, 
Ethel Maud, 2nd d. late Rev. 
Richard Baxendale. Educ : Private 
Sch. Entered Public Works Depart- 
ment, Perak, Oct., 1881 ; assistant 
to Collector and Magistrate, Kinta, 
Perak, 1882 ; Collector and Magi- 
strate, Batang Padang District, 
1887 ; Collector and Magistrate, 
Krian, 1892 ; acting District Magi- 
strate, Kinta, 1896 ; acting Senior 
Magistrate, Perak, 1897 ; Chief 
Magistrate, Selangor, Sept., 1897 ; 
District Magistrate, Kinta, 1900; 
acting British Resident, Pahang, 
March, 1904; confirmed, Sept., 1904; 
Fellow of Geological Society ; Mem- 
ber of Royal Photographic Society; 
local Corresponding Member of 
Anthropological Institute. Address: 
British Residency, Pahang, Fede- 
rated Malay States. 

WRAY, Leonard (PKUAK), I.S.O.. 
M.I.K.E.. F.X.S., etc. ; Director of 
Museums ; b. 1852. Educ. : Privately. 
Entered Perak Civil Service as Su- 
perintendent Government Hill Gar- 
den, 1881 ; Curator, State Museum, 
Perak, 1883; State Geologist, 1890. 
Publications: "Alluvial Tin Pro- 
specting" ; various scientific papers 
in Kew " Bulletin," Journal Royal 
Asiatic Society, Journal Anthro- 
pological Institute, Perak Museum 
Notes, Journal of the F.M.S. 
Museums, Pharmaceutical Journal; 
Journal of the Society of Arts, 
etc. Club: New, Taiping. Addivsa: 
Taiping, Perak, Federated Malay 

WREFORD. John Frederick < Pi> 

NAMJ ), B.A. ; Advocate aiuf 
I Solicitor of Supreme Court, Straits- 
Settlements ; b. Dec., 1859, *. of 
John Wreford, J.P., Uannaborough, 
Devon : in. 1895, Marion Gertrude, 
o. d. late Alex. J. Johnston, of 
Shanghai. Educ. .- Winchester ; 
Exeter Coll., Oxfoul. Admitted as- 
Solicitor, London, 1883; called to- 
Bar of Straits Settlements, Feb., 
1889 ; for many years, President 
Penang Turf Club; landowner,, 
Clannaboiough Bow, Devon. Club : 
Sports, London. Address : Penang, 
Straits Settlements; Clannaborough 
Bow, Devon, England. 

WRIGHT, Lieut. -Colonel George 
(SINGAPORE), D.S.O. ; Commanding 
R.A., Straits Settlements ; b. July 
18, 1860. Educ. : Royal Military 
Acad., Woolwich. Served in S outh 
Afiica, 1900-1902, as C.R.A., Rhode- 
sian Field Force; afterwards A. P. M. 
and .C.V.O. to Lord Methuen, 
Decorations : D.S.O., Queen's Medal 
with four clasps, King's Medal with 
two clasps, mentioned in despat- 
ches. Address ; Singapore, Straits- 

WRIGHT, George Henry Batsson. 
(HONGKONG), D.D., Oxon; Head 
Master, Queen's College ; b. 1853. 
Educ : Queen's College, Oxford, 
B.A. 2nd class Theol., June, LS7."> 
Denver and Johnson Schol. and 
Kennicott Hebrew Schol., 1876 ; 
Syriac Prize ; Pusey and Elerton 
Schol., 1877. Head Master, Queen's* 
College, Hongkong, from 1881. 
Publications: "Critical Edition of 
Book of Job," 1884; "Was lsr:it-l 
ever in Egypt?" 1S95. Addim* : 




WRIGHT, Dr. James Martensz 
(TAIPING), M.B., C.M., Aberd. ; 
State Surgeon ; b. Mar. 18, 1858, 
Medical Officer, Kinta, 188:5 : Sur- 
geon, Lurut, 1855 ; Senior District 
Surgeon, Larut, 1887 ; acting State 
Surgeon, 1888 ; Senior District Sur- 
geon, Kinta, 1890; acting State 
Surgeon, 1891 ; Chairman of Tpoh 
Sanitary Board, 1893, 1898, 1901 ; 
State Surgeon, Taiping, Perak, 
1899. Address: Taiping, Perak, 
Federated Malay States. 

WEIGHT, Luke E. (TOKYO), Ambas- 
sador for U.S.A.; 1>. 1847, at Tennes- 
see. For eight years was Attorney 
General of Tennessee ; was ap- 
pointed Vice-Govern er of the 
Philippine Islands and, in 1903, 
became head of the administra- 
tion in succession to Mr. Taft ; 
retired, 1905; appointed first Am- 
erican Ambassador to Japan, 1906, 
and assumed duties, May, 1906. 
Address : American Embassy, l.\, 
Yenokizaka-machi, A k a s a k a , 
Tokyo, Japan. 

WRIGHTSON, Lieut. - Commander 
Charles A. W. (SHANGHAI), R.N. ; 
in command of H.M. river gunboat 
" Woodcock." Lieutenant, June 22, 
1896 ; appointed to command, 1906. 
Chib: Shanghai. Address : H.M.S. 
" Woodcock," Shanghai, China. 

Governor native of Shantung ; 
provincial graduate. Grain Intend- 
ent, Chiang-an, Nov., 1896 ; Judge, 
Fukien, Sept., 1900 ; Treasurer, 
Nanking, 1901; do., Chihli, May, 
1902 ; Vice-Director General of 
Telegraphs, Jan., 1903 ; Governor 
of Honan, Jan., 1906; co-Director- 

General, Imp. Granaries at North 
Tungchow, Feb., 1906; ag. Governor, 
Nanchang, Kiangsi province, April,, 
1906, vice Hu Ting-kan, degraded 
on account of Nanchang tragedy. 

WUNSCH, Dr. Richard ( T o K Y o ) T 
M.D. ; Physician and Surgeon; 6. 
Aug., 1869. Educ.; Greifswald 
University, Pomerania. House Sur- 
geon of Surgical University Hosp., 
Greifswald; House Physician of 
Turban's Sanatorium, Davos. 
Switzerland; House Surgeon, filer- 
man Hosp., Land. ; volunteer asst. 
Virchow's Path. Ins., Berlin; House 
Surgeon, Obst. andGyn. University 
Hosp., Koni.a'sbeig, Prussia; hon. 
asst. surgeon, German Hosp., Lon- 
don ; Physician-in-Ordinary to H.M^ 
tie Emperor of Corea; appointed 
M.O. to the British Embassy at 
Tokyo, in 1905. Decorations St^ 
Mauritius and Lazarus ; Palkua 
(eight elements), Corea. Addi-rx* : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

of Board of Punishments ; native 
of Kwangtung. Known also as 
Ng Choy; Barrister-at-law; acted as 
Magistrate at Hongkong for a 
time ; Sec. to Li Hung Chang ; 
Minister to United States, Spain 
and Peru, Nov., 1896 ; Sec., Board 
of Foreign Affairs, May, 1903 ; Vice- 
President, Board of Commerce, 
Sept., 1903; do., Board Of Foreign 
Affairs, Dec., 1903; Minister of 
Board of Punishments, 1905-6 ^ 
employed remodelling penal code,. 
1906 ; applied for permission ta 
resign, May, 1906, but permission 
refused ; urged Throne to adopt 
trial by jury, 1906. 


YAMAGATA, Marshal Marquis 
Aritomo (TOKYO), O.M. ; Elder 
Statesman, Privy Councillor. 
Fought with the Imperial forces 
during war of Restoration ; apptd. 
Major-General and Junior Vice- 
Minister of War ; promoted Lieut.- 
General, 1872; Minister of War, 
1873 ; Chief-of-Staff of Imperial 
army during Civil War of 1877 : held 
portfolios of Heine Affairs and 
Justice; refonned system of local 
govt. and effected sweeping judicial 
reforms; visited Euiope and Am- 
erica, 1888-9 ; took command of 
First Army at commencement of 
Chino-Japan war; cr. Marquis, 
1895 ; attended Coronation of Czar 
Nicholas, 1896; concluded Yama- 
sata-Lobanow Convention with 
Russia in connection with Corea ; 
has been Prime Minister on several 
occasions ; succeeded Marshal 
Oyama as Chief of General-Staff 
1904 ; accorded Order of Merit, May, 
1906. Decorat ions: Grand Cordon; 
Order of Merit. Address: Tokyo, 

TAMAGATA, Isaburo (TOKYO), Minis- 
ter of Communications ; ft. Dec., 
1857, at Choshu. Held various 
subordinate posts in Central Gov. 
and served as Governor in several 
prefectures ; appointed Vice-Minis- 

ter of Home Affairs, 1903; appointed 
to present position, 1906. Address : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

YAMAMOTO, Baron Admiral Goxnbei 
(TOKYO), Ex-Minister of Navy; &. 
Oct., 1852, at Satsuma. Lieutenant, 
1880; Captain, 1886; commanded 
" Takao," "Takachiho," and other 
vessels ; appointed Priv. Sec. to 
Minister of Navy; Vice-Minister, 
1896, when was promoted Rear- 
Admiral ; Minister from 1898 to 1906 ; 
created Baron, 1902, is said to have 
greatly influenced colleagues in 
Katsura Cabinet and " elder states- 
men " in regard to adopting a 
resolute attitude in connection with 
Russo-Japanese negotiations which 
led to Japan anticipating her ad- 
versary by commencing hostilities. 
Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

YAMAMOTO, Kametaro (KOBK), Mer- 
chant ; Chairman of Kobe Chamber 
of Commerce ; b. Aug., 1847, at 
Osaka. Is leading Japanese tea 
merchant in Kobe ; did much to 
open tradal relations between 
Japan and Australia. Address: 
Kobe, Japan. 

YAMAMOTO, Tatsuo (TOKYO), Mem- 
ber of House of Peers; ex-Gov. of 
Bank of Japan ; b. March, 1856, in 
Oita - ken. Was connected with 




educational work, 1880-82 ; in 1882, 
appointed a Director of Nippon 
Yusen Kaisha ; Director, Banking 
Bureau in Bank of Japan, 1890 ; 
Governor of Bank, 1898 ; nominated 
to House of Peers, 1905. Address : 
Tokyo, Japan. 

YAMASHINA, Prince (TOKYO), Cap- 
tain in Japanese Navy ; b. July 3, 
1873 ; m. Nov. 26, 1902, Princess 
Tsuneko, 5th d. of Prince Shimazu. 
Educ. : Germany. Was attached to 
cruiser " Yakuma " during Russo- 
Japanese War with rank of Jun. 
Captain. Address : Tokyo, Japan. 

Director General, China Merchants' 
Co. and Chinese Commercial 
Telegraphs; representative of 
Shangpu, 19C6 ; recommended for 
post of Associate Director proposed 
Peking - Changchiak'ou (Kalgun) 

Government Cloth Factory ; native 
of ; Director of Naval 
School at Tientsin, 1885 ; strongly 
recommended by Viceroy Li to post 
of Taotai at Tungchow, Oct., 1890 ; 
Ho-tung Tao, Shansi, March, 1897 ; 
Salt Comptroller, Chihli, Sept., 
1899; resigned; rank of Metropolitan 
Srd class to superintend Govt. 
cloth factory at Tientsin, Oct., 

YANO, Jiro (TOKYO), Member of House 
of Peers ; b. Jan., 1845, at Tokyo. 
AVas appointed to suite of Envoy 
sent to Europe by Tokugawa 
Shogunate, 1862 ; Charge d'Affaii es 
at Washington, 1872-75 ; from 187(> 

to 1893, devoted himself solely to- 
commercial education ; nominated 
to House of Peers, 1904. Address .- 
Tokyo, Japan. 

YASUHIRO, Ban-Ichiro (TOKYO),. 
Member of House of Peers ; b. Nov., 
1859, in Fukuoka-ken. Ethic. : Imp. 
Univ., Tokyo; Cambridge, England. 
Held secretaryship in Home Office 
and other depts; was Chief Sec. 
of Yamagata Cabinet, 1898-1900 r 
Vice-Minister of Agric. and Com- 
merce, 1901-19C3. Address: Tokyo, 

B.A., Cantab. ; Journalist ; b. Feb, 
15, 1876 ; m. Helen Minnie, 2nd (L 
of J. T. Keyt, Kuala Lumpur, 
Educ. : Northamptonshire, and 
Christ's College, Cambridge, 
Editor, since Feb., 1902, of the 
" Malay Mail," the first daily 
newspaper published in the Fede- 
rated Malay States. Addresn'Kn&lA 
Lumpur, Selangor, Federated Malay 

YERKES, Rev. Carroll Harvey 
( ICHOW-FU ), A.M. ; Clerical Mis- 
sionary ; b. Aug. 18, 1876, at Phila- 
delphia, Penna. ; in. July 12, 1904, 
Helen Nevins Eckard. Educ. : 
Lafayette Coll., Eastern, Pa. ; 
Princeton Theol. Seminary. Ad- 
dress : Ichow-fu, Shantung, China. 

YERSEN, Dr. Alexander E. J. 

( NHATRANG ), Superintendent of 
Pasteur Institute of Nhatrang and 
Saigon as Agent for Paris Pasteur 
Institute in Indo - China ; b. 
Sept. 22, 1863. Educ. : Geneve ; 
Lausanne ; P.iris. Doctor for 




Messageries Maritimes Co. (East- 
ern line); assistant and collabora- 
tor of Dr. Roux, Superintendent of 
Pasteur Institute of Paris, in works 
on diphtheric toxine and tuber- 
culosis ; joined health clinic ser- 
vice, Dec. 30, 1902 ; 2nd class 
Surgeon-Major, Aug. 1, 1895; Su- 
perintendent of Pasteur Institute 
of Nhatrang, since 1898 ; Director 
of School of Medicine at Hanoi, 
established by Mr. Douiner. Dc- 
c o rat ions : Officer of the Legion of 
Honour. Publications : Works on 
Bubonic Plague and Bovine 
Plague. Address : Nhatrang, An- 
nam, Indo-China. 

YIN-CH'ANG (PEKING), ex-Minister to 
Germany and Holland ; native of 
Manchuria. Deputy-Lieut.-Govern- 
or, Plain White Banner Corps, 
spring, 1901 ; attached to Prince 
Ch'un's Embassy to Germany, 
July, 1901; Minister to Germany 
and Holland, August, 1901; ap- 
pointment renewed, Dec., 1904; 
returned Peking, 1906; designated 
for high position in Army Reorga- 
nisation Department. 

YOKURA, Lieut. -Colonel (NEW- 
CHWANG), Japanese Military Ad- 
ministrator ; b. Sept. 15, 1865. 
Educ. : Imperial Staff Coll., Tokyo. 
Captain of Port Arthur Garrison 
daring Chino-Japanese War ; has 
travelled in interior of China and 
Tonquin ; Lieut.-Colonel of In- 
fantry, Imp. Japanese Army and 
member of General Staff Office, 
Tokyo ; Military Administrator of 
Newchwang during and after the 
Russo-Japanese War. Decorations : 
4th lorder of Sacred Treasure, 6th 

of Rising Sun. Clubs : Imperial 
Military, Tokyo ; Newchwang. Ad- 
dress : The Japanese Military Ad- 
ministi-ation, Newchwang, Man- 

Crown Prince of Japan ; b. Aug. 
31, 1879; 3rd s. of H.I.M. the 
Emperor of Japan ; m. May 10, 1900, 
Princess Sadoko, 4th d. of Prince 
Kujo. Proclaimed Heir Apparent 
Aug 31, 1887 ; Crown Prince, Nov. 3, 
1889 ; holds military rank of Colonel 
and naval of Captain ; has issue 3 
sons : Princes Michi, Yasu and 
Tern. Address: Aoyama Palace, 

j Tokyo, Japan. 

YOSHIKAWA, Viscount Akimasa 

(TOKYO ), Member of House of 
Peers; b. Dec., 1841, at Tokushima. 
After having held various posts in 
Treasury, Home Office and other 
depts. appointed Gov. of Tokyo, 
and later Vice-Minister of Home 
Affairs; Minister of Educ., 1890; 
Minister of Justice, 1893-96; Minister 
of Home Office, 1891-96 ; Minister of 
Communication, 1898-1900 and 1901- 
1903 ; Minister of Home Office, 1904- 
1905. Address: Tokyo, Japan. 

YOUNG, Alfred Ernest (T 

A.C.I., A.M.I.C.E., F.R.A.S., 
F.R.G.S. ; Chief Surveyor, F.M.S. ; 
b. Feb. 4, 1869. Educ. : by Rev. 
H. Martin, Seaham Harbour ; 
Rev. J. M. Pollock, LL.D., Mid- 
dleham, Yorks ; 3 years Engineer- 
ing course, City Guilds Central 
Institute, South Kensington : 
Associate, 1887-1890. With Tangyes 
Ltd., Birmingham, 1890-1891; Chief 
D r a u g h t s m a n and Computer, 




Trigonometrical Survey of Perak, 
1892-1895 ; Surveyor in Charge, 1896- 
1898 ; Chief Surveyor, Trigonometri- 
cal Survey, 1899-1901 ; ditto" F.M.S., 
since 18')2. Publications: Papers 
connected with scientific subjects 
in Engineering and Surveying 
in Proceedings, Inst. of C.E., and 
monthly notices, R.A.S. Clubs: 
New, Taiping ; Lake, Kuala Lum- 
pur ; Sports, London. Address : 
Taiping, Perak, Federated Malay 

YOUNG, Hon. Captain Arthur H. 
(S I x G A P O R E), C.M.G. : Colonial 

Secretary ; b. 1854. Educ. : at Edin- 
burgh Academy, R